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Appendix A.

Self-Administered Survey

Good day! We are students of De La Salle University and currently taking

up AB-Sports Studies. Our study aims to investigate the relationship
between the Impact of Sports Participation in Social Wellbeing among
University students. We would like to ask a little of your time in
accomplishing our survey. Rest assured that information disclosed in this
survey will remain confidential and will only be used for the purpose of
our study. We will also make sure that your identity will remain
anonymous. Thank you very much!

PART I. Sociodemographic Characteristics

A. Age: ____

B. Gender: Male Female

C. Allowance per week: _________________

D. Year Level: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

E. Number of units enrolled in the current term: _________

PART II. Reasons for Participation

A. Check what is applicable for you:

1. You participate in sports for:

Leisure/Entertainment Health benefits Competition

Personal Goals Career Others:________

B. Pleasure-Participation versus Power-Performance

5 4 3 2 1

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagre Strongly

Agree e Disagree


I participate in sports to have

a good body shape

I participate in sports to meet

new peole and to widen my

I participate in sports to get

out of stress and depression

I participate in sports
because it is a requirement in

I participate in sports
because I just want to and I
just feel it and it gives me


I participate in sports
because I want to win

I participate in sports
because I have goals

I participate in sports to have

a scholarship

I participate in sports
because I want to compete
locally and internationally

I participate in sports to
improve my physical
attributes (speed, strength,
power, etc)

PART III. Participation in Sports

A. What is the major sport are you playing? _____________________

B. How many competitions have you participated this term? ________

C. How many competitions have you participated last term? ________

PART IV. Level of Social Well Being

5 4 3 2 1

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree

Social Acceptance

I easily get along and trust


When someone asks me a

favor, I dont expect anything in

I dont mind people talking

about me negatively

*I dont care about other

peoples problem

I remain calm even if other

people treat me with bad

Social Actualization

I believe that I have a purpose

in this world

I think that society is evolving

and making a progress to
improve and grow positively

*Sometimes I feel like I dont fit
in the society

*Im forced to conform to what is

trending in the society

I have my own way of

presenting my self in the society

Social Contribution

I have something valuable to

give to the society

My daily activities can contribute

anything worthwile to the

I am valued by my community

*I feel worthless in my

I am a good example to my

Social Coherence

I am interested on whats
happening in the society

I see the world as intelligent,

logical and predictable

*The world is too complex for


*I cannot make sense on whats

going on in the world

I am connected with everything

around me

Social Integration

I am a part of a community

I feel supported by my

I have commonalities with other
people in the community

My community is my source of

I dont feel I belong to anything

Id call a community