Char Chapori Sahitya Parishad

The Char Chapori Sahitya Parishad,Assam (As- [3]
samese: চৰ চাপৰি সাহিত্য পৰিষদ,অসম , or “Assam Char Cha- 20081107252202800.htm Frontline India
pori Literary Society”) is a non Government, non profit,
literary organisation of Assam which aims to cover Char
Chapori people. It was founded in March, 1984 in As- [5]
sam, India to promote the culture of Assam and As- subsec=2&id=252892&dtP=2016-11-01&ppr=1 The
samese literature of mainly East Bengal rooted Muslim Sentinel
people.[[3] ] Presently it has about 30 branches all over As-
sam and district units. The central office is at Hatigaon, writers-slam-govt-for-lax-btad-approach/articleshow/
Guwahati. The branches and the district units also have 15115102.cms?from=mdr Times of India
their offices in their respective places.[[4] ]

1 Objectives
1. To make all round development of the Assamese lan-
guage on Char Chapori, literature and the culture of the
State with original form.[[5] ]
2. Publications of Dictionary, Research works, mono-
graphs on languages, literature, culture, tribes and races
etc., books on literary criticism, complete works of the
great writers of Assam etc on the based of Char Chapori.
3. To enquire, collect and research on ancient literature
of the Char Chapori People.
4. To provide financial help to the deserving writers who
cannot afford to publish their books and literature for fi-
nancial stringency from Char Chapori.
5. To promote music, art and sculpture of the Char Cha-
pori of Assam.
6. To bring out leaflets, pamphlets etc. in order to publi-
cize the Assamese language and literature based on Char
7. To promote exchange plans and schemes between Lit-
erature and Culture on Char Chapori context.
8. To do such work which helps in expanding devel-
opment of Assamese Language, Literature and Culture
among the people of Char Chapori.
9. Economical & Political awareness among Char Cha-
pori people.[[6] ]

2 References
[1] Char Chapori, Assam

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