Reog Ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo is a traditional dance that

became the main identity for Ponorogo (East

Java) Regency. Reog Ponorogo dance is also staged

nightly on the full moon in Paseban, Ponorogo town

square. Reog Ponorogo tells the story about the

struggle of a prince who will propose to a

beautiful princess. Reog Ponorogo Ponorogo tells

the story of a mythical battle between the King of

Ponorogo and the magical lion-like creature called

Singa Barong.

The Reog Ponorogo dance of Ponorogo involves a lion figure known as the

singa barong. Singa Barong is a large mask usually made from a tiger's or

leopard's head skin, on the mask is a large fan adorned with real peafowl

feathers. The Singa Barong mask is notoriously heavy and the dancer of the

Singa Barong has to carry the mask of about 30 – 40 kg in weight and is

supported by the strength of their teeth.

A single dancer, or warok, carries the heavy lion mask by his teeth. He is

credited with supernatural abilities and strength. The warok may also carry an

adolescent boy or girl on its head. When carrying an adolescent boy or girl on his

head, the Reog Ponorogo dancer holds weight of up to 100 kilograms in total.

Holding the heavy big mask by biting, the warok relies on the strength of his

jaws, neck and shoulder muscles. The great mask spans over 2.5 meters with

genuine tiger skin and real peacock feathers. It has gained international

recognition as the world's largest mask.

plays as the Singa Barong. The first dance is the opening dance. Reog Ponorogo usually consists of three sets of dances. The leading figures in Reog Ponorogo performance includes: 1. A man in regal attire wearing a mask with a proud and pompous dance and plays the role as the King of Ponorogo 2. 2. 3. The costume describes rough men with intimidating moustaches and other masculine symbols. Warok. it is originally performed by a gemblak. similar to the Kuda Lumping dance. they perform acrobatic dances and sometimes also involve trances. A warok is the honorary title of the local hero or strongman of the village who possesses both exceptional spiritual and physical strength. The third dance is the main attraction of the show. a handsome and youthful teenage boy wearing colourful costumes. male dancers who wear black costumes. The warok as the main male dancer. 3. The second dance is the Jaran Kepang dance performed by Jatil. Today female dancers usually play this role. the youthful and handsome men riding horses made of weaved bamboo. it is performed by all the Reog dancers. Klono Sewandono. The dance itself is a demonstration of physical strength. each dance is performed by several dancers: 1. performed by Bujang Anom. Jathil is usually performed by female dancers. the mythical creature. The one who is allowed to perform this dance is called warok. 4. Today. wearing the large . Jathil. Bujang Anom are rough youthful men wearing red masks.

To demonstrate the warok's extraordinary strength.and heavy lion mask. . dances in the centre of the stage while the other dancers dance around him. the Jatil rides on top of the lion mask and is carried around.