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ID: 2104

Three bodies are projected in three ways with same speed from top of a tower. Set the times
of reaching ground by them in increasing order

a) vertically up 

b) vertically down 

c) horizontally

A bac

B cab

C bca

D abc

Doubt- If the speed and displacement is same, so why is the time taken different?

Your response-

ID: 2768

The motors of an electric train can give it an acceleration of 1ms−2 and the brakes can give
a negative acceleration of 3ms−2. The shortest time in which the train can make a trip
between two stations 1350m apart is

A 113.6 s

B 60 s

C 245 s

D 14.2 s

b B b.How the motion is not SHM? Your response- .c C c.Doubt.d D a. then its period T =4/sinθ √2h/g
 d) If h is the initial height.How to solve this problem? Your response- ID: 7266 If a particle slides back and forth between two smooth planes as shown in figure the correct statement is
 a) The motion is oscillatory
 b) the motion is SHM
 c) If h is the initial height. then its period T = 2/sinθ √2h/g A a.c Doubt.

5 mV C 1 mV D 2mV Doubt.2 mV B 0.d are true Doubt.The moment of inertia depends upon the orientation of the body. How a and b both can be correct? Your response- ID: 13305 If a carrier wave of amplitude 10mV is modulated by an audio signal of amplitude 2mV.d are true D b.b are true B b.c are true C c.What do you mean by LSF and USF? Your response: .ID: 19649 The moment of inertia of a thin square plate ABCD of uniform thickness about an axis passing through the centre O and perpendicular to the plane of the plate is a) I1+I3
 b) I2+I4
 c) 2I1+I3
 d) I1+2I3 A a. then amplitude of LSF or USF is given by A 0.

How a force F got converted to a force nF at the piston? Your response- ID: 225698 In figure. B the force acting on the rod by the piston A is F/n. Young's modulus Y and length L. Bulb lights at its rated power due to induced emf in the loop due to earth's magnetic field.ID: 75342 The two light pistons A and B shown in the figure have area 'na' and 'a' respectively. The rod has cross sectional area S. ABCD is a fixed smooth conducting frame in horizontal plane. (Assume liquid is incompressible) A the force acting on the rod by the piston A is nF. A force F is applied on the piston B. The mass M is moving down with constant velocity 10m s−1. P is a smooth pulley and OQ is a conducting rod. Find the mass M (in kg) of the block (g=10ms−2) . Neglect the self-inductance of the loop and resistance of any part other than the bulb. C the compression in the length of the rod due to the force exerted by the piston is nFL/SY D the compression in the length of the rod due to the force exerted by the piston is FL/nSY Doubt. T is a bulb of power 100W.

6 m above the floor is A 10 J B 3. Your response- ID: 21109 A copper wire and a steel wire of the same diameter and length are connected end to end and a force is applied so that their combined length stretched by 1cm. same strain B same stress.Here earth’s magnetic field is not given.2 j C8J D 16 J Doubt. the work done in lifting it with one end touching the floor and the other end 1. The two wires have A same stress.Doubt. How can we find out the answer without it? Your response- ID: 3347 A bicycle chain of length 1.How is different strain acting on the two wires? Your response- . If g=10ms−2. different strains Doubt. Why it is divided by 2.According to the given answer the work done is MgL/2.6 m and of mass 1 kg is lying on a horizontal floor. different strains C same strain different stress D different stress.

How can A be wrong. Your response- . the temperature should increase.ID: 8036 Consider the following two statements and choose the correct answer :
 (A) If heat is added to a system its temperature must always increase
 (B)If positive work is done by a system in thermodynamic process its volume must increase A Both (A) and (B) are correct B (A) is correct but (B) is wrong C (A) is wrong but (B) is correct D Both (A) and (B)are wrong Doubt. If heat is added.