With the roar of the tank’s cannons the Imperial captain known as Gerald ordered h

is men to advance on the Rebel’s position in the Imperial church. “Make those Rebels
pay for betraying the Emperor.” he yelled, firing his Las
Pistol into the rebels that were more exposed. “Reinforcements from the left flank
sir, they have armor with them” yelled sergeant Nys over the vox, “looks like loote
d Imperial Tanks Sir.”
“Damn it, were sitting ducks out here, men fall back to the barricade it’s our best
bet of surviving the next 10 minutes in this battlefield. As Gerald ordered the
men to fall back the tanks started to open fire on his squad,
cutting down three of his men before the rest made it to cover. “Fek, were less th
an half our squad strength now, what do we do now captain.” said Nys while tending
to a wound from a bullet that grazed his arm. Gerald’s squad was
made up of 20 men with two men carrying Metla-guns and another two carrying Pla
sma-guns; they had 8 men left and only one Plasma-gun, and although it’s a powerfu
l weapon Gerald’s men couldn’t take on a squad of tanks alone.
The captain sighed “I’m not sure Nys, if we go out there we’ll be cut to ribbons by th
ose tanks, if we stay here we can fight here till we run out of ammo or die but
won’t do any good against those tanks, and if we fall back,
well commissar Walde would be more than happy to place a bolt in my skull.” The me
n looked at their captain, with a look that showed they were ready to fight for
their lives even if it meant drawing their last breath. Again Gerald
sighed “I never could keep you boys out of a fight could I, well alright we’ll move
forward and try to make our way into the church, but we’ll move around the tanks o
nly fighting if they spot us, we don’t stand a chance if we
fight them head on, not with our current strength.” With grunts and shouts of appr
oval from his men the squad moved out, using the path the tanks had made a few m
oments before open firing on Gerald’s squad, hoping that the tanks
will be focused on the fight in front of them rather than the one behind them.
As Gerald’s squad advanced towards the church, the enemy tanks continued to cut a
path through the rest of the Imperial Guard squads attacking the church, luckily
none of the tanks noticed his men, and if they did they probably would
have continued to attack the Imperial troops closer to their tanks rather then t
urn them around for 8 men. Gerald ordered his men to a halt behind the husk of a
destroyed Imperial Hellhound tank, peering over the side of the tank into
the church balcony above, “Looks like there are fewer guards on the balconies now
that the heavy firepower rolled in, if we’re lucky we could get into the church wi
th little resistance from the enemy, even more so if we can find
any other squads that made it inside.” said Gerald. “Alright let’s move, Alan you take
point, everyone else form around him, Nys watch our rear.” Alan was the last of t
he Plasma-gunners and was more than eager to use it to avenge
his fallen comrades.
They reached what looked like a side door of the church, Alan peered into the wi
ndow close by and saw what looked like the mess hall, the guards where nowhere t
o be seen, but the door was barricaded, tearing down the door would cause
to much noise and alert the guards and would take too long. “Nys hand me your knif
e, I have an idea.” Said Gerald, he placed the blade of the knife into the lower h
alf of the window and wedged the window out of its frame, “Well
that’s one use for a knife that they don’t teach you in boot camp, come on let’s move.”
He handed Nys his knife and the men chuckled as they started to head inside the
church. “Alright, let’s see what we can do before we are
found; maybe find out why they are defending this place to the death.” Said Gerald
“Jayson use the radio to get in touch with the main force let them know that we m
ade it inside and if they can send anymore help, I think we’re
going to need it.”