Places for Breathing

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Places for Breathing is the first studio album by Amer-
ican post-grunge band Revis. Released in May 2003 on 3. “Spin"- 3:08
Epic Records, it was recorded in 2002 at NRG Record- 4. “Seven” - 4:14
ing Studios in North Hollywood. The album features the
singles “Caught in the Rain” and “Seven” and debuted at 5. “Straight Jacket Labels” - 3:40
number one on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. 6. “Living Rooms” - 2:51
7. “Re Use” - 3:52

1 Writing and recording 8. “City Beneath” - 3:32
9. “Everything After” - 3:21
All songs were written on acoustic guitar before being 10. “Places for Breathing” - 3:21
demoed. Guitarist Nathaniel Cox wrote all lyrics with
some input by vocalist Justin Holman. “A Gift,” “Seven,” 11. “Look Right Through Me” - 06:15
and “Straight Jacket Labels” served as the band’s first
• “Family” (hidden track)
three demos produced by Tommy Henriksen and Jeff
Tilson. They then recorded “Caught in the Rain” and Unreleased Tracks
“Spin” to encourage further label hype prior to being
signed.[3] Upon their joining Epic Records, Revis worked 1. “From That Point On” - 3:24
with famed producer Don Gilmore as well as Andy Wal-
lace and Alan Moulder on mixing. In New York, Wallace 2. “A Gift” - 4:15
provided mixing on two tracks while Moulder covered the 3. “Shotgun Star (Bright)" - 3:25
remainder of the album.
4. “Butterfly Cry” - 3:25
Session drummer Josh Freese provided drumming tracks
with the exception of “Your Wall” which was recorded by
new Revis drummer David Piribauer.
4 Personnel
2 Touring and promotion
• Justin Holman – vocals
Revis toured with Oleander in early 2003 before head- • Robert Davis – guitar
lining the second stage of Pearl Jam's tour. They also
• Nathaniel Cox – guitar
joined Creed as well as Cold and Evanescence on the first
Nintendo Fusion Tour.[4] • Bob Thiemann – bass
The first track, “Caught in the Rain,” was originally re- • David Piribauer – drums (on “Your Wall”)
leased as on Daredevil: The Album, the soundtrack for
its respective movie, in February 2003. A music video Other
was also produced with director Steven Murashige whose
previous work included Incubus' "Pardon Me" and Rage • Josh Freese - session drums (all tracks except “Your
Against the Machine's "Renegades of Funk.” “Seven” Wall”)
would serve as a follow-up single and managed to land on • Don Gilmore - production
the Mainstream Rock chart.
• Andy Wallace - mixing (tracks 1 & 4)
“Caught in the Rain” was also featured on the soundtrack
to EA Sports' release MVP Baseball 2003. • Alan Moulder - mixing


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