Russia - RU
United States - NATO
KINGS; - First Most Valuable. Loss of piece, fatal.
QUEENS; - Second Most Valuable. Loss of piece, devastating, not
fatal. Moves
SAUDI ARABIA: Supports Daesh ideology. Provides ideological
- Opposes Shia-Crescent and pipeline. Supports Turkey and Sunni-
block. -
TURKEY: Supports Daesh ideology. Smuggles Daesh oil.
- Opposes Shia-Crescent and pipeline. Supports Sunni-block. -
- Opposes Sunni-block and pipeline. Supports Shia-Crescent and
pipeline. -
- Opposes Sunni-block and pipeline. Supports Shia-Crescent and
pipeline. -
KNIGHTS; - Most difficult to use, plan ahead before use. Moves
in L-shape.
DAESH/ISIL: Wahabi-Sunni terrorist organization:
Occupies large swathes of territory in Iraq, and Syria, holds support
in; Lebanon, Gaza Strip, Tunisia, and have affiliate groups of the 'Islamic
State' controlling territory in Libya, Nigeria, and Egypt.
PAWNS; - Most underrated. Moves one space.
HOUTHI'S: Shia Militia:
Supported by Iran, Houthi's ousted Saudi-backed Yemeni
President Hadi. 25 March 2015. Concurrently, Saudi-UAE coalition
began assualt on Yemen.
Syrian Government(Assad): US/RU proxy-war ; Oil. Petro-dollar.
Destabalize region. Implacement of Western friendly
Iraqi Government(Hussein): US proxy-war ; Oil. Petro-dollar.
Destabalized region.
Yemeni Government(Hadi/Houthi): IRN/SA proxy-war ; Shiite-Islam.
Instability near Saudi border, ousting of Saudi backed,
Sunni-puppet government. Saudi forces and resources
become depleated, strength and ability for combat

Illegal settlements within territories of. HAMAS and FATAH. West bank. . and the Gaza Strip. . security from US supported terrorism.. .(Possible) Alliance with Iraqi government: targeted airstrikes against Daesh terrorist in Iraq (as been is Syria). Libyan Government(Gaddafi): US proxy-war . Gaddafi wanted a United states of Africa.Alliance with Ayatollah of Iran: --- .Alliance with President of China --- .Medical support to Daesh terrorist near the border of Golan heights.US/NATO  Israel .Illegal blockade upon Gaza. reinforcement of border section.IRN Saudi Arabia . .TRK GAME. Iran-Iraq-Syria-(Lebanon-)Pipeline.. . RU . .CHN United States .SA Turkey .tested. .Constant (genocidal) warfare upon the ruling political and militant parties of both the West Bank and Gaza strip. .Development of Nuclear(Power) capabilities ISR . gold-backed currency. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLAYERS.  Russia .ISR  Iran . . Golan Heights.Support for Iran-Iraq-Syria-(Lebanon-)Pipeline. positive political alliance with Ukrainian government.Support of (Shia) Houthi revolution in Yemen.RU China . Libyan embayse smuggling arms to 'moderate' Jihadists in Jordan and Qatar training camps: Benghazi attack. Land Expansions and War Games. and questioned US occupation of Hussein in Iraq. - IRN .Alliance with President Assad of Syria: protection of assets in Syria.Annexation of Crimea from Ukraine: strategic access to Black Sea ports.Alliance with Russian federation.