EDUC 5199 TESOL Approaches and Strategies Assignment 1: Essay Man Jin 110158709

Lesson plan

Teacher: Class: Date: No of Ss: 15

Lesson Topic: Recount and Report
Lesson objectives: By the end of the lesson....
Students understand the purpose, structure and language features of a recount.
Students can tell the differences between a recount and a report.
Students can write a simple recount individually or in a group based on the experience of going to the Adelaide

Stage Procedure Resources
1. setting the context · Brainstorm and discuss the experiences and activities of the Students'
excursion to the Adelaide Royal Show by asking questions: experience of
Where did we go? the excursion
When did we go?
What did we do?
·Introduce the recount in the context:
How do we usually start a recount?

2. Modeling/ ·Modeling and deconstructing the text: The poster of
deconstructing Show the poster about the purpose, structure and language recounts and
features of recounts and reports. reports on the
Show the cue cards: whiteboard.
What's happening? Where? When? Who?
What? Why or how? Cue cards
Discuss about the key elements of a recount with students.
Students reflect on whether they had included the key elements
in the recount they did together before.

·Introduced the model of the text belonging to the target genre to
students. Copies of an
Every student get a copy of an example of one simple report. example of one
Read the report and compare it with the recount that students got simple report
Tell the differences between a report and a recount. The recount
that students
wrote before

3. Joint construction ·Joint construction of the text: A paragraph of
The teacher and students look at the first paragraph together on a recount on
the screen. Discuss and analyse the text, identify and circle the the screen
language features of a recount.

4. Independent ·Independent construction phase: Individual work
construction Students work in groups of three, discuss and complete a of writing
recount based on their individual piece of work.