Anshul Kosarwal

Manager- Big Data & Analytics - Internal Audit@ Citibank; Speaker & Corporate Trainer- Big Data

Close to 6 years in the field of Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, of which 4
years if post my Masters Degree in Engineering. In these years I have played diverse roles like of Consultant,
Big Data Technical Lead, Solution Architect, Competency Lead (Data Integration & Reporting) & was also
part of Presales team.

Holds a patent and a book published on my name in Simulation domain.

Domain expertise includes financial (Loan and Insurance) services, storage, telecom, oil & gas /refinery,
hospitality, manufacturing, supply chain and retail sectors.

Proven expertise in creating Big Data and BI solution architectures, frameworks & Enterprise Data Models.
Successfully executed various BI/Analytics/Big Data consulting assignments for companies belonging to
different sectors.

Sample areas include: Sentiment analysis; risk modeling; Consumer behavior modeling; Product/Portfolio
planning; Analyzing complex supply chain operations, Predictive modelling on sales data to find return on
sales, consumption of a product, and predicting issues which may occur in devices and then proactively doing
maintenance of it, and modeling to estimate pricing/market share for new products.

Over 20 technical publications in leading international/national journals and conferences.
3 articles on Big Data and Analytics.
1 Patents filed.

A System and Method For Simulation By Revitalization of Electronic Waste And Software
India Patent Published Issued May 2016
Inventors: Anshul Kosarwal, Rahul Kosarwal

Manager - Internal Audit | Analytics at Citi
October 2016 - Present (6 months)


Risk modeling.Wrote several white papers on Big Data and Storage. Storage. .October 2016 (1 year 2 months) Areas of work include: Audit Analytics. IBM Watson. Supply Chain. Hive.Working as automation framework designer and developer for storage product lines. Manufacturing. (Knowledge of Cloudera Systems too) Data Visualization and Analysis Tools: QlikView. and modeling to estimate pricing/market share for new products.Also member of Research & Innovation. Swoop. . Retail. Google Analytics Technical Lead at IGATE December 2014 .OpenStack. Mahout.September 2015 (10 months) .Big Data and Analytics . Zookeeper. .Hyper-visor Eco System Research .R&D in Big Data and Analytics.Big Data CoP and Storage CoP. Sentiment analysis.Big Data & Analytics at Deloitte September 2015 . Alteryx. Spark. Zookeeper. Food & Hospitality. Pig. Social Media and Web Analytics: DataSift. Vertica. Predictive modelling on sales data to find return on sales.Research projects: .. Sqoop.Assistant Manager. Agriculture and Forestry Big Data and Analytic: Big Data and Database Management: Hadoop (HDFS. MapReduce). . Leveraged big data platform to create a complete solution for proactive diagnostic and predictive analysis of device. consumption of a product. Analyzing complex supply chain operations. QlikSense. Product/Portfolio planning. HBase. Senior Software Engineer at IGATE October 2013 . and predicting issues which may occur in devices and then proactively doing maintenance of it. . Storage. Domain / Industry: BFSI. Pig.Active participation in Big Data Research and Analytics activities. . Consumer behavior modeling. Hive.December 2014 (1 year 3 months) Software Engineer at IGATE Page2 . .Good knowledge of Hadoop.Research Member.Solutions team. Tableau.

IJISC. Simulation & Modelling. . • Maintaining and Updating all the processes and documentations related to the project. Human Computer Interaction.Ambassador at Nurture Talent Academy .Reviewer at International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications.Program Committee Member at CONSEG 2012. WOCON 13.International and National Conferences and Journals January 2010 . • Hosting & Understanding client’s needs and implementing feasible changes in the project to meet client customer’s requirements. WOCON 14 (IEEE Catalog Number: CFP12604- CDR and ISBN: 978-1-4673-1987-4 and ISSN: 2151-7703) . Big Data Science.Out Going Exchange (OGX). Page3 . . • Identifying the sources of requirements and understanding how roles help determine the relative validity of requirements.Reviewer & Program Committee Member at Ninth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks WOCN2012.Editorial Board Members at World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering.July 2012 .September 2013 (1 year 3 months) Reviewer. • Requirement analysis & managing E-commerce module of the project. .Reviewer & Program Committee Member at Tenth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks WOCN2013. .May 2013 (3 years 5 months) .Starpreneur.Reviewer at The International Conference on Informatics & Applications (ICIA2012). • Working with the client to prioritize and rationalize the requirements. Senior Consultant. .July 2012 (3 years) • Research fields: Cloud Security. . • Ensuring that the requirements set forth by the organization are captured and documented correctly before the solution is developed and implemented.Manager at AIESEC. revitalization of E-waste. Editorial Board Member and Technical Program Committee Member at Reviewer and Technical Program Committee Member.Analytics at OAARs CORP August 2009 .

10.E. 7. Managerial Economics. Marketing Management Business Law. Professor at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya. University (RGPV) invigilator. Human Resource Management. Production & Operations Management. 2009 . Management Information Systems Page4 . 4.. Career counselling incharge. Recruitment Co-ordinator.DAVV) M. Business Communication. C/C++ Education Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET. Information Security with spcl in Information Security.Semester test in-charge for CS/ IT department. TGMC. Network Security. deptt. Student branch coordinator-AITR.Technical Fest. National Entrepreneurship Network member for organizing various faculty orientation events. Human Resource Grade: A Activities and Societies: Principles & Practices of Management. Computer Society of India (CSI). 5.ARMAGEDDON’12 6. 8. Head Faculty Coordinator. 2. DBMS. Faculty development program (FDP) in-charge. and providing options and alternatives when necessary. Financial Management. • Ensuring that stakeholders know the implications of their decisions. National Board of Accreditation. Dot Net. 9.2011 Grade: Distinction Activities and Societies: Dissertation : Design and Development of Car Simulation Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies PGDBA. Mid. Other roles played: 1. 3. Lecturer at SVCE August 2008 . Management Accounting. Visiting A.Indore. • Building effective relationships with clients to develop joint vision for the project.Institute of Engineering & Technology January 2012 . Java.June 2012 (9 months) Department of Computer Science & Engineering.July 2009 (1 year) Worked in for Computer Science & Engg. Research Methodology & Statistical Quantitative Methods. Organizational Behavior.June 2012 (6 months) Assistant Professor at Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research October 2011 .IBM student mentor & Major Project supervisor. Subjects/Languages Taught: OOPM.CSE head coordinator.

Brian Client Appreciation Experienced Angel IT.Mr. Graham Campbell . Very nice. UK March 2012 Great A++++ & Fantastic work. 2004 .. Looks great. Computer Science. . The design is fantastic you captured what we are looking for. USA March 2012 WOW! I took a sneak peek.E (Honors). USA July 2009 Great hire! Very professional. great job will work with him again! Highly recommend ed.Swami Vivekanand College of Engg. George Scott Smart Minds Award IGATE Corporation October 2013 International Business Conclave Bits Pilani August 2010 Client Appreciation IDFurMe.Mr.. -Miss. Adrian Chia Client Appreciation Value Investing Ideas. Indore B. We appreciate the efforts you have put in. Mr. easy to work and communicate with. Thanks so much. very timely with all actions!! A must hire! Page5 . I will strongly recommend him to everyone else.. . We are very pleased with your work and responsiveness and will consult you every time we have work needing done.2008 NDPS Honors and Awards Client Appreciation Primus Digital Services. Singapore July 2010 Rating: 10/10 Fantastic customer service and he has shown great professionalism in his work and responses.

Mr. will hire again. Ned Vedo Client Appreciation RedFox Technologies. Kanu Innovation Award FONOCOM 2011 2011 Client Appreciation Salespeople on Demand. . -Mr. Very quick and good quality work. -Mr.Mr. Mike Wajda Client Appreciation Merchant Club. easy to communicate with. Andre U. . Arthur Mourad Client Appreciation Insurance Shoppers.Mr. USA January 2012 Great customer service and an honest person. Daniel Pestretto Client Appreciation Septic Digester. Canada July 2009 Good job. prompt service. -Mr. Australia April 2012 Great high quality work. . The work was high quality and the task was performed way before the deadline. USA August 2009 This guy is Great! Easy everything. Boston. Canada February 2012 You are very professional in handling my project. Henrik Bendtsen National Level hardware competition IEEE 2006 Page6 . New Jersy.

Languages English (Full professional proficiency) French (Professional working proficiency) Hindi (Native or bilingual proficiency) Certifications Hadoop Fundamentals v2 IBM & Big Data University May 2014 EMC Cloud Infrastructure Services EMC Corp (Training) Agile Methodology PeopleSoft @iGATE November 2013 IBM Lotus Notes & Dominos IBM L1 (Systems Domain) iGATE Corporation October 2012 MapReduce Programming IBM June 2014 Global Financial Services Industry Deloitte Skills & Expertise Big Data Hadoop Analytics Spark Page7 .A . Best research paper presentation IIST February 2009 Galaxy of thanks VP. Audit Analytics February 2017 For the demonetisation analytics. Citibank N.Innovative technology bringing Social change IIT Mumbai 2011 Bachlor's Degree Rank Certificate SVCE 2008 Got 2nd rank.

2012 Page8 .Predictive Analytics R Apache ZooKeeper HBase Risk Analytics Sqoop Hive PL/SQL Apache Pig C++ Eclipse MySQL QlikView Alteryx Databases JavaScript Java Enterprise Edition SQL Cloud Computing NetBeans Software Project Management Perl Shell Scripting PHP Core Java Data Security . Germany.NET Framework Publications Simulator Designing Based on Object Oriented Methodologies LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.NET Information Security Management Cloud Security Simulation Storage Architecture HP Storage Java .NET MS VC++ Human Resources Virtualization Information & Data security XAMPP Simulations ASP. October 8.

March 7.Governance ETEMC-2010 April 8. Rahul Kosarwal E. Indore Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Pranay Chauhan Security Issues Pertaining to Ad-Hoc Networks IJCSI-2010 (Journal) Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Page9 .Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Mayank K. 2014 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Accelerating value and reducing Big Data cost IGATE Corporation November 9. Hong Kong. 2013 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal “Security Enabled Web Browser Model (SEWBM)”: For Improving and Enhancing Security Model for Web Browsers” Ninth International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks WOCN2012 Next Generation Internet. 2013 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Big Data Testing pertaining to improving quality IGATE Corporation January 8.2010 February 10. Rahul Kosarwal IEEE Xplore and EI Compendex Trust and Security issues in E-Commerce ETCOMP. “Object Oriented Methodology based Simulator" International Conference of Computer Science and Engineering. Sharma Email Compression after Fragmentation & Providing Security against the Various Attacks ETCC. 2011 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Rahul Kosarwal ISBN-13: 978-3-659-23363-0 ISBN-10: 3659233633 EAN: 9783659233630 Big Data in Storage SNIA. 2012 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. 2010 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Rahul Kosarwal Riding the waves with Big Data iGATE Magazine July 15. 2010 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal.2010 February 13. 2014 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Described traditional storage systems and Big data compliance storage systems and best practices for using these storages.Storage Developers Conference (SDC) October 2.

Selected Taxonomy of Wireless Grids IJCSI-2010 (Journal) Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Selected Impact of IT on Society National Conference for Green IT for E Pragati.SNIA Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Interests Big Data & Analytics.VeriZon-2011) Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Pranay Chauhan Paper mainly focus over the Email Privacy system. Big Data Storage Storage Developer Conference (SDC 2014).CleanTech OAARs CORP International Business Conference (Conquest-2011). 2010 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. Indore Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Entrepreneurial world. Swati KN Parashar. PMP. Truba College. Information Security. 2011 Authors: Anshul Kosarwal Thesis Email authentication and protection against various threats. PMP Innovation Bringing social change International Business Conference (Prayaas.That how we can Achieve Data Integrity and Non Repudiation. Swati KN Parashar. Rahul Kosarwal. Simulation.Bits Pilani Authors: Anshul Kosarwal. HCI. Automation Frameworks Page10 . ETCC November 19. Storage. Rahul Kosarwal Design & Development of Car Driving Simulator IET-DAVV June 30. OpenStack.

Manager Analytics..”. colleagues. peers and other colleagues).Anshul Kosarwal Manager. and confidently pursue a solution he believes in.." — Rahul Kosarwal. His ability to connect at many levels. and has a solid focus on data analytics.Internal Audit@ Citibank.Indore/ Bhopal)" Page11 .com 12 people have recommended Anshul "Anshul is analytical. energetic leadership. Looking forward for more great work of Anshul with the moto of unanimous growth of OAARs CORP. He is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working & learning. team at Evalueserve... detail oriented. very hardworking and constantly looked for new insights to add value to the projects. The research & development initiatives and business ventures. I would surely recommend Anshul for his expertise in Big Data and Analytics. Deloitte India. He has very good communication skill as well. He is very keen to learn new things and always want to add value to whatever he is doing. Its been a pleasure to work with him. I wish him all the best for his present and future endeavors.Big Data anshul. Given a chance I would definitely like to work with him again. worked directly with Anshul at IGATE "Anshul's personality reflects commendable commitment towards philanthropy and passion towards Entrepreneurship & Research." — Rahul Sengupta. business partners and broadly the society around will be fortunate enough to get the feel of his very positive. respectively the volunteers. Speaker & Corporate Trainer. managed Anshul indirectly at Deloitte "Anshul is very enthusiastic and always in a hunt for new things. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors. He always gave great attention to detail. and for his work ethics par excellence. He was an invaluable asset to the Org.PGOI. A good team player and always focused on developing everyone around him (teammates. worked directly with Anshul at IGATE "“Anshul always gave great attention to detail.Rajmohan Thakur (Brand & Talent Manager .Big Data & Analytics . very hardworking and constantly looked for new insights to add value to the assignment/project. identifying and appreciating innovative ideas for creating Impact through sustainable actions adds value to his entrepreneurial spirit and research ability.kosarwal@gmail. manage an enormous level of ambiguity and yet deliver first class outcomes stood him apart from other.. The ability for creating. I have worked with him on multiple projects and admire his ability to get off the starting block quickly. " — Amit Kumar.

I must say a fast mover who knows the right pace and balances all his assignments. His sense of working is enhancing his list of fans(including me) day by day. At each achievement. hard working and achievement-oriented person with an analytical mind and amazing articulation abilities. he proves the significance of his name(Anshul-The ray of sunlight). He is someone who always does his homework for the task at hand and is full of ideas . He always have solution for any kind of problem and his commitment is fantastic. PMP. In his professional career so far he has excelled in everything he has taken up. I have always found him very well-informed on the latest trends and happenings of the technical arena.. He handles his assignments diligently and with utmost responsibility. worked directly with Anshul at OAARs CORP "Persistence and Hard work are keys to success and I see both the values in Anshul. Along with indelible achievements in academic front he has sketched good works in Research & Development. With impressive personality and inmejorable performances he has left sparkling impression in the minds of his colleagues.applauds for his soft skills and attitude to get the work done efficiently. Keep moving on. worked directly with Anshul at IGATE "Anshul is highly dedicated towards his passion. managed Anshul at IGATE "Well what to say about the person whose personality itself reveals his way of working and living. His art in 2CS(Common Sense & Communication Skills) is just mind blowing.!!" — Ankit Shrivastava...thakur@gmail. I always wish him to be the pinnacle of Name & Fame." — Swati KN Parashar.— Rajmohan Thakur [rajmohan. I wish all the success and luck to him for all his future endeavors. I recommend Anshul highly for his extraordinary approach towards resolving problems and establishing creative workaround. PMP.Whatever he desire is quite low in front of his deservance. He is pleasure to work with . with brilliant technical skills and solution driven approach. I worked with him on his projects at OAARS Corp and found him to be very diligent and consistent throughout the project cycle. Anshul is a team player and can handle any complex/ crucial assignment in given timeframe.making him an indispensable asset for the team. His lure in making fruitful dealings distinguishes him from others because all his dealings abloom greatly. He is very brilliant and diligent sort of person. He approaches any problem with an open and inquisitive mind Page12 .!!!! Good Luck. He has brilliant technical as well as entrepreneurial skills. Keep it up!" — Swati KN Parashar. He has capability of accomplishing his assignments in very neat and clean manner. Cheers. always bring something new and have good know how of the field in which he is working in. worked with Anshul at IGATE "Anshul is gem of a person. was with another company when working with Anshul at OAARs CORP "Anshul is an insightful. His creative side gives him another edge and the reason behind his various publications in international journals." — Shefali].

this guy impressed without a known effort. Cheers -Ankit" — Ankit Pagare. though he is also one of them. Anshul comes upto as a very responsible and humble person at the first Go itself. He is one of most talented guy who always like to implement innovative ideas. studied with Anshul at Swami Vivekanand College of Engg. He is confident. who always share the dias with the toppers and yet is full of humility. and his thoroughness more often than not leaves a mark in the minds of his colleagues. know what he wants and know how to do that and most importantly DOING that.. As a realistic leader and a practical person. advised Anshul at Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET. I would talk to Anshul if I need immediate solution. Just keep the good work & All the best. One of the very good friends of mine and I wish him the very Best for his future. Indore Contact Anshul on LinkedIn Page13 . And for more he is having his own style statement. he is SURELY in the SET of high profile personalities. He always try to think differently and provide solution to any problem." — Priya Sharma. studied with Anshul at Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET. He is always focused on the Final Result." — Amey Mahant. This name has rocked the charts many times in our Engineering era. who will enjoy the Process. peers & fellow mates.which is not only reassuring to his audience. he is kind of rescue ranger for me.DAVV) "This young man is the face of NEW INDIA BRAND. A very co-operative and sincere person to his core. but also endears himself to them by building a genuine rapport. As i have seen few good ones. One of the favorites of the Directors and all Faculties. worked with Anshul at OAARs CORP "Anshul is a successful risk-taker. Wish him good luck for future Endeavor " — Pranay Chauhan. he can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. and is always keen to go into the details with a very unobtrusive and innocuous style of questioning . I have found him to be considerably prepared for any assignment. you must be talking about Anshul Kosarwal.DAVV) "If you are talking about a guy. He uses unique ways to determine what the target business needs and has the capability to resolve multiple issues.