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At the end of the lesson the students should be able to:
1. determine the use of intensive and reflexive pronouns used in the given sentences
2. create sentences using the two kinds of compound personal pronouns based on the given
3. explain the importance of understanding the uses of the two kinds of pronouns through
the collaboration of the class and come up with a rap.

II. TRADE AREA: Grade 9- English

Lesson Competencies: Use reflexive and intensive pronoun.
Learning Standard: The learners knowledge and understanding of the uses of intensive and
reflexive pronouns.
Performance Standard: The learners can determine the uses of compound personal pronouns
and use them in constructing sentences.

Teachers Activity Learners Activity

1. Checking of Environmental

Class, kindly pick those pieces of paper

under your chair and kindly arrange your
chairs properly.

2. Prayer
(Kaye will lead the prayer.)
Kaye, please lead the prayer.

3. Checking of Attendance
None, Maam.

Ron, is there absentee today?

Thats good! Keep it up class.

4. Checking of Assignment (The students will pass their assignment.)

Class, please pass your assignment.

1. Drill
2. Review
Before proceeding to our lesson, class, let
us have a review about what we had
discussed yesterday, which is Nouns.
I have here some sentences where in nouns
are used as the subject. You will determine
what kind of nouns is used in each sentence
by matching set A to Set B.

Matching type test

1. Proper noun
1. Arthur a. Common
passed all his noun
because he
2. Common noun
studied hard.
2. The teacher b. Proper noun
rewarded her
class because
they did well
in the quiz. 3. Concrete noun
3. That painting c. Abstract
is a work of a noun
very talented
student in 4. Abstract noun
our school.
4. Patience is d. Concrete
one of the noun
factors in
5. Collective noun
your dreams.
5. The team e. Mass noun
after winning
a gold medal.
6. Mass noun
6. Salt must be f. Collective
added after noun
the boiling
the water.

Correct! Im glad that you have mastered

our previous lesson.


Before we proceed to our discussion for

today, I will divide you into four groups. I
have a word play or a brainteaser you need
to answer.

These are jumbled words and you will

arrange them to come up with properly
constructed sentences.

The first group to give the correct answer

The puppy saw itself in the mirror.

1. the saw in The

itself the mirror puppy
The queen gave the knight the award herself.

herself award the gave
knight The queen the
You can make yourselves at home.

3. home You yourselves

make at can

The president himself appeared at the rally.

4.himself The at president

the appeared rally
The troops themselves helped the people
escape the burning building.
5. themselves people troops the escape
The building helped burning the

The children are able to dress themselves.

6. able The themselves are

children dress able


Well done class! I am very pleased you

were able to finish the task I gave you.
Now I want you to remain in your
groupings for our activity. I want you to
collaborate with your group mates and
choose a representative to answer my Maam we noticed that the sentences contain
questions. compound personal pronouns.
Anyone who can tell me what s/he notices
with the following sentences?

Yes Paulo of Group 2, can you state us

your groups idea?

Very good observation, Group 2! Reflexive

and intensive pronouns are the words
myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself,
ourselves, yourselves, themselves. These
words are classified or grouped as reflexive
or intensive depending on how they are
used in sentences. Now let me introduce
you the two types of compound personal
pronouns. Maam, the use of the pronoun itself in that
sentence is considered as a reflexive because it
Let us take a look at sentence number 1. functions as an object that refers to the subject
This sentence contains reflexive pronoun. of the sentence which is puppy.
Could someone tell us why?

Yes, Renzo of Group 1 we would like to

hear your groups answer.
Maam, because the pronoun herself does not
Very good answer, Group 1! Thank you for refer to the subject of the sentence which is the
that. queen. Besides, intensive pronouns are used
just to emphasize another noun or pronoun.

Now, lets proceed to the second sentence.

This sentence contains an intensive
pronoun. Can you explain us why, Group

Very well said, Chona of Group 3! Jim bought himself a pizza.

Intensive pronouns are also called emphatic
The cat itself caught the mouse.
Anyone who can give the class another
sentence using reflexive pronoun? Yes,
Archie of Group 4?
None, Maam!
How about using intensive pronoun? Yes,
Angeline of Group 2?
Well done class! Do you have any
questions or clarifications?

For that, lets have a round of applause,


Nice. I am pleased with your participation.

Now, lets have a short activity. With the
pictures on the board, I want you to We ourselves baked the cake for our
construct 2 sentences each using the classmates birthday.
reflexive and intensive pronouns. I sliced the cake for myself.

The police officers themselves witnessed the

The police officers kept the area of accident for

My brother himself loves to remind me to stay

positive in life.
My brother stays positive all the time for

The team itself won the game through its

hardwork and perseverance.
The basketball team trained so hard for itself.

The mother herself gave birth to very adorable

The twins ate the cereals for themselves.

Yes Maam. We bring our art materials.

Well done, class! I am glad that you are

following the flow of our lesson.

Generalization ( The students will make a slogan and poster

that would campaign capitalizing strengths and
Now class, lets remember that reflexive dealing with weaknesses)
pronoun reflects back to the subject. A
reflexive pronoun can be used as the direct
object, indirect object, or object of a
preposition in a sentence. However, an
intensive pronoun emphasizes preceding
noun, often the noun immediately before
the pronoun. It is not necessary to the

(The students will make a rap song containing
Class, I believe that you already mastered their understanding on why it is necessary to
the two kinds of compound personal study reflexive and intensive pronouns.)
Now, I want you to remain with your
groups and come up with a rap song. Your
presentation should contain your
understanding on why it is necessary to
study reflexive and intensive pronouns.
I will give you ten minutes before
presenting it to class.

Very good! A round of applause.

(The students will copy the writings on the
Class, I will give you sentences and you board)
will determine what kind of compound
personal pronoun is used. Write IP if your
answer is intensive pronoun and write RP if
your answer is reflexive pronoun. RP

1. I bought myself a new pair of IP

sunglasses for our trip to the beach.
2. The soldiers themselves do not want to
attack the enemy fort.
3. You can choose a lawyer yourself or
one will be selected for you.
4. Charles himself will be piloting this
aircraft across the Atlantic. RP
5. Because she wanted to be like her
sister, Renee forced herself to practice
each day. IP
6. I suggest that you yourselves figure out
how to resolve this dispute. IP
7. After rescheduling three meetings, the
president herself conducted the meeting RP
8. The accountants perjured themselves
when testifying before Congress. IP
9. When Tim saw the battleship itself, he
knew that he had chosen the right
10. I consider myself fortunate to have
escaped before the house collapsed.

Very good, class for doing well again!


Class, for your assignment, write about

your unforgettable summer experience
using at least ten compound personal

Thats all for today. Please arrange your (The students will arrange their chairs
chairs again properly. properly)

Goodbye, class! I hope you learned a lot Goodbye, Maam! Thank you !
about personal compound pronouns today!

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San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
Main Campus
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Labrador, Princess J.

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