Instructional Planning Grid

1. TEKS 2. Big Understanding
112, 34 Biology Scientific skills allow you to observe
Students will understand scientific qualities, measuring qualities,
processes of laboratory and field sorting/classifying, inferring,
investigations using safe, predicting, experimenting and
environmentally appropriate and communicating.
ethical practices
Scientific process helps us find out
Objectives how to answer questions about how
Students will learn what scientific the world works.
processes are
Students will demonstrate scientific Students will know how use personal
processes by putting together a protective equipment and know how
power point presentation or a verbal to choose which equipment to use
Students will work in groups for this Vocabulary Words
project Donning
Students will be allowed to see and Doffing
use personal protective equipment Hazardous material
in class
PPE are used is all manners of
laboratory work from drawing
samples to completing lab
Students will have 5 days to
complete lesson and present group

3. Assessment Evidence
Formative assessments will be ongoing during the lesson to see what students
know and to see if I need to alter the lesson or reteach material.
Summative assessments will be from presentation of material, real world tasks,
authentic examples and on how students captured interest.

4. Opening Hook
Conversation starter
Objects will be placed on desk in a way that students can see them as they walk in,
students will form conversations about what the unit might be about based on the

5. Instructional Strategies/Activities
Know and practice using PPE
Understand what hazardous materials are
Preventive care against exposures
Know emergency procedures
Locations of safety equipment
Always work with someone, never alone in a lab
Good hand washing techniques

LHS. Demonstrating safe practices
Instructional Planning Grid Hospital PPE-Infection Control: Donning and Doffing
http://www.osha/gov/sltc/personalprotecive equipment

6. Materials/Resources
Personal protective equipment: gloves, gown, mask, & goggles

7. Grouping Patterns
Divide class into groups of 3 to work on lesson and put together a presentation
involving a video of laboratory/scientific processes or students may put together a
power point presentation demonstrating what they learned.

8. Ending, Summary/Reflection
Review key points of the lesson,
Review what students may see again on tests
Remind students when assignment is due