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SRM Processes & Features
Self Service Procurement
Shopping Cart(SC) creation

Budget availability check

Shopping Cart Approval

Purchase Order Creation

Purchase Order Confirmation

PO Invoice Creation

Plan Driven Procurement
Purchase Requisition(PR) Creation
Purchase Order(PO) Creation
PO : Review for Changes or Updates

Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) Creation
Invoice Creation
Service Procurement
Purchase Requisition(PR) Creation
Purchase Order(PO) Creation
PO : Review for Changes or Updates

Service Entry Sheet (SES)
Invoice Creation
Operational & Centralized Sourcing
Request Sourcing

RFx Creation from PR

RFx approval

Suppliers collaboration using system interface

Response/Proposal submission by suppliers

Response Opening & Evaluation

Award/Rejection of suppliers

Centralized Contract Management

Creation of contract from awarded response Distribution of contract to multiple ERP systems Availability of central contract as source of supply Central Repository of contracts Contract performance & compliance monitoring Contract expiry & over exceeded notifications Contract Hierarchies with discount based on release value Operational Reporting Shopping Cart Status Shopping Cart Details Confirmation Details Contract for Suppliers Contract for Products Purchase Order Status Purchase Order Details Rfx Details Auction Details .

Based on overall SC price/cost or custom criteria’s the multi-level workflow is triggered PO is created out of a PR in Backend ERP(ECC) SC Requestor/Enterprise Buyer creates a PO Confirmation from SRM System Invoice is created for the respective PO or PO Confirmation Automatic creation of PR from requirement planning (MRP run) Create Purchase Order from a PR Reviewed and updated PO sent to Supplier Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) by supplier Invoice Creation based on ASN or Confirmation or PO PR creation for service requirement Create Purchase Order from a PR Reviewed and updated PO sent to Supplier Service Entry Sheet (SES) creation for respective PO Confirmation Invoice Creation based Confirmation or PO PR relevant for sourcing (based on designed logic) gets transfer to Sourcing cockpit User create RFx from required PR line items Based on configured criteria's. multi-level workflow is triggered Suppliers review of RFx details and submit queries through system if any Supplier creation of response/bid using RFx Maintain users of evaluation committee of particular RFx in system Accept/Reject the supplier responses based on evaluation committee feedback . Step1 SC Requestor/Enterprise Buyer Creates the Shopping Cart(SC) with item & accounting details Runs budget checks for the postable account assignment objects WBS elements and internal orders from Controlling (CO).

Creation Date.Create Contract from awarded RFP Response Select ERP system with percentages for distribution to Backend in the Contract You can use this report to monitor shopping carts that are erroneous. Detailed Confirmation list with Confirmation Creation Timeframe. Status. Description. Submission Deadline etc Detailed Auction list with Auction Name. Validity From To etc. Creation Date. Creation Date. Status. Status. Description etc. Submission Deadline etc . Status. Detailed SC list with SC Creation Timeframe. Detailed PO list with PO Creation Timeframe. or that have not been processed for a long time. Requestor. Description. Supplie Detailed RFx list with RFx Name. Timeframe. Description Detailed Contract list with Contract Name. Status. Status. Description. Description.

Invoice once posted goes for approval Purchase Requisition Approval Purchase Order Approval Supplier Response/confirmation on revised PO PO Confirmation Creation Invoice Approval Purchase Requisition Approval Purchase Order Approval Supplier Response/confirmation on revised PO Approval of SES Invoice Approval Add selected suppliers & currencies to the RFx Once all the approvals are completed. PO once submitted goes for approval The PO Confirmation is replicated in the ECC system as Goods Receipt If configured. payments term and enter the price for each line item. incoterms. the RFx status is set to approved  Buyer response to supplier's queries Select the bid currency. etc Open the bid to access the supplier responses Approval process triggers as per configured scenario . Step2 Adds Preferred Supplier or a Fixed/Assigned Supplier to the SC Once all the approvals are completed. the SC status is set to approved  If configured.

assigning a name Display all existing fields (No layout loaded) Status. . All BOQ & Price details are captured from Awarded RFx Response. Description. You can: Use the default layout Define your own layout. Requestor. Requestor. Contract Validity details to be entered manually Release Contract You can search for shopping carts using the following criteria: Request date Shopping cart name Status You can choose how the search results are displayed. Supplier etc. ty From To etc. Supplier etc.

Step3 SC is submitted and goes for approvals Requisition(PR) is created in the Backend ERP (ECC The PO Invoice is replicated in backend ECC system Automatic Inbound Delivery Invoice posting in FI/CO for Payment Invoice posting in FI/CO for Payment Upload required documents to the RFx for internal or supplier reference System generated email triggers to all suppliers Supplier's response regarding its intent to participate in bidding Upload the required bid documents in RFx Review the responses submitted by suppliers Supplier gets the notification once all approval levels are completed .

Required Contract documents to be attached Contract Approvals .

Step4 Next PO is created for the corresponding PR in the Backend ERP (ECC) Finance Documents are created & posted in Backend system Payment status Payment status Publish the RFx Enter other required details and submit the bid Review the system generated response comparison report .


Step5 Payment Process is initiated & completed .