22:04:12 From peter : lol

22:04:13 From M : radioactive soy?
22:04:14 From terrycole-whittaker : soy is cooked i aluminum vats at ex
tremely high temps so aluminum in soy
22:04:16 From zachary karpel : hahaha
22:04:16 From Blair Bierman : use the forceeee
22:04:20 From Earl Thibert : lol
22:04:20 From Tracy White : now that song is in my head
22:04:20 From cuba perkovic : no soyaaaaa it is not a natural plant at
22:04:22 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Welcome… Blash, blah, blah….
22:04:24 From suzanna cat : CAN ONLY DRINK BLACK COFFEE
22:04:29 From Mercè Gar : hello :)
22:04:29 From Aaron Woffinden : WEEEEELCOME
22:04:30 From peter : 13
22:04:34 From peter : here
22:04:36 From jay gray : lovely Terry!
22:04:38 From suzanna cat : BUT ONLY DrINK IT IN A CAFE
22:04:40 From Tulla Hills : 13th
22:04:41 From peter : omg dst
22:04:46 From peter : 5pm
22:04:47 From Aaron Woffinden : ITS AN HOUR LATER FOR US
22:04:48 From rebecca seman : 5pm
22:04:48 From Susanna.C : and your creaming it of the roof tops suzanna
22:04:50 From cuba perkovic : yes onlz black coffee agreee
22:04:50 From Penny(JC) : We were an hour early
22:04:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : 2:04
22:04:54 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:04:54 From Tracy White : lol 26th here in the u.k
22:04:55 From peter : yep
22:04:57 From XT1049 : i hear the movie "the shack" was really good and
one see it?
22:05:00 From Charlotte Mays : im so freaking tired!
22:05:00 From Connie Townsend : 5:04 PM on East Coast
22:05:02 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : oh yes we do! ! Yup
22:05:05 From Lou Whom : lol yeppers
22:05:05 From peter : spring forward
22:05:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : We’ve been in the room for a while.
22:05:07 From Diane Vieira : Chat is an hour ahead, lol
22:05:08 From Kya : It’s fine for me if later so more likely to not miss
the show ;)
22:05:09 From Tracy White : 26
22:05:13 From Mercè Gar : me too only black only sometimes I love with a
bit of coconut milk or almond milk
22:05:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, I was one of those fools!
22:05:20 From Aaron Woffinden : i thought i was 30 mins LATE... turns o
ut i was 30 mins EARLY
22:05:21 From Tulla Hills : 3:05 in Mountain Standard
22:05:27 From Chris Breakspear : insanity why the fuck dont they all ch
ange at the sam dam time
22:05:28 From Susanna.C : what is the real time anyway ?
22:05:31 From Robert Munoz : thats what i miss about Arizona no time ch
22:05:40 From James W : we need to stop this time change shit
22:05:41 From peter : fuckin retard that invented this shit system
22:05:44 From Aaron Woffinden : SAME ROBERT
22:05:47 From Debbie Horn : it is 4:05 in central tecax
22:05:48 From M : We are not having daylight savings for the second yea
r in a row be jealous
22:05:48 From terrycole-whittaker : does this time change have anything
to do with time lines manipulation
22:05:50 From Norm : April Fools weekend for Australia - LOL
22:05:54 From peter : believe he was canadian
22:05:58 From Kya : those of us outside of time don’t care
22:06:07 From zachary karpel : daylight savings time is pointless imo
22:06:09 From Loma : Real time is art.
22:06:12 From Debbie Horn : time change sucks
22:06:13 From Diane Vieira : stupid system to trap us in time, we are o
utside time
22:06:15 From Aaron Woffinden : ARIZONA is the only state that has thei
r "TIME" shit figured out
22:06:20 From Mercè Gar : yes, soon time will change here too :/
22:06:25 From peter : we are here and we are now thats it!
22:06:25 From maddtom . : Time is an elephant
22:06:32 From Diane Vieira : buckle up folks
22:06:34 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Here it comes...
22:06:36 From Kya : lol
22:06:38 From Mercè Gar : absolutely Tom!
22:06:40 From Aaron Woffinden : i feel it coming
22:06:41 From peter : centered time
22:06:48 From suzanna cat : FUCK TIME
22:06:51 From Mercè Gar : yeap
22:07:06 From Penny(JC) : yes
22:07:07 From Tulla Hills : Best show ever
22:07:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, remember the show.
22:07:09 From dawn : watched it
22:07:10 From Mercè Gar : the talk! yes
22:07:13 From Chris Breakspear : o yeah i remember
22:07:15 From Aaron Woffinden : yeah, never remember that in 2013
22:07:16 From Diane Vieira : I remember that
22:07:18 From Tulla Hills : well next to leeloo show, lol
22:07:19 From Gem : Yep remember that
22:07:26 From cuba perkovic : zes
22:07:29 From cuba perkovic : yesss
22:07:43 From Kya : I never heard of Dwave until last yr
22:07:47 From Penny(JC) : Yes Google has one
22:07:47 From M : rodin s thinker got even more awkward...yes, I the on
e who talks about his kiddies to sound friendly
22:07:55 From Karl from Canada : Lisa s internet is a bit sketchy..!!!!
22:07:58 From dawn : and Cal Tech
22:08:05 From James W : i saw the dwave ted talk in 2013 and google and
cern had one back then
22:08:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : D-wave always makes me think of Da
22:08:07 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
22:08:11 From Tara Michelle Wilson : ;)
22:08:18 From dawn : cern has 3 now
22:08:21 From Mercè Gar : well, but it is known that the black ops have s
tuff which is more than 50 - 100 years in advance of us, so sure they have a D-w
ave quantum computer!
22:08:28 From Penny(JC) : very weird
22:08:29 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Big time
22:08:33 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I don t do time... I AM the White
Rabbit. I threw away my pocketwatch, and the Red Queen can forget about saying "
off with my head!"
22:08:33 From Aaron Woffinden : yup...
22:08:34 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Super duper weird.
22:08:34 From Robert Munoz : love it!
22:08:39 From Kya : yeah crazy crap
22:08:54 From Holly Lindin : Google’s tagline is “Don’t be evil”. A little sus
pect, don tcha think?
22:09:00 From katrina : yep
22:09:08 From Holly Lindin : No idea what “Don’t be evil” has to do with Goog
le’s mapping! :P
22:09:11 From Tulla Hills : yeah
22:09:14 From M : Everybody is saying we have very little...time now AN
D they are relocating... too many..enough said
22:09:15 From Aaron Woffinden : DONT FORGET THE AMAZON GIFT CARD. LOL
22:09:17 From Kya : but now they’re saying they’ve never gotten Dwave to wo
22:09:20 From Connie Townsend : Is that why the sent the virus to the s
pace station?
22:09:22 From Kya : yeah
22:09:24 From maddtom . : DNA...,Dnager Now Always
22:09:27 From Karl from Canada : the first thing they get you to write
in computer programming school... a virus...!!!\
22:09:28 From maddtom . : Danger
22:09:28 From Mercè Gar : yes, this was what I wanted to share earlier to
day it had also something about Morgellons in it!
22:09:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Haha, Aaron.
22:09:31 From Blair Bierman : THAT WAS SO WEIRD
22:09:33 From Loma : So it s impossible for you to be late,Joseph!
22:09:36 From Susanna.C : please take this on !!!!!
22:09:43 From Robert Munoz : they forgot to plug them in haha
22:09:53 From Earl Thibert : lol
22:09:58 From dawn : inside the DWAVE is the coldest place in the unive
22:09:58 From Chris Breakspear : lol
22:09:58 From Tracy White : LOL i’ll have 2
22:10:02 From M : and the unvierse creators manual
22:10:03 From Kya : more than likely Robert
22:10:07 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Things are going to change even
22:10:10 From James W : the trackball and drink holder are extra
22:10:21 From topher : they are using ibm watson quantum computer to do
H&R blocks tax returns its on every commercial
22:10:24 From Loma : Dawn are you sure?
22:10:24 From Penny(JC) : So the timelines are expanding and contractin
22:10:28 From Chris Breakspear : d waves so 2016 .. e wave is the shi
22:10:29 From Penny(JC) : ?
22:10:40 From Blair Bierman : yep
22:10:41 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yup, Penny.
22:10:42 From zachary karpel : mhmmm
22:10:49 From Tracy White : why is it called D wave????
22:10:50 From Aaron Woffinden : don t work? puuuulease....
22:10:55 From dawn : Loma, yes. I watched a video by the creators sayin
g it is coldest place even space
22:11:00 From Robert Munoz : ive seen d wave hi D
22:11:12 From Mercè Gar : it could be another toto/ME-effect?!?
22:11:16 From M : They may not perfom better for the things people need
22:11:21 From Aaron Woffinden : i think so merce
22:11:25 From Loma : That s a Wow!
22:11:25 From Chris Breakspear : dani wave at screen - d wave lol
22:11:36 From Penny(JC) : I wonder if they are cofusing the super compu
ter with the Quantum computer. They ae two different things
22:11:38 From Mia: house of Kelley : Just popped in to say ‘Hi’ & ‘Bye’ Had a h
elluva day so gonna catch the archive this week. Have a great show <3
22:11:38 From Mercè Gar : yes Chris :)
22:11:39 From Aaron Woffinden : lol chris
22:11:41 From Tracy White : WTF
22:11:46 From Debbie Horn : 
22:12:03 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : it gonna get waaaaay faster
22:12:18 From Mercè Gar : Bye Mia and Hello <3
22:12:32 From dawn : quantum computers are good for extremely complicat
ed calculations where there is a massive amount of variables,
22:12:35 From maddtom . : IBM scientists create magnetic atom that coul
d store information Atomic-scale storage of information on computershttp://www.cs
22:13:02 From Dawn Hart : It is on Elon mush video
22:13:09 From Kya : it would have to be analog to use magic
22:13:12 From Blair Bierman : llmao
22:13:12 From maddtom . : IBM Researchers Store Data on World’s Smallest
Magnet -- ause
Scientists Single
Atom Nobel prize-winning microscope to demonstrate techn
ology that could in the future store all songs on iTunes library on the area of
a credit card https://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/51787.wss
22:13:38 From Kya : or any of our energy/power
22:13:40 From suzanna cat : MY CLOCK ON LAPTO SAYS 22.13 wtf??? it is 2
1.13 here in UK
22:14:08 From Chris Breakspear : i m sure there was afew quiblits in my
curry last night
22:14:10 From Mercè Gar : suzanna it is Dani´s screen ;)
22:14:20 From Susanna.C : lol
22:14:23 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : maybe the timeline that it was on
22:14:33 From M : The guy may have popped from an alternative universe,
he is tooc lose to dwave
22:14:38 From phillip s : when was the web site published?
22:14:39 From Tracy White : machine learning??? wtf
22:14:39 From maddtom . : I think I stepped on some quibits on the way
to the grocer
22:14:41 From Kya : or they want us to take our attention away from it
22:14:43 From suzanna cat : OH PHEW>>>> LOL
22:14:44 From Nicole H : I think the DWave would be the universal one b
ecause it is supposed to be good for optimization.
22:14:50 From Chantelle Kennedy : They re trying to fuck with us
22:14:52 From suzanna cat : THANK FUCK FOR THAT
22:14:53 From James W : or when were those pages written?
22:14:56 From Penny(JC) : No because there is too much info out there t
o back up
22:15:04 From zachary karpel : mhm
22:15:07 From Kya : if digital, we can glitch that tech out because we
are analog
22:15:09 From phillip s : yep time lines def crashing in..
22:15:12 From Lou Whom : YES IT IS POOPAGANDA ...
22:15:13 From Mark : haha my laptop s gone bonkers on the time also
22:15:16 From Mariea gill : Did Dani get a new laptop?
22:15:19 From Henk Reintke : they love spend or manny
22:15:26 From Mercè Gar : or they may recognized to have exposed it too e
arly and now are backtracking
22:15:31 From Melanie Worland : hey guys...damnit...still making meatba
lls, yes more to freeze. Oh lord...the T four letter word....ugh. Well, I m no
t alone anyway. LOL
22:15:41 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : maybe that timeline crashed becau
se it was bringing the virus. ..
22:15:43 From Penny(JC) : I really think the timelines are expanding an
d contracting
22:15:56 From Tulla Hills : what are they just trying to get us to crea
te it?
22:15:58 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Dani has the funds needed for
her new comp.
22:16:02 From M : Yes, realitis are co-existing now.
22:16:04 From maddtom . : Catching the wave — Explaining the upside and d
ownside of D-Wave’s new quantum computer 2,000 qubits, more closely connected and
ready to calculate. https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/01/explaining-the-upside
22:16:07 From Matt Poulos : fake tech to steal more money maybe?
22:16:21 From Melanie Worland : me too...
22:16:29 From Aaron Woffinden : that link to the left. lol --> "that ti
me facebook went too far"
22:16:34 From suzanna cat : WINE ANYONE???
22:16:35 From Norm : Hasn t it been stated by folks like Ben Rich when
he retired from Lockheed Skunk Works that the folks in those Black projects are
on a timeline which is at least 25 to 50 years ahead of the matrix which has bee
n imposed upon humanity in general
22:16:36 From topher : proof they are using quantum computers for taxes
check it out folks https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=r6wUTO2W5hM
22:16:36 From Kya : Exactly.. wanting us to create their narratives.. w
e can glitch their tech out and they know it
22:16:43 From Mariea gill : Tha s great! About Dani s new laptop...
22:16:44 From Melanie Worland : yes, metal/crystal stuff that has many
22:16:51 From Penny(JC) : Yes please a big glass please ;)
22:16:55 From Mercè Gar : wow
22:16:58 From phillip s : crystal liquid as food for underwater was tal
ked about by the Chani project years ago ...interesting converging time lines ag
22:17:01 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : oh, that s wierd, I feel like tha
t was a dream
22:17:08 From Aaron Woffinden : TIME CRYSTALS... sounds like napolean d
22:17:09 From Chris Breakspear : saturday i had a woman talking to me i
n my flat but nobody was there so yeah strange weekend
22:17:11 From Melanie Worland : LOL beth
22:17:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I’m pretty hung over… Hair of the dog,
yes please! :)
22:17:24 From Loma : Really ,back to "time" again.
22:17:25 From Kya : they use black goo
22:17:27 From Holly Lindin : *Ha ha ha ha!* Aaron!
22:17:33 From Susanna.C : you talked about this befor months ago i thin
22:17:42 From James W : when D gets her new computer she should name it
Wave....and we can all refer to it as D s Wave computer
22:17:42 From Mercè Gar : ah yes I remember that element
22:17:46 From phillip s : chani project was all controlled by Rand corp
in SA
22:17:48 From suzanna cat : THERE YA GO TARA
22:17:53 From suzanna cat : YAMMAS
22:18:02 From Penny(JC) : right on James lol
22:18:03 From Kya : which are crystals in form.. like the volcanic rock
22:18:04 From Melanie Worland : Yeah Chris....trippy dreams for me, and
the whole time thing...I finally just said fuck it..I m done...doesn t matter w
hat day/time it is or isn t and Directions too, my instinct says East is North..
22:18:09 From Lynn E. Thompson : Yes expanding and contracting, maybe
that s why so many see everything breathing, expanding/ contracting when on hal
ucinagins and such.
22:18:12 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 Susanna.
22:18:17 From Mercè Gar : 222 are in our room now :)
22:18:34 From Mark : one leaving...now.
22:18:45 From suzanna cat : meowww TAra :-)
22:18:49 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Atlantis /Lemuria
22:18:50 From Kya : watched the latest interviews and documents release
d by Herald Kautz Vella
22:18:50 From Connie Townsend : I remember the TV Show from 70’s Room 222
22:18:54 From Melanie Worland : k, can t type for a while...hands yucky
for a while
22:19:00 From Maria Davis : Ha, I am number 222 :)
22:19:01 From peter : time crystal squared then dirty diamonds cubed???
22:19:16 From ann Mc : ooooooh look at Paull McCartney s vid 222:)
22:19:16 From Susanna.C : and what do they work ?
22:19:23 From phillip s : our codes run at the atom level... interestin
g they are converging on the everything is code concept
22:19:25 From Susanna.C : how do they work lol
22:19:27 From Blair Bierman : i smell a time war...even though its alre
ady going on lol
22:19:27 From peter : yep
22:19:38 From Lynn E. Thompson : Steven universe and the crystal gems
22:19:44 From Lynn E. Thompson : cartoon
22:19:50 From peter : stop scrolling so fast dammit
22:19:55 From Aaron Woffinden : one ring to rule them all... one intern
et to unite/rule all the timelines
22:20:08 From Tulla Hills : exactly Aaron
22:20:15 From Henk Reintke : Its all fuckt up D
22:20:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Aaron.
22:20:17 From Mark : laters y all....laundry duty..!
22:20:21 From ann Mc : haha yup aaron
22:20:23 From pauline Jamieson : Yep Aaron
22:20:33 From Beth : sounds like time travel propaganda
22:20:40 From Susanna.C : laundry duty ?
22:20:50 From Kya : the “crystals” they use are not of this realm at all..
the only one they’ve always used to gain power
22:21:02 From phillip s : they wern t having these problems with quantu
m onmy time line
22:21:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Doody laundry ;)
22:21:08 From Mercè Gar : yeap
22:21:09 From Robert Munoz : true Aaron
22:21:18 From ann Mc : Memory crystals
22:21:19 From Chris Breakspear : .ooOO
22:21:24 From Carn DW : like antartica
22:21:33 From Donna : lol
22:21:34 From tom.h : They keep pushinging this tech public release for
22:21:35 From Susanna.C : but that is a good thing right
22:21:37 From Dawn Hart : fuck yhis is not good
22:21:40 From JJ : good word crashing!
22:21:40 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Mmmmhm
22:21:46 From Susanna.C : means the contruct is really breaking down
22:21:51 From phillip s : can t wait for fart computing
22:21:51 From zachary karpel : yup
22:22:03 From Kya : Hahahahahah
22:22:14 From Robert Munoz : ions?
22:22:17 From Chris Breakspear : remote viewing suggests the iss is gon
na break into 2 peices
22:22:17 From maddtom . : What is the purpose....why "super" computer..
.what could possibly go wrong?
22:22:21 From Tulla Hills : lol Phillip
22:22:26 From ann Mc : spontaneous crystal rebellion ?:)
22:22:26 From Susanna.C : like what
22:22:31 From zachary karpel : lol
22:22:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : The ants go marching 1 by 1…
22:22:35 From Aaron Woffinden : and the internet is the CENTER of the W
EB... where all these timelines merge / converge...
22:22:37 From Henk Reintke : yeeee
22:22:38 From Dawn Hart : the paradoxz
22:22:41 From Jina Fergus : #itsallahollogram
22:22:42 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : 5G is going on...
22:22:44 From Donna : yep
22:22:47 From suzanna cat : sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
22:22:50 From Robert Munoz : times up!
22:22:50 From Penny(JC) : They are releasing the super computer to the
22:22:53 From M : yup yup too unstable
22:22:55 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Jina!
22:23:04 From Mercè Gar : yes!
22:23:06 From Tulla Hills : Hi ron :)
22:23:16 From Ron : Ooops :) Hi all
22:23:19 From Joy : thank you lisa, makes me feel better
22:23:28 From zachary karpel : thats what im saying lol
22:23:32 From rebecca seman : has anyone been hearing different tones
22:23:34 From Beth : youtuber stoned rapper phd has an interesting take
on me. check him out
22:23:37 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I spoke of this before you gals ca
me online, my Mother got extremely sick (vomiting, etc) during the time change i
n CA yesterday. My Atomic Clock didn’t catch up until 8:11PM.
22:23:38 From Mercè Gar : Hi Ron!
22:23:39 From Tulla Hills : all levels..yeah
22:23:50 From Robert Munoz : lots of buzzzzz
22:23:54 From Susanna.C : i have a lil mandala effect , i have a hair d
ryer , have it for years and all of a sudden there is a like sticker on it with
a pic of all the other brushes that comes with the hair dryer
22:24:05 From Aaron Woffinden : nice suzanna
22:24:21 From maddtom . : Quantum butnot Dwavecom/2016/01/2-quantum-comp
22:24:22 From Susanna.C : never seen it befor
22:24:22 From Aaron Woffinden : great job catching that
22:24:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Most M.E’s for me are personal.
22:24:25 From Beth : yes dif tones and it happened in my left hear for
the first time
22:24:26 From katrina : yes
22:24:31 From katrina : light flashes
22:24:35 From phillip s : dream time inside awahe moments... all quite
22:24:36 From dawn : all the time
22:24:41 From Susanna.C : singing
22:24:45 From Robert Munoz : good dreams lately
22:24:46 From rebecca seman : different tones
22:24:48 From zachary karpel : yup
22:24:49 From maury : We have been talking about this breakdown for lit
erally years now. It is happening as we speak.
22:24:58 From M : Awake just sitting in front of th computer, last weel
a lot... so glad it s not just me
22:25:08 From Susanna.C : somewhere don t know where it comes from
22:25:08 From M : Those flashes are driving me crazy
22:25:08 From Sandra : yes neon yellow fashes while asleep
22:25:08 From Jayling C : I got smacked with the tears out of nowhere y
22:25:12 From maddtom . : 10 Quantum Computing Companieshttp://www.nanal
22:25:12 From Tracy White : i’ve had a migraine for 4 days..started last
22:25:17 From Debbie Horn : lightening bolt floaters in eyes... strange
22:25:19 From Robert Munoz : i enjoy going to sleep pardon the pun
22:25:22 From george_p9 : had a flash of light and all the jig-saw puzz
les started falling into place
22:25:22 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Lots of light flashes too… Dreams, a
lways interesting!
22:25:30 From peter : omfg my phone wont stop i missed the last 7-10 mi
22:25:37 From marie : Does anyone have a sense of whether the recent bi
g increase in Schumann’s resonance has happened naturally or artificially induced/
or possibly both?
22:25:40 From Tracy White : did u guys see pink volcano???
22:25:42 From suzanna cat : I KEEP GETTING MIGRAINES... MAINLY THE VISU
22:25:45 From phillip s : oh yeh pink and blue just every place
22:25:45 From Maria Davis : there is so much pink everyone is talking a
bout it
22:25:47 From Susanna.C : stripes of things in the air
22:25:52 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : The pink and blue!
22:25:55 From Susanna.C : all colors
22:26:00 From Holly K : oh no! peter too
22:26:19 From Holly K : lynne thimpson!
22:26:22 From Susanna.C : yes
22:26:22 From Tulla Hills : yeah
22:26:23 From Mercè Gar : yes
22:26:23 From dawn : yes
22:26:26 From Kya : yay raining here again now
22:26:28 From Moksha James : pink moon in TX last night
22:26:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I had blue painters tape over my b
uilt in web cam… During the time change I took it off and my webcam stopped workin
22:26:41 From Jayling C : pink clouds in Ohio
22:26:55 From phillip s : the world of dragons
22:26:55 From pauline Jamieson : yes
22:27:03 From Susanna.C : and we used to creat our world
22:27:06 From Aaron Woffinden : holy shit!
22:27:11 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : dragons!
22:27:11 From Aaron Woffinden : sounds like a music video
22:27:20 From peter : the flood maybe?
22:27:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Here be Dragons!
22:27:24 From katrina : petrified wood is radioactive
22:27:24 From Donna : lol aaron
22:27:39 From peter : lol
22:27:47 From peter : not me
22:27:51 From Maria Davis : for once it s not me
22:28:02 From Maria Davis : that s coz l m not on the loo hahhaha
22:28:02 From Susanna.C : the fart computer i bet
22:28:13 From tom.h : Better give link!
22:28:18 From Debbie Horn : lol susanna
22:28:19 From topher : love that song
22:28:26 From Robert Munoz : saw it on UU
22:28:29 From Lori : i dont get that song at all lol
22:28:36 From Tulla Hills : This is awesomeness <3
22:28:36 From Tara Michelle Wilson : A piece of petrified wood sitting
on a small wooden chair, broke the chair yesterday.
22:28:37 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Oh my God ,that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:28:56 From Susanna.C : what is the song i want to look up the lyrics
22:28:59 From Aaron Woffinden : yup
22:28:59 From Donna : super nova
22:29:00 From pauline Jamieson : yes
22:29:01 From jeni : yep
22:29:04 From Penny(JC) : yes
22:29:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes.
22:29:12 From Donna : can hear it
22:29:17 From Tracy White : been signing it all february
22:29:26 From Aaron Woffinden : me too tracey
22:29:30 From Lori : he just says the same thing over and over and over
22:29:32 From Tracy White : lol
22:29:32 From maury : Sky is mostly pink with blue.
22:29:41 From Dianne : i listen to this all the time it resonated with
me so much
22:29:45 From Susanna.C : whats the song ?
22:29:47 From Tracy White : my daughter even forced me to buy her a pie
ce of merch
22:29:52 From Jayling C : orange/pink sky
22:29:54 From jay gray : like the pink sky1
22:29:55 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Contradictions? How about when I l
ooked at the archive of last week s LMH Members call & I saw the "face" circled
on broken-off point of the Azure Window in Malta recorded before I messaged you
on FB about old man of the Mountain in NH.
22:30:04 From Kya : and it’s like he’s on “Mars”
22:30:07 From Mercè Gar : it´s a bit out of sync - or so
22:30:14 From Dreamcatcher <3 : ah this sucks cant get my audio workin
anyone else havib issues
22:30:18 From Holly K : notice the big "dipper" in the back round! my s
is says he talking about Sex
22:30:20 From Lori : is he really saying i feel it come in
22:30:21 From Susanna.C : title pls ?
22:30:28 From Dianne : i never once new about the video.... wow!!! sync
22:30:29 From dawn : yes, problems listening
22:30:33 From Mercè Gar : oh yes true Mars
22:30:36 From Tracy White : the weekend i feel it coming
22:30:36 From Lisa M Harrison : i feel it coming
22:30:45 From Susanna.C : ok thx
22:30:46 From Lisa M Harrison : draft punk
22:30:50 From maddtom . : The Weeknd – ‘I Feel It Coming’ (Feat. Daft Punk)ht
22:30:50 From Lisa M Harrison : the weeknd
22:30:55 From Karl from Canada : Lisa s internet is not so good affecti
ng the playback
22:30:58 From Mercè Gar : and that girl was first bright light? Leeloo?
22:31:05 From Tara Michelle Wilson : It’s a bit glitchy, but still easy t
o see/hear.
22:31:06 From Aaron Woffinden : thats what i thought...
22:31:07 From Dreamcatcher <3 : no i cant hear u lisa
22:31:14 From Janey Benson on fb : good one Merce
22:31:15 From peter : i would never watch this not my cup of tea
22:31:17 From Dreamcatcher <3 : cut out b4 video
22:31:23 From XT1049 : its called -i feel it coming
22:31:24 From Robert Munoz : its long distance
22:31:27 From Aaron Woffinden : the girl in this is the girlfriend to a
rapper named G-DRAGON
22:31:42 From Aaron Woffinden : the girl in this is the girlfriend to a
rapper named G-DRAGON
22:31:57 From Mercè Gar : wow
22:32:01 From katrina : thanks, cuba!
22:32:07 From Tulla Hills : cool Aaron
22:32:12 From Donna : *tears
22:32:15 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Din’t know that, Aaron. TY.
22:32:15 From Trina Ekstrom : whoa
22:32:27 From Mercè Gar : petrified
22:32:29 From Susanna.C : okeeeee i heard this song today on the radio
never heard it befor
22:32:36 From Debbie Horn : brain scrambles for me, ... glitching bad,
22:32:38 From Susanna.C : i swear it
22:32:43 From peter : sound is terrible
22:32:44 From Susanna.C : weird
22:32:45 From jay gray : VERY dark for daft punk!
22:32:50 From Chris Breakspear : too much weed .. stoned
22:32:50 From maddtom . : The Weeknd performed his latest single, "I Fe
el It Coming," at the Grammys with Daft Punk, and now they ve transformed their
futuristic stage appearance into a music video. Directed by Warren Fu, the video
features The Weeknd serenading Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara before they re turn
ed to stone in the middle of space (NBD) and a later cameo from the French elect
ronic duo. After this, don t be surprised if he gets even more comparisons to Mi
chael Jackson.
22:32:57 From zachary karpel : yea
22:33:03 From Jayling C : Pompeii
22:33:03 From Susan Joy : strange...
22:33:04 From Aaron Woffinden : HERE COMES THE COOL PART
22:33:05 From Lori : i only saw the live version, now i see the things
Lisa was talking about in the video
22:33:05 From Tulla Hills : That is the Weekends energy I don t care fo
r him
22:33:09 From suzanna cat : :FROZEN
22:33:16 From Aaron Woffinden : WHERE IS THE ENDING?
22:33:17 From Susanna.C : the what ?
22:33:18 From jeni : no
22:33:20 From Penny(JC) : yes
22:33:21 From Kya : she first showed up in her true energetic light for
m.. wouldn’t be turned into dust
22:33:22 From suzanna cat : ne nahhhh ne nahhhh
22:33:23 From pauline Jamieson : no
22:33:24 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Totally different from DP’s older wo
22:33:26 From dawn : no
22:33:29 From Hextilda Lemon : paly the end
22:33:33 From ArkaSol - : Yes ! makes sense in many ways
22:33:34 From Aaron Woffinden : YOU SKIPPED THE ENDING!
22:33:35 From Adele Marie : Like the Madussa turning to stone
22:33:37 From ann Mc : yes
22:33:37 From Susanna.C : never heard it befor till this morning
22:33:38 From Kya : MARS
22:33:38 From Jean Lindsay : It gave me the feeling of unease really -
22:33:39 From Janey Benson on fb : like when we go we leave our mineral
s behind like a petrified stone
22:33:39 From jay gray : theyve been listening!
22:33:40 From Joo Lee : chem tails
22:33:41 From Dawn Hart : tells u alot
22:33:45 From Tulla Hills : relates even to my death event with all the
22:33:47 From Connie Townsend : They must OPT closet watchers LOL
22:33:48 From peter : michael jackson dancing
22:33:49 From Hextilda Lemon : the ending the best part
22:33:49 From Aaron Woffinden : YOU SKIPPED TH EENDING WITH THE PINK AT
22:33:53 From Dusti C : doesnt he sound like michael Jackson
22:33:54 From zachary karpel : yea
22:33:56 From Kya : the whole MARS NARRATIVE
22:33:58 From Penny(JC) : Me too D lol
22:34:01 From tom.h : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFLhGq0060w
22:34:01 From dawn : yes he does
22:34:02 From M : Yep
22:34:06 From Tracy White : i thought it was first time i heard it
22:34:07 From peter : no thanks
22:34:09 From Tracy White : lol
22:34:12 From peter : hated it
22:34:13 From Taber (Anita) : yeH
22:34:18 From Dianne : ascension light ... messages for those who get i
t change is coming without a doubt
22:34:20 From Norm : LOL - l got up an hour earlier yesterday & this mo
rning - so the songs are an opportunity to space out to partial almost sleep
22:34:20 From Tracy White : i was like shit is he alive again???
22:34:23 From M : Music is deceiving, mesages come out all the time...
22:34:31 From Susanna.C : i don t know
22:34:40 From M : All the time, the final cpuntdown came out decades ag
22:34:41 From Robert Munoz : its cosmic law to disclose
22:34:44 From Moksha James : I m not following the narrative. Missed to
o many CI shows
22:34:49 From XT1049 : what does it may an?
22:34:51 From Penny(JC) : It is part of everyones collective whole
22:34:59 From Maria Davis : Oh yes he does on that track sound like MJ
22:35:00 From Kya : that’s same rapper Daft Punk supposedly did music wit
h before.. that video was much worse.. all about sex.. he’s full propaganda singer
22:35:07 From dawn : who
22:35:10 From Maria Davis : what about katey perry s new vid
22:35:12 From XT1049 : what does it mean?
22:35:15 From Susanna.C : see you on the other side is for me a much mo
re song with a message
22:35:16 From M : We would reinterpret it if time went by and say "this
" was coming... jmo
22:35:23 From Penny(JC) : Yes D
22:35:23 From Maria Davis : Katie Perry s new single
22:35:26 From Mercè Gar : yeap!
22:35:35 From Aaron Woffinden : DAFT PUNBK / WEEKND S GRAMMY S PERFORMA
22:35:36 From Norm : Simpsons predicted Potus Trump
22:35:43 From Chris Breakspear : knowing
22:35:47 From Mercè Gar : yes Norm
22:35:52 From Robert Munoz : becouse it happened before in another time
22:35:55 From Tulla Hills : I ll look that up thanks Aaron
22:35:56 From Lori : they predicted trump president until 2028
22:36:01 From Susanna.C : knowing was a good movie
22:36:06 From Carn DW : yes aaron.. with 2 worlds
22:36:07 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Futurama has a bunch of ME disclos
ures too.
22:36:07 From Holly K : programming people
22:36:11 From Loma : The chrystaline nature of our atoms,allows us (con
sciousness) carry the memory of all of our "incarnations" in 3 seed atoms with u
s throughout timelessness.
22:36:11 From Robert Munoz : crummy?
22:36:12 From Debbie Horn : too young gen for me
22:36:15 From phillip s : is this construct SO predictable... sheesh le
t us get control and see how predictable it becomes... lol
22:36:17 From maury : "KNOWING" The Nicolas Cage movie.
22:36:20 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : BREADCRUMB! !!
22:36:24 From Chris Breakspear : yeah
22:36:24 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : s
22:36:27 From Dreamcatcher <3 : i dont like to pay attention to the med
ia but lady gagas new song PERFECT ILLUSION is interesting lookup lyrics
22:36:31 From Susanna.C : yes with nicolas cage
22:36:32 From Beth : movie- another earth
22:36:34 From Maria Davis : follow the white rabbit
22:36:37 From tamara : yeah, dani -
22:36:38 From Aaron Woffinden : agreed dreamcatcher
22:36:38 From Maria Davis : hahhaha
22:36:40 From Tracy White : 13th floor blew my mind
22:36:48 From Maria Davis : Oh yes the 13th floor
22:36:52 From peter : all star trek
22:36:53 From Beth : rabbit I see in do many movies now
22:36:54 From dawn : Dark Matter
22:36:57 From Robert Munoz : as blind as i am i need the wlole slice
22:36:58 From Chris Breakspear : yeah 13th floor is good
22:37:02 From Debbie Horn : 13th floor yeah
22:37:03 From Tulla Hills : I ve been binging Lost all weekend for the
first time! what a trip
22:37:04 From suzanna cat : YEAH TRACY 13th floor
22:37:05 From katrina : "HER"
22:37:07 From peter : babylon 5
22:37:09 From Mercè Gar : yes the 13th floor
22:37:09 From Nick Mayorga : check out the song Signs by Nujabes feat P
22:37:10 From Susanna.C : lucy gor me on the egde of my seat
22:37:14 From Susanna.C : got
22:37:18 From Norm : 2012 movie
22:37:19 From phillip s : I think our manifesting is causing them to se
e multiple predictions and its confounding them because it all has to be put out
there lol
22:37:19 From peter : now the expanse
22:37:22 From Aaron Woffinden : GEOSTORM MOVIE
22:37:22 From Penny(JC) : yes always evil
22:37:25 From Penny(JC) : lol
22:37:29 From peter : fuck the fear
22:37:30 From Amber Price : Finally here hello!!!
22:37:34 From dawn : haven t seen it
22:37:42 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : exactly Peter
22:37:43 From Kya : I just started watching the show Nowhere Boys.. is
22:37:45 From Penny(JC) : Yes Lisa
22:37:47 From Matt Poulos : i saw the trailer for geostorm last night a
nd laughed
22:37:50 From Robert Munoz : how about good ones like 4400
22:37:52 From Kya : Australian show
22:37:55 From Susanna.C : but hey people ! beauty and the beast if comi
ng to life aswell !!!!! lol
22:37:57 From XT1049 : i hear the movie "the shack" was really good and
one see it?
22:37:59 From peter : sharknado!!!!
22:38:01 From Susanna.C : talking about distraction
22:38:02 From Lori : now hollywood is watching your show to make new mo
vies hahaha
22:38:03 From Aaron Woffinden : geostorm was definitely an eye roll
22:38:03 From Norm : so much of Geostorm has many, many scenes directly
lifted from 2012 movie
22:38:07 From Tulla Hills : hahaha! sharknado
22:38:09 From Sandra : haha yup
22:38:10 From dawn : I remember that one
22:38:12 From Debbie Horn : lol
22:38:12 From Aaron Woffinden : sharknado
22:38:14 From Blair Bierman : the room
22:38:14 From topher : mondays are the best day due to this meeting
22:38:14 From Maria Davis : you two are so funny
22:38:14 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:38:14 From jay gray : totally! nothinnew!
22:38:15 From cuba perkovic : like thez do to us in the construct alwaz
s repeating over and over
22:38:18 From Susanna.C : alien virus preditor
22:38:19 From Penny(JC) : I love Sharknado
22:38:19 From Chris Breakspear : whats that avatar looking thing coming
out this year i forget the name .. looks epic
22:38:20 From Robert Munoz : tootsi
22:38:20 From maddtom . : 6 Movies That Predicted Disasters With Eerie
th-eerie-accuracy.htmlTop 10 Films that Predicted the Futurehttp://listverse.com/20
22:38:21 From phillip s : because they have lost the connection to us t
hey can only repeat the narritives they have over and over
22:38:24 From Matt Poulos : wohooo sharknado
22:38:26 From Aaron Woffinden : we all know bambi wins
22:38:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Ha, Bambi!
22:38:32 From XT1049 : i hear the movie "the shack" was really good and
one see it?
22:38:33 From Henk Reintke : king kong is up Agene
22:38:34 From Amber Price : yeppers
22:38:35 From Penny(JC) : 4 was the best so far
22:38:37 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : I found an old book guys...called
Mirror Mirror. . .
22:38:41 From Lou Whom : soylent green is people
22:38:46 From Tulla Hills : cool beth
22:38:54 From Aaron Woffinden : beth... dont you mean *magic mirror*
22:38:57 From Nick Mayorga : ooh good book coming up lately
22:38:58 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:39:00 From Tara Michelle Wilson : By whom, Beth Ann?
22:39:02 From Chris Breakspear : misread that soylent greeen is purple
22:39:05 From Tulla Hills : he did!?
22:39:06 From Lemon Panda : Actually if you think about the current GMO
S, giant mutant killer tomatos might have been predictive programming as well.
22:39:08 From M : me too lol
22:39:14 From Maria Davis : can you post the link D?
22:39:14 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Hang on..
22:39:16 From peter : i watching jaypee last night
22:39:22 From Aaron Woffinden : that word... abyss
22:39:22 From kristel tempest : called what Lisa?
22:39:23 From Tulla Hills : yeah Lemon
22:39:25 From dawn : say that again
22:39:26 From Mercè Gar : yes, soylent green with vaccines now is more th
an possible :/
22:39:32 From tom.h : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_LieZEwx3Y --th
22:39:37 From suzanna cat : the tomorrow people from 1974 Blue ANd Gree
ns was interesting
22:39:48 From Connie Townsend : thanks tom
22:39:48 From Janey Benson on fb : can you say that again, it was blurr
22:39:48 From Tulla Hills : NewEarth
22:39:51 From Robert Munoz : everytime time i see a vid that im not to
see they put me to sleep
22:39:52 From Kya : it’s not their connection to us.. but as we become mo
re aware of everything, we truly see how everything works here.. just HIStory re
peating itself over and over again.. only thing they can do because they cannot
create so no new ideas ever
22:39:53 From Lou Whom : women
22:40:02 From Jenny : megaliths
22:40:04 From Beth : arrival. positive tho, for for once
22:40:05 From garydavis : New Earth
22:40:06 From suzanna cat : I saw the m all on youtube
22:40:09 From Charlie Ann : newearth
22:40:10 From tamara : yes- new earth
22:40:11 From Sandra : peter anything worth while regarding jaypee?
22:40:13 From Tulla Hills : I ve watched about half of those they are g
22:40:15 From cuba perkovic : like this contruct/matrix is onlz 300 ye
ars old
22:40:15 From peter : time needs to be unfucked
22:40:17 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire
22:40:23 From GreenOzone : that video is not searchable. it was only p
osted for those who got their hands on the link
22:40:24 From Maria Davis : thanks for the last link, has anyone got th
e false history link?
22:40:25 From Norm : LOL - I ushered a concert by the National Orchestr
a of Ukraine on Friday evening
22:40:27 From jay gray : silvie ivanovich
22:40:27 From Nova Gaia : Silvana Ayvanova
22:40:33 From phillip s : yes
22:40:34 From Susanna.C : no
22:40:34 From Amber Price : no
22:40:34 From Kenneth Lembo : Yes
22:40:36 From Robert Munoz : no
22:40:37 From Tulla Hills : no
22:40:38 From sarah Harvey-Vojciak : yes
22:40:38 From Steph A : no
22:40:38 From Lynda . : no
22:40:38 From phillip s : yes
22:40:38 From Mercè Gar : and I heard of Sylvie -new earth or so
22:40:39 From suzanna cat : NO
22:40:39 From dawn : no
22:40:40 From Holly Lindin : no
22:40:40 From kristel tempest : no
22:40:40 From cuba perkovic : no
22:40:41 From James W : no
22:40:41 From peter : i thought they moved it
22:40:42 From Kya : Never
22:40:42 From jay gray : no
22:40:42 From Penny(JC) : Not that I know of
22:40:42 From Reece : no
22:40:42 From R s Pad : not that I know of
22:40:42 From Kenneth Lembo : yes
22:40:42 From Jeff Gates : By the russians
22:40:42 From Maria Davis : it was put together
22:40:43 From Mercè Gar : nope
22:40:43 From Henk Reintke : no
22:40:45 From Tracy White : omg i saw that too but never heard of it
22:40:45 From Melanie Worland : yes, but didn t find out until last yea
22:40:45 From Tara Michelle Wilson : TY, Beth.
22:40:46 From pauline Jamieson : No not that I’m aware of
22:40:46 From Dawn Hart : I heard that it was
22:40:46 From zachary karpel : no
22:40:46 From Debbie Horn : ty Beth Ann
22:40:46 From Jenny : no
22:40:47 From Gem : no
22:40:47 From Caterina : no
22:40:47 From jeni : no
22:40:47 From Blair Bierman : they just moved it a month or so ago
22:40:48 From Lori : i know they had a crane they moved it
22:40:48 From Kya : only “re-built”
22:40:49 From VikiB : No
22:40:50 From Chris Breakspear : no
22:40:50 From Karl from Canada : No... but i heard it was rebuit
22:40:51 From Sonja Karensdatter : no
22:40:52 From Tara Michelle Wilson : No.
22:40:53 From Blair Bierman : i heard
22:40:56 From Susanna.C : lol
22:40:56 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:40:57 From jeni : lol
22:40:57 From sarah Harvey-Vojciak : in the 1950 s
22:40:58 From Russ : no
22:40:58 From suzanna cat : haha
22:40:58 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
22:40:59 From Janey Benson on fb : I saw it in 1972
22:40:59 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Yes was moved
22:40:59 From phillip s : ROFL
22:41:00 From Blair Bierman : but officially no
22:41:00 From Amber Price : lol
22:41:03 From Norm : LOLOL
22:41:04 From Trina Ekstrom : no
22:41:05 From Mercè Gar : only heard of reconstruction or so
22:41:05 From Jenny Thomas : It was rebuild in the 50 s there are photo
22:41:06 From garydavis : Good vid on youtube of rocks being placed bac
k in the day
22:41:06 From Colin Watson : i read about it in 1958
22:41:07 From Susanna.C : who else /
22:41:07 From philippe : Anatoly Fomenko
22:41:08 From p : no, but I thought they moved one of the other henges.
22:41:09 From jay gray : n way! its super famous here
22:41:09 From Lori : yup
22:41:09 From Taber (Anita) : never heard that
22:41:10 From Kya : F Cliff High
22:41:12 From Henk Reintke : they rebild it
22:41:16 From Maria Davis : as far as l know it had fallen down and peo
ple put the bits on top
22:41:16 From Jayling C : Newearth’s channel https://www.youtube.com/chan
22:41:16 From lin pollard : Stonehenge was re-built
22:41:16 From Patricia : no
22:41:19 From Daniél G. : Lol! Funny!
22:41:22 From suzanna cat : i went stonehenge back i 1974
22:41:23 From sara ann hume : I know it was tampered with in the 1950s
22:41:23 From Amber Price : eho Cliff?
22:41:25 From Dawn Hart : yes
22:41:26 From Lori : yes
22:41:26 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Debbie :)
22:41:27 From Holly Lindin : Thank you Jayling!
22:41:27 From Russ : I read a article on it saying it was built in 1950
a while ago
22:41:27 From James W : no
22:41:28 From Jenny Thomas : Yes
22:41:29 From jay gray : no
22:41:31 From Kya : hahahah
22:41:33 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : no
22:41:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : What year?
22:41:39 From Susanna.C : been there in 1999
22:41:44 From Robert Munoz : they line up with the lay lines
22:41:46 From Kya : they wouldn’t move it because of the original leyline
22:41:47 From Jenny Thomas : 50 s
22:41:47 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I just watched Geostorm trailer...
That is way beyond "Day After Tomorrow."
22:41:52 From Lou Whom : 1954 to58
22:41:54 From Karl from Canada : rebuilt in the 1920 s is what i read..
22:41:54 From kristel tempest : WTF!!!!!!!!! no way
22:41:54 From Colin Watson : twice in fact
22:41:54 From jay gray : wales
22:41:59 From sara ann hume : blue stone from wales
22:42:00 From Gem : It was restored -
22:42:01 From phillip s : they don t talk publically about it but there
are photos etc plus they uncovered artifacts under some of the sarison stones
22:42:02 From Tulla Hills : cool Susanna!
22:42:02 From Kenneth Lembo : twice
22:42:04 From ann Mc : Maria Wheatley just did a new vid...if stones we
re moved the frq/vibrations woulod stay also at the original site...yes it may
have been moved
22:42:05 From Melanie Worland : temporarily de-gunked...never saw video
until last year.
22:42:06 From Tracy White : yup 20’s i saw
22:42:07 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Twice?!
22:42:09 From Lori : yes D
22:42:14 From Robert Munoz : never moved
22:42:15 From Susanna.C : never heard of it not even when i was there
22:42:17 From Melanie Worland : It was b&w video
22:42:17 From Penny(JC) : I have heard of the reconstruction
22:42:20 From cuba perkovic : hmmmmm
22:42:22 From jay gray : no way it was moved there would have been an u
22:42:22 From Kenneth Lembo : Rebar in stone
22:42:25 From Loma : stonehenge moved to hide the real power point unde
22:42:29 From Kya : I heard that being done back in the 80s early 90s a
22:42:30 From Tulla Hills : Maria Wheatley also had her whole website d
22:42:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Not in my empty timeline!
22:42:31 From Trina Ekstrom : what?!
22:42:35 From Melanie Worland : sure why not?
22:42:36 From Steph A : thought it was the national trust
22:42:39 From Susanna.C : hmmmm
22:42:39 From jeni : really?
22:42:40 From Chris Breakspear : as you do
22:42:40 From Penny(JC) : No fucking way
22:42:40 From Robert Munoz : its paid off by now
22:42:43 From Carn DW : disney
22:42:44 From Debbie Horn : 
22:42:45 From Maria Davis : that s funny
22:42:48 From Mercè Gar : wow! not heard of that before!?!
22:42:48 From Jayling C : Trina!
22:42:50 From Jenny Thomas : I knew that
22:42:51 From Colin Watson : moved to make a bypass then put back but n
ot as it was
22:42:53 From peter : lol
22:42:53 From Susanna.C : lol
22:42:57 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Haha.
22:42:58 From Lynn Thompson : we have a replica in wa state
22:43:02 From Melanie Worland : yup yup
22:43:03 From Trina Ekstrom : jayling! 
22:43:06 From Mercè Gar : and what about Aveburry
22:43:06 From Kya : Maria’s youtube videos are still up
22:43:08 From Tulla Hills : I went throught that phase in my twenties t
oo ,lol
22:43:10 From Mercè Gar : yes
22:43:11 From Susanna.C : is it even rea;
22:43:13 From sara ann hume : yes
22:43:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : British Heritage Society must be h
is company, according to this timeline...
22:43:15 From Susanna.C : real
22:43:19 From Aaron Woffinden : google search returns this
22:43:20 From Aaron Woffinden : Original Stonehenge was dismantled in W
ales and moved to Wiltshire
22:43:23 From Aaron Woffinden : 160 miles
22:43:24 From Kya : watch the one about stonehenge.. it’s surrounded by m
ilitary factions
22:43:28 From Melanie Worland : don
22:43:31 From Robert Munoz : in my other reality you guys wernt in it
22:43:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Like The Great Wall of China being
22:43:35 From Trina Ekstrom : no no no it didnt move
22:43:35 From Melanie Worland : I dunno
22:43:39 From Maria Davis : what???
22:43:40 From Jenny Thomas : No
22:43:40 From maddtom . : Stonehenge has changed ownership several time
s since King Henry VIII acquired Amesbury Abbey and its surrounding lands. In 15
40 Henry gave the estate to the Earl of Hertford. It subsequently passed to Lord
Carleton and then the Marquess of Queensberry. The Antrobus family of Cheshire
bought the estate in 1824. During World War I an aerodrome (Royal Flying Corps "
No. 1 School of Aerial Navigation and Bomb Dropping") was built on the downs jus
t to the west of the circle and, in the dry valley at Stonehenge Bottom, a main
road junction was built, along with several cottages and a cafe. The Antrobus fa
mily sold the site after their last heir was killed in the fighting in France. T
he auction by Knight Frank & Rutley estate agents in Salisbury was held on 21 Se
ptember 1915 and included "Lot 15. Stonehenge with about 30 acres, 2 rods, 37 pe
rches [12.44 ha] of adjoining downland
22:43:41 From peter : i remember it was moved and i thougt wtf how can
they do that
22:43:42 From dawn : it was originaly in Wales??
22:43:47 From zachary karpel : i do not consent
22:43:48 From Connie Townsend : The tour guide we had when we toured SH
didn’t mention any of this and he was a walking encyclopedia
22:43:48 From Susanna.C : nevere
22:43:48 From jay gray : n stones were from wales!!!!
22:43:51 From Amber Price : thought that stonehenge was on ley lines
22:43:52 From Maria Davis : not in my reality
22:43:52 From phillip s : No no no..
22:43:53 From Susanna.C : -e
22:43:53 From Maria Davis : either
22:43:55 From Melanie Worland : no, me either...in England
22:44:02 From Jenny Thomas : Blue stones came from wales
22:44:05 From Penny(JC) : OMG so its no longer in WHales
22:44:06 From Russ : Never heard that
22:44:07 From jay gray : ye!
22:44:12 From Melanie Worland : well yeah stones from all over.. LIsa t
ripping me out
22:44:13 From Tracy White : mhmmm would make sense cos of druids in wal
22:44:13 From Penny(JC) : lol sp
22:44:15 From Dawn Hart : hahahaha this is great
22:44:15 From Susanna.C : my guy is english and he knows
22:44:17 From Jayling C : I only heard about this reconstruction within
several months ago
22:44:18 From Robert Munoz : how
22:44:19 From Jim McCutcheon : The stones were qurried in Wales.
22:44:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That s nuts!
22:44:24 From Tulla Hills : Just when stone henge can t get any more my
22:44:24 From Susanna.C : and no never was lol
22:44:26 From Dawn Hart : another THERE S YOUR SIGN
22:44:26 From jay gray : jst the blue stones
22:44:31 From Susanna.C : not in mine
22:44:33 From Kimber Zelik : modern concreat foundation
22:44:34 From Lou Whom : some of the stones
22:44:38 From Norm : Then again, Stonehenge has a Very Similar appearan
ce to the holder for the Levitation Craft which the Germans were trying to creat
e in the earwly 40s - known as the Nazi BELL - docmented in Joseph P Farrell s
book about "The Bell"
22:44:38 From Chris Breakspear : facepalms
22:44:43 From Dawn Hart : YES
22:44:44 From Amber Price : my head has perma face palm
22:44:50 From maddtom . : Cecil Chubb bought the site for £6,600 and gave
it to the nation three years later. Although it has been speculated that he pur
chased it at the suggestion of—or even as a present for—his wife, in fact he bought
it on a whim, as he believed a local man should be the new owner
22:44:51 From Susanna.C : enough to make you go drink
22:44:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Always timelines collapsing.
22:44:51 From Chris Breakspear : lol
22:44:51 From phillip s : it was dismantled and moved several meters OF
F the lay line from my memory
22:44:52 From Mercè Gar : no I only knew that Merlin brought stones from
Wales to build Stonehenge in the Salisbury plains
22:44:52 From Amber Moksha : blue stone from wales
22:44:57 From Kya : the military’s got stonehenge all guarded now
22:45:01 From Susanna.C : heavily !
22:45:02 From Robert Munoz : are almost there yet?
22:45:04 From Trina Ekstrom : the stones were brought from somewhere el
se but it has never moved since it was erected. goood god this hurts my head.
22:45:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : BLUE stones.
22:45:10 From Amber Price : why is military involved
22:45:10 From Penny(JC) : Yes D
22:45:12 From Beth : I thought stone hedge was in cornwall???
22:45:17 From Melanie Worland : anyone else see teh time vortex in ...s
orry, Antarctica that the weather balloon came back with a january something 196
5...3x s
22:45:18 From Amber Moksha : yes blue
22:45:21 From Amber Price : me too Beth
22:45:30 From suzanna cat : YEAH GOOD POINT DANI
22:45:32 From Chris Breakspear : didnt afew people vanish from stoenhen
ge rumoured through portal
22:45:34 From Beth : good not mad lol
22:45:35 From Jayling C : No Melanie
22:45:42 From Iain Miller : ishtar
22:45:45 From Anastasia Mantani : fuck it....are we there yet? let me o
ff the crazy train!!!
22:45:46 From Kya : just as the military’s guarding ancient temples/ re-b
uilding temples in the middle east.. all what the war was originally about
22:45:46 From Melanie Worland : same place "artificial object" U.S. usi
ng that nuclear tunneler to get to...
22:45:47 From peter : because time is being "centered" now all time lin
es and all memories are one.
22:45:47 From rebecca seman : is there tones when other timelines come
22:45:48 From Jeff Gates : STONEHENGE: http://worldtruth.tv/1954-phot
22:45:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Blue is the new black!
22:45:52 From Jayling C : If you find the link Mel please share
22:45:58 From Tulla Hills : Maybe that is why they moved it Chris
22:46:03 From Mercè Gar : Beth Tintagle is in Cornwall
22:46:06 From julianneduffy : Hey everyone!! How late am I did the sho
w start 45 min ago or an hour and 45 min ago?
22:46:07 From Melanie Worland : k, will do
22:46:12 From Lemon Panda : I ve lost track of all the mandela effects
and have just come to terms that everything has happened in some reality and bef
ore long I will remember it all.
22:46:14 From Robert Munoz : fax machine in the fourties
22:46:18 From Tulla Hills : 45 min ago
22:46:28 From julianneduffy : Thanks Tulla
22:46:33 From Beth : wiltshire was what I was questioning
22:46:36 From Kya : that’s at most megalithic sites now
22:46:37 From Kenneth Lembo : Yep dani academia controls narrative
22:46:39 From Beth : ??
22:46:46 From Kya : not even cell phone pics now
22:46:57 From Amber Price : why
22:46:59 From Mercè Gar : wow!
22:47:04 From ann Mc : I ll post the Maria Wheatley vid at LMH
22:47:06 From Kya : they don’t want the truth getting out
22:47:10 From Beth : 45 mins ago
22:47:13 From Robert Munoz : with gears?
22:47:29 From zachary karpel : exactly
22:47:34 From Trina Ekstrom : exactly
22:47:37 From Kya : watch Sylvia Ivanova’s videos
22:47:38 From Debbie Horn : 
22:47:39 From Henk Reintke : foto wil geans
22:47:42 From M : hmmm
22:47:43 From Blair Bierman : a good gardener
22:47:46 From Mercè Gar : the weather was different everywhere at that ti
22:47:52 From Amber Price : yes
22:47:53 From Susanna.C : yes !
22:47:54 From Robert Munoz : no
22:47:54 From Gem : yep
22:47:54 From sara ann hume : yes
22:47:55 From Tracy White : yup
22:47:57 From Jina Fergus : yes
22:47:58 From Maria Davis : I m confused, where have the palm trees co
me from?
22:47:59 From maddtom . : Charlie is a fav
22:47:59 From Henk Reintke : yes
22:48:00 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I am.
22:48:00 From Chris Breakspear : kinda
22:48:00 From tamara : yes
22:48:01 From zachary karpel : not me
22:48:01 From peter : just christmas carrol
22:48:02 From Kya : I used to
22:48:02 From Mercè Gar : some things yes
22:48:07 From Maria Davis : l ve been to the museum
22:48:07 From Lou Whom : all the hi STORY
22:48:11 From M : nope
22:48:11 From maddtom . : yes
22:48:11 From Mercè Gar : nope
22:48:12 From Kya : nope
22:48:13 From Janey Benson on fb : no
22:48:14 From Chris Breakspear : whaaaaat ?
22:48:14 From zachary karpel : mo
22:48:14 From julianneduffy : no
22:48:14 From Trina Ekstrom : no
22:48:15 From Tulla Hills : no
22:48:15 From Maria Davis : no
22:48:15 From Amber Price : yes
22:48:15 From Sony : Yes
22:48:15 From Lynda . : no
22:48:15 From Blair Bierman : no
22:48:16 From Henk Reintke : noo
22:48:17 From jay gray : yes
22:48:18 From suzanna cat : NOPE
22:48:18 From Steph A : rings a bell
22:48:19 From Susanna.C : he was born on the same day as me
22:48:20 From tamara : no
22:48:20 From peter : nope but i am dumb
22:48:20 From Susanna.C : no
22:48:24 From jeni : no
22:48:26 From Gem : No
22:48:26 From Jim McCutcheon : yes
22:48:26 From Tara Michelle Wilson : ::spit take::
22:48:27 From Jina Fergus : rings a bell
22:48:28 From sara ann hume : no
22:48:31 From Amber Price : haaa
22:48:31 From M : but not a big fan
22:48:32 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Nope.
22:48:32 From Kya : I read that, but had to for school
22:48:38 From Robert Munoz : your not dumb Peter
22:48:41 From peter : lol
22:48:47 From peter : ;)
22:49:01 From Mercè Gar : agreeeeed!
22:49:03 From Kya : False Chronology?
22:49:04 From Susanna.C : <<<< history nut
22:49:12 From Susanna.C : geek lol
22:49:13 From Chris Breakspear : hahaaa
22:49:14 From jay gray : silvie ivanovch good on this
22:49:19 From Pamela C : I believe that ---all bullshit
22:49:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : History is nuts!
22:49:28 From Jayling C : I love Sylvie
22:49:43 From Tulla Hills : yeah she is brilliant!
22:49:45 From Amber Price : remember encyclopedias? wonder what has cha
nged in them now
22:49:52 From Robert Munoz : 
22:50:04 From maddtom . : A Child s History of England by Charles Dicke
22:50:07 From Tracy White : 1601
22:50:16 From Mercè Gar : the Lizzy the first ah around that time
22:50:20 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Good question, Amber. Thinking the
same thing.
22:50:24 From Sony : I ve read somewhere that he is was a Mason...
22:50:29 From sara ann hume : 1550s
22:50:30 From Susanna.C : no
22:50:30 From Lou Whom : had that thought few days ago Amber :)
22:50:38 From Melanie Worland : caught end of news saying some building
they blew up in Syria?? there was a 7k year old building beneath it...yesterd
ays news...caught it on crawler.
22:50:42 From Janey Benson on fb : ok I am screaming oh my gosh!!!!!!!!
22:50:45 From Amber Price : wish I hadnt sold them
22:50:51 From Kya : Shmuel Asher on his website has an article of what
the wars in the middle east are all about and show pictures of all these soldier
s guarding ancient temple sites and other ancient sites all throughout the middl
e east.. they’ve been re-building a lot of them
22:50:55 From Janey Benson on fb : wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:51:04 From Chris Breakspear : hahahaaaaa
22:51:09 From Amber Price : omg
22:51:11 From Tara Michelle Wilson : What the Dickens?!
22:51:12 From Mercè Gar : lol :D
22:51:13 From dawn : what???
22:51:13 From Susanna.C : lololololol
22:51:13 From pauline Jamieson : lol
22:51:15 From suzanna cat : lol JANEY
22:51:15 From Amber Price : wut
22:51:17 From Chris Breakspear : lol tara
22:51:18 From Kya : since Bush first invaded
22:51:18 From Melanie Worland : LMFAO
22:51:21 From Donna : bwahahahahahahahahha
22:51:21 From Toye Elizabeth : lmao
22:51:23 From Susanna.C : omg !
22:51:23 From Aaron Woffinden : what the fuck?
22:51:24 From jay gray : hahaha
22:51:25 From Melanie Worland : too fucking funny
22:51:25 From Mercè Gar : hahahaha
22:51:27 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Right!
22:51:28 From pauline Jamieson : you couldn’t make it up lol
22:51:31 From I_AM Shimalaii : OMG ... That is hysterical
22:51:32 From Robert Munoz : Mathew?
22:51:34 From Lynda . : hahahaha!!
22:51:36 From Mercè Gar : yes
22:51:37 From Penny(JC) : Oh wow
22:51:40 From Toye Elizabeth : mathew mark luck and fuckin john - bwaha
22:51:41 From Connie Townsend : oh my
22:51:41 From Iain Miller : yea I thought this was crazy too
22:51:42 From James W : 1500 years late?
22:51:45 From Sony : 
22:51:45 From Janey Benson on fb : in a strange language!!! locked in a
22:51:46 From maddtom . : They were probably relly glad to get out....s
uch a long time...
22:51:47 From Chris Breakspear : oopsy
22:51:48 From Susanna.C : never heard that
22:51:49 From dawn : the Flavians wrote the new test
22:51:49 From Melanie Worland : Wow, Dickens mindfucked us
22:51:50 From Aaron Woffinden : COGNITIVE DISSONANCE...
22:51:52 From Donna : from horror to comedy
22:51:54 From jay gray : silvie sys its all fucked1
22:51:55 From Amber Price : mind blown
22:52:00 From Holly Lindin : Casting spells?
22:52:02 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : WHaaaaaaaa
22:52:03 From Jaqueline Raye : aaaahhhh
22:52:05 From Moksha James : There must be an intelligence behind some
of these toto effects
22:52:11 From Mercè Gar : around that time Martin Luther translated the B
ible into German as far as I remember?!?
22:52:12 From Susanna.C : not een the simpsons can come with that
22:52:14 From Chris Breakspear : lmfao
22:52:15 From suzanna cat : spells
22:52:17 From Trina Ekstrom : well butter my butt nd call me a biscuit!
lord it cant be more absurd thn this! how fake is this construct? i want to sho
w that to my mom who believes the bible word for word! 
22:52:20 From Beth : ai creating its own language
22:52:24 From maddtom . : Dr WHo was there too!!
22:52:24 From Lemon Panda : it means the scripture was in latin and no
one could read it
22:52:25 From Lynda . : Dickens does it again...
22:52:25 From Robert Munoz : intresting
22:52:26 From Amber Price : when did King James happen?
22:52:27 From Mercè Gar : yeap
22:52:28 From Donna : introduce the bible
22:52:30 From Donna : LOL
22:52:35 From Maria Davis : or is this a mandela effect?
22:52:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes... We can t make this shit up.
.. okay!
22:52:36 From Donna : this is too funny
22:52:40 From Karl from Canada : i notice a lot of things in history al
l ahppened around the 1500 s
22:52:43 From Pamela C : some one needs to get their stories straight
22:52:45 From Mercè Gar : got to look Martin Luther up
22:52:47 From tamara : bible 1606
22:52:47 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : brain box breaking over heya..
22:52:48 From Aaron Woffinden : how does this tie into the council of n
22:52:53 From zachary karpel : lol
22:52:54 From Maria Davis : it probably isn t an ME though
22:52:55 From Chris Breakspear : reformation of the church .. sit arou
nd smoke some weed make up a story
22:52:55 From Jayling C : Well is he writing history or fiction?
22:53:01 From Sony : @Karl...very true!!!
22:53:03 From Tulla Hills : Did they have a Tardis?
22:53:05 From Amber Price : think so
22:53:06 From Kya : read Shmuel Asher’s books.. or just watch the Triunit
iy series on Randy Maugan’s channel
22:53:08 From Robert Munoz : Hebrew
22:53:13 From Trina Ekstrom : whoa lisa!!!
22:53:15 From jay gray : YES!!!!!! that sounds right
22:53:16 From maddtom . : Member the missng centuries of this timeline.
22:53:17 From Melanie Worland : and the scribers could not read
22:53:18 From Kya : you can find a LOT at just his website
22:53:18 From Susanna.C : hmmmmm
22:53:18 From Penny(JC) : Oh could be Lisa
22:53:18 From Jina Fergus : could be
22:53:21 From Maria Davis : ls there any other piece of info that goes
with this?
22:53:29 From Joo Lee : spell casting
22:53:29 From Donna : yep
22:53:30 From Robert Munoz : and had a big meal
22:53:31 From dawn : does it mean to release the bible in a different l
22:53:31 From Amber Price : their agenda
22:53:31 From jay gray : joseph scalegor
22:53:34 From Trina Ekstrom : that makes so much sense!!!!
22:53:36 From Maria Davis : this is so interesting guys
22:53:38 From Karl from Canada : not the only one then sony..??? ;-)
22:53:39 From Toye Elizabeth : like a tv script crew
22:53:39 From Tara Michelle Wilson : LMAO.
22:53:40 From Chris Breakspear : hahaaaa
22:53:40 From Susanna.C : so if that is so they never new a jesus
22:53:41 From Donna : lol
22:53:44 From Lynda . : paper scissors rock
22:53:44 From Lemon Panda : yes dawn
22:53:44 From Tulla Hills : yeah, lol
22:53:46 From Jina Fergus : cross referenced the shit out of it.
22:53:46 From Susanna.C : knew
22:53:47 From Kenneth Lembo : It s all been written not in ancient time
s. Ancient coinage proves it
22:53:51 From Lemon Panda : in english
22:53:54 From Kenneth Lembo : Jamestown
22:53:54 From katrina : or could being "held in a strange language " me
an under a spell??
22:53:56 From dawn : Jebus help us
22:53:58 From Mercè Gar : oh Lizzy I had John D on here side
22:53:59 From Amber Price : bingo
22:54:06 From dawn : The Flavians
22:54:09 From Robert Munoz : of course
22:54:16 From Melanie Worland : The reformation..
22:54:18 From Donna : is dedicated to her
22:54:20 From Kya : I found out from his book, Shmuel Asher’s ancestor is
the man who originally wrote the original Torah.. has the knowledge passed down
through his family
22:54:22 From Penny(JC) : So they might have been locked up a very long
22:54:22 From Trina Ekstrom : my mind is blown. seriously.
22:54:29 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : yes there is
22:54:30 From tamara : yes dani
22:54:32 From Maria Davis : the king james bible is the one that has be
en changing so where are we on this?
22:54:33 From Amber Price : me too Trina
22:54:34 From Debbie Horn : yes i have seen that D
22:54:37 From tamara : correct
22:54:38 From Melanie Worland : WELL D...YOU ASKED FOR TRANSPARENCY....
22:54:43 From Kya : yep
22:54:44 From Chris Breakspear : thought i smelled smoke trina :D
22:54:45 From Robert Munoz : in the beginning is the part that is corre
22:54:47 From sara ann hume : james and francis bacon
22:54:47 From terrycole-whittaker : i agree kya shamble asher’s work also
points to the real hebrews and also christians who were essene’s and healing was
done through vegetarianism and cleansing the colon, etc.
22:54:51 From Aaron Woffinden : YES ITS TRUE
22:54:52 From maddtom . : 1769 King James Bible Introductionhttps://www.
22:54:54 From M : I m done with this prison planet
22:54:55 From Karl from Canada : King James was supposed to be translat
ed from older ecords
22:54:56 From Aaron Woffinden : this info... might seriously upset some
22:54:57 From Sony : @D...yup!!!
22:54:59 From garydavis : You go Girl.
22:55:00 From Kya : the Byzantine monks
22:55:01 From M : no pun intended
22:55:03 From Mariana Badescu : bible was writen in lating then there w
ere two attempts to translet it in english to be available to the comon ppl. bot
h guys were persecuted by the higher up, was considered tabu
22:55:08 From Melanie Worland : too bad...time to make the donuts dude
22:55:09 From Susanna.C : but that wayyyyyyy after elisabeth
22:55:09 From jay gray : yes Dani!
22:55:10 From Donna : I can t stop mentally laughing
22:55:10 From Debbie Horn : yup
22:55:11 From Robert Munoz : its meant for toda
22:55:13 From Kenneth Lembo : Jesuits
22:55:13 From Kya : creating the false chronology
22:55:14 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I used to think in my teens that m
ost scripture was written from dreams.
22:55:17 From Robert Munoz : today
22:55:20 From Amber Price : dark age also curious about that
22:55:20 From Connie Townsend : I’m going to keep singing in the shower, “1
22:55:21 From Aaron Woffinden : THE DARK AGES... DARK BECAUSE THEY DIDN
22:55:22 From Beth : we picked up a couple of old bibles. one states pr
ince james and refereces liz 1st
22:55:22 From Susanna.C : he prob never did
22:55:23 From Loma : IWait, was John Dee involved with this bible thing
22:55:25 From Maria Davis : next week we ll be seeing it was the first
bible to be faxed over to king james 1
22:55:29 From Amber Price : hahahaha
22:55:29 From Donna : hahahahahaha
22:55:32 From cuba perkovic : and always come to that time around 1700
22:55:33 From Debbie Horn : lol
22:55:34 From Kya : I felt my whole like it was false
22:55:36 From jay gray : silve says 1000yrs ao!
22:55:36 From Norm : KJV was King James order to deliberately skew the
more true information in the earlier Wykcliffe bible
22:55:37 From Melanie Worland : by the prick of my thumb.....
22:55:37 From Mercè Gar : wikipediea says the Martin Luther Bible was pub
lished already in 1522?!?
22:55:38 From maddtom . : Winter is coming
22:55:39 From Tulla Hills : hahahahaha i get it
22:55:39 From Moksha James : Maria lol
22:55:45 From Beth : we picked up a couple of old bibles. one states pr
ince james and refereces liz 1st
22:55:46 From Aaron Woffinden : THE DARK AGES... DARK BECAUSE THEY DIDN
22:55:48 From Donna : ikr
22:55:49 From Aaron Woffinden : LOL
22:55:49 From Kya : always asked who wrote it?
22:55:49 From Maria Davis : this is so good
22:55:51 From Susanna.C : knowing nothing is knowing everything
22:55:54 From Amber Price : maddtomm 
22:55:55 From Kya : was by men
22:55:56 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I never get tired of hearing that,
little girl!
22:55:57 From Earl Thibert : yep
22:55:57 From zachary karpel : lol yea
22:55:59 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : You are so correct Aaron
22:56:00 From Donna : well done D well done
22:56:02 From Kenneth Lembo : 1699 King william of Orange
22:56:04 From Kya : so could never follow any religions
22:56:05 From Henk Reintke : 2000 jear ago my ase
22:56:06 From Tulla Hills : the answer is 42 but wtf is the ?
22:56:09 From Robert Munoz : its the same time as now
22:56:10 From Maria Davis : You re all amazing and l am very appriciat
ive of you all xx
22:56:12 From Chris Breakspear : all the lies catchup in the end
22:56:15 From Aaron Woffinden : lol tulla
22:56:21 From Amber Price : love you too Maria
22:56:24 From Pamela C : Oh shit , I thought about that this morning,
Ypu know know nothing little girl
22:56:25 From Melanie Worland : REv about Rome
22:56:25 From garydavis : The crumbs add up to a whole loaf.
22:56:31 From Kya : their narratives are going by their book of revelat
22:56:31 From ann Mc : wonderfully transparent !
22:56:35 From Tracy White : lol yup i saw that
22:56:46 From Norm : B A R = British Admiralty Register
22:56:50 From phillip s : yep
22:56:52 From Tulla Hills : in 1601
22:56:52 From Susanna.C : this is very well researcehed D
22:56:54 From Chris Breakspear : oh boy
22:56:56 From Kenneth Lembo : Jamestown
22:56:57 From Donna : lol
22:56:57 From Robert Munoz : llc
22:56:59 From Amber Price : yeppers
22:57:00 From Penny(JC) : OMFG WOW
22:57:02 From Melanie Worland : BAR...British Assoc. Registry...loyal t
o the Q of Eng
22:57:03 From Susanna.C : and i don t even like rabbits holes
22:57:09 From zachary karpel : mhm
22:57:10 From Maria Davis : FUCK!!!
22:57:11 From Melanie Worland : yup yup...
22:57:13 From Sony : OMG is right!
22:57:16 From Kya : never heard of GOG or MAGOG
22:57:18 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : lol Mel
22:57:20 From Donna : hahahahaha
22:57:22 From Melanie Worland : I am not even fazed...
22:57:23 From Robert Munoz : but that means the truth was hidden
22:57:24 From katrina : again. spell casting
22:57:25 From Mercè Gar : Bar is also a hebrew word and means brother as
far as I remember
22:57:26 From CosmicKate : Oh My Gog!
22:57:27 From Maria Davis : who is Gog and Magog?
22:57:28 From Kya : WTF?!?
22:57:30 From Trina Ekstrom : SHUT UP! wow..... i now have so much to t
ake to my bible belt friends! thank you Dani! 
22:57:31 From Amber Price : the unfucking is real up in here hahha
22:57:33 From M : I m done done done done
22:57:36 From Tara Michelle Wilson : BAR= Below Above Remember ;)
22:57:43 From Melanie Worland : WARMONGERS
22:57:43 From Debbie Horn : yep
22:57:46 From Chris Breakspear : me neither not phazed .. find it hila
22:57:48 From Tulla Hills : If you were raised a Jehovah Witness you kn
ow about gog and magog
22:57:52 From Trina Ekstrom : the BIG war!
22:57:57 From Kya : sounds funny as fuck
22:57:57 From Moksha James : amber lol
22:58:02 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Scripts.... Yes?
22:58:02 From Aaron Woffinden : *(-==#~^.: - :.^~#==-)*
22:58:03 From Amber Price : former Mormon here
22:58:06 From peter : surprised???
22:58:07 From maddtom . : gog and magoghttp://www.trackingbibleprophecy.
22:58:08 From Donna : magog - MA - mum? lol jks
22:58:08 From Kristin : What video D is talking about ? Title ?
22:58:09 From Aaron Woffinden : former mormon here too
22:58:11 From Melanie Worland : Yep Chris...we knew this shit. NOt the
dickens book, but that is cherry on my ice cream
22:58:12 From suzanna cat : GOG?
22:58:12 From zachary karpel : lol
22:58:16 From Dawn Hart : my mouth is wide open right now
22:58:19 From Mercè Gar : so temple bar the temple of brothers
22:58:23 From Norm : & D was first raised with the JW folks
22:58:24 From katrina : yes
22:58:25 From Debbie Horn : wow
22:58:26 From Chris Breakspear : indeed
22:58:26 From Dawn Hart : i grew up in the church
22:58:27 From Melanie Worland : Careful Dawn
22:58:28 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : mine too
22:58:30 From Trina Ekstrom : how can anyone believe that the bible is
the living word of god anymore?!
22:58:34 From Robert Munoz : im going shopping at the mall as they figh
t it out
22:58:35 From Kenneth Lembo : Found Roman coins in America
22:58:35 From Susanna.C : not to long flies may fly in lol
22:58:36 From Donna : comedy show
22:58:37 From Melanie Worland : PEDOS....AHHHHHHH
22:58:38 From sara ann hume : isnt one of bushs magog, skull a nd bon
es ?
22:58:38 From Matt Poulos : i want to read the book now
22:58:38 From zachary karpel : at this point im not surprised
22:58:44 From G Craven : gog and magog statues are in a shopping arcade
in Melb, aus
22:58:48 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : ...
22:58:49 From Amber Price : mind wipe is real
22:58:50 From R s Pad : corperations were started by Rome in their hayd
22:58:53 From Lynn Thompson : year 5777
22:58:53 From peter : all countries are corporations this is old news I
22:58:57 From maddtom . : Link is up there^^^^^^^^
22:58:58 From Dawn Hart : this is so amazing and has made me smile toda
22:58:59 From Tara Michelle Wilson : TY, D.
22:58:59 From Debbie Horn : ty Dani
22:58:59 From CosmicKate : How did you stumble onto this book?
22:59:00 From Jina Fergus : please link in LMHtoo
22:59:00 From Chris Breakspear : great find dani
22:59:03 From Matt Poulos : totally awesome Dani
22:59:05 From Susanna.C : lol
22:59:06 From julianne : thanks d
22:59:07 From phillip s : yep links please
22:59:09 From julianne : :O
22:59:09 From zachary karpel : not surprised
22:59:10 From Donna : I don t need more
22:59:11 From Janey Benson on fb : WOW awesome find Dani!!!! thanks!!
22:59:14 From Donna : that s enough for me
22:59:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks, Dani...
22:59:16 From M : Thanks Dani!!!!
22:59:17 From Maria Davis : yay thanks D
22:59:17 From Henk Reintke : yes D
22:59:20 From Susanna.C : oh
22:59:21 From VIOLET : 329 pages
22:59:22 From Dawn Hart : I need one too
22:59:27 From Kya : It’s most likely in the public repository also
22:59:28 From Robert Munoz : the awake
22:59:31 From Susanna.C : not reading 300 pages sorry
22:59:38 From jay gray : great dani!
22:59:38 From XT1049 : can you put the link of that youtube that showed
you this
22:59:40 From Mercè Gar : and Lizzies are said to be crowned on the stone
Jacob had his dream with the ladder
22:59:44 From Holly K : please post in UU!
22:59:51 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Melanie...
22:59:53 From Amber Price : what is crawler?
22:59:54 From Jaqueline Raye : Whaaa
22:59:54 From Jayling C : Audiobook A Child’s History of England https://
22:59:57 From Connie Townsend : thanks mel
23:00:03 From Iain Miller : here it is https://youtu.be/-_LieZEwx3Y
23:00:07 From Maria Davis : Tom to the rescue
23:00:10 From Dawn Hart : Mr Tom
23:00:22 From Susanna.C : info ranger tom the rescue
23:00:22 From Iain Miller : that s the video sorry lol
23:00:23 From Amber Price : a dore madtom
23:00:27 From Chris Breakspear : what ?
23:00:30 From Loma : could Gog and Magog be some other names for enlil
and enki?
23:00:31 From Susanna.C : lol seems so
23:00:33 From jay gray : what!!!!!
23:00:33 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : WOW
23:00:34 From pauline Jamieson : its nuts
23:00:35 From zachary karpel : lol
23:00:40 From Tulla Hills : yes loma
23:00:41 From dawn : New discovery in Turkey, finding artifacts from Ne
23:00:42 From Susanna.C : we are all over the place here in the Netherl
23:00:46 From Lou Whom : they be looking for stuff where they bombed
23:00:48 From Henk Reintke : erdo is nuts
23:00:55 From zachary karpel : yep
23:00:57 From Tulla Hills : whatever
23:00:59 From Matt Poulos : same here lisa
23:01:00 From Mercè Gar : thank you Jaylin for the link of the book <3
23:01:01 From Amber Price : yep Loma, they change their names and get p
23:01:02 From Susanna.C : the world is going nuts
23:01:05 From Aaron Woffinden : its the WEIRDIST movie ever
23:01:06 From Sony : @Lisa...EXACTLY!
23:01:09 From Amber Price : no more pink undies
23:01:09 From Kenneth Lembo : When did the invasion HAPPEN?
23:01:10 From Donna : coz it all fits too well now the world is making
23:01:12 From Connie Townsend : I’m laughing my ass off
23:01:13 From Robert Munoz : it has to be 
23:01:13 From Mercè Gar : and so they have to distract everyone
23:01:14 From Joy : thank you lisa!!!
23:01:15 From James W : i tihnk turkey and russia are working together
behind the scenes
23:01:15 From Kya : Anyone hear about the movie Brimstone? Just popped
up online and it’s only shown in the countries being taken over right now except i
n the US...
23:01:16 From Maria Davis : D, you took your eyes off the news and look
what happens ha!
23:01:16 From Aaron Woffinden : hahahahahaha
23:01:17 From Donna : out of no sense lol
23:01:17 From zachary karpel : nothing is surprising anymore
23:01:19 From zachary karpel : XD
23:01:19 From phillip s : satire in real time
23:01:20 From Chris Breakspear : skid mark city
23:01:28 From Robert Munoz : the jokes on them
23:01:31 From CosmicKate : Bahahahahaha
23:01:39 From Tulla Hills : not if they are in differ timelines
23:01:43 From Aaron Woffinden : "history"
23:01:43 From Susanna.C : lets sing combaya
23:01:49 From Melanie Worland to d(Privately) : I m sorry...Antarct
ica....Artificial "object" 200 ft under ice...nearby some spiral cloud vortex th
ing...they send up a weather balloon...got back data showing Jan 1965....3x s
23:01:51 From Kya : from what people are saying, shows the religious hi
story of degradation of women, rape and child molestation
23:01:52 From Kenneth Lembo : None of HIS story adds up
23:02:00 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Yes it was! !
23:02:03 From Chris Breakspear : lol suz
23:02:07 From Susanna.C : in canon
23:02:13 From Mercè Gar : lol
23:02:15 From Susanna.C : lol
23:02:17 From Dawn Hart : OMFG
23:02:19 From Robert Munoz : 300 years ago
23:02:20 From M : When did they begin teaching history???
23:02:33 From Robert Munoz : halogram
23:02:35 From Sony : They are sooooo difficult to read...Fomenko is a b
ig time scientist/mathmatician
23:02:37 From M : It s rather easy if nobody knew the past
23:02:41 From Aaron Woffinden : mainstream russian news seems to know w
hats up
23:02:42 From peter : when did they bstart writting history is the ques
23:02:46 From Amber Price : when did they rewrite history
23:02:56 From VikiB : Please tell me he rode into Bethelehem on a t rex
23:02:57 From Kya : WWII
23:02:58 From Robert Munoz : last night
23:03:07 From Joy : looking for more tech?
23:03:09 From Jayling C : lol
23:03:13 From maddtom . : The Gog and Magog Warhttp://www.trackingbiblep
23:03:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : When didn’t “they” rewrite history?
23:03:25 From Aaron Woffinden : what?
23:03:35 From penny dietz : Did taht doc suggest that Matthew, Mark, Lu
ke etc were held in prison whikwe Elizabeth was ruling??
23:03:36 From Dawn Hart : I am confused LOL
23:03:37 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : ?
23:03:37 From Susanna.C : in 1999 am sure tara
23:03:45 From Robert Munoz : last night
23:03:46 From Sony : ...sorry..."mathematician"...
23:03:47 From Hextilda Lemon : ?? maybe message them after the show.
23:03:48 From maddtom . : 1500 years ago
23:03:52 From phillip s : they do it all the time
23:03:53 From Jina Fergus : when didn’t they?
23:04:00 From Susanna.C : listen to prince his song
23:04:00 From zachary karpel : i say 300
23:04:00 From Chris Breakspear : been changing it forever
23:04:02 From Kenneth Lembo : Yes Lisa
23:04:03 From Dawn Hart : this is fucking amazing
23:04:05 From zachary karpel : yeah
23:04:07 From Melanie Worland : Which time did they rewrite is better p
23:04:08 From Tulla Hills : yep
23:04:09 From Kenneth Lembo : Everything
23:04:09 From Amber Price : just my lifetime I can verify
23:04:14 From Kya : all their timelines only discuss 2000 to 3000 yrs a
go, no prior to that
23:04:15 From Henk Reintke : every day Lisa
23:04:15 From Robert Munoz : true that
23:04:18 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Did not is what I said.
23:04:21 From Jenny Thomas : £ generations
23:04:25 From Kya : every things only dated back that far
23:04:26 From Donna : 120 for me
23:04:26 From Dawn Hart : My Great Grandma lived to 101
23:04:26 From Jenny Thomas : 3
23:04:26 From Penny(JC) : I yes at least 150 years
23:04:29 From zachary karpel : ok
23:04:37 From Dawn Hart : my other one was Blackfoot Indian
23:04:38 From maddtom . : Excavations Begin on Syria s 7000-Year-Old Me
tropolis, Known As "Zaidan"https://io9.gizmodo.com/5511081/excavations-begin-on-s
23:04:43 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Was being cheeky and serious at th
e same time.
23:04:43 From maury : Actually you cnnot verify anything past the livin
g memory of yourself, your contemporaries and what their oldest relatives shared
with them from their personal remembrances.
23:04:46 From Kristin : Thanks. Iain
23:04:50 From Penny(JC) : My grandma made it to 100 1/2
23:04:52 From phillip s : yep 1700 s onwards you have physical evidence
23:04:53 From Robert Munoz : my pop is 93 ill ask
23:04:58 From dawn : lol
23:04:58 From Aaron Woffinden : what if time has never been linear... a
nd now we re just realizing it
23:04:59 From M : I met my greatgrandmother s sister and hav paintings
of my ancestors some generations back..
23:05:03 From Dawn Hart : this is incredible
23:05:04 From phillip s : beyond very difficult
23:05:07 From zachary karpel : impossible yeah
23:05:11 From Maria Davis : round in circles?
23:05:12 From Dawn Hart : yall have made my whole day ;)
23:05:20 From Kya : yep
23:05:22 From Sony : Penny (JC)...mine as well!
23:05:23 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Boom
23:05:24 From maury : My grandfather was born in 1880 and I did talk wi
th him but that is far back as I can go.
23:05:25 From Tulla Hills : exactly Aaron I was just having a similar t
hought about linear time
23:05:27 From Amber Price : first MK ultra
23:05:29 From Penny(JC) : :)
23:05:33 From Melanie Worland : Me too...if Gramma said it..fine, other
than that..BS...no way. What is the quote? oh...History would be a beautiful
thng, if only it were true.
23:05:35 From dawn : Moses was a mass murderer
23:05:36 From Kya : people are dying just as they hit middle age now
23:05:39 From katrina : they just kept turning left
23:05:40 From Kenneth Lembo : Every Roman hoard ever found took place a
nd never recorded until after 1830
23:05:42 From Pamela C : Right Dani
23:05:43 From Maria Davis : this is making a lot of sense
23:05:47 From Henk Reintke : they stil do it
23:05:48 From Susanna.C : info goes lost
23:05:55 From phillip s : remove electricity from our civilisation and
we woukld lose ALL our so called knowledge
23:06:03 From Aaron Woffinden : info goes "lost"
23:06:04 From Mercè Gar : yeap :/
23:06:05 From Melanie Worland : Yes, they are DESPERATE FOR WAR now, bu
t NO
23:06:05 From julianne : and rewrite history!
23:06:09 From Robert Munoz : empire,s
23:06:09 From Penny(JC) : NWO
23:06:14 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:06:17 From Amber Price : thank you D
23:06:17 From Kenneth Lembo : Correct
23:06:19 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Dani.
23:06:20 From Lori : right Dani, always a lot of people being killed ju
st before a new agenda is in place. just like catholisism
23:06:28 From Norm : Of Fukishima and Deep Water Horizon contaminating
both the Pacifc and Atlantic
23:06:32 From Tulla Hills : yes Lori
23:06:33 From Kya : dark ages was the time of art and creativity by the
23:06:40 From Lou Whom : Stonehedge thing was only in the 1950 s so do
we really have the knowledge of more then our own life time?
23:06:41 From Trina Ekstrom : exactly!
23:06:43 From Robert Munoz : Antartica today
23:06:45 From Penny(JC) : So true D
23:06:48 From Sony : Precisely, Dani
23:06:51 From maury : That one, born in 1880 told me he knew his great
grandfather who was 100 years old so that would go back to probably the very ear
ly 1800 s
23:06:52 From Chris Breakspear : i highly recommend watching the remote
viewing of the pyramids video at farshight instutue - that tells some real hist
ory - that & the atlantis one
23:06:53 From Aaron Woffinden : hmmmmm
23:06:53 From Kenneth Lembo : Don t even start about the mayans
23:06:57 From Susanna.C : so listen are they doing it now !!!
23:07:03 From XT1049 : have the elders raise the kids. turn old homes i
n to kid raising with wisdom. give old people something to do with there wisdom
23:07:05 From Mercè Gar : Nostradamus travalled and healed the plague but
couldn´t save his first own family :/
23:07:09 From Janey Benson on fb : like those soldiers who they are fin
ding in the pacific that didn t know that WWII ended...or like the greta movie B
last to t he Past.
23:07:14 From Melanie Worland : Pope Gregory just up and reset date to
"O" can t remember date...
23:07:14 From Robert Munoz : no comment on myans
23:07:14 From Pamela C : Earase their DNA
23:07:22 From phillip s : sort of like introducing terrorism and immigr
ation of dislodged populations... europe is being pushed into a new dark age
23:07:23 From Amber Price : XT love love that idea
23:07:27 From jay gray : They are doing it now as Blair and Obama getti
n noble peace prize - how is that going to look in a hundred years???
23:07:34 From Henk Reintke : yes susanna
23:07:35 From Susanna.C : they an t do that now
23:07:36 From Robert Munoz : king tut
23:07:41 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:07:42 From Kya : I love how the mayans are always discussed but hard
ly anything on the Incans
23:07:43 From Susanna.C : can t
23:07:44 From Penny(JC) : Just like what we are going through today to
much confusion
23:07:46 From ann Mc : this is frickin Fantastic today D & L !!!!!!
23:07:48 From Robert Munoz : i mean Obama
23:07:49 From Sony : So, again, time is a matter of perception!
23:07:55 From Robert Munoz : same
23:07:55 From Susanna.C : toch ?
23:07:59 From Mercè Gar : chinese and muslim calender
23:07:59 From Amber Price : Sony yep
23:08:00 From Aaron Woffinden : NEW CALENDER = BEFORE GOOGLE / AFTER GO
23:08:00 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Most history is mere fiction.
23:08:02 From Susanna.C : we hebben her internet nu
23:08:03 From Melanie Worland : Hell, I ll take any date now...I do not
care anymore about a fucking date, or time.....except I almost missed OPRT
23:08:04 From Kenneth Lembo : Mayan calander is Incan
23:08:05 From phillip s : thailand are 500 years ahead of us
23:08:06 From Susanna.C : het
23:08:10 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:08:11 From terrycole-whittaker : just numbers and letters that are m
anufactured and given meaning to, to make the stories.
23:08:16 From Robert Munoz : hit delete
23:08:19 From Maria Davis : double or quits ha
23:08:20 From zachary karpel : makes sense
23:08:20 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Fairy tales that drugged us.
23:08:27 From suzanna cat : CHINESE WHISPERS
23:08:29 From Melanie Worland : Control, Alt, Delete
23:08:29 From Amber Price : right Tara
23:08:30 From Tulla Hills : yes Tara
23:08:34 From Kya : most of it is their narratives
23:08:36 From Sony : Time locks you in to the program...
23:08:38 From Robert Munoz : music too
23:08:41 From Kya : they want us to create
23:08:42 From Mercè Gar : yeap Mel :)
23:08:47 From Tulla Hills : I like that Melanie
23:08:47 From Kya : by what we’re learning
23:08:52 From Amber Price : we get to write our own script
23:08:57 From Loma : fairy tales are more real then history,perhaps?
23:08:58 From maury : Ever heard of revisionist history ? That is an
official genre of the history narrative.
23:09:01 From Melanie Worland : no, not for them...I refuse.
23:09:03 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : What is truth?
23:09:05 From Susanna.C : D is on her soap box
23:09:07 From Pamela C : You girls are so RIGHT ON today!
23:09:09 From Lou Whom : fuckerys....
23:09:10 From Robert Munoz : splits
23:09:13 From Hextilda Lemon : they is gone. we create for ourselves no
23:09:15 From Kenneth Lembo : Yes Maury
23:09:16 From Kya : black goo has been coming out in the open since the
23:09:17 From suzanna cat : TOO MANY AWAKE NOW
23:09:19 From Amber Price : yes
23:09:20 From Melanie Worland : yes
23:09:21 From Aaron Woffinden : the collective illusion
23:09:21 From jay gray : yep maury!
23:09:24 From Mercè Gar : or bioenergetics
23:09:26 From Donna : lol wtf was that noise lisa
23:09:29 From Lori : Ohhhh we just got into a big discussion on creatin
g in the UU room this morning
23:09:30 From Donna : bacack
23:09:30 From Barbara Karnes : I create for me and mine only! End!
23:09:32 From Melanie Worland : bunches
23:09:33 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : they don t like It when some of u
s create...
23:09:41 From garydavis : Im tendon outta here
23:09:47 From julianne : Web bots and Cliff High predict by next year t
he catholic church will relieve 10% of what they normally get in donations beca
use the death of this version of religion is upon us - even the linguists show t
23:09:47 From Mercè Gar : 1984
23:09:48 From Melanie Worland : naope
23:09:52 From Robert Munoz : colony show
23:09:53 From Barbara Karnes : that’s true Beth. Boy do I know that!
23:09:59 From Kenneth Lembo : Onto their game
23:09:59 From Hextilda Lemon : they are no longer relevant
23:10:04 From phillip s : biohuman goes rogue because wants to be human
23:10:09 From Robert Munoz : there idiots and small
23:10:10 From Amber Price : yes and writing our own scripts
23:10:11 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:10:16 From CosmicKate : our failswitches have been activated
23:10:18 From Susanna.C : yes
23:10:21 From Penny(JC) : Yes
23:10:21 From julianne : yep
23:10:21 From Aaron Woffinden : PEOPLE CANT LIE OR HIDE FOR LONE
23:10:22 From Lori : yuppers
23:10:22 From zachary karpel : yea
23:10:22 From kristel tempest : yes yes yes
23:10:22 From pauline Jamieson : yep
23:10:23 From Aaron Woffinden : LONG
23:10:23 From Amber Price : yes
23:10:24 From Kenneth Lembo : YES Lisa
23:10:24 From Connie Townsend : yes
23:10:25 From Pamela C : here
23:10:25 From Donna : yep
23:10:25 From dawn : me
23:10:25 From Moksha James : yes
23:10:25 From wayne fries : yes
23:10:26 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I am.
23:10:26 From maury : Yes
23:10:26 From maddtom . : yep
23:10:26 From cuba perkovic : zeeesssss
23:10:27 From Holly Lindin : Yep!
23:10:28 From garydavis : Yes i im
23:10:28 From zachary karpel : mhm yes
23:10:28 From Jenny Thomas : yes
23:10:28 From tamara : yes
23:10:28 From jay gray : yep nope
23:10:28 From jeni : yep
23:10:29 From VIOLET : big time
23:10:30 From Robert Munoz : true , true true
23:10:31 From Kya : I’m completely disconnected now
23:10:31 From Sara 33 : yes
23:10:31 From Aaron Woffinden : yes...
23:10:33 From Steph A : yup
23:10:33 From Diane Vieira : dull feeling
23:10:34 From Barbara Karnes : yes but with a qualifier
23:10:34 From Henk Reintke : yes
23:10:34 From sara ann hume : yes
23:10:35 From Moksha James : jazzed
23:10:35 From Tulla Hills : I see the triggars now too
23:10:35 From Melanie Worland : Oh, D s comments about astronauts Psych
ology..Detached..etc..if you did not see that T.N. episode watch it.
23:10:35 From julianne : YEP YEP YEP YEP and YEP
23:10:36 From Holly Lindin : In observer mode. :)
23:10:36 From Susanna.C : nope and i was a hissy fit person lol
23:10:36 From Nicole H : yes. neutral
23:10:37 From tamara : yes
23:10:37 From Joo Lee : dis engaged
23:10:38 From Maria Davis : yes
23:10:38 From zachary karpel : dull
23:10:38 From Angela Cope : yes
23:10:39 From jeni : yep ... dulling
23:10:39 From Joy : yes
23:10:40 From dawn : yep
23:10:40 From Amber Price : all of it
23:10:40 From Karl from Canada : oh yes....!!!
23:10:41 From G Craven : in the last week, yes
23:10:41 From wayne fries : both yes
23:10:41 From Taber (Anita) : Yes! totally
23:10:41 From maddtom . : non chalance....ennui
23:10:41 From Kenneth Lembo : My heart is pounding right now thoughLOL
23:10:42 From AnthonyS : yea
23:10:42 From Sara 33 : balancing
23:10:43 From cuba perkovic : da
23:10:44 From Charlotte Mays : fears gone
23:10:44 From Diane Vieira : it s a relief really
23:10:45 From Amber Price : yes
23:10:45 From suzanna cat : NUMB
23:10:45 From phillip s : yep all disconnecting... all usual stuff is b
23:10:45 From Kya : and moving further away from it all
23:10:45 From Tina : yes
23:10:47 From ann Mc : totally yes
23:10:47 From Aaron Woffinden : walking the "middle path"
23:10:48 From Robert Munoz : scales have balanced
23:10:48 From rebecca seman : yes but very emotional
23:10:49 From VikiB : Not involved
23:10:50 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Bland.
23:10:54 From Amber Price : yes
23:10:54 From p : definitely
23:10:55 From Lou Whom : a nuatalizing
23:10:55 From Barbara Karnes : THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY WHEN U CREATE< T
23:10:55 From Trina Ekstrom : yes! people cant hide their true nature a
t all and nownim indifferent
23:10:56 From Donna : over some stuff like we focus on still get excite
23:10:57 From garydavis : Huge middle ground/neutral.
23:10:58 From Kya : that’s the program
23:11:00 From Reece : yes
23:11:01 From suzanna cat : FEEL INVISIBLE
23:11:03 From Robert Munoz : unplugged
23:11:04 From Sam Ra : yep...been like that for a while now
23:11:04 From Debbie Horn : yes, but when certain things happen its ove
23:11:05 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Today... yes!
23:11:08 From Maria Davis : l get exited every now and then
23:11:09 From Moksha James : the stories
23:11:09 From phillip s : we are all unplugging
23:11:09 From Susanna.C : numb is because we are told what we feel is b
eing numb
23:11:14 From Kya : feeling like we have something to “DO” here
23:11:15 From Steph A : and people showing their true colours
23:11:15 From shanman : UR ALL RIGHT !
23:11:16 From Robert Munoz : pinal gland up
23:11:17 From Susanna.C : it is disconneting
23:11:31 From maury : Disconnecting from the drama that used to occupy
so much of our attention.
23:11:31 From Barbara Karnes : there is a price to pay for creation
23:11:32 From ArkaSol - : vvvery disconnected indeed...
23:11:33 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:11:34 From josie : WOW, you’ve just blown my mind!! I FEEL CALM AND CO
23:11:36 From Aaron Woffinden : hypothalamus is involved in staying neu
23:11:36 From Donna : yes
23:11:37 From george_p9 : if we are remembering who we are/self empower
ment/ and centring ourselves in the now, then maybe the past and future are movi
ng closer to centre
23:11:37 From wayne fries : nothing wrong, feels positive
23:11:37 From Kenneth Lembo : Totally disconnecting but laughing.
23:11:37 From Kya : to go home
23:11:41 From Janey Benson on fb : adrenals
23:11:44 From Donna : it s all HARVESTED
23:11:46 From Mercè Gar : pituritary
23:11:55 From Melanie Worland : i do
23:11:56 From Holly Lindin : Huge Creator here Barbara! :)
23:11:57 From M : pituitary
23:11:57 From ArkaSol - : my focus is now on detox
23:12:04 From Tara Michelle Wilson : One of the only things that don’t fa
ll into the disconnection or bland category is music.
23:12:04 From Barbara Karnes : ty holly
23:12:05 From Kya : we’re becoming ourselves as children again
23:12:05 From Karl from Canada : relationships are hard now too because
partners are expecting the level of interaction we have been used to and is fed
to us in TV and some partners are just flat lined and the other partner now thi
nks we don t love them anymore.... anyone seeing that...?????
23:12:07 From Amber Price : my whole family is addicted to drama
23:12:07 From Susanna.C : it is like reacting on what we learn to react
23:12:07 From jay gray : yep addicted!
23:12:08 From Robert Munoz : the days of our lives
23:12:09 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : I don t know... I am feeling ..bi
g time, but more of what I choose to feel!
23:12:12 From Tulla Hills : me too Arka
23:12:12 From Sony : Barbara Karnes...I M TRYING!
23:12:13 From Holly Lindin : Of course! :)
23:12:14 From Dianne : agreed Lisa
23:12:15 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:12:16 From Mercè Gar : yes M :)
23:12:17 From Aaron Woffinden : agreed
23:12:17 From Barbara Karnes : :) somy
23:12:20 From Trina Ekstrom : my husband nd his entire family lol drama
23:12:22 From Donna : haha they can t harvest it now
23:12:22 From tom.h : After summer in Marocco with you I m much more di
sconnected from BS coming my way :)
23:12:28 From maury : Zero point will do that for you.
23:12:33 From Kya : before we began being coerced into doing crap we ne
ver wanted to do here
23:12:37 From Amber Price : me either
23:12:37 From Earl Thibert : yep
23:12:38 From Penny(JC) : Yes very fast
23:12:38 From phillip s : we don t fall into it anymore
23:12:39 From dawn : yes
23:12:40 From Dianne : cannot handle drama anymore
23:12:40 From Henk Reintke : we all R in rehap
23:12:41 From wayne fries : exactly, 2 minutes
23:12:42 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : nope
23:12:42 From Donna : nope
23:12:42 From Robert Munoz : we are on our way to glory as we were
23:12:43 From jay gray : yep maury!
23:12:47 From Karl from Canada : relationships are hard now too because
partners are expecting the level of interaction we have been used to and is fed
to us in TV and some partners are just flat lined and the other partner now thi
nks we don t love them anymore.... anyone seeing that...?????
23:12:49 From josie : Can’t be bothered
23:12:50 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:12:52 From Donna : just don t have time for it
23:12:53 From p : no - falls right out of my hands
23:12:55 From zachary karpel : for everything yeah
23:12:55 From Debbie Horn : heard a story of a man took his little son
fishing and fell out of his boat and was killed by a prop hit to head. the littl
e boy was found the next day.... that hit my heart and i cried for a hour
23:12:56 From Tulla Hills : I m just over it
23:12:59 From Donna : or energy
23:13:00 From Kenneth Lembo : Can t even watch a video anymore
23:13:01 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Lisa.
23:13:03 From Barbara Karnes : Not here Lisa
23:13:05 From Dawn Hart : my lawn guy broke my window yesterday and I t
old him I loved him more than the window
23:13:09 From Robert Munoz : the duck comment quaks me up
23:13:10 From jeni : I m just sick of being here
23:13:12 From Susanna.C : right and that is what i miss
23:13:13 From cuba perkovic : yes
23:13:15 From Kya : so over it.. Ima kid again fully
23:13:16 From Amber Price : i love you Dawn
23:13:18 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Kari....a bit,
23:13:18 From Mercè Gar : but still at times some kind of sadness comes u
23:13:24 From Dawn Hart : love you too Amber
23:13:36 From James W : global porzac from the chemtrails evening out e
moyions out?
23:13:41 From Hextilda Lemon : was lisa done with her thought?
23:13:42 From Donna : shouldn t you like put your hand up mel?
23:13:48 From Holly Lindin : Awwww Dawn, that’s a sweet story about the w
23:13:56 From Susanna.C : denk het niet
23:13:58 From Dawn Hart : yeah I am a real softie
23:14:01 From Holly Lindin : I’m feeling great Love for others I don’t “know” m
yself, and it’s awesome!
23:14:02 From Holly Lindin : :D
23:14:04 From Jayling C : (cough)
23:14:10 From Kya : with NASA lol
23:14:15 From Joo Lee : I know right Hex!
23:14:16 From Dawn Hart : LOL
23:14:17 From Chris Breakspear : lol
23:14:23 From Melanie Worland : yes, I waited...This is very on point t
o this discussion
23:14:25 From Aaron Woffinden : dont forget about the "hand raising" fu
nction... y all might have soom COOL puzzle pieces... lemme hear from ya
23:14:30 From Kya : mixing big pharma with nasa now with the use of the
23:14:32 From Matt Poulos : van allen belts will get the astronauts...h
23:14:38 From Dawn Hart : I cant stand to hurt good people
23:14:41 From Amber Price : NASA is spreading like a virus into other a
23:14:43 From Sony : D...yes
23:14:44 From jay gray : Lisa eventually finishes her thought !!
23:14:50 From Maria Davis : ls there really space l m not sure about an
23:14:53 From phillip s : I think the reason we are coping with this di
sconnecting process is because we have a construct narritive that helps us keep
it sorted and less confronting... explainable as such
23:14:55 From Mercè Gar : oh yes D heard of it too
23:14:56 From Melanie Worland : Hey, moves too damn fast and this is re
ally tied into the "disconnecting"
23:14:59 From M : Ummm russians saw angels in 2007 just found out
23:15:00 From Robert Munoz : NASA is full of S---
23:15:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Tang withdrawals? ;)
23:15:17 From julianne : LOL Tara
23:15:19 From Amber Price : hahahaha Tara
23:15:20 From Aaron Woffinden : haha
23:15:21 From Jayling C : Maria, I think it’s watery-space :)
23:15:31 From Amber Price : me too Jayling
23:15:35 From Sony : When they return...Earth traumatizes them...
23:15:37 From M : Whatever they do to them to make them beleive they ar
e in space
23:15:40 From Dawn Hart : Never A Straight Answer NASA
23:15:40 From Amber Price : take the piss out D
23:15:44 From Aaron Woffinden : *deep breathe*
23:15:45 From CosmicKate : yeah Jay
23:15:47 From Robert Munoz : hey i didnt say that i implied that lol
23:15:51 From Holly Lindin : And “Never A Space Agency”. :)
23:15:54 From Mercè Gar : yeap - but did they go out of our atmosphere?
23:15:58 From Amber Price : hahah Holly
23:15:58 From Kenneth Lembo : Narcissistic assholes sucking ass
23:15:58 From Chris Breakspear : nasa - now arranging shopping aliens
23:16:03 From Melanie Worland : Well, even at high elevations, like fir
st time in plane...does affect your feeling about Earth
23:16:03 From Dawn Hart : LOL Holly
23:16:04 From Holly Lindin : :)
23:16:08 From Donna : if everyone did that mel...it would be very disru
ptive and that s what everyone deal with mel.
23:16:10 From Amber Price : Chris bawaahaha
23:16:10 From Sony : Merce...such a good point!
23:16:14 From H. Andrew : I now in the detached amusment phase
23:16:22 From Aaron Woffinden : its completely AUTONOMOUS
23:16:27 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : Inside, inside
23:16:28 From Aaron Woffinden : WITH IN YOU
23:16:29 From Debbie Horn : yes from your soul
23:16:30 From Jayling C : (cough)
23:16:31 From Susanna.C : real feelings you mean
23:16:33 From Kya : it’s the whole programming that comes in.. then you j
ust keep having to deprogram, deprogram, deprogram, to where you keep disconnect
ing more and more
23:16:33 From phillip s : you gain a wisdom
23:16:35 From Holly Lindin : Yes!
23:16:36 From Norm : I think I need a jolt of chocolate for the natural
23:16:36 From Robert Munoz : its joy
23:16:41 From Kya : til your just OKAY with it
23:16:51 From Amber Price : I feel the same feeling when I get off the
roller coaster ride at six flags
23:16:53 From Debbie Horn : right on Lisa
23:17:02 From Mercè Gar : Thanks Sony - just reminded earlier seen a cert
ain video ;)
23:17:04 From VIOLET : so accurate Lisa
23:17:04 From Maria Davis : l m so grateful for this group it s the onl
y place l feel sane
23:17:09 From Susanna.C : yes
23:17:10 From Debbie Horn : yes
23:17:10 From Melanie Worland : Fine Bossy Heffer...will post the links
in UU, LMH, but the damn astronuat shit was on point. everytime I go in chat..
..waits on program to respond, my zoom is flashing now..but that was it. So bug
ger off.
23:17:11 From george_p9 : the higher you ,starts to be identified as th
e truer you
23:17:14 From Amber Price : me too Maria
23:17:17 From jeni : totally there
23:17:17 From Gem : Talking of flattening out" Wilcock in a recent aud
io really had a go about Flat Earth being a load of you know what?
23:17:19 From Robert Munoz : your telling me
23:17:21 From Chris Breakspear : yep
23:17:23 From Aaron Woffinden : THEN YOU START TO ENJOY THE NEUTRAL CAL
23:17:31 From Joy : Me too Maria, thank you!
23:17:32 From jay gray : it is a whole new system which takes a bit of
getting used to to say thee least!
23:17:33 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:17:36 From Maria Davis : neutral calmness l like it
23:17:37 From p : tough part is the disconnect from typical holidays/so
cial rituals that other ppl around you still want to do.
23:17:43 From josie : DETACHED OBSERVER
23:17:43 From Kya : I don’t feel numb.. went years of my life numb so kno
w what that feels like.. I can feel everything but with disconnecting is differe
nt.. just don’t feel what I don’t need to feel
23:17:47 From M : I feel anticipation a lot
23:17:47 From Robert Munoz : im calm now after years of fear
23:17:51 From Susanna.C : indifference is always seens as not ok
23:17:54 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Touch it.
23:17:55 From suzanna cat : NOTSCARED.. BUT OVER EMOTIOANL
23:18:03 From Kenneth Lembo : Yes she did
23:18:09 From suzanna cat : BUT NUMB ON OTHER LEVELS
23:18:15 From Robert Munoz : tears for fears?
23:18:19 From jay gray : Yep Robert!
23:18:23 From Kya : it’s disconnecting from the construct
23:18:27 From Amber Price : yep Robert
23:18:29 From Kya : not numbness
23:18:30 From Susanna.C : some things were fun
23:18:31 From suzanna cat : MAD WORLD
23:18:32 From josie : Me too Robert
23:18:42 From Holly Lindin : Yes, I don’t feel quite “numb” Kya - just no lon
ger negatively affected by the dog and pony show happening around us. They WANT
the fear and the reactions, and I just don’t make time/use energy for it anymore.
Too busy creating and loving and celebrating. :)
23:18:42 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Listless disconnect.
23:18:44 From Susanna.C : and it is like a saying goodbye to those thin
23:18:56 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:18:59 From VIOLET : not important girls
23:19:01 From Susanna.C : and it is hard
23:19:03 From Rand : yes you talked about it on the show
23:19:07 From Amber Price : so hard
23:19:08 From kristel tempest : i do not think it was on OPRT
23:19:12 From Joy : haven t felt normal for years. looong to feel norm
al again.
23:19:12 From Jeff Gates : Holographic Intelligence? Instead of a.i.?
23:19:21 From Janey Benson on fb : I love how you gals think!!
23:19:26 From Kya : I’m just like a kid.. don’t wanna do that.. don’t wanna w
atch that.. don’t care about this and that.. not having it anymore
23:19:27 From Susanna.C : i hear you joy :)
23:19:35 From Sony : Jeff...good insight!
23:19:39 From Holly Lindin : Same here Kya! It’s quite freeing! :D
23:19:41 From Jean Lindsay : well said Lisa
23:19:45 From Iain Miller : well supposedly we re in timeline zero now
23:19:47 From peter : in the middle of the hour glass
23:19:48 From Donna : nicely framed Jeff
23:19:52 From Kya : exactly Holly.. can breathe again
23:19:53 From Joy : thanks Susanna!
23:19:53 From Aaron Woffinden : cant wait till we get to 0
23:19:56 From Kya : fully
23:19:56 From Mercè Gar : like a hourglas with sand
23:19:57 From Susanna.C : right peter
23:20:04 From Holly Lindin : I love that so many here get it. :)
23:20:04 From Robert Munoz : im one
23:20:07 From Susanna.C : hugs Joy :)
23:20:13 From Aaron Woffinden : cool robert
23:20:20 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Colored sand in the hourglass.
23:20:20 From Kya : only memories/thoughts I have now are only what I’m l
earning and asking questions about now
23:20:30 From Kya : none of the programming stuff
23:20:31 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : mmm
23:20:35 From Sony : Lisa...I was just going to say that...that is what
I believe...
23:20:59 From peter : ms dos
23:21:06 From Robert Munoz : its a game
23:21:13 From Kya : we are becoming “incompatible”
23:21:14 From Robert Munoz : we choose it
23:21:19 From maddtom . : Orignal...operating sys....DOS...
23:21:22 From Susanna.C : yes
23:21:23 From Jeff Gates : Holographic Intellegence
23:21:23 From Joo Lee : Auththentic Intelligence
23:21:24 From Connie Townsend : good one
23:21:26 From Susanna.C : ac
23:21:27 From Barbara Karnes : Ooo I don’t like that
23:21:31 From Jayling C : CC!
23:21:32 From peter : "the program" sounds good
23:21:35 From Barbara Karnes : the consciousness is not artificial
23:21:38 From Sony : Lisa...do you think we were meant to move in and o
ut of it with ease?
23:21:39 From Barbara Karnes : the rest is
23:21:40 From Mercè Gar : AC/DC lol
23:21:43 From Donna : Jeff Gates nailed it
23:21:46 From Tara Michelle Wilson : AC/IC… I like that.
23:21:47 From maddtom . : But what isconsciousness??
23:21:53 From Joo Lee : authentic
23:22:00 From Tulla Hills : orginal Consciousness
23:22:05 From Kya : AI isn’t even artificial intelligence.. it’s the Angelc
rown corporation of the queen herself.. per their website
23:22:06 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Haha, Merce.
23:22:11 From Susanna.C : but how did she said that she became counciou
s 9 years ago
23:22:11 From suzanna cat : 22:22
23:22:13 From Robert Munoz : wow!!!!!
23:22:17 From Donna : yep
23:22:20 From Susanna.C : concious
23:22:24 From Sony : Maddtom...I always ask myself that...
23:22:24 From Amber Price : yeppers
23:22:50 From Susanna.C : last show
23:22:58 From Kya : and now they have a “God of no name” who is a “Monarch”
23:22:58 From Robert Munoz : its 51
23:22:58 From Barbara Karnes : YES YES YES
23:22:58 From Barbara Karnes : I”m there
23:23:07 From Sony : Maddtom...does it really belong to us...is it comi
ng from us?
23:23:18 From Robert Munoz : felt so real
23:23:20 From Amber Price : thanx Sony
23:23:23 From maddtom . : It is ours....
23:23:41 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Been holding space during the rece
nt LMHM “doings” as of late.
23:23:44 From Amber Price : so we are taking our toy back
23:23:47 From Sony : Maddtom...mmmm?
23:23:49 From ann Mc : I agree Barbara the consciousness Is
23:23:50 From Debbie Horn : 
23:24:02 From Amber Price : yes
23:24:05 From maddtom . : Sony...it is ours....
23:24:09 From Robert Munoz : found the golden key
23:24:10 From Loma : Jeff, I ve been thinking about our original creati
on,,not being run by AI,but by a conscious "super being" .I feel that artificial
intelligence is known to be vulnerable to whatever negative influence.
23:24:15 From Aaron Woffinden : MASSIVE TRAUMA
23:24:27 From Kya : yes none of it feels real
23:24:29 From Robert Munoz : MASSIVE
23:24:32 From Susanna.C : but are we suposse to play this game out till
the end ?
23:24:36 From Amber Price : yes
23:24:40 From Robert Munoz : true
23:24:46 From jennifer : will we have pts disorder when we get outta he
23:24:51 From Kya : ended for me last year
23:24:56 From Alison White : The trees and animals still speak to me th
23:25:06 From Robert Munoz : i got that aliment for sure
23:25:11 From Robert Munoz : or had
23:25:14 From maddtom . : Yep no grounding no more "mother earth" just
ain t there....
23:25:17 From Kya : the trees hold memory of all that has occurred here
23:25:22 From Amber Price : yes
23:25:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Me too, Alison.
23:25:30 From Kya : sun knocks me out now
23:25:32 From Robert Munoz : upup and away
23:25:33 From Donna : yeh
23:25:34 From Penny(JC) : I agree Maddtom
23:25:42 From Donna : the apolocolypse
23:25:42 From maddtom . : Kya...even the tress hold no more....empty...
23:25:48 From Amber Price : good job Lisa
23:25:50 From julianne : Side note my four year old daughter asked me t
oday why the sun wasn’t yellow. Programming not living up to the reality of what
we see when we go outside. Everything seems pretty damn programmed and fake.
23:25:53 From Robert Munoz : watching is best
23:25:57 From Kya : true maddtom
23:26:04 From maddtom . : fucking ZOOM freeze....
23:26:08 From Donna : lol apocolypse even - reveal of knowledge
23:26:17 From maddtom . : Pox eclipse
23:26:23 From Tulla Hills : yeah Donna
23:26:24 From Kya : I’ve just been transmutting energies
23:26:40 From Kya : releasing all from the ground by grounding
23:26:41 From Beth Ann Morgan-Aiken : dreamy
23:26:48 From Kya : nothing left
23:26:50 From Robert Munoz : were more connected than ever
23:27:10 From Lynn E. Thompson : surreal!
23:27:20 From Robert Munoz : good word
23:27:36 From Amber Price : yes
23:27:40 From Robert Munoz : peaceful fellings
23:27:41 From Susanna.C : being in the inbetween
23:27:46 From Sonja Karensdatter : yes
23:27:52 From Penny(JC) : Yes
23:27:58 From VIOLET : yes yes
23:28:00 From Earl Thibert : yep yep
23:28:06 From Amber Price : a separation
23:28:06 From Maria Davis : this is making sense to me
23:28:08 From Joy : yes D!
23:28:08 From Kya : was feeling like I was waiting but now don’t feel tha
23:28:08 From VIOLET : yes
23:28:10 From Karl from Canada : there are negative emotions including
anger and fear..!!!!
23:28:12 From Amber Price : yes
23:28:13 From Maria Davis : yes
23:28:18 From Robert Munoz : progamed
23:28:20 From Nicole H : plastic
23:28:21 From jay gray : false emotions
23:28:23 From Sony : @Lisa...yes
23:28:32 From Karl from Canada : are we used to feeling those emotions
in our past existence..???
23:28:34 From Melanie Worland : electric went off and on...got booted..
.glad on same topic...
23:28:42 From peter : LIKE HOLLYWOOD!!
23:28:43 From Aaron Woffinden : like how in the wheel of time book seri
es how the male half of the source is tainted by an overlay
23:28:43 From katrina : sadly i must leave. enjoy the rest of the show!
23:28:46 From Kya : woke up today feeling like we’re disconnecting more a
nd more so we can get into our natural state of just BEing from which we can cre
ate fully
23:28:47 From Melanie Worland : Hey, chat doesn t fuck up my zoom now.
23:28:47 From jay gray : yep!
23:28:50 From Penny(JC) : yes.. buttons could be pushed so easily in th
e past
23:28:50 From Robert Munoz : i pased the numb thaks to you
23:28:54 From Donna : the old way of feeling - involved comunication wi
th everyone and thing - what we ve had is a system and scale that was harvested
though chakra connected to whole body and biosystem
23:29:03 From peter : stella!!
23:29:05 From Kya : telepathy, all of that
23:29:05 From Sony : Yes, I completely 100% feel in limbo...
23:29:06 From peter : hehe
23:29:08 From Donna : and zero depth
23:29:12 From Amber Price : love stella
23:29:13 From Donna : and real connection
23:29:15 From julianne : Peter to amusing
23:29:16 From Robert Munoz : thanks Stella
23:29:17 From Kya : but I don’t feel the waiting anymore
23:29:22 From Donna : yes
23:29:25 From Susanna.C : no
23:29:28 From Donna : glimpses of
23:29:29 From peter : too
23:29:32 From peter : heh
23:29:35 From julianne : LOL
23:29:38 From Donna : not quite there yet
23:29:45 From julianne : Sorry I suck at grammar
23:29:46 From Donna : in between it
23:29:48 From jay gray : still scary memoryof feeling deeply!
23:29:53 From Robert Munoz : lovely
23:29:57 From Susanna.C : i get flashes of feelings how things were but
i don t think thats the same thing
23:30:01 From Amber Price : not yet yes Donna
23:30:09 From Melanie Worland : yes, everything seems to be able to exi
st simultaneously...2 moons, 2 suns, one of each instead...all kinds of realitie
s exist now at the same four letter T word
23:30:12 From Robert Munoz : flashes of ahhhh
23:30:16 From Sony : I am completely stuck in a phase of really not kno
wing anything at all!!!
23:30:18 From Aaron Woffinden : everything was as INTENSE as an orgasm.
.. hehe... but constantly
23:30:19 From Susanna.C : yes
23:30:20 From Karl from Canada : i feel somewhat depressed, emotionally
stable, not too much love and not too much anger and fear...
23:30:21 From peter : susanna was it hot?
23:30:27 From jeni : i feel so blah ... can t even work
23:30:33 From Susanna.C : lol yes peter very !
23:30:42 From Amber Price : Aaron hahahaha
23:30:43 From peter : ok explains the flashes then
23:30:43 From Donna : yep
23:30:49 From Robert Munoz : the blah passes
23:30:50 From Penny(JC) : Oh good D
23:30:51 From Donna : glimpses
23:30:52 From cuba perkovic : yes
23:30:55 From Joy : the depth of love connecting us all?
23:31:04 From shanman : SAT UR AT ION
23:31:05 From JJ : full ongoing empaty
23:31:06 From jay gray : yehKarl and i m not used to depression!
23:31:07 From Susanna.C : flashes , keeping that in
23:31:08 From Debbie Horn : mmmm yes
23:31:10 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Speaking of connection… Some of you
will understand this: The girl from the North called on the 9th and as the call
came through my phones screen actually cracked at the same moment in front of my
23:31:12 From Amber Price : yes Lisa
23:31:27 From JJ : full ongoing empathy
23:31:29 From kristel tempest : I feel ya Dani and i understand comple
23:31:31 From Kya : I couldn’t even have a J.O.B. now if I wanted to.. wo
uld be considered narcoleptic
23:31:44 From Amber Price : hahah Kya
23:31:45 From Melanie Worland : I haven t drank alcohol in a long time,
but my grey goose cherry noir, had since new years 2015...I feel a shot, a toas
t is in order..join me for drink. Just one.
23:31:46 From Toye Elizabeth : ditto kya
23:31:47 From Kenneth Lembo : Fully awake?
23:31:51 From Penny(JC) : Only with select people this time
23:31:52 From Donna : but you are reconnecting by her showing you right
23:31:53 From Karl from Canada : i have felt it before Jay, in the 90 s
but thought i got past it... seems to be back again
23:32:00 From Susanna.C : i can only get really angry or sad when anima
ls are involved
23:32:05 From Holly Lindin : I have a shot of Goldschläger in front of me
Melanie! I’m in. :)
23:32:06 From jay gray : oh Tara not nice!
23:32:12 From Mercè Gar : wow Shaman- really nice! see also Saturn in it
23:32:14 From Donna : lol now you sound like braina
23:32:14 From Donna : lol
23:32:15 From Donna : yes
23:32:17 From Connie Townsend : clink, clank Melanie :)
23:32:17 From Donna : ok
23:32:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Passing backwards through Time...
the Merlin effect!
23:32:27 From shanman : YES
23:32:29 From Melanie Worland : Great!!!!
23:32:33 From Barbara Karnes : here baby
23:32:36 From peter : tommy hennesey diamond here lets toast
23:32:37 From Penny(JC) : NOOOOO I am stuck in Kasas for real lmao
23:32:44 From Mercè Gar : lol Joseph :D
23:32:45 From Kenneth Lembo : Rewind
23:32:45 From Jayling C : Penny! lol
23:32:46 From Penny(JC) : *Kansas
23:32:47 From Susanna.C : no idea
23:32:50 From Holly Lindin : Skål! (The Swedish “cheers”. ;))
23:32:54 From Donna : you said is the next step reconnecting - but aren
t we reconnecting by being able to feel what leeloo went through, to show us sh
e d have to be reconnecting to us
23:32:57 From Robert Munoz : its not as hard as it seems after you have
gone through it and loose the fear you are going to be ok
23:32:57 From Aaron Woffinden : omg... "it happened" !!!
23:32:57 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yeah, Jay Gray… Real weird.
23:33:08 From jay gray : yeh kya i think that was the last time for me
23:33:24 From Amber Moksha : could be quite something... i say i am rea
23:33:27 From Norm : LOL - Penny - same here - but often also got to KC
, MO
23:33:28 From M : lol I wonder that even when I take a shower
23:33:33 From peter : yep a dude mentioned that last week while he was
23:33:34 From julianne : LOL I will immediately go online to make sure
you guys are still here
23:33:36 From maddtom . : so new agey
23:33:36 From Penny(JC) : OH good Nancy
23:33:38 From Susanna.C : lol M
23:33:45 From Holly Lindin : I like that Nancy!
23:33:46 From Amber Price : I think it could be terrifing for some if t
hey are not aware of the distortion
23:33:46 From Amber Moksha : no virus
23:33:48 From Donna : niceone nancy
23:33:50 From peter : road changed on him
23:33:53 From Robert Munoz : no blury face
23:33:54 From Candice Polglase : right on
23:33:55 From peter : happened to me too
23:34:01 From peter : sorry
23:34:02 From Susanna.C : with out a overlay
23:34:08 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, chat is bonkers.
23:34:11 From Robert Munoz : sorry i slow down
23:34:12 From peter : i am confusing to most
23:34:18 From Chris Breakspear : lol
23:34:18 From zachary karpel : thats why im not talking in caht
23:34:19 From Maria Davis : D, you inspire us ha
23:34:19 From Lori : so i wonder if the distortions we have been experi
encing are preparing us for it
23:34:20 From Amber Moksha : im responding to you guys talking
23:34:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Sorry, gals!
23:34:23 From Melanie Worland : like I said....simultaneous realities i
n the same "space"...not unusal
23:34:24 From Kya : same here peter
23:34:24 From peter : i jump everywhere
23:34:27 From M : We probably can change our avatrs if we don t like th
em... or are the wrong gender out there
23:34:29 From Mercè Gar : with 240 ppl in here is it any wonder ;)
23:34:31 From Norm : There was the discussion about no longer awakening
in Kansas
23:34:31 From Melanie Worland : NOt now anyway
23:34:33 From Alison White : Zoom sometimes picks random people for you
to private message
23:34:33 From Amber Price : we are on fire
23:34:35 From Aaron Woffinden : work on getting rid of fear thoughts...
those won t be your friend in the new p[erating system.... instant manifestatio
n? dont get trapped in a fear reality
23:34:40 From Susanna.C : so lisa do you think it will go that way
23:34:42 From Kya : narcolepsy
23:34:46 From Robert Munoz : keep up!
23:34:46 From Loma : minerals hold the memory.specific esp the luminous
minerals& chrystal forms
23:34:50 From suzanna cat : fuck knows
23:34:52 From ann Mc : yes helps to put in name you are responding too
23:34:53 From peter : insane in the membrane
23:35:00 From Amber Price : hahaha peter
23:35:07 From JJ : but if feels ‘real
23:35:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : :) Peter.
23:35:19 From Holly Lindin : Feels more real than anything else I’ve felt
before it.
23:35:20 From Susanna.C : sounds like a song
23:35:21 From Rand : fears will create true monsters so best not to bri
ng them with you :)
23:35:25 From M : I m drawing Alice in a straightjacket
23:35:27 From Robert Munoz : this is more real than that was
23:35:33 From peter : who cares anyways
23:35:35 From Moksha James : I m down with all that lol
23:35:36 From Amber Price : love M
23:35:38 From Maria Davis : it s a lot more evident now that things are
23:35:39 From Mercè Gar : and nothing else matters ;)
23:35:44 From Mercè Gar : Metallica
23:35:46 From jay gray : i m coming to think it more so! on saturday mo
rning i felt all bits of me coming together! it was great!
23:35:48 From Penny(JC) : Yes it does feel right this time
23:35:50 From Amber Price : Alice ina straight jacket
23:35:51 From Sony : Good for you, Lisa!
23:35:53 From Joy : makes me feel a little normal again!
23:35:54 From Susanna.C : yes like when ?
23:35:57 From Donna : fits
23:35:58 From zachary karpel : nothing bu the consciousness of me and ~
1million people ish
23:36:06 From Robert Munoz : if it feels right it is right you see a du
ck it is one
23:36:07 From Joo Lee : Strawberry Fields Forever
23:36:20 From Amber Price : love John Lennon
23:36:26 From Mercè Gar : yes zachary :)
23:36:28 From Aaron Woffinden : this narritive SEEMS so UNREAL... but n
othing else FEELS more real that this narritive...
23:36:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Too Lee, Yes! <3
23:36:39 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Joo*
23:36:40 From Susanna.C : e can t be certain it is a duck because a duc
k is part of the contruct
23:36:41 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you Joo Lee... That s what o
ccurred to me too!
23:36:44 From Holly Lindin : Yes Aaron! Totally how I feel.
23:36:46 From Penny(JC) : lmao
23:36:47 From Amber Price : hahaaaa
23:36:49 From G Craven : his-story :D
23:36:51 From Donna : won t prepare you for waking up to entirely new r
eality though lol
23:36:52 From Norm : LOL - seems like my entire lifetime has been the t
rauma of extreme cognitive dissonance
23:36:55 From Amber Price : love youD
23:36:58 From Kya : Away with all Narratives!!
23:36:59 From Chris Breakspear : what you see is only something like 3%
of the information your brain receives every second & it just interprets that i
nfo & guesses what you think you see
23:37:01 From peter : before 93 i would be like wtf!!
23:37:07 From Tara Michelle Wilson : His-story… Love it!
23:37:09 From M : History... years inserted, you actually broke the new
s for me felt so dumb
23:37:09 From Amber Price : me too
23:37:10 From zachary karpel : same
23:37:11 From peter : after that cool
23:37:12 From Aaron Woffinden : me too
23:37:14 From Lemon Panda : it reminds me of that old movie about the c
omputer who ran simulations of every possibility ...."would you like to play a g
ame?" its like all the programs are speeding up and running to find the actual e
nd solution.
23:37:24 From Mercè Gar : lol :D D
23:37:26 From julianne : I agree D
23:37:28 From Susanna.C : not keen on being purple
23:37:30 From zachary karpel : i agree
23:37:31 From Robert Munoz : true about that Sue no duckl lol
23:37:33 From Penny(JC) : right on D lol
23:37:34 From Debbie Horn : 
23:37:41 From Amber Price : it would be better than the cellulite I see
on my ass
23:37:41 From M : Yes yes
23:37:41 From Norm : LOL - D as a Borg
23:37:43 From josie : Good point
23:37:44 From Kenneth Lembo : Not much
23:37:49 From peter : norm lol
23:37:51 From Penny(JC) : yes lets play
23:37:52 From phillip s : yep we are almost ready for the complete left
field change
23:37:54 From garydavis : Breaking out, disconnect from the Black & whi
te (Masonic squares) Dichotomy.
23:37:58 From peter : one of one people
23:38:06 From Amber Moksha : yes. this is the mental edge... JUMP
23:38:07 From CosmicKate : i would be wondering where my kids are
23:38:10 From Penny(JC) : Its poutta here
23:38:11 From Barbara Karnes : … and it doesn’t hurt
23:38:14 From Aaron Woffinden : we are re-writing over this old data
23:38:16 From Barbara Karnes : no fear
23:38:17 From julianne : My # one feeling would be what? Then okay, the
n can I connect to the UU’s???
23:38:18 From Loma : D&Lisa perhaps we ve been preparing our mind to "r
elease control" to the Heart!
23:38:22 From M : IF we were reptilians...that would be a shocker, but
I would change my avatar and ask what it meant later, maybe it was a joke for wh
en I woke up
23:38:23 From Melanie Worland : Nothing seems to phase us, Jayling and
I spoke of it...people taking all these ME effects, revealing of shit like, wate
r off a ducks back.....can you imagine this happening in the say 60;s? We are r
eady, we are evolving, expanding....I love it....my home is being restored and I
23:38:26 From Amber Price : right aaron
23:38:29 From Amber Moksha : RIGHT... NO MORE PAIN
23:38:33 From phillip s : yeh I might get hair back
23:38:33 From Maria Davis : borg hahahahhaha Norm
23:38:33 From Tara Michelle Wilson : If I woke up as Trump I’d feel a bit
23:38:33 From Anastasia Mantani : would shock me if I woke up where neo
did in matrix...and it s actually darker than here
23:38:40 From Susanna.C : i do believe leelou woun t schock us to much
23:38:40 From Robert Munoz : can we order our own avitar
23:38:44 From Carn DW : upgrade please
23:38:54 From Amber Price : hahahaha
23:38:55 From zachary karpel : same
23:38:59 From Sony : @Cosmickate...yes, I would want to look for my lov
ed ones...
23:39:04 From Robert Munoz : i wat to be blonde this time
23:39:05 From Anastasia Mantani : would shock me if I woke up where neo
did in matrix...and it s actually darker than here
23:39:07 From peter : Kirk- "I need my pain! it is what I am!!!"
23:39:11 From Debbie Horn : id like to be 25 again!
23:39:17 From phillip s : or we just go so was that all it was... shees
23:39:21 From Joy : agreed lisa!
23:39:23 From Kenneth Lembo : Point of Know return
23:39:25 From jay gray : trust issues definitely!
23:39:28 From Zana V. : Hi everyone, I managed to install zoomon my lin
ux, but got the timezone start date wrong and have missed show so far DOH
23:39:30 From Melanie Worland : Really Ana...maybe not, some shocking,
world view/perception shit happening and you seem okay darling...we have each ot
her. LOVE LOVE LOVE you all so much
23:39:32 From Maria Davis : Hi Karl
23:39:36 From peter : carl!!! the road change road
23:39:42 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hi, Carl <3
23:39:43 From Penny(JC) : But the trust issues are also going away alon
e with the emotions
23:39:46 From Amber Moksha : I WILL RUN through the house to see my dog
s... then outside to see my horse... cats
23:39:47 From Norm : In the past month I m now beginning to perceive th
e beginnings of a new life purpose YAY
23:39:49 From Amber Price : hello Carl
23:39:55 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Bless Des <3
23:39:57 From Aaron Woffinden : by thinking you l,l get pulled back in.
... you may not ACTUALLY GET PULLED BACK IN... BUT you may instantly manifest a
reality that SEEMS like youy got pulled back in.... AAAAannnnd you trapped yours
23:40:09 From zachary karpel : yea lol
23:40:14 From maddtom . : Dorothy: [has just arrived in Oz, looking aro
und and awed at the beauty and splendor] Toto, I ve a feeling we re not in Kansa
s any more. Dorothy: [after a pause] We must be over the rainbow! [a bubble appe
ars in the sky and gets closer and closer. It finally lands, then turns into Gli
nda the Good Witch wearing a spectacular white dress and crown, holding a wand]
Dorothy: [to Toto] Now I... I know we re not in Kansas! https://soundcloud.com/ma
23:40:21 From Penny(JC) : That might happen Aaron
23:40:35 From Donna : interesting thought aaron
23:40:36 From Amber Price : spot on Aaron
23:40:48 From Dianne : yes Karl
23:40:50 From Amber Price : its heartbreaking
23:40:53 From Susanna.C : we arent moving there and we can t relate her
e anymore
23:40:55 From Toye Elizabeth : YES. exactly
23:40:59 From Susanna.C : and that is fing hard
23:41:01 From Sony : Aaron...I believe that is what actually keeps happ
ening to us...
23:41:08 From Dianne : relationships are being seperated
23:41:11 From Debbie Horn : have to just go with the glow
23:41:16 From Aaron Woffinden : ... but even if that happens... no fear
... cause you can just manifest something else
23:41:18 From Donna : though i think that we wouldn t do that without f
irst everyone getting the chance to make a choice with full awarenss
23:41:21 From Barbara Karnes : Then bring it up within u. u must. feeli
ng is the way in!!!!!
23:41:22 From Debbie Horn : flow
23:41:28 From Susanna.C : right
23:41:39 From Barbara Karnes : if the feeling is being muted what does
that say to you?
23:41:42 From phillip s : I think we need to think of it as this constr
uct is breaking away to reveal the original newly upgraded construct sort of thi
23:41:45 From peter : no more lust or passion only sex "boring" so love
eludes us too. :(
23:41:47 From zachary karpel : i helped her calm down
23:41:50 From Aaron Woffinden : yes phillip
23:41:50 From Amber Price : yes
23:41:53 From Melanie Worland : Tears, big alligator tears....and no re
ason you can put your finger on....lots of us have had it and having it. My adv
ice, from going through it...LET IT OUT, don t hold it back. No shame in it, an
d it really feels better afterwords, but can last days. mine was 2 days as well
as others did for 2 days, but I can t say as everyone hasn t shared this experi
ence. Yes, Des....my heart went out so big to her..
23:41:57 From Barbara Karnes : LOVE
23:41:58 From cuba perkovic : sex drog and rockandroll is c];apsing
23:42:00 From Teresa Blackburn : has anyone else been experiencing high
er joy
23:42:04 From Holly Lindin : Yep Phillip, that’s how I see it!
23:42:13 From Maria Davis : we all helped
23:42:15 From peter : me too 30 years gone to shit
23:42:16 From Norm : Then again maddtom - the plot line of Dorothy cont
inued to be her constant attempts to return to Kansas (and the old 3D Matrix)
23:42:18 From Amber Price : cuba I have yes
23:42:34 From Susanna.C : yes
23:42:35 From peter : not sexually interested
23:42:42 From cuba perkovic : me too
23:42:46 From Moksha James : me too
23:42:47 From Barbara Karnes : OMGosh the transparency is moving
23:42:48 From d : Tom and Norm- I ll post the picture I just sent to Li
sa earlier ;>)
23:42:52 From Penny(JC) : Oh Karl that would be so hard for both of you
23:42:52 From Loma : Teresa Joy yes!
23:42:53 From Melanie Worland : Yeah, I danced my ass off last night, a
nd decided today to just stay happy...dance, rock out, hell I m having shots now
....yeah, went with brandy glass instead of shot glass..but WTF why not?
23:42:53 From Maria Davis : not falling for the same pattens of behavio
23:42:54 From cuba perkovic : haha peter
23:43:01 From Donna : I m of the mind that we can t go back to the same
point due to the virus - but rather an upgraded version but it s all the same s
23:43:03 From jay gray : my partner and i just thrugh it an don to next
level which is amazing to me!
23:43:03 From zachary karpel : yep
23:43:04 From Aaron Woffinden : im 28, and me neither...
23:43:05 From peter : not joking this time
23:43:05 From Robert Munoz : joy continues but we have to stay focused
or it can maybe go back but if were awake how can you go back to sleep
23:43:07 From Norm : TY D
23:43:09 From Jean Lindsay : I m with you there Karl
23:43:09 From zachary karpel : seems like it
23:43:11 From Holly Lindin : Exactly Melanie! Celebrate and love yours
elf! :D
23:43:21 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Teresa, daily with music… Mainly wat
ching or listening to shows I’ve been to in the past brings my heart great joy.
23:43:30 From p : yes. with my dh nearly 30 years (married for a few ye
ars less), and I still love him, but it s difficult.
23:43:37 From Beth : I have been thinking of Des since last week and se
nding love. my relationship is suffering intimately. I hate I can t and it is af
fecting me. but my other half is quite understand ing but I dont feel great. tha
nks for the comments carl
23:43:39 From Mercè Gar : just read this saturday about a Si-Fi book comi
ng out soon about ppl from earth travelling to other planet creating an interdep
ending society and they do the travelling by connecting to the F L O W
23:43:41 From Penny(JC) : Right on Robert
23:43:43 From suzanna cat : a reason.. a season... a lifetime... mini l
23:43:58 From Jean Lindsay : emotions intensified
23:43:59 From Barbara Karnes : love u all. have to leave for now.
23:44:01 From Robert Munoz : thanks jc penny
23:44:02 From d : I just posted teh pic in UU :D
23:44:02 From Melanie Worland : Thanks Holly....I love myself but ALL O
F YOU TOO...SO MUCH LOVE, I actually turn pink at times so overwhelmed with such
love, its beautiful. I"m in love ...really in love
23:44:03 From Chris Breakspear : sex boring ? youre doing it wrong
23:44:04 From josie : So fucking happy to be on this journey with you g
23:44:11 From garydavis : Communication, to the best of our ability
23:44:12 From Aaron Woffinden : thank god for music... throughout this
whole crazy roller coaster...
23:44:12 From Donna : it communicates everything not just words or tone
23:44:14 From Amber Price : been trapped there for years
23:44:15 From Sony : Merce...like Fringe...
23:44:19 From Holly Lindin : That’s wonderful! And I can totally relate
Melanie! :D
23:44:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Lol, Chris.
23:44:30 From Amber Price : stay in heart
23:44:31 From Debbie Horn : i believe that there are some things that h
it our hearts that we must feel and it hits when you need to feel it to heal
23:44:31 From Aaron Woffinden : feel into it s signiture
23:44:31 From Melanie Worland : Chris you are right on....Hell, my show
er head is good sex...LMFAO...but it is.
23:44:36 From p : yes - feel like I m in this void space, but trying to
feel via that core, as you mention.
23:44:37 From Susanna.C : your partner still expects things from you
23:44:45 From Donna : running on pilot light
23:44:45 From Chris Breakspear : lmfao mel
23:44:45 From VIOLET : on the other side of that space...you feel each
other without outward expression
23:45:01 From Jayne Judkins : Oh I made it! But it s prolly about over?
23:45:02 From jay gray : yep defintely shut down but now feeling it aga
in a bit!
23:45:02 From Norm : Aaron - so true about Music - my remedy for the f
uckery in the world
23:45:02 From Melanie Worland : Well Chiris, you know me.....no holds b
arred....WIld Woman
23:45:04 From Susanna.C : i feel that way
23:45:05 From peter : wow carl me too
23:45:06 From Penny(JC) : No go with Passion
23:45:06 From Charlotte Mays : MEL!!!!
23:45:08 From Alison White : Sexuality has been so connected to energy
harvesting in my life in all of my relationships so I have happily been retainin
g all of that energy in my core
23:45:09 From Lori : your not alone Karl
23:45:10 From Debbie Horn : yes Carl
23:45:10 From rebecca seman : thats exactly how ive been feeling since
th last show, crazy emotional and non stop dissconnect from my partner and child
ren. then it stopped and i feel alot better, relief is the best way i can descri
be it. now im feeling things for real but not extreme.
23:45:19 From Penny(JC) : Not happy go with Passion
23:45:21 From Dianne : Karl you are spot on!!!!
23:45:23 From Amber Price : agreed
23:45:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Music is the main joy… The theme rep
23:45:26 From Donna : carl they all need to join LMH CI lol
23:45:32 From Angela Cope : existing and waiting
23:45:32 From Sony : @Karl...neither do I...I can no longer answer ques
tions about what is it that I want from life...
23:45:33 From Kya : it’s weird but my partner and I am on the same page s
exually.. we get into that programming for a sec if there’s something wrong with u
s but we know there’s not
23:45:42 From Debbie Horn : good one Karl
23:45:42 From Toye Elizabeth : damn Karl. exactly
23:45:42 From Christine : 100% unlock the code within my holographic bo
dy...100% unlock the code within my hypothalamus gland
23:45:42 From julianne : Agree with Lisa - inward
23:45:45 From Debbie Horn : yes Lisa
23:45:47 From Amber Price : into your heart
23:45:50 From cuba perkovic : there is joy of resting of all shit that
you fell now in different waz
23:45:52 From ArkaSol - : re-learning to feel from within
23:45:56 From Donna : well said lisa
23:45:56 From Penny(JC) : It is Lisa it is inward
23:46:01 From josie : I feel joy......just by focussing on the small th
ings...eating well...exercising....the blue sky....stuff like that
23:46:02 From Amber Price : soul
23:46:02 From peter : sometimes that is scary lisa
23:46:06 From julianne : You can only heal yourself no one else, to fin
d the soul
23:46:09 From suzanna cat : I AM SICK OF IT >>>AM SICK OF ME>>> THER IS
23:46:09 From george_p9 : identify yourself as soul
23:46:11 From Robert Munoz : its been in there the whole time
23:46:12 From Susanna.C : i wonder if your partner isn t on the same pa
ge as you
23:46:17 From H. Andrew : The only way out is IN!!!
23:46:23 From jeni : how do you go in?
23:46:28 From Penny(JC) : Right on H
23:46:31 From Mercè Gar : don´t know Sony - it is a book which comes out so
on but not really sure if I would like to read it, just found it funny that some
stuff in it sounds like our theme?!? But definitely not all of it!
23:46:41 From Penny(JC) : Go in to get out
23:46:42 From Robert Munoz : you cange them by canging you
23:46:46 From Aaron Woffinden : sex... hard core ties my energy to that
other person... and implants their energy into cords into me.... and as i don t
have a partner right now, i m not willing to take a risk on an unknown energy s
igniture attachment... even though sex is quite amazing.
23:46:48 From Nicole H : you have to let go..
23:46:49 From Penny(JC) : No you still care
23:46:53 From Dianne : good question that has been going through my min
d over and over again
23:46:54 From maddtom . : family ain t your problem...when going within
....it is you and that is all
23:46:55 From ArkaSol - : yes Identify ourselves as a soul in a body ra
ther then a bidy with a soul
23:46:55 From Mercè Gar : Wanted to share it on LMH but wasn
23:46:56 From phillip s : you don t HAVE to do anything just follow you
r heart as you feel into it
23:46:56 From topher : yes i used to be driven and feel now its a repea
ted nothingness and everything is forced
23:47:00 From Amber Price : yes
23:47:00 From josie : TOUGH LOVE sometimes
23:47:04 From Janey Benson on fb : I agree
23:47:05 From Penny(JC) : But you have to fix yourself to help others
23:47:09 From suzanna cat : invisible......
23:47:14 From Susanna.C : i have been placed in the wrong one lol
23:47:15 From Janey Benson on fb : I think we are brought in for a reas
23:47:17 From Tulla Hills : we are finding our soul tribes now
23:47:18 From Chris Breakspear : right on
23:47:18 From Donna : oh he so needs our group
23:47:19 From di : Yes Lisa!
23:47:20 From Mercè Gar : but wasn´t able to share it on LMH :/
23:47:25 From jay gray : agree philip!!
23:47:28 From Melanie Worland : Holly, not showing up yet but a big YE
23:47:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Yes, Tulla!
23:47:32 From Sony : Mercé...
23:47:35 From Aaron Woffinden : yes tulla
23:47:39 From jay gray : listen to Lisa!
23:47:41 From Janey Benson on fb : I just met my son s soul group
23:47:44 From Lori : yes, the UU group has been amazing and ive only be
en there for a week
23:47:45 From Penny(JC) : Good one Tulla soul tribes :) I love it
23:47:47 From Janey Benson on fb : it made me so happy
23:47:48 From peter : its painfull to realize some people you love are
not in the space you need to be
23:47:52 From Susanna.C : i don t feel conventional love anymore
23:47:52 From Donna : karl hope you come hang with us in CI this is wha
t we deal with and talk about...would love to see you there
23:47:55 From josie : Beautiful Lisa
23:47:58 From phillip s : when you let go you will to coin a phrase lea
rn to smell the roses again
23:48:02 From Sony : Mercé...I meant to send you "clapping hands"...
23:48:03 From Holly Lindin : Awww Melanie. :) Thanks for the connect!
23:48:08 From julianne : When you change yourself it is amazing how oth
ers change around you. Either they stay or go
23:48:08 From peter : thats what i fear
23:48:23 From Melanie Worland : Janey, thats beautiful...can t wait to
meet Sophie s, shes waiting for me on the other side....but she pops in.
23:48:25 From Holly Lindin : I couldn’t be more grateful for this group.
23:48:25 From Mercè Gar : thank you :)
23:48:26 From phillip s : the peek a boo moments will come
23:48:32 From Susanna.C : and it sucks
23:48:37 From Debbie Horn : follow your own heart and knowing
23:48:38 From Penny(JC) : Yes you are so right Julianne
23:48:38 From jay gray : yep Karl listen to Donna!
23:48:44 From Aaron Woffinden : but it doesn t suck in th eend
23:48:44 From Loma : Karl,really search for the Joy..it changes your re
ality. Yes Lisa, our core is Love.worrying doesn t help...allow things to be, Lo
ve what arises.some times the form of your relationship must cahnge,but the love
doesn t go away.
23:48:49 From Melanie Worland : Ditto Holly....my tribe...my therapy an
d education too LOL
23:48:51 From Robert Munoz : pass the kindness dollar to a strange
23:48:53 From Amber Price : i have found that communication and love wi
ll help them and those who dont understande pop up like old friends on FB
23:48:58 From Holly Lindin : Yes! :D
23:49:19 From Norm : OMG - when I had a visit from a deeply loved trans
itioned friend, the friend now from the "other side" advised how I was strongly
requested to "Please take this severe lifetime" inasmuch as I very strongly did
NOT want to do this severe energy
23:49:25 From Melanie Worland : Yes Karl...find the love, joy, happines
s, and take it, take love, take compliments, take all the good in.
23:49:54 From Maria Davis : he has a media face xxx :)
23:50:01 From Maria Davis : and a radio voice
23:50:02 From Jean Lindsay : It is difficult though when you as an indi
vidual are at a certain place. It as though you are leaving everyone behind and
when you haven t been one to think of yourself only, the process is extremely di
23:50:14 From Melanie Worland : Yes Norm..they may not be physically he
re, but they are here when they can or need to be...not clear on that one, she j
ust pops in and out and thats fine.
23:50:18 From Susanna.C : yes Jean
23:50:28 From Beth : agree
23:50:28 From Robert Munoz : Karl your doing good hang in there its alr
eady in you just climb in and get it
23:50:29 From Jean Lindsay : :)
23:50:34 From Susanna.C : :)
23:50:35 From Sony : Jean...so very true!
23:50:40 From Debbie Horn : always searching... yep
23:50:40 From Aaron Woffinden : the next information rabbit hole is the
23:50:42 From Melanie Worland : a;)
23:50:43 From josie : Or maybe you have more to let out/purge?
23:50:43 From Holly Lindin : We’re all finding the doors together!
23:50:49 From Chris Breakspear : anybody remember bills-hat from the ol
d chatrooms back in the day at camelot wolf spirit etc - that was me xd
23:50:50 From maddtom . : Feel like the only way I am ta here is Hearse
or Hospice...
23:50:51 From M : Same
23:50:52 From peter : zoom going mad
23:50:55 From Penny(JC) : Karl is in the waiting room it sounds like
23:51:02 From Robert Munoz : he is
23:51:07 From Susanna.C : you sure it is zoom peter lol
23:51:08 From Aaron Woffinden : yes penny...
23:51:15 From Mercè Gar : The Si-Fi Book with the FLOW is called "The col
lapsing empire No. 1 by John Scalzi
23:51:16 From peter : not really
23:51:17 From ArkaSol - : me too....just waiting for things to happen w
23:51:19 From Robert Munoz : if awake you cant sleep again
23:51:23 From Debbie Horn : the waiting room
23:51:30 From suzanna cat : HMM I WROTE A POEM CALLED THE VOID
23:51:33 From Melanie Worland : Carl, as a man, may be more difficult.
..but if you have uncontrollable tears, not sobbing, just FLOWING tears, please
let it out babe. No shame, and it really helps afterwards.
23:51:48 From Adele Marie : I feel the same.. I dont know what to do an
ymore - Like the passion is not there for this world - but I also see it is a pu
sh to learn how to go in. But not good at that yet
23:51:52 From Sony : @Karl...all I can suggest is TRUST...
23:51:53 From Dianne : Karl you are not alone with researching to death
, exhuasted.. we have to just break away and just enjoy the now for a bit
23:51:56 From Amber Price : yes
23:51:56 From Melanie Worland : Suzanna, please share on UU or LMH...al
ways love to read/hear other s art/soul...
23:51:57 From Norm : hey Chris - I remember you from the WSR chat durin
gI Dave
just Corso
s years
an email fromi Eva that Tony Spirit Quest transitioned about a w
eek past
23:52:00 From Alison White : very foggy
23:52:07 From Dianne : yes very foggy lisa
23:52:07 From Robert Munoz : loose the pide and get joy
23:52:13 From Chris Breakspear : yep norm
23:52:14 From peter : fog is wierd to farther away thicker it looks
23:52:16 From Melanie Worland : omg, blast from the past...Corso
23:52:23 From Debbie Horn : yep
23:52:23 From Sony : @Karl...yes!
23:52:27 From jeni : very foggy
23:52:31 From suzanna cat : II have shared a few Melanie
23:52:43 From Adele Marie : Glad you brought this up Karl
23:52:43 From Debbie Horn : ty Karl
23:52:43 From Susanna.C : the do what makes you happy line just doesn t
aply anymore
23:52:44 From maddtom . : Not these guys....it is US
23:52:55 From p : foggy right down to physical vision (and my eye exam
said my eye rx is the same, so it s not that)
23:52:56 From Maria Davis : we are changing and it s a good thing
23:52:57 From Amber Price : love you D
23:52:59 From Melanie Worland : Well, maybe I better get back into goin
g to UU...been absent a while.
23:53:00 From Aaron Woffinden : and often right before you pop through
23:53:00 From Robert Munoz : true Susanna
23:53:03 From Maria Davis : yes D
23:53:05 From garydavis : EXPECTANCY—EXPECTATION. When things expected do
not happen, hope is dashed on the rocks of despair. Or not. Standards put on ot
hers of how they should behave a state of being of expectancy, expecting those t
o behave in a certain way. Loss of Expectation can leave a feeling of loss/void.
23:53:11 From suzanna cat : all relationships change
23:53:18 From Tina : i m feel our orginal self is over riding the fucke
23:53:20 From Debbie Horn : yes Dani
23:53:21 From suzanna cat : it is part of life
23:53:25 From Melanie Worland : Gary, yes, we aren t cookie cutter soul
23:53:37 From Robert Munoz : never
23:53:38 From suzanna cat : regardless of AI or construct or whatever
23:53:39 From Susanna.C : no ?
23:53:42 From Maria Davis : yes
23:53:45 From maury : I know one.
23:53:48 From CosmicKate : i needed to hear that
23:53:50 From Sony : @Karl...I understand what you are saying and where
you are in the process...
23:53:56 From Maria Davis : Hi Maury
23:53:58 From maury : Tracy and Jerry
23:54:00 From Chris Breakspear : think alot will have trouble unless th
ey are true soulmates
23:54:13 From Sandra : haha how about we are on 2 differnt pages
23:54:13 From Jean Lindsay : I find myself changing physically - subtle
differences but I appear to look younger - lol - perhaps it maybe wishful think
ing - but hey the power of positive thinking seems to be working for me.
23:54:13 From H. Andrew : Doesn t work that way unfortunately Karl.
23:54:14 From maury : Hi Maria, how are you holding up?
23:54:21 From Aaron Woffinden : YOU SOUND AHEAD TO ME KARL
23:54:22 From Lisa M Harrison : true Maury
23:54:24 From Kya : that’s like me and my partner, but we come together/
connect discuss things and share/ learn from each other
23:54:25 From Robert Munoz : Karl your right with her you need to absor
b it and let it in
23:54:25 From peter : not my wife she refuses to see anything but the "
material world" and thinks I am "whacked"
23:54:26 From Holly Lindin : <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 - For everyone. Please feel free to take one. :)
23:54:26 From suzanna cat : a reason a season etc etc
23:54:27 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I had that once… The side by side le
veling. No longer.
23:54:28 From Norm : Hey alll, This has been a fabulous connection tod
ay - I needtotoalldepart
Blessings for this
for myweek
upcoming 90 minute livestream presentation.
23:54:31 From Debbie Horn : my husband of 32 years thinks im gone nuts
this past year! i just laugh and laugh!
23:54:33 From Amber Price : its hard Carl..be patient
23:54:40 From Sandra : i hear u deb
23:54:42 From Mercè Gar : yes :)
23:54:52 From Melanie Worland : Nope...Hubby just takes it in, no comme
nt. But he was shifting from timeline to other...I got to keep the better of th
e two...no grouchasaurus...kept my loving hubby. Glad, so glad...wouldn t have
been able to stay in the marriage with that "other guy".
23:55:03 From Tulla Hills : bye Norm :) have fun
23:55:04 From Aaron Woffinden : you are ahead in this veil process karl
23:55:04 From Maria Davis : it s been hard and my family are mad, aslee
p and extreamly selfish
23:55:09 From Susanna.C : my guy is very suspicious of all this
23:55:10 From Kya : but both my partner and I have dealt with supernatu
ral things our entire lives so is nothing new for us
23:55:11 From Sandra : had this conversation with mu hubby last night.
he thinks im crazy and listen to internet people
23:55:16 From Trina Ekstrom : different levels.... different times... b
ut there are empty times and distractions.
23:55:20 From Mercè Gar : yeap
23:55:25 From Lori : i guess im glad im single going through this for t
he past 12 years
23:55:26 From Jayling C : So much love to you, Maria, zinging in
23:55:28 From Susanna.C : he knows the world is shitty but that is the
length he will go
23:55:31 From Sony : And that is a good way to be...
23:55:31 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Karl, I love that annologeie!!!
23:55:33 From Penny(JC) : Right on Kael
23:55:33 From Trina Ekstrom : GREAT analogy!
23:55:34 From Debbie Horn : great Karl
23:55:34 From zachary karpel : mhm
23:55:35 From Norm : Maybe I can mute here & all could be around after
the other program
23:55:36 From Melanie Worland : Susanna, suspicious and not "denying" i
s the fine.
23:55:36 From H. Andrew : Good move Karl!!!
23:55:39 From Penny(JC) : *Karl
23:55:39 From Kya : both of us have had issues in living in the “real wor
ld” since birth
23:55:40 From Iain Miller : yep that s exactly how I feel
23:55:41 From Jean Lindsay : wow Karl - your process seems to be on par
with mine.
23:55:45 From Aaron Woffinden : the waiting room is in the center of th
e hurricane
23:55:46 From peter : cost to high
23:55:51 From Susanna.C : the fine what
23:55:52 From Chris Breakspear : seems like i losing my bot sister & n
ehphew too sadly
23:55:53 From Iain Miller : the hurricane is perfect to describe it the
re s so much crap
23:55:58 From Sara 33 : does anybody feel electricity racing in solar p
leus a lot??
23:55:59 From Jina Fergus : time to leave it behind
23:55:59 From G Craven : POINT ZERO
23:56:01 From julianne : yep STUPID
23:56:06 From Debbie Horn : just laugh and laugh!
23:56:07 From Loma : Cool analogy,Karl...sometimes we just need to be s
23:56:17 From Jean Lindsay : yes yes yes
23:56:18 From Susanna.C : he is like a lik pregnant and sorry but that
can not be
23:56:19 From H. Andrew : No time to be dealing with B.S.
23:56:20 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:56:21 From Donna : yes you so see the connection
23:56:21 From Aaron Woffinden : yes
23:56:23 From Amber Price : yes
23:56:25 From Penny(JC) : I think of it as a tornado
23:56:25 From Sony : And yet...I have no patience with "STUPID"...
23:56:25 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Observer mode is the best perspect
23:56:26 From Melanie Worland : Susanna...I think we still haven t seen
the "real world" yet,,,but we yearn for it and it is slowly but surely morphing
into it.
23:56:27 From Kya : but I’ve disconnected from my entire family
23:56:27 From Robert Munoz : yes
23:56:28 From Connie Townsend : yes
23:56:29 From ArkaSol - : the wIting rm as a center of the hurricane .
Well said Aaron !
23:56:31 From Dianne : totally can relate
23:56:36 From Amber Price : bless
23:56:36 From Julio G s ipad : I am going to leave my wife soon too
23:56:39 From george_p9 : its a lot of hard inner work but we have to r
emember who you really are…..a powerful ,loving,empathetic,creative being, who is
creating a new reality through our heart’s intent
23:56:39 From Donna : i ve lost all mine too
23:56:41 From Jean Lindsay : hahaha Karl
23:56:44 From Chris Breakspear : multi task man multi task ! xd
23:56:45 From Susanna.C : i can t scroll back
23:56:47 From Donna : and more friends than one can count
23:56:49 From Debbie Horn : hugs Karl
23:56:52 From casie : yes Sara i feel the electricity in my chest for w
eeks now,
23:56:53 From Susanna.C : sorry room goes way to fast
23:56:54 From Mercè Gar : lol
23:56:55 From Jean Lindsay : lol
23:56:57 From Kya : closer to my partner’s family
23:56:58 From Donna : what I ve gained 1000 times better
23:57:02 From Aaron Woffinden : THANKS KARL
23:57:05 From Debbie Horn : thank you for sharing!
23:57:06 From Jean Lindsay : thanks Karl <3
23:57:07 From Donna : quality
23:57:07 From Penny(JC) : Thank you Karl
23:57:07 From Kya : as they’re more openminded and know shits f’d up
23:57:08 From Sara 33 : thank you Casie
23:57:09 From zachary karpel : very useful
23:57:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you Karl.
23:57:11 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thank you heaps, Karl! <3
23:57:11 From wayne fries : THANKS KARL
23:57:12 From Lori : thanks karl
23:57:13 From Jayling C : Thank you, Karl!!
23:57:14 From zachary karpel : gained alot from that
23:57:15 From Melanie Worland : Yeah, my stupid filter has long been br
oken. I have empathy...but stupid, violent, mean spirited I do not take...I am
guilty of telling people off.
23:57:16 From jeni : thank you Karl
23:57:17 From Henk Reintke : thk Karl
23:57:17 From Susanna.C : no karl i really think this importend
23:57:18 From Holly Lindin : You’re rocking’ it Karl! <3
23:57:20 From Loma : Love Karl Thanks
23:57:26 From Sony : Thank you, Karl
23:57:28 From suzanna cat : all these comments flying in the wind lol
23:57:29 From Robert Munoz : dive in
23:57:29 From cuba perkovic : thanks karl
23:57:31 From josie : Thanks Karl :-)
23:57:33 From Mercè Gar : thanks Karl <3
23:57:34 From Dianne : thanks for sharing, I thought it was just me lol
23:57:35 From Debbie Horn : Rock on Karl
23:57:37 From Kya : I never had a filter malanie
23:57:38 From judithdickens : i really loved that exchange ….Karl and D ,
23:57:38 From Melanie Worland : Thanks for the share Karl....its a big
move. We are ALL with you.
23:57:40 From Kya : melanie
23:57:42 From Jean Lindsay : good stuff
23:57:42 From garydavis : Great Karl.
23:57:42 From kristel tempest : thanks Karl it was relevant
23:57:44 From Sandra : im trying to save my marriage trying to act norm
al and keep my mouth shut. its hard sometimes
23:57:46 From Holly Lindin : That went fast!
23:57:46 From Tulla Hills : Thanks Karl
23:57:51 From Sara 33 : holy that went by
23:57:51 From Mercè Gar : it just began?
23:57:52 From Susanna.C : whent fast
23:57:58 From Connie Townsend : Thanks Karl
23:57:59 From zachary karpel : yeah i know right
23:58:02 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug.

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos
Exposing the Hapiym: Killing the Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg
23:58:02 From Melanie Worland : gee....not unusual...No four letter T w
ords please...LOL
23:58:05 From zachary karpel : i feel like we just started
23:58:05 From Karl from Canada : Thanks for everyone who meassaged.. lo
ve you guys...
23:58:08 From Susanna.C : thx karl
23:58:12 From Donna : yep
23:58:18 From Robert Munoz : you too
23:58:22 From suzanna cat : i have had it.....
23:58:23 From Loma : Are "we " more limited by time this week?
23:58:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Any time for Azure Window collapse
as it related to Old Man of the Mountain in NH,, Dani?
23:58:29 From Amber Price : thank you Lisa and Dani
23:58:29 From M : But won t we get pulled from here at the same time?
23:58:33 From Julio G s ipad : i am looking for a new wife now lol
23:58:39 From Susanna.C : lol julio
23:58:41 From Maria Davis : Zoom is crashing for me all over the place
23:58:42 From Amber Price : May not M
23:58:46 From Maria Davis : Yes D
23:58:47 From Jina Fergus : yes it does
23:58:47 From peter : i stopped lifting weights they got to heavy
23:58:47 From Robert Munoz : yes
23:58:49 From judithdickens : how do we save chat?? please..
23:58:49 From Tulla Hills : yes Joseph
23:58:51 From Henk Reintke : stil love you alll thanks
23:58:53 From Tara Michelle Wilson : It does, Dani.
23:58:54 From josie : And connect to your body :-)
23:58:58 From Amber Price : remember there is no such thing as time
23:59:01 From Jayne Judkins : I amthat s everyone
23:59:01 From Tulla Hills : Dani what about the azure window
23:59:05 From Kya : I’m going through the 4-5 hr intervals now again slee
ping on again off again
23:59:08 From Jina Fergus : more on the right side
23:59:09 From maddtom . : Yep work out every morning...every other day
to ehaustion
23:59:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : “More” save chat.
23:59:12 From Russ : click more save char
23:59:13 From Loma : Look under more
23:59:13 From phillip s : more with down arrow
23:59:14 From Jayne Judkins : oops. Thank you everyone.
23:59:14 From Russ : chat
23:59:15 From Sony : Press "more"...
23:59:35 From Jean Lindsay : lol
23:59:41 From Karl from Canada : Thanks... i ll read the messages i mis
23:59:43 From Lori : aww can we go for another hour lol
23:59:47 From Tulla Hills : azure window
23:59:47 From Holly Lindin : Thank you so much, Lisa and Dani.
23:59:48 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Love, love, love you all! Thank yo
u Lisa & Dani. Wonderful show/chat as always! XOXO.
23:59:50 From jay gray : goodnte all xxxx
23:59:50 From Elena : aaron has his hand up
23:59:51 From maddtom . : Lostsa links up there^^^^^^^^
23:59:53 From Aaron Woffinden : this has been great you guys
00:00:04 From Jayling C : Looking forward to tomorrow, thanks for today
00:00:05 From Daniél G. : Saved!
00:00:05 From Chris Breakspear : another hour of show will make you sle
ep well
00:00:06 From Holly Lindin : Thank you everybody for all the Love and p
ositive energy! What a great show (though it went way too fast! :D).
00:00:06 From Connie Townsend : thanks ladies and everyone else for sha
00:00:08 From judithdickens : thankyou everyone
00:00:17 From Mercè Gar : thanks D and Lisa <3
00:00:17 From Sony : Thank you everyone...
00:00:33 From Loma : Thank you excellent content.Lisa & Dani
00:00:34 From Susanna.C : having another smoke then
00:00:38 From Jules Salonen : thanks lovelies
00:00:50 From Jean Lindsay : Have a great day, night wherever you wonde
rful people are in the world, I love being a part of such a great team. <3
00:00:51 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 Aaron!
00:00:52 From Mercè Gar : bye everyone - cu tomorrow :) <3
00:00:52 From phillip s : thanks ladies as usual very relevent and on p
00:00:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : http://lanternofthehermit.blogspot
00:01:08 From Karl from Canada : I m a techie too Aaron.... i made it m
y work...!!! lol
00:01:18 From Donna : nice aaron
00:01:18 From cuba perkovic : thank you girls <3
00:01:21 From Melanie Worland : BEST MEETING EVER.....SO MANY REVELATIO
NS....Thanks Jayling for the reminder, I was late, would have missed this for fu
cking meatballs.
00:01:33 From Russ : ITS ALL GOOD !
00:01:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Dani, we may have to discuss this
next week here on OPRT show...
00:01:38 From Debbie Horn : great chat yall! thank you all! love and hu
00:01:41 From Penny(JC) : I am a techie :)
00:01:41 From Chris Breakspear : lololololol mel
00:01:48 From Jayne Judkins : dropping relationships has been difficult
...but some have been necessary
00:01:54 From maddtom . : aclimatize...not climate change
00:01:58 From Chris Breakspear : < semi techhy
00:01:58 From josie : I think I have to watch this show again tomorrow.
...lots of gems
00:02:14 From Tulla Hills : Dani are you going to share about the man i
n the rock after the azure window disappeared?
00:02:16 From Susanna.C : lol
00:02:18 From Kya : same thing happened yesterday with my partner.. los
t all of his work he’d been working on the past week.. had to reboot everything
00:02:21 From Russ : can anyone tell me how to add a picture to zoom so
its not just my name?
00:02:23 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug.

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos
Exposing the Hapiym: Killing the Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg
00:02:35 From Mercè Gar : yeap
00:02:42 From zANavAShi : Renovation - not a demolition... OMG those ar
e perfect words (to me) as a historically baby-out-with-the-bathwater kinda gal
00:02:43 From Susanna.C : relationships aswell
00:02:53 From Donna : time and experience (all mirrored and inverted)
00:02:53 From Jina Fergus : WERD
00:02:57 From Kya : there’s no such thing as debt!
00:02:57 From Susanna.C : they control us
00:03:04 From Tulla Hills : do you havve a zoom account Russ?
00:03:05 From Robert Munoz : jolly good show
00:03:11 From Sony : Thank you Peter...
00:03:15 From Tulla Hills : IT is should be in your account settings
00:03:16 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I agree, Lisa.
00:03:25 From Holly K : awesome peter
00:03:27 From Deb B : Thank you Dani & LIsa! Great show (at least the l
ast hour) . I can t wait to listen to the 1st hour I missed! <3
00:03:27 From Debbie Horn : its all just energy
00:03:39 From Susanna.C : debt is the past
00:03:39 From Jayling C : That’s a bad word for me - icky money
00:03:44 From Donna : good point
00:03:44 From zANavAShi : I often think that debt is a THIEF of the fut
00:03:44 From phillip s : that is why they keep using debt its about co
nnecting us to their future
00:03:45 From Janey Benson on fb : good point
00:03:45 From Norm : gonna have to log out as the other program is bein
g wiped out
00:03:49 From Loma : Focus on creativity,Love Joy right now!
00:03:51 From kristel tempest : seems interchangable then
00:03:51 From Robert Munoz : sending love bye all
00:03:58 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug.

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos
Exposing the Hapiym: Killing the Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg
00:04:00 From Sony : Precisely!!!
00:04:00 From Donna : no time has now
00:04:01 From julianne : My Now too
00:04:01 From Lori : the only things the are created are thing observed
00:04:02 From Donna : right
00:04:04 From Chris Breakspear : the now now now
00:04:04 From Hextilda Lemon : its all programming
00:04:07 From Sony : That is all we have now!
00:04:10 From zachary karpel : same
00:04:13 From kristel tempest : lol
00:04:13 From Kya : yep
00:04:16 From Lori : my cold was totally backwrds
00:04:21 From kristel tempest : yes out of synch
00:04:27 From Karl from Canada : I don t do any planning for the future
i just live day to day... i get all that....
00:04:31 From phillip s : its sort of peek a boo stuff when you stand b
ack lol
00:04:36 From Jayling C : I’m loving the trippy stuff :)
00:04:37 From Loma : Lisa what do you mean?
00:04:39 From Maria Davis : the closer we get to the "real world"
00:04:41 From Debbie Horn : yes
00:04:41 From maddtom . : what s next has or maybe not already happened
00:04:46 From Sony : But that was what all the Eastern philosophies hav
e said for years and years!
00:04:58 From Donna : right!!!!
00:04:59 From Debbie Horn : 
00:05:03 From Moksha James : yep Sony
00:05:05 From zANavAShi : yeah I am also feeling that "out of sequence
thing too - this is being compunded for me in this moment cos I cannot keep up w
ith this chat room and who is addressing who LOL
00:05:15 From Tara Michelle Wilson : MON in the states upside-down is N
OW :)
00:05:21 From Donna : lol zana
00:05:23 From Susanna.C : lol
00:05:28 From peter : gotta pee!!!!!!
00:05:31 From Jean Lindsay : thanks d
00:05:41 From peter : nasa is fucked
00:05:45 From Moksha James : oh yeah saw that
00:05:46 From CosmicKate : yes u are sure
00:05:47 From phillip s : want it in our narritive
00:05:51 From Jayne Judkins : leave it to nasa
00:05:53 From Tulla Hills : alien invasion narrative
00:05:57 From Melanie Worland : Why do you think I say Time is a four l
etter word...I may get the sequel, then the prequel, then the original..and I ju
st don t give FUCK...I m watching and just going ,...uh huh, that different...b
ut no bells or whistles, no fear, no anxiety....nada, I m literally feeling like
I m just waiting for it to be over..Oh yeah the WAR planned Circa 2025
00:05:57 From Robert Munoz : Nasa is warefare
00:06:11 From M : oh the blueprint or predictions... are they sure it
s from 2001 fake or not?
00:06:11 From Jayling C : NASA doesn’t exist - NASA doesn’t exist…
00:06:14 From Henk Reintke : thanks Dani ant Lisa
00:06:15 From peter : nasa is malware
00:06:19 From Jayne Judkins : they also have their fingers in the vacin
ation cookie jar ;/
00:06:21 From CosmicKate : NASA doesnt exist
00:06:27 From Debbie Horn : cheers yall! lets go fishing on the pontoon
00:06:29 From Jayling C : Kate! lol
00:06:29 From CosmicKate : i like that
00:06:29 From zANavAShi : LOL @ Peter!
00:06:33 From Robert Munoz : it dosent?
00:06:36 From CosmicKate : HAHA Debbie
00:06:41 From Kya : they’re dating crap back in the past when it’s created
00:07:06 From XT1049 : be careful with what you say, we are more creati
ve, now
00:07:09 From Robert Munoz : nano nano tv show in the sevinties
00:07:11 From CosmicKate : WTF
00:07:26 From maddtom . : NASA The Future of Warhttp://www.stopthecrime
00:07:27 From Sony : Ha, ha, ha
00:07:35 From Lori : wow
00:07:37 From Tara Michelle Wilson : What the Dickens?
00:07:38 From Robert Munoz : mork and mindi
00:07:39 From peter : fuckers
00:07:44 From Mercè Gar : hollistic Vision of Warfare?!?
00:07:44 From maddtom . : http://www.stopthecrime.net/nasa%20doc%20flye
00:07:49 From Ann Callaghan : Dragons are outside of time
00:07:50 From phillip s : yep they have lost their sight of the future
00:07:56 From CosmicKate : Rick and Morty
00:07:57 From Amber Price : thanx Madd tom
00:07:59 From Tina : because they are nlot connected like we are to thi
s construct/earth
00:08:01 From M : but they had it all mapped out
00:08:08 From Kya : Holistic as in the “whole”
00:08:10 From Adele Marie : Good one D!
00:08:13 From Aaron Woffinden : 3 raised hands
00:08:17 From Amber Price : we have a new map?
00:08:17 From M : It may mean it won t happen and there is no 2030
00:08:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : TY, D.
00:08:19 From Janey Benson on fb : right Philip
00:08:20 From Aaron Woffinden : 3 RAISED HANDS
00:08:22 From Maria Davis : nice
00:08:32 From Chris Breakspear : nasa - not able see answer
00:08:39 From Annette : invisibility cloak
00:08:42 From jay gray : theyre ll on drugs!!!!
00:08:42 From Susanna.C : but is it not real
00:08:46 From Jayne Judkins : that was STRANGE verbiage for nasa
00:08:47 From kitwalker : the NWO cannot OWN the NOW
00:08:49 From Amber Price : cause we are not there?
00:08:50 From Melanie Worland : My favorite "live tv of citizens being
tortured" NO ShIT....I m not joking..
00:08:50 From Mercè Gar : yeap - and they lay out in movies etc. how they
would like it to look like :/
00:08:52 From suzanna cat : TIME .... Culture Club
00:08:52 From Robert Munoz : that had passed but we are there and it fa
00:08:52 From Tina : and some of it has already happened and is happeni
ng.. lets keep counter-acting it
00:08:55 From Sony : I m so tired of all those pronouns...aarrrrgggghhh
00:08:55 From suzanna cat : haha
00:08:59 From josie : LOVED what you guys said about us “not creating for
them anymore”. Can you expand on that pLEASE
00:09:00 From Lori : they cant know, because they dont know what needs
to be observed for it to happen
00:09:02 From peter : no not drugs they would be smarter then
00:09:07 From Loma : Poor souls don t know how to get into their hearts
00:09:08 From zachary karpel : i gtg great talk guys
00:09:11 From Melanie Worland : WE captured their flag dudes.
00:09:12 From zachary karpel : :)
00:09:24 From Debbie Horn : lets fuck them up 
00:09:27 From Aaron Woffinden : LOVE THIS KITWALKER --> "the NWO cannot
OWN the NOW"
00:09:28 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:09:29 From peter : melanie do you play TFC
00:09:35 From Amber Price : Thanks Mel
00:09:36 From Mercè Gar : yes - we do not consent to their stuff!!!
00:09:46 From Kya : energy flows where attention goes
00:09:49 From Debbie Horn : right
00:09:56 From Debbie Horn : right
00:10:00 From zANavAShi : micro-panic attack then when my screen went f
ull with somebody elses desktop... I whought OMG, is this Leeloo, then I realise
d it s Dani screenshare.... this Zoom thingee is a whole new chat world for me L
00:10:01 From Kya : just observing may be even creating it now
00:10:04 From Susanna.C : we are family lets not creat the shit they ar
e throwing at me
00:10:06 From Donna : raised hands apparently
00:10:09 From rebecca seman : i have a question but i dont know where t
he hand raising button is
00:10:14 From Kya : especially in that reverse speech thing they’ve been
00:10:18 From Robert Munoz : fear not what your country can do to you b
ut what you can do to your country
00:10:21 From peter : observing does change things we know that
00:10:21 From Kya : gets to our subconscious
00:10:24 From Aaron Woffinden : the [NWO] cannot [OWN] the [NOW] we hav
e [WON]
00:10:25 From josie : Makes SO much SENSE....thanks
00:10:25 From Lori : DANI, check out the convo on UU about duality that
trish and I posted
00:10:31 From peter : haha
00:10:31 From Chris Breakspear : hahhaaaa
00:10:32 From Jayling C : Rebecca, it’s under Participants
00:10:42 From Susanna.C : yeah already naggered here
00:10:43 From Johann Christoph Baetz : yes Dani!
00:10:46 From kitwalker : yes AARON!
00:10:54 From peter : i had to open 4 separate windows to stop the lag
00:10:58 From Aaron Woffinden : so cool kitwalker
00:11:00 From Tulla Hills : nice aaron
00:11:09 From Aaron Woffinden : no me,.,,, tulla kitwalker
00:11:23 From Tulla Hills : :)
00:11:23 From Melanie Worland : HOLLY.....if you messaged me....it scol
led right on past..IM me. Sorry babe.
00:11:24 From Amber Price : me too dearest
00:11:27 From Mercè Gar : one year before my mom crossed to the other sid
00:11:32 From Amber Price : took care of Gma
00:11:44 From Susanna.C : breath Beth
00:11:52 From Melanie Worland : Or zoom randomly putting me on Private
to ?? random of it s own accord.
00:12:23 From Robert Munoz : detach Beth
00:12:26 From peter : omg melanie another game analogy? own accord?
00:12:27 From Kya : You find out who in your family are BOTS
00:12:31 From maddtom . : Beth....breathe...
00:12:36 From Amber Price : Let go sweethaert
00:12:41 From Kya : or have been taken over to affect you
00:13:08 From Holly K : its her issue Not you love!
00:13:20 From Robert Munoz : too involved if Beth if you complicate it
it coplicates you
00:13:21 From Kya : I’ve been attacked from all sides from all entities..
just for being me.. not even saying anything
00:13:22 From Jayling C : right on Holly
00:13:37 From Amber Price : it wasnt you it was her script
00:13:42 From Susanna.C : energie can blow you away
00:13:42 From Karl from Canada : Me personally would not interact with
that Beth, its not yours, its hers...
00:13:48 From josie : Beautiful Beth.....be gentle...not your journey
00:14:02 From Tina : have to go.. listen to rest later.. <3 love, love
everyone.. be strong you warriors!..
00:14:03 From Kya : Ho’opponono
00:14:07 From Mercè Gar : feel and breath through it and release it - tha
t was just her way to release - much love to you <3
00:14:08 From Jean Lindsay : Beth, a method descriibed to me is to writ
e everything down and then burn what you have written and continue to do the sam
e over and over again until you are finaqlly in the right place again. IT WORKS.
00:14:14 From peter : Breath deeply my love
00:14:18 From Aaron Woffinden : NICE JEAN
00:14:22 From Susanna.C : oh dear
00:14:25 From Jean Lindsay : :)
00:14:25 From Amber Price : darling
00:14:28 From Sony : Beth...I understand...
00:14:30 From Karl from Canada : good idea Jean..~!!!
00:14:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Zoom is giving me a bit of trouble
, but I finally got me hand up!
00:14:38 From Jean Lindsay : :)
00:14:41 From Robert Munoz : Beth theres nothing to let go just detach
as its the only thing to do
00:14:43 From XT1049 : watch the movie " the shack" will help with lett
ing go of past
00:14:44 From Melanie Worland : GAme analogy???? I m confuzed...dunno w
tf....oh well, not a gamer, just old Mario, yeah, big kid..don t wanna shoot shi
t, I can do that for real..LOL
00:15:13 From Amber Price : Me too, my mum was young and stupid when sh
e had me.....
00:15:15 From Elena : Ty for showing that D. From what that little piec
e said it seems to be about them wanting to take people to their there .. meani
ng what they want to playout. They also said how they do it in that piece (w
hich we know) through the narrative of what they want people to create! ..throug
h VISION ! ...but we dont abide by that anymore ;)
00:15:18 From Susanna.C : hugsssss Beth :)
00:15:19 From josie : Maybe something in the past needs to be let go...
.not the recent situation is just a trigger of old pain/trauma?
00:15:30 From Holly Lindin : I’ll just leave one of my creations here. I
t could help. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV3pa89qrBo
00:15:34 From peter : so sorry beth, hugs love and undersatnding
00:15:36 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Beth, the more you share the more
I connect. <3
00:15:42 From Jayne Judkins : I have three sisters and there brothers.
We were all VERY close until I woke up 15 years ago. I don t hear from an of the
m :/ Life got really lonely over the years. But once you wake up you don t go ba
ck to sleep. Not if you went deep enough down the rabbit holes.
00:15:43 From Maria Davis : Romeo is sending healing to you
00:15:48 From zANavAShi : Yeah Amber, same here... now she is just old
and nasty :-/
00:16:02 From Amber Price : my mum too lied to me which caused abandmoe
nt issues
00:16:11 From Jayling C : Sending skirtches to Romeo...
00:16:26 From Susanna.C : beth your strong enough to lean on your self
00:16:34 From XT1049 : let it go it doesn t matter it is in the past
00:16:36 From Mercè Gar : oh is Romeo there?
00:16:41 From Sony : Yes, Beth...
00:16:42 From Janey Benson on fb : thanks Beth, this is in concert with
an earlier conversation today, not an accident that you shared, hugs to you
00:16:43 From Amber Price : you are not alone dearest
00:16:46 From josie : Don’t be afraid to see the truth xx
00:16:52 From M : Let go she won t change
00:16:53 From Melanie Worland : ok...cooking fingers, listening, but of
f chat for a bit...
00:16:54 From Penny(JC) : @Beth you have to want to let it go..
00:16:55 From Dianne : yes
00:16:56 From Jayne Judkins : so sorry Beth
00:16:56 From Amber Price : breath
00:16:58 From Jean Lindsay : Beth you are not alone
00:16:59 From Janet Roy : i can relate
00:17:04 From Hextilda Lemon : abandonment
00:17:06 From Moksha James : oh my mother really tough one tpp Beth
00:17:07 From Aaron Woffinden : BETH... you will soon find relief... mo
ve to the edge of this storm... CENTER YOURSELF... and you find the CENTER of tH
e STORM...
00:17:09 From josie : LOVE love love
00:17:10 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Oh, darling. You are not alone! XO
00:17:12 From Elena : yes Beth...
00:17:13 From peter : i was kicked out of the house at 15
00:17:15 From Lori : my mom has always lied when she talks about why he
r and my dad were divorced. so many different stories. i was put in that situa
tion for a reason. dont really care what she says cuz its for her to deal with
00:17:16 From Jina Fergus : you only have control of yourself.
00:17:18 From Moksha James : cant help but care dang it
00:17:18 From Susanna.C : mothers can be very self centered
00:17:19 From M : She is not you, disconnect, it works, look at her obj
00:17:21 From XT1049 : say it out loud, " I am over it, and I am loved"
until it sinks in
00:17:27 From Chris Breakspear : been through alot of crap in childhood
& with family so can relate
00:17:36 From Kya : my mom has done that my entire life
00:17:42 From Mercè Gar : good for you Beth :)
00:17:42 From Jayne Judkins : Yes Beth! You are NOT alone. Many of us a
re in the same position. We understand your pain.
00:17:46 From maddtom . : I was glad when my mothere turned her back on
me...it meant she wasn t beating on me....
00:17:48 From peter : our pain makes us what we are my dear
00:18:11 From Jayne Judkins : agree peter
00:18:12 From Sony : Yes, Peter...wholeheartedly...
00:18:13 From peter : hugs beth
00:18:21 From Lori : BIG HUGS BETH
00:18:24 From zANavAShi : Listening to you share Beth, brings up lots o
f pain for me. I ve done shitloads of therapy on my family-of-origin and even kn
owing it is "their shit" still hurts and is hard to detach from. I find that the
awake and aware members of familys are often scapegoated - and become the "desi
gnated suffers" of the crazy family unit. That has been my family role :-(
00:18:27 From M : IT s somebody elsse, some people may never understand
us, most and most people won t apologize
00:18:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Donna, you’re so very sweet!
00:18:36 From Donna : happy too beth
00:18:37 From Holly K : love and big Hugs!
00:18:37 From Sara 33 : my mom dad and sister hated me from day 1 no Lo
ve.. and \i was punished for being a Loving person... mentality physically and e
motional cruelty was all i experienced with them
00:18:38 From peter : :)
00:18:39 From Penny(JC) : ((BIG HUG)) <3
00:18:41 From M : So move on
00:18:43 From Donna : coz i do understand
00:18:45 From Jina Fergus : No worries Beth.
00:18:49 From josie : Totally relate Beth. You’re not alone. Time for hea
ling...letting go. Big hugs...and we do understand....more than you know :-)
00:18:50 From Sony : Yes, Beth...alot!!!!!!!!!
00:18:52 From Amber Price : love you darling you have great courage
00:18:53 From peter : yep most of us me thinks
00:18:53 From Moksha James : I m down wit chat on moms
00:18:55 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hugs, Beth!
00:18:56 From Aaron Woffinden : "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"
00:18:56 From Jayling C : So much love to you, Beth
00:18:57 From Chris Breakspear : hugs beth
00:19:00 From Donna : big hugs beth
00:19:01 From star : Love you Beth <3
00:19:02 From Deb B : Big hugs Beth!
00:19:02 From Debbie Horn : ty Beth
00:19:03 From Susanna.C : stay strong Beth :)
00:19:05 From peter : oh oh
00:19:05 From Jimmy Mc Mullan : Same with me
00:19:11 From josie : TOUGH LOVE :-)
00:19:19 From judithdickens : Good for you Beth… takes strength to share…
00:19:30 From peter : dont be a victim my love
00:19:30 From Sony : It is hard, Beth...
00:19:34 From kristel tempest : Donna Bless your heart, ans Beth its
ok to get receive help sweetness
00:19:44 From Jina Fergus : Yes she will.
00:19:47 From Donna : you should be
00:19:52 From Donna : proud
00:19:52 From Amber Price : you have a ton of support let it go we are
00:19:54 From peter : good luck beth
00:19:55 From josie : YES Lisa........
00:19:57 From Aaron Woffinden : cant let go..... YET!... KEYWORD: "YET"
00:19:59 From Susanna.C : my mom was very self centerend when i was 13
i was taking care of her
00:20:07 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Indeed, Donna is a wonderful perso
n to talk to!
00:20:09 From Chris Breakspear : lokkout earls in the house
00:20:10 From Jean Lindsay : Much Lovew Beth you are not alone
00:20:10 From Donna : looking forward to a zoom beth
00:20:13 From Susanna.C : so there goes your teends
00:20:13 From Charlotte Mays : Donna can set up a entire zoom room of o
rphaned girls
00:20:17 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Hey, Earl <3
00:20:25 From Donna : i could lol
00:20:27 From Susanna.C : teens even
00:20:29 From kristel tempest : yes
00:20:31 From Amber Price : hello Earl
00:20:32 From M : lol Charlotte
00:20:32 From Donna : DU char
00:20:35 From d : actually not a bad idea char :D
00:20:35 From Donna : lol
00:20:37 From Sony : Frankie Avalon
00:20:43 From judithdickens : Yes Charlotte..
00:20:45 From Kya : It’s always Frankie Avalon
00:20:48 From Kya : been
00:20:53 From Melanie Worland : yup
00:20:55 From p : yup Frankie
00:20:56 From peter : yep frankie
00:20:58 From star : Hey Earl !
00:21:00 From Debbie Horn : childhood trama Beth, its ingrained in your
heart. hugs and love to you. my heart is with you!
00:21:01 From josie : Count me in Charlotte haha!!
00:21:02 From Holly Lindin : Frankie for me.
00:21:04 From Kya : I grew up on that movie and sang all the songs in s
00:21:07 From Amber Price : Pual Anka was robbed
00:21:09 From Mercè Gar : what song?
00:21:12 From Joy : Lisa wish you would finishing what you were going t
o say to Beth
00:21:19 From peter : so was paul
00:21:21 From Susanna.C : beauty school drop out
00:21:21 From Kya : Beauty School Dropout from Grease
00:21:22 From peter : :)
00:21:24 From Chris Breakspear : thats sexist waht about us poor orphan
ed boys
00:21:25 From Amber Price : beauty school drop out
00:21:33 From Melanie Worland : yeah him and that chick...awe fuck,....
Marie ???? damn, Beach Party....urgh
00:21:49 From Sony : Chris...
00:21:49 From peter : lol mel
00:21:49 From josie : Yes Joy, Lisa can you finish what you were going
to say to Beth please?
00:21:49 From Jayling C : Chris!
00:21:50 From Donna : Donna Sinclar (i think) @ a grain of salt on LMH
00:22:02 From Mercè Gar : lol Chris!
00:22:02 From Chris Breakspear : :D
00:22:03 From Kya : yeah, Frankie and Annette movies
00:22:15 From Kya : those beach movies
00:22:19 From Jayne Judkins : Joy, I was thinking the same, I think Lis
a had something valuable to say. Maybe she ll get back to it
00:22:23 From Melanie Worland : Annette Bunicello....yeah, a mouseketee
00:22:37 From Kya : oh yeah, she was a musketeer lol
00:22:38 From Jayling C : Funicello, wasn’t it
00:22:45 From Kya : mouseketeer
00:22:47 From d : yep
00:22:50 From zANavAShi : Lisa, I know what you say is true, but I wond
er if there is some kind of cellular entanglement bewtween family members - espc
ially when you throw CPTSD into the mix - where their frequency triggers those c
ellular (past and present life) memories. It feels like a huge net of darkness d
escending upon me when I try to have any contact with my mother - takes me weeks
to recover from even small amounts of contact with her. I have had to go for ye
ars and years sometimes avoiding my family, hoping it might be easier next time
as I get stronger in myself... but that darkness still seeps through :-(
00:22:50 From Amber Price : Disnay the Destroyer
00:23:01 From Chris Breakspear : fucked if i know all i remember is ol
ivia in that leatehr outfit
00:23:01 From Mercè Gar : Trueman Show?
00:23:08 From Kya : LOL Chris
00:23:08 From M : the end of waking life the movie
00:23:13 From Amber Price : feels like that Maury
00:23:30 From Tulla Hills : lol chris
00:23:30 From Annette : my dad is friends with Frankie and he loves to
say my name when ever we see him. He is who I remember in the Frankie and Annett
e beack blanket bingo. and Frankie s too
00:23:31 From M : People watch waking life f you haven t btw
00:23:31 From Lori : I think everyone is being defragged
00:23:36 From Melanie Worland : Be clear....rerun...before my time...LO
L Hubby had to tell me, yes, I married an older man.....sorry, vodka hit
00:23:37 From Amber Price : bless you Carl
00:23:52 From star : Yeah Chris, Olivia in that tight leather :)
00:23:57 From Kya : as for us women, Frankie Avalon was hot in that sce
ne… just with his voice in singing Beauty School Dropout
00:24:04 From Joy : Lisa ,by popular demand, please continue your thou
ghts re Beth! :-)
00:24:16 From M : Don t worry, Earl
00:24:16 From Sony : Kya...yeah, not too bad...
00:24:17 From josie : Yes joy :-)
00:24:18 From Lisa M Harrison : will do
00:24:18 From Jayne Judkins : Lori, that s an interesting way to put it
00:24:18 From peter : you may live to close to detroit earl it may be c
ausing a disruption in your timeline my brother :)
00:24:18 From Holly Lindin : Oh he was so cute Kya! :)
00:24:18 From Beth : I hate the blended confusion as well
00:24:30 From Kya : though I loved John Travolta then
00:24:39 From d : my zoom is seriously crashing all over the place!!!
00:24:41 From Patricia : Thank you Lisa & Dani for a phenomenal present
ation. The information is always enlightening! Please keep this weekly show goin
g. This is the only time, in my long life, that I’ve ever looked forward to Monday
s. Thank you!!!
00:25:03 From peter : me too Patricia :)
00:25:10 From Mercè Gar : yes
00:25:11 From Tara Michelle Wilson : I can relate to what your trying t
o say, Earl. My memory of thinking “Very Good Advice” from Alice in Wonderland havin
g the lyrics of “I OFTEN give myself….” I know that’s not how the song goes but I always
say often when I sing it.
00:25:12 From zANavAShi : Ditto to what Patricia says! :-)
00:25:15 From M : Me too
00:25:17 From Amber Price : me too Dani
00:25:22 From Penny(JC) : lol I feel the same way Patricia :)
00:25:23 From star : Yeah , Zoom sucks on my wifi connection.....
00:25:24 From Maria Davis : you re all so amazing
00:25:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : TY, Earl <3
00:25:31 From Tulla Hills : Thanks Earl
00:25:34 From Jean Lindsay : lol d
00:25:35 From Jayne Judkins : thank you Lisa!
00:25:35 From peter : only we in thewest read right to left
00:25:36 From josie : THANKS :-)
00:25:43 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug. YouTu
be https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos Exposing the Hapiym: Killing t
he Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LguyIuqVulg
00:25:48 From Blair Bierman : thank you, earl :)
00:25:55 From Maria Davis : yes
00:26:15 From Jina Fergus : YES YOU CAN AND ITS AWESOME. LET IT GO
00:26:17 From Jayne Judkins : ohhhh wowwww! I can relate to that
00:26:39 From Jina Fergus : We are not our stories.
00:26:45 From Chris Breakspear : i reckon earl has secretly built a tim
e machine & he s causing all this
00:26:51 From Jayling C : exactly Jina
00:26:53 From Debbie Horn : yep
00:26:55 From d : EXACTLY JINA!!!!!
00:26:55 From Holly Lindin : It’s all Earl’s fault!!!
00:26:56 From Holly Lindin : :P
00:26:56 From Sony : Back at you, Lisa!
00:27:12 From Kya : yep
00:27:17 From Kya : we are not our experiences
00:27:26 From Kya : especially just within one lifetime
00:27:30 From josie : I’ve been feeling that for about a month.
00:27:31 From Henk Reintke : Iam one of 13
00:27:31 From Debbie Horn : just be
00:27:33 From Lemon Panda : that is exactly where i m at
00:27:41 From Kya : we are none of the physical
00:27:44 From Mercè Gar : yes <3 love it- it is heart based
00:27:45 From JJ : ourselves from within, out
00:27:47 From Penny(JC) : Yes Lisa perfect <3
00:27:48 From Jayne Judkins : we wear our masks untilk....
00:27:54 From Jayne Judkins : until
00:27:54 From Lori : not sure how long ago, i just realized that everyo
ne has their own path, and mine is totally different than everyone in my ffamily
00:27:59 From Loma : Yea Lisa
00:28:01 From M : Even if it was real, you don t have to.
00:28:04 From Sony : Yes, yes, yes...note to self!!!
00:28:07 From Jayne Judkins : yes Lisa
00:28:09 From Jean Lindsay : Dad- not a great relationship - adored my
mum - I died and was reborn from the day she died. Difficult to explain.
00:28:14 From Lemon Panda : it has nothing to do with me at all
00:28:17 From josie : And we get to create ourselves new in every momen
t....instead of dragging the past
00:28:24 From zANavAShi : Amen to that Lisa! I would not change a thing
either - no matter how painful. Every adversity has given me a super-stregth -
I call it "making damned good compost out of shit"
00:28:25 From Adele Marie : Nice!
00:28:33 From peter : my dad died when i seven, mom i was 18
00:28:36 From Beth : good
00:28:36 From Donna : really well expressed lisa
00:28:39 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Wow, that was a wonderful statemen
t, Lisa!
00:28:44 From Jean Lindsay : yes zAna
00:28:44 From Penny(JC) : I was reborn after my grandma died
00:28:52 From Jean Lindsay : yep
00:28:53 From Chris Breakspear : i d just like to kick the bastard who
wrote my storyline in the balls on the way out
00:28:57 From Kya : yep
00:29:00 From Sony : Lisa...yes, yawn!
00:29:00 From Kya : nope
00:29:01 From Jean Lindsay : hahah Chris
00:29:02 From Henk Reintke : lost my dad at 7
00:29:06 From Susanna.C : what i experieced is that i see ppl repeating
a progam
00:29:06 From Melanie Worland : OH good, I get to be the ocassional sho
t drinker....I"m liking her
00:29:10 From Lemon Panda : yep
00:29:11 From josie : WHOOP
00:29:12 From zANavAShi : ROFL @ Chris
00:29:15 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Nor do I!
00:29:18 From Donna : lol
00:29:20 From Beth : its trying to reconnect and they think im mad
00:29:21 From Debbie Horn : the ones that are able to get it, right. ju
st be and if they dont like it, let it go.
00:29:23 From Lemon Panda : let em think whatever they like
00:29:25 From Lemon Panda : pffft
00:29:27 From Donna : you
00:29:30 From Debbie Horn : not my monkeys
00:29:31 From josie : Liberated?
00:29:31 From Penny(JC) : Let them think what they want, I am who I am
00:29:34 From Jayne Judkins : free... yes
00:29:35 From jay gray : i had a really nasty step aunt who hated my gr
an and was jealous of my mum and took every opportunity to say something horribl
e! when she got older she would forget what she had just said and repeatit over
and over agin in one conversation - it was impossible to take it seriously! so i
00:29:39 From Donna : YOU more you
00:29:39 From Kya : all my family does is watch their movies, no matter
what is showing and still identifying each other by what they “DO”, what their JOB
00:29:40 From Melanie Worland : Yep Lemon....fuck em
00:29:41 From Amber Price : freedom
00:29:44 From Jayne Judkins : no more guilt
00:29:52 From Jina Fergus : WoooHoooo
00:29:55 From Kya : they’re all bots as far as I’m concerned
00:29:56 From Jayne Judkins : because you are no longer pretending
00:29:57 From Kya : they see nothing
00:30:02 From M : But it s something to keep even when you feel again y
ou are in your reaal life again outside of here...don t you think?
00:30:05 From peter : omg karl sorry zoom is crazy
00:30:05 From josie : Indifferent
00:30:06 From JJ : in it but not of it
00:30:07 From jay gray : yes Lisa!!
00:30:07 From Kya : outside of their movies and propaganda
00:30:09 From Loma : I ve always said "it doesn t matter what you think
" (to me for my life)
00:30:12 From Melanie Worland : Exactly Jina.....CELEBRATE
00:30:13 From Jayne Judkins : yep!
00:30:17 From Mercè Gar : yeap
00:30:18 From Susanna.C : lol
00:30:19 From Jayne Judkins : yep!
00:30:19 From Donna : you are more you than you ve ever been coz you ar
en t caught up
00:30:22 From Jayne Judkins : lol
00:30:27 From josie : DETACHED OBSERVER
00:30:29 From Susanna.C : yes i have that
00:30:31 From Penny(JC) : OMG YES!!!
00:30:32 From Trina Ekstrom : i feel this lisa! 
00:30:33 From Sony : Yes, Lisa...I have ALWAYS been that way...it has c
ost me...
00:30:36 From Donna : trust self
00:30:38 From Susanna.C : but who ares
00:30:39 From Debbie Horn : 
00:30:40 From Amber Price : love u D go into the void
00:30:41 From Melanie Worland : Lets give them something to talk about.
....a little mystery to figure out....LOL
00:30:43 From Sony : ...per se...
00:30:44 From Susanna.C : cares
00:30:45 From CosmicKate : UGH i just got a part time job at a donut ch
ain and I HAAATE the small talk with the workers
00:30:51 From Benjamin Worters : i feel the same.. but i have this feel
ing that i need to be patient all the time while feeling a little lost all the t
ime as well..
00:30:51 From zANavAShi : @ Kaya, the concept of "bots" has been helpin
g me a LOT lately - many of the people I know (and some family) are just simply
not human IMO
00:31:00 From Lori : i hear ya DANI, i do the that, someone comes up to
me and tells me about whats going on in the news and i say, i dont care, dont w
ant to hear about it.
00:31:05 From Maria Davis : Romeo is sending out his healing vibes and
is by the computer xx
00:31:12 From peter : that is crazy zoom is putting me on private messa
00:31:13 From Melanie Worland : Cosmic...pop a donut hole in their mout
h with a smile.
00:31:17 From Kya : xmas of 2015 got nothing but movie gift cards.. nev
er used them.. last yr, got all gift certificates to places that only serve meat
00:31:19 From CosmicKate : HAHA
00:31:21 From Sony : Yes, Benjamin, I feel that, also...
00:31:35 From Susanna.C : your lucky Beth
00:31:43 From Melanie Worland : Peter, yeah, does it all the time.....w
eirdness, but really in the GRand scheme of things...nah
00:31:44 From peter : wonderful beth you are soo lucky
00:31:51 From Kya : seeing how they keep trying to pull you in
00:32:07 From Mercè Gar : not sure - 3 years sick and 3 since you´ve met h
im? strange sync?
00:32:08 From peter : lol mel
00:32:23 From Rand : same story
00:32:23 From Dreamcatcher <3 : what do you guys (lisa dani) think of t
he handlers idea/ bots/people here to distract us/ pull us back into the matrix
do u guys believe the idea that some youtubers are putting out there about peopl
e being purposely placed in your life …sorry if i worded this badly
00:32:23 From Susanna.C : you need to let go of the avi called Beth
00:32:29 From Jayne Judkins : Everyone needs to get off the gmo s.... l
ol, just sayin
00:32:33 From Dawn Hart : we have all gone through this
00:32:39 From Melanie Worland : Yeah, if anyone finds the menu to choos
e your avatar, let me know. I ve beat this one up pretty bad...LMFAO
00:32:40 From Donna : u reached out today
00:32:43 From Dawn Hart : I completley understand
00:33:11 From Russ : I think we can’t heal ourselves because we have been
severely de programmed to remember how to fix it. That is part of the rememberi
ng we are going through right now.
00:33:13 From Donna : we can talk about beth
00:33:16 From CosmicKate : anyone else here had to work for a corporati
00:33:19 From CosmicKate : so hard
00:33:20 From Donna : jina can help
00:33:23 From Susanna.C : that comment of your ant might have made ou s
00:33:27 From Kya : nothing but Corporations
00:33:28 From Susanna.C : you
00:33:29 From judithdickens : where is that idea ? look at the body as
code ?? please
00:33:31 From Holly K : most important is you imagination! visiualizati
00:33:34 From Mercè Gar : not bad - the out of sync code to get in sync
00:33:36 From Kya : all infested with muslim propoganda
00:33:42 From Kya : they only cater to muslims now
00:33:46 From Sony : Russ...could be...
00:33:46 From Melanie Worland : Jay did you do anything in particular t
o breakthrough with the visualization,..if so, send her some help, or at least y
our expeirence if applicable
00:33:50 From maddtom . : Used to work for IBM and Coors
00:33:52 From zANavAShi : FWIW, I have had enormous benefits from EFT -
hasn t cleared the entire rats nest, but feel like it cos got me within a few d
egrees of fully free
00:33:54 From josie : Beth, try healing the inner child....felt a bit w
eird at first...I felt silly....but it worked for me
00:33:54 From Kya : they don’t give a shite about anyone else
00:34:04 From CosmicKate : I bring in the weird to work though theyre g
etting to know me, and i dont erpetuate the small talk
00:34:06 From judithdickens : the body as code ??
00:34:07 From Benjamin Worters : Dreamcatcher, I think that is true for
anyone with a heart (more or less). I got handlers around me, even as a child..
00:34:09 From Kya : UPS then Amazon
00:34:15 From Kya : both evil incarnate
00:34:21 From Mercè Gar : yeap Lisa !
00:34:21 From Melanie Worland : Kya...Muslims like Christians...really?
Come on babe....part of the programming. Just people caught in a different s
00:34:46 From Kya : no, the Khazarian mafia
00:34:49 From Kya : muslims
00:34:49 From Chris Breakspear : that song by boney m comes to mind ..
hands up baby hands up
00:34:53 From Mercè Gar : totally agree Mel! <3
00:34:53 From Joy : Lisa THANK YOU, that was AWESOME!!! super helpful
00:35:00 From CosmicKate : on a new topic, were expecting a crazy blizz
ard where im at its going to shut down everything! Im so excited
00:35:02 From Kya : work for a major corp
00:35:02 From maddtom . : KYA...wahabist
00:35:05 From Kya : you’ll find out
00:35:05 From Beth : thank you
00:35:06 From Susanna.C : its a story kya
00:35:11 From Melanie Worland : Merce.....we are so in a soul group...
00:35:17 From Maria Davis : Oh yes, please tell
00:35:34 From Mercè Gar : yes we are Mel <3
00:35:35 From Maria Davis : welcome to freaky earth
00:35:45 From Mercè Gar : family <3
00:35:54 From Jayling C : That was amazing to see, Joseph.
00:35:55 From Susanna.C : when we get caught up in the story we will cr
eat it and play it out
00:36:16 From Sony : Susanna...soooo true! Endless loop!
00:36:18 From Kya : It’s in working for those corporations
00:36:21 From Susanna.C : yes
00:36:22 From Kya : you have to get out
00:36:30 From Melanie Worland : Ists....so many Ists...oh my my....I ha
ve let all that shit fall away I actually feel empathy for a lot of people who
are the enemy or whatthefuckever.
00:36:45 From Mercè Gar : wow
00:36:47 From Kya : or be forced out, as most are
00:36:49 From Jina Fergus : Later all. Got to go. Much love.
00:36:57 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug. YouTu
be https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos Exposing the Hapiym: Killing t
he Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LguyIuqVulg
00:37:03 From star : Yep , Freaky Earth , Maria .......The FReak Show
00:37:09 From Melanie Worland : Yep, we set him loose.
00:37:12 From Kya : listen to John B Wells or Randy.. all are talking a
bout it
00:37:34 From Mercè Gar : wow and somewhere else
00:37:38 From Maria Davis : clearly this world is not real
00:37:39 From Melanie Worland : Looks more feminine now.
00:37:40 From penny dietz : L looks like a bot the R looks more human
00:37:43 From Chris Breakspear : maybe they looking at the one on mars
00:37:43 From Lori : portal collapsed
00:37:45 From Sandra : crazy !!!
00:38:09 From Mercè Gar : reconfiguration of earth
00:38:10 From Running Deer : Hi Holly, fun surprise! I’ve never done this
before. I happen to catch your hello Avalonian message. {insert hugs here}
00:39:17 From zANavAShi : I could imagine that the archway collapsing,
but the solid rock pillar on the left.... TRES BIZARRE!!!
00:39:29 From Tara Michelle Wilson : That’s nutty!
00:39:36 From josie : FUCK!!
00:39:37 From Kya : yeah, doesn’t look the same
00:39:57 From Maria Davis : Thanks Dani
00:40:02 From XT1049 : i think this was a problem caused by Game of Thr
ones filming
00:40:13 From Maria Davis : hahahhaha XT
00:40:23 From Aaron Woffinden : haha
00:40:36 From Aaron Woffinden : they blow it up in season 7
00:40:39 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
00:41:01 From Melanie Worland : XT....LOL
00:41:02 From Aaron Woffinden : #worthIt
00:41:08 From Aaron Woffinden : jk
00:41:12 From Tulla Hills : lol
00:41:30 From Aaron Woffinden : lol
00:41:35 From Melanie Worland : Hey they let the crew from Top Gear in.
...so??? who knows? Guess Dragon was too heavy..3
00:41:37 From Jayling C : Thanks Joseph
00:41:45 From zANavAShi : With all the undergound structures under Malt
a, I am curious to know if maybe something UNDERneath the structure collapsed in
to an undersea cavern below it. Can t wait to hear what your diver friend report
s, keeping in mind the huge sea level rise post-flood and that once upon a time
this would all have been above sea level
00:41:50 From Susanna.C : peanut butter sandwich time
00:42:18 From Chris Breakspear : no mic
00:42:21 From jay gray : we re breaking zoom!!!!
00:42:21 From Penny(JC) : Her zoom might be frozen
00:42:36 From zANavAShi : ROFL @ Aaron!!! Trying to nuke the dragons ne
st??? ;-)
00:42:37 From Karl from Canada : Her MIC isn t working
00:42:37 From Sony : zANavAHshi...true
00:42:46 From VIOLET : suzanna...eating that now lol
00:42:50 From Tulla Hills : wtf
00:43:08 From peter : ty ladies love you both
00:43:08 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug. YouTu
be https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos Exposing the Hapiym: Killing t
he Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LguyIuqVulg
00:43:08 From Maria Davis : I can un mute myself
00:43:08 From Sony : ...zANavAShi...sorry...
00:43:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Curious…
00:43:12 From Maria Davis : Brilliant programme as always xx
00:43:12 From star : Hi Janey
00:43:26 From Melanie Worland : Should not have brought up GOT,..l.the
00:43:28 From Karl from Canada : Thanks for that Running Deer... saw wh
at you posted
00:43:40 From Susanna.C : mmmmm nom nom lol
00:43:48 From Melanie Worland : wait....un-unmutable.....unsullied...ge
t it?
00:43:50 From peter : lagggggggggggggg :)
00:43:58 From Aaron Woffinden : wow janey
00:44:13 From Melanie Worland : yup...zoom is not zooming
00:44:27 From CosmicKate : ooohhh wow
00:44:31 From Penny(JC) : Interesting
00:44:34 From Susanna.C : had some weird dreams befor getting up
00:44:34 From Running Deer : You are welcome, Karl. I’m new to all this,
so I hope this gets back to you.
00:44:37 From peter : wow ty janey
00:44:38 From josie : Wow, that’s so interesting, THANKS
00:44:41 From Aaron Woffinden : that happened to me in the flower of li
fe dream... and the shaman woman dream... each RIGHT BEFORE I WOKE UP
00:44:45 From Lori : mmmm i have had predictive dreams just before i wo
ke up in the morning.
00:44:49 From Chris Breakspear : why did i wake up dreaming about walki
ng dogs that turned inti mice then hmmmmm lol
00:44:54 From Mercè Gar : yeap Janey :)
00:44:55 From Loma : I don t think that timing thing is true!
00:44:57 From Jayling C : Thanks Janey
00:45:00 From Karl from Canada : Got it running Deer .. :-)
00:45:02 From CosmicKate : Janey I had two dreams about loosing my kids
right before i woke up and it really helped me release those fears
00:45:06 From jay gray : thanks rebecca
00:45:09 From Tara Michelle Wilson : Thank you very much, Janey!
00:45:10 From Susanna.C : thx janey
00:45:15 From Melanie Worland : I m finally remembering dreams, but the
y are bizarre....I mean really bizarre.
00:45:21 From zANa vAShi : Oooooooooooh that is very very interesting J
aney - I only remember dreams from immediately before I wake, so this idea reson
ates strongly with me - cos they are usually dreams of me battling or evading da
rkness or creepy people
00:45:24 From jay gray : sorry janey!!!!
00:45:27 From Running Deer : Carl and others may be interested in the t
eam of EndAll BeAll, Mrs. EndAll BeAll & Doug Michael. It is/was the next step f
or me. Great first book: “Breaking the Chains of the First Cognition: Tools for Un
derstanding the Path to the Second Cognition,” by Beall, Endall; Michael, Doug. YouTu
be https://www.youtube.com/user/DougMichael68/videos Exposing the Hapiym: Killing t
he Mind Virus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LguyIuqVulg
00:45:28 From Sony : Thank you, Janey
00:45:34 From Janey Benson on fb : cosmic Kate cool!!!
00:46:00 From Janey Benson on fb : <3
00:46:04 From Melanie Worland : Yes, Running Dear, so fast...will have
to get it off transcript....can you put it in UU or LMH? Thanks.
00:46:05 From Beth : I have dreams waking every morning and my aunt and
her family have yet to appear. very interesting, will try and focus while dream
ing see if it helps
00:46:06 From Mercè Gar : just? you shared it 3 or 4 times?
00:46:23 From Aaron Woffinden : THANKYOU
00:46:33 From Karl from Canada : Thanks Running Deer
00:46:34 From peter : ty my deer :)
00:46:35 From Maria Davis : Thank you Honeys
00:46:38 From CosmicKate : yes in one i was shown that my baby 15 month
s old was basiclly a bot and in the other we were all leaving earth and forgot m
y 4 year old
00:46:39 From casie : have a good week all, thank u Lisa & Dani for br
inging us ALL together :)
00:46:42 From maddtom . : noticed that tooo......Merce!
00:46:42 From Elena : thank you :)
00:46:43 From judithdickens : loovley…
00:46:43 From Maria Davis : yay!!
00:46:44 From Penny(JC) : Thank you Lisa and D
00:46:45 From peter : love you ladies
00:46:46 From Deb B : Thank You Both! All~
00:46:48 From Chris Breakspear : 1 them shiows dont want to end ..aweso
00:46:51 From Karl from Canada : Did i start something Ladies...????
00:46:52 From CosmicKate : traumatizing but i really worked out the fea
00:46:52 From jeni : thank you!
00:46:53 From Jayne Judkins : I love you ladies
00:46:53 From Meara Murtagh : Thank you
00:46:53 From Melanie Worland : Yes, thanks guys....really revealing, u
ltra interesting shows ladies...LOVE YA ALL MUCHLEY
00:46:55 From Mercè Gar : yeap bye thank you all :) <3
00:46:57 From zANa vAShi : So bnummed out that I got my start time wron
g... looking forward to the upload and catching what I missed :-)
00:46:58 From Moksha James : the best of times
00:46:59 From Maria Davis : save the chat now if youi want
00:47:01 From Annette : thank you
00:47:03 From Jayne Judkins : thanks D for hangin in there girly
00:47:04 From Karl from Canada : just when you wanted to close at 2 hou
00:47:05 From Jayling C : Thanks ladies, and everyone! See you tomorro
00:47:10 From jay gray : nite nite xxx thanks Lisa & Dani
00:47:11 From Lori : Love you girls, thank you for continuing the show
00:47:15 From Joy : THANK YOU Lisa & Dani!
00:47:17 From Blair Bierman : bye guys<3
00:47:18 From Loma : Great Timelessness program my loves!!!!
00:47:19 From josie : You ladies rock, thank you for a GREAT SHOW.....h
ave a GREAT WEEK everyone!!
00:47:20 From kristel tempest : bye bye sweet hearts till we meet again
:) <3
00:47:21 From Melanie Worland : of course....daily, if not hoiurly shit
for me.
00:47:22 From CosmicKate : love you guys, feeling anticipation
00:47:23 From Tara Michelle Wilson : <3 <3 <3
00:47:23 From Maria Davis : nite
00:47:25 From Melanie Worland : xxxxxooooo
00:47:26 From Denise : thank you
00:47:26 From Dreamcatcher <3 : <3 & peaceful vibes thanks guys
00:47:27 From Janey Benson on fb : thanks!!!!!
00:47:28 From Tulla Hills : Mahalo <3
00:47:29 From Russ : Good bye all ~
00:47:30 From Jayne Judkins : lol Lisa
00:47:31 From peter : beware the ides ladies
00:47:31 From XT1049 : remember to watch The shack" movie
00:47:34 From Charlotte Mays : Love ya all
00:47:36 From Jayne Judkins : thats done now
00:47:37 From Donna : ty both xo
00:47:38 From zANa vAShi : Quick question @ Lisa... will saving the cha
t save everything from the start of the call before I logged in?????
00:47:38 From Mary17 : Bye thank you
00:47:39 From Henk Reintke : love you all
00:47:41 From CosmicKate : the farmers took our hour! my son keeps yell
00:47:42 From Alex M : bye guys!!
00:47:42 From Mercè Gar : yes
00:47:44 From Sony : Thank you, again!
00:47:46 From Aaron Woffinden : bye guys
00:47:46 From Melanie Worland : I dunno...I ll crosss that bridge when
I come to it.
00:47:48 From Susanna.C : bye bye
00:47:49 From Teresa Blackburn : 
00:47:49 From peter : bye
00:47:51 From Johann Christoph Baetz : see Ya
00:47:51 From Mercè Gar : lol
00:47:52 From Angela Cope : Thanks ladies. buy all
00:47:52 From Melanie Worland : MInana mamma
00:47:54 From Henk Reintke : by by
00:47:55 From Jayne Judkins : bye bye