“It is possible to pass laws that control or place limits on people's behavior, but

legislation cannot reform human nature. Laws cannot change what is in people's
hearts and minds”


Law means a body of rules and regulations in the form of judicial opinions, or in the
form of constitutions etc. Law is used by the governing bodies to control the
behavior of a society. The functions of law vary for different societies or countries.
However, legal laws are different from the moral behavior or the traditions of
societies. The laws are formed by some authorized body like court while customs
and traditions are made by the members of society. It is very important to
understand here that both the things are made to run the society smoothly.

However, I agree with the statement that although laws can place limits on people's
behavior but they cannot alter or convert people's heart. There is no second
thought that very strict laws can sometimes have negative effects on the society.
Usually laws help to give a peaceful life to people. It plays an essential role in
maintaining stableness and development of society. It infuses a fear in the public
that if they do some illegal activity, they will be punished. If this fear will not be
there, then the instances of terrorism and crimes will increase that will make the life
of the members of society unstable and disturbed. Laws make our lives comfortable.
Hence, it is required to have laws that have positive impact on people's behavior.

However, in history, we have many examples where laws had negative influence on
the society. The laws made by some of the kings were so cruel and inhuman that
they had bad effect on the human nature. However, it is also true that although
laws are used to make people's lives easy and secure, laws cannot change what is
in people's heart. Despite many strict and cruel laws, feelings of hate and
disobedience keep growing in the hearts of public, if the laws are not changed
according to time. Many revolutions in the history of humankind are the evidence of
this statement. Russian revolution and the freedom fight of India are the best
examples of the outcry of public against the laws and legislations of the

Laws should be changed according to the human nature. Hence, it is true that laws
and rules reflect the human nature but these cannot change the way people think.
Although laws should not be altered at every outcry, they should be modified
according to human nature that reflects people's minds and hearts. It is essential to
make people respect laws. Otherwise, there will be more and more instances of
people not following laws. You cannot ignore the fact that some degree of freedom
is required for a balanced society. Without people obeying any law, it will be like an

Hence. the social attitude towards laws should be considered while making a formal law. it can be concluded that the laws that control or place limits on people's behavior cannot reform human nature. If the authorities want to use the laws to control or alter human nature.empty law. . then they have to make the laws more flexible. Hence.