Thermo Scientific Indiko is a fully

Product Specifications
automated, sample oriented random
access analyzer for clinical and
special chemistries, including
enzymes, substrates, electrolytes,
specific proteins, therapeutic drug
monitoring, drugs of abuse and
immunosuppressive drug tests(1.
Thermo Scientific Many different tests can be run
Indiko simultaneously from a single sample.

Measurement. Single channel interference filter SAMPLE AND REAGENT DISPENSING: CV ≤2% for
photometer with beam splitting reference, volumes ≥2 µl
12 filter positions. Calibration. Factor, bias, linear, logit-log,
FILTER RANGE: 340 - 700 nm spline, polynomial and point-to-point calibration.
MEASUREMENT TEMPERATURE: 37 °C Method-dependent use of individual calibrators or
LIGHT SOURCE: Flash lamp automatically diluted series from a stock calibrator.
ABSORBANCE RANGE: 0 - 3.5 A, resolution of Previous curve comparison available.
0.001 A and reproducibility of SD <0.005 A at 2 A Quality Control. Real-time QC program with
Indiko employs colorimetric end-point
and kinetic as well as turbidimetric and Reaction vessels. Discrete disposable multiple, user-definable Westgard rules. Control
bichromatic reactions with or without cuvette. Continuous access to cuvettes without frequency user-definable. Out-of-specification
sample blanking. Optional ISE unit uses ion interrupting test processing. control results flagged. QC chart printouts, daily
selective electrodes for sodium, potassium ON-BOARD CAPACITY: 360 measurement cells - and cumulative reports.
and chloride measurements(2 . 36 cuvettes with 10 reaction cells, up to 2 hours Dilutions. Automatic sample pre-dilution.
walk-away time. Automatic dilution of over-range tests with
REACTION END VOLUME: 120 - 300 µL automatic rerun. Addition of manual pre-dilution
Samples and Reagents. Continuous access value for result calculation.
to samples and reagents without interrupting test Data Management. Windows® workstation
processing. Automatic identification via internal with graphical user interface. Data input online, via
barcode reader. Clearly displayed real-time reagent mouse, touchscreen, keyboard and barcode reader.
volume and remaining test capacity. Up to four Different user groups can have different access
reagent additions per test. rights. Different user interface language versions
ON-BOARD CAPACITY: max 6 racks - 9-position available.
sample rack or 6-position reagent rack in the disk LIS INTERFACE: CLSI LIS02-A2 (former ASTM
cooled about 8 °C below ambient temperature. 1394-91)
SAMPLE CONTAINERS: 0.5 mL, 2.0 mL cups and RESULT REPORTS: Collated by sample, manual
sample tubes (diameter 12 - 16 mm, length 75 - 100 entry of off-line results allowing for fully collated
mm). result reports, results calculated from both
SAMPLE BARCODES: Code 128 and barcodes measured and off-line results. Abnormal values and
(1 Application availability may vary from country to USS Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 39 with repeats flagged automatically.
country. Please contact your local sales representative a check digit TRACEABILITY: Full traceability with long term
for more information.
REAGENT VOLUMES: 2 - 240 µL storage of results including associated calibrations
(2 In development REAGENT CONTAINERS: 10 mL and 20 mL vials and reagent lot data.
Product Specifications

Thermo Scientific Indiko
Capacity: Up to 200 tests/hour with one-reagent methods.
Dimensions and Weight: 75 cm (width) x 70 cm (depth) x 62/130 cm (height/with open cover), 85 kg (weight). Separate workstation.
Power Requirements: 100 - 240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz ±5%, 250 W
Deionized Water Consumption: 1.5 litres/ hour
Average Noise Level at 1 meter: <60 dB(A)
Environmental Conditions: Operating temperature range of 18 - 30 °C, humidity 40-80% (non-condensing)
Regulatory: Conforms to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1-04
UL Std. No. 61010-1:2004
FCC 47 CFR Part 15, subpart B
FDA cleared, 510(k) number: k110035 (Indiko 9863 0000)
98/79/EC IVDMD Directive
Ordering Codes: 9863 0000 Indiko
9863 1000 Indiko with the ISE unit - not available in the USA

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