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Solutions Are Ideas Put Into Action

Heru Amun

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Introduction ................................................................................................................................... 6
Chapter 1: Association Awareness .............................................................................................. 7
Chapter 2: Building Character Awareness ................................................................................ 9
Chapter 3: Economical Structure Awareness .......................................................................... 11
Chapter 4: Family Value Awareness......................................................................................... 14
Chapter 5: Focus Awareness...................................................................................................... 17
Chapter 6: Insecurity Awareness .............................................................................................. 19
Chapter 7: Leadership Qualities Awareness ............................................................................ 21
Chapter 8: Observing Awareness .............................................................................................. 24
Chapter 9: Pre-Judge Awareness .............................................................................................. 27
Chapter 10: Social Awareness ................................................................................................... 29
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Heru’s Focus Point Awareness Series is an ongoing series that will help you to become more aware of solutions that you might not have thought about before reading the simplified wisdom that I have composed for your enrichment. engage you to act responsibly.take the time to study this information and research these concepts on your own. Some Call Him: Heru . Love and Happiness. I thank you for choosing to read my work and I hope that you enjoy the journey! Peace.Introduction Hotep. What I am attempting in this booklet is to challenge your thinking and of course. Please .

. First step. First step. be aware of how we react towards our friends. Be aware of what habits we start to do around our friends. they will not try to control our lives. Third step. Therefore. Some influences can defeat us or in some cases.Chapter 1: Association Awareness Focus Point 1 How much influence do our friends have on us? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. Power Point 1 We must be cautious of our friends and select family members that we are around. go to events and seminars where professionals in your line of work attend. Second step. relax and listen to what a friend says and watch his/her actions. Focus Point 2 What are the signs of great association of people? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. build a relationship with a friend and allow them to influence us on the things we would like them too. affect us in a positive way. Second step. research and read a lot of great autobiographies on who they associated with.

now! Time is always against us. Patience is a lesson we live for. Do not let anyone destroy your drive for life. We all have greatness within. This could affect us in both ways… depleting or energizing results.Power Point 2 If we live a positive and uplifting life. we will stop our growth potential. Live the best life that you can live! Focus Point 4 Our association of friends creates our success in life. we will attract that same mentality into our life. We all want great examples in our lives. Surrounding ourselves with great individuals makes us stand out even more. i. If we waste our time with the negative association. Getting around the movers and shakers. recognize your habits. Third step. replace the negative being for a positive. we will be challenged by a successful friend to get out of our comfort zone.e. Most cases. change your associations. Focus Point 3 How do we go about change of our association? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. The leader is within us. . Second step. Power Point 3 Just do it. negative people you are around. Heru’s Power Point We must learn that our association is the most important reality we must have. First step. We seek for guidance and a leader. uplifting sentient being.

listen to what he/she has to say before responding to opinions. What others have to say about you - does not mean that is what you are. Opinions create character development. is to create the habit of acting on that character quality. Integrity. . The answer is right there.in their opinion. Power Point 2 “Opinions are the worst commodities” according to Napoleon Hill. They developed great character through patience and focus. maturity and dependability are some of the signs. is to study the few people that have attitude characteristics that you may want to develop. Focus Point 2 Do we respect other’s opinions? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. Second step. It’s the understanding of the opinion that you’re looking for. Character is the foundation that we build on. we just have to keep on searching for the right results. Third step. is to evaluate your progress from month to month. Second step. First step.Chapter 2: Building Character Awareness Focus Point 1 What characteristic qualities in others attract you? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. We are accountable for all our actions negative or positive responses. is to ask the right questions to receive the right answers as to why they may think the way they do. try to understand what key qualities stand out to him or her . Third step. First step. Power Point 1 The person that has great character was not born with it.

. Effective living is what character building brings. Power Point 3 Become that key characteristic quality that others may want. As you read and educate the mind. Communication skills are sharper as we grow. to know how to build character by reading motivational. your personality grows and thinking is positive. Things in our lifetime are limited. Personality is your inner-self.Focus Point 3 How would you go about building your character? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into actions. sometimes. therefore. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. delay our learning curves. How you feel inside your mind and character express that. Second step. First step. self-help and personal developmental books. Value your association of people with positive characteristics. Focus Point 4 Are there differences between personality and character? Heru’s Power Point Personality qualities or ethics make the man think success or think failure. is to be aware of your characteristics that people around you say that you have. we don’t take the time to focus on ourselves as much as other important life obstacles. We tend to. We put the cover over ourselves by over-working ourselves in other non-important things in life. We must adjust to the problem in a positive matter. our personality start to shift to a positive upbeat attitude. Now that we are aware of our characteristic traits.

But we must realize that when the economy doesn’t have the support of its people. organization. Second step. the government has no control. and strategy. among ourselves. what we buy or . Second step. Power Point 2 We are the controllers of the economy. Therefore. First step. Third step. act accordingly. First step. Power Point 1 The basic blocks are people. is to develop programs that will better the economy each year.Chapter 3: Economical Structure Awareness Focus Point 1 What are the basic building blocks for a strong economical structure? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. is to develop a problem-solving leader. they can only control our spending habits. who has the ability to lead. Focus Point 2 Who or what controls this economy? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. is to understand the process of rebuilding a nation of minds as well as physical structure of the economy on how money is spent and used. These are the basic recipes of building an economical structure. the education structure need to be reprogrammed and changed to new methods of teaching self-sustaining and building communities. Our economy is what keeps the so-called United States strong. knowledge. Statistically and lawfully. is to organize the people and their thoughts. a plan of action. So. it will fall.

Even the school system is set up for us to fail. Education is a big asset.sell. . but it fails to realize what education we are receiving. budgeting and spending on sustaining issues that give back to our communities. We need to develop more programs of specialized knowledge about savings.

Hours and days have been getting shorter and shorter. What are some differences can you make on this earth? How many people have we Influenced? It is time to address ourselves and this government (that cares so much about us) with the right questions. develop budgeting programs that are effective for every pay scale ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions. First step. . This program will enable us to understand finances and money spending habits better. we must take the following steps and apply them to our everyday livelihood. Third step. is to be persistent and consistent on organizing each budgeting program available. No more begging! Go out and do for self. the children will likely duplicate the poor spending habits of their examples.Focus Point 3 What should we focus on as a whole in our economic structure? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. Second step. teaching our children to spend wisely. Focus Point 4 What is it going to take to rebuild a strong Economy? Heru’s Power Point You and our future generations. Therefore. If the parents can’t control their spending. Power Point 3 Focus is discipline. is to teach this program in every school that exists from grade school to college and universities.

Power Point 1 We all like to think we practice family values. trustworthy. First step. Third step. And because of advancement of sociology and technology. Third step. Values are habits of character. Focus Point 2 Do we believe in family morals? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. they are the root of what you believe. Second step. plan and look for parent support programs to find concepts that may apply to you.Chapter 4: Family Value Awareness Focus Point 1 Do we still practice our family values? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. as a parent. Teach them the value of being honest. we are left with other’s opinion of what our family values should be. Second step. that which our parents have taught us. First step. spend time with the children. obedient and respectful. make habits of practicing the following family values. set an example to lead and do what you teach. research and find techniques to teach your . plan parenthood without government help within the private sector before having children.

Events in your life will not change unless you change them. you’ll reap good things. It consists of mental conditioning with respect to courage discipline.children. . confidence and willingness to teach and encourage family values. What are some other morals you support? If you sow good things. Power Point 2 Morals are at the foundation of your belief system.

initialize your stand of action. the Hiltons. etc. the Walton’s. Parents are the true role models for their children. Control the environment around your children by creating habits of positive response from yourself and others. Public schools and day cares are creating a whole new generation of single and non-fatherless families. Power Point 3 Government has more influence on raising our children than we do. But what are those responsibilities that set us apart as a family? Study families of great wealth such as the Rockefellers. Evaluate and research their childhood and judge for yourself. Second step. These families have kept their legacy going for many generations.Focus Point 3 Do you let your family values be offset by outsiders? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. Parents are no longer predominant role models for raising their children. Focus Point 4 What does it take to keep family values going in the direction of prosperity? Heru’s Power Point We have many responsibilities as parents. research other’s advice to learn the best skills that might fit your family’s needs. The complete unit is the only way to succeed. . Create an atmosphere for less peer pressure and temptation. The economy keeps both parents away from home to support the family’s needs. First step. Families are not families without a father or mother present.

First step. books on self-esteem. learn habits that you can duplicate. . You must recognize what power you can use for getting things done. research others who have experienced in the task. start brainstorming your thoughts on paper. Furthermore using this ability can make you have better planning to succeed. For example. Second step. research focus oriented books. find the best route to start the action. find a pencil/pen and writing pad. look over your brainstorming notes. get around others who are focused and read the books they read. First step.help etc. find a quiet place. Power Point 1 Center your attention on the problem that needs to be solved. discipline. Third step. Third step. Focus Point 2 How do we use focus? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. about what you need to do today. Third step. Focus is the way to be aware of that right or wrong outcome of our problem or solution. Center your life as a focus point. Power Point 2 Focusing is a tool. Second step.Chapter 5: Focus Awareness Focus Point 1 What is focus? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. You must stay creative. Second step. Focus Point 3 What can we do to have focus? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. self. First step.

There are many more people out there waiting to be duplicated and help others succeed in life. Focus Point 4 Who has the focus and direction we may look forward to? Heru’s Power Point There are many examples.. we must research our libraries. internet and bookstores etc. Russell Simmons or Bill Gates who have work ethics and are focused. If you have too many distractions around you. . There are prime examples like Kevin Rose.Power Point 3 You can have focus by limiting the other non-developing actions around you. you can’t focus on the important things in your life.

Chapter 6: Insecurity Awareness Focus Point 1 Do we value security? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTIONS. Research departments. What we seem to forget is that we are only here temporarily. Third step. research the meaning of each word you have written down. Focus Point 2 What actions effect insecurity within us? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into actions. to borrow what’s here on earth. Values are cause and effect. Power Point 1 What you value is what you conceive to be important.. you must reprogram your subconscious mind to really understand your values and whom you really effect negatively. maybe a fellow friend that has some experience in that department. Your mind stores certain keywords. and libraries. follow up your action within your insecurity. We have not seen anyone with a U-Haul on the back of a hurst yet! Have you? . First step. Power Point 2 We are the cause that affects our insecurities because we believe at the beginning of the journey that it will be secure. take a pencil/pen and writing pad.. face the facts and research the lives of others to see what they did during that time. Second step. First step. internet etc. write down the values that are important to you. bookstores. Second step. what you have been taught from your parents and others. You value and believe it is safe to act or do as you were taught.

Power Point 3 We must be prepared for any outcome of our insecurities that we approach. they will abuse us and have no problem with it. Therefore. Our employers and other people do not understand the values that we keep and use. this is what makes the great ones stand out! Focus Point 4 What we must do to gain back security amongst community and ourselves. Face the facts. Being aware of who. We must work hard to be able to establish security for family and ourselves. where. what. Mentally. surround yourself with great people that pull you up instead of down. .Focus Point 3 How are you reacting towards your insecurities? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. than our bodies will follow. Security is a valued word that is over-used. reprogram your mind with positive words and knowledge. and how we live and react in all situations. Heru’s Power Point Take ownership of our lives. First step. Second step. we must be ready. take control of our minds.

First step. Third step. First step. One thing we know is that they all have one thing in common and that is the quality to give more than the average person.Chapter 7: Leadership Qualities Awareness Focus Point 1 What leadership qualities we look for in others? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. is to research background or check the résumé of whomever you’re planning on supporting or following. Focus Point 2 What mind-set should leaders possess? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. You must put yourself in front of leaders who are continuing to learn and challenge their minds. Third step. Second step. is to be aware of his/her personality characteristics. is too educate your mind to react as positively as you can to the responses of others. How much can he/she influence our thinking? What we seem to miss is that one of the keys to leadership is problem solving and creating a positive change among people to allowing the organization as a whole to be a true asset. is to be aware of your self-discipline and apply it to your everyday life. Power Point 1 Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. is to understand what ethics or values he/she supports as a leadership role model. leadership is a learning role. Power Point 2 . What we look for in a leader is influence. Second step.

It’s an attitude we carry and live amongst our peers and families. .The leadership mind-set is an ingredient. We must understand our priorities and have a vision where we’d like to end up at.

we can be ready for what leader may be in our path. Being a leader also requires having integrity. Leadership is not management. Therefore. meet with each other and understand the master mind principle to react off each other’s thoughts. we can’t control other’s thinking. someday. One quality is the ability to think before he/she speaks. we may lead others and develop followers to become great leaders. Plan our work and work our plans. Understanding is the key for a great leader to solve the problems in a positive matter. open our minds to new ideas and research and try to understand how his/her tactics of leadership influenced. Going that extra mile pays off. This is a critical quality that we seem to forget about.Focus Point 3 What does it take to follow and understand leadership tactics? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. Second step.where are our priorities focused? What fairness do we display or problem-solving methods do we agree on? We act accordingly and we can influence others around us. and taking the full responsibility for others and yourself and creating a positive change of outcome. including self-control or disciple. and it’s a role of taking the step forward into a class of your own. Knowledge of self… meaning . Focus Point 4 What are qualities of a great leader? Heru’s Power Point A quality of a leader has a couple characteristics traits. Third step. the vision of a leader. follow with a vision of our own. So. as well as. Power Point 3 All leaders have different tactics of how one may go about their leadership role. . People respect this act of kindness. Learning the principles of leadership is a must. have a vision. First step. This class consists of key elements. If we can’t control ourselves.

Chapter 8: Observing Awareness Focus Point 1 Are we aware of our surrounding environment? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. research the school system and training programs that are available. research your following community where you live. Check with your local library or chamber of commerce. First step. Focus Point 2 Who or what brings things to our attention? Heru’s Solution . Second step. Our non-social society has been so confined that we are afraid to be outside our walls of our own homes. observe your community and look for high quality of living. Third step. Power Point 1 Most of the time we don’t know what’s going on next door from us. We must take the time to learn our environments. what to do and what not to do.

radio and that wonderful internet are the main streams. newspaper.TV. Second step. others around us bring events to our attention. Power Point 2 The media . focus more time to yourself and learn to be aware of how you react as a positive or negative. Therefore. . We must stay in tuned with ourselves and be aware of what is going on around us at all times. read more self-help and personal development publications and sources at your local library or bookstore.Solutions are ideas put into action. What affects our community affects us. First step.

First step. We must take action and approach it with positive outlook. create the environment. Focus Point 4 How can we be more observing for ourselves? Heru’s Power Point We must be in control of our journeys in order to observe our surroundings and also that which surrounds our minds. Teach our children the value of life and what it means to be free to express our creativity. Fulfill their dreams and create the atmosphere. No discipline is in our homes. .Focus Point 3 Are we aware of what our children learn and act upon? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. Focus on parent development programs and concentrate on curing the matter instead of confining it. research the right programs for your children. The principles that you stand on and ethics with morals that you follow. Power Point 3 We don’t have any time to teach our children! Excuses for problems we can solve. Second step. Familiarize yourself on the needs and wants of your children. Respect ran out of the minds of our parents. teach them yourself. Have vision. you can teach them at home.

How can we judge a self-expression? Focus Point 2 How can we help ourselves and others not to judge one another? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. try to understand why they do certain things and actions. educate ourselves about other cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Power Point 1 We are sentient beings with the freedom of self-expression. First step. create a course of action for personal expression. We pre- judge others because we feel insecure about ourselves. Power Point 2 To help one another. We don’t enjoy someone judging our actions unless we are breaking the laws of the land. To pre-judge someone is wrong. formats for parents to teach their children about judging others. We tend to let our egos control our feelings and emotions.Chapter 9: Pre-Judge Awareness Focus Point 1 Why do we pre-judge others? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. establish focus groups in the school system or local libraries. Second step. Third step. keep a positive outlook on others. And then we don’t want to address why we pre-judge others. . means to enjoy one another. Third step. Second step. we should have things going great. As long as we don’t violate each other’s privacy. First step.

it’s all about change. We all want to be treated with an understanding of whom or what we are. take possession of our own minds. instead of facing the facts. Go to the nearest bookstore and purchase the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.Focus Point 3 How can we go about treating others the way we would like to be treated? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action.” We all have pre-judged or been pre-judged. It gets us out of our comfort zones. Focus Point 4 Our outlooks on pre-judge mental-ness Heru’s Power Point Freedom of a self-expression is a life we all want. Changes make life great. Can’t express change enough? Change is what we run from. take control of treating people with courtesy and respect. Power Point 3 Respect is what every sentient being on this earth asks for. . Freedom creates an environment that speaks. Second step. ‘respect me. When we look at the big picture. Nothing more. nothing less. First step.

Power Point 2 Non-socializing is a deadly killer of non-education. is to research our local libraries to find the following works as how to communicate. Second step. First step. Third step. Therefore. First step.Chapter 10: Social Awareness Focus Point 1 Are we socially aware of how we communicate to each other? Heru’s Solution SOLUTIONS ARE IDEAS PUT INTO ACTION. Second step. These social characteristics keep the US Citizen mind-set in a condition of non-action. how to be social with others etc. These are some of the signs that make others non- social and have a one mined social way of thinking. Power Point 1 We’re not socially aware of how we communicate with each other. . is to teach parents to take the responsibility of teaching their children the basic skills of communications. we are not as open to others. is to create more social programs on a comprehension level of our schools. We are limiting our social lives by not relating with people outside our social circle. Some of us don’t have a sense of humor. The masses would rather let the classes rule the majority by setting the standards for you and me. is to find social programs around the community and other areas. is to keep a smile and a positive attitude among others. Focus Point 2 What are the symptoms that keep us non-social? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action.

but we live in an environment we can control by our actions to making a better place. Focus Point 4 How would we go about reprogramming our future generation for a more socializing nation to understanding one another? Heru’s Power Point What we have today is not the right mind frame of parents. . Power Point 3 We are controlled in every related community that exists in America. is that we embrace our community and environment and start community meetings about what is going on in our community. Honesty and faith in self. The only way to control our social environment is to take it back and give it to the community. is to educate our children to respect others and have a sense of common knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. If we are not on the same page. Sentient Rights and Property Rights. We still have our independence of who we are. are for the People. First step. for our teaching in the school system gives the wrong impression to others around the world. Third step. we are not communicating to our children in a formal matter of effective communication. Results back fire on us. Therefore. we will have lots of confusion. has to be instilled in our children at a young age. in general.Focus Point 3 Are we programmed in a controlled social environment? Heru’s Solution Solutions are ideas put into action. is to research your government programs available for community base meetings and get involved and take back your community. Second step. trust is not taught.

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