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Airliner World’s James Ronayne was among the guests as Lufthansa threw a party in
Munich to welcome the latest addition to its fleet, the Airbus A350 XWB.

ufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr The German flag carrier is the tenth Before entering service, Lufthansa
heralded the arrival of the airline to operate the A350 XWB. The Technik (LHT) spent nearly 1,700 man-
carrier’s maiden Airbus A350 aircraft, D-AIXA (c/n 74), was handed hours installing the airline’s Premium
XWB as a milestone moment over in Toulouse on December 29 and Economy product on board. A
for the German airline. flown to Munich, where the first ten air- Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) has
More than 2,000 staff, customers, VIPs craft will be based. been issued by the European Aviation
and media representatives filled the Speaking of the decision to oper- Safety Agency for the additional work.
Lufthansa Technik hangar in Munich ate the first jets from the Bavarian air-
Lufthansa A350-941
to welcome the aircraft at a special party
on February 2. Spohr told guests that
port, Spohr said it was testimony of
Lufthansa’s “first-class co-operation”
D-AIXA undertakes a Lufthansa’s first
pilot training mission at
the aircraft was significant in the with Munich Airport. Stuttgart prior to enter- commercial service
carrier’s strategy. “We are fascinated by “Munich is by far Europe’s best airport;
ing commercial service.
using the A350 was
the innovations the A350 XWB brings,” this airport and this aircraft fit together TIM MEYER flight LH762 from
he said. well,” he added.
Munich to New Delhi on
February 10.

the type to be introduced on flights
between Munich and Boston (sched-
uled for mid-March) while the third
example, D-AIXC (c/n 87), is set to
enter service in April when the A350
is expected to be welcomed on the
Munich-Mumbai link.
Delhi and Boston were chosen as the
initial destinations because they are
relatively short flights from Munich,
enabling the aircraft to return to the
Bavarian airport within 24 hours and
be ready for the service the next day.
A further four aircraft are scheduled
for delivery to Munich before the end of
the year, part of a 40-aircraft intake by
the Lufthansa Group that includes 17
A320s as well as 14 Bombardier C Series
and two Boeing 777-300ERs for Swiss.
Tom Enders, President and CEO,
Airbus Group, thanked Lufthansa for
“A total of 20 employees from our team self-service racks in the Business Class More than 2,000 guests more than 40 years of col-
worked with colleagues from Munich, were among the upgrades that are most witnessed the unveil- laboration. “Lufthansa
ing of the first aircraft
Hamburg and Frankfurt on the aircraft visible to passengers.” has been our partner
at a hangar party in
over the past three weeks,” explained Lufthansa’s first commercial ser- Munich on February from the start. They have
Sven Pawliska, who heads up the long- vice using the A350 was flight LH762 2. LUFTHANSA/ supported us in defining
haul aircraft maintenance at Lufthansa from Munich to New Delhi on February OLIVER RÖSLER our aircraft, starting with
Technik in Munich. “The installation of 10. The arrival of Lufthansa’s second the A300,” he said.
the Premium Economy Class and new example, D-AIXB (c/n 80), will enable 43
Cabin TOP • The maiden air-
craft was named after pitch. The airline says passengers
Lufthansa’s A350s can carry 293 the Bavarian city of will enjoy more space to store their
passengers – 48 in Business Class, Nürnberg (Nuremberg). personal effects.
21 in Premium Economy and 224 ABOVE • Economy Class
Lufthansa commissioned
in Economy. is laid out in a 3-3-3 PearsonLloyd to design its Economy
Business Class is split into two cabins, configuration complete Cabin. Seats by the window, where nat-
one with six rows of seats and a further with 18in wide seats. ural light is brightest, are dark blue with
two rows behind the galley. It is con- ABOVE RIGHT • lighter tones used towards the centre of
figured in a 2-2-2 layout with seats that London-based studio the cabin. PearsonLloyd says this visu-
convert into a fully lie-flat bed. While LloydPearson was com- ally stretches the space, “making it feel
missioned to design the
this has drawn criticism from some fly- Economy Class cabin. wider and more inviting”.
ers for lacking the space and privacy It has used different
of the 1-2-1 layout offered by airlines shades of blue for the Lighting
seats to give the illu-
such as Qatar Airways, other passen- Lufthansa is particularly proud of its
sion of a wider space.
gers have welcomed the opportunity to AIRTEAMIMAGES.COM/ cabin lighting. The carrier has worked
travel alongside a partner and still enjoy FELIX GOTTWALD with designers from the Kardorff
a window seat. Ingenieure in Berlin to develop a series
RIGHT • Lufthansa
Passengers in Business Class may also Technik spent nearly of different settings intended to aid
help themselves to drinks and snacks 1,700 man hours the day and night biorhythms of pas-
between the regular meal services, installing the Premium sengers. The carrier says this will help
Economy product on
thanks to a designated area. board.
combat the effects of travelling across
The Premium Economy product is time zones.
laid out in a 2-3-2 configuration, pro- Research suggests warm light aids
viding seating for 21 at the front of the relaxation so Lufthansa will provide this
main cabin. Passengers travelling in Lufthansa has installed during periods of rest whereas cooler
this class will enjoy a 38in seat pitch and 21 seats in its Premium light, for stimulation, will be introduced
Economy cabin. The
12in touchscreen. pitch has been set for “more active phases” of the flight.
Zodiac Seats has provided the seats in at 38in and each Lufthansa says the system, which has
Economy Class, featuring ergonomi- passenger gets a 12in 24 different settings, will also be used to
touchscreen. ALL PHOTOS
cally formed upholstery. They are laid “emulate a pleasant restaurant setting”
out in a 3-3-3 configuration with a 31in UNLESS STATED during meal times.

“I like the cockpit
layout, you really
experience that it is
made with passion,”
Martin Hoell, Lufthansa Fleet Manager
Airbus Long-haul Munich

Dr Reinhold Huber, Lufthansa’s Senior Lufthansa has chosen Entertainment tablet or smartphone. Once on board it
Vice President Product & Marketing, not to add the head-up Lufthansa has developed its in-flight synchronises the playlist with the seat-
display to its fleet of
explained: “The well-being of our pas- A350s. Captain Hoell
entertainment so passengers can make back screen and passengers can choose
sengers is of particular importance to explained that the airline a selection and create a playlist from the to use their mobile device as a sec-
us. So, it represents a real milestone saw no benefits from it. onboard offering before leaving home. ond screen. The app is currently avail-
for us that we can now achieve these The programme is available up to six able from the Google Play Store and will
improvements with this innovative weeks prior to departure, and guests soon be added to the Apple iTunes Store.
The aircraft is pre-
lighting technology.” pared for the Hamburg can make selections by installing the For those who like to stay connected
Sonderflug. Lufthansa Companion App on their during their travels, Lufthansa offers 45
Maiden A350
Registration: D-AIXA
Type: Airbus A350-941
C/N: 074
Name: Nuremberg
its FlyNet internet Delivered: 29.12.16 he told Airliner World. Flight LH350 on
product on board. Entered 10.02.17 – Based in Frankfurt, final approach to
Commercial LH762 to New Hamburg’s Runway 15.
Passengers will be able Service: Delhi Wilhelm and his team
to surf the web using the of around 25 to 30 have DIRK GROTHE
Wi-Fi connectivity or send text examined all aspects of the A350' s
messages and emails via the GSM ser- operation. They also worked with five
vice provided by Aeromobile. Charges local representatives in Munich “with
apply for both. whom we had very good contact”.
He added: “At the beginning more
Entry into Service people were working on the specifica-
Karl-Henner Wilhelm, Head of tion of the aircraft, the part that is
Lufthansa’s A350 EIS Project, was customisable, and later on the ground
responsible for ensuring the type enjoys processes, the connectivity and cabin
Passengers travelling
a smooth transition into the fleet. “We product.” in Business Class now
started in autumn 2013; we’ve spent Wilhelm revealed that Lufthansa has have a self-service area
more than three years preparing to collaborated with Finnair, Europe’s stocked with drinks
introduce the aircraft into the airline,” maiden A350 operator, exchanging and snacks.

RIGHT • The 48 seats in
Business Class convert
into a fully lie-flat beds.

LEFT • Business Class is
configured in a 2-2-2

technical data. The German flag carrier Flight data is displayed any damage than on more tradition- tolerable or not [for flight].”
also benefited from Airbus’ own report- on the touchscreen in al aircraft structures so Wilhelm’s team This specialist equipment will be car-
Business Class.
ing system, picking up pointers from has introduced a “non-punitive” report- ried on board the aircraft.
other carriers over certain challenges ing programme that allows any acci- After three years, the EIS team are
or issues. ABOVE RIGHT • A nautical
dental issues to be examined. starting to see their work come to frui-
“They [Airbus] were able to tell us theme was adopted for “It is key that people are honest and tion and Wilhelm is very happy with the
the top five things that may disrupt a the flight to Hamburg. say ‘hey I have bumped the aircraft’,” he end result.
flight, so we could prepare,” Wilhelm This even extended to explained. “We can inspect it with spe- “I am so delighted. It is a beauti-
the presentation of the
explained. “However, the A350 has a meal service. cial ultrasonic tools that can look into ful aeroplane, the proportions are just
technical dispatch reliability of over the structure and we can detect imme- right and the wing tips are beautiful.
99.8%, which for an aircraft that has diately if there is any damage and if it is The [cockpit] window with the Zorro or
only been in service since January 2015 Darth Vader-like glasses is fantastic.”
is fantastic.” During installation of the Premium
More than 50% of the Airbus A350 More than 50% of Economy product, Lufthansa Technik
XWB structure is manufactured from the Airbus A350 used the downtime to train addition-
carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The
lightweight material is a key contribu-
XWB structure is al employees on the type. It says the
“maintenance concept” has been devel-
tor to the aircraft’s efficiency credentials manufactured from oped in close cooperation between
but it also provides challenges for the carbon fibre reinforced staff in Munich and Lufthansa Technik
airline. If a catering truck or cargo load- plastic. Engineering in Frankfurt. Engineers
er bumps the fuselage it is harder to see will relocate from Frankfurt to Munich 47
during initial operations while staff
from Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Panasonic Lufthansa has
will be on hand during the early weeks completed A350
to ensure a high level of technical reli-
ability is achieved.
training for around 80
pilots with another 40
Mixed-Fleet Flying having completed their
Lufthansa will pool its long-haul pilots instruction and gained
in Munich so they can fly all three types
currently operated on long-distance
flight experience.
services from the Bavarian airport. The
A330-300 and A350-900 are operated
on a common type rating with an addi-
tional type rating for the A340-600.
Martin Hoell, Lufthansa Fleet Manager
Airbus Long-haul Munich, told Airliner
World: “It is demanding but I think we
will manage it. We have a lot of years
of experience on the A340 and A330.
The network will be the same we are
just looking at the new interfaces on the
A350.” ing for around 80 pilots with another 40
Lufthansa has completed A350 train- having completed their instruction and
gained flight experience. A further 20
have finished their flight training with

an additional 20 entering the system
each month.
“We are currently doing two weeks

Sonderflug of ground instruction, which is one
week self-study and one week simula-
tor training,” explained Hoell. “It is pos-
ABOVE • Passengers
on flight LH359 were
treated to some fabulous
to do more training for head-up flying
because it is different from conventional
Before its commercial debut, ‘X-ray Alpha’ oper- sible to do it on a flight training device flying so we have opted against it.”
ated two special crew familiarisation flights. The views as the aircraft
because there is a common type rating returned to Munich. Hoell was full of praise for the newest
first flew staff and invited guests to Frankfurt,
the second to Hamburg where the aircraft carried between the A330 and A350. However, addition to the fleet.
its first paying passengers, as well as staff and we are doing it on a simulator; we have “I like the cockpit layout, you really
the media – including Airliner World. Tickets for four sessions and then a refresher. ABOVE LEFT • Flight LH350 experience that it is made with passion,”
the Hamburg Sonderflug (special flight) sold out After that we do one-and-a-half to two is ready for boarding at he enthused. “From a pilot’s point of
inside 20 minutes. months of line training; that is around view, it is a very ‘redundant’ aeroplane
During the hour-long journey north, Captain Hoell six rotations, three with an instructor – there is an extra layer of redundancy
treated passengers to a low-level fly-by along the and three for consolidation.” and therefore [increased] flight safety. It
runway at Airbus’ Hamburg/Finkenwerder facility, TOP • Guests enjoy the
The initial batch of pilots underwent is very responsive on the stick and on
complete with a wing wave on climb-out. From comforts of the Business
there the aircraft travelled down the Elbe River, instruction with Airbus in Toulouse; Class cabin during flight the thrust levers – in every situation you
providing superb views of the Hanseatic city and however, Lufthansa is currently install- LH359 to Munich. get an immediate response.”
the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall prior to ing a simulator in Munich and will Spohr told guests at the February 2
touching down on Hamburg airport’s Runway 15. begin its own programme from March. party that the Lufthansa Group’s major
Staff at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg came Airbus offers a head-up display on the TOP LEFT • Staff at fleet investment was made possible by
out in force to greet the aircraft, with pas- A350 but Lufthansa has chosen not to Lufthansa Technik in making the core brand competitive
sengers bussed to the terminal for lunch and Hamburg turned out
have the additional feature fitted to its in force to greet the again. However, he also warned that
speeches from Hamburg Airport CEO Michael
aircraft. Hoell said: “We are going to aircraft. the European aviation sector was expe-
Eggenschwiler, and Dr Johannes Bussmann, the
CEO of Lufthansa Technik. The aircraft departed do mixed-fleet flying with the A330, riencing a “dramatic change” and the
Hamburg just before 4pm, arriving back at A340-600 and the A350; only the A350 arrival of the A350 should help
Munich just over an hour later. has the head-up display so we wouldn’t Lufthansa respond to those changing
have any advantage. You even have demands.