FS FIELD STUDY 6 Becoming A Teacher .

INTERVIEW FORM Prepare yourself before going for the observation. to develop their rational and moral powers. media and technology skills  Life and career skills c. Leziel M. b) What I really want to teach to my pupils/students is/are the necessary skills and attitudes essential for their holistic development. I will be their guide to discover their potentials and gifts from God. As you conduct the interview with the teacher. I will . What I really want to teach my pupils/students is/are the skills which they need to face the challenges of the 21st century and these are:  Communication skills  Learning and innovation skills  Information. I will teach them how to keep abreast with technological and educational development so as to become globally aware. Simulations brain storming 7. and (3. Buzz session 8.) to shape my students’ behavior by providing them with very rich experiences and favorable learning environment. Micro-teaching 5. feelings and thoughts. (2. Reporting 4. Integrative learning 2. b. Write your observation report on the space provided. Science Level: Grade III School: Josefina Central School a) My goal/s for my pupils/students is/are to educate and to help them build and achieve their aspirations and dreams in life. 1. Projects Interview with Teacher 1 Teacher’s Name ( optional): Mrs. My goal/s for my pupils/students is/ are: (1. Group dynamics 9.) to help my students understand and appreciate themselves as unique individuals and who accept complete responsibilities for their actions. Problem solving 3. I will let them feel that they are of great importance and that they must be given attention so as to cater their diverse learning needs and to develop life-long learning among them. I will teach my pupils/students by using teaching strategies/ techniques that are tailored fit to their learning styles.e. i. Mag-usara Gender: Female Subject Taught: English.) make them very good decision-makers and God-fearing individuals. Strategies  Cooperative learning  Computer-assisted instruction  Learning visits  Workshops Techniques 1. ask each one to complete the following items: a. Film showing 6.

c) I will teach my pupils/students by providing real learning experiences in a student- centered and value driven teaching. also teach them the 21st century skills so that they may become leaders and productive members of the developing society. I will teach them by providing authentic tasks to develop and enhance their skills so as to become life-long learners. I will make use of the recent educational software and high technologies incorporating varied and appropriate teaching techniques and assessment methods in teaching a certain concept so that they may learn progressively and become globally competitive students in their generation. .learning environment.

I want them to learn higher order thinking skills. To let them apply their knowledge and experiences as their inspiration to go on because students will learn best in their own. To inspire them to learn by their own and let them realize how important they are as an individual. b. 3. To share ideas and to practice lifelong learning with my students. They have their own style of learning and they must use it for their own improvement. I will teach them to be good individual that shows excellent attitude towards life. . Estrella Rago Gender: Female Subject Taught: Values. Letting them show their own potential by giving them opportunity to learn. 2. I will consider the Multiple Intelligences through giving appropriate assessment method. Science Level: Grade V School: Josefina Central School a. I will let my students to learn by their own pace through letting them explore and finding by their strength and weaknesses. What really I want to teach to my students is / are I really want to teach my students with the information. skills and good moral attitude they need. My goal/s for my students is/are 1.Interview with Teacher 2 Teacher’s Name ( optional):Mrs. I will facilitate them and provide them guidance that they need to get best answer. I will teach them on how to value things in life. I will teach my students by I will teach them through different teaching strategies that allow my students to participate. c.

Interview with Teacher 2 Teacher’s Name ( optional):Miss Resmie Redondo Gender: Female Subject Taught: Hekasi. I will teach my students by I will teach my students by using different strategies and methods that will best suited to their learning abilities and needs. b. Learning by doing. I believe that teaching will be effective and beneficial when my students can apply what they have learned from classroom to real world. What I really want to teach to my students is/are I really want to teach my students what I have known as a teacher. My goal/s for my students is/are My goals for my students are to instill them the importance of education because it is their only asset to face the challenges in the real world. To let them appreciate that learning is more fun when there is a cooperation. Filipino Level: Grade V School: Josefina Central School a. I want to teach them the values of a good citizen for them to be responsible by showing as an example. in that way I can somehow influence their outlook in life. c. give and take relationship between me and them so that each one of them will be motivated to study. wherein they will be competent and they will going to apply their skills to whatever field they will going to choose. . not just what had been written in the book but with what I have experience as an individual.

Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teacher 3 I really adhere to I like progressivis Philosophies progressivism I adhere these to m because it Progressivism Philosophy because this focuses on the because progressivist’s educational whole child are identified with need- philosophy reminds based relevant curriculum rather than on me of the most that responds to students the content or needs and that relates to important stakeholder in a on the teacher. students personal lives In this and experiences.oriented . must so as to help them achieve life- long learning. It also of my learners. I should given the primarily consider chance to the diverse learning participate in needs and interests the class. As a because teacher in the students are future. the participants learners. Also. Values TO value their To learn with  Communicator education: excellence  Committed  innovative  Committed  Disciplined  Motivator  Value. certain school Progressivist’s teachers philosophy. considers the I really believe that student’s understanding them interest and is of great need. known as the center believe that one learns learners of the educative become active process. Students significance and are problem involving them in solver and the teaching- learning by learning process is a doing.

reflect on your feelings and thoughts. beliefs of interviewed teachers that helped them to be successful in teaching is that they educators do not stick to one strategy/method to use in teaching but used as many as applicable methods/strategies to the subject matter. As they say “ Different strokes.ANALYSIS What values and philosophies are reflected in the teachers’ responses? Jot down your thoughts here. teacher used diverse/ different strategies/ methods. The values and philosophies that reflected in the teacher’s response are essentialism and progressiveness. As a future teacher. different folks”. 3. it is not the teaching that must only considered but it is what and how we teach. we must equip our students vast of knowledge and skills that will gear them in the future. Do you agree or not with the teachers’ views? Why? Why not? I agreed for all the teachers’ view in my interview. value- oriented. Zamboanga del Sur Date of Visit: November 18. innovative. this statement suggest that they have diverse types of learners inside the classroom. Observation Report Name of the School Observed: Josefina Central School School Address: Gumahan. Instructions were carried out as both individual & group depending on the situation where instruction is applied. Organizational Plan Classroom structuring is flexible suited to learner's needs. Thus. demonstrator. Attendance and monitoring Scheme . If need arise. What are the common values. enthusiasm and in able for them to lean with excellence. The teacher should be committed. REFLECTIONS Based on the interview you have conducted. Let us always bear in mind that Henry Adam Brooks said “Teacher affects eternity and we don’t know where his influence stop”. 2016 Grade/ Year Level: Grade III Describe the classroom that you have observed in terms of the following: 1. 2. communicator. Schedule Time allotment is based on the subject tackled. disciplined. Josefina. thus. motivator. beliefs of interviewed teachers that helped them to be successful in teaching? The common values. the teacher uses worksheet as a filler to bridge the gap of time the student misses.

In addition. these were not really followed. Attendance of the students is monitored by the teacher.  reinforce positive behaviors through rewards. Group of students were assigned for each area to monitor and maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the room. Physical Environment Seats are heterogeneously arranged. However. the most effective is the record keeping because the teacher thoroughly monitors and records student’s progress based from their daily performances. Teacher monitored students’ attendance/ performances based on their written and actual outputs/ activities for the day. 5. Therefore. the teacher sees to it that the students keep on track during discussions and individual/group works. targeted competencies may not be achieved. The teacher has implemented classroom rules and regulations but it may not be agreed between the teacher and the students. In what are of the classroom management was the teacher least effective? Why? The teacher is least effective in the area of discipline because she cannot handle well student’s disruptive behavior that could distract their peer’s concentration. among these effective areas of classroom management. To improve classroom discipline. Suggest more effective ways to make classroom management more effective. students might not follow it. etc. the tendency is it may affect student’s performance and to the extent. ANALYSIS What area of the classroom management was the teacher most effective? Why? Based from the responses given by the teacher. the teacher must:  set an agreement with her students on the rules and regulations inside the classroom. . 4. On the other hand. A portfolio is required for every student to show individual progress for grading purposes and keeping of records. and  resolve minor inattentions and disruptions before they become a major problem inside the classroom. we can say that the teacher is effective in five areas of the classroom management except in the area of discipline because the supportive measures established were effective for managing the classroom. if these students with disruptive behavior will not be controlled.  have a managing strategy/technique in handling student’s disruptive behavior. praises. Discipline Classroom rules and regulations were provided but due to diversity of learners.

 Patient Being patient is one of the good traits of a teacher. which is anchored to the subject taught. they will not get angry easily. What characteristic do you have at present that can hamper you from becoming an effective classroom manager? How can you overcome these characteristics? Impatient. and then consider others why they behave like that through knowing or asking the reason behind. 2. Give the characteristics of a teacher who can establish a well-managed classroom? A good teacher should have the following quality and characteristics:  Good sense of humor A good teacher should possess a good sense of humor for her to establish well- managed classroom because she can able to motivate students to participate in the class discussion so there will be an interactive discussion every session. if students misbehave inside the classroom. that He will help me control my temper. What characteristics do you have at present that can make you an effective classroom manager?Elaborate how these characteristics can help you. Great teacher is patient with their students. Open-minded. 3. . because being open minded also means that I am open and willing to accept and listen the ideas and suggestions of others. being impatient is the characteristic that I have at present that can hamper from becoming an effective classroom manager. and students to students. I can overcome this characteristic though controlling my temper. they tell stories and engage their students in various activity like role playing. so in order to have harmonious relationship inside my classroom between teachers-students. This also means that she is able to manage the different abilities of each student inside the classroom. talk show etc. they are excellent communicators. as a future teacher this trait can help me to become an effective classroom manager. especially to the slow learner. as a teacher I will make rules and regulations that is being agreed by everybody.REFLECTIONS 1. And of course I’ll ask guidance from God that He will give me more patients.  Creativity Effective teachers stimulate creativity.

Zamboanga del Sur Date of Visit: December 15. Graduation. parenting and child abuse campaign and Clean & Green Activities. mangrove planting/reforestation. join the street dancing. Peace and order is maintained by the different scheduled Barangay Tanods in each day. In addition. JS Prom. Community Assistance/Service Given by the School The school provides assistance to the community through the participation in different activities namely: tree planting. the school band leads the parade. feeding program. Community Resources The community resources that can be found in the locality are: City Health Office – provide relevant seminars for awareness regarding health issues. Municipal Plaza and SK Plaza) – may aid in presenting the lesson through community field trips. the school advocates on programs like Anti-Illegal drug campaign. and fiesta celebrations. Issues/Concerns/Problems of the Community One of the main concerns of the community is the improper waste disposal and segregation which could be threatening to the health of the people. During town celebrations. and promoting health campaigns to equip the people in the community with sufficient knowledge in self-awareness. COMMUNITY TOUR OBSERVATION REPORT Name of the School Observed: Josefina Central School School Address: Gumahan. Location and the Neighboring Barangays Its neighboring community composes of residential houses and industrial and commercial firms which made it a peaceful cite. feeding program. Josefina. volunteer group maintain the cleanliness during the celebration & school offers entertainment and artistic activities.g. 2016 Description of the Community The school is situated in Gumahan. \Parks (e. Zamboanga del Sur. ANALYSIS . City Gym – can be utilized as venue during the upholding of the school’s activities such as Intramurals. gift-giving program especially during Christmas. Josefina. coastal clean-up . etc. Along the way is a church and the way straight is to the public market and to the right is going to Leonardo National High School.

the interconnection between the school and the community is very beneficial in the success of educating an individual in the society. REFLECTIONS How did you feel while you were going around the community? What things did you learn that you might have taken for granted before? . the school tried to solve this problem by linkaging different agencies like the community. the school tries to address the issues/concerns/problems of the community & in return. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads & along these sympathetic fibers. Suggest new ways by which the school can creatively use the resources of the community. How can the school address the issues/concerns/problems of the community? Improper waste disposal/segregation is the main problem that the community is encountering as of right now. 3. What possible linkages can the community and the school have? “We cannot live for ourselves alone. We could no longer suggest new ways by which the school can creatively use the resources of the community because it has utilized the available community resources to the best possible way. that is why. “No man is an island”. Thus. The community in the cooperation with the school tried their best to solve this problem by doing educational awareness/campaign in the proper disposal and segregation of waste. Thus. 2. truancy of students is school’s problem due to internet gaming since the location of the school is close to nearby gaming stations. the school has attained its goal – to provide quality education to the students so as to transform them into a responsible and value-oriented individual in the community. One of the linkages made in education is between the school & the community. With the collaboration of the school and the community. As the saying goes. the school cannot do the educational process alone without the help and support of different stakeholders. In return. the community does the same. Therefore. linkages and networking with organizations is very essential in the field of education. In addition. 1. our actions run as causes & return to us as results”.

Furthermore. I will act as role model by participating in such activities and I will let them feel that the community needs them. As a future teacher. like dance sports. what do you think will be your role in the community? As a future teacher. I will tell them that their roles are of great significance especially in preserving the culture and the natural environment of the community. Characteristics of the Global Teacher . While going around the community I felt happy and enjoy all the view. like the parks in different clubs but now it can give us education. In this case the youth will enjoy and develop their skills and they will not be engage in any vices. etc. There’s no thing I’d taken for granted before. feeding program. coastal clean- up. street dancing and etc. I will let them realize that their participation and contribution to the community could be of great importance for the people and for the betterment of the community. I think I will became a leader or president in our Purok in which I will be in-charge in planning and preparing for the events during annual fiesta. How will you win the community to support the school programs and projects? I will encourage more community participation among teachers and students by motivating them to participate in activities such as tree planting.

Knowledge Values Skills  World  Habit of Global  Mastery of the Acquaintance Attitude Subject Matter The teacher must A teacher must take into understand and consideration the values acquire practiced by the worldacquaintance students of different because s/he is cultural/ traditional useless if s/he background. could not be able to acquaint with his/her students  Guidance and/or  Environmental considering their Parenting Attitude cultural and Teachers are considered linguistic diversity. acting Attitude The teacher as their parent must will encourage them to studyand study well and familiarize participate/engage in the culture and the classroom tradition of the place you undertakings. as the 2nd teacher or the  Mastery of the so-called “loco Place. . Habit and parentis. will work on so as to educate better your students considering their multicultural diversity.” Thus.

Knowledge? Based from the responses given by the teacher. linguistic and economic background where s/he will be teaching. we can conclude that a global teacher must be knowledgeable enough on the country’s culture. a global teacher is not only required to be Globally-competitive but s/he must be value-oriented/value-laden as to what Mahatma Gandhi uttered: “Your beliefs become your thoughts. the teacher can communicate well to his/her students knowing their individuality. REFLECTIONS . it is a great challenge for teacher to meet the needs of their students. thus. thus. Your words become your actions. Your thoughts become your words.” ― Mahatma Gandhi The statement quoted by Gandhi reminds us that teachers have great influence towards the students. tradition. Through this.ANALYSIS From the responses of the teacher. Your values become your destiny. teachers must possess amiable attitude towards his/her students so as to build rapport with them. Global teachers must be flexible in delivering his/her topic considering that each students from different parts of the globe is different from that of the other. Skills? Based from the responses of the teacher. In addition. what conclusions can you make about the characteristics that a glocal teacher should have in terms of: a. Your actions become your habits. ways of living. Your habits become your values. b. the values that they possess might affect what and how s/he teaches. global teachers must be well-adept on his/her subject matter taking into consideration the country’s educational system used and the foci of their education. c. the ambience of the classroom must be conducive for learning considering as well their culture and providing a classroom environment which encourages students to become engaging and motivated in attaining learning. Values? Based from the responses of the teacher.

and inspires . I will be an effective and competitive teacher who encourages students to learn modernly. with the use of ICT tools in the classroom. resources and high order thinking skills (HOTS). Now. 2 years from now. 10 years from now. encourages as link to new one’s mind knowledge. A teacher that encourages one’s mind and inspires one’s soul. Reflect on the image of the lobal teacher. I will seek more ideas. I will be more eager to pursue what I’ve done with the last 5 years of teaching. through it. I will perform my internship to its best. 5 years from now. I will do my best to comply all the requirements to become a teacher. and skills to be needed for globally competitive teacher that produced many competitive students in their field of profession someday. I will become a classroom teacher wherein I will bring the world into the classroom through educational technology. such as must be able to facilitate digitally-mediated learning. A technology. Technologies. must possess good communication skills. Make an essay about a global teacher and the challenges that they may face in a globalized world. this would be my guide to achieve a global Filipino teachers qualities and characteristics. A productive teacher would be remembered by my students. as link to new knowledge. 5 years from now. with classroom the use of ICT through tools in the educational classroom. I will and become a competitive classroom teacher who teacher encourages wherein I will students to bring the world learn into the modernly. I will be 2 years from an effective now. teacher that Technologies.

this would be my guide to achieve a global Filipino teachers qualities and characteristics. through it. I will Now. such as must be able to . 10 years from now. I will be more eager to pursue what I’ve done with the last 5 years of teaching. and comply all the skills to be requirements needed for to become a globally teacher. I will do seek more my best to ideas. I will competitive perform my teacher that internship to its best.

Section 2 professions Teachers and the Has the quality to be a Knowledgeab Code of Ethics of profession standard teacher le Professional Teachers Article IV. Section 2 Economic and Social Benefits Salary scale The teacher’s salary Progression The Magna Carta for has a regular increase Public School Teachers after 3 years (Section 16) Cost of living allowanceTeachers’ salariey Progression The Magna Carta for shall keep pace with Public School Teachers the rise in the cost of (Section 18) living by payment of cost of living allowance Reward/incentive system: Salary increase from Teachers are given a Progression Magna Carta for Public Retirement good compensation School Teachers upon retirement (Section 26) Disciplinary procedures The teaching hours Teachers engaged in Discipline Magna Carta for Public actual classroom School Teachers instruction shall not (Section 13) be required Additional Any other activities Discipline Magna Carta for Public Compensation should be given School Teachers additional payments (Section 14) .OBSERVATION Policies/Guidelines Comments/sharing of the Values Pertinent laws/provisions interviewee that served as legal basis of shown the policy/guideline Rights of Teachers No discrimination There should be no Respectfulne Magna Carta for Public discrimination in the ss School Teachers profession (Section 10) Academic freedom Teacher enjoy Independenc Magna Carta for Public academic freedom e School Teachers (Section 12) Duties/obligations of Teachers Teachers and the A teacher should have Confidence Code of Ethics of profession genuine enthusiasms Professional Teachers and pride of the Article IV.

it also outlines what benefits they could get. Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers c. As a teacher it is important to not only memorize those policies and guidelines but to understand them as well. duties. It reflects what obligations and limitations the teachers have. Certain parts of the Labor code e. Cite the legal provisions/laws that are exemplified by each of the policies/guidelines that you included in your matrix. Manual of Regulations for Private Scools d. You may choose to put some additional comments here. REFLECTIONS How do you feel about the policies and guidelines concerning teachers? How will you respond to them in the future? The policies and guidelines concerning the educators will help the teachers to understand their rights and obligations. incentives as well as their limitations. What insights/realizations did you have about the demands of being a professional teacher? How will you meet these challenging demands in the future? I realized that being a professional teacher will take most of my time and energy but with focus and determination I know that I can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994 Write your additional comments here. focus on the provisions of the following: a. These policies or guidelines of the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers should be followed by the schools or the government. These policies are guidelines are important to the teachers to identify their rights. Magna Carta for Public School Teachers b.ANALYSIS What values are reflected by the policies and guidelines found in the school or teachers manual? Put your answers in the matrix above. . To help you. obligations.