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Certifying Body Certification Name Abbrev.

Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master CSM Yes
Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPO Yes
Certified Scrum Developer CSD Yes
Certified Scrum Professional CSP No
Certified Scrum Coach CSC No

Certified Scrum Trainer CST No Professional Scrum Master I PSM I No [1]
Professional Scrum Master II PSM II No [1]
Professional Scrum Product Owner I PSPO I Yes [2]
Professional Scrum Product Owner II PSPO II Yes [2]
Professional Scrum Developer I PSD Yes [2]
Project Management Institute Project Management Institute - Agile Certi PMI-ACP No

International Concortium Agile Certified ICAgile Professional ? ?

ICAgile Expert ? ?
Master Agilist [4] ? ?
Scaled Agile Academy SAFEe Agilist SA Yes
SAFe Program Consultant SPC Yes
SAFe Practitioner SPC Yes
SAFe Program and Portfolio Consultant [4 SPPC ?
DSDM Consortium DSDM Foundation DSDM Founda No
DSDM Practitioner DSDM Practiti ?
DSDM Advanced Practitioner DSDM Advance No

DSDM Trainer DSDM Trainer Yes

DSDM Coach DSDM Coach No
DSDM Consultant DSDM Consul No
Agile Project Management Foundation AgilePM Foun No
Agile Project Management Practitioner AgilePM Pract No
Agile Project Management Trainer AgilePM Train ?
Agile Foundation Agile Foundat No
Agile Practitioner Agile Practiti ?
Agile Masters Agile Masters ?
Agile Advanced Practitioner Agile Advance No
Other Agile Certifications
(Not explored in detail)
ISQI Certified Agile Tester iSQI-CAT
The Association of International The Agile Certified Product Manager ACPM
Product Marketing and
Management (AIPMM)

NOTES AND REFERENCES [1] No, a course is not required but is

[2] Yes, a course is require however the
current plans of are to
separate education from certification. It
is hoped that in the future courses will
be recommended but not required.
[3] Please refer to the website for more
details ... actually don't because you
won't learn anything new. Save yourself
a lot of frustration and choose another
program ... then take the time you've
saved and have a long lunch break.
[4] This certification is not yet
[5] Many of the DSDM certificates are
managed by the APM Group
(, a
specialist accreditation and certification
organisation. The prices quoted here are
the prices as established by DSDM for
certification at their premises. Different
organizations (ie APM Group and their
affiliates) may charge different prices,
and so it's important to review the
prices of your local training provider.
Exam based certification
Pass Grade Other Prerequisite
Applicatio certifications
n Process
Yes 24 correct answers out of None
No 35 questions
N/A (approx. No None
No N/A No None
No N/A No Either CSM, or CSPO or CSD
No N/A Yes CSP

No N/A Yes CSP

Yes 85.00% No None
Yes 85.00% No PSM I
Yes 85.00% No None
Yes 85.00% No PSPO I
Yes 85.00% No None
Yes No High School Diploma

? ? ? Foundations of Agile [3]

? ? ? Certified ICAgile Professional
? ? ? ICAgile Expert
Yes ? No None
Yes ? No SA Certification
Yes ? No None
? ? ? ?
Yes. 50%. The examination is No None
? a closed book,? multiple ? ?
choice paper consisting of
Yes, an oral exam Examination
60 questions. committee
Candidates No DSDM Foundation certificate, or
is required. determined
are given 1 hour to
complete the paper and
Yes, an oral exam Examination
need to answercommittee
30 No DSDM Avanced Practitioner certif
oral exam determined
questions committee
correctly to be No DSDM Avanced Practitioner certif
oral exam awarded determined
a certificate.
Examination committee No DSDM Avanced Practitioner certif
is required.
Yes 50%. The determined
examination is No None
Yes a
50%. Thebook,
closed multipleis
examination No 1. AgilePM Foundation
choice paper
a opened book, consisting
complexof Certificate, or 2.? DSDM Atern
? 60 questions. ? Candidates ?
multiple choice paper Foundation Certificate, or 3.
Yes are
with given
4 The 1examination
hour per
questions to is No DSDM Advanced None Practitioner
? complete
a closed the paper
paper and 15? marks and
multiple ? Certificate. ?
available answer 30
question of
? questions
60total correctly
questions. to be
Candidates ? ?
a of 60 marks.
Yes, an oral exam awarded a certificate.
are given
Candidates 1committee
are hour
givento2 No Agile Foundation
is required. complete
hours the paper
complete theand
answer 42
to answer
questions correctly
30 questions correctly. to be
awareded a certificate.
Prerequisite hours Cost

None Included as part of course fee

None Included as part of course fee
None Included as part of course fee
2000 hrs Scrum experience US$300
US$100 Application fee + US$750 annu

None US$100
None US$500
None Includes as part of course fee
None US$500
None Includes as part of course fee
t team work (or PMP/PgMP) + 1500 hrs Agile
team work +
21 contact
PMI Member)
US$495/E415 (CBT, PMI non-

? ?
? ?
? ?
1. 5+ years of experience in 1. Included as part of the course fee
1. 3+ yearsdevelopment,
of experience in 2.
1. Retakes
Includedare US$50
as part of the course fee
Agile business analysis, 3.
2. US$100
160 annual
hours of fee
SPC relevant
1+ years
product or of experience in
project 1. Renewal fee: $1,000 (includes exam) every 3 years
2. One or more
software relevant
development, consulting + US$1000
2. Exam retakes are $200annual fee
Agile ?
certifications (e.g., ?
2.testing, business
Experience analysis,
in Scrum 3. 40 hours of continuing education/outreach.
product or projectCST,
None CSC, 175.00 + VAT [5], DSDM,
? ICAgile, ?
1. At least 2 years practical 425.00 + VAT [5]

- DSDM Trainer Masterclass 395.00 + VAT [5]

1. At least 2 years DSDM expe395.00 + VAT [5]
1. at least 2 years DSDM experience, 2. completed DSDM Advanced P
None 175.00 (incl. VAT)
None 270 (incl. VAT)
? ?
None 175.00 + VAT [5]
? ?
? ?
6 months of Agile project exp 425.00 + VAT [5]