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I would like to express my sincere thanks to my tutor, Ms. Siti Balkish for guiding me
throughout the entire time when I was doing my internship. Also to Mr. Prince and Ms.
June for answering my questions and guiding me to ensure that my internship went as
smooth as possible.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to Ar. William Chu Pet Chaw, Ar. Goo and
my colleagues in WJC Architect & Spatial Design for accepting and helping me
throughout my duration as a trainee there. I would also like to thank them for sharing
their knowledge in the field of architecture and construction with me.



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2.0 REPORT 5 - 23


WJC Architect and Spatial Design is an architecture firm located in Happy Garden,
Kuala Lumpur. The principle of WJC Architect is Ar. William Chu Pet Chaw. While,
Spatial Design is a firm that Ar. William and Ar. Goo Huey Kiam started in 1993. The
office has a total of 5 full-time employees.
The office works on many on-going projects with a wide range of scale such as small
scale projects like apartments and bungalows, but mainly on large-scale projects such
as malls with apartments on it aka service apartments. The firm does not focus much on
design as they mainly handle submission and authority matters.

No. 2A, Jalan Manisan
Happy Garden
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-79817995
e-Mail :

During my time working in this office, I was not given any design work
because Spatial Design mainly handles submission and does not deal with
I was not able to produce a typical set of CCM because Spatial Design there
were only Site Meetings between consultants.
All images shown are shared with permission from Ar. William.
Some images will be edited/cropped out in order to maintain the
confidentiality of the client.

For More Images:

2.0 Report

Week 1 (Jan 2 6)

This week, I learned the format of a standard Development Order (D.O) Submission and the things
needed to be in the submission drawings such as title and floor level of a building. Also the language
must be changed to Bahasa Malaysia. The KLIA Service Apartment was my first site inspection for
progress claim, this visit gave me some relevant insights on how the payments are given in the
construction industry.

During the first day of the internship, I was tasked to do some spring cleaning which consists of
Organizing Project files according to their project number (SD-001,002,003 or WJC-001,002,003) and
some shredding of old files that were unused.

- The Sphere (Bangsar South)

The Sphere is a mixed development comprises of a Mall and 2 apartment towers, the budget
estimate is around 100million.
My first task was to help Aishah to measure the total area of the building floor by floor to make
sure that the information given by the design firm was accurate, amend drawings for A.D.O to
reply the comment sent in by DBKL. My job scopes were to change the storey name and size of
the section drawing to Bahasa, Prepare the PR (Pelan Rekabentuk) and also create a blow up
drawing to indicate the types of units in the building.

Figure 1 Calculate Area (polyline) Figure 2 Blow Up Drawing Figure 3 Storey Name

- KLIA Service Apartment (Kota Seriamas, Nilai)

Ar. William brought me here for a site inspection to check progress for payment of stage
completion to the contractor. This inspection is to ensure that the quality of workmanship was
delivered as promised and whatever that is written in the Progress Payment is true and then the
payment can be made and issued out to the contractor.
The claim was for the completion of door and window frames for Block B and completion of
internal plastering for Block A.

Figure 4 Wall Plastering Figure 5 Inconsistent use Figure 6 Internal Plastering

of Expanded Metal and Door Frames completed

PR for (The Sphere)

Week 3 (Jan 16 20)

This week, I learned about the format and the importance of CCC. CCC stands for Certificate of
Completion and Compliance, it replaces the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) previously
issued by the local authority. The CCC is issued by the projects Principal Submitting Person (PSP) who
is a Professional Architect, Professional Engineer or a Registered Building Draughtsman. In my case,
our PSP is Ar. William Chu. CCC is a relatively new system that was implemented by the government
on 2007 to encourage self-regulation and it is a more efficient and faster way for a building to obtain a
safety certificate for house buyers and building owners to move in faster without compromising their

This week I was assisting the assistant architect to compile and prepare the documents for CCC
submission and also finishing the organization and shredding of the project files.

- Honda Sri Utama (Setapak)

I was helping Aishah to prepare the documents following the checklist for submission.

Figure 7 Borang B, F, G and Checklist

Sample for DBKL OSC Checklist (Honda Sri Utama)

Week 4 (Jan 23 27)

This week is was exposed to submitting building plans to the relevant authorities such as TNB, Syabas,
MCMC and DBKL via One Stop Centre (OSC). Each authority has different submission requirements,
therefore we have to submit according to their provided checklist. I also learned how to count the plot
ratio of a building following the DBKL planning guidelines.

This week I was assisting a few assistant architects to prepare for A.D.O Submission, Amending
Construction Drawings, submitting and site visit.

- Bamboo Garden (Mukim Batu)

It is a mixed development that consists of an office building, a mall, a hotel and 2 apartments
with a total build-up of 8,142,642 sq ft.
I was helping Sakinah to prepare the documents following the checklist for A.D.O submission
and printing of drawings with folding and stamp according to authority requirements. The
drawings are sent to OSC in KL to be distributed to the authorities in charged aka IWK, MCMC

Figure 8 OSC Checklists Figure 9 Plotting of Drawings for submission

Figure 10 Step by Step folding DBKL standards

- Kaginic House (Pinggiran Tunku)
This is a private home designed by a foreign architect for a client, it comprises of 4 bedrooms, 3
servant rooms, 1 guest room a gym, a swimming pool and a few more other facilities and
services such as lift, dumbwaiter, pump room, panic room, guard house just to name a few. The
estimated cost of the house is about RM 30 million.
Ar. William brought me here for a site inspection. The granite for wall cladding from the supplier
was a major concern because of the uneven cutting and color tone inconsistency of the stone
made it unusable. Therefore the sub-con had to bring in new batches of stone to fix the
After the site inspection, I was tasked by Shiela to amend the construction drawings for
electrical layout plan.
This visit really exposed me to a lot of different high-end services that are possible to add in a
home such as centralized air-conditioning, elevator, dumbwaiter and etc. And also how the
internal wiring is done, how a cladding is fixed and so on.

Figure 11 Uneven Granite Cladding Figure 12 Granite Cladding Figure 13 Cladding Frame

Figure 14 Centralized Air-cond Ducting & wiring Figure 15 Dumbwaiter Figure 16 Lift Shaft and

Figure 17 Insulation for the Wine Cellar Cooler Unit Figure 18 Electrical Layout Plan

- South Point (Bangsar South)

South Point is a 31 storey staff house apartment.
I was to assist Amni to do another measure of the total area of the building floor by floor to
make sure that the information given by the design firm was accurate. The plot ratio of the
building was 11.81 which was too high by DBKL standards, it was then sent back to the design
firm for them to lower it down by amending the plan layout.

Figure 19 Autocad Polyline Area Calculation Figure 20 Plot Ratio Calculation

Week 5 (Jan 30 Feb 3)

Week 5 was a slow day as it was the ending of CNY and majority of people are still on leave.

- The Sphere (Bangsar South)

Continuation project from week 1. I was to assist Aishah to prepare the drawings for submission
like putting in the title block in the drawings for Mall phase, correcting the drawings and also
turning off unnecessary layers like the furniture layer in the drawings before printing.

Figure 21 Furniture Layer On Figure 22 Furniture Layer Off

Sample of Blow-up Detail (The Sphere)

Week 6 (Feb 6 10)

This week I was exposed to Selangor authority submission requirements which is slightly different
when compared to KL. I gained confidence after having done so many D.O drawings and I was able to
amend them without help and was able to produce drawings that were up to par with the company
and authorities standard of submission.

- The Sphere (Bangsar South)

Continuation job from Week 5. Job were to insert title block in the drawings for Apartment
Phase, insert the grid lines and dimensions with proper scale in the apartment drawings and also
making a new blow up drawing for the newly designed apartment.

Figure 23 Old Design & New Design

- Glenmarie Carpark (Glenmarie)

This is an open temporary paid carpark.
I helped Sakinah to print and fold the drawings for submission of Final Endorsement (Kebenaran
Merancang) to the authorities in OSC MBSA. The folding style is different compared to DBKL
because it is a project in Selangor region which is managed by MBSA. I had to plot out 12 A1
drawings in coated paper and 1 A1 drawing in linen paper. It is a requirement from MBSA to
print out 1 A1 linen paper drawing if we were to submit projects for Final Endorsement.

Figure 24 Folding of Drawings

Week 7 (Feb 13 17)

- South View (Bangsar South)

South View is part of the same project of South Point located on the same site but was then
submitted as two different projects. I was tasked to re-count the number of OKU parkings from
the current (2016) drawings to see if the numbers were correct as stated in the specification.
The design firm stated that they provided 30 OKU carparks but only had 22 in the drawings and
in the site, they only provided 20. According to the requirement 2% of the total car park should
be OKU, it means that the building needs 27 OKU carparks. In the end I learned that, 2% of the
carparks should be OKU, and I should always double check the drawings thoroughly before
submitting to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.

- - Kaginic House (Pinggiran Tunku)

This was a continuation job from week 4 that I did with Shiela. We went to the site for a Site
Meeting with Ar. William and the consultants.

- South Point (Bangsar South)
This was a continuation job from Week 4 that I did with Amni, but since Amni was on leave, the
project was handed over to Shiela. The design was tweaked because of the plot ratio, from
11.81 to 10.42. The job scope was for me to verify the plot ratio, amend the drawings for D.O
submission that was sent in by the design firm. Since every firm has their own layering and
lineweight style, I was responsible to change the lineweight to our company standards by
adjusting and changing the layers. Also there were drawing mistakes that the firm had made
that was needed to be amended, such as missing walls and etc. After that, I had to make the PR
(Pelan Rekabentuk) it is by compiling all the drawings into one page for easy reference for the
authorities. Then, I had to plot the drawings and double check to see for mistakes and amend
them accordingly.

Figure 25 GFA Calculations for Plot Ratio Figure 26 Missing Walls that needed to be rectified

Figure 27 Missing Wall Figure 28 Missing Ground Floor

Week 8 (Feb 20 24)

- South View (Bangsar South)

Continuation from week 7, I was tasked to count the number OKU parking in the drawings from
the 2015 D.O submission to double confirm the number of parking that was submitted to see
the changes from the 2015 D.O submission to the current drawings.

- South Point (Bangsar South)

Continuation from week 7, I was asked to compare the two Plot Ratio Calculations that I had
done on the 15th and 17th of February to see the difference that the firm had made, Plot Ratio
from 10.42 to 10.09. 10.09 was still too high for DBKL standards, so Ar. William suggested the
design firm to remove one floor in order to lower the plot ratio to 9.07. I waited for the building
perspective renderings to be e-mailed in from the design firm and added it into PR, I also added
the elevations into the PR. Plot A.D.O drawings in A3 to double check for drawing mistakes and
amend them. After amending the mistakes, I plot the drawings again for a final review before

- The Sphere (Bangsar South)

I saved the D.O drawings done in pdf and e-mail to client for checking.

- Kaginic House (Pinggiran Tunku)

Help Shiela to plot 5 sets of construction drawings regarding electrical layout, typical electrical
setting out, ceiling details and door schedule.

Figure 29 Plotting of drawings Figure 30 Folding of Drawings Figure 31 Stamp

Figure 32 Compile

Sample of PR

Week 9 (Feb 27 March 3)

- South Point (Bangsar South)

Continuation from week 8, was tasked to plot out the completed A.D.O drawings and fold them
according to DBKL requirements. Plot 3 A1 size perspectives and paste them on mounting
boards. Also prepared LCP. Shiela brought me to clients office for the client to sign the drawings
on Wednesday and we collected the drawings on Friday.

Figure 33 Printing of Perspectives Figure 34 Pasting it on Mounting Board

- Kaginic House (Pinggiran Tunku)

SCDA e-mailed the Interior Design Drawings for Construction.
I had to go through the entire 370 page of the contents to record and report any missing
drawings that they missed out. They missed out the Guardhouse W/C drawings, so Shiela
contacted them to email the missing drawings. After that, I had to print them out and compile
it for Ar. William to send it to the site.

- The Sphere (Bangsar South)
Continuation from week 8, was tasked to do a blow up for the new design apartments. And do
P.R for submission. Prepare the Borang G and stamp the pages. There were some pages that I
had to cross out, meaning that if the architect was not involved in the specific work then I will
cross out no. 1 and chop under no. 2. Certifying that the architect was not involved in the
specific work and vice versa. After looking through and studying borang G with Aishahs
guidance, I now have a basic understanding of the use and importance of the G Documents.

Figure 35 The Sphere New Blow Up Drawing Figure 36 Stamping of Borang G1 to G21

Figure 37 Borang G12 (Involved) Figure 38 Borang G1 (Not Involved)

- KLIA Service Apartment (Kota Serimas, Nilai)
I had to make a new diagram according to the current layout of the apartment block. The
previous diagram was unusable because they had changed the apartment layout slightly. This
diagram will be on the KLIA Service Apartment leaflets and brochures for potential home owners
to see. Diagramming is a much simpler and a more effective way of indicating and
differentiating something making it easier to read and understand compared to a standard
floor plan.

Figure 33 Old Diagram

Figure 34 New Diagram

Figure 35 Apartment Floor Plan

3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, I feel that I have learned a lot under the care of Ar. William. I gained
many skills, and also greatly improved the quality my technical drawings and I hope to
continue to increase my quality of drawings to what is to be expected in the working
industry. I also learned a lot more about myself regarding time-management,
communication skills and also my confidence. All these things, I feel that I am slightly
lacking and require improvement.
Throughout the duration of the internship, it had really exposed me to the working world,
although short, it was really eye opening and also really encouraged me to change my
attitude for the better.
At the end, I feel that being an architect is a hard and punishing life, but as long as there
is passion, willpower, dedication and the drive to keep learning I will succeed.