Why do humans need religion?

Is a question not easy to answer. However, we see the potential of human
beings, then we will find some answers to these questions, among others, are as

1. To overcome or provide solutions to human failure as a result of

Human beings God has many advantages compared with other creatures; but
behind the many advantages that the human was not immune (lepas) from many
shortcomings, weaknesses and capabilities are limited. Human limited to the
surrounding nature, hereditary and background her life ,; which causes the
difference in views in the face of a problem, and often at odds with each other.
So that religion overcome or provide solutions to human failure as a result of
weakness, it is then necessary religious / revelation comes from outside of
human. This can occur because of Allah. is the Most Perfect, so that His
revelation is absolute and universal truth that can not be doubted, as Allah says
in Sura al-Baqarah (2): 147,
‫الحق من ربك فل تكونن من الممترين‬
"The truth that is derived from your Lord, therefore you should never doubted"

2. To overcome the influence of the passions and the devil.

In human beings against the passions, which always invites people to crime,
especially when lust has been influenced by the devil / demon who constantly
misleading people on the right path. If a human can defeat the influence of the
passions and the devil, and he will be higher in rank than the angels; However,
if he follows his own lusts and evil invitation, then he will go down in rank
lower than beasts. So the human should wear the weapons of religion (faith),
because only religion (it was faith) that can be overcome and control the
passions and the devil / demon it; because religion is a source of moral and
morality in Islam.

3. To gave answers to all the unseen problems that are beyond the reach of
human reason.

Man by his wits alone, unable to know the nature of metaphysics, the
afterlife which is supernatural, and is beyond the reach of human reason, as
firmana Allah in Sura al-Nahl. The human mind has a certain capability
boundaries, so it should not exceed the limits and authorities. Therefore, many
problems that are not able to be solved by the human mind, especially the
problem of the supernatural; and this is where the need for religion. In here the
need for people to get religious guidance / revelation, so as to overcome all the
problems of his life well and convincingly.

4. To satisfy the spiritual hunger of human.

The scientist made too deify science-many who lost idealism as the goal of his
life. They are worried about disease infestation agitated, his bland and vacuous,
because with knowledge alone, they are not able to meet the intent of his life;
because armed with science, where berpijaknya increasingly blurred, because
the truth is obtained relative and temporary, so that the more spiritually barren,
dry overwritten as earth, thus requiring a spray which can be soothing. So this is
where the need for religion to satisfy the spiritual hunger of man, so that he is
not worried and anxious in the face of all the problems of this life.