1 IT Information Technology

2 CPU Central Processing Unit
3 CCDs Charge Coupled Devices
4 RAM Random Access Memory
5 ROM Read Only Memory
6 PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
7 DOS Disk Operating System
8 OS Operating System
9 JavaOS Java Operating System
10 LAN Local Area Networking
11 WAN Wide Area Networking
12 MAN Metropolitan Area Networking
13 EAN Enterprise Area Networking
14 PAN Personal Area Networking
15 E-Mail Electronic Mail
16 FTP File Transfer Protocol
17 WWW World Wide Web
18 URL Uniform Resource Locator
19 HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
20 EISA Enterprise Information Security Architecture
21 SOMF Service Oriented Modeling Framework
22 TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework
23 COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
24 FTC Federal Trade Commission
25 ISP Internet Service Provider
26 ASP Application Service Provider
27 FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
28 IP Internet Protocol
29 IPSec IP Security
30 SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
31 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
32 WLAN Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi)
33 TSR Terminate and Stay Resident

34 DoS Denial of Service 35 DDoS Distributed Denial of Service Attack 36 TFN Tribe Flood Network 37 DNS Domain Name System 38 DMZ Demilitarized Zone 39 SSL Secure Socket Layer 40 MAC Message Authentication Code 41 IBM International Business Machine 42 IBMSNA IBM System Network Architecture 43 SNA System Network Architecture 44 OSI Open System Interconnection 45 ISO International Standard Organization 46 TCP/IP Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol 47 LLC Logical Link Control 48 MAC Medium Access Control 49 NIC Network Interface Card 50 Gbps Gigabit Per Second CSMA- 51 CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access-Collision Detection 52 ICS Internet Connecting Sharing 53 BMA Broadcast Multi-Access 54 NBMA Non-Broadcast Multi-Access 55 SMI Structure of Management Information 56 MIB Management Information Base 57 UTM Unified Threat Machine 58 IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems 59 CMIP Common Management Information Protocol 60 CMIS Common Management Information Services 61 ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol 62 OID Object identifier 63 NMS Network Management System 64 CMIP Common Management Information Protocol 65 CMIS Common Management Information System .

66 PBX Private Branch Exchange 67 HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure 68 API Application Program Interface 69 GUI Graphical User Interface 70 COS Compatibility Operating System 71 TSS Time Sharing System 72 TOS Tape Operating System 73 BOS Basic Operating System 74 ACP Airline Control Program 75 MTS Michigan Terminal System 76 MUSIC Multi user System Interactive Computing 77 MCP Master Control Program 78 RTB Real Time Basic 79 GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor 80 GCOS General Comprehensive Operating Supervisor 81 NAT Network Address Translation 82 NTFS New Technology File System 83 FAT File Allocation Table 84 IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange 85 SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange 86 POP3 Post Office Protocol version3 87 IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol 88 NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol 89 VPN Virtual Private Network 90 RBAC Role-Based Access Control 91 OUs Organizational Units 92 GPOs Group Policy Objects 93 DCs Domain Controllers 94 GCOS Global Catalog 95 PAS Partial Attribute Set 96 RPC Remote Procedure Calls 97 ESE Extensible Storage Engine 98 FSMO Flexible Single Master Operatios .

99 SDPROP Security Descriptor Propagator 100 ADAM Active Directory Application Mode 101 SCP Service Connection Point 102 ACL Access Control List 103 SAM Secure Accounts Manager 104 LSA Local Security Authority .