Kenya Trade Network Agency


KENYA, ON MARCH 14, 2017

• Our Chief Guest Dr. Chris Kiptoo, the Principal Secretary, State
Department of Trade
• President of AAEC and CEO of Gainde 2000 Mr. Ibrahima Diagne
• Distinguished delegates
• Ladies and Gentlemen

I take this opportunity on behalf of the Board, Management and staff of the Kenya
Trade Network Agency to welcome you all to the 14th Executive Committee
meeting and later on the 8th Annual General Assembly meeting of the African
Alliance for E-Commerce that are being held in Nairobi for the first time in the
history of the AAEC.

We are indeed delighted to host you for the next two days as well as yesterday
when the Technical Committee held its meeting and we wish to extend our
sincere appreciation to our Principal Secretary, Dr. Chris Kiptoo for finding time
from his tight schedule to officiate at this meeting.

Equally, I wish to appreciate the presence of our friend, the President of AAEC
Mr. Ibrahima Diagne who has in more than one occasion travelled to Kenya to be
with us at KenTrade during our special events and occasions.

We especially wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Ibrahima for joining
us in 2015 to pay our last respect to our late founding CEO Mr. Alex Kabuga. As
we always say here in Africa, one who travels from far to be with a friend is a friend

Mr. Diagne, to those who may not be aware, also heads the Senegalese Single
Window Operator, Gainde2000, which I and my Board have had the privilege to
visit for a benchmarking study and which has played a pivotal role in our growth
as KenTrade, through the technical partnership between our two institutions.

May I also extend a special welcome to the honourable Vice Presidents of AAEC
from Morocco Mr. Jalal Benhayoun and from Cameroun Mr. Biyiha Isidore, all
members of the African Alliance for E-Commerce and all other distinguished
delegates representing member countries who are with us today.

Our Principal Secretary, Distinguished guests,

The significance of hosting the 14th Executive Committee meeting and later on the
8th Annual General Assembly meeting of the AAEC in Kenya cannot be gainsaid. It
is not only and illustration of the confidence that the members have in us as a
country but also a major boost to KenTrade in our continued commitment to
facilitate trade through the Single Window System by working towards eliminating
obstacles to efficient and effective trade.

We are indeed delighted to report that as far as implementing the Single Window
System is concerned, this is now complete with all the twenty planned modules
having been rolled out.

The full implementation of Kenya TradeNet System modules and functionalities
was achieved after deployment of the Declaration Transmission module and the
Duty Remissions module late last month.

In this connection we have continued to experience an increase in the number of
users of the Single Window System currently standing at over 7,800 registered
system users and 41 stakeholder organizations including 30 Partner Government
Agencies (PGAs) using the TradeNet System.

We believe that with this milestone we will shortly be able to demonstrate how
that Single Window System has continued to transform the way we carry out
cross border trade in this country. We should also be able to witness increased
improvement in the “trading across borders” index.

We note with appreciation that KenTrade stands out to be the only Government
institution in Kenya that has had the privilege of bringing together almost all
Government Agencies involved in cargo clearance to focus their energies in what
the government is expected to do for the business community, i.e. create a
conducive business environment and we appreciate the confidence that the
Government has on KenTrade and the support the we have continued to receive
from the Partner Government Agencies.

As an Agency we are committed to delivering to all Kenyans and especially the
business community trade facilitation services that will not only ensure that the
cost of doing business in the country is reduced but also services that will ensure
business community enjoys other value added services that will provide a unique
experience to all the players in the trade and transport logistics.

In addition, we are committed to ensure that the benefits associated with the
Single Window System extend beyond our borders. In this regard, we will
continue working very closely with the AAEC and the Department of Trade in
Kenya to see to it that this concept become more entrenched within the East
African Community and the Southern Africa region at large.

We will therefore continue playing a crucial role in ensuring that the WTO Trade
Facilitation Agreement whose implementation in Kenya is championed by the
State Department of Trade achieves its intended objectives. We wish therefore to
assure our Principal Secretary that KenTrade will remain at his disposal to see to
it that the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement is fully implemented in Kenya to
achieve the intended objectives.

Finally, distinguished delegates, we are honoured by your presence here in Kenya
this week and I am confident that the outcomes of the deliberations of the 14th
Executive Committee, the 8th General Assembly and the subsequent Knowledge
sharing workshop will be of immense benefit to whole of the African Continent.

With these remarks, it is my honour and duty to invite our Principal Secretary to
officially open the 14th Executive Committee and the 8th General Assembly
meetings of the African Alliance for E-Commerce.

Thank you.

Gen. J. R. Kibwana(RET), EGH, CBS
Chairman, KenTrade