Title: What are the factors affecting the learner’s development of comprehension skills?


Reading is all about information. It’s not about the number of words that we read, but
the amount of value you extract from them. The key to enhance reading comprehension is
not about moving your eyes and lips across the pages. It’s about creating your mental
framework which helps the reader process words and ideas. A reader must be fulfilled with
two skills to be successful, effective and independent reader: They must be able to decode
and comprehend text. Decoding is the ability to read words by translating written symbols
into the sounds of spoken language or identify words. Comprehension is the understanding
and interpretation of what is reading and it is the ultimate purpose of reading. It refers to the
ability go beyond the words, understand the ideas and relationship between ideas conveyed
in a text. If readers can read the words but do not connect to what they are reading the
difficulty of understanding can be seen.

Understanding the significance of reading and in line with the implementation of the
K to 12 Basic Education Program, the Department of Education (DepEd) implemented “Every
Child A Reader Program” (ECARP),through DepEd Memorandum No.402.s.2004 and
Administrative Order No. 324. Thisaims to teachpublic elementary pupils with planned
training inreading and writing to make them independent young readers and
writers.Moreover, ECARP is also part of the ten-point education agenda of President Simeon
Benigno Aquino III to ensure that the country’s public schools produce well-equipped
graduates who could cope to the different challenges in life.