Watermelon box

1. media preparation

Combine Solbi Agro of 100 ml with 50 kg of manure, and soil to an area of 1000m2, allowed to stand
for 1 week in the shade to be kept moist and stir occasionally stirring / inverted behind. Combine finely
ground (which had been sifted) by 2 buckets, ripe manure that has been sifted 1 bucket, and TSP +/- 50
grams and put in polythene bags of size 8 × 10 cm up to 90% charged.

2. Technical Seed Germination

Seed incorporated into the cloth soaked with a solution Solbi Agro much as 5 cc per liter of water for
10 hours. After soaking, the seeds ripened in brown paper or newspaper cover for 1-2 days.Germinated
seeds were already transferred to the nursery media.

3. Nursery Seeds and Seedlings Maintenance

Media seedlings watered enough water

The seeds that have been out along the two candidates roots planted in polybags cmm 1-1.5 cm deep.

Polybag lined nursery is laid and exposed to full sunlight

Watering 1-2 times a day and at the age of 12-14 days the seedlings ready for planting dipindam to


Give dolomite lime in order to achieve a pH of 6 to 6. Clearing Do piracy as deep as 30 cm and then smoothed and leveled. and a width of 2 m telasah. Plastic mulch beds need to be given to the width of 110-150 cm in order to help reduce water evaporation and plant growth other intruder. ZA 140 kg / ha and KCL 130 kg / ha. with a distance of 20-30 cm from the edge of the bed. TSP basic fertilization with 200 kg / ha. a week before planting. Stitching Stitching is done 3-5 days after planting. Weeding Perform weeding by regulating the primary branch and maintained only 2-3 branches without cutting the secondary branch.7 Give manure mixed Solbi Agro (Agro Solbi 1lt for 1 ton of manure).5 m. Making the hole Planting Conducted one week before planting to a depth of 8 cm. Make beds with a width of 1 m. 2.1. Clean the area of the remnants of roots and rocks. . Planting should be in the morning or later afternoon watering until quite wet. PLANT MAINTENANCE 1. TECHNICAL PLANTING WATERMELON 1. height 0. A spacing between holes 90-100 cm.

5 m from plant roots. Fertilization Fertilization one week after planting by using ZA 40 kg / ha. 5. Perform perempelan young shoots that are not useful because it affects the growth of the fruit. Secondary branches that grow on the existing road so as not to disturb the fruit cut fruit growth. and sprayed evenly distributed every two weeks. End of the secondary branches disisakan 2 leaves. Irrigation and Watering Watering is done with a wetted channel between beds by means of in flush with the pipe or digembor with 4-6 days. Volume watering should not be too excessive. . 4. KCL 140 kg / ha Fertilization watermelon two weeks after planting using the ZA 120 kg / ha. TSP 85 kg / ha. 3. KCL 30 kg / ha Solbi Agro spraying at a dose of 500 ml diluted in 200 liters of water. Watermelon fertilization during flowering use ZA 130 kg / ha. KCL 170 kg / ha. located between 1-1. Sort Fruit Choose fruit that is large enough well rounded and not disabled.

Characteristics: a change in color of the fruit. HARVEST Characteristics and Harvest harvesting after 70-100 days after planting. If the weight of the fruit is almost 2 kg. Leave only 1-2 pieces only. the fruit can be picked (harvested). . and the fruit stems began to shrink. back and forth fruit in order to obtain solar lighting and flat colors. and hold for penyimpananan or in the hands of retailers. How to Harvest Picking the fruit should be done when the weather is sunny so the fruit in dry conditions the skin surface. We recommend cutting a watermelon is done along the stems. other trim.

before the harvest watermelon inserted into it so that at the time of the harvest will be a square .to make watermelon into a box shape by making a box-shaped mold.