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6M $14.1M Warrants Options 73. giving investors exposure to a pure play lithium company TSX.5M Fully diluted Cash 3/20 .01 ticker price (1/24/2017) $135.5M market cap issued and outstanding 0 6.Vision: Help wean the world off fossil fuels Mission: Build a world class management team and acquire best in class assets.7M 67.V: LIX $2.

Sal de Los Angeles. 4/20 . The largest land position in Clayton in Nevada’s Clayton Valley and world's major production areas. having lead operations) are capacity constrained with exploration and development projects geopolitical risk affecting some of the 2. LiTHIUM X and are focused on acquiring raw materials through long-term containing high grade brine with a maintaining a sound share structure offtake agreements. located in the philanthropic leaders.000 tonnes of However. ASSETS The LITHIUM X team has created The energy storage revolution is generating LiTHIUM X has two strategically located several multi-billion dollar companies high demand for lithium. “Lithium Triangle” in mining Battery giants are scaling up lithium-ion friendly Salta Province.037. surrounding the only producing lithium operation in North America. 1. Argentina The team are major shareholders in production with mega factories and actively covers 95% of Salar de Diablillos.007. TEAM 2. TIMING 3. the majority of current lithium carbonate equivalent in The technical and project personnel are production (both brine and hard—rock Inferred category.WHY INVEST? 1. Management continues to actively pursue strategies to enhance its project portfolio. government and demand increases. and 1.000 tonnes of benefit existing and future Companies already producing lithium are lithium carbonate equivalent of shareholders. attempting to increase production. Valley. Indicated. with some assets: from scratch and has access to a global analysts forecasting order-of-magnitude network of business. Nevada adjacent to and throughout South America. NI 43-101 Mineral Resource and financing the company in ways that Estimate of 1. leading experts.

responsible experience in the mining services from underwriting.5 billion $500 million in net asset value public company including Lithium One in 2012. Spent almost a decade in the Chartered Professional A corporate advisory professional geochemist and international financial sector Accountant by trade who company. as Executive VP and CFO. administration 5/20 .MANAGEMENT HAS DONE IT BEFORE Paul Matysek Brian Paes-Braga Daniel Kriznic Fiore Advisory Executive Chairman Founder & CEO CFO Corporate Finance Corporate entrepreneur. Senior Manager before for equity financings. asset joining and building Canada’s corporate structures in companies in the past decade management. Has built four mergers and acquisitions. industry. venture capital largest privately held creation of new natural and sold all four for aggregate and private equity. education company to over resource companies and proceeds of over $2. lead by Gord Keep geologist with over 30 years of working with firms ranging in spent 10 years at Deloitte as a and Frank Giustra.

commissioning industry including drill campaigns in expansion and improvement projects and operation of Rockwood’s Salar de Nevada’s Clayton Valley and high. 6/20 . including operational plants for lithium Atacama project.2 billion in 2014.OPERATIONS TEAM HAS DONE IT BEFORE Eduardo Morales Will Randall Andrés Barrientos COO VP Project Development Project General Manager SA Chemical engineer with 36 years of Professional geologist and qualified Chemical engineer. was the Engineering & experience. Helped develop led the development. lithium chloride and the study Rockwood Lithium ended with the of new technologies for the production of company’s sale to Albemarle lithium hydroxide. His tenure with altitude salars in South America. carbonate. he successfully development experience in the lithium Lithium in Chile until 2012. Corporation for US$6. As President of Rockwood person with extensive exploration and Research Superintendent of Rockwood Lithium Latin America.

5 pounds typical hybrid car 44 pounds typical electric car 112 pounds Tesla 85-KWH Model 7/20 . other demand Growing amount of Lithium Carbonate in devices 3 grams smartphone 1 ounce laptop 3.DEMAND DRIVERS “What if I Told You … Lithium is the New Gasoline” 2015 2025 Electric Vehicle lithium demand vs.


2016 “Energy analysts expect lithium demand to rise 16% per year from 175.000 tonnes in 2015 to 775.” 9/20 . 2 .000 tonnes by 2025 – an increase that would be the fastest of any significant commodity over the past century.10%* * HSBC.

1 SQM Market Cap Market Cap Market Cap 6.5 FMC $10.87B $7.7 BYD *Lithium is Albemarle’s highest margin (41%). diversified chemical companies with only a small portion of revenue generated from lithium Global X Lithium ETF (LIT) Top 5 Holdings: Net Assets % Company 22. highest growth (2-3x GDP) business segment (Source: Albemarle Lithium Day) 10/20 . There is a lack of investment vehicles that give pure play exposure to the growth of the lithium market therefore competition for capital is low.INVESTOR DILEMMA Lithium is not commoditized. THE BIG THREE PRODUCERS They are large cap.26B $8.90B 13.9 Albemarle 6.0 Orocobre 4.

15.8 • Ponding facility 2017* Source: USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries *The Project has not been the subject of a feasibility study and there is no guarantee the ponding facility will successfully produce a commercial product on a profitable basis or at all. 11/20 .01M MT LCE Inferred • High grade 501 mg/l • Low Mg/Li ratio of 3. NV • Largest land position in the basin . GLOBAL LITHIUM SUPPLY Lithium X is confident its management team can execute on its roll up strategy Clayton Valley.012 acres • Contiguous to Albemarle’s Silver Peak Sal de Los Angeles • NI 43-101 resource of 1.04M MT LCE Indicated. 1.

LCE) President Macri’s Reform: Elimination of the 5% mineral export tax Unblocked Argentina from international capital markets by settling a long standing dispute with US-based bond investors with respect to its 2001 government bond default Launched a $16.5bn bond issuance. the largest ever in emerging markets Paul Matysek has HSBC expects HSBC estimates President Mauricio Marci HSBC expect Chile’s worked extensively in production in Argentina Argentina will has removed the 5% share in global Argentina having to increase by 68k tons contribute 17% of 2016 tax on lithium exports production to be 35% in advanced two by 2025 from 2016 global supply that and is trying to improve 2016 but decline to 18% projects to the point levels should increase to 23% the regulatory structure by 2025 given increase in of sale: by 2025 of lithium industry Argentine.ARGENTINA’S PUSH Argentine lithium production (k tons. Australian and Canadian supply 12/20 .

6B EV: $522.6M feasibility study • LIX is operator 13/20 .156 ha covering the nucleus of Salar de Diablillos and situated in mining friendly Salta Province Sal de Los Angeles OROCOBRE (SDLA) Deal Terms: Project: Ownership: Stage: ORAROZ 66.5% RAMP UP • LIX issued 8MM EV: $935.ARGENTINE SALARS Sal de los Angeles 8.6M common shares for LITHIUM AMERICAS 50% interest in LITHIUM Project: AMERICAS CAUCHARI-OLAROZ Ownership: 50% SDLA Stage: EV: DFS 50% $258.4M • 26 month option to acquire additional 30% by issuing common shares worth $5MM • LIX must incur $3MM in exploration and development expenditures over FMC GALAXY RESOURCES two-year period and Project: Ownership: Stage: FENIX 100% PRODUCTION Project: Ownership: Stage: SAL DE VIDA 100% DFS compete a EV: $8.

12% average over entire basin • Gravity & seismic survey • Basin lithological and resource model Additional hydrogeological testing was completed in 2016 by Lithium X.5M invested in work on the property between 2010 to 2016: • Extensive drilling campaign • 140 Auger holes. 23 Reverse Circulation. 7 Diamond drill holes. focusing pump tests in northern portion of the salar. 16 Pumping & Monitoring wells • Pre-production well & pump tests completed • 9-29% effective porosity and high transmissivity confirmed.SAL DE LOS ANGELES Salar de Diablillos Approximately C$17. All data compiled to produce NI 43-101 resource estimate produced by FloSolutions (Chile) 14/20 .

01 million tonnes LCE inferred • High grade brine of 501 mg/L Li average • Low average magnesium to lithium ratio of 3.04 million tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) indicated and 1.SAL DE LOS ANGELES Large Resource with High Grade Resource core • NI 43-101 resource of 1.8 • Higher grade brine within Indicated resource (500 to 790 mg/l Li) will be focus of further testing for wellfield construction • Potential to expand resource by further drilling of northern claims 15/20 .

building and/or operation of three construction and development-stage lithium brine projects in Argentina over the last five years 16/20 . *The Project has not been the subject of a feasibility study and there is no guarantee the pilot SESA PILOT PRODUCTION JV plant will successfully produce a commercial product on a profitable basis or at all.500tpa LCE with option to move to 5. PLASA SESA Argentine Subsidiary Lithium X has option to acquire 80% Earns 50% by Earns 30% by Earns 20% contributing contribution for providing US$6MM and is US$3.154 hectares that comprise the Sal de Los Angeles project Ponding Facility Joint Venture • Initial ponding facility aims for 2.000tpa LCE once the project is cash flow positive for a full 12-month period • Partnering with SESA secures know-how and operation of several engineering and construction groups that have been involved in the design.3MM brine operator JV ponding facility restricted to 100 hectares (~1%) of the 8.


18/20 .

at least 5 lithium-rich aquifers and approximately 1:1 Mg:Li ratio HISTORY Rockwood Holdings was purchased by Albemarle Corporation for US$6.2 billion 1967 2004 2016 2014 First lithium production began at Silver Peak in Clayton Valley Rockwood Holdings acquired Lithium X acquires Silver Peak which has been largest land package producing for over 40 years in Clayton Valley 19/20 .CLAYTON VALLEY Host to the only producing lithium operation in North America. Albemarle’s Silver Peak Clayton Valley is known to contain LI Grades ranging from 100 to 420 ppm Li.

CLAYTON VALLEY LiTHIUM X is advancing the largest land package in Clayton Valley covering approximately 15.020 acres 20/20 .