In a globalizing world, what is the role of place in preserving a person’s identity?

Yerzhan Kani

Nazarbayev University

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but also a combination of events occurring there. where a person finds himself as an individual. a government decides with whom to cooperate and whom to 2 . It means that the place. Of course. the way that people change depends on the place. in this paper. where a person lives is the one of the key factors that affects person’s identity. effect of government. which every individual on the Earth would face. where there would not be any boundaries between cultures. individuals and also groups of people that grows and works there and so on. Nikita Khrushchev announced a new social ideology the goal of which was to unify a nation.THE ROLE OF PLACE IN PRESERVING A PERSON’S IDENTITY In a globalizing world. Every step of the government affects each citizen in more or less degree. Additionally. where there would be a close views from different countries. it will be argued that she did not consider the connection between language and place. how could person’s identity depend on a place? Although Lera Boroditsky claims that a language is an entity that shapes people’s minds and identity. It caused a huge outcry from the rich people. and there will be considered three factors related to place that really could play a considerable role in preserving a person’s identity. it would breed conflicts among citizens. Moreover. Significant numbers of countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates set even a particular republic religion – Islamic in this case. However. Despite the fact that a globalized world promises a new level of cooperation. what is the role of place in preserving a person’s identity? A globalization process is the one of the challenging events. Simply. Thus. where a particular person lives. It is true that not everybody believes in Allah and someone may want to take another believe. Development of existing technology and discovery of new ones are changing the world and people in it. effect of the local culture and local national values. Every country has its own government with their own rules. because of the discrimination of people that are not same as others. place is an area. the way by which people are trying to achieve this “perfect” world demolishes the sense of being individual. What exactly is meant by the term “place”? It is not only a geographical term. if we look back to history. namely.

in another country. However. Mahbubani and Summers quote the words of the former U. and spent time getting to know the Romany people. so that his friends came up with a joke. What I mean there is that one government might not be suitable for a person. the citizens of most other countries would be willing to do the same. Of course. You start to talk with the manner that native people talk. is the local culture. as a child. in his book. you start to feel yourself as a stranger in this particular country. She prefers to use the term “local” 3 . which is a tradition of a new local society. who claims that a locality is what shapes a person. his English contemporaries liked to say that he had acquired some of the Gypsy' s wandering ways” (Chapter 1.S.THE ROLE OF PLACE IN PRESERVING A PERSON’S IDENTITY impose an embargo. it mostly changes people in some extent. And this might be easier to achieve than many believe” (May/June 2016 Issue). political. social ideology of other country may also affect person who lives on another place. with his family in Europe. Princeton philosophy professor Kenneth Appiah. Mahbubani and Summers’ point is that if one country succeeds in one direction. he traveled. “Sir Richard Francis Burton was a Victorian adventurer whose life lent credence to that dubious adage about truth being stranger than fiction. which is directly connected with the place. thus. he tries to find suitable rules for him or travels to another country in order to find himself. President Bill Clinton. gives a very appropriate example of a person who changed throughout his life. In the article. Born in 1821. Although government tries to improve citizens’ lives. The next example is an author of a TedTalk “Don't ask where I'm from. if you change your hometown to another one. which native people do and so on. who is Sir Richard Francis Burton (2016). “Americans should try “to create a world with rules and partnerships and habits of behavior that we would like to live in when we’re no longer the military. economic superpower in the world. “Cosmopolitanism”. “The Fusion of Civilizations”. a person may face another factor that can change his identity. You start to change. you start to do daily jobs. Additionally. ask where I'm a local”. Taiye Selasi. Appiah states that Burton somehow started to behave like Romany people. The next factor. others would follow.” If Clinton’s fellow citizens could accept such advice. 2016).

Russia. How could I come from a nation? How can a human being come from a concept” (1:22. an assistant professor of psychology. The reason that I distinguished this aspect from the effect of the government is that a local national value is much more individual. the place is still considerable factor. He claims that in order to reach globalization people should be ready to destroy cultural and value barriers (2011). people who speak in several languages or speak in different languages think differently and handle problems differently (2009). As was stated. it is true that when you go 4 . in a globalizing world. She believes that. she tries to tell that. personal identity is more important than the cultural and national identity. in a globalizing world. She even does not want to talk about nationality. in the globalized world. 2014)? By these words. “I'm not a national at all. local national values. China. However. at first sight. and symbolic systems at Stanford University. would not people start to say where they are from? Marcelo Gleiser. If there would not be a nation. there would not be a notion of being a “national”. There is another point that affects the way that a person behaves at a certain place. Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and a professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth College. Indonesia and Aboriginal Australia. in his article called “Globalization: Two Visions Of The Future Of Humanity”. there should not be a notion of national identity. namely.THE ROLE OF PLACE IN PRESERVING A PERSON’S IDENTITY rather than “country”. in a globalizing world. It means that. believes that people are still tribal and that people are not ready for the process of globalization. namely. Greece. According to her data collected from 6 different countries. Additionally. It is quite justified because she believes that people and events hold people at a particular place. Lera Boroditsky denies the fact that place plays a key role in preserving person’s identity by saying that it is a language that controls person’s behavior. Chile. it is true that language shapes the way we think and the way we behave. neuroscience. A national value depends on a person’s sense of being national. In fact. with what I agree.

However. technology will disappear and we will achieve globalized perfect world. the terms “identity” and “national identity” should be reconsidered. 5 . in a globalizing world. However. depending on how nations located on the Central Asia and depending on their culture. namely. In this paper. However. Let us take as an example the different Turkish nations on the Central Asia. Moreover. Different national ideologies. Turkish. government. in order to integrate into a new society. types of job and types of goods. languages in which nations talk. culture and economy. Our world is now at globalizing stage. The point there is that language also depends on where a person is local. which are controlled by a particular government. there still exists notions of national identity and cultural identity. new rules.THE ROLE OF PLACE IN PRESERVING A PERSON’S IDENTITY to another country you stay the same and it may seem that place does not affect your identity. evolved. she did not considered the role of place in learning of language. languages. I have stated three factors by which place affects person’s identity. boundaries between cultures. I believe that in a near future. If the barriers between countries would be taken off. Uzbek and other Turkish languages have one ancestor – The Ancient Turkish Language. are all factors that controls citizens’ behavior. which somehow suspends the process of globalization. will not you change somehow? Although the research of Boroditsky was made properly and she found that language plays a considerable role in a preserving person’s identity. It is historically true that Kazakh.

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