Do you believe in marriage? I. Look for the word in the text that is closest to the definition given 1. A tube that carries blood ______________ vein 4. Christian societies adopted the ring as a sign of ________________ . Keeping in mind ___________________ considering 6. Complete the sentence with the answers of the part A 1. To show something _______________ indicate 7.Before you read: 1. Placed one on the other_________________ piled 5. Vocabulary Meaning A. Free to begin a romance _____________ available 8. Do you like to go weddings? Why? 2. Do you like the formal dress code? 3. To hold something _________________ switch Words that go together B. Began to use or have ________________ adopted 3. A period of time without end _______________ eternity 10. The ability to have babies ________________ fertility 2. A sign of faithfulness ________________ fidelity 9.

a) Credit b) Allowance c) Paid in advance (si) d) Deposit 3. A sign that a down payment had been given for the woman and that she was no longer available. brides wore their best dress. a) Related to (si) b) Accompany c) Associate d) Belonging 2. 4. 2.  3. a) Idem b) Conversely (si) c) Topsy-turvy d) Upside down 4. C. 5. come from common beliefs and similar ancient traditions. the cakes were ______________ on top of each other. People thought that throwing cake at a bride would bring her ________________. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that a _______________ ran directly to the heart from that finger. Before that time. but many of the customs associated with wedding ceremonies. Later. Circle the letter that is closest in meaning (it does not appear in the text) 1. People in Russia usually wear a ring on the right hand to ______________ they have a partner. The bride has the groom's name in her ring and vice versa. These ceremonies differ between cultures. and the color .

motherhood and marriage) _________ f c) White dresses symbolize love ________ f d) Friend’s loyalty will continue through marriage __________ t e) Wedding cakes are an international tradition__________ t Making inferences . How can some brides do not care about the color of her wedding dress? II. Comprehension True . Why do you believe this is necessary? 2. To rent a property often requires a down payment.false. did not matter a) Despite b) Notwithstanding c) Cut no ice (si) d) Aside Use D. What does the traditions associated with wedding ceremonies mean? 3. Work with a partner to answer these questions 1. What does it mean that the bride has the groom’s name in her ring and vice versa? 4. Justify the false a) There are not so many beliefs associated with the usage of the wedding ring in left or right hand _________ f b) Women in Sweden wear only one ring forever (engagement.

Write complete sentences.The answers to these questions are not directly stated in the article. Why Scandinavians did not adopt the custom of wedding rings until the late 1600s? 4. 1. In your opinion. Why do you think the Africans offer animals to buy a wife? 8. Why throwing rice or cake at the bride will bring her prosperity or fertility? 7. What do you think about the fact that women are still bought in some tribes? . Why do you think that weddings are celebrated with a ceremony? 2. Why do you think the color of the dress is so important in some cultures? Why most of them choose white color? ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________ 6. What can you conclude about the meaning of the ring given by ancient Hindus? 3. What is the sense of the belief that a vein ran directly to the heart from the finger? 5.

In Sweden. and cake in your country. women (wears/wear) three rings: one for engagement. if you do not want to get married. Writing Describe your future wedding ceremony. 2. Discussion Discuss the answers to these questions with your classmates. Do you want to get married in the future? Why? 2. There (is/are) also various beliefs about which hand and finger to put the ring on. The unmarried women dance around her as she (puts/ put) the crown on one of their heads. V. 100 words. What is the purpose to have a wedding celebration? Do you agree with an expensive event? 4. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ . What are other “symbols of love” in today’s world besides a wedding ring? IV. Weddings (are/ is) celebrated with a ceremony. 3. 1. one for marriage. couples (exchange/ exchanges) rings when they get engaged 4. ring. Grammar Underline the correct form of the verb in parenthesis 1. write about the traditional wedding dress. What kind of dress would you use in your wedding? Would it be white? Why? 3. and one for motherhood 5.III. However. In Chile and Germany.

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