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22nd September,

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But in modern societies. services. formal organizational structures arise in highly institutional contexts. organizations that reflect institutional rules tend to buffer their formal structures from the uncertainties of the 2 . There can develop a tension between on the one hand. it is based on job titles and descriptions (regardless of the fact that who actually does the job). independent of the immediate efficacy of the acquired practices and procedures. Answer: Organizational structure is defined as the formal task and reporting relationship between the management and the employees. division of tasks. and programs that function as myths (and may be ceremonially adopted). Formal structure is the one that can be found in organization charts it follows the job titles and job descriptions along with the information and The formal structure can be found in organization charts. there is an informal structure in which individuals recognize who actually gets which tasks done. the institutionalized products. and to coordinate the work that is to be done without any trouble. Mostly it is hierarchical. To maintain ceremonial conformity. and efficiency criteria on the other hand. the coordination route. Organizations are driven to incorporate the practices and procedures defined by prevailing rationalized concepts of organizational work and institutionalized in society. It also describes the workflow direction. Formal organizations are typically understood to be systems of coordinated and controlled activities that arise when work is embedded in complex networks of technical relations and boundary-spanning exchanges. policies. This is designed by the management for the employees to work hard. But in most organizations. techniques. In an informal structure individuals recognize who actually gets which tasks done. communication channels and the authorities that direct the organizational activities that has been done to achieve common goals and objectives of that organization.Question: Write a note on formal organizational structure. Organizations that do so increase their legitimacy and their survival prospects.

( Formal Channel) 2.technical activities by developing a loose coupling between their formal structures and actual work activities Example: In an organization that follows formal structure. That formal channel can be well understood from the picture below: CEO GM GM GM Procurement Production Marketing M M M M M M AM AM AM AM AM You AM AM AM AM AM AM Formal Organization Structure (With Formal & Informal Routs) Diagram Hints: 1. If you need a specific file. So you have to adapt the formal channel to get the file. But you can’t approach him directly to get the file. Dashed Line ( ) Informal Route to the desired file. you may know that Manager Procurement can easily lay his/her hands on the fie instantly. Dotted Line ( ) Formal Route to the desired file. (Informal Channel) 3 .

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