Republic of the Philippines

City of ______________ ) S.S.



THAT I, _____., of legal age, Filipino, single, and with address at
___, Philippines, do hereby name, appoint and constitute ___, to be my
true and lawful attorney-in-fact, and in my name, place and stead, to act
on my behalf and in my name, to execute and perform all or any of the
following acts, deeds, matters and things, to wit:

To process any and all documents relating to my property covered
by Transfer Certificate of Title No. PT-___, more particularly described as

This Special Power of Attorney gives my attorney-in-fact the power
to receive in trust any form of payment and/or proceeds from any
transaction regarding our property described above.

Likewise, this Special Power of Attorney gives my attorney-in-fact
the power to manage, any interest, in whole or in part, and to execute and
cause to be recorded any and all deeds, deeds of trust or release,
promissory notes, settlement documents, leases or any other writings
necessary to effectuate any transaction relating to the property described

Finally, this Special Power of Attorney shall be given effect
immediately, for all intents and purposes, and any and/or all revocation on
the contents of the same shall only be made in writing.

HEREBY GIVING AND GRANTING unto our said attorney-in-fact full
powers and authority to do and perform any and every act and thing
whatsoever requisite or necessary or proper to be done in and about the
premises, to carry into effect the foregoing powers, as fully to all intents
and purposes as we might or could lawfully do if personally present, with
full power of substitution and revocation, and hereby ratifying and
confirming all that our attorney-in-fact or his substitute shall lawfully do or
cause to be done under and by virtue of these presents.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this ____th
day of _________, in __________________________.

(Name of Principal)

________ (Attorney-In-Fact) Signed in the presence of: ________________________ _______________________ Signature over printed name Signature over printed name ACKNOWLEDGMENT BEFORE ME. I have placed my hand and seal on the date and at the place first above-written. Notary Public Doc. Page No. _______. a Notary Public for and in the _____________________ on this _____ day of ________________. and who acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed. _______ . Book No. Series of _______. _______ . . No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. personally appeared the following: Name Competent ID//Place and Date of Issue ____________ ____________ known to me and to me known to be the same person/s who executed the foregoing Special Power of Attorney consisting of 2 pages including the page on which this Acknowledgment is written.