Guzman 1

Esteban Guzman

Professor Mary Jane Keleher

BIOL 1120 Sp. 2017

Introduction to Conservation Biology

March 12, 2017

Population Growth

This is the Bell Pepper that I chose.
Guzman 2

It has exactly 166 seeds. Red bell pepper, weighed 6.2 oz.
Guzman 3

Assuming that all seeds grew successfully for a total of five years, all averaging 166 seeds each:

The first generation bell pepper contains a total of 166 seeds.

Second generation of 166 plants would produce a total of 27,556 seeds.

Third generation of 27,556 plants would produce a total of 4,574,296 seeds.

Fourth Generation of 4,574,296 plants would produce a total of 759,333,136 seeds.

Fifth Generation of 759,333,136 plants would produce a total of 126,049,300,576 seeds.

1 2 3 4 5
Guzman 4

In this chart we can see a growth pattern of the population of peppers, although the graph

only shows a perfect increase where we are not considering all the risks that could attack the

development of pepper's life. Such as:

1.- Pests would be a great risk factor for the life development of the red peppers.

2.- The temperature would either kill the plant because of freezing temps or cook it with extreme

high temps.

3.- Animal life may get decomposed and loose the opportunity to develop and grow.

4.- The alkalinity of the soil will also keep the seed from growing and may damage the seed.

5.- The excess of water or drought have the potential to kill the plant or even reduce the

production quantity and quality.


Personally, I really liked this assignment, because I learned that there is a huge increase

in population when we consider a perfect pattern. But on the other hand, in real life, we must

take into consideration all the factors of risk that can alter those patterns. Compared this

experiment with human life, I would set as an example all the methods that are used to

voluntarily stop human reproduction, such as people who cannot procreate, but who use methods

of insemination, or other methods to be fertile.

There are also the involuntary risks that the human being goes through, such as accidents,

depressions, worries, suicides and all kinds of diseases that kill the human being, or deteriorate

his health, altering his reproduction.