05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP

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6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit
Breaker You MUST Understand

6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Know

Basic tripping settings of CB
There are (at least) six basic adjustable tripping settings (functions) you must understand in order to fully
understand how circuit breaker actually works. All these adjustable functions actually shape the time-current curve
of a circuit breaker and allows proper tripping according to the network parameters and also the proper
coordination between upstream and downstream devices.

Note that modern circuit breakers (MCCB, ACB) mostly have an electronic tripping unit which is much more
advanced comparing to these explained here, but the basics are the same, very same.
http://electrical­engineering­portal.com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 1/9

Continuous Amps (Ir) 2. Time-current curve of a circuit breaker 1. This time-current curve will be the basis for discussing  adjustable tripping settings of the circuit breakers. Continuous amps can be  adjusted from 20 to 100 percent of the circuit breaker’s nominal  rating. Ir is a percentage of the circuit breaker’s nominal rating (In). Short-Time Delay 5. Long-Time Delay 3. http://electrical­engineering­portal. Ground Fault Pickup Circuit breaker adjustable tripping functions The below time-current curve reflects one  possible setup for a 1200 ampere circuit breaker  with a nominal (maximum continuous ampere) rating of 1000  amps. let’s start with explanation! 1.com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 2/9 . Continuous Amps (Ir) Continuous Amps (Ir) varies the level of current the circuit  breaker will carry without tripping.05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP So. Instantaneous Pickup 6. Short-Time Pickup 4.

com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 3/9 .05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP http://electrical­engineering­portal.

com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 4/9 . http://electrical­engineering­portal.05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP For example.2 to 27 seconds at six times the  continuous amps (Ir) setting. a 1000 amp breaker can be  changed from 1000 amps to 800 amps by adjusting the breaker continuous amps setting to 80%. to pass without tripping. The adjustment is from 2. Continuous current [Amps] Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ 2. Long­Time Delay Long-time delay causes the breaker to wait a certain amount of time to allow temporary inrush currents. such as those encountered when starting a motor.

05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP As shown below. allowing downstream  protective devices to clear short- circuits without tripping the  upstream device. Short-time pickup used for selective tripping http://electrical­engineering­portal.5 to  10 times the trip unit ampere setting (Ir). Short­Time Pickup Short-time pickup is used for selective tripping. Short-time pickup is adjustable from 1. the long-time delay effects the position of an I2T slope. a 1000  ampere frame can be adjusted to trip anywhere from 1500  to 10. This means that lower  levels of current will allow the breaker to remain online for longer periods of time. For example. Long time delay tripping settings Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ 3. The switch also has an “OFF” position to  eliminate short-time pickup and short-time delay.000 amps.com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 5/9 . The short-time pickup function determines the amount of current the breaker  will carry for a short period of time.

A  fixed instantaneous trip point of 10.000 amps (10 x 1000) with a continuous amp  setting of 1000 amps. or 10. used in conjunction with short-time pickup Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ 5. In this example  instantaneous pickup has been set to 10 times the continuous  amp setting. If the continuous amp setting  had been 300 amps.com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 6/9 .5 seconds. used in conjunction with short-time pickup. There are two modes: fixed time. Instantaneous pickup – Used to trip the circuit breaker with no intentional delay at any current between 2 and 40 times the breaker’s http://electrical­engineering­portal. Fixed  time is adjustable from . setting the instantaneous pickup at 10  would make the instantaneous setting equal to 3000 amps. Short-time delay. controls the time involved in postponing a short-time pickup trip. Instantaneous Pickup Instantaneous pickup is used to trip the circuit breaker with no intentional delay at any current between 2 and 40 times  the breaker’s continuous ampere setting (Ir).18 seconds to .000 amps trips the breaker  automatically and overrides any pre-programmed instructions. This allows better coordination with  downstream thermal-magnetic circuit breakers and fuses. well  below the fixed instantaneous override.05 to .05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ 4. In this case a higher setting would still  trip at 10.000 amps due to a fixed instantaneous override of  10. The I2T ramp mode  is adjustable from .45 seconds. Short­Time Delay Short-time delay. or I2T ramp.000 amps which automatically trips the breaker regardless of  the instantaneous pickup setting. providing a  short inverse time ramp.

.1. and .05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP continuous ampere setting (Ir) Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ 6. This feature adds a time  delay of .com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 7/9 . The ground fault pickup is divided  into three sections; . Ground fault pickup controls the amount of ground fault current that will cause the breaker to interrupt the circuit Circuit  breaker  coordination http://electrical­engineering­portal.1s. The adjustment can be set from 20 to 70% of the maximum breaker  rating. no trip point setting exceeds 1200 amps.2.2s. In compliance with NEC® 230-95 (A).4s. .4 seconds to the breaker’s trip when a ground  fault occurs. Ground Fault Pickup Ground fault pickup controls the amount of ground fault  current that will cause the breaker to interrupt the circuit. or .

Electrical engineer. Go back to CB tripping settings  ↑ Reference // STEP 2000 – Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) by SIEMENS Related electrical guides & articles // Share with engineers // About Author // Edvard Csanyi Edvard . The ground fault pickup time delay feature is useful for circuit breaker coordination A ground fault occurring in  the circuit supplied by “B” will trip the “B” breaker without  disturbing “A” or “C”. In the following scheme.Professional in AutoCAD programming and web-design.Present on Google+ http://electrical­engineering­portal. Highly specialized for design of LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations. buildings and industry fascilities. upstream breaker “A” has been set to .com/6­adjustable­tripping­settings­circuit­breaker 8/9 . programmer and founder of EEP.2s and downstream breakers “B”  and “C” have been set to .05/01/2017 6 Adjustable Tripping Settings of a Circuit Breaker You MUST Understand | EEP The ground fault pickup time delay feature is useful for circuit  breaker coordination. Designing of LV/MV switchgears.1s.

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