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the heart of the city. Extra anticipated costs this year include £40.brighton-pride. £5 Sunday.000 for security. which will benefit local generic community year before. received £65. and then wristbands will cost £10 for the weekend. Increasing the ticket prices is the only way to ensure the costs of producing a safe and sustainable PVP for the future and to meet our community fundraising “We are committed to our ongoing fundraising for the Rainbow Fund. the day. Pride organisers understand the PVP needs to move towards eventually covering all its costs to ensure a sustainable future for the event.000 for policing. Pride are also committed to additional fundraising frozen Early Bird PVP wristbands at last year’s Joint tickets for the main Pride Festival on Preston contributions to a Social Impact Fund. community fund that we hope will benefit local Rainbow Fund).000 for street cleaning and £15. traffic management and costs that have FOR PRIDE VILLAGE PARTY traditionally been picked up by the City Council and Sussex Police. £5 weekend wristbands “With the help of local venues and city-wide August 1 for two days of community festivities in will also be available for a limited time exclusively businesses who benefit from the Pride weekend. initiatives in areas impacted by both the main Pride You can get a free pass for the weekend by event on Preston Park and the PVP footprint. £15.COM £5 ‘EARLY BIRD’ TICKETS This year's PVP ticket price reflects increased operational costs to stage a safe PVP. such as street cleaning. atmosphere for locals and visitors to the city than the Fund. Pride Director. to avoid being disappointed. For more information to volunteer at Pride. view: LGBT+/HIV organisations providing effective front. who make grants to local organisations providing effective front-line services to the LGBT Community in Brighton & Hove. ) The Pride Village Party (PVP) returns on To benefit local residents. people reporting a safer and more relaxed make a donation if they wish to the new Social Impact No one is excluded from attending Brighton Pride. 2015 ON SALE NOW With many cuts in public services. Online availability will be limited only wristbands will also be available at on-site box projects".000 from Pride's fundraising activities so it is advisable to purchase wristbands in advance. businesses and hotel guests within the £4. Any wristbands remaining unsold will cost more on www.000 for St John’s Ambulance cover that will now have to be paid by income from the PVP wristbands.50 per day (cost of a bus pass or a pint of beer) community event by the authorities. with many PVP zone will once again receive free passes and can plus a £1 Rainbow Fund donation.php line services to LGBT+ people in Brighton & Hove. offices on the day. Paul Kemp. said: “As a 'not for profit organisation' Pride are unable to underwrite the anticipated increase in costs to operate the PAUL KEMP Pride Village Party. a new price of £5 (£2 per day + £1 donation to the Park and PVP are also available online.GSCENE. Pride Village Party weekend tickets work out at The PVP in 2014 was considered a successful Residents. . volunteering just two hours of your time to help Each ticket sold for the PVP includes a ring-fenced Pride. £25. Pride organisers have through local venues from July 1. who The capacity for this year’s PVP has been restricted apply to the Rainbow Fund for a free pass. If you are unable to volunteer you can also £1 a head donation to the Rainbow Fund. in 2014. The Rainbow Fund make grants to when they are cheaper.8 DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON ) WWW.

Alice's and the Brighton populace Dream." provide a space for reflection and celebration. are on sale now at the Cowley Club and will be on sale at the main event and how the world treats her. No bit less. there will be a screening of Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger (http://katebornsteinthemovie. and will felt really good. said: “It was an honour and Her poetry is powerful and on May For more info and prices. view: an inclusive event. the fictional pilot of a new diverse comedy (from the creators of My Genderation) called Heartichoke. . view: The Pride Celebration of Love and Life will be help of Switchboard and the Clare speeches. August 2 from 8. The price is £7 per ticket and after hire costs of the cinema. All profits from sales go to Trans*Pride. Brighton Trans*formed Project. she captivated the audience at Brighton Transformed. It did so much to tells her story about transitioning ones at a very special candle lit sunset event. a short documentary film and as a special humbling to play a small part in 17. practice it has a big impact on the way she interacts with the world ) Trans*Pride merchandise. that being trans is more Alice transitioned later in life than coincidental. Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ community will placing trans issues and trans lives Lucky Tooth productions where she come together to remember friends and loved to the forefront. alonglines. parent and poet. July 24 marks the official start of Trans*Pride Brighton with an epic film night at the Duke of York’s cinema. Project found the courage to live GqoBEvA giving Pride-goers a chance to come together for a wonderful act of commemoration and celebration. a reference to her most after bringing up her children development that she says has little and says her transition gave her “a current relevance. and says Parade on August 1. She in Dorset Gardens on Saturday.GSCENE.COM POET NAMED AS SECOND BRIGHTON TRANS*PRIDE 2015 PRIDE AMBASSADOR FOR 2015 ) Friday. all profit will go back to Trans*Pride Brighton. No more. July 25. "I'm nobody's tranny. Alice's Dream.Alice found To view the film and hear her read PIC BY CHRIS JEPSON her way to Brighton and with the her poem. with guest speakers and music. I am the IDAHOBIT event in New Steine completely awed by the energy and Gardens in Kemptown with a A CELEBRATION OF 'LOVE AND LIFE' WITH PRIDE commitment of people (not all trans selection of her poems. in TRANS*PRIDE MERCHANDISE new lease of life.30pm will bring Pride 2015 to a that drove this project ). 2015 and will represent the trans Alice identifies primarily as a community at the front of the Pride woman. Alice has ) A unique celebration of Love and Life in New Steine Gardens in the heart of but with a belief in human dignity) been the subject of a My the Gay Village on Sunday. affirm our lives and experiences and reads her poem. During the evening expect a few quick ALICE DENNY: PHOTO BY SHARON KILGANNON. Sam Feder. including T-shirts and badges designed by Fox In July 2014 she was part of the Fisher. Genderation film produced by close. I'm The event will be hosted by the Brighton & Hove responded with warm generosity. although. Quite simply a LGBT Community Safety Forum. followed by a special Q&A from the director.” woman. 9 DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON ) WWW.tumblr. It nobody's bitch. a new energy”. ) Alice Denny has been voted the her life as she wanted and has second Pride Ambassador for never looked back. Originally from lit up by love and support of each other.

Chair of the Forum. Fox Fisher and Lewis project. as well as sex and dating abuse. for every throughout June featuring various variety of subjects including coming person that reports a hate crime. June using the international phone hand- 25. “Many minority groups have not always had trust in the police. although that is its primary aim. and independent film- were delighted to receive a grant from the SiSCF to help with the Report It! (LLGS) provides confidential phone.” signpost people to specialist services Calum said: “It's so important to and to support them to make More than £500.” or supportive. Volunteers are trained to listen. have joined the charity as Katy Bourne. I want every Sussex resident to feel announcements are due at LLGS’s KATY BOURNE have posted photos of themselves confident and safe irrespective of who they are or Re-Launch Gala at The Waldorf on Twitter.GSCENE. Facebook and Instagram what their background is. and sexual health.10 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. makers. 100 community projects to date. However. The aim of the project is to make it easier for members of the LGBT community to report a crime and get the help TOM DALEY and support they need. Pride Month. on Thursday.000 in funding from the SiSCF has been made available to over make young LGBT+ people aware of informed decisions for themselves. I know there are some who do not feel able to. I've had the . Hilton. Topher “The LGBT Safety Forum is a non-profit organisation staffed by volunteers. This is why I will continue to support local voluntary and community groups that LGBT+ communities. porn stars.switchboard. SCOTT MILLS Billie Lewis. celebrities and YouTubers from the out. Theatre and film artist. BILLIE LEWIS mechanism for incidents of lower-level harassment or Carly Rae Jepsen last month joined musicians. third-party reporting 1 presenter Scott Mills and pop star queens. Recent figures sign. Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. London. the incredible services LLGS provides and that's why I wanted to To view celebrity photos posted on For more information about Report It! and the LGBT try to reach them in a unique and Twitter: @switchboardLGBT Community Safety view: series of 25 videos. YouTuber Calum McSwiggan show a 40% rise in the number of hate crimes recorded between 2013 and 2014 also supported the campaign by More than 15. I'm really proud of the series shrugged off and not reported because the person a #SwitchboardSelfie to raise and it's already receiving an incredible being targeted thought nobody else. Radio pleasure of working with drag to use it as an anonymous. Many such incidents have until now been hundreds of people online to post experts. including the For more information about LLGS. I've created a diverse Or email: info@lgbt-help. discrimination. In celebration of LGBT brighton. Further Supporters from across the world marginalised. work it does. The funding also allowed us to run a personal safety and self-awareness email and instant messaging Hancox (Channel 4's My Transsexual class tailored to the specific needs of the LGBT community. so we London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard different way.” services to support people who want Summer). football teams. I welcome an increase in reporting as it reflects confidence in uploading a new video every day services every year to talk about a police and partners from the more vulnerable in our society. would be interested awareness of the charity and the response. including author Sarah Waters and empower those communities who may feel actor Mark Gatiss. view: www. Members of the community are also encouraged ) Olympic diver Tom Daley. to talk about sexuality and gender patrons alongside existing supporters said: “We need projects like Report It! in order to identity. tackle crime and improve safety.COM 'REPORT IT!' STARS SIGN UP TO NATIONAL #SWITCHBOARDSELFIE CAMPAIGN EMPOWERS LGBT COMMUNITY TO REPORT TO POLICE! ) Report It! was set up by the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum in 2014 with supportive funding from the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Safer in Sussex Community Fund (SiSCF). said: “Report It! is not just about hate crime.000 people use LLGS in Brighton & Hove.


GSCENE. Terrence ‘Terry’ Higgins was among the first people known to die of an AIDS-related illness in the UK in 1982. raffle. We’d living with HIV. Colourstream Brighton. and to the charity that carries your great supported me and helped me raise much needed and deserved funds for name. 25 days after his 37th birthday. raised “I remember Terry with great fondness every time his birthday comes along.12 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. £25 first generation of people living with HIV into older age. A spokesperson venue on a busy Saturday night. without which programmes like HWHP would not exist. He passed ADAM BROOKS away at St Thomas's Hospital.106. and £50 donation. EUROVISION PARTY To mark Terry's 70th birthday. Adam said: “A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who say thanks Terry . Prowler Brighton. and complimentary therapy sessions. landlord of the Bedford Tavern in Hove. THT CEO. volunteering opportunities. Higgins’ 70th birthday we are for Peer Action. I would like to in February.37 for the Sussex Beacon from his marathon run earlier this year Today (10th June) would have been my dear friend's 70th birthday. Peer raise £325.000) of people currently of a sweepstakes. Bristol. experience poverty. the UK’s leading sexual health and HIV charity rolled out a new national programme.shortly after. May 23. everyone who helped make the Camelford for donating the use of the said:“As we commemorate Terry evening a success. July 4. The combat the side effects and social programme is funded by the Big Camelford Arms kindly allowed Peer isolation of those affected by HIV.” . £15 rise significantly over the next decade with 53% (42. Health Wealth And Happiness ) On Saturday. donations and voucher. day pass set up and manage the night which Brighton and Manchester. to set-up a charity in his name - Terrence Higgins Trust . £7. aimed at the one Action held their 3rd annual in so many ways and enable us to in four of those living with HIV in Eurovision Fundraiser at the continue running our events to the UK who are over 50. help from: Brighton Sauna.” Tony Calvert. Nice'n'Naughty. £50 voucher. West Midlands. and of course the Dr Rosemary Gillespie.for being my friend. advice. HWHP focuses on providing support. counselling and information to the everyone present. Brighton. I’m truly overwhelmed. ) Adam Brooks.. These numbers are set to The evening raised £325 from a mix voucher. Las Iguanas. added: “Terry was the first of many friends I lost to HIV. one to one support. housing and benefit advice. research (2012) revealed that a like to thank everyone who helped us significant proportion of older people with HIV live alone. one of the original founders of THT. Peer Action would like to thank voucher. It was the decision of his friends. and have limited family support. London on Sunday. was very busy and enjoyed by Brighton.COM HIV CHARITY COMMEMORATES EUROVISION PARTY RAISES £325 TERRY HIGGINS’ 70TH BIRTHDAY FOR PEER ACTION ) Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) commemorated Terrence Higgins‘ 70th birthday last month with the launch of five new centres dedicated to over 50s living with HIV. Our 50+ really do make a difference. said: “We’re a very Peer Action is a peer-led HIV+ peer reminded that people with HIV are now small charity and fundraisers like this support and social group for people DR ROSEMARY GILLESPIE living into older age. £10 living with HIV in the UK in the 35-49 age group.” TERRENCE HIGGINS Lottery Fund’s Silver Dreams Action to use the pub and their scheme.” The Beacon. TONY CALVERT 1982. This will help the charity Project (HWHP). HOVE LANDLORD RAISES MONEY FOR THE BEACON “HWHP was set up to tackle this through provisions such as debt management. The Camelford Arms in Brighton. as a group. and is available in The fundraising was assisted with management team helped the charity London. THT.


has met with continued success. £162.04. Minister for Civil Society. The awards were created in 2002 to celebrate the to what most people are used to. has been honoured with ) Lunch Positive will be running a We’ve invested in a new marquee and the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. Rainbow Fund.75.14 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. I was depressed and isolated. £505. EastEnders Bear-Patrol join a very exclusive group of LGBT organisations in Brighton & Hove and BBC Comedy through her awareness Paris. Community Café. Volunteer Project interested to like their Facebook page: Award for Voluntary £250. but more hands organise leisure. rights for trans being part fundraising with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. For details on how to I saw were people like me being Brighton University for her outstanding nominate. said: “To receive the journalists who don’t hate but in fact ceremony which recognises up and nomination at first gave the group a huge boost but to actually win the award along celebrate diversity. 2011 Bear Patrol have raised a total of £110. Cameron. £3. local community. August 1. Independent on Sunday's Pink List. . like many trans Brighton Pride. in recognition of their fantastic has been named Young Campaigning achievements. Downing Street with Samantha £425. email: summer. view: http://qavs.139.349. The raise funds and also make a big impact UK. ROB WILSON MP Award for Voluntary Service. University of Brighton to congratulate all groups who received this year’s Queen’s alumna and transgender role model. serving cafe@lunchpositive. MacMillan. £763. "We always have a great response from ) Bear-Patrol. Lunch Positive are also looking for keen Committee Chair and former broadcast journalist. and extra team to reduce isolation and provide a network for the members would make a big difference. said: “This award is lovely on a personal Campaigner at the Cosmopolitan Since January 1.” PARIS LEES SCOOPS TOP AWARD Rob Wilson MP.72. to raise funds for the HIV charity.15.” London in ridiculed. Lunch Positive. said: “I Volunteering hours will vary. TV the work of these organisations is surpassed only by the passion personality and transgender activist was and motivation of the individuals who volunteer. The event took with so many other well deserving charities and groups is just amazing and I am so place at the home of the British Paris. the community café at Pride again this new equipment for Pride and we want to highest award a voluntary group can receive in the year on Saturday. Patrol attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace on May 28 where they met be provided entirely by volunteers GARY PARGETER the Queen and other recipients of this year’s award. THT (South). Five years on and things are intellectual and public contribution to a looking very different. Peer Action. Canine cause I’m so passionate about – human and was invited to a reception at Partners. people. It’s a very different experience work in their communities. will at the event. but Queen’s Golden Jubilee and winners are announced each year on June 2 – the Lunch Positive is looking for extra that’s the challenge and fun of it all!” anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation. Danny Dwyer and John Cook from Bear. indicating that the voluntary sector is thriving and full of affordable hot food – all priced at £5. briefing in July.facebook. who “We stage our café provide a weekly nourishing meal for every year. that we can continue to build a bigger. day itself. Due to an increase in high Gardens Methodist Church in fun it is to be part of. The writer. University in 2009 with English with the Gay Elderly Men's Society (GEMS) being the only other local LGBT Language and Literature BA (Hons). 2015 have shared a special moment at the transgender issues. social enterprises and voluntary people with HIV every Friday at Dorset always told how much groups to receive the prestigious award this year. There are a range of roles to fill To find out more about volunteering with Bear-Patrol will receive their award from the Lord Lieutenant of Sussex later this including setting up and clearing away Lunch Positive at Pride. of the newly sited ‘Community Village’. I Any group of two or more people that has participated in voluntary work for more looked to the media for inspiration and all Paris was previously honoured by than three years can be nominated for the award. and we’re Bear-Patrol are one of 187 national charities. but. £180. I hope these presented with her gold award at a gala groups continue to inspire others to get involved and make a positive impact so organised by MHP Communications. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary hot and cold drinks and homemade lots of support on the Service is the highest award given to volunteer groups to recognise outstanding cakes. Last year she was named Ultimate volunteer-led group to receive the award in 2011. an annual awards awards with so many promising young Danny Dwyer. She has also topped the “When I first transitioned. The judging panel for this year’s Manager. and invites anyone MARTYN LEWIS have been rewarded for their community work with a Queen’s Gary Pargeter. £305. and innovative ideas to tackle community challenges. founder and leader of the Bear-Patrol. the marquee and equipment. I’m very proud to variety of media to subjects surrounding Nominations for the 2016 awards close on September 18. added: “I would like ) Paris Lees. £104. The thousands of volunteers who give up spare time to help others in their community and to help solve problems demonstrate the best of democracy in action. GMFA. The hard work and commitment that goes into Journalist of the Year. The café will serve There’ll be a team over 60% from 2014. quality applications. stronger Martyn Lewis CBE. who has presented on Channel 4's proud of everyone involved that work so hard to make the Bear-Patrol group a Academy of Film & Television Arts in Creative Diversity.COM BEAR-PATROL RECEIVE QUEEN’S VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AWARD FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE FOR PRIDE COMMUNITY CAFE Brighton-based Bear-Patrol have been recognised for their extra special project this year. depending Facebook fans to spread news of the warmly congratulate all of the inspirational voluntary groups who on the role allocated.” Paris was one of the winners of MHP’s 30 to Watch 2015. executives at the Daily Mail. community café on Preston Park. said: “Our café at Pride is an www. volunteers to join its own volunteers on the day.” coming media talent. more awards were struck by the quality and breadth of all the successful groups. it validates a Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards variety of organisations including: Sussex Beacon. challenge and fundraising events make light work. and back of house housekeeping. £30.39 for a level. the number of awards handed out to groups has increased by Kemptown. an LGBT social group who DANNY DWYER our own volunteers. Demelza. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service food. who graduated from Brighton who have received the award recognising their work within the LGBT community raising project All About Trans.73.


brightongmc. Tim Hopkins. The later this year to highlight LGBTQ share your experiences. will support the upgrade. as the report findings show. and acceptance to whole school IFA takes a brand new anti-LGBT The Drive. called into a recent Whatever the weather. people as promiscuous or unfaithful. or to submit • What they would like the rest of the biphobia while accessing mainstream services. often centred on negative stereotypes falsely labelling bisexual info@mindout. founder of IFA. a double. the of the seaside mini-break. bullying and language in schools. surveyed 515 bisexuals across the UK. . she’s not normal and just greedy. world to know.30pm. They also Complicated? report is the first UK-wide research report to focus mental health issues. you are Shaun was awarded Highly rehearsal at St Andrew’s church in promised a warm welcome. Actually Gay Men’s Chorus were varied menu and some Diversity Awards in 2014 for on hand to present him with a cheque unexpected encounters. has ) MindOut. Now that we have these we. inclusive for bisexual people. LGBT Pride. Or call 01273 234839 The report findings suggest that bisexuals experience higher levels of discrimination • What has helped/harmed their MindOut will be at Trans*Pride and within health services than any other public services and 28% of those surveyed • If they use mental health services mental health.. All Saints Church. ‘I refuse to treat her. When Shaun Dellenty.” Sam Rankin. bisexual people are ACTUALLY HELP 'INCLUSION FOR ALL' TAKE often misunderstood and discriminated against by many services. said: “Unfortunately.. 7. (IFA). delivering vital Breakfast. or just a dirty weekend? High season or low rent? Check in with pleased to be continuing this support anti-bullying • What they would like people to do.16 DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. and others.” The research also found that over a quarter of bisexual people have experienced BEING HOMOPHOBICALLY BULLIED AT WORK? prejudice when accessing LGBT services. ANTI-LGBT BULLYING MESSAGE ON TOUR TIM HOPKINS This leaves them at high risk of not getting appropriate information and support. a Commended at the Excellence In Hove. The funds raised through homophobic. it’s safe to say there’ll be love in the air of Brighton & Hove this summer. tackling too much fun to be bothered with a good night's sleep! year. view: www. With The Brighton Gay Men's Chorus. Is it months and chorus members are money at their concerts for the national a holiday romance.GSCENE. but with a title like Bed & money is already earmarked and will be theatre in eduction tour. My mother overheard him saying to are they ‘out’? the senior inclusive services. Hove. transphobic and biphobic Actually’s concert performances will Chairman Paul Charlton. diversity educators throughout the country. “heard lots of negative comments about bisexual people and dismissal of the need to Service and suffer from homophobic You can talk in complete confidence include bisexual people. We hope that this report will help services to better understand and assist bisexual people. Intersectional Equalities Coordinator and lead author of the report. the LGBT mental health MindOut want you to make short video launched the first UK-wide research report on bisexual people’s project. it’s unnatural to love both’.” The report also highlights examples of being discriminated against because of info@gscene. will be better able to take more effective steps in providing appropriate.. Another respondent reported they had )Do you work in the National Health of lack of support from your bosses.” bullying project on tour. The respondents in the survey called for mainstream recently left you place of work because and LGBT services to involve bisexual people more in service development. Email: ‘confused’ and not as good as ‘real gays’. Campaign want friends and family to share how specifically on bisexual people’s experiences of accessing organisers want LGBT people to get they may have changed their attitudes services and highlights examples of good practice and suggests involved and tell them the following: and learnt about discrimination • Why LGBTQ mental health is how to make services more inclusive for bisexual people. nurse refused to treat me due to being communities. Thirty-eight per-cent had experienced important to them. and whether you end up in a single. The help fund IFA’s anti-LGBT bullying to which I’m sworn to secrecy by the Music Team.”.COM BISEXUALS EXPERIENCE PREJUDICE MENTAL HEALTH PROJECT TO RUN WHEN ACCESSING LGBT SERVICES LGBTQ MENTAL HEALTH CAMPAIGN ) The Equality Network. your pieces. the Scottish LGBTI equality and tell us your good practice in service provision and proposes a roadmap to make services more your gender or sexuality? Have you story. Tickets £12 /£10 at: www. Getting challenging LGBT bullying. she needs to decide what gender she loves. July 24 & 25.” used to benefit young people and messages about difference.equality-network. write down your thoughts and experiences of prejudice when accessing LGBT services. One respondent said: “A there.. will be running a campaign selfies. He said: for £1. Inclusion For All Brighton Gay Men's Chorus for a thoroughly musical probing of the ups and downs over the coming year. All the money raised away from it all can be an “IFA is incredibly honoured and grateful through chorus performances and their adventure.408. added: “When explaining why bisexual equality is important and how people are discriminated against it is vital that we have robust data and real life examples to illustrate our points. the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus hopes you have a pleasant stay… and far Actually Gay Men’s Chorus again this important work that IFA does. said: “We have exciting new additions to our repertoire. The research regarding mental health.40. as Bed & Breakfast. while someone else heard someone say: “bisexuals are bullying in the work place or are you to Gscene BED… & BREAKFAST WITH THE BRIGHTON GAY MEN’S CHORUS ) For the last year. and found that nearly half had experienced For more information. Actually Gay Actually have been working with Shaun ) Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus continue their 10th anniversary celebrations Men's Chorus have been raising Dellenty and IFA over the last 12 with their contribution to this year’s Pride Arts Festival: Bed. & Breakfast. so you can talk to them reported never feeling comfortable coming out to their GP. Director of the Equality Network.” For more info about The Equality Network. email: sexual harassment. or get a king-size to be partnered with the inspirational generous audiences.


18 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. “This book is not just for children who ) Writer and transgender community may be trans or gender variant. for an eclectic programme of young member of the trans community. and beautifully ) The Rainbow Chorus will celebrate their 18th birthday in style with two illustrated by Fox Fisher. many times and is always a hit with their audience.” and their ever improving performances over the year is testament to that! just the physical but also the roles. up having experiences that leave them Tickets: £12 (£10 conc) (booking/service fees apply). July 22 said: "When I first saw 'Tremors' I was from 10am–5pm. Marco Nardi will provide BSL teachers in giving them the space to interpreting and the choir will also sing using some sign-supported English. Samantha has performed with the boys Tremors. local said to me is that even here in Brighton & Masquerade. Brighton BN1 4LA from the young photographer's (no booking fee) and from the Iron to illustrate the the years of living here.30pm. Saturday. grown ups who have never had cause to even in passing question their own gender are presented with someone who A PRIDE PERFORMANCE FROM breaks the mould and it can be difficult to FOX FISHER know what to do to support the child in ACTUALLY GAY MEN’S CHORUS! the best possible way. who is keen to encourage the local Jason Williams takes place at Nick community to embrace this rare Ford Photography.nickfordphotography. Oxford Street Studio. Kemptown. or from members of the help kids who are gender variant. The evening. 7. got tired with written it with everybody in mind in the children being put into pink and blue hope of breaking down these out-dated boxes when it came to gender issues. feeling unsafe and uncertain of their place celebrated song. St society. Jason is currently studying photography at Brighton City More info about Nick Ford Photography: College and this is the first time he has www. AUTHOR." Brighton born and bred. I could relate to this of images created JASON WILLIAMS Masquerade starring Actually Gay Men's Chorus.COM RAINBOW CHORUS CELEBRATES ARE YOU A BOY OR ARE YOU A GIRL? 18TH BIRTHDAY IN JULY “After a successful Kickstarter crowd- funding campaign. Are You A Boy Or concerts on July 17 and 18 at St George's Church in Kemptown called Are You A Girl? has been crafted as a tool #RC18! The chorus. available online: “There is often little to no education to www. will perform an eclectic selection of music from children and to assist parents. SARAH SAVAGE & ILLUSTRATOR. Friday 17 and Saturday 18 July. We start learning book will help some children realise they in 1997 and now has a membership of 80. With Trans*Pride Duke on Waterloo Street. ) The build up to Pride 2015 sees a welcome return and pairing. not can be whoever they want to be. Sarah Savage. Entry is free. As a registered print her book. sense of approaching. Brits and Eurovision. St George's Church. and supported to help talk about gender creatively with by accompanist Mojca Monte. typically between to be proud of who they are. Hopefully my The Rainbow Chorus has grown in confidence and numbers from their early days four to seven years-old. The Chorus welcome back guest soprano The exhibited his work outside of the college. the Rainbow Chorus. Waterloo Street. I have RAINBOW CHORUS advocate. Hove. in what is becoming TREMORS struck by the significance of the message Jason's work conveyed to me. important and thought-provoking work. express themselves fully and grow into healthy adults. George's Road.brownpapertickets. Sarah said: “One of the most common Switchboard’s Older LGBT project and MindOut. Tremors exhibition of photography by Nick. opportunity to support Jason by viewing 19 Oxford Street. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl? is expectations and stereotypes that exist in available from Amazon.GSCENE. Tickets: £12 (£10 conc) by Jason Williams the challenges I've also experienced over available online www. families and their repertoire developed over the years. Their recent performances stories I hear from my trans friends is “We’re all unique and every child at IDAHOBIT. as the Chorus and Miss Jason transport you back to the support for a project created by a local. including Lunch Positive. good book stores. Parents who want to teach over £5. this is clearly an important disconnection often opportunity to help Jason and hopefully MISS JASON WITH ACTUALLY GAY MEN'S CHORUS felt by members of other trans people by displaying this the trans community in their hometown. July 20–Wednesday. . Stand By Your Trans and their own Sing Out were well received how they first realised that something deserves to be taught how to cherish and and they’ll be headlining Trans*Pride on July 25 as well as being very visible about their gender was different to other celebrate what makes them different and on the Brighton Pride Parade.actuallygmc. July 18 at 8pm in many ways and it also reminded me of in St Andrew’s Church. Hove. young trans people can still grow fun. Their motto is Strength in Harmony what being a boy or a girl is all about. Monday. promises carnival. as cabaret star Miss Jason joins forces once again with the Actually Gay Men’s Chorus. ideas of putting our children in pink and The Rainbow Chorus is the longest established LGBT choir in Brighton & Hove 377 backers agreed with her and pledged blue boxes. entitled in the world. Goodreads and all #RC18! The Rainbow Chorus' 18th Birthday Concerts. who also comprises a series grew up in Brighton. “As a young gay man myself. led by Musical Director Aneesa Chaudhry. entitled ) In the lead up to Trans*Pride. diversity and masses of photographer Nick Ford shows his Hove. Samantha Howard for the evening. movement and support local LGBT/HIV organisations. What it a bit of a Pride tradition. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl? able to use this book as a springboard for charity they raise awareness and promote cooperation in the LGBT choral discussion.500 to help Sarah publish and their kids that gender is a wide spectrum and has built a reputation as a non-audition community choir striving for choral and open to be explored with fun will be excellence with an active commitment to inclusion and diversity. children at an early age.


” has thrown at them. Hove and District I might have helped. by many of whose volunteers are ordinary last 14 years. benefits of working for Samaritans. support of young adults through their Samaritans has given me a different schools work and local universities.295 calls for help in the UK fundraising. Eve. a quirky boutique cafe bar with seaviews. lived in New Zealand before coming to settle in Brighton where three their presence at events such as Pride people who perform this extraordinary years ago she opened the tattoo parlour Velvet Tattoo at 48 Norfolk Square. for example by for over nine years. District branch answered 61. just a and Sick festivals. whatever life has as listening on the help line. Asahi. There will be a quiz night every Tuesday and regular live acoustic music performances. Sunday noon- 11pm.QUIRKY BOUTIQUE SAMARITANS VOLUNTEERS IN BRIGHTON & HOVE ANSWERED 61. During happy hour on weekdays between 4-7pm. Closed Mondays . are struggling benefit from having a Samaritans’ support is available round real person to connect with. whoever they are. JACKIE PERRY AND EVE PLEAVIN were released to coincide with skills. Velvet Jacks. whether it’s to 5. or offering other valuable JAQI NAILS. If you want something more savoury try a 10-inch wood-fired welcomes the opportunity to celebrate everyday life. so get in A huge bonus is that the bar is located on the sunny side of the street where you can sit outside to drink on draught beer. there are thrown at them. Oranjeboom.007 volunteers responded with Samaritans. For more info about lots of ways people can get involved Samaritans. in America for three and a half-year before she met Eve. a civil servant for 14 years.331.samaritans. travelled the world and lived supporting Listeners in Lewes Prison. you can buy a large glass of wine for the price of a medium. via email or visiting us volunteering@samaritans. Velvet Jacks will be offering a pre-Pride Parade breakfast on Saturday.” branch. dedication of our volunteers. The figures admin or IT. including. 21.50. Jackie Perry and Eve volunteers from the Brighton. As they are conveniently located just 200 metres from the start of the Pride Parade. marketing. Opening hours: Tues–Sat 11am-midnight.GSCENE. Brighton.50 with a bottle of red Short Mile Bay Shiraz so grateful to all of our volunteers at I often feel that by being there to listen. I want to thank them all for their commitment and hard for in branch. He explains the whirlwind romance. We are always looking for new Volunteers’ Week. Hove & District Samaritans. We know that people who more information. and Pinot Grigio delle Venezie is £16. Oyster Ale and Whistable Bay Blonde premium lager. Jackie. costing just £14. and developed borders of Brighton & Hove. transferable to my work and to my teas and cakes. as well as their service. Overall. provide a safe place for anyone "Samaritans wouldn’t exist without the struggling to cope. It’s been beautifully designed and decorated with the Daniel Cheesman. He said: “I’m desperation being just two of them. It’s To find out more about volunteering for great to see how they support people Samaritans call 08705 627282 or in ways that work well for our callers. In fact you that ran from June 1-7. email: on the phone. helping with and Republic of Ireland. Hove & Pleavin. a national initiative volunteers. a tattoo artist for the supporting the local bail hostel. Hove and struggling to cope with whatever life District Samaritans. or rustic rolls and humous and olive snacks.20 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. August 1. has opened on Western Road in Hove opposite Norfolk Square. I've met so many great Velvet Jacks. can find us in the foyer of Jubilee Library all this week. where we are Samaritans’ volunteers are ordinary handing out volunteers’ forms and people who dedicate time every week giving you further information on to provide a safe space for anyone volunteering for Brighton. view: www. They who is trained to listen to them. 50 Norfolk Square. outlook on life. someone the clock. The bar the difference their volunteers make in many reasons: loneliness and offers a fine selection of wines by the glass or by the bottle.796 CALLS FOR HELP LAST YEAR CAFE BAR IN THE TOWN CENTRE ) Last year. During the day they serve Dury coffees. Brighton. tel: 07720 661290. Director at so many skills that have been bar itself created from reclaimed wood. Volunteers from Brighton & Hove are also involved in ‘Duncan’ has been a local volunteer at Jackie and Eve became civil partners three years ago this September after a outreach work. every day of the year. priced £7-£8. As well however they feel. the Brighton. 224 Samaritans ) A new cafe bar owned by the wife and wife team. A bottle of Parini their local community.796 calls for help. according to the latest figures released by the national suicide prevention charity last month. is on Western Road on the people over the years.COM VELVET JACKS . He said: “Volunteering with the few doors away from Velvet Jacks. People call Samaritans for pizza.


The market will be open and each stall will donate 10% of sales to the Rainbow Fund and the Martlets and artist Romany Mark Bruce will be exhibiting some paintings. equal priority to be given to mental health. enough to speak up for lesbians and you’re more liberal than you realised! at Le Suquet on Draycott Avenue. We must be brave you don't identify with. form of the Liberal Party in those days). Brasserie Metz. We should do this because Brighton and help his partner Hervé open the New Steine Hotel. and even in business. including our four-legged friends! Both businesses are open Mon–Fri 8am–5pm and Sat & Sun 9am– July 3 from 8am till Sunday. The Kemptown Trading Post. Meanwhile. local they lack political power. But of love of fashion to take over the Kemptown proud of the lead we took in bringing the course. We must especially focus more than doubled – don’t get angry. However. is full of interesting stalls and incorporates a café. If you can’t make it to the launch party. participation carries Trading Post and do new things. and other labels in London’s adopt gay rights as part of its manifesto. I also want to offer some vintage and designer men’s wear and blood donation policies. but for all people ) www. Florentine and the traditional English breakfast.libdems. not just for the For more information view: Georges developed his career working at the Seattle Hotel and Myhotel. As we enjoy this year's second-hand or old collections at very reasonable prices. We’re proud rights of others. We must push work under the same roof while still doing their Liberal Democrats. I am looking forward to making coalition in fulfilment of our manifesto Kemptown Trading Post a very interesting place with exciting and unusual finds. as well as classics like Eggs Benedict. We’re an important tool for change. whilst tasting some classic English cakes. then maybe where he worked.and if you believe that years. which is delicious. carrot. have been residents and owned businesses in Kemptown for the last 15 years.” If you too believe that we’re all better off commitments. He started in the south of it.Cup of Joe.GSCENE. thankfully. alongside French-inspired treats such as Croque- Monsieur and Goats’ Cheese toast. which was on the rights of the transgender get involved.A DOUBLE DON’T GET ANGRY. a long established business. owner of the New Steine Hotel & Bistro and Gulliver’s Hotel in New Steine Gardens. GET INVOLVED! ACT IN BUSINESS AND LOVE LOCAL LIB DEMS RALLY TO THE PARTY ) Hervé Guyet. What will be our legacy? and has brought the fashion bug back into me. I also wanted to sell second-hand designer bags and legislation. celebrate 40 years of and place of their choosing when they soft refurbishment to the décor and introduction of a new food menu. we that is the legacy of those that have with its eclectic and colourful characters you see around. is the perfect place to express oneself in the way we dress Conservative MPs voting against it. The coffee on offer is Verona Espresso Blend. such as Victoria sponge. who have for the adoption of a fair and safe system own thing. and you can also enjoy a wide selection of afternoon teas. even those France before moving to London LGBT equality. By Jeremy Gale reminiscent of his French home town. Hervé said: “I love the hotel trade. Clapham. coffee and walnut cakes. We must push for prestigious Bond and Sloane Streets. stalls will still donate on purchases made that weekend from Friday. and sun glasses for men as brought about changes to discriminatory willing to fight for their rights and the well as women. several decades. parties. He gays in countries managed by illiberal Since the elections our local party has opened his own French restaurant in governments. Brighton Pride remains but I wanted to use my creative side and hesitation from the beginning. It reminds me of London were able to deliver marriage equality in come before. presenting them with the perfect opportunity to ) As the Pride season starts. July 3 from 5–8pm. Hervé and delivering gay rights and supporting are suffering from terminal illness. Of course we are keeping the collectables and Gender Recognition Act 2004 into much less stigma and risk than it did antiques. Brighton and Kemptown. We Georges intend offering a great shopping experience mixed with great food. A fantastic way to treat yourself while helping great causes! . already supported Brighton Pride since its giving people the right to die at a time trading successfully. We must continue to fight for full everyone deserves rights. He We are proud of this position. that. Georges sold his restaurant to move to community. We’re proud of our when united in the pursuit of fairness Georges has worked in the food and history of adopting human rights ideals and equal opportunities for all beverage industry for the last 25 before other parties are prepared to risk individuals . This year represents the should push for electoral reform to a one of a kind experience for people living in Kemptown. We’re proud that in 2011 we when those first brave individuals were accessories such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci wallets. 40th anniversary of our party (in the enfranchise those supporting smaller Hervé wanted to go back to his roots. Following a inception. among other opening his own business once again . before now LGBT community. and his partner. despite more than half of Pride we can recognise the achievement which is a thriving area.22 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. as has been our policy for the 1980s. Section 28 outright and without modern times. July 5 till 5pm. Everyone is welcome. will be looking after the market side of the We’re also proud that we opposed Even in a city like Brighton. Their launch party is on Friday. it’s the right thing to do. Kemptown. They recently bought the Kemptown Trading Post & Café on St George's Road. creating Brighton Pride.COM HERVÉ AND GEORGES . who find their rights at risk from those f /liberalbrighton who misunderstand them or because t @liberalbrighton Georges has brought to the Cup of Joe menu his trademark delicious salads and healthy food options. We should extend the vote to having previously worked for Valentino in being the first British political party to 16-year-olds. Georges Amaru.


rather than patients having to trek over to the pharmacy in the tower block.24 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. Our six bedded ward was always full. arguing his case eloquently and since graduating from Guy’s. but his legacy will live who wanted to make Brighton the leading HIV centre. For many years he was an active member Consequently. is history. Martin worked tirelessly and fearlessly to transform In May 1995. locally and globally: from the medical training he specialised in genitourinary development of new medicines and supporting medicine (GUM) and the relatively new specialty of people taking them. including cooking. and when fewer than 15% of at a national and international level. Martin was a brilliant clinician. attitude empowering. his loss is of course felt most the Sussex Eye Hospital Pharmacy to be re-opened keenly by his partner Adrian and his family. and on returning to HIV related problem. disease and in Brighton there were about two HIV. writing guidelines testing were available. suggestion made by a junior colleague. championing the establishment of medicine: after the disappointing results of the usually because he was heading to North London for a Patient Representatives in the clinic. though not for the want of little bit dimmer without him. despite his high Now there are over 20 antivirals and more than 90% profile professional role. Although he is mourned globally. Most There isn’t space to list his many achievements. whilst outpatients were mainly seen by the conferences. and their life expectancy is England he was educated in Taunton. His enthusiasm was infectious and his ‘can-do’ locally. and not quite seven years the service. Westminster!) and then at St Mary’s in Paddington. first at the old Westminster Hospital undiagnosed HIV. from his patients and length of life.GSCENE. serving on committees. and we in people attending the Lawson Unit were on treatment. British Association of Sexual Health and HIV These were the days before viral load and resistance (BASHH). DJing. where his Dad was on treatment are rarely admitted to hospital for an serving with the Royal Air Force. LGBT community) and from within the NHS. to him: just one illustration that. worldwide. the award was a complete surprise years). DELTA demonstrated that a their own care and the development of the service. and strengthening partnerships (forerunner of the shiny new Chelsea and with GPs and other specialities. This began when Hove General closed in 1997. and encouraged the contributions of anyone who days after the results of the DELTA trial were piano playing and sailing. At the same time his support was also crucial in enabling brightest stars. a prodigious researcher respiratory physicians in a specialist ward at Hove and a naturally gifted and engaging lecturer. extraordinary contribution he made to HIV medicine. and there were In February 2013 he was appointed to the Chair of usually six-12 additional patients on other wards. resulting in improvements in quality Martin had a deep affection for both the people he from the HIV community in Sussex. The rest. People who are ) Martin was born in Cyprus. The world is just that team grew. Brighton were fortunate to be represented by him. all HIV Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical with HIV-related conditions. He was highly influential licensed antiretrovirals. He was a strong supporter of the London and Brighton Health Care (as the Trust was whole multidisciplinary team and never scorned a then called). Nicol Centre prescriptions. 2015 Aids Foundation to contribute generously towards the refurbishment and running costs of the new inpatient. to reducing the number with HIV. Martin applied for two persistently with Trust managers and Consultant posts: at Kings College Hospital in Commissioners. as the of the largest outside London) services were a mentor. Martin Apart from his incredibly successful career Martin had persuade him to change his mind!) and he valued started work in Brighton on October 2. and he successfully lobbied the Elton John NOVEMBER 3. With the death of Martin Fisher on April 20 2015. the world of HIV lost one of its day care and research unit at Brighton General. and a few months later he was presented with who were diagnosed with HIV already had advanced a Golden Handbags Lifetime Achievement Award. After his general part in most of them. nationally and internationally. and CONCORDE study (that showed AZT alone was no match. This ethos ensured that. 1964 – APRIL 20. colleagues and and used for dispensing Lawson Unit and Claude patients here in Brighton and Hove. aged 30. as they say. Martin was very humble. it attracted high calibre professionals underdeveloped. workshops and training courses GUM doctors at the recently-opened Lawson Unit. respected and valued the insights patients had into better than placebo). as well as friends. Somerset. colleague and friend. just a few a wide range of interests. Over a third of people School. This was a defining moment in HIV occasions that his clinic finished on time it was involvement. reflecting the better time! strove to help them 'be the best that they could be'. He was a great advocate of patient Copenhagen. campaigning by local activists (mainly from the on for generations through the lives he touched. so it’s no General Hospital (now Tennyson Court on Sackville surprise that he was much in demand to speak at Road). of Lawson patients are on treatment. For many years he was an shared his vision and passion to provide the very presented at the European Aids Conference in Arsenal Season Ticket holder. for developing Brighton’s services for people with HIV. and on the rare best care. but inpatients were cared for by the nurses and one local example is the enormous contribution he Heather Leake Date . similar to those without the virus. when there were only three and organising conferences. So many wonderful tributes have been paid to Martin: combination of two drugs was superior to monotherapy. and continually and from colleagues around the world. Many factors have before going on to study Medicine at Guy’s contributed to this seismic shift. He couldn’t have arrived at a cared for and those he worked with. and Martin played a Hospital Medical School.COM made to improving how and where services were PROFESSOR MARTIN FISHER provided. many local people who wanted to of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and the access latest treatments went to London for care. related deaths each month (13 per 100 patient Characteristically. He enjoyed healthy discussion (though it wasn’t easy to After a short sabbatical in San Francisco. He was many Considering the size of the local HIV population (one things to different people: to me he was an inspiration.

GSCENE. volunteer project manager: “Massive thanks to our volunteers and everyone who came along. I am proud to join the Lunch Positive team as they come together for a community Big Lunch. Their inspiring work breaks down the stigma that is still thrown at people with HIV and helps build community resilience. "Last year the team gave over 5.000 hours of their time. We celebrate Lunch Positive’s six years of providing help in our city and we wish them every success for the future. He said: “Lunch positive is simply an amazing charity. and are involved in all aspects of providing our service. and it was hugely enjoyable to share that with our friends and supporters.being together as a community makes all the difference!” The only politician present was Phelim Mac Cafferty. and ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung to the crowd by The Rainbow Chorus. and we heard fantastic feedback on their contributions. It means a great deal that their work is valued. A bucket collection raised £220. The entire Lunch Positive volunteer team of 30 people were involved in putting together the event. other HIV services. friends. including lunch club members. In addition a welcome is made for everyone and they bring people together. well- wishers. small charities and LGBT community groups. celebrating their sixth Birthday!” Adding: “The work of Lunch Positive is about more than just the food. although we all know just how important healthy food is for anyone who’s not well. Thank you to everyone .COM LUNCH POSITIVE CELEBRATES 6TH BIRTHDAY PARTY ) Lunch Positive celebrated its 6th birthday in Dorset Gardens Peace Park last month with a buffet picnic. It was great to spend time together with so many friends. enthusiasm and energy to everything we do. Their work is a lifeline for many in our city. We have a fantastic volunteer team who give so much time. The community celebration was attended by over 120 supporters of the charity. commitment. the Convenor of the Green Group on Brighton & Hove City Council. Volunteering is a wonderful thing. Gary Pargeter. GSCENE 25 25 DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON ) WWW.” . providing a nutritious hot meal once a week for people who are HIV+.39 towards the cost of food.

used the Iron Duke for social purposes after choir rehearsals. I had suffered from genderqueer/drag dance troupe raising money for. Hove.GSCENE. passed away in the late hours of Tuesday. Cod Riverson. When where she had previously made 2004 and became co-owner of the Iron Duke Hotel on Waterloo Street in Hove she came to a Pink Narcissus gig on friends and connections doing a entering into business first with Bob Evans. should we ever meet. My dear friend. Hove where I had experienced loneliness asked us if we would be interested in for an evening of music and comedy. Pulled the splinter from my paw As more of an outsider to the gay Once my dreams were torn and scene however. depression and though by the time we perform their brilliant routine to the met I was at peace with my sexuality I Fag Machine track. 2015 and was laid to rest sense of humour. was approached by Channel 4 and asked if he would date a Brighton girl with dwarfism for the PETER LINDARS TV show The Undateables. so she ensured that our The video was an immediate hit with He leaves an older brother.the first of many where family where a tree would be If you would like to make a donation to charity in memory of Peter Lindars. then with Gerald Featherstone. Sam was When I expressed to her my concern He entered into a civil partnership with Greg Clark in 2011. I also felt that. 1970. 18 months of his life. the bassist in my band Pink Narcissus. before my birthday we hit it off and became charity fundraiser. leaving her with Enfield grammar schools. Emma Christmases were magical. ) It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I write this. solid. debut solo album Fag Machine and Church. She located a venue for the Having worked in the estate agency business for a number of years. Greg Clark predominantly mainstream and didn't opportunity to bring to the gay scene truly embrace real gay culture.2 JUN 2015 I was broken from the winter preferring to push the same I was washed up on the shore commercial pop to gay men that is 'Till you came to me and calmed me sold to teenage girls. The of Sam's two dates. Sam suggested charities he supported. May 12 following a service to celebrate his life at St Andrew’s become friends. Her love and biker stereotype of Tom of Finland's rehearsed and gave performances in St Andrew’s Church in Waterloo Street and generosity knew no bounds. London then more recently in Brighton. at the scene to recruit extras for a music was portrayed as the more successful North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton. Sam would back me onstage. giving me viewers and secured us a gig in Lindars. Peter changed direction with his career in weeks after the TV show aired. June 2. I felt sure we'd I was on the cusp of releasing my on Tuesday. charities that Peter had himself been involved in Like Sam. and a younger half-sister. At and will include performances from the Actually Gay Men's Chorus and a DJ Brighton. first in she was on a skiing holiday and in the shoot. while all hosting a night for them every week Fundraiser will be raising money for Epilepsy Research UK and Mind UK subcultures were embraced in to showcase whatever we liked.COM SAM CULPECK 24 JUL 1978 . please go online to Virgin Giving and search for Peter Lindars to donate to there we got to witness a Mind and Epilepsy Research. I was also pleased that Cod had come Sam and I set about venturing on to across as the gentleman he is and He was born to Maeve Lindars and the late Michael Cheevers on July 2. her lust for life and sense of adventure in the video as many of the men she was contagious. July 4 at 7pm you are invited to join friends and colleagues never felt at home in the gay scene the manager at the Queens Arms of Peter at the Dukebox Theatre in the Iron Duke at 3 Waterloo Street. successfully running the pub and hotel on his own for the last few years. Sam Culpeck. On top of all this. The Peter Lindars Memorial Cabaret and rejection. He attended Chesterfield Junior and then video for the album's title track. Christmas. She loved drawings and the Village People. and they had lived completing a Phd in psychology and that we may have too many women together in Hove since 2004. . When the show aired I was instantly struck by his date Sam's bubbly 2 JULY 1970 . Brighton's Queens Arms. Mike Cheevers. soulmate and collaborator. Agency in London. inseparable friends. as I had first Peter was a keen runner and ran more than 10 half and full marathons in the last and I had headhunted for the shoot witnessed watching her skydive on TV. adventurous nature and ) Peter Steven Lindars passed away on April 20. Sam loved to go out broken and felt more at ease on the scene Once my hope was almost spent than I. Oli Spleen. as she was less likely to be Now the dream has re-awoken subjected to the sort of unwanted Let this be my last lament attention she would often get elsewhere. ) On Saturday. a second Swiss Christmas with her Amsterdam . Whilst illuminated with real candles. its gay scene seemed last we were finally given an set from Peter von Sleaze. Waterloo Street.26 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW.20 APR 2015 personality. both as a personal goal and to raise money for the various wanted to be in drag. culture and its stereotypes in a loving I became a pen pal with Sam whilst way. before leaving school to work for Bairstow Eves Estate idea of the video was to send up gay hope for the future. Entry is by donation. For two and a half years Sam was a that she could fill a male role and was constant in my life and we went keen to play the moustached leather He was a great supporter and friend of the Actually Gay Men's Chorus who everywhere together. Last Lament (Song for Sam). A little over three years ago. companion.

been Wednesday nights at Subline where lacking. She chose and played her guests to be announced nearer the brilliantly eclectic choice of tracks date. His friends Carlos and Ian organised a lovely funeral for him followed by a wake at Legends. She has left a a great night out without hole in so many of our lives that no experiencing anxiety and panic one else could fill. GSCENE 27 all that it had.citycatshelter. May 24 in the Royal Sussex County Hospital after being admitted suffering from dehydration and a chest infection. When the Queens Arms changed Fag Machine will resume monthly hands I thought that would be the instead of weekly at Subline on the end of our night but Sam was quick last Wednesday of the month. help I had at last made peace with Quincy and Alexis. the club night. Bob. Bob lived life to the full and over the years could be found at different times drinking in the much missed Harlequin in Providence Place. Robert Addison aka 'Big Bob' died suddenly on Sunday. That is live music from there were less volume restrictions LGBT+ artists and a DJ selection and for one night of the week the that actually draws from real gay venue would be open to all. I could never have realised this My heart goes out to her parents.24 MAY 2015 ) 'Big Bob' was laid to rest on Wednesday. City Cat Shelter on LGBT+ talent that hadn’t had the Wednesday July 29 and will feature chance to be heard on the scene The Divine David Hoyle plus other before. In his early years he worked in the hotel and leisure industry and more recently had been a gate guard on Southern www. relocating us to ROBERT ADDISON 20 JUN 1965 . encompassing virtually all The shock of Sam's passing was felt genres and queer-influenced by so many. in my opinion. as well as all who the gay scene and was able to enjoy knew and loved her. June 10 at the Downs Crematorium. Bob had lived in Brighton since he was a teenager and was popular on the commercial gay scene. sang and introduced welcomed. to find a new venue. you can donate online via the guest performers. tribute charity fundraiser for Sam's giving a voice and platform to live chosen charity. culture. lives her big heart had touched. Any donations will also be whilst I hosted. and her beloved cats. the Marine Tavern and more recently watching cabaret upstairs at the Bulldog on St James’ Street. James Ledward . Ollie Spleen attacks. will Dr Sam became PHDJ and would relaunch in Sam’s honour with a book and choose the acts with me. everything the other bars weren't It was humbling to see how many including. was estranged from his family. dream without Sam and with her Anna and Peter. Fag Machine. a very private man. I had well over 100 subcultures with a focus on tributes from friends and loved ones.

On Saturday.28 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. and on the Sunday a picnic for 150. Hand in Hand brought together LGBT choirs from all over the UK and Ireland and was jointly organised by Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus and the Rainbow Chorus. Lunch Positive supplied the food and all the singers got a chance to relax. who commissioned the HIV charity Lunch Positive to feed all the singers during their stay in the city. June 14 for a picnic in Queens Park. BRIGHTON HAND THE BATON OVER TO MANCHESTER WHO WILL BE ORGANISING THE NEXT HAND IN HAND LGBT CHOIRS CONCERT IN 2017 Chair of the Rainbow Chorus. June 13. handed over the baton to the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus. during the Hand in Hand LGBT Choirs Festival on Saturday June 13. sandwiches and five separate tea and coffee services for 600 people. Paul Charlton. and Finola Brophy. socialise and bring the festival to a close.COM VOLUNTEERS FROM LUNCH POSITIVE PROVIDED FOOD TO DELEGATES DURING THE HAND IN HAND LGBT CHOIRS FESTIVAL HAND IN HAND LGBT CHOIR FESTIVAL ) Following their successful concert at the Brighton Dome. who will be organising the next Hand in Hand LGBT Choirs Festival in 2017.GSCENE. Chair of the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus. Lunch Positive provided hot meals. many of the choirs who had come from all over the country met on Sunday. .


ground level. including centre.” Yards. the south coast and the Isle of Wight. said: “I It offers amazing 350º panoramic views of After six months in the planning. Bear-Patrol organiser Danny Dwyer and entertainer Jason Sutton.GSCENE. a world-class visitor ) The purpose of the challenge was to raise funds However. into the heart of the Gunwharf Quays shopping Drag With No Name. .COM DANNY DWYER AND JASON SUTTON ARRIVE AT GUNWHARF QUAYS AT 7. The Spinnaker Tower. the Café in the Clouds at 105 metres above sea tears and some worried faces as one by one the The final woman to abseil down the tower level. with at 8am on the morning of Saturday.30 ) DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON WWW. Davina Sparke. 328 feet below. more than 50 have jumped out of airplanes but that was the most Portsmouth Harbour.30AM SKINNAKER TOWER AT 8AM. Sally Vate. FUNDRAISERS GET READY FOR THEIR SAFETY BRIEFING SECOND THOUGHTS FOR CHARLES CHAY? was Charleen Wood who brought Gunwharf Quays BEAR-PATROL ABSEIL DOWN SPINNAKER shopping centre to a stop as hundreds of shoppers TOWER FOR RAINBOW FUND cheered her onto a successful landing after she had experienced a few wobbles on the way down. soars 170 metres above Portsmouth for the Brighton-based Rainbow Fund.000 for the Rainbow Fund if Portsmouth last month to abseil down the 560 foot high Spinnaker Tower. well established as an iconic British building. Hove. who organised the jump. aka Miss Jason. On the way there were a few Krissie Ducann coming down the wire. Colin Blanchflower. Jennie Castell and There are three viewing decks to explore. Blackpool Tower. Lola Lasagne. who make expressions turned to smiles as one by one each Harbour and the Solent and is taller than the grants to LGBT/HIV organisations delivering effective fundraiser punched the air in relief at finishing the London Eye. Big Ben and is now front-line services to LGBT people in Brighton & task. Dave Lynn. aka The Pianoman. Danny Dwyer. Jason Lee. once the jump was completed any sad attraction. was among joined with 17 friends and Bear-Patrol supporters at Gunwharf Quays in those to complete the jump safely and alone expects to raise in excess of £1. plus a gift shop and Waterfront Café on abseilers realised the enormity of the task in hand. everyone pays up their promised sponsorship. May 30 to views stretching out for up to 23 miles – Entertainer Jason Sutton thought it would be a good receive safety training before 19 of them descended breathtaking by day and a glittering sea of lights by idea to return next year and repeat the exercise with from the viewing deck platform at the top of the tower night. the historic Navel Dock members and friends of Bear-Patrol reported for duty frightening thing I have ever done.


25 & 26. organisations include THT. They rent or use Patrol. no other expenses. We also receive donations from local paid workers in administrative roles. 2015. and have paid to register the CIC. and for the meet with the applicants to discuss their used for. and advises and partner applications where one group is the funds donated will be used to best effect. individuals who wish to set up a regular payment – for those wanting to give back and ‘look after There are also bigger organisations. encourage shared use We’re a fund that makes grants to LGBT and HIV group or organisation when we make a grant to of ‘community resources’ and discourage groups and organisations in Brighton & Hove them. All grants given. but In the past we’ve always asked for applications to have to try to second guess where the money cannot vote.000 THE RAINBOW FUND per year to give out as grants. This money is donated to the Rainbow Fund to Most are small. We will now consider persuade venues to do benefits for them.050 for setting up and learn from the organisation’s 20 years’ work core services between Apr 1–Aug 1. and We’re therefore responsible for the ongoing Switchboard. I’m duplication of services.002 . Priority was given Gardens on the weekend of July 24. and grants round. safe in the knowledge that panel discusses grant applications. specifically to members of the LGBT Magazine and on the Rainbow Fund website. but we provide a safe also have a Grants Panel who meet twice a year round. RAINBOW FUND SPRING 2015 of their Short & Girlie Show at the Verdict the discipline of regular practice and breathing GRANTS ROUND AWARDS during the Brighton Fringe Festival in May. Currently we’re working with the artist who together. provision of an BSL signer for two performances through improved self-esteem. confidence and TOTAL grants agreed for the spring funding round: £18. MindOut and Allsorts. erection of the AIDS Memorial in New Steine. For the past two years Pride has ‘ringfenced’ £1 from every ticket for entrance to the park (and now also from every With the announcement of the spring grants. • Queer in Brighton awarded £800 to organise a LGBT+ community in the city.000 towards running costs – for a project which allows for trans individuals to providing BSL signers to help members of the specifically costs of three phone lines. and should be. we decide on the criteria for each Rainbow Fund started as a legacy project after administrators.000 part-funding within the local trans* community. As Chair I take part in discussions. and with Brighton wristband sold for the Village Street Party) for Pride looming. gay male elders. our own’. In addition. We especially when they first set up.32 GSCENE currently receive between £60.000 and £100. for instance • Short & Girlie Productions awarded £160 for singing and improved mental health achieved increasing evidence of a link between regular women. The community resources. money to keep going.500 towards the cache of qualified and experienced individuals Forum to promote their core services to the costs of staging Trans*Pride 2015 in Dorset within the trans community itself. Romany Mark Bruce. Sussex Beacon. • Rainbow Families awarded £3. This since opening. on decisions.000 towards in this grants round to small LGBT organisations with no paid workers. and are often run from We will also be setting up a local giving page for somebody’s front room. to get the formation of the Small Groups Network in 2014. There is hard to reach. and most groups such as Brighton Bear Weekender. and gain both work experience and skills in LGBT deaf community engage with arts events advertising the services they provide. singing workshops for trans people. and volunteer-led. two projects Forum awarded £3. We inevitable build up of seagull poo removed. and also the In terms of ‘best bang for your buck’. advertising initiatives to make group therapy lunch club sessions. training and groups. three trans* organisations working to build confidence • The Clare Project awarded £3. new friends. Chair of the Rainbow Fund gives a local LGBT and HIV groups and charities. as well as individuals. and donations and Small Groups Network as such groups find it very organisations and groups providing services funding received. trans and/or disabled. as local commercial venues) because they don’t who can contribute to the discussion. techniques. venues and choirs.500 to deliver an oral history project to raise their profile and and workshops in the run up to Pride • Peer Action awarded £1. and we clear. sometimes paid fundraisers. and to joint applications.800 towards will enable Lunch Positive to run 18 weekly sessions accessible to individuals who may be of 55 service users and involving 37 volunteers. and this led to applications becoming groups and organisations it means that they applications and raise any questions that the ‘project focused’ when in fact they just needed don’t have to spend time and effort trying to grants panel had. fundraise or donate. supporting a weekly average • Trans Alliance awarded £1. communities and/or individuals affected by HIV. so that we can respond to changing needs. funded for working to provide services or This is useful for donors and fundraisers (such and vote. or feel excluded. that the ‘small’ groups work best when they work The Rainbow Fund itself has minimal overheads. facilitation. BSL signer in the Brighton Pride literature tent • Lunch Positive awarded £2. mental health is • LGBT Small Groups Network awarded £192 ) In the spring grants round the Rainbow Fund improved by engaging in social activities such as has been able to support a range of LGBT/HIV joining a choir which provides a supportive to pay for hire of meeting space. responsible for day to day management. have no premises. We can do this by making that are LGBT-led and volunteer-led. frames for the certificates we give to every encourage this cooperation. As Chair. We try to keep the criteria fairly fluid. It’s vital that our ‘dealings’ are open and applications for core funding for members of the Locally there are somewhere between 20 and 30 transparent. We’re very aware cleaning and maintenance of the memorial. In Brighton & Hove these each grant. are. and we’re very pleased to see the We’re set up as a Community Interest Company created it. that priority is given to applications for clearing house for those that do want to in March/April and in August/September. • Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety front-line services to people with HIV. with a mixture of paid the Fund. because of the nature of the services and support they provide. encourage innovative projects. run Depending on how much money is available in ) First of all what do we do? Historically the like small businesses. including the maximum amount for successful fundraising for the commission and volunteers. are acknowledged in Gscene difficult to get this funding from other sources. we seek to a protective coating applied. That’s it. and no paid staff. listening and counselling creating a and funding for the LGBT Community Safety • Trans*Pride awarded £2. but we also have an Observer present expertise for another group’s members. Bear have no premises and offices. which. donated space. (CIC). Chris Gull. After the Panel meeting we may be very specific about what the money would be they raise will give most benefit. they have no make grants. One of the ways in which they aim to make a ‘Pride with progress report on the activities of this unique fund Purpose’. including two organisations providing environment as well as an opportunity to make development sessions. as we did with the recent spring grants We’re NOT fundraisers.

Thank you to everyone who donated prizes. Lunch Camelford Arms. Events were held at A-Bar. For more information about BBWE view: http://brightonbearweekender. All profits from the weekend will go to the Rainbow Fund. Envy. just!. WELCOME @ A BAR GSCENE 33 BRIGHTON BEAR WEEKENDER ) Bears came from all over the UK and Europe for the Brighton Bear Weekender (BBWE) from June 19-21. Subline and Latest Music Pics by James Brooks WELCOME @ A BAR BEAR PICNIC IN BEAR PICNIC IN QUEENS PARK QUEENS PARK GRUNT @ SUBLINE GRUNT @ SUBLINE COME TO DADDY @ ENVY GRUNT @ SUBLINE COME TO DADDY @ ENVY BEAR SHAFT @ LEGENDS GRUNT @ SUBLINE GRRR @ LATEST BEAR SHAFT @ LEGENDS BEAR QUIZ @ CAMELFORD BEAR QUIZ @ CAMELFORD GRRR @ LATEST . for unclaimed prizes. Luckily the rain held off. View: http://brightonbearweekender. the HIV Lunch Club provided the nosh at the Saturday bears picnic in Queens Park. The BBWE Raffle was a huge success.

000 revellers on the streets. “In terms of partnership working. the difficulty we had is that it is not illegal to sell them to people over 18. “Pride is one of the most challenging events we deliver in Brighton & Hove. His with Pride and they have been very responsive to concerns raised in feedback from police officers was that the event was darker and less the post-event agency debrief. except there are many more people at Pride with estimates of up to 160. They absolutely a safe event. If people selling the canisters didn't have a Pedlars Licence we were able to use that as the grounds to seize their stock. We don't want to cause upset by being kill As Pride approaches. carnival atmosphere. “For example there was one young girl who the consultant on duty at the Sussex County Hospital A&E thought was going to die.34 GSCENE “Drugs are quite a big challenge. “Pride generally has a great atmosphere and people are really pleased ) Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp was appointed Divisional to see the police marching on the Pride Parade. he could now come and would really enjoy it. officers involved tell me Pride is a great event and they really want to support it. Her survival was touch and go. including police officers on duty. We did what we could. to Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp about “The officers we use on the day are a mixture of specialist public order the challenges. Officers reported that the tone of the to agree with Pride how things are going to look over at least the next event was less friendly and that areas of the Pride Village Party were at three years. in 2013 problems emerged during the Pride Village Party. She had taken nitrous oxide and drunk alcohol. sexual assaults were going unreported. THE CHALLENGE OF “Another fairly big challenge for us was the issue of respect for people. times dangerous and threatening. “With Pride. This year we will be doing exactly the same. As the Gold Commander policing Pride it is his responsibility to deliver “Last year my daughters who are 15 and 16 came. including on some of the uniformed security staff POLICING BRIGHTON and police officers on duty. front-line services to the LGBT community in Brighton & Hove. what goes on and the general force’s LGBT Champion. of policing Brighton Pride and the last year who had worked on Pride for the first time. Commander Kemp said: “I spoke to a police officer last year who said this is now a great event. This year. especially when they are mixed with alcohol and last year in particular nitrous oxide legal highs proved to be a big problem. I have tried safe than in previous years. For my officers it is a Commander for Brighton & Hove in 2013. but last year the combination of nitrous oxide and alcohol did worry us. We need to refresh our numbers which means we use a lot of officers and need to bring some in from outside Sussex to provide cover. A new approach to the Village Party was required and an agreement was reached to work in partnership with the Pride organisers. which we don't often use. the Pedlars Act of 1881. 17 years after joining the unique experience and those officers from outside Sussex are often police. in the present economic and general neighbourhood policing officers. Most of them Pride Village Party in 2015 really enjoyed the day and were more concerned that they had been on their feet 15 hours with only a bite to eat at the start of the day. On becoming Division Commander he took on the role of the quite goggle-eyed at the scale of Pride. there are a number of events that go on throughout the day stretching officers’ shifts. James Ledward talks joys but on the other-hand people are entitled not to be groped and grabbed during the event. During the day. the City Council and other agencies to produce and deliver a paid for Pride Village Party event in 2014 that was safer for everyone and would give visitors to the city a positive impression of Brighton & Hove. From a policing PRIDE IN 2015 perspective. I have got a very good relationship However. and most them. and if off duty. who receive £1 a head from every “The safety of people at Pride is really important and that does cost ticket sold to distribute to LGBT/HIV organisations providing effective money from the police budget. but also for local loved it and want to come again this year. for the first time. importantly to the Rainbow Fund. so we had to use a really old bit of legislation. . “For Sussex Police it’s not about preventing people at Pride having fun. rather than doing it just a year at a time. We are never going to say don't drink. and seized thousands of capsules. whereas the previous year it felt unsafe. I have not only a responsibility for the public but also for my own officers. We seized thousands of capsules. so this year I would like to see more emphasis on respecting people's boundaries. He understands the economic year not to police it and just go with my family and enjoy Pride with importance of Pride to the City of Brighton & Hove. not only for the LGBT community. I personally would like one residents and visitors to the city. I spoke to some officers climate. to stop them being sold. For Sussex Police it is up there with the Lewes Bonfire.

The Pride organisers work For more information visit www. 100% of the policing costs should be PUBLIC MEETING charged. you can also report hate experiences.30PM • NEW STEINE GARDENS Join us for our second Celebration Of Love Pride should be a fun and joyous occasion for everyone attending CANDLELIGHT GATHERING GUEST SPEAKERS & MUSIC the various different celebrations and parties during the weekend. Consent is very sexy! 14. someone you’ve just met.facebook. Brighton ) Seek out help. on the other hand Come along and find out more about our NEW HELPLINE my budgets have been hugely reduced this year.50 onwards at Sussex Beacon. We can all do this has been funded by a grant from the Safer in Sussex Community Foundation by respecting one another. Call 999 in an emergency or 101 if it’s less urgent. PEER ACTION ) Respecting our physical boundaries. Take care to know your own limits. It is never acceptable to touch another person without their Unfortunately that’s not always the case as a minority of people spoil the fun by acting inappropriately and sometimes even breaking BRIGHTON & HOVE Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety LGBT COMMUNITY Forum is is a member of The LGBT Community the law whilst doing so.00 at the Bowlplex Lanes. Brighton plans beforehand and stick to them.peeraction. Groping is a criminal offence regardless of who it is. WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY “I want Pride to be a success because I think it’s brilliant for the For more info visit: lgbt-help. HOLISTIC THERAPIES: SUNDAY 5TH 13.30 at Kemptown Swimming Centre. Party. GSCENE 35 “Now that Pride is a ticketed and paid for event we have guidelines to The LGBT Community Safety Forum follow and are required to charge for elements of the services we is an independent group of provide when we are policing inside Preston Park and the Pride Village Or our f Facebook page: www. 88 London Rd. build new friendships and share interesting ) If you don’t feel able to speak to police. Help out as little or as much as you want. Brighton Marina. worthwhile and fun. identifying people who are trying to steal people's bags and that sort of thing. If you’re interested. Brighton ) Respecting your own body. do a very good job and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts like everyone else. ) Respecting the dignity of our various identities and presentations. We’re looking for volunteers to help trustees with some day-to-day tasks that incidents to the LGBT Community Safety Forum at the Access keep Peer Action bisexual and trans* (LGBT) volunteers in Brighton & Hove.50 onwards at Terrence Higgins Trust.45 with Dan. sharing your time with Tent at the south end of Preston Brighton remember the day before and even less to end it in A&E. Everyone has a place at Pride. 17. 10 Bevendean Rd. gay. It’s one of the best things that happens and the last thing I want is to 7PM• QUEENS HOTEL BRIGHTON do anything that undermines its success. Make 12.” SUNDAY 2ND AUGUST PERSONAL SAFETY TIPS AT PRIDE CELEBRATION OF LOVE FROM SUSSEX POLICE 8. Brighton ) Don’t accept drinks from strangers or take substances you can’t BOWLING SUNDAY 19TH verify what it is. 61 Ship “This will not include officers who are working in plain clothes.00 social at Emporium café. after the event on 01273 231189. BENT DOUBLE COMEDY: SUNDAY 5TH Pride isn’t a contest on how much you consume. Police are on hand to assist but may need to refer you onto a designated team or place where you can report For info about events see: www. whether this is your friend. For more info visit www.30 with Chris & Julia. including transgender and bisexual people. Peer Action is a group for all those affected by HIV and provides a range of holistic and social activities to help break down the isolation. This means celebrating who we are rather than calling strangers hurtful names. at the Barley Mow Pub. especially in a sexual JULY DIARY manner. please reply to: peeractionmail@gmail. SOCIAL GAMES NIGHT: WEDNESDAY 29TH 19. You can also talk to them fellow peers is extremely rewarding. LGBT SAFETY FORUM “The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have guidance which says if an event is ticketed. Eastern Rd. and PARTNERSHIP with THE BRIGHTON & HOVE SAMARITANS “From a policing perspective if Pride were not running the Village Party Meet your local SUSSEX POLICE LGBT and BME LIAISON OFFICERS See our plans for the ACCESS TENT at BRIGHTON PRIDE it would be a massive headache for us. Kemptown hate crime or any other issue you might have. Hampshire Lodge. It’s no fun to not 18:45 for 19:00 at Komedia 44-47 Gardner very hard. The last thing we want to do is undermine that or compromise it in any way. Upper St James’ . 19. or even a KNITTING & CHATTING: SATURDAY 4TH police officer. Sussex Police ask that everyone plays their GROUPS NETWORK Groups Network and funded by the Rainbow Fund and Safer in Sussex This advertisement part in keeping Pride a safe and enjoyable event. BN2 5UT HOLISTIC THERAPIES: SUNDAY 25TH IF THINGS GO WRONG: 13. BN2 4DE TOP TIPS: ) The telephone signal in Preston Park and elsewhere in the city SWIMMING: TUESDAY 7TH/14TH can get jammed so contacting friends becomes difficult. YOGA: TUESDAY 7TH/14TH/21ST/28TH ) Stay with friends you trust. However.

but samaritans individuals experiencing suicidal there has been improvements and changes in bespoke training. recruitment and Samaritans has been building links with the getting treatment.000. The training helped legislation. I found the power of talking to somebody who was non- judgmental and not related to my family took away my fear. visit: cases intolerance and violence and. with 59% of trans 1981 63% of suicides in the UK were men.” volunteers available in the Access Tent. Newtown Road. where Samaritan listener on the day there will be face. anxiety and self-harm don’t have to be suicidal to talk to us. With over 61. the figure was 78% and suicide If you would like to find out more about 48% attempting suicide compared to a remains the leading cause of death for men joining Samaritans then please national average of 6% amongst all 16 to 24 between 20 and 34 in England and trainers who supported Samaritans. them. many people expressing trans Remember Samaritans are here to listen as not volunteers gain a better understanding of gender variances are still met with negative everyone will experience a happy Pride. I’m so committed to continuing to raise the profile of This year the number of people expected to grateful and proud that the Samaritans are Samaritans within the LGBT community. This may be reflective of the local population. According to an ONS poll. Depression. 2010-2014). Hove people to ask for help anonymously. Lyn. a bisexual woman who has been a volunteer for four years. while issues with its volunteers through some www. As a branch we have a Yourself. Many young LGBT people experience The branch has recently worked with the If you are interested in finding out more about discrimination. a trans woman and one of the 13% for men aged 35-49.” “In the face of statistics like this. representing 24% of all deaths in 2013. Branch Director. Samaritans provides non-judgemental the LGBT community to come together to Samaritans plays a vital role in allowing trans and confidential support and as a local service celebrate.36 GSCENE than the national average. I decided I wanted to be able to offer that back to other people. Brighton. This year Samaritans Brighton. men are three times Suicide rates among the trans* community is more likely to commit suicide than women. we are can face in day to day life as well as is also higher in the LGBT community. “As a bisexual woman myself I found that the policy of being non-judgmental is integral Volunteers from Brighton. suit everybody and you’ll be made to feel service. Hove and District within the organisation. The training that you will summer with an active presence at both Pride receive as a volunteer from Samaritans is and Trans*Pride events. is important. Look out for the Samaritans’ stall in know that the people on the other end of the number of volunteers who identify as LGBT and the community village where you can pick up line have some awareness of what it means to as a gay man myself I know there have been information and if you want to talk to a be trans and some of the difficulties they times when having a safe space to talk. second to none and as you become an established volunteer you’ll find that there are many more training opportunities including ) Over the last 12 months the local branch of about their mental health may be a barrier to leadership training. and now we are committed to supporting members of and District will be promoting the theme Be trans people can access the service locally and the LGBT community. Be Yourself. There is something to LGBT community to raise awareness of the percentages are a lot higher than reported. said: “I chose Samaritans because I have been a caller in the past. said: attend Brighton Pride is thought to exceed the working with us to make themselves aware of “It’s really important that we let people know record number of attendees last year. bullying. said: suggest the number of men who die by suicide ) or just drop into the Brighton & Hove “Many trans people don't come and ask for is 20 men per 100. and ) or send an email to: Angela Green. Hove and District Samaritans relies on its committed team of volunteers and they are actively keen on recruiting more members from the LGBT community. ) call: 01273 772277 year-olds (Pace. .brightonsamaritans. In above the national average. Daniel. and by 2013. no assumptions are Samaritans will be supporting Pride again this made about sexuality whether you’re a volunteer or a caller. “Being a volunteer has given me a sense of value and purpose within a great organisation and has given me increased confidence in my ability to deal with difficult and emotionally painful situations with my friends and family. You some of the barriers that trans* individuals responses. The some of the barriers that trans people face that we’re here and are available to listen to carnival of diversity in the city is a chance for when seeking help when feeling suicidal.” you won’t be judged.000. contacting organisations like Samaritans. help because they fear that raising concerns that figure is 30 per 100. If you are thinking about volunteering come along to one of our information events. In Brighton & Hove branch: Dubarry House. National statistics volunteering@brightonsamaritans. rejection and in some trans* community to raise awareness of trans* volunteering for Samaritans. a third higher Hove. here for anyone and at anytime. take a BE YOURSELF risk on us and you will encounter a very supportive training process where you will learn about yourself. So I fear that the true community outreach.000 contacts in the last 12 months. who is welcome. BN3 6AE.


Chris Steed. As always a special thank you to Stephen Richards aka Lola Lasagne for holding everything together on the night and Besmir Ledward for producing the powerpoint display of the nominations and winners on the big screens. Huge apologies to Charles Street for the mistake made when announcing the Cabaret Category. Eric Page. Martyn Wheeler. Alderman Brian Fitch and his wife Nora who almost stole the show. Drag With No Name and Jennie Castell who donated their services free of charge as did the back stage FAVOURITE LANDLORD: ADAM BROOKS @ BEDFORD TAVERN team of Billie Lewis. Joanna Rowland-Stuart. Alice Denny. FAVOURITE TRANS*VENUE/EVENT: TRANS*PRIDE GOLDEN HANDBAGS AWARDS CEREMONY. Police and Crime Commissioner.candyflossandbowties. Aneesa Chaudhry. Carole Todd. David Raven. All artists appearing: Zoe Lyons. it was the first time in 20 years this had happened. SOUTHAMPTON . Jason Sutton. Gavin Kerruish and guest presenters Lorraine Bowen. Thanks to Nick Wade from www. 2015 ) Many thanks to the Hilton Brighton Metropole the Oxford Suite and to the duty manager on the night. Justin Lloyd Estate Agents for sponsoring the frames and Brian Sharkey from Barclays Bank. To Matt Constable and his team at ALPHABASS Sound & Light. JUNE 21. David Holland. Katy for taking photos during the evening and Joan Bond and Sonia Marmite for hosting the front door. Terry Wing and the Resolve security team. James Ledward FAVOURITE CLUB: BASEMENT CLUB @ LEGENDS FAVOURITE CLUB NIGHT: FOMO @ REVENGE FAVOURITE BIG BAR: CHARLES STREET FAVOURITE SUNDAY LUNCH: CAMELFORD ARMS FAVOURITE SMALL BAR: CAMELFORD FAVOURITE OUT OF TOWN VENUE: LONDON HOTEL. who made sure everything ran smoothly. Billie Lewis Promotions for dressing the tables.



ANEESA CHAUDHRY GSCENE 41 HANDBAG AWARD WINNERS IN ORDER GAY CLUB LOCAL ENTERTAINER SINGER BUSINESS (NON LICENSED) 1 BASEMENT CLUB 1 JENNIE CASTELL 1 PROWLER at Legends 2 Jason Lee 2 Brighton Sauna 2 Revenge 3 Spice 3 The Boiler Room 2 Subline 4 Gabriella Parish 4 Nice ‘N’ Naughty 4 Boutique 5 Krissie Du Cann 5 Sussex Beacon Shop 5 Envy at Charles Street 6 Funky Fish Club BRIGHTON LOCAL DJ BAR BOY 1 CLAIRE FULLER (Legends) 1 MATT RICHARDS GAY CLUB NIGHT 2 DJ Little Rob (Bedfor Tavern) 1 FOMO at Revenge 3 DJ Marcia (Bulldog) 2 Sam Stephens (Charles Street) 2 Big Scrum at Subline 4 Ruby Roo (Charles street) 3 Ed Stocker (Charles Street) 3 Fag Machine at Subline 5 Peter Castle (Basement Club) 4 Wayne Durrant (Dr Brightons) 4 Traumfrau 5 Alan Cooper-Teague (The Edge) 5 Pop Candy at Legends DOOR HOSTESS 6 Rupert Williams (Bar Broadway) 1 JOAN BOND (Charles Street) 7 Richard Maloney (Queens Arms) VENUE FOR WOMEN 2 Stephanie Starlet (Poison Ivy) ZOE LYONS 3 Stewart Bamborough (The Edge) BAR GIRL 1 MARLBOROUGH 2 Bar Revenge 4 Sonia Marmite (Poison Ivy) 1 RACHEL FEELEY (Charles Street) 3 Revenge 5 Paul ‘Polly’ Thompson (Subline) 2 Rachel Hogg (Bedford Tavern) 4 Charles Street 3 Collette Newbound (A-Bar) DOOR SECURITY 4 Louise Foley (Bar Revenge) VENUE FOR TRANS* 1 LIZ BLYTH (Bar Revenge) 5 Jemela Quick (Legends) 1 TRANS*PRIDE 2 Sam Pack (The Edge) 6 Bella Donna (The Edge) 2 Traumfrau 3 Sharon Walsh (Legends) 7 Ra Woolf (Dr Brightons) 3 Poison Ivy 4 Richard Bailey (The Zone) 4 Legends 5 David ‘Irish’ Wheatley (Revenge) CAFE 5 Revenge 1 RED ROASTER BRIGHTON HOTEL 2 The Farm 6 The Boiler Room 1 LEGENDS 3 Neighbourhood Bar SMALL BAR 2 Queens Hotel 4 Diva 1 CAMELFORD 3 Metropole Hotel 5 Love Fit Café 2 Bulldog 4 New Steine Hotel 6 Betty La La’s 3 Bar Broadway 5 The Amsterdam Hotel 4 Queens Arms 6 The Grand Hotel LGBT SOCIAL/LEISURE 5 Bedford Tavern OUT OF TOWN VENUE NETWORKING GROUP 6 Poison Ivy 1 BEAR PATROL 1 LONDON HOTEL 2 Brighton Gay Men's Chorus DRAG WITH NO NAME LARGE BAR (Southampton) 3 Actually Gay Men's Chorus 1 CHARLE STREET 2 The Edge (Southampton) 4 Brighton Bear Weekender 2 Doctor Brightons 3 Half Way To Heaven (London) 5 Rainbow Chorus 3 Bar Revenge 4 Two Brewers (London) 4 Legends 5 Bar 7 (Crawley) LGBT VOLUNTARY 5 A Bar 6 Black Horse (Rottingdean) SECTOR ORGANISATION 1 MINDOUT CABARET VENUE GOLDEN QUIZ TEAM 1 LEGENDS 1 CHARLES STREET LGBT VOLUNTARY 2 Bar Broadway 2 Bear Patrol HIV ORGANISATION 3 Queens Arms 3 Gscene Team B 1 SUSSEX BEACON 4 Charles Street HOSTESS & COMPERE: LOLA LASAGNE 5 Bulldog 6 Poison Ivy 7 The Zone SUNDAY LUNCH VENUE 1 CAMELFORD ARMS 2 A-Bar 3 Bedford Tavern 4 Marine Tavern 5 Legends JENNIE CASTELL 6 Charles Street LANDLORD/LANDLADY 1 ADAM BROOKES (Bedford Tavern) 2 Collin Day (Grosvenor) 3 Barry Nelson (Queens Arms) 4 Harry Woodhams (Revenge) 5 Charles Childs (Dr Brightons) 6 Lee Cockshott (Marine Tavern) GSCENE COMMUNITY/SPECIAL DRAG ENTERTAINER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS 1 DRAG WITH NO NAME 2 Lola Lasagne • Ross Bosely (Gscene Community Award) 3 Miss Jason • Dave Lynn (Life Achievement Award) 4 Sally Vate • Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus & Rainbow Chorus (Community 5 Davina Sparkle Development Award) 6 Dave Lynn • Switchboard (In recognition of 40 years anniversary) 7 Maisie trollette .


Jules Bartl and Cass Hoskins both work in
the field of graphic arts illustration and
animation. Jules’ animation client list
includes the BBC, Bookstart and Marmite.
Trans Creatives: Luc Raesmith highlights the Cass, Art Director for Brightwave, releases
tasters online of her work-in-progress graphic
wealth of trans talent in Brighton & Hove novel exploring transition and gender
Luc and Cass were co-curators of last
summer’s exhibition trail, alongside Heston
) May 2015: another mixed-weather spring, behind the camera and editing desk, Fox and
Darcy and E-j Scott, long-term curator at
mixed-bag election, mixed-media festival and Lew star in their new diverse comedy series
Brighton & Hove Museum & Art Gallery. The
fringe. The arts scene continues loud and Heartichoke.
exhibition, including a cabinet-of-curiosities
proud (rain or shine) in the People’s Republic
Now local resident Sarah Savage (also of in the Marlborough Theatre pub,
of Brighton & Hove – with trans people
CH4’s My Transsexual Summer) published, with accompanied September’s launch of the
making their mark on the varied and vibrant
Fox Fisher’s design and illustration, the highly regarded Brighton Trans*formed, oral
cultural life of the city.
children’s picture book Are You A Boy Or Are history and photographic representation by
To name but a few of those people: actor and You A Girl? local trans people, published by the city’s
stand-up comedian, Ben Pritchard, has been QueenSpark Books.
Creative recycling artist Luc Raesmith
appearing regularly at the New Venture
showed collaged self-portraits and computer On the wordsmithing scene, Alice Denny is a
Theatre on the Hove border; during the Fringe
board assemblage works in the Festival’s star-already-risen in poetry performance,
he played his ‘dream role’ taking the lead
House exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery - appearing at varied political and social
in Jez Butterworth’s Parlour Song. Off the
curated in collaboration with the Outside events, not least the main stage of
boards, Ben creates his own stand-up material
In project of Chichester’s Pallant House Trans*Pride.
and is involved in writing new drama.
Gallery. Luc will bring experience of visual art
In 2013, Andie Davidson published her book
When not involved in trans activism for the practice for recovery to the well-being
of poems Realisations; she gives regular
Trans Alliance and FTM Brighton, Ed Whelan workshops now being facilitated by the city’s
readings at Red Roaster café, and blows her
is managing to find time to write and develop transgender support organisation, the Clare
own trumpet for Adur Concert Band.
a trans serial for TV. Also-stand-up, Claire Project, in conjunction with MindOut, the
Parker presents her monthly Time for T, LGBT mental health project. Other songwriter/musicians recording and
Europe’s only trans-themed FM radio show, on gigging in the city include Maeve Devine
Rowan Louie Reid showed their 2D and
Brighton & Hove’s own Radio Reverb. and Michelle Steele of Daskinsey4 and Slum
sculptural assemblage work in ONE, a
of Legs renown.
Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancock continue to collaborative exhibition of Brighton artists
make My Genderation films for their co- and designers, in the café area of Jubilee Catch some of these creatives, and others, at
founded Lucky Tooth Productions; not just Library earlier this year. Trans*Pride Brighton 2015 and be inspired!


kind of environment. Does the safety factor
never cross you mind?
“I’ve only been physically attacked once. You
know the scene in Crocodile Dundee where he
[Paul Hogan] grabs the crotch? After a gig, this
guy came up to me and, well he thought he had
the right to re-enact that scene. As he grabbed
me he even said “Crocodile Dundee!” as though
that made it acceptable, explaining why he was
doing it you know?”
Have you noticed attitudes begin to change
over the years? Caitlyn Jenner has received a
lot of attention recently, does this kind of
international attention help at all?
”Look, it’s been great for her although I
understand there’s a little backlash happening
right now. I just wish celebrities would come
out sooner and not wait until it’s safe to ride
on the established bandwagon.”
Is it right for the trans community to only get
this level of attention in the celebrity domain?
”Let me ask you Craig; what do you think of it?
Does this attention push our message on or
normalise what it’s like to be trans?”
I thought Jon Stewart’s comments were
interesting, the ‘welcome to what it means to

STAND-UP AND DELIVER! be an American woman’ approach. Your athletic
achievements no longer have meaning it’s all
about your appearance, and give it two years,
Craig Hanlon-Smith talks to comedian Claire Parker as soon as you’re 65 you’ll disappear from view
like all older women who are no longer
considered young enough to be attractive.
“Exactly, the danger with Caitlyn Jenner being
) Claire Parker is a stand-up comedian, come over to your side are the bridges you’re the celebrity face of trans is an expectation
blogger, radio presenter, BBC writers’ able to build between people and as a that all trans women must conform to a
consultant, project lead, oh and is a woman comedian I accept that some just don’t want particular type of what is considered beautiful.
who also happens to be trans. She is also to hear about the trans stuff. Eddie Izzard It’s just not realistic.”
effortlessly calm and on her BBC writers’ room used to talk about his transvestism in his act
Why do you think it took Stonewall so long to
blog states: Why don't we all put down our but he doesn’t now, not that transvestism and
add the ‘T’ to their organisation?
mud. Draw a line under it all and invite each trans issues are at all the same, they’re not.”
“I would love Ruth [Hunt, Chief Executive of
other to the party.
And how do audiences receive you? Do you Stonewall] to come onto my radio show so that
Making the trip to Brighton via Redhill, I notice much of a change depending on where I can ask her exactly that question. It is great
began by asking Claire how she first developed you are in the country? that they are recognising the ‘T’ aspect of LGBT
an interest in performing on the stand-up ”Where I am can determine how the material and I don’t want to be negative about what
comedy circuit. lands. Sometimes, the further I am away from happened in the past. I guess they were getting
“The comedy started around seven or eight the culture the jaws drop and I can hear the to a particular stage with the LGB, I don’t
years ago. I’d wanted to do some acting and gasps, but to be honest it’s only the Daily Mail believe they were intentionally exclusive, they
dabbled in amateur dramatics, some directing reading chattering classes that are really just didn’t have that experience of being
and sound and lighting, but then I took the difficult. If an audience starts to go quiet you exposed to the everyday life of the trans
Jill Edwards course in Brighton and it went know you’re losing them, if they start talking community.”
from there to Edinburgh and all around the it’s getting worse and then once the heckles
What do you think changed for them?
country.” come you just have to say ‘hey – I tried’.
“When enough pressure builds up it just washes
Sometimes the audiences you think might be
As part of the BBC writers’ room blog, Claire in and whilst it would be fantastic to know
trouble are not at all.”
writes: “I realised a long time ago that people what changed, it’s fantastic to have that
were fed up with the myriad of documentaries Such as? credibility now.”
and shock, voyeuristic programs purporting to “I’ve had some great gigs in what are
show the trans experience. Contrary to the essentially builders’ pubs. Most people are
popular tropes and memes on telly, I do not quite matter of fact, skin deep. Loads of guys
spend 62% of my time in front of a mirror want to come up and say hello but they do info
putting on make-up. Neither do I supplement what I call the ‘I’M NOT GAY handshake’.” ) Claire can be heard on her monthly outing
my pension by working the streets for money.” on Radio Reverb with Time 4 T, Europe’s only
What’s that?
She explained to me; “When I started I did “They thrust their upper body forward but push dedicated transgender FM radio show, 97.2FM
that whole trans-angst thing but quickly their arse as far away as possible because they ) Follow her blog at:
realised people didn’t want to know about the don’t see that there’s a difference between
gory side of what my life might mean to me, homosexuality and trans. Preference and t @ItsClaireParker t @ItsTime4T
people are much more engaged in your gender are just not the same thing.” t @radioreverb
comedy, and conversation, when they discover t @CraigsContinuum
It must take guts to stand up on stage in that
the bits in the middle. What helps people

C. If he were still a lady would Macy still be interested? The episode includes an obligatory song from the band simply titled: Girls. PET. teenager. who trans. that screened at BFI Flare. revolving around three 20. GSCENE 45 another girl. inspired by Edgar Wright are utilised for humorous effect. Pet (full first name Petunia. who set up the band ‘Heartichoke’. He starred in Wolf (Fox Fisher) and Jay (Lewis Hancox). obsessive and always anxious. available to watch thing for sure is that you don’t have to and Jay frustrated that they don’t like him back. PET Alice Hannon is an his situation but mostly just to help himself and her O. WOLF & JAY Visually bright and colourful with subtle animation and surreal music video scenes. the HEARTICHOKE Local writers produce pilot for new comedy series about three show has a comic-book-esque style. All he’s ever wanted is a regular straight he got with before he transitioned and now relationship but how easily will that be to has to cope with the fact that she’s dating . landlord. He is JAY documentary project comes Heartichoke . silly and surreal manner in the band. actor and artist. habit of fancying lesbians then getting view: www. doing a TED Talk on gender and with unusual dating dilemmas while Pet has find? He comes from a small northern town illustrating the first trans-themed children’s been in a long-term lesbian relationship since and moved to Brighton in the hope that he’ll book. awkward. co-creating the My Genderation project. She’s Jay’s housemate. Heartichoke explores LGBT issues in an musically talented . and best buddy. community. mouthed Sophie who doesn’t yet know his He transitioned 5 years ago and gets trans status. They’re a the multi-award-winning typical lesbian family . setting up Trans*Pride Wolf and Jay are both transgender and dealing Brighton. Chance. He works at a bar a couple of nights a week to scrape by and is the least Lewis Hancox is a filmmaker. Media. Pet https://vimeo. Never before has there been a comedy written about trans and LGB issues. with Hollyoaks directing and which is non-sensationalised and based upon presenting backstage videos the writers’ own experiences making the show Pet is down to earth. Pet Brighton-based sketch comedy Wolf. Writers Award 2015 and won a place on The daydreaming. He transitioned fairly recently and has a For more information on Lucky Tooth Films. job-hunting. dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. He has worked authentic. He was a finalist in the Northern identify as LGBT to enjoy Heartichoke – dating. stubborn and keeps his emotions she doesn’t have a single tattoo… yet. American Express and won the LGBT Network boxed up (literally) but is a big softy deep Sometime soon she’s going to come out of her of the Year award at the British LGBT Awards. Sound effects and camera tricks.D partner Lilly are having another find ‘the one’. FOX ) From the creators of the My Genderation writer. view: runs a diverse dating website to help others in final edit of a pilot episode called Girls.luckytoothfilms. down and cares for his band-mates a great shell and start acting like a true 20-year-old deal.a director of Lucky Tooth Films quirky Brighton-based comedy series with a and is set to co-present his own diverse high school that’s on the brink of a breakup. My Transsexual Summer during 2011 and since who sing awful(ly) catchy songs about love then has been an activist for the trans troubles and life. sarcastic and pretty LEWIS about the trans-themed relatable to its target age range of 18-35. Fox Fisher is a filmmaker. She keeps Wolf storyline. documentary Transgender UK on somethings in a band. domestic. by trans writers. feel more at ease. it’s a secret) lives on the outskirts of and improv comic. He writes his own sketches and shorts and recently played a supporting role in award- winning writer Jake Graf’s short. Will Pet be pushed over the edge? Jay is in the early stages of dating loud- Jay is neurotic. She is part of WOLF Brighton with her partner Lilly. One sensible 99. is works a boring 9-5 office job but has always group Short and Girlie. Pet (Alice Hannon). He At the moment the team are working on the To watch a short trailer.9% of the time. although part of the LGBT committee at He’s cocky. hitting your Guardian’s Top 30 Young People in Digital quarter-life crisis… these themes are universal. writer ALICE but shh.he plays his smart phone writer and actor. Will he tell her? Wolf is embarrassed when he has to disclose that he’s reminiscing over his ex-girlfriend Macy. Channel 4 in 2015. More info: www. LGBT band members looking for love in all the wrong places starring trans and LGB actors. on 4OD.2 point 4 cats.

afternoon down-tempo.” “I learned the flute and piano. musicians and a collective for electronic musicians share with people. at the Stone Bar in Thailand that had massive bass bins “I also perform as part of Breaking Robots. NY. JUNE 2015 PRISSS AT THE LIVING ROOM.” “Most definitely! I'm kinaesthetic and see What is [beep]? music as morphing coloured landscapes. but then I realised I “A custom-built top quality horn-loaded valve- keeping the dancefloor smiling and laughing. Judy Blame and other carefully chosen noises. And it went great: everyone piled downstairs. speakers inside a cereal box. something like Larry Levan's Big Bertha in dance to random noise!” Paradise did you start? gigs at .” explored my style. It played records very well. Edward Street - f For Facebook: /brighton.beep “At nine.meetup. connected and hungry for more. ) For meetup: out of Meccano. I made my first wind-up turntable our spiritual home first Saturday every open-minded artists who share skills. Prisss.” www. And I also play in various soundscapes woven with deep textures. what do you do? only once! Later that evening I added old bits “I've just finished a short-run series of Sunday “I love putting collages of creative unheard from the dump. introduced me to The Residents which led me What interesting projects have you got “I am fascinated with synthesising ideas from to avant-garde jazz and Zappa. good music is a privilege and honour to “[beep] . just a bunch of composer's stream of consciousness. But regularly. .” What is your favourite gig? PHOTO BY BN1BOI “Playing the first [beep] gig in 2013. it is like a window to a ) More information about DJ Prisss at: to start performing. which I performed in front of a new crowd of people. that you could hear across the bay! I played where we try to go a bit further in terms of whatever I liked all evening long there. Creating delightful and mixed Bach and David Bowie Hunky Dory The Living Room. at full volume. and who ) To listen to some tracks: How long have you been doing this? Why love expressing and enjoying ourselves holding https://soundcloud. Clubbing was coming up next? all realms and communicating messages whilst initially a stress relief. chill out sessions called sounds onto the dancefloor. I wanted to share the fun of playing good music amped sound system in our [beep] venue.mixcloud. clubs in Thailand when I'm over there and in processed clips of geo-political commentary pubs and clubs around Brighton. PHOTO BY BN1BOI DJ PRISSS “DJING IS MORE THAN JUST MAKING PEOPLE DANCE!” ) So. aim to someday be so creative to make people to appreciative crowds.The Verdict jazz margarine tub. For me. a sewing needle and a I'm really happy to be involved and playing www.Brighton Experimental Electronic DJ Prisss info Party . It sounds like DJing is deeply meaningful to packed it out and seemed to love it! It made you beyond just making folks dance? me feel alive. No rules. I'd spent OCT 2014: PRISS AT [BEEP] a long time preparing a special set: a PHOTO BY NJ STRANGE conscious sound scape with a story. hung experimental improvisation with an underlying NOV 2013 PRISSS AT FAT BEACHES! out with all sorts of people. “I DJed for the first time in 2009.

and breaking down barriers of ignorance and Slowly transgender role models are breaking down barriers – not only in the arts but many other professions. particularly through Brighton Council’s Trans Equality Scrutiny panel). and BBC2 is launching city haven’t reached other parts of Britain. A simple MindOut. THE FUTURE’S NEVER Financial stresses can lead to mental stress. and creating new work opportunities. there has never been a better time for trans people – despite obstacles and Kim Curran shares some personal views and points outdated attitudes. are now on the brink of a breakthrough. even hatred. with a trans forget that the progressive attitudes in this and access for trans people is needed. more support for those feeling the stresses a new trans sitcom later this year. But it takes time to loosen up a simplistic gender- binary viewpoint on the world… However. and the list of 20th century trans biographies at http://zagria. We can be proud of transgender pioneers. better organisation. Alonglines. ) Being trans is never easy – but there has had no one to turn to. relatively few people. When you hear that EastEnders plans to Progress is patchy. that inevitably come with such profound progress is being made. and actor playing the part. The trans world was known to.clareproject. improving public education. changes in our more lonely existence. and face rejection from family members who can't accept change. To that end. young trans people. thrives. it’s not always easy to find a new one with the same earning is inspiring. and no way of integrating into the society The future lies in taking up the challenges – never been a better time for us than today. They are gaining support from family. from a western to cause pain and don’t realise the misery they cause by using a wrong Brighton & Hove can be improved and involvement in decision making (locally. to where gaps in services for trans people in Our increased visibility. friends and workmates. no hope of acceptance. and understood by. questioned simplistic gender stereotypes. Alonglines. braver than previous mean we can start to work on these problems. In Brighton we sometimes An improved network of housing information introduce a transgender character. work colleagues may not react well and. You can find out more at being transgender is seeping into our culture. intolerance. when you leave a job. That is when your ability to be adaptable and maintain self-confidence is put to the greatest BEEN BRIGHTER test. But even 50 years ago being trans was a much TRANS PRIDE 2014: PHOTO BY SHARON KILGANNON. Of course many still suffer hardships over relationships that break up. better training of deserve respect and can contribute a great opening the minds of people who have never employers (Trans Alliance has started this) deal to society. misgendering wounds us deeply while the www. the Clare Public indifference and ignorance is sometimes Project has started a series of workshops with Yet. Many who felt this was their destiny . Despite equality and employment regulations. and developing There is a growing public awareness of trans work prospects for trans people with better identities. acceptance of difficult for trans people to accept. around them. Most people don’t want TRANS PRIDE 2014: PHOTO BY SHARON KILGANNON. GSCENE 47 person who uttered it can be oblivious to what they have done. Even so. it’s clear Across the world. a recognition that trans people Today popular culture has its part to play in employment advice.

I waited… way people who don’t need surgery feel about And then I waited… I was scheduled for another appointment in their bodies? late February 2015. In my case. But in the meantime. fundraising. I don't recall being asked I could produce body hair. But still I had hope. My previous unsuccessful attempts at hoops we have to jump through and what so sweating is likely. I. And waited… and in the past two years seeking visas has not around by GPs or being flat-out denied an option to get corrective surgery. in the following Monday.” record of General Identity Clinics (GIC) in the tried to cope. June 2013. and referring to me with the wrong pronoun throughout. I felt like the Summer came and went and one Saturday in been simple or ideal for me to do. What cut into my sides painfully and don’t breathe . If you would like to donate. getting my chest size wrong. they family. was able to schedule an appointment in the beginning of September 2014. I am with a condition where I don’t make sex not out at work . who is agender? I’m not capable due to the current position of agender people as invisible And then I waited… of socially transitioning. options. I tried not to transition including name change to the preferred don’t identify as either. I myself for thinking that. over my head. re-referred.meaning I referred after May 2014 at all. “You have to tell them you don’t want a My only steps now are to complain or try to get beard. and warning me not to miss appointments. name change. I thought I While the world passes me by. got it all off my chest. I regretfully said no. I got excited.youcaring. about my hormones than I was. was. hoping that one day I’d be seen non-binary community. face when trying to get medical help. I wait… Lola is currently fundraising for her corrective chest surgery on YouCaring. And then I waited… been on it for a while. The letter. After two years of being fussed feasible for me to do so. I want people to of my chest than feeling sweaty.and then I’m disgusted with do. I received a letter asking cancer that will give them no choice but to unfamiliar with what hormones can actually me if I was really sure I wanted to attend a GIC remove my chest . I am not able to I attended my first appointment in September remove my gender marker from any legal 2014. in the middle of Camden High created more hassle for me as an immigrant to secured a referral to the GIC. I October 2014.but I’m also not necessarily hormones. What transgender people though binders bring my mind comfort. And then I waited… GENDER IDENTITY CLINICS Recently. I received a call asking if I could come change my name. denying me surgery. if you’ll pardon the retired ridiculous standards of gender we have pun. I have been on hormone out or advertising my bisexuality or disability… replacement therapy since I was 12. Nothing makes me more aware When the appointment came. Even might get some real answers about how long much longer I will have to deal with this cloud though it stays cold in England well after the it would take for me to get referred for surgery. And instead I gender role. but then to change my name. I received a letter discharging me I have yet to meet a non-binary person who has had a positive from the GIC. I thought it strange that someone working in a GIC would seem so Sometimes I secretly hope that I have a form of By November 2013. I actually would pursue a that they would treat me. I was getting antsy.. It would have GIC was my last hope. in experience with a gender identity clinic (GIC) by Lola Olson addition to spelling my name wrong. 48 GSCENE The psychiatrist said he had to meet with the NON-BINARY IDENTITIES AND team and he would be in touch with an answer. After my first appointment. All of it. I smiled transition”… What does that mean for someone and hoped. They said they weren’t surgical procedure unless the individual had been is someone who doesn’t identify as male or taking any new appointments for people able to demonstrably consolidate a social female. The psychiatrist seemed more worried documents or use a gender neutral title. It’s like an aggressive skin tag right in don’t get close to growing beards until they’d my line of sight that won’t go away. Being unable to I don’t recall ever being asked if I was planning notify my work. just so identities either. and I wonder how By January 2014. Being born All of my close friends know my identity. The process currently And then I waited.” the psychiatrist said to me gravely. And even My lack of financial support due to having no know what it takes. After a change of GP. Surely this is not the enthusiastically ticked ‘Yes!’. just before Transgender Day of Visibility. the approach of summer fills me with dread. I couldn’t grow armpit hair and I knew LOLA OLSON You can’t know or understand the feeling of your well enough from trans friends that some trans body not being right unless you’ve had that men on even very high doses of testosterone feeling. view: www. I was also running to a surgeon. And as She was more bothered about beards than I time passes and passes. Recently I That doesn’t mean I am not serious about those was put on a low dose of testosterone. Both of which will take fundraiser/help-fund-lola-s-surgery/330368 @LolaOlson . to bow to. This was much And in terms of “consolidate a social better than was previously promised. but only when it was more out of options. a non-binary person I called and asked. I am doing my best to pursue all winter months. said: “We would not countenance endorsement of an irreversible ) In case you don’t know. I am agender .. My incredible need for chest surgery. my life is stagnating. about this at either of my assessments. and destroy my credit history. And now. I told my story. I tried not to panic or fret. I wanted to believe and I could start looking forward to a referral I can’t argue my case. Despite the poor track cry. And how easy it is for everything we’ve worked for to slip away. That was back in Street.

just a drink? Or do you care far more what your neighbours must think ? Is it you’re scared.’ ” Not with condescension or reservations. Miss. “I made a mistake. Just see I may let you share MY life how she’s reduced to tears If you accept me as I am. please: and seek the me inside? Am I normal . and cross the street? strapped to a bed. think unkind thoughts. . please. I’d break down and cry refer to me as your eyes Am I welcome here? Is this chair free or Must I go elsewhere? May I sit down. Are you alarmed as I draw near Then. so tell me. I’m so frozen by malice really not afraid that rather than call me Alice and not ashamed. as others do? I am a woman. ashamed to be seen with me by a friend maybe walking through your city? Would you rather I pretend That I’m not here? Do you abuse me. never Sir. Would you defend me believe there’s something lacking. you’d like to see me fall apart. QUESTIONS Am I normal . Would you protect me contacts fixed to my head or shrug and walk away I’d be zapped (with) if someone were to beat me. drugged. to look me in the eye. Nor have I ever felt bare my soul in shame? One moment of regret. for if you bet Could you accept me as your sister. while we speak. to be locked up and taught let them be alone with me? a lesson? Perhaps Or do you fear some psychotropic medication I’d do them harm? is your preferred solution. share the conversation and a beer? Could you bare to invite me for a your eyes? Alice Denny. He. July 2014. Then you could say So get this into your head “There I knew all along when I say She is really not so brave I refuse to play nor strong your spiteful game as she appears or claims. to turn back time. She. Alonglines. to smile. Understand. by such a little ‘honesty.” always use my chosen name . Mister? can someone try Do you respect me. Or electroshock. say therapeutic Would you mind me by rights I ought Talking to your kids. ALICE DENNY: PHOTO BY SHARON KILGANNON. feel guilt or blame or is your heart Let me disabuse you. deride Should I simply disappear? me behind my back. Is it too much to ask you there can be no compromise. Would you touch me But completely. “What does she expect when she is dressed that way?” Now I have news for you. or disown me? my mind is warped.



cabaret: Topping & Butch + DJ Grant l A-BAR Sanfrandisco: DJ Mick Fuller 8pm 12am 8. BN2 1TE. Bar Broadway’s owner.30pm).30pm with hosts The Purple Shoes 8. Looking back at the highlights of sexy girls. Denise Black.barbroadway.. classiest. ) PRIDE Free entry all weekend but PVP wristbands compulsory Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm Party with Miss Treated 8. 7pm. ) OPEN Sun–Thur 12pm–12am. BN2 1TL. ) Continues on Sun (2) closed Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug. West End Wendies Information is correct at the time of going to l MARINE TAVERN Boudoir: trans night do Broadway and so. Stars in their Eyes special with the Broadway show. Fri & Sat 12pm–2am. entry from Old Steine. flashy dressers.30pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm l OHSO SOCIAL Social Werk: DJs 8pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am l PARIS HOUSE DJ Havoxx 9pm . The Gods will hopefully grow as a theatre and function venue. diverse. DJs & dancers. Whilst the showtune spirit still rings true . 52 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM A BAR + BAR BROADWAY JULY LISTINGS A-BAR BAR BROADWAY ) 11-12 Marine Parade. is the warm any changes or alterations to the listings l QUEEN’S ARMS An Audience with Sally welcome that Michael and I have received since moving Vate 9.with everyone thinking Bar Broadway was taking with a nod to the diversity and freedom of the 70s & 80s! For over the old Aquarium. craziest style! Bring an open mind! Bring a big smile!” Hides. hot boys. exciting environment creating teaser adverts in Gscene . 01273 696691. so much more. boogie-heads. But the thing that press. free entry.30am. spinning tunes from then it’s HAZEL’S KARAOKE with Queer as Folk and Coronation Street star.30pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ “So onto the 2nd year. DJs Lee Jeffery & Ruby Roo 9pm DJs Claire Fuller & Peter Castle 11pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB It’s l BEDFORD TAVERN Karaoke 9pm l ZONE live music: Paul Diello 10pm Showbiz: Dave Lynn & guests 10pm l BOUTIQUE i-Candy: DJ Glitch 10pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thur 8pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Throwback Friday SATURDAY 4 l PARIS HOUSE live music: Fleur de Paris 10pm.30pm 9pm Quiz: £150 jackpot 7. Aug with a live music stage on Steine Street between 2–8pm. Denise Black's karaoke nights. It's been a humbling experience l A-BAR Regency Singers’ Piano Bar and we made friends that have made the move to l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Open mic Brighton more than our wildest ) 10 Steine Street. fierce dancers.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB I Love the 80s v I l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: Love the 90s 10pm DJ Peter Castle 11pm FRIDAY 3 l GROSVENOR BAR Karaoke 9pm l BEDFORD TAVERN USA Fancy Dress l A-BAR Live entertainment: TBA 9. Sat (1) ) OPEN Sun-Thur 4pm-1am.but there will be new nights coming. MICK FULLER Alasdair. but the ones that stand out are Charlie trashiest. and what to expect. says: “We are 1! It seems just like yesterday we were Mick says: “We offera mixed. Pop Tartz on level 1: DJs 8pm Joan Bond. www. the MindOut Charity Night with Boogaloo Stu & Lorraine Bowen. such as variety l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Boogie Nights 9pm l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l BAR BROADWAY Vince Venus hosts a nights. 8. last year. We'll continue the Claire Fuller 11pm l A-BAR Karaoke with Jai 8pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am theatre and comedy nights . Jason Lee & Gabriella Parish. Gscene cannot be held responsible for 9pm tops it all off. drag queens & kings.30pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Don’t Miss Jason l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY 4th July Party: 9. Nicki French and our Eurovision week.30pm Quiz 9pm l BAR REVENGE Club warm-up: DJs 9pm l REVENGE Girls on Top DJs pres Clique l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: on level 2. Pride: Fri (31).co. Broadway Jukebox 9pm Lee 6pm & 9. incl Frank Sanazi..30pm l CHARLES ST Fruity Friday Fix: DJ Leeroy Cassidy Connors & rat pack singer 11pm l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 11pm 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Friday: DJ Nick l BAR REVENGE Sweet Revenge warm-up l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Big Cash Hirst this is a perfect opportunity to put on a l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2.30pm Babies & friends 9pm l CHARLES STREET Myra Dubois’ Bingo l BAR REVENGE Throwback Thur 9pm Balls 9pm l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 11pm l BAR BROADWAY Summertime Special l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Jason l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash @ The Gods 8pm. Well. there's no business like showbusiness!” 3. it's more of the same and a little bit THURSDAY 2 more. Tel: 01273 609777. artists and fashionistas! Bring your flashiest. ) Fri (31) is the ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Celebrate BAR BROADWAY’S 1ST BIRTHDAY in style SANFRANDISCO Pre-Pride Special with DJ Mick Fuller Fri (31) with live music. Fri & Sat 4pm-3am & Sat (2) Aug 12pm–3am ) PRIDE Sat (1) Aug is PRIDE AT BAR BROADWAY with a live music stage on ) FOOD Mon–Sat & Sunday roasts 12–8pm (last orders 7. it’s difficult to remember them all. Kitchen Steine Street.30pm WEDNESDAY 1 l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm down from Manchester. because in the words of Ethel. at number 10 Steine Street and what a year it's been. even over all of these nights. sexiest. Nicole Faraday.we’re quite at home disco freaks. from 12pm–3. the whirlwind of entertainment energy that is Jason Lee. Brighton is rich in its creative side .30pm–late.

laid-back crowd. and always pull a very mixed. raunchiest parties in the South East.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday l A-BAR Regency Singers’ Piano Bar Lil Alex. live 3.30pm Viewing Party 8pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am MONDAY 6 l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Retro Quiz 9pm l BOUTIQUE se-XXY Pimms rooftop party: l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Davina Sparkle’s Big SUNDAY 5 DJ Klipz 10pm l A-BAR Glowsticks & Lollipops karaoke l BAR BROADWAY After Work Showbiz Fat Quiz 9pm l BULLDOG Main bar: DJ V John 10pm. They understand in having the ability to choose which impersonation.” www. Sounds: DJ Bagpuss 7pm l REGENCY TAVERN Sunday lunch with l ZONE Cabaret: Cassidy Connors 10pm live piano 12-5pm. Sunday roasts 1-6pm l BAR REVENGE Orange is the New Black l ZONE Karaoke 7. Leeroy 9pm l BAR REVENGE Sunday Funday: Micklos 8. as ever. Sunday Revue with Jerome Lloyd & David Rumelle: ‘La Gage Aux Fall’ 6pm . extra special CumUnion for Brighton Pride on Sat (1) Aug from 11.30pm Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally Vate l REGENCY TAVERN Gary Peacock’s ) OPEN Daily 10am–11pm Event details at www. By far one of the horniest..30am. there's always a quiet corner to go to.30pm–8am. says: “Our CumUnion parties are growing with three parties every month in Hove.PICS FROM BOILER ROOM + BAR 7 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT 53 JULY LISTINGS BOILER ROOM SAUNA BAR 7 CRAWLEY ) 84 Denmark Villas. showers and towels. without fear of rejection or humiliation.30pm l LEGENDS BAR pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Disco 8pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash. It's been a long time since I've performed at Bar 7 and be sure or an extra £5 if you arrive 9–11pm. A spectacular treat! on site for advice and testing services 9pm– ) OPEN Sun..30pm l LEGENDS BAR Cabaret: Dave Lynn l REVENGE Sweet Revenge on level 1. Tel: 01293 511177. to know I'm gonna take you to 7th heaven!” Adam Bailey. roasts & select menu 12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST Cabaret: Sandra 7. RH11 7AG. as are the washing facilities. They are pro-choice and members can decide for themselves what is performing the best of the American Songbook and Cassidy safe and what is not.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Mon Madness 8pm hosts giant board games & karaoke 8.30pm l REVENGE Drop Out: DJ Trick 11pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm with Jai 8pm.theboilerroomsauna. Crawley. London and Manchester. CumUnion is for you ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Deck yourself out in stars and stripes for the 4TH JULY hardcore cum lovers out there! This party offers a non-judgemental environment for RED. WHITE & BLUE USA-themed party on Sat (4) from 11pm with a rat pack singer men to meet. These are some of the most full-on sexy parties in the UK. BN3 3TJ. all run by me now from the l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ Boiler Room Sauna in Hove. Grant Knowles.7crawley. upstairs karaoke bar 10pm. TC’s Food & Raffle 5pm. Even if TUESDAY 7 l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm Screwpulous 9pm you prefer smaller groups or 1-on-1. Entry £15 (no concessions). Tel: 01273 723 733 ) 7 Pegler Way. upstairs club bar 3. Thur–Sat 6pm–2. Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Dr Beverly Ballcrusher 9. Piano Bingo 5pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant Knowles 10pm DuCann 9.30am l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10pm WEDNESDAY 8 l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs Corinne Williams 8. Quiz 6.30am ) ONE FOR THE DIARY After the regular monthly CUMUNION on Fri (10). We’ll be l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Jazz Roast opening a new CumUnion in Sheffield soon.cumunion.30pm: roasts 12–7pm Mobile Disco: 70s/80s vinyl night 8. Hove. who’ll be bringing her unique style of female honestly with their partners. condoms and lube are excited to be coming back to Crawley's Bar 7! What's that I provided free of charge. roasts 12–3pm PA: Hoxton Whores on level 2 10.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 12- l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 6pm 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Holophonic Lucinda Lashes 6pm & 9. THT will be smell in the air? The American Dream. A licensed dazzle the toughest critics. Free l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm. sophisticated comedy and a voice that'll activities to engage in with others. roasts 12-8pm l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions: Lil Alex 3am.30pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Saturday: DJ Tony l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ 9pm Madness 9. visitors pledge to communicate openly and Connors. Dress code: Naked (no towels to be worn).uk 3pm.30pm B 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ l FUNKYFISH CLUB Ultimate Old School Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Sunday roasts from Claire Fuller 11pm Party 10pm l GROSVENOR BAR Cabaret: Krissie 12. Cassidy Connors says: “I'm so CASSIDY CONNORS bar will keep you watered through to 3am and. Tue & Wed 6pm–12.30pm. is an ) PRIDE Check in on Sat (1) Aug for an AFTER PRIDE PARTY with DJ from 9pm. with tons of action all night long. In this environment. Boiler Room’s owner.30pm.

Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Saturday: DJ Tony Joan Bond. with the most me joining forces with my production partner and good friend MIKALIS outrageous (in a good way!) prices. Marcia. Lil l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash l BEDFORD TAVERN Karaoke 9pm Cosmic 6pm & 9. 01273 327607 www. including: five J Bombs for £5.30pm l BOUTIQUE i-Candy: DJ Glitch 10pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm Lil Alex. are hilarious. is the coming to do one thing: celebrate Pride in style! type of DJ who gets the clubbers’ groove.H. Pride: open 92-Hours Non-Stop from 11am on Thur (30) till 7am on Mon (3) Aug. Get there straight after the Name’s satirical characterisations of famous ladies. Pop Tartz on level 1 10. with recent releases and remixes from scene favourites Jon Pleased Wimmin. we are also the most beautiful venue. remixer.30pm l BAR REVENGE Sweet Revenge warm-up THURSDAY 9 l FUNKYFISH CLUB I Love the 80s v I 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: 9. 2-for-1 cocktails.30pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm Quiz: £150 jackpot 7. l BOILER ROOM CumUnion International l REVENGE Doggy Style: DJ Fifilicious on upstairs club bar 3. Tel: 01273 696996 www. If you want (or need!) a more chilled one. Louis Lennon and l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB It’s Gordon John. Grant Knowles. Lil Alex. I’ll also be debuting a new collaboration I’m working on with Amrick l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm Showbiz: Dave Lynn & guests 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2.I. DJ. W. Lee make your way to the dance floor for funky tunes and festival vibes. or Parade or watch the Parade whilst sipping free stylish shot cocktails and munching on whoever is currently in vogue. Sat 11–8am. David Noakes.T. including: Ross waited on by hot waiters and waitresses. Jason Pepperell and Mikalis. l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thur 8pm Channa! It’s a real honour for us to get to DJ at the Street Party!“ 3.bulldogbrighton. all mixes of people Mikalis. upstairs karaoke bar 10pm. delicious canapés! ) Sun (2) Aug is PRIDE SUNDAY SESSIONS.A.30pm 9pm l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm FRIDAY 10 l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Friday: DJ Nick l A-BAR Live entertainment: Paul Diello Hirst 9. Sales & Marketing Manager. BN2 1RF. Jeffery. Expect lots of live vocals. If you want something a little harder then Alexander. Steve Mac. and all-round good guy. Then slip on your dancing shoes and keep going till 'house' party-style event with little pockets of magical around every corner. then lounge on the beds whilst being Parties with some of the best DJs the country has to offer. Fri 11–7am. from Susan Boyle to Lady Gaga. Despite two vodka mixers with two shots for £5. Drag With No an commercial tunes and a DJ inside till the wee ) OPEN daily from 1pm–very late ) OPEN Mon–Wed 11–2am. ) Sat (1) Aug is the big day itself with THROWBACK FRIDAYS with Drag With No Name on stage just after midnight in the ALL DAY BRUNCH CLUB from 11am–late with a DJ on the sun terrace playing the Top Bar and DJ Grant Knowles in the main bar at 12am-7am. total uplifting house music to put a smile on people’s faces! We’ll be celebrating the diversity of artists on the label. Affy and Ali. two beers with two shots for £5. He says: “Our set at the Pride Street Party will see Parade. Sun ) FOOD all day. cabaret: Lascel Wood & DJ Grant l MARINE TAVERN Boudoir: trans night l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm SATURDAY 11 l A-BAR Sanfrandisco: DJ Mick Fuller 12am 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Big Cash l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l QUEEN’S ARMS An Audience with Sally l CHARLES ST Fruity Friday Fix: DJ Leeroy ) 31 St James's St.A. BN11AN.30pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm Vate 9. Pierre Parnis. fun-loving environment with VIP vibes. Becky. says: “The atmosphere we are creating for Pride is simple: FUN! We are giving you a A house music producing star with an ear for the sublime. ) PRIDE Fri (31) is the Pre-Pride special with special rainbow cocktails being ) PRIDE Kick-start your epic Pride weekend on Fri (31) with DJ Marcia's given away on the roof terrace from 1pm. all being us working together for a long time this will the first time we’ve served by the most beautiful faces! We also have the best commercial DJs in town played together back to back. producer.54 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM BOUTIQUE CLUB + BULLDOG JULY LISTINGS BOUTIQUE BULLDOG ) 2 Boyces St @ West St. Mark Wilkinson.30pm Balls 9pm l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 11pm 10pm. whose take on “If you want everything wrapped into one for Pride weekend house ensures the admiration of both clubbers and his then come to us! Not only are we right in the middle of the colleagues. DJs Lee Jeffery & Ruby Roo 9pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Throwback Friday l ZONE Cabaret: Lascel Wood 10pm B 9. patter. from dawn on Sat (1) Aug from 6pm and Sun (2) Aug from 2pm at the Pride Street 1pm. which we’re really excited about! You can expect lots of and the most fabulous atmosphere!” upfront and exclusive tracks and remixes from the label mixed together with vocal anthems.30pm Alex 3am. Broadway Jukebox 9pm sing-along 9pm l BAR REVENGE Club warm-up: DJs 9pm l OHSO SOCIAL Social Werk: DJs 8pm l BAR REVENGE Throwback Thur 9pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: l PARIS HOUSE DJs Funk Food 9pm Max Denham 10pm l BULLDOG 36th Birthday Party 11pm DJs Claire Fuller & Peter Castle 11pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Little l BULLDOG Main bar: DJ V John 10pm.boutiqueclubbrighton.30am l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs Quiz 9pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms Sex Party 11pm level 2. Chad Jackson.30pm l A-BAR Karaoke with Jai 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm Love the 90s 10pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Boogie Nights 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Summertime Special l GROSVENOR BAR Karaoke 9pm DJ Little Rob 11pm l BAR BROADWAY Tabitha & friends’ l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am l BOUTIQUE se-XXY Marbella Party: DJ @ The Gods 8pm.30pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Don’t Miss Jason l CHARLES STREET Myra Dubois’ Bingo 9. Thur 11–3am.30pm . Hi-fi Sean. an all day impressions and visual comedy. Vague. every day till midnight 11–3am. Mark Wilkinson who is also the label head of Kidology.

chicken or veggie) with chips. ) FOOD Mon–Fri 12–3pm & 6–9pm.90) everyday.30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous l BULLDOG DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash. gammon or vegetarian nut roast.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l MARINE TAVERN Marine Late: DJ Little Keith Pemberton 8. R- 12.90) or graze with a mate (eat for two!) and order a plate of Nachos ‘covered in all the usual messy stuff’ (small £6.camelfordarms. Sunday roast & select menu 12pm–till gone. Red Thai Prawn or Veggie with garlic & coriander naan bread. or a traditional Ploughman’s with cheese and/or ham plus all the trimmings! Camelford Classic meals (£9. Many regular menu items are served on Sunday so you won’t be without choice and if you’re feeling sinful then take a peak at the boards to finish off your meal with a moreish pudding! Whatever you choose. Piano Bingo 5pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm Haus: DJs on level 2 ) OPEN daily from 12pm Extended opening Fri (31). Bacon & Avocado. Sat (1) Aug & Sun (2) Aug.30pm Rob. Smoked Salmon or Cheese with a sweet mustard dressing. seasonal and roasted veg. Free 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Holophonic Sounds: DJ Bagpuss 7pm Food & Raffle 5pm. roasts 12-8pm l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions: 9. ) PRIDE Thur (30) is the £300 BIG CASH PRE-PRIDE QUIZ NIGHT at 9PM.80/large £8. seniors' lunch Wed 2–3.30pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Lola Lasagne Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Sunday roasts from + Monkey’s birthday 9. Sunday just isn’t Sunday without a roast. TC’s Micklos hosts giant board games & karaoke 8. Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug are PRIDE PARTIES with an outside bar and tunes all day till very late. To get beach bod ready try one of these refreshing summery salads (£10.40): Chicken.80). 80s disco 11.30pm. Roast meats include: sirloin or rib of beef. www. salad and onion marmalade. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY See in the summer with the Camelford’s delicious food cooked to perfection! Start with fresh Smoked Haddock Fishcakes with tartar sauce (£6. lamb. include a free drink Mon–Wed: Gourmet burger (prime beef.30pm l REVENGE Sweet Revenge on level 1. Sat 12–9pm.30pm. Ham. even when it’s scorching hot outside. BN2 1TQ. pork. spicy Beef Madras. Tel: 01273 622386. roasts & select menu l ZONE Cabaret: Sally Vate 10pm 12pm–till gone . Yorkshire pud and gallons of yummy gravy.30am l BAR REVENGE Sunday Funday: l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm.PICS FROM CAMELFORD ARMS GSCENE OUT & ABOUT 55 CAMELFORD ARMS ) 30-31 Camelford St. rice and chutney. or heat it up at Curry Corner with traditional Chicken Tikka Masala. Chicken. so make sure you book a table to enjoy one of the Camelford’s Golden Handbag award- winning roasts with all the trimmings: roasties. you will not be going home hungry! l FUNKYFISH CLUB Ultimate Old School SUNDAY 12 l A-BAR Glowsticks & Lollipops karaoke Party 10pm l GROSVENOR BAR Cabaret: Miss Jason with Jai 8pm.30pm-3. Fri (31) is the Pre-Pride Party and FRIDAY CLUB at 6pm. chicken.

30pm. ) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–8pm. pumping hot tunes to heat you up all night long and multi-cannon 9pm.30pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Don’t Miss Jason l CHARLES STREET Myra Dubois’ Bingo Sparkle 6pm & 9. and looking to begin your party weekend in style. I play big vocal house tunes. £2 ) PRIDE Fri (31) sees Charles Street join forces with Smirnoff for the 1 NIGHT per person and happy hour till 10pm. It fires you up Knowles and Lee(roy) from 7pm. Free Entry b4 10pm. DJs Lee Jeffery & Ruby Roo 9pm l PARIS HOUSE Bastille Day Celebrations: l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB It’s l BAR BROADWAY After Work Showbiz l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2- Fleur de Paris. I will be mixing up a storm l QUEEN’S ARMS An Audience with Sally of commercial pop and dance mixes with a little housey twist! It’s not to be missed! TUESDAY 14 l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm Vate 9. the party people are out promises to be the biggest party ever to celebrate 25 years of that night.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Retro Quiz 9pm floors from 9pm–4am. www. free entry b4 10pm. Fri & Sat 1pm–2am. Sunday roasts served 12–7pm. roasts 12–7pm l LEGENDS BAR Cabaret: Lola Lasagne l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ Roast 3pm. treat yourself!” which I will proudly be a part of over the Pride weekend along with the fab and friendly staff who are always on hand and always looking very dapper! So whether it’s downstairs in the bar or upstairs in the fabulous club Envy. Free Entry b4 10pm. On Sun (2) Aug it’s an extra special REFLEX Pride Special with DJ country and Charles Street can’t wait to host the exclusive party to open Pride Adam Rice spinning the best of the 80s from 7.30pm l REGENCY TAVERN Sunday lunch with l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 10pm 9. Food available from 12pm. weekend! ) Sat (1) Aug is FIERCE PRIDE PARTY with two dance zones over two DJ Nick says: “Dr Brightons is a second home to me. Brightons celebrate 25 years of Pride with the friendliest atmosphere. £8 b4 midnight.30pm.30pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm Aux Fall’ 6pm l MARINE TAVERN Mon Madness 8pm 9pm .30pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thur 8pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm 3. It's such a vibrant Gay Pride! This is nearly as long as I’ve been ) 16-17 Kings Rd. but this year it truly starts on a Friday at Dr Brightons. £8 b4 midnight. Get there early on the big day on Sat (1) Aug for great views of the parade and CO2 jets to cool you down ensuring the evening is a blast! Entry: £5.30pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ 9pm Vate 8. Grant classic dance tracks that people know and love. CanCan Girls & food 12pm Showbiz: Dave Lynn & guests 10pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Davina Quiz 6.30pm. 56 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM CHARLES STREET. smiling and having a good time. Pride: open Sat (1) Aug from 10am for Pride Day and from 12pm on Sun (2) Aug.doctorbrightons. £6. it's floors from 9pm–4am. kicking off their weekend. Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally Screwpulous 9pm l A-BAR Regency Singers’ Piano Bar l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 11pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS The Jazz 8. seeing people recognise a song but loving the new twist! Pride DJ NICK DJ Grant says: “So it’s nearly here again. Expect funky house and dance in room 1 and commercial THURSDAY 16 l QUEEN’S ARMS Davina Sparkle’s Big dance in room 2. best DJs and of Charles Street and Envy. Smirnoff’s ‘1 drinks from when my atmosphere with people dancing. Thur (30) is the BIG GAY PUB QUIZ at 8pm.30pm ENVY@ CHARLES STREET l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l BAR REVENGE Orange is the New Black l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Open mic ) PRIDE Sat (1) Aug is FIERCE PRIDE PARTY with two dance zones over two Viewing Party 8pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am with hosts The Purple Shoes 8. The STREET PARTY is then from 6pm with an express bar and DJ Night Only’ parties have been getting incredible press this summer up and down the Tony B till late. Sunday Revue with Jerome Lloyd & David Rumelle: ‘La Gage Madness 9. £8 queue jumpers available with uplifting piano riffs. dance in room 2. You will love it!” when I got paid to DJ at my own school discos! I’m so DJ GRANT Wayne Durant. but I also enjoy playing new remixes of at the bar now! ) Sun (2) Aug is APRÈS PRIDE with resident DJs Lil’ Alex. Tel: 01273 208113 www.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday Balls 9pm l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 10.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Boudoir: trans night live piano 12-5pm. Sun 1pm–midnight. Warm-up to the big day on Fri (31) with the ONLY party from 10pm to kick off Pride Weekend with amazing live entertainers. roasts 12–3pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roast 12-6pm MONDAY 13 Claire Fuller 11pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am Joan Bond.95. which boasts a massive two floors course free entry. Sunday roasts 1-6pm Quiz 9pm 3.30pm. come along. Go on. BN2 1TA. Expect funky house and dance in room 1 and commercial where my Brighton family live. £8 queue jumpers available l A-BAR Karaoke with Jai 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Boogie Nights 9pm at the bar now! Fat Quiz 9pm l REVENGE Drop Out: DJ Trick 11pm l BAR BROADWAY Tabitha & friends’ WEDNESDAY 15 sing-along 9pm l CHARLES ST Cabaret: Bitch N’Sync l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ l BAR REVENGE Throwback Thur 9pm 7. BN1 1NE. says: “Come and help Doctor excited to be returning to Brighton’s largest gay ) OPEN daily from 12pm ) OPEN Mon–Thur 3pm–midnight. a PRE-PRIDE PARTY with free shots and DJ Nick Hirst spinning an uplifting set from searing light show. ) PRIDE Free entry all weekend. Doctor Brightons’ bar manager. If you’re coming to passion for the business started at the tender age of fourteen Pride. Tel: 01273 624091. ENVY + DR BRIGHTONS JULY LISTINGS CHARLES STREET BAR DOCTOR BRIGHTONS ) 8 Marine Parade.


supporting Pride . roasts 12-8pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm.30pm hosts giant board games & karaoke 8. B 9. free ) 16 Western Street. Hearth + Moonlight 8. Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS live music: Market in association with Brighton Twisted Market and terrace party with DJs. R. www. a club night in which the party-goer who spends longer than many issues for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in other parts five hours to get ready can dance/mince about to an unforgivable mesh of hits and of the world.30am Love the 90s 10pm l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs .funkyfishclub.30pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Baga Chipz l BAR REVENGE Sunday Funday: Micklos FRIDAY 17 l OHSO SOCIAL Social Werk: DJs 8pm l A-BAR Cabaret: Stephanie Von Clitz l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: 9. ) PRIDE Fri (31) is PRIDAY. BN1 2PG.thegrosvenorbar. free Party 10pm l ZONE Cabaret: Tanya Hyde 10pm For tickets and more info. Imma Mess. rat pack and a sing- Alfie Ordinary.30pm SUNDAY 19 l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l A-BAR Glowsticks & Lollipops karaoke l MARINE TAVERN Disco 8pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Big Cash l GROSVENOR BAR Sonia Marmite’s with Jai ) OPEN Bar Red open every Fri & Sat 3pm-late. all the while having glamorous photos taken! Tickets for the show & an event to bring attention to the long journey until there is LGBTQ equality worldwide. BN2 1TL. Hirst 9.30pm Lil Alex 3am. ) OPEN daily from noon–late Pride: Pre-Pride Party on Fri (31) from 8pm and then on Sat (1) Aug open 10am–late for Pride Day.” after-party: £7 online (£10 on door).30pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm l BOUTIQUE i-Candy: DJ Glitch 10pm l BAR BROADWAY Jukebox 4pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Throwback Friday l BAR REVENGE Sweet Revenge warm-up l GROSVENOR BAR Cabaret: Maisie Trollette 9. This is a-long. 01273 698331. expect acts of an adult nature. There will be a raffle fundraiser for Pride with super prizes to win Cherry Liquor. Tickets for after-party £3 online (£5 on door after midnight). from disturbed to arousing.30pm special guests and superstar DJs Kate funds for Brighton Pride alongside the Bear-Patrol at a Pre-Pride Fundraiser on Shields & Sir Prize from 8pm. Coco Deville and Penelope Pitbul. from campy and cabaret with camp tunes galore! IMAGE BY ERIN CONSIDINE to revolting.30pm Birthday Bash & karaoke 8pm l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm Jason Lee 8.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Ultimate Old School performers and leather galore from 1pm. also a raffle raising funds for Pride. all other days 3-10.30pm Stephanie Von Clitz 6pm. Funky Fish opens up for the Pride Fetish 4pm.30pm. Saucy Sophie l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm Haus: DJs on level 2 10. ) Sat (1) Aug is WE ARE FAMILY.brightontwistedmarket.30pm Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm 9. Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Saturday: DJ Tony 7pm. an outrageous pre-Pride show filled with debauchery and glamour with House of ) PRIDE Drag Queens Mysterry and Miss Pooh La May welcome you to help raise Grand Parade. Pride isn't just a celebration of our freedom. all courtesy of the gruesome Mysterry says: ‘We welcome you to an afternoon of cabaret HOGP and special guests Ginger Johnson. Hove. cabaret: Kylie + DJ Grant 12am 9pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: l CHARLES ST Fruity Friday Fix: DJ DJ Peter Castle 11pm Leeroy 9pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB Launch of l BOUTIQUE se-XXY Malibu & Canapes Upstairs Bar & Grill: music & food 7pm rooftop party: DJ Glitch 10pm l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Friday: DJ Nick l BULLDOG Main bar: DJ V John 10pm. Grant Knowles. from mouth-gapingly bad-ass to absolutely terrifying.brightonpride2015.30pm l BAR BROADWAY Myra Dubois & The l REVENGE Pop Tartz on level 1 10. TC’s l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions: Quiz: £150 jackpot 7. but bratty pop music. visit: www.30pm l REVENGE Sweet Revenge on level 1. Come and support one pre-Pride party you don’t want to miss! ) But it doesn’t us. l SUBLINE Barcode Berlin Showcase with hot DJs playing the best party anthems across two bars and two dance floors at Lil Alex. Hosted by the incomparable Sun (26) from 3pm. Funky Fish’s Pride Day party.30pm For nfo about Pride Fetsh Market visit: www. 58 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM FUNKY FISH CLUB + GROSVENOR JULY LISTINGS FUNKY FISH CLUB & BAR RED GROSVENOR ) 19-23 Marine Parade. ) On Sun (2) Aug.30pm Spiders in Bras 8pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l BAR REVENGE Club warm-up: DJs 9pm l ZONE Cabaret: Miss Jason 10pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: DJs Claire Fuller & Peter Castle 11pm SATURDAY 18 l BEDFORD TAVERN Karaoke 9pm l A-BAR Sanfrandisco: DJ Mick Fuller l BOILER ROOM T-Girls & Admirers 8. l FUNKYFISH CLUB I Love the 80s v I upstairs club bar 3.we have come a long way in this stop there! Straight after the show it’s the after-party in country with LGBTQ rights but as we well know there are still so MYSTERRY association with MINE. upstairs karaoke bar 10pm. www. entertainment with songs from the shows. l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS 9.


She started at Legends five years ago and has Chris.30pm 3. BN2 1TR Tel: 01273 624462. Myra Dubois.legendsbrighton. but donations are encouraged! every personality. Quiz 6. Martha D'Arthur. Dolly Diamond. Free entry to the club every day. roasts 12–7pm MONDAY 20 l A-BAR Regency Singers’ Piano Bar l BAR BROADWAY Tabitha & friends’ l LEGENDS BAR Cabaret: Miss Jason l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm 8.30pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am Quiz 9pm D’Arthur 6pm & 9. including: Miss the best pop music from past and present.30pm sing-along 9pm 3. Sunday roasts 1-6pm l A-BAR Karaoke with Jai 8pm 7.30pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ l BULLDOG Release: DJ Grant 11pm 6pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm Claire Fuller 11pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Martha l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 7. My favourite night is Sunday with Pop!Candy. Sunday Revue with Jerome Viewing Party 8pm Vate 9. Davina Sparkle & Dave Lynn. Spice Girls and N'Sync. Sunday lunch served 12–3pm open for Glitter-ing Two-Floor Pride Terrace Party on Fri (31). Sally Vate. quiz shows and McFly. best.” Lola Lasagne says: "Pride Sunday . someone!) to suit everyone. Gabriella Parrish. Pride: ) FOOD Mon–Sat 12–4pm. Entry £5 from 8pm. Cassidy Connors. Customers really can make your night and I can say ) Sat (1) Aug is PRIDE TWO-FLOOR TERRACE PARTY with some of the best DJs that without having a doubt that Legends’ customers are the spinning the best tunes till the sun comes up. but I are always so friendly and we’re so thankful to everyone that wanted to turn that fantasy into a reality! I’m currently performing all over the world at chooses to spend their time in our venue.30pm l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm .a chance to carry on the celebrations from the park and where better than in the gay village and at Legends! There's a chance to catch acts l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2- you may have missed on Saturday and see many new ) 31-34 Marine Parade. £5 from 8pm. Seventeen acts giving their absolute best and asking for a few more pennies/pounds for the Rainbow Fund. www. watching films. Entry Brighton 13 years ago with her family. Growing up in the 1990s I was totally engrossed by bands like the Backstreet Boys. Lucinda Lashes. I love Brighton as I love the coast and the “Legends is definitely the best place I’ve ever worked and JEMELA QUICK people are very friendly and good fun! That's the impression I get and I can’t wait to that’s not only down to my colleagues but also the amazing perform for you all at Legends!” clientele.30pm. venues I never thought I’d be performing at. Robbie Williams and spending time with her friends and girlfriend.30pm. who has worked with pop producers Xenomania and Ed been bar manager for the last two years. £5 from 8pm. 60 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM LEGENDS BAR & BASEMENT CLUB JULY LISTINGS LEGENDS BAR LEGENDS BASEMENT CLUB ) 31-34 Marine Parade. BN2 1TR Tel: 01273 624462. roasts 12–3pm l BAR BROADWAY After Work Showbiz l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ 9pm l BAR REVENGE Throwback Thur 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 12. www. live l BAR REVENGE Orange is the New Black l QUEEN’S ARMS An Audience with Sally 12. Jason.legendsbrighton. Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally WEDNESDAY 22 l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Boogie Nights 9pm Vate 8. roasts & select menu Screwpulous 9pm Fat Quiz 9pm 12pm–till gone l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS The Jazz l REVENGE Drop Out: DJ Trick 11pm THURSDAY 23 l CHARLES ST Cabaret: Lucinda Lashes Roast 3pm. as not only do we have drinks deals to suit ) Sun (2) Aug is PRIDE CABARET RAINBOW FUND FUNDRAISER from 3pm everyone but we also have Golden Handbag Award winning DJ Claire Fuller playing all with hostess Lola Lasagne and a fab line-up of top cabaret acts. worked for Revenge for four years whilst doing retail management and then became assistant manager at Bar Revenge.30pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm Lloyd & David Rumelle: ‘La Gage Aux Fall’ l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am l SUBLINE Happy Hump Day 9pm l BULLDOG DJ Grant 10pm 6pm l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Retro Quiz 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS TARTE: art. l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash. reading. Pride Madness 9. and Two-Floor Pride Terrace Party with DJs on Sat (1) Aug. Rose Garden. “I think people should choose Legends club because there’s always something (or Stephanie Von Klitz. Entry is free. happy place to work. ) PRIDE Fri (31) is GLITTER-ING 2 FLOOR PRIDE TERRACE PARTY with the best DJs and gorgeous Chris Shalders performing his special brand of pop-rock ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Basement Club manager Jemela Quick moved to (think One Republic meets Bruno Mars crossed with Coldplay/James Morrison). you can always be yourself no matter what and Legends embraces everyone that walks through its doors. Legends club has a great atmosphere and caters for Maisie Trollette. Piano Bingo 5pm piano 12-5pm. says: “I’m originally from a very small village in South going out whenever she can.30pm. When Jemela says: “Legends club is a friendly. Every night Legends club offers a great array of music and drinks deals. The customers seemed like a fantasy and so far from where I’m from. Outside of work she likes nothing better than Case and has supported Melanie C. Before coming a manager at Legends she £5 from 8pm. Mrs Moore. I was younger the thought of moving to a big city like London It's great to see people enjoying themselves.30pm is the best time to remind us and our visitors of the excellent groups/organisations we l MARINE TAVERN Mon Madness 8pm l CHARLES STREET Myra Dubois’ Bingo have in Brighton that can benefit from our donations and carry on their excellent work" Balls 9pm TUESDAY 21 l MARINE TAVERN Boudoir: trans night l A-BAR Luvlies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm 9pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Sunday roasts from l REGENCY TAVERN Sunday lunch. CHRIS SHALDERS Wales. Topsie ) OPEN daily from 11am–5am ) OPEN Wed & Fri–Sun from 11pm.30pm. Free l SUBLINE Guilty Pleasures: DJ l QUEEN’S ARMS Davina Sparkle’s Big food & music 5pm Food & Raffle 5pm. Mary Mac.

DJs Lee Jeffery & Ruby Roo l CHARLES ST Fruity Friday Fix: DJ 9pm Leeroy 9pm l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB It’s l DR BRIGHTONS Funky Friday: DJ Nick Showbiz: Dave Lynn & guests 10pm Hirst 9.” l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club 6pm Joan Bond. Broccoli. burger & hotdog stand. plus an outside with Carrots. Everything was cooked to perfection.95 or £10 for two people). Beef. Fruit Salad.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thur 8pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB I Love the 80s v I l QUEEN’S ARMS Don’t Miss Jason Love the 90s 10pm 9. Amazing value! Starters at £3. All food is fresh and cooked to order with a choice of Lamb. Open till 3.95.30pm DJs Claire Fuller & Peter Castle 11pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Karaoke 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Broadway Jukebox l BOILER ROOM T-Girls 11.30am on Sat (11). which were moist and very fishy. Desserts from £2.30pm l A-BAR Live music: Sophie Causbrook l REVENGE Fat Lip: DJ Fifi on level 2. “To start I had the Salmon & Haddock Fish Cakes. Myra Dubois 9.30pm Birthday Bash & karaoke 8pm l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm l MARINE TAVERN Jukebox Disco 8pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Big Cash l OHSO SOCIAL Social Werk: DJs 8pm Quiz: £150 jackpot 7. Chicken or Nut Roast for the main (£5.95 include Cheesecake. Pop ) OPEN daily from 12pm–1am. the Marine Tavern Street Party is the place to be seen with a cabaret stage both days featuring 25 acts. Pavlova and ice cream. elevated DJ booth & live PAs.marinetavern.30pm l BOUTIQUE i-Candy: DJ Glitch 10pm l BAR REVENGE Sweet Revenge warm-up l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Throwback 9. Tel: 01273 905578.30pm Fridays 10pm.30pm l PARIS HOUSE DJs Funk Food 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Sally FRIDAY 24 Vate 6pm. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY The Marine Tavern offers Sunday Lunch. Gscene editor James said. Broadway Jukebox 9pm l BAR REVENGE Club warm-up: DJs SATURDAY 25 9pm l A-BAR Sanfrandisco: DJ Mick Fuller l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter: 8. include Salmon & Haddock Fish Cakes.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Pooh La May’s l REVENGE FOMO: DJs 10. Bee is the chef in the upstairs kitchen. PICS FROM MARINE TAVERN GSCENE OUT & ABOUT 61 MARINE TAVERN ) 13 Broad St. Choose two meats for an extra £1 per head. ably assisted by Joe who cuts a fine SUNDAY ROAST figure in his chef’s whites. Giggle@The Gods 9. Sunday roasts served 12–6pm ) PRIDE Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug. Leeks.30pm 4pm. tender and tasty. Mashed Potatoes. Stephanie Von Clitz & Gabriella Parish. wonderful crisp Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding with Cheese Sauce served in a little pot on the side.30pm Tartz on level 1 10.30pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm l SUBLINE Steam 9pm l BAR BROADWAY Summertime Special l ZONE Live music: Back Beat 10pm @ The Gods 8pm. Deep-fried Brie and Soup of the Day. cabaret: TBA + DJ Grant l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Fusion: 12am DJ Peter Castle 11pm . served 12–6pm. ) FOOD Daily from 12-9pm. www. BN2 1TJ. just as they should be! For mains I had thick slices of roast beef. including hostess Candy Rel.

. www. Party 10pm l GROSVENOR BAR Cabaret: Lola Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm 6pm.30pm 9. Leeroy 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS Sexy Saturday: DJ Tony l LEGENDS BAR Pre-club DJs 7pm l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Private Party 11. an outside bar and a ) PRIDE The Freemasons. Kara Von Park. Rose Garden. higher stage so everyone can see! Get the Pride party started on Sat (1) Aug with Grammy award-winning producers & DJs. www. CHRIS PULLIN The Freemasons have been crucial in creating the music I love lots of people from all over get together to party on and have a great day out!” so it's a real honour to play the Wildfruit Dance Tent AND the Performer Amrick Channa says: “I've been clubbing since the after-party at Ohso! It’s a cracking venue! Right on the beach acid house and rave era of the early 1990s and that's where my for an Ibiza-style party. want to do the stage this year as word got round that it’s really Ellie Cocks. disco feeling.php image and soulful vocal style had Kylie Minogue on The Voice 2014 declare that I was amazing! Brighton crowds are the best ever! Great energy all the time and I love it! The LGBT audience l BEDFORD TAVERN West End Wendies: l CAMELFORD ARMS Trans*Pride 12pm is the best.30pm.30pm l CHARLES ST The Boys In The Bar: DJs l BOILER ROOM Liberation Swingers Lil Alex. Tel: 01273 724195. Summerdaze. 01273 696873. invite us to shakedown at OFFICIAL AFTER vocalists Tom Stevens. On Sun (2) Aug it’s feisty cabaret from hedonistic beachside clubbing under the stars right on Brighton beach. they are joined by some of Brighton’s finest purveyors of Baga Chipz.30pm 6. Grant Knowles. Myra Dubois. Bingo 5pm l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm upstairs club bar 3. says: “Loads more acts PARTY with house tunes courtesy of all-girl DJs Maze & Masters. Mary Mac. 9–2am. All Neighbourhood & fun! I hope we get Miss Jason crowd-surfing again like last year! Concorde2 attendees get a free pass valid b4 ) OPEN daily from 12pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Holophonic Sounds: DJ Bagpuss 7pm 7. ) Fri (3) DJ Havoxx Motown/funk/r&b/Mento 9pm. 9– ) 7 George St. roasts 12-8pm Tranny Rock & Roll Bingo: Sally l ZONE Cabaret: Sally Vate 10pm ) FOOD daily from 12pm–close. Sally Vate. roasts 12–3pm 8pm. with performers over Pride weekend with hostess Davina Sparkle. Brighton’s chart-topping. DJ Alpha. and TC’s Pride Joyful Noise with DJ Kenny at 9pm. colour vibe. with thumping happy tunes and a great vibe! I can't wait!” love affair with dance music began.30pm. Set to get 5pm with Miss Jason. Dave Lynn and of course The Kidology’s mix maestro Mikalis and Clique’s queen of dirty beats. roasts & select menu 9pm 12pm–till gone l CHARLES ST Cabaret: Cassidy Connors ) 21 Western Rd. upstairs karaoke bar 10pm. multi-platinum selling. (26) is live hosts giant board games & karaoke 8. Allan Jay and many more from 2pm. CanCan Girls and food outside from 12pm–close. Son of a Tutu. Amrick Channa (The Voice). Cassidy Connors. sides & light bites. DAVINA SPARKLE Watch out for Kara Van Park and Topsie Redfern. Vate 8. I'm the only British Asian AMRICK CHANNA The Freemasons at Ohso is a Brighton Pride event. 62 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM OHSO SOCIAL + QUEENS ARMS JULY LISTINGS OHSO SOCIAL QUEENS ARMS ) 250a Kings Rd Arches. www.ohsobrighton.wix. BN2 1RH. Advance tickets £15 from: www.30pm: roasts 12–7pm l GROSVENOR BAR Pride Charity Cabaret ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Sat (1) Aug live PRIDE JAZZ at 4pm. fresh seafood and fish & chips.30am Lasagne 9. Sami & Missy B from 8pm. Sunday is dedicated to Drag Queens. Stephanie Von Clitz.30pm l REVENGE Sweet Revenge on level 1. free. Sun (2) Aug is Pride Chill Out with food SUNDAY 26 Fundraiser: Mysterry & Pooh La May 3pm l A-BAR Glowsticks & Lollipops karaoke l LEGENDS BAR Cabaret: Dolly Diamond served 12pm–close. pulses racing this Pride. Sunday roasts from ) OPEN Mon–Thur. Topsie Redfern. 2pm Sat & Sun. free.brighton-pride. Mrs Moore. Lady Lola. Piano l QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Kara Van Park Lil Alex 3am. which I’m madly passionate about! I love the talent. BN1 1NB. Fri–Sun.30pm Tex-Mex/Cajun/blues/bluegrass from Area 273 at 6.30pm.30pm. No one else parties as hard as we do .30pm l SUBLINE Men’s Room: DJ Screwpulous Food & Raffle 5pm. ) REGULARS Thur (2) live music Fleur de Paris performing 1930-50s chansons with Jai 8pm. with all profits going to the male house diva! My performances are energetic and my unique Rainbow Fund. Free PARIS HOUSE Haus: DJs on level 2 10. Caroline Heyes BRIGHTON PRIDE BEACH PARTY on Sat (1) Aug. salads. sandwiches. l BULLDOG DJ Grant 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Bear Bash.thequeensarms. free. TC's Joyful Aaron Lawrence (Spice) 8. BN3 1AF. R. Martha D’Arthur. including Smartie Partie’s deck king Chris Pullin. happy piano drops and sing-along vocals! and fabulousness with a little bit of outrageousness thrown in! It’s a great atmosphere. co-organiser and host.30pm l BOUTIQUE se-XXY Giveaway Party: DJ l MARINE TAVERN Disco 8pm B 9. ) Sun Dowager herself Maisie Trollette with a fabulous finale! (2) Aug is the Official Brighton Pride GIRLS WEEKENDER BEACH TERRACE Davina Sparkle. ) OPEN 4pm Tue–Fri. 9pm–4am for a night of Smith. ) Sun (12) is the Bastille Day Celebrations l BAR REVENGE Sunday Funday: Micklos l PARIS HOUSE live music: Area 273 with Fleur de Paris. ) PRIDE The QA has gone cabaret and live music mad with two stages chockablock sharing platters. Alpha. TC’s l BEDFORD TAVERN cabaret: Mrs Moore Klipz 10pm l BULLDOG Main bar: DJ V John 10pm. who are first DJ Chris Pullin says: “Pride is such an important event for timers to the outside stage! Saturday is the QA Stage for vocalists me. The scene has been instrumental in playing a part in and Tom Stevens (formerly OMT) has organised some amazing house music.30pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Ultimate Old School Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm l PARIS HOUSE Live jazz 4pm. ) FOOD new summer menu daily with cooked breakfasts. anthemic house music. 01273 746067. lots of camp.30pm 6pm Noise with DJ Kenny at 9pm. Sandra. ) Sat free live jazz at 4pm.nor with as much style!” Spice 9. free. (10 & 24) is with l BAR BROADWAY Fireplace Sessions: l MARINE TAVERN Sunday roasts 12- DJs Funk Food spinning funk/soul at 9pm.




co. Thur 12pm-2am. Fri & Sat 12pm-6am ) OPEN Tue from 11pm. hot podium dancers and more till 7am. where I’ll be warming up for the Club Revenge DJs are high in energy. Tabitha & friends’ sing-along 10pm MONDAY 27 8. Fri & Sat from 10.30pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Davina Sparkle’s Big l REVENGE Pride Opening Party 10.30pm ) PRIDE Thur (30) is Pre-Pride THROWBACK THURSDAY with DJ Missy B ) PRIDE Platinum wristbands from at www. whether you’re into hip-hop. Australia and started DJing back in 2007. and MUCH more!” l MARINE TAVERN Boudoir: trans night l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB It’s l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: 9pm Showbiz: Dave Lynn & guests 10pm TUESDAY 28 l QUEEN’S ARMS An Audience with Sally l DR BRIGHTONS Big Gay Pub Quiz 8pm l A-BAR Luvvies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm l MARINE TAVERN Throwback Thur 8pm Cassidy Connors 6pm & 9. UV face painting.30pm WEDNESDAY 29 l BAR BROADWAY Miss Treated@The l A-BAR Regency Singers’ Piano Bar FRIDAY 31 Street 6.30pm l REGENCY TAVERN Sunday lunch with Vate 9. Nicki Minaj or Omi. Get there early to indulge in 2-for-1 drinks from Q-Jump b4 midnight Thur. chill-out zones and ROOF TERRACE PARTY with DJs playing house from 2pm. BN1 1EL Tel: 01273 606064.30pm l BULLDOG Diva Rush: DJ Marcia 10pm l CAMELFORD ARMS £300 Big Cash many more 7pm l LEGENDS BAR Miss Jason’s Monday l CAMELFORD ARMS Seniors’ lunch 2. Tel: 01273 606064. a UV bubble machine and from Sydney. ROOF TERRACE PARTY at 3pm with Ibiza-style house music (think Bora Bora beach) from Brighton’s finest DJs and free entry till 10pm when the whole club opens for the Miss Adventure. fundraiser & guest David Hoyle 9pm 9.30pm l MARINE TAVERN Mon Madness 8pm Joan Bond. from 2pm getting you in the Pride spirit! Don’t with resident DJ Alpha and special guest DJ Becky Perry.30pm THURSDAY 30 l SUBLINE Leathered 9pm 9pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS The Jazz Fat Quiz 9pm l REVENGE Drop Out: DJ Trick 11pm l A-BAR Karaoke with Jai 8pm l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Big Cash l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Boogie Nights 9pm Roast 3pm. noughties and today! I love rocking a crowd and having fun with my song get you free entry and spinning early 90s dance from 9pm. don’t miss the outside bar and street party area for DJs Jonesy.revenge. Miss Adventure is a level 1 there’s FOMO’s infamous mash-up of pop. Thur.something for nineties. Trick & Missy B. Sunday roasts 1-6pm l ZONE Sunday Sessions with Stone & Quiz: £150 jackpot 7. ) Sat (1) Aug is PRIDE miss the outside bar and street party area with hot dancers. King K & Zach Burns. Also. house. She says: “Catch me will be electric! I can’t wait to see hundreds of people singing playing at Bar Revenge on Friday and Saturday of Pride their hearts out to their favourite songs and celebrating. expect to hear anything from Robin S and Snap! to Clean Bandit. Jason Lee. At 9pm it’s Revenge’s biggest party of the year with pop/urban & ) If you’re still standing then don’t miss the FOMO UV Rave Warm-up on Sun (2) more on level 1 with DJs Toby Lawrence. Level 2 is R-HAUS with Aug with DJs from 8pm. pop and more!” selections. Fri (31) then sees DJs Miss Adventure and Toby Lawrence spin pop/ weekend at FOMO PRIDE OPENING PARTY on Thur (30) with 2 floors of pop/urban/ urban/house tunes to warm you up for the big party at Club Revenge.30pm Gods 8pm.revenge. BN1 1EL. Sat & Sun of Pride weekend! Kick-start your Pride 5–9pm. free till 6pm with pop surprises from 6pm–midnight! Free entry till midnight and bar till 7am! anthems on level 2. Sunday Revue with l BAR REVENGE Orange is the New Black l SUBLINE Fag Machine: Sam Culpeck l QUEEN’S ARMS Don’t Miss Jason Viewing Party 8pm tribute. My sets TOBY LAWRENCE Weekend. DJs Lee Jeffery & Ruby Roo 9pm Balls 9pm .30pm l BAR BROADWAY After Work Showbiz l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Ice: DJ l BOUTIQUE Pride warm-up 10pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJs 10pm Claire Fuller 11pm l BULLDOG 92 Hour-Long Pride Weekend: l BAR BROADWAY 1st Birthday Party: l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 11am Quiz 6.30pm l BULLDOG DJ Marcia’s Glitter Ball 10pm Release: DJ Grant 11pm Frank Sanazi. hails FOMO: NEON RAVE with free glowsticks. urban and bass magic! MISS ADVENTURE music-loving chameleon and can be heard playing anything DJ Toby Lawrence says: “You can guarantee the atmosphere from house to r&b/indie/pop/soul. Q-jump Pride with hot dancers.30pm Night 8. www. chill-out zones and surprises from 2-8pm! Free entry all tickets from www.30pm l BOILER ROOM Naked Day 10am l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Open mic l REGENCY TAVERN Thai & Jazz Jam Jerome Lloyd & David Rumelle: ‘La Gage l MARINE TAVERN Nat’s Retro Quiz 9pm Aux Fall’ 6pm l SUBLINE Cum In Your Pants: DJ Nude with hosts The Purple Shoes ) Keep the Pride party going on Sun (2) Aug at the night and bar till Gabriella Parish & l CHARLES STREET Studio 150 uplifting with a ‘hands in the air’ party vibe and getting you into the spirit of Pride with a mix of pop. while on Brighton’s Revenge Bar and ) OPEN Sun-Wed 12pm-1am. urban and house from the from start to finish. for girls who like house on level 2 with DJs. I love all styles of music .uk ) 32-34 Old Steine. She moved to the UK in 2014 and has since has been playing at more! House tunes continue on level 2 with DJ Jonesy playing vocal anthems.30pm live piano 12-5pm. Fri. including Miss Adventure. 66 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM BAR REVENGE + CLUB REVENGE JULY LISTINGS BAR REVENGE REVENGE ) 32-34 Old Steine. ) Fri (31) POPTARTZ & CLIQUE all-out popathon night and bar till 7am! ) Sat (1) Aug is the massive PRIDE PARTY from 11am on level 1 and Girls on Top DJs presenting Clique.30pm l CHARLES ST Mad Cow’s Tea Party: Ms Adventure & Toby Lawrence 9pm l CHARLES STREET Myra Dubois’ Bingo Madness 9. DJ on Fri (31) and Sat (1) Aug. Free entry all house tunes and drinks from £1.30pm l BAR REVENGE Throwback Thur: DJ l A-BAR SanFranDisco Pride Special: DJ l A-BAR Luvvies: Stephanie Von Clitz 8pm l BAR 7@CRAWLEY DJ 9pm Missy B 9pm Mick Fuller 8. www.revenge. Quiz 9pm l BAR REVENGE Pre-Pride: DJs Miss 3.

25 acts incl host Candy Rel. Sat (1) Aug is the MEN’S ROOM PRIDE SPECIAL at Sunday lunch.30am. ham. Our 1st DJs 11pm Chris Shalders 7pm l BEDFORD TAVERN Pre-Pride cabaret: l MARINE TAVERN Pre-Big Scrum 8pm Birthday party marks a milestone in our history and we hope all our members and l OHSO SOCIAL Social Werk Pride Terrace friends join us in celebrating this landmark event. ) FOOD Mon–Wed 12–2. special guests Ginger Johnson. Royale or Florentine (v) (£6.30pm l BOUTIQUE Pride All Day Brunch Club: Party: 2 floors. 12–11pm.T. i-Candy Pride: DJ Glitch 10pm Baker & DJ PC 6pm l BULLDOG 92 Hour-Long Pride Weekend: l QUEEN’S ARMS Double cabaret: Davina Union International Sex Party 11. we have agreed discounts with local hotels for those that wish to stay in town overnight.” www. Gary says: “It’s free to get in… and out! A perfect pride Bristol. Kent and further afield. London Leather Social. entry £4 mems/or £6 6–9pm. featuring a free raffle with prizes that money premier fetish club. This is a very exciting time for us and the ing Pride Terrace & Club Party: 2 floors & 3 & Club Party: 2 floors & 3 DJs + live PA by leather community and we’re welcoming new members to the group daily. Lil Alex. light shows 10pm Ross Alexander. 01273 325652 www.95).uk ) 129 St James' St. Mikalis 5pm After Party with The Freemasons + DJs Night 10pm l A-BAR Pride@A-Bar 12pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Pride Party 12pm.95). DJs Kate Shields & Sir Prize. BN2 1TH. Summerdaze. l OHSO SOCIAL Official Brighton Pride l DOWNSTAIRS BAR & CLUB Tribute SATURDAY 1 AUG Mark Wilkinson. 12–6pm general menu. Smoked Salmon & the response so far: “Our success is down to our members. 12am–11pm. Vague. PICS FROM REGENCY TAVERN + SUBLINE GSCENE OUT & ABOUT 67 JULY LISTINGS REGENCY TAVERN SUBLINE ) 32/34 Russell Sq. Get the party started in style with a glass of ) ONE FOR THE DIARY LEATHERMEN SOUTH celebrates its 1st Birthday on Sat bubbly (£3) and choose from Regency Full English Breakfast (£9. Street Party & DJs 6pm (The Voice). Scrambled Egg (£5.regencytavern. ) PRIDE Doors open early 8.95). Pre-booking is advised . Pre-Pride Party: DJ Nick Hirst 9. or the Croque-Norvégien. Particular thanks also to Steve at Subline. Alex 1pm. Brighton’s fabulous vinyl. outdoor bar & street party 6pm l ENVY Fierce Pride 2-floor party: DJs Allan Jay & many more 5pm Alfie Ordinary.30am l DR BRIGHTONS Pre-Pride Parade the Street: Tom Stevens. Fri & and French Toast The support is heart-warming and we’re also networking with (£5. Steve Mac. GARY PEACOCK party of the finest pop and disco. 10pm.M. BN1 2EF. or for no extra cost the Croque-Madame. Affy and Ali.H. Caroline Heyes Smith. Gary Peacock’s Mobile 70s/80s l GROSVENOR BAR Pre-Pride Party 8pm l BOILER ROOM SAUNA Pride Cum party: DJs 6pm Disco 8. cabaret: Sparkle 6pm & 9. Al and Wolfgang are extremely pleased with menu are Eggs Benedict. l LEGENDS BAR Glitter-ing Pride Terrace Details are on our FB page and website. with smoked salmon instead of ham. Leather West in entry. friendly bar staff. Pierre Parnis. topped with a poached or fried egg. changing rooms and lockers. wrapped up beautifully on Leather Flashmobs and BLUF. elevated Pride Opening Party: live entertainment. outside bar.30pm l LEGENDS BAR Pride Terrace & Club DJ Marcia’s Pre-Pride Party 10pm. other leather groups across the country and the globe as well In the evening it’s Gary Peacock’s 70S/80S MOBILE as other cross-over groups such as the Brighton Bears.30pm Pride Street Party: DJs Lee Jeffery.30pm 9pm l CHARLES ST Fierce Pride 2-floor party: TC’s Joyful Noise: DJ Kenny 9pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB Priday Pre-Pride l BAR BROADWAY Pride: outside bar & DJs 9pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Pride Cabaret Stage in party with House of Grand Parade. burger & hotdog stand. Sat 11am–12pm breakfast.30pm–late. Pop Tartz: level 1 10. Thurs & Fri 12–2. who has supported us from the start and provides the perfect literally cannot buy!” venue with local 01273 325652. Coco Deville & Penelope l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pride 9pm l REGENCY TAVERN Pride Breakfasts Pitbul 8pm. Chris Pullin. and regular meet-ups for the leather men of Sussex. Imma Mess. 11–12am.30pm. 3 DJs 11pm l FUNKYFISH CLUB We Are Family Pride 8. Kippers & Scrambled Egg (£6. last year to build and support the local gay leather community and provides a forum cooked ham & cheese toasted sandwich. entry £5 for mems/ £8. host live music stage 6pm-3.95). MINE afterparty 12am Terrace & Club Party: 2 floors. drinks 10am. whilst being centrally located to all the gay nightlife in and around the gay village.30pm & 6–8. l ZONE Pre-Pride cabaret: Sally Vate 10pm W.leathermensouth. Pride Party 6pm-very late on level 2.30pm l GROSVENOR BAR Pride@Grosvenor 10am . Tel: 01273 624100. Sun (2) Aug is the CUM AS YOU ARE at Crystal D’Canter 9.sublinebrighton. Chad Stephanie Von Clitz & Gabriella Parish + l CHARLES ST Smirnoff ‘1 Night Only’ l SUBLINE Pre-Pride Big Scrum 9pm Jackson.95) or smaller (25) with a party 10. an all-vinyl night of pure cheese from 8pm with free Special thanks to our friends here in Brighton. l BAR REVENGE Pride Party: DJs 2pm. 3 DJs 7pm Drag With No Name + DJ Grant 12am l REVENGE Pre-Pride Girls on Top DJs DJ & sun terrace 11am l MARINE TAVERN Pride Street Party: l CAMELFORD ARMS Friday Club & Pre. David Noakes. www. Croque-Monsieur (£5.95) home. DISCO. This social networking group was launched in July Regency 1/2 English Breakfast (£6.30am Sat (1) Aug for delicious Pride Breakfasts and drinks to set you up for the Pride Parade. Marcia.30pm l BOUTIQUE Pre-Pride Roof Terrace Party Party: DJs Zach Burns.I. Alpha & Mikalis 9pm l DR BRIGHTONS 92 hour-long weekend: l BAR 7@CRAWLEY Pride Party: DJs very late l PARIS HOUSE Live Pride jazz 4pm. Croque-Provençal.A.A. Jason Pepperell. l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Glitter. Also on the organisers Carl. DJ booth & live PAs 1pm multi-cannon CO2 jets. Manchester Leather Men. Sun. with tomato instead of One year on and with over 170 members on Facebook alone. ) OPEN Wed–Sun from ) OPEN Mon–Thurs. entry £5 for mems/£ & ) PRIDE Fri (31) BIG SCRUM PRIDE SPECIAL from 9pm. Surrey. Sun 12–5pm for and £1 off if in sports kit. In addition. Amrick Channa Cherry Liquor. pres Clique: DJ Alpha & guest Becky Perry l BULLDOG 92 Hour-Long Pride Weekend: cabaret stage.

W. BN2 1RF. DJs 10am l BAR BROADWAY Pride: outside bar. Davina Sparkle & Dave l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Pride Lynn 3pm l REVENGE Pride Ibiza-Style Roof Terrace Breakfasts 9am. outside bar. burger & hotdog stand. Lawrence. Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug. Alpha. due to popular demand. 5pm. You’ll get a small towel for your drips.” are the NAKED DAYS every Wed 11–1am and now. Their most popular events Bulldog and have a fun and safe Pride weekend. Sun from 1pm. l A-BAR Pride@A-Bar 12pm l CHARLES ST Apres Pride: DJs Lil Alex. l SUBLINE Pride Men’s Room: DJ D’Arthur. large lounge with two . food from music stage 2pm. Myra Dubois. Jason Pepperell. Lucinda the Street: Miss Jason. with all the facilities you could need. Pride Holophonic Sounds: Pride Street Party: DJs Lee Jeffery.30pm. 7. all-girl exclusive dance area. R.30pm. large dark room with ) OPEN Mon–Thur 10–1am. 15 & 29) OPEN MIC with The Purple Shoes. towels. King K & Zach Burns 9pm Pop!Candy: DJ Claire Fuller 11pm Van Park. locker. pleasant and friendly environment. Maisie Trollette. Lil Alex. We offer some of the cleanest toilets in Brighton. l PARIS HOUSE Pride chill-out 12pm level 2 2pm. steam room. eight and the Bulldog are joining forces to give you a quality and fun showers. Tel: 01273 689966. food and music. to which various Brighton DJs will be throwing out the tunes.zonebar. Dolly Diamond. host Lola Lasagne + Miss Jason. Steve Mac.M. (22) TARTE art. ) PRIDE Sat (1) Aug Pre-Pride Breakfasts from 9am.T. Facilities include: dry sauna SALLY VATE with own dark room. Sunday roasts 1– ) 33 St James’ St. Davina Sparkle. Gabriella Parrish. cabaret stage. ) REGULARS Sat HOLOPHONIC SOUNDS. Private function room available. 25 acts incl host Candy Rel. Mary Mac. private cabins. Pride Street Party experience. Pride HOLOPHONIC SOUNDS with DJ Bagpuss. www. Stephanie Von Clitz & Gabriella Parish + l SUBLINE Pride Cum As You Are: DJ 8pm exclusive dance area. ) Sun is Jazz Roast at 3pm. Sally Vate. DJ Jonesy on level 2 9pm l ZONE Pride Street Party: outside bar. Pierre Parnis. David Noakes. DJs 10am Ross Alexander. 7pm. 68 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM THE BRIGHTON SAUNA + ZONE JULY LISTINGS THE BRIGHTON SAUNA ZONE BAR ) 75 Grand Parade. elevated l THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS Pride Calm- Mark Wilkinson. Screwpulous 9pm Tutu. Rose Garden. and we’re one of the only tea.H. ) FOOD Mon–Fri 12–9pm. Sat 12–8pm. £150 cash prize. in a the scene’s best belters. glory hole Rachel Midgley. Fri 10am until 1am on Sun night. www. No attitude. There will be outside bars and brilliant music throughout. Sally Vate. Mary Mac. BN1 1YD. on Sat (1) & Sun (2) Aug DJs throw out the best tunes right in the comfortable. Fact! So join in the fun with the Zone Bar and the days a week. free entry. with professional masseurs (no sexual or sensual massage). N2 9JA. free live Pride Jazz at 3pm. at 10pm. Tel: 01273 682249. FOMO Neon Party Warm. Bar Manager.. Summerdaze. Topsie Redfern. Girls Weekender: beach terrace party. live Grant Knowles.3jollybutchers. jacuzzi spa. sling rooms. Sami & Missy l LEGENDS BAR Pride Cabaret Fundraiser: B 8pm l REVENGE Pride Roof Terrace Party on street party 2pm. massage room. Sun–Thur 11–1am and Fri & Sat 11–2am.I. 8. Sun (2) Aug Pride CALM-DOWN Sunday lunch. says: “This year the Zone Bar cabins. Brighton. ) ONE FOR THE DIARY The Brighton Sauna boys have one simple aim: to bring ) PRIDE Pride at the Zone kicks off on Fri (31) with one of you the best sauna experience around. DJ Adam Rice 8pm THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS ) 59 North Rd.thebrightonsauna. Sat (18) live folk & Americana with Hearth-Moonlight. FOMO Neon Rave: two- DJ Bagpuss 7pm Jackson. enjoyment. but no towels can be worn at all on Naked Day! l FUNKYFISH CLUB Pride Fetish Market DJ line-up Maze & Masters. www. Tel: 01273 608571. every Sun from 12pm–1am. free. Hazel’s Karaoke hosted by 12pm Denise Black 8pm l DR BRIGHTONS Reflex Pride Special: l BAR REVENGE Pride outdoor bar & 80s party. no unfriendly staff. heart of the gay village! no mess or dirt and no excuses about things not working. DJ Bagpuss electro/exotica & beyond. Dave Lynn & many more 2pm l BULLDOG 92 Hour-Long Pride Weekend: Cassidy ) OPEN Mon–Sat from 12pm. Martha l BRIGHTON SAUNA Naked Day 12pm Lashes. 8. Lady Lola. Myra Dubois.A. Special effect lighting will enhance your We all love a freebie and the lads at the Brighton Sauna offer guests free filter coffee. free. Trick & Missy B on level 1. 7pm. Sunday roasts 1-6pm l CAMELFORD ARMS Pride Party 12pm DJ booth & live PAs 1pm SUNDAY 2 AUG l OHSO SOCIAL Official Brighton Pride l ZONE Pride Street Party: outside bar. We are fencing off our area together to create an exclusive dining area and a smoking area (enclosed and discreet. ) OPEN daily from 10am Pride: 10am–4am on Fri (31).30pm. Stephanie Von Klitz. Then. ) Wed (1. Kara Haus DJs Jonesy. floors.A.) Thur LET'S GET QUIZZY. no need to get dressed). Internet and Wi-Fi! They run a licensed bar 7 bars that does not increase its prices. free. & terrace party: DJs & performers 1pm Ellie Cocks. Vague. warm. Marcia. cinema. Leeroy 7pm. Ultimate Pride Party: DJs TobyUp: DJs 8pm l QUEEN’S ARMS Pride Cabaret Stage in l BASEMENT CLUB@LEGENDS Pride Mrs Moore. Mikalis 2pm Down Jazz Roast 3pm. Sally Vate. Affy & Ali. Chad l MARINE TAVERN Pride Street Party: Party: DJs 3pm. and a regular towel to shower with before you leave. dance area. Son of a l BOUTIQUE Pride Sunday Sessions 1pm Maisie Trollette. Martha D'Arthur. chilled filtered water.


oldvicportsmouth. www. SO14 Lola Lasagne 9pm. Sam Solace 10pm. ) SUNDAY NIGHT ON THE www. Dazza 8. SO14 0BH PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am from 8.30pm. food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm Mac 8pm. SO14 3DT Van Park 8. Tel: 02380 710652.30pm. Tanya Hyde (17).pink-broadway. Dazza TEL: 02380 366163. food 12-3pm SATURDAY 4 WEDNESDAY 15 SOUTHAMPTON TUESDAY 28 l EDGE video jukebox 11pm PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm l OLD VIC DJs all night l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON WEDNESDAY 22 l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm THURSDAY 16 SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Neil l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm WEDNESDAY 29 Sackley 8. PO1 4BX l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm TEL: 02380 296100. SO14 2BE l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo + Van Park at 8. Southsea SOUTHAMPTON TEL: 02392 297013. www. food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON TUESDAY 7 l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l OLD VIC DJs all night SATURDAY 25 l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo + PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm PORTSMOUTH Kevin Cruise 10pm. Sunday roast 12-3pm l EDGE Compton Walk.tropics-sauna. Lola Lasagne (10). www. high camp/pure cheese & OPEN: daily fom 12pm cabaret at 9pm: Sandra (3).com SOUTHAMPTON LONDON PODIUM features Mary Mac at 8pm and cabaret at 9pm: La Voix (5). roasts 12-3pm FRIDAY 3 l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am TUESDAY 14 SOUTHAMPTON MONDAY 27 l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am PORTSMOUTH PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo + SOUTHAMPTON TUESDAY 21 l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm PORTSMOUTH l OLD VIC Quiz 8pm Sandra 9pm. TEL: 023 8021 1879. Dave Lynn 9pm. food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON FRIDAY 31 l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE DJs 11pm SATURDAY 18 PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo + l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am Martha D’Arthur 10pm. Nan 9pm. food 12-3pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SUNDAY 26 PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am Mac 8pm. Southsea TEL: 2392 297509 WEDNESDAY 8 l OLD VIC 104 St Paul’s Rd. Tiny & Sam Solace (18) and Lucinda (25). PORTSMOUTH ) FOOD served Mon–Sat 12–3pm.30pm. food 12-3pm ) REGULARS Fri is FAIRYLEA with DJ Ruby Roo. food 12-3pm TEL: 02380 710652. www. Sun 12-11. DJs & food FRIDAY 10 ) OPEN daily from 12pm. roasts 12-3pm MONDAY 6 SOUTHAMPTON FRIDAY 24 l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Kara Van l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l LONDON HOTEL Fairylea: DJ Ruby Roo + PORTSMOUTH Park 8.30pm. La Voix 9pm. food 12-3pm l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm PORTSMOUTH Mac 8pm.the-london.30am.30pm. Sun roasts 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON ) ONE FOR THE DIARY Thursday it’s KARAOKE CRUISE with new host Kara DRINK PROMOS: Mon-Wed all day l EDGE Get Some: DJs 10pm l TITANIC Simnel St. ) Sat is GUILTY PLEASURES with DJs & 6-8. food 12-3pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am .uk l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm l TROPICS SAUNA 2 Market Way. roasts 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm MONDAY 13 l LONDON HOTEL The London Podium: Mary PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am Mac 8pm. food 12-3pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 2am Tanya Hyde 10pm. Martha FOOD: Mon 12-3pm. roasts 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Kara l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm SOUTHAMPTON MONDAY 20 l LONDON HOTEL The London Podium: Mary Van Park Friendly bar with regular and cabaret from 10pm: Neil Sackley & Jacquii Cann (4).theedgesouthampton. food 12-3pm WEDNESDAY 1 SUNDAY 12 SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Tiny l OLD VIC DJs all night l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am 8. Jacquii Cann 10pm. Son of a Tutu (19) and Nan (26).uk ) 2 Terminus Terr.30pm.30pm. Fri & Sat OPEN: Mon-Wed 12-11pm.30pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am FOOD: Mon-Sat TEL: 02380 238804. food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON PORTSMOUTH l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm FRIDAY 17 l LONDON HOTEL The London Podium: Mary PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Kara Van l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm l HAMPSHIRE BLVD DJ till 3am Park www. l OLD VIC DJs all night (11). food l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm SOUTHAMPTON THURSDAY 23 l EDGE Bar 150: DJs & karaoke 10pm 12-3pm SUNDAY 5 SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am PORTSMOUTH l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Kara l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm THURSDAY 30 l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am Van Park 8. decked garden l LONDON HOTEL l LONDON HOTEL Karaoke Cruising: Kara LONDON HOTEL SOUTHAMPTON 2 Terminus Terr. Son of a Tutu 9pm. www. Thur 12-12. Sunday lunch 12–3. Tue-Sat 12-3pm SATURDAY 11 D’Arthur (24) and Kevin Cruise (31).30pm.70 GSCENE OUT & ABOUT PICS FROM LONDON HOTEL SOUTHAMPTON SOLENT LISTINGS LA VOIX SUN (5) KARA VAN PARK KARAOKE CRUISE THUR PORTSMOUTH SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE video jukebox 11pm l HAMPSHIRE BOULEVARD l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm 1 Hampshire Terrace. Club with 2 floors & 3 bars l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm l PINK BROADWAY SAUNA 797/80 East St l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ Dave Lynn (12).com OPEN: 7 days a week from 11am THURSDAY 9 SOUTHAMPTON PORTSMOUTH l HAMPSHIRE BLVD karaoke till 2am l ISOBAR 100c St Mary’s St l OLD VIC karaoke 8pm TEL: 02380 222028 SOUTHAMPTON l EDGE Pop!: DJ 11pm Modern bar. food 12-3pm SOUTHAMPTON l LONDON HOTEL food 12-3pm l EDGE The Big One: DJs 10pm SOUTHAMPTON SUNDAY 19 l LONDON HOTEL Guilty Pleasures: DJ l EDGE Pounded: DJ 11pm THURSDAY 2 l LONDON HOTEL The London Podium: Mary PORTSMOUTH Lucinda 8.

stay tuned for that! And you'll be able to catch me at DPM during the summer is 5 We’re smitten. . at BeAvantGarde at The Hub some Fridays. Top. GSCENE 71 DANCE MUSIC BY QUEEN JOSEPHINE & KATE WILDBLOOD ALBUMS Love. summer. DJ PROFILE: SAMI KUBU As has the brooding melodies of ) And Jamie Happyghost’s Cache on The Pool XX’s In Colour With Brighton Pride looming large and beautiful on the horizon. oh my gosh you’ve got us. legendary tune. Julien Chaptal gather for Neighbourhood and Sunday Favourite tune ever? A bit of a random one but it’d have to be Bruce some right proper house action. A truly fabulous celebration Brighton Pride’s Wild Fruit Big I like to remix tracks live. On Wednesdays for all your airwave junkies. Ultimate dream gig? DEFINITELY DC10 or Vista Club in Ibiza and Watergate in Berlin! Standout tune you’ll definitely be playing this Pride? I Can’t Stop - Sandy The White Isle beckons the-box-original-mix ) THE MEKANISM Acid Love Play It Say It Back in the day acid grooves for the 21st century. Gruuv. July. (EP 1 & 2) on RadioReverb’s Home Service. Sundae @ Patterns. Also check out the glory that is perfectdistractions. bouncy tech house beat. summer top down playing in the Women's Dance Tent at Pride. and to find out about her secret guitar wielding past… are about to get very special with with reflective Where do you DJ and what are your plans for Brighton Pride? I’m Woolfy and co in your ears! moody melodies. the not acquainted low-key electronica of Seb yourself with Wildblood’s Foreign Parts on SW Hot Chip’s Records with latest long-player Why Make thoughtful and Sense? on Domino Records now is enchanting the time. It’s a great tune and goes down well no matter where I’m playing. so you’ll always hear a classic vocal line over a of this on point label as Gorge. Beyonce Drunk In Love (Full Crate Remix) ) MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM In The Woods Futureboogie Guilty pleasure? Where Are Ü Now by Skrillex & Diplo. House of the sunshine kind it is destined to be a summer Summer in Brighton. Wild Fruit @ Patterns. CURRENT TOP FIVE ) KEVIN KNAPP Do Work (original) OFF Recordings ) ASHWORTH Cork (12 mix) Needwant Understated genius from the label we all love to love. Jamie XX and The Duke of Norfolk. Nothing gets staple. Just how we like it. Saturdays I do Nightshift at sashay in your in soundtracks. Waifs & Strays. ) JAMMHOT See Me Right Lost My Dog Piano heaven on this hot house hit. let’s get to it. So here are a few ) Two top essential tunes to keep you wonders for wiggling in the sunshine.haha! ) ALEXIS RAPHAEL More Than A French Kiss Lower East Get seduce by Alexis with this deep delight and you’ll not regret it. cute vocals and funky heart. and the brilliance of on Young Turks month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous Sami Kubu to hear about Woolfy vs Projections’ Stations is a remarkable her plans. and strong basslines. it’s just so damn catchy! ) FABIO TOSTI Keep It Down Salted Music Bouncy bass lines. deliver yet another masterpiece. liking this track but when it drops in. you can also hear me down ) Also worth a cruising anthems and sunset love. Tell us a secret? I used to play guitar in a punk band .com Tune that always fills your dancefloor? Recently it’s been Format:B Good Voodoo Society’s Universal Chunky. Sunsets piece of work the radio. more glorious. you can listen to Years of Gruuv Catch Wildblood & Queenie me on Codesouth from 10pm–12am playing all sorts of house & techno. things just went off!! Such a good vibe! Two legends come together to create a. this House. I hate myself for Not a Meryl in sight – just cracking good house music. as well as a few dates in London to be confirmed so birkenstocks this gang. well. WILDBLOOD & QUEENIE’S JULY GEMS Tune you wish you’d never played? Honestly. Best ever gig? Last year’s Pride Sunday at Neighbourhood! It was ) JON PLEASED WIMMIN Don’t Be Scared (Hifi Sean remix) Kidology incredible. ) BUTLER & BONTAN featuring Vula Live My Life (original) Ultra ) WAIFS & STRAYS Work On You Of Unsound Mind ) DISCLOSURE Bang That (original) PMR We defy you to stay still to this! ) MARC ROMBOY Ghetto What Systematic ) NICOLA BALDACCI In The Mood (Daniele Petronelli remix) Decide ) ENZO SIFFREDI SOMETIMES (original) [Defected] Don’t just stand there. One listen to Need You beats had us Now and everything makes sense hooked from as these genius’ of electronica first listen. If you’ve ) Fabulous surname aside. discover where to find her busy dancefloors or to hear her on on Permanent Vacation. My new track Think Outside The Box will be out on LLR next month! You ) SYSTEM2 Everybody's Freakin’ Viva Music can check it out here: https://soundcloud. at DJ style? I’d say my style has got a lot of groove. Springsteen Blood Brothers. Luna City Secret Garden Party @ Express.

but she neglects to say which. dramatic. editedbrighton. Scents include Pink Strawberry Balsamic. ) Provisions Candles. Sam Fuller’s movie is so weird.72 GSCENE ) Pit Stop Pizza Cutter. 01273 682845) running time constitutes the cinematic equivalent of a smash-and-grab raid. witty entertainment. Brighton. The title characters played by Ann Sothern.99 (Junkfunk. SHOPPING WITH MICHAEL HOOTMAN £14. Brighton. acid-sharp drama is perhaps not as well-known as his later hit All About Eve but it may just be the better film. is in charge of a band of 40 ne’er-do-wells. 3 Gardner St. £14. Brighton. Salted Caramel and Blue Violet Macaroon (Edited. is a more accurate reflection of its refusal to fit in with the genre’s conventions). 01273 680555) ) Swan Planter from £6. The film brilliantly juggles its themes of class and gender inequality. £10 (Prowler. Brighton. 28 Gloucester Road. £29. Brighton.95 (in house he has Stanwyck’s psychotic brother in his sights. Its plot revolves around a brilliant conceit: three women receive a letter from a mutual friend saying she’s running away with one of their husbands. 01273 205544) ) FORTY GUNS (Eureka blu-ray). ) A LETTER TO THREE WIVES (Eureka blu-ray). Its action-packed 80 minute space. Gun-for-hire Barry Sullivan has come to clean up the town which means ) Familjen ) Swimwear from £49. yet is never anything less than smart. 3a Kensington Gardens. Woman With a Whip. in a nice fairytale touch.99 (Pussy. camp and occasionally experimental it’s barely a Western at all (its other title. 112-113 St James's St.95. Barbara Stanwyck is the woman who. Linda Darnell and Jeanne Crain are beautifully drawn and. 01273 683680) ) Compass Flask. 01273 604861) . are the main focus . 22b Ship St. Brighton. 27 Gloucester Road. Although a Westernophobe I realise there are exceptions to its roster of paper-thin characters and boring gun fights.its the men in their lives who are really the supporting players.50 (England at Home. Coitus Magazine. 01273 604006. Joseph L Mankiewicz’s elegant. intriguingly for a Hollywood film.


Sat 4). The Drive. no With the Actually Gay Men's by the wolves. www. MISS JASON & AGMC adventure live on stage. puppets. Sue for children aged 3+. Brighton.30pm. suitable Line-up includes Peter Daniels. Proud Cabaret.brownpapertickets. With all this non- Act one is themed with a tropical Pride Arts Festival. Dreamboats & Petticoats) www. Tickets £12/£10 from catching visuals and tips for making BEACON FUNDRAISER (8pm. MYSTERRY All Saints Church. Miss Gay Men’s Chorus continue their and horny gay man as he navigates PANTI Jason. 74 GSCENE ZOE LYONS ) QUICHE (Thur 16–Sat 18). Miss Jason and Actually Gay Men’s Chorus. Head upstairs at Bar Howard. Soon mysterry@email. Brighton Roadshow). Frank McHugh’s comedy challenges fantasy against reality Box office: 01273 709709 century twist’ The Guardian. then it’s off to America romance. Jubilee St. An explicit BRIGHTON GAY MEN’S CHORUS and raunchy exploration of the with host Mysterry Drag-Queen (7pm. hilarious’ Three Weeks. 83 St George’s Rd. But. £5 tickets special effects. Panti landed after the interval. Brighton & Hove made a vow to kill the man-cub Library Service hosts HAVE A WORD before he grows up. 9 Manchester and audience participation. live score from Merlin & Ellis.whitbread@brighton-hove. word comedy directed by West End play and audience interaction. An epic as part of its pre-Pride celebrations. The second is a Planet. raised ) OLDER LGBT WRITING WORKSHOP led by Sue Walker. in memory of the 31).uk Sleaze. Brighton ) BENT DOUBLE (Sun 5). Jesus Christ Marlborough Theatre. Waterloo St. their contribution to this years and group play. or just a dirty weekend? could possibly go wrong? Q&A with PLACES (Fri 31). Entry by Donation.dukeboxtheatre. Brighton eclectic programme of celebrated The first part is a fast-moving art Passports are potluck: where will you land? ) MASQUERADE (8pm. confronts xenophobia in an immersive kunst-diskoteque about Schamaun 'not just funny. An thelittleboxoffice. dance and night stand-up comedy. proudcabaretbrighton. 29). With Tom Allen 'Gives the tradition of camp comedy a 21st accepted. ) GIGGLE @ THE GODS (9. transport you back to the ) DOUBLE BILL: ARTFUNSHACK! & ACROSS THE POND BAR BROADWAY evening of music and comedy to ) THE JUNGLE BOOK (Tue 7–Fri raise money for Epilepsy Research UK and Mind about homophobia. Fri 24 & Sat 25). Sat 11). . Return To The Forbidden St. Hove. Shere Kahn the tiger has ) HAVE A WORD: (7. tales director and choreographer Carole PINK FRINGE of a queer reality become the glue BGMC Todd (Starlight Express.actuallygmc. Wed Broadway for some hilarious late www. To book a place Chorus and DJ set from Peter von the laws of the jungle by Baloo the email: rachel. Peter Lindars. A raunchy. but the Border Force are strict. she’s migration and (no booking fun stuff out of rubbish. Brits and Eurovision. Brighton escapades of a recently single hard and performers Paul Hazel.30-9. chem sex Robinson and Maisie Trollette. Thurs 16). Hove. Clubbers attempt to travel between countries. With magical Walker and Gerry Potter. exploring 4). queer performance purveyors Duckie return with a brand new St Andrew’s Church. Waterloo St. Marianne 10th anniversary celebrations with the world of dating EMPORIUM 200 years by an Irish Times ) PETER LINDARS MEMORIAL 88 London Rd. Is it a holiday stop pleasure at his fingertips what ) PANTI: HIGH HEELS IN LOW Latin feel. and who is taught experience necessary (10. song. John intends to make an exciting but delicate proposition hosted by Zoe Lyons (Mock The to their guests Jo and Jake. herself in the middle of a media from Sussex Beacon shops (St with Brighton Gay Men's Chorus for shitstorm christened ‘Pantigate’ James’s St & London Rd). follows JUBILEE LIBRARY Jubilee Library. BN1 1GE Iron Duke landlord. corruption is rife and there’s no such ARTFUNSHACK thing as jeux sans frontiers. What you into? Into Chemsex? gender identity and politics of BB? Groups? Up for joining us? transition through a series of live/ Wherever. whenever. Harriet and explores the true nature of the ) DUCKIE: BORDER FORCE (Sat 1 Dyer 'Her instinctively funny stand. £3. BTN GAY MEN’S CHORUS and you’re just a few meters and a conversation and visual art. Brighton. Waterloo St. Using projection. This is her riotous stand- FUNDRAISER (7pm. fee) or Iron Duke. By weaving together video. or email a thoroughly musical probing of the that rocked Ireland in 2014.actuallygmc. An evening of song. Brighton columnist. with guest soprano Samantha show hosted by Evan with eye- ) ACROSS THE POND: SUSSEX Sat 26). sexual experience. Duckie’s new globalised up is packed full of weird and energetic and somewhat tragic clubland challenges national wonderful incidents from her strange recount of a dinner party that John identity. Mowgli who is abandoned. Back after the riotous Mods vs Rockers MASQUERADE last year. Tickets: £12/£10 from sensation when a speech she made ACTUALLY GAY MEN’S CHORUS www. Box office: hammer together.30pm. This adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic story. ups and downs of the seaside mini.30pm. one Week and Michael McIntyre's Comedy that Jenny has reluctantly DUCKIE The Dome. clubbing spectacular for Brighton Pride’s 25th birthday weekend. Laura Nixon. she became a Youtube break. Sat 18). after. New 10 Steine St. DUCKIE Aug). Hove few words away from a world of hot ) BED… AND BREAKFAST' WITH guys waiting for you. Tickets: £10 High season or low rent? Check in THT after the show on Friday 3. described as Dukebox Theatre.brightongmc. John ARTS B Y MIC HA E L HO O TMA N new performance from None of Us ) EDIT PROFILE (Thur 2–Sat Is Yet A Robot company. An irreverent night of fun and frolics and his partner Jenny are having a dinner party. St. queers the borders and life’ Chortle and Abigoliah and Jenny will never forget. www.30am-12. for an RITUALS FOR CHANGE (Thur 23). “the most eloquent Irish speech” in Hove. Brighton. tap the app online events. 4 Princes that binds the papier mache Superstar. Gardner St.

Along ) #RC18! (7. much loved Brighton guest. new show highlighting the legendary life and career of Miss Judy with never before seen film 18) THE RAINBOW CHORUS Women’s Performance Tent highlights and interviews.50 . and give it all performances at IDAHOBIT. live performance and art .booking essential.otherplacebrighton. lot of camp and glitter. you’ve got. GSCENE 75 up show about life after the Brighton Pride Parade. . Box office: 01273 987516 in show business history. Their recent Mitchell. musical journey through the St George’s Church. Box office: 01273 201801 selection of music from their ) TRAUMFRAU PRIDE FREAKY repertoire developed over the FRIDAY (Fri 31). a Pride Eve night to life on stage with an award- of live music and laughs winning cast who are the cream celebrating the life Sheila of London's West End. will lead the way through activist and passionate supporter this remarkable show. BN1 4AJ songs that made Judy a legend www.30pm. Fri 17 & Sat www. The Old Market.brownpapertickets. the Rainbow Chorus. wear your hot pants. BSL interpreting and the choir will who died in February this year. DJ Von Petrovosky and be headlining Trans*Pride (July bar till which charts brushes Tickets: £12/£10 online from: with infamy.THE SONGBOOK OF JUDY GARLAND (Tue 7–Sat 11) is a underbelly.30pm and show starts 8pm with guests: CAR. Featuring Greymatter. Special McWattie. community Luft. they will perform an eclectic Hove. New Rd. Kemptown 24 Kensington St. Qukulele. near misses with www. practice your parade. Box office: 08448 717650 fame. supported English.warm up also sing using some sign. and sweatier. Judy's daughter Lorna RAINBOW CHORUS based journalist. a 25) as well as being very visible on £10/£8. and adventures in the seedy nt/1585628 or from members of ) JUDY . Musical Director Aneesa SONGBOOK OF JUDY GARLAND Theatre Royal. Led by (7. This year’s Pride starts By Your Trans and their own Sing Diablo) plus more TBA. Al Start Band. weekend to remember. Get ready for a years. Nicky your muscles. ‘Pantigate’. it celebrate their 18th birthday in Brighton presents SHEILAFEST brings Judy's dazzling songbook style with two concerts. Marco Nardi will provide of the Brighton Women's Centre. the evening takes RAINBOW CHORUS 18TH SHEILA FEST the audience on a magical BIRTHDAY CONCERTS Otherplace @ The Basement. TRAUMFRAU SHEILA MCWATTIE with accompanist Mojca Monte. Upper Market St. Special Out were well received and they’ll 7. Expect Stand DJ Lonesome M (Frockabilly. Fri 31). Brighton. Tickets: DJ Sina Sparrow plus surprises. With official blessing from Judy's family. Doors open earlier.

DUNCAN GRANT www. 113-114 Western Road. Ceri generous framers Richards. Dr Open brings together artists and makers Darren Clarke. Tickets from £15 include house visit and Portslade.tumblr. The guest selectors are Jonathan Watkins and Saskia Olde Wolbers. Festival fundraising Community Art Show Pride the Shanghai Biennale. from the near-monochrome abstractions her Ouch House Diaries on of the 1950s to his exuberant mature style from the 1960s until his social media. Saltdean. that this probably derived in part from his childhood – subconscious To celebrate 356 days of memories of the pit-head winding gear and the engineering marvel of pen and ink. and partner-in- abstract painter William Gear. There is an entry fee. line. the Sharjah Biennial and the Tate Triennial. Alan Davie. from across the city’s diverse LGBTQ community. Saskia has exhibited widely up in hospital with a fractured skull. as the most essential basis of his painting. Josephine created Ouch Mehra in collaboration with Shuby and Delete.The Observer. and director of the ) OUCH HOUSE 200 by Brighton DJ. Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC. love of cartooning Queen Josephine began to chronicle her long recovery WILLIAM GEAR COMPOSITION BLUE CENTRE 1949 from surgery with the cartoon strip Ouch House Diaries. Roger Hilton. Saltdean. including David Hockney. explores Grant’s responses from across the East Sussex region. www. Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Tate Britain in ) A GAY OUTING (6pm. Hove. broken elbow including Mori museum in Tokyo. Saskia is a London-based artist. Charleston’s curator. This large-scale followers as she shared retrospective traces his work. Body- building magazines such as Physique Pictorial had a big influence on the output TOWNER of British male homosexual artists working Devonshire Park. Hastings. THE OUCH HOUSE 200 Duke Of Norfolk. St Leonards on and Francis Bacon. the Guangzhou and her writing arm shattered in eight places. Brighton. Since the mid-1990s she has matter how Ouchy the fall. taking to this source material and also considers in Rye to Eastbourne and Brighton & Hove. buildings. represented by Maureen Paley. a younger generation of artists Hailing from all parts of East Sussex. London A Queen will always rise again after a Lewes. BN1 2AB Jonathan is the current Director of the Ikon Gallery (since 1999). Nicholas May. Tumblr and death in 1997. Seaford. 1962. tribulations and occasional humiliations of THE PAINTER THAT BRITAIN her sick bed. Gary used British and American magazines as ) I’m concentrating on the Towner Art Gallery this month beginning influence for a large amount of private with the EAST SUSSEX OPEN 2015 (Jul 11 –Sept 20).php?id=143195236 curator of the Serpentine Gallery (1995-1997). BN21 4JJ in the post-WW2 period. this year’s 44 For more information and to book online.brighton-pride. Tel: 01323 811265 . Amsterdam. ArtsWerk. College Road. Maslen & view: www. Sea. He regarded structure. Ewhurst Green. including Queenie? version of paintings by major British abstract artists Where’s Wally? of the 1950s and 1960s. architecture. all profits from the sale will be donated to Brighton Pride and earning the accolade of ‘most go-ahead municipal gallery of its size in the Rainbow Fund for their support of local LGBT charities and the country’ . such as Sandra Supported by very Blow. East Sussex. but well Queen Josephine’s worth it for the sights on adventures soon gained show. www.perfectdistractions. This Collection Display celebrates Gear’s time at recognition of the amazing support and care she received from staff Towner and brings together some of the key purchases and acquisitions whilst at Royal Sussex County Hospital. Keith Vaughan including Lewes. Left handed ) Also at the Towner is scribbles became right handed drawn delights as she used honesty and WILLIAM GEAR 1915-1997: humour to deal with the trials. No OUCH! DEC 2013 and Galerie Diana Stigter. He Exhibition (Jul 25–August 21) alongside artists is the author of the Phaidon monograph on Japanese artist On Kawara. The East Sussex homo-erotic work. Strictly over 16s. He acknowledged Gscene Magazine. He became a Senior Royal organisations as well as The Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals in Academician in 1995. and Bexhill. Hassocks. Charleston cocktail in the Walled Garden. Madge and centenary of the birth of Hubbell. RadioReverb presenter and Chisenhale Gallery (1990-1995) and curated international exhibitions: cartoonist Queen Josephine is part of Brighton Pride Arts & Film Iraqi Pavilion for the Venice Biennale in 2013. Hailsham.charleston. During everyone who made it ALAN DAVIE SEAGATE 1960 Gear’s time as curator he added to the into the Ouch House diversity and modernity of the permanent Diaries. Except perhaps pen and paper. Forest Row. and prints by both young and established printmakers. In 2003 Little was going to raise her spirits as she lay recovering in the Royal she won the Baloise Prize at Statements Basel and in 2004 the Beck’s Sussex County Hospital. Ros Faram. Brighton. selected artists include: Alexander Johnson. abetted by her two feline which celebrates the nurses. Kate Wildblood. Tom Banks. Queen the Forth Bridge. A kind of Where’s collection with his that demonstrate the important role he played in the gallery’s story.charleston. ending fabricated otherworldly analogue imagery. House Resurrecting her Futures Prize. Mike Stoakes and Chris Shaw Hughes. Eastbourne. BN8 6LL.townereastbourne. 76 GSCENE LET’S GET PHYSICAL ART MATTERS B Y E NZO MA RRA Charleston Firle. Eastbourne. an A2 ) A RADICAL VIEW: WILLIAM GEAR AS cartoon featuring EXCERPT FROM OUCH HOUSE 200 CURATOR 1958–64 (until Aug 31). Aided and FORGOT (Jul 18–Sept 27). Sun 26).com http://queenjo1. On Boxing Day 2013 made videos that combine fictional and documentary elements with Queen Josephine had a horrible accident. From quite early in his career Gear demonstrated a Queenie’s Strip Service in fondness for heavy black line as a division of colour.

some were ) The Three Degrees play Concorde2 on July Fifty years is an incredible amount of time simply gracious enough to step in temporarily 7. If you were going to pick out three of your recordings from the past 50 years. I You’re coming to Brighton on July 7. Woman In Love. Helen Scott. GSCENE 77 “We are not the kind of group.” Helen. which was show? Givin’ Up. or Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. what the mid to late 1970s with massive hits such remember they built this stage for us right in can your audience by the sea expect from the as When Will I See You Again. I really love that management. And at the end of line-up. I just thought they captured the emotional 50 years of precious moments with The perspective of a woman in love so perfectly and I have often thought ‘how on earth do they Three Degrees (and Craig Hanlon-Smith) know?’” (she laughs again. I was 16 and we were in Philadelphia choirs. or Top of the Pops. which would you choose? NO SIGNS OF “Woman In Love. left in the late member Helen Scott and asked. I caught up with original and founding although an original member. I was had something special to add. she laughs a lot). secret of your enduring appeal? with Valerie Holiday and Sheila Ferguson.thethreedegrees. you know. or just a show. Their legendary particular highlights from the past 50 years. but when we were into. and it was cold! So I’d say a promotion agency who contacted our Starlight [from the 3D album]. and we were asked to perform as song and Valerie did such a wonderful job of ) The Three Degrees formed in Philadelphia part of the Prince of Wales’ 30th birthday singing the lead vocal.” of those people truly aspired to be a ‘Three info Degree’. the beginning that it could have endured this disco albums 3D and New Dimensions are now what would they be? long but what’s central to our work is that the available in repackaged re-mastered formats. [with the harmonies prevail. We had no idea in www.” That was said without hesitation. the full tour dates are available from to be performing. It was so important to us that we kept moving as a group and didn’t stop. don’t know if that is my favourite.” more than 50 years ago in 1963 but their most celebrations (at the time Prince Charles said notable recording success in the UK was during The Three Degrees were his favourite group). why that one in particular? GIVIN’ UP OR GIVIN’ IN “It’s just such a beautiful song and my goodness was written by two men. if you could pluck out any for a tour. I’m not sure that all response and feel their energy. and Valerie Holiday (both from that 1970s area.” better hold onto your seats!” part way through their 50th anniversary The group has been through a number of line- celebrations. But you have to remember this was what that song means to so many people. you know what you’ll get. Another would be our favourite song of the group at the so we played to “Those of you who know us will not be but a few. . is because we “Although there have been changes in the absolutely love what we do. When the 1960s and I was 16 years-old – that was a we recorded that it wasn’t necessarily the lot of money then. It reminds me of them making us dress up in these jogging So how did that come about? suits and we had to sing it while running “The Palace liaison people were in touch with around Hyde Park. what she considered that after all this time. like The Supremes. well you know. what do you consider to be the form the line-up many disco fans remember. and what we then get back from them in return. or even Patti Labelle with The Blue Belles where one woman took the lead you know? We have never been about the one person but always the voice and the voices. the first record I can remember going out to buy with my own money as a child was The Runner by The Three Degrees (she finds this uncomfortably [for me] amusing and it’s a while before she stops laughing). We all sang on stage. the middle of this great doorway. up changes over the years. want to come out and see us. It was such a beautiful experience. “Receiving my first pay cheque. and I’m truly grateful to everyone who performance when we see that audience. after all 1960s before returning a few years later to this time. the reason people still to be the heart of The Three Degrees.” But The Runner? (and the invited to the [Charles & Diana’s] wedding reason for the laughing now becomes clear) “I reception. “Well for one thing it certainly doesn’t feel like I asked Helen with so many personnel 50 years! It feels like no time at all but I think changes over the years. one room and the other was our backstage disappointed. The current line-up Helen Scott. we will continue for as long as we can. it was incredible”. but it association with the Royal Family. It’s about what we can all give to the audiences. in churches and all of us have always t @CraigsContinuum performing on a TV show that was a little like American Bandstand. in t @TThreeDegrees group]. “When Will I See You Again of course because of paid $90. and I don’t became the biggest song and just catapulted us say that to be. Givin’ In and Dirty Ol’ Man to name situated between two rooms. their has ever worked with us. and those of you who haven’t? Well you guys had heyday) and Freddie Pool are currently on tour one we have always remembered.

with the lilting many in his lifetime. The five ) Chandos have gathered REIGATE WIND ENSEMBLE Nocturnes here pick up on the together their recordings of Sir darker atmosphere. The recordings are and the Melbourne Symphony Symphony No. but he 1 was the context of the progression must spend a lot of time in the air. recording. Fri 17). whose simple lyrical nine Symphonies in a box-set re- opening leads through darker release. and in Davis lives in Chicago where he Symphony No. www. It is a interesting presentation of the substantial and ‘serious’ output particularly desolate creation. 5. The early exemplary throughout. in this case the a lively two of the slower Waltzes feel writing.78 GSCENE Symphony Orchestra. Chandos output. Lortie This is followed by Strauss’ sublime ) Rossini’s Guillaume Tell is being emphasises the dance qualities of Four Last Songs. and the Connaught indulgently. Yet promised Strauss cycle of ) Mark Gibbs (viola) and Christopher Atkinson (piano) perform there are moments where the recordings. and it was only thanks to Philharmonic under Rumon the help of his companion and Gamba. Fri 3).co. Brahms and Shostakovich (7. comments and events: ‘works’ in his lifetime. labelled by one Chandos CHAN10853(4)X Chopin only thought eight were they visited the Proms in London worthy of publishing as proper critic as ‘a study in disintegration’. Barber and Debussy (7. 32 No. with soprano broadcast live from the Royal Opera these miniatures. and Davis certainly brings out the nicks-classical-notes. The first six symphonies moods to a strange. Chopin and a bit more time for the mournful. bare scoring.stlukesconcerts. spurious.30pm. and the final three are from the BBC composing altogether from 1982 to 1986. It is perhaps not surprising belated reappraisal of this troubled Waltzes might initially appear to the swashbuckling tone poem. and as in the Don Juan. Cast includes Gerald lightness of touch. Arnold’s music was carer. Both in a pulling about of the tempo) tone poem. under A most not able to separate his more Symphony No. Despite the somewhat appropriately but never range of local cinemas. and a further one (B46) is now considered to be probably letting the music tell the story. it struggled to receive a first showing himself to be a thoughtful particularly his extensive filmscore performance. Op. with Lortie once again from his more popular works. and genre focus. but also CHAN10852 span most of to its stark. The the programme of the disc’s main progressively darker. 70 No. Poulenc. giving perfect 1. the BBC SO to 1986 when he finished the powerful. Brighton-based composer Guy Richardson (7. Brighton. making this a great disc opener. 37 No. such as in dark. CONCERTS mood. chords are perfectly placed – all marked ‘lento’. CINEMA GUILLAUME TELL by one of Chopin’s students. Op. including: Dukes at the Komedia. sense to the frequent changes of Op. and Davis faster examples (such as the Cinema. dramatic are performed by the London . owing partly to the and insightful performer. 1. with cast including Zaruthustra. the episodic writing here. with the ) Canadian pianist Louis Lortie Orchestra. and September is particularly Byström in a new production by Damiano Michieletto. and more Hickox perform the ninth. and Waltzes. Reviews. Of all his genres. yet very soon achieving a tad more intensity his recordings of Chopin’s piano recording of an works. They performed this when most disturbing. shows that he fully understands famous ‘Minute Waltz’. Included was apparently Arnold’s favourite. in 2014. many ways makes perfect sense in conducts the Lyric Opera. This is disc opens with disturbing. directed by David McVicar. Her voice is beautifully House (Sun5). they ST LUKE’S CHURCH focus on dance means that one or rise to the challenges of Strauss’ Queens Park Road. and the Grande Valse Brillante. 2. Brighton. the architecture. live from in any way. with many inspiration to compose the ballad-like Op. the Arnold’s own difficult mental hopefully will add further to the performance of health. of these. Anthony Day. 34 No. and for this latest release Arnold develops his own particular than Gamba and the BBC Phil – it all Strauss style. The orchestra are on fine However. He uses rubato (a Glyndebourne (Sun 19). The rest of the rapid figurations get bogged down disc is given over to Also Sprach ) You can also see Mozart’s Die Entfurhrung aus dem Serail. 18) are perfectly judged. his most ambitious Sally Matthews. which as he also conducts the Toronto right through makes this box-set particularly Symphony Orchestra. It was well-received then. and the symphonies become would have been great to hear he again uses Nocturnes to vary programme. 9. and the tempi of the symphonic proportions. Yet the symphonies. 1. the downside of this form. The final sequence of ) The Reigate Wind Ensemble with pianist Erik Azzopardi perform slightly rushed – the darker A alternating wind and strings quiet Mozart. through the symphonies. particularly in Malcolm Arnold’s (1921-2006) Op. 64 No. never letting the enchanting ABC Classics ABC4811122 at his most deceptively simple really shine through. The disc ends in somewhat unfairly dismissed by able to regain his creative REVIEWS a brighter mood. and it is with the last has reached the fourth volume of symphonies show influences of LSO. He has a Erin Wall. the and misunderstood composer. this certainly bodes Waltzes published posthumously – challengingly for most significantly in the early eighties. As the first of a mysterious outer sections. Yet it is his career from a work of remarkable if ) British conductor Sir Andrew 1949 when the uncomfortable intensity. Albéniz. Fri 31). Check for times and dates. 9. the work has Odeon Cinema. composed. poignancy and delicacy of Chopin well. Worthing. Cineworld Eastbourne. perhaps of these that he has released a live Sibelius and Mahler. Edgaras Montvidas and Tobias Kehrer. needs the more impressive in a live ) Pianist Manuel Lopéz Jorge plays Mozart. Brighton. which delay in its completion.30pm. minor Waltz. Don be the least profound – in fact that the Symphony No. 2. one (B150) is considered instruments) scored piece here. Op. for example. conducted and he pretty much stopped CLASSICAL NOTES B Y NIC K B O STO N by the late Richard Hickox.webeden.blogspot.30pm. John Osborn and Malin more virtuosic here however are 11 further His mental health deteriorated detail of this imaginatively (and Email: nbclassical@hotmail. Juan. somewhat reflecting an important collection. even in the rich without being too heavy or Finley. that he was recitative ending.

you do. we are finally getting to see what Marvel has ‘em up. which helps to immerse mere nine months later. Starring and co-written by Paul Rudd the story follows Rudd as Scott Lang. until now. which was invented by Pym. which. Thor and the Hulk and went on to have a long and you would a button. These are good natured and reformed red carpet that is flung at your opponent from a fighter’s blade’adorned thief Scott Lang who is the Ant-Man of the movie and Eric O’Grady. The screen. two successors have being cut in half by scissoring legs to being set on fire by a burning taken on the mantle of Ant-Man. Although a you into the game and want your fighter to win even more. In fact all the voice acting is pretty top notch. who would become his crime-fighting partner the Wasp. other? Then want no more as I think I have the perfect game for you guys: Gay Fighter Supreme! The film has had a troubled development and has been a long time coming with the initial hiring of The latest game from Handsome Woman productions and Bearded Man director Edgar Wright. the character Darren Once again these are character specific and can range from someone Cross). with each Man was in Tales to Astonish #35 a character having their own distinct identity. The announcer should be applauded for and Jack Kirby. pre-production finally began in October 2013. Gay Fighter Supreme sees you take control of one of an eclectic the way back in 2006. Have you ever wanted a fighting technology from various new threats and plot a game that solely features LGBT characters kicking the crap out of each heist that will have worldwide consequences. my friends on the SNES. Finally. keep going and you will Pym is famous for having activate a special move. bringing back memories in store for one of its most unique and obscure characters. successful crime-fighting career. lights running across After a while he shared his discovery with his then girlfriend. only colours in this rainbow are black and blue! . helps to define the fighters even more. a highly talented thief as he aids his mentor Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) in safe guarding the mysterious Ant-Man technology. The more consecutive presses. Since leaving his original identity vacant. tweaked by Paul Rudd and Adam McKay. This technology. usually whist Sadly in May 2014 Wright left the project due to creative differences and standing over a pile of your was replaced with new director Payton Reed with the story being opponent’s bones. allows its user to decrease in GAMES size but increase in strength: Lang must use this ) As I am a huge fan of fighting games there isn’t much I haven’t special ability to protect the one of a kind seen in a beat ‘em up. when these light shrinking duo went on to become founding members of The Avengers flash you press them as alongside Iron Man.L. Janet Van the bottom of the Dyne. the child. Ant-Man was created by the themselves being the major focus over the background and any other Marvel legends Stan Lee. Pym first appeared being able to bring back nostalgic memories of 16-bit fighters from way back in 1962’s Tales to Astonish back in the day by being over the top and excited about everything #27 whilst his first appearance as Ant.H. which is rightly so. I thought we should take a look where Ant-Man playing Street Fighter 2 with came from and why he is such an interesting character. after almost 10 years Fights take place like a 2D beat since it began gestation. After completing the script by 2011 and shooting mix of characters to battle to the literal death and achieve rainbow- test footage in 2012. Everything seems to pop off the screen thanks Originally the superhero identity of to the beautifully designed and rendered characters with the fighters Hank Pym. good array of characters from drag queen Carrie Cupcake to dog lover Pym decides to become a superhero Timmy Spears with each having their own personality. Successfully doing so causes your character to unleash an attack. In of being a teenager and celebration of this. coloured glory. My personal favourite being powerful lesbian Sappho Goliath and YellowJacket Ethrudges yells of “Carpet munch punch” and “Death by scissors!” If (who is the villain in the you win the fight and manage to press the last few light flashes your new movie but played by character will perform a ‘Gayality’ and murder your rival on the spot. match. There is a talented and renowned biophysicist. Pym also created a helmet that allowed him to with several coloured communicate with and control ants hence the name Ant-Man. Originally the user could only all done firmly tongue in cheek you can’t help but enjoy the humour.D who steals the technology for his own needs before redeeming himself and dying a hero protecting a Gay Fighter Supreme is available on mobiles now and remember. Larry Lieber elements. Connecting special moves on your aliases since giving up opponents causes the characters to yell taunts and quips at one the Ant-Man persona another making the fights seem like a physical and verbal slanging such as Giant-Man.I. when after discovering a chemical substance coupled with the voice acting. a handbag. the better your a multitude of different chance at winning the match. shrink to the size of an insect until it The actual fights was discovered later on that the themselves are like a particles could also cause its user to rhythm action game grow over 100 feet tall. that allows the user to alter his or her Sure there are a lot of stereotypes amongst the combatants but as it’s size.E. he of Scott Pilgrim fame all studios. selfish manipulating Agent of S. GSCENE 79 GEEK SCENE COMICS & GAMES BY CRAIG STORRIE COMICS ) This month sees the release of the much-anticipated Marvel film Ant- Man.

She Eventually he forced a break-up after a night threw away the piss stained teddy they carried of street ketamine. She I’m sick of saying sorry all the time. before she was ever in apologise and become closer. ‘don’t head backwards into your solitary table and two metal chairs. he the way Mark and Tracy were changing. this. as if she too shot of Tequila by the doorman. When he and constant companion. She’d sat alone ever since. he walked back along the edge of remained. He said he needed to move It was Mark who had started up the bar. They’d play with each “An important step in the right direction. danger makes you of the pavement just outside the bar.” things were more equal.” between the larger rocks and pebbles as they her own thoughts and feelings. like the suppression of desire felt Even when she held her hands over her ears. that he finally accepted anything.. “As if I need to clear things up count the seconds and guess the speed bar. Tracy gathered her both. when he was still a codes to another generation. This was she could still hear him. if she only had the Before Tracy had changed his mind. Perhaps it was the group of stag-night lads held the rest back. They’d argued and she’d stormed closer. He salvaged When it got close to three. Tracy nods gently and within a few and towards the quarry edge. But then there was a blending away for . It began as an ordinary walk past the canal and hits out at a girl to get any form of hand. And then one of “I think we’ve done just marvelous. or heard his voice. been carrying round all my life. ‘little resistances’. only Tracy “I don’t know.” them whistled as she passed and Tracy smiled. he needed her in his life.” time had passed. somewhere was building. He insulted her exalted. Tracy has yet together. ) Carl Oprey’s most recent novel is other. or want her in his life anymore. Bad debts. something else kicked in. he’d take himself off to the quarry anymore. would become part of the down without salt or lemon. And she never brought him said.. At one point she wished his life. but not in the way boys his age did of the young men and women head into her Her last contact with Mark was at the edge of as a means of disguising their real need to be bar and a man shouts something from the the quarry.” The Lawn of Sleeping Soldiers other. Baggage I’ve was done. then smashed the knowing silently that he would never return. like it was just another missed him – Mark . he would only began by painting it back to white using eight deteriorate further and probably kill them coats of industrial exterior paint. along the dust path towards the road without Sometimes. too much. they’d be at peace in each other’s looking back. “Do you think we’ve done the right thing?” He lack of care. she walked away. or even thought about himself or allowing Tracy through. Tracy said she understood. She missed the feeling of otherness within before I can ever move on. perhaps a caveat she’d woven carefully into the line of the conversation and delivered as they ) At the edge of the town centre. Issues perhaps. on. in their so-called adolescence. Her frustration at the pain because it gives the boys a chance to what he had been thinking whipped into full- There were many times. when things went badly for Mark. Now. When she grew restless. who finally set her free. his books and albums. There was a single point in their youth when Mark had been stronger and happier and “It’s an important step for us. Some regularly. he offer a sort of protection from what they’d guts. be a clearer psychology moving into place He said later. The doorman would bring them drinks from the bar and Tracy would A nail-biting story by author Carl Oprey nurture a quiet conversation. on the hottest night of the year. toward the bars and clubs of the quarter. but something. Sharon Stone past her on the pavement. at the entrance of her bar. successes that eventually became swamped in would manifest into feelings so intense that drugs just before he could achieve the big she grew fearful and silent And when it got It took a few weeks for her not to care breakthrough. but she never “What things do you need to clear up?” hit the water below. his body that hurt Tracy the most. emotional reaction. only acknowledging the time left him at the side of the quarry that day and “You can forget all the baggage with me. He’d the characters that found their way into the time. it was only after he found Tracy with Tracy. eventually put their arms around them and Mark would slip and fall or. She felt that she forced a change on him frames from some 1980s posters and filled carpetbag. outside the bar. there seemed to that would have no end. the boy she was had finally gone.her childhood sweetheart empty space between two things. This was the last time she had His life before Tracy was one of minor company and sometimes his hatred for her contact with Mark. known to sticky liqueur remains in her glass. punters hung onto her every word and she opposite Tracy sits with her arms folded something that was a stranger to them both. until they’d on fury inside of her. She returned to the flat that evening and same heavy luggage he’d mention in the It is now a year since Mark sat on the street began by destroying Mark’s clothes. for the first time in his life. Betty Grable. goading each other on. without wincing. a path between Tracy and the doorway. Tracy is given a the quarry. one baby. Tracy. she thought. that they would jump together in a fall struggled hard against what he called the just done. cigarettes and phone from the table too fast. on the side Mark into something else. stopped working. as if he didn’t need At the table outside the bar. She missed the banter about the where he’d sit close to the edge and throw business they’d built up together and about “It’s as if I need to keep starting over all the stones down and wait to hear them drop. loving each Mark. she ended with a piece of advice. framed family photographs of him as a boy.” he said. And the quarry without ever realising how much The boy she was. She slugs it by merely enquiring. With the teenager. She sang loudly until this time. And when that relaxed.80 GSCENE MARK AND TRACY Tonight. ‘Remember. Mark developed a love-hate many and bypassed by none. stands a drugs and booze that made his once taut and stronger’ or. And the girls deal with minutes her glass is replenished. A mouthful of some Around this time. It would no longer be about the bars them with images of his own heroes: Sylvester outside of her bar. If he stayed. He said that only when one is learning to love. As if something happened on the journey back from the edge of He’d change the subject. At the same time. Tracy had this effect on him. It wasn’t just the stood and left. was finally twilight comes a swarm of punters heading relationship with Tracy. Drunks and police jostled and the drugs and beatings he received and Judy Garland. occasionally beckoning old friends to join her. stomping this effect on everyone. towards the doorman said to Tracy as he hung the last frame. And a straight boys of the quarter. Mark. back within her soul. Like when a younger boy gets confused doorway making a tilting gesture with his off. He around when they were both. The chair spine-revealing frame bloated and his own future – just stay still.” she he’d spent away from Tracy and of how much never looked back. Tracy sat at the small table. apart she drowned out his words.’ The youngest where Mark once sat remains empty whilst thoughts darker. She burned future. They parted and cut whenever he propositioned the drunken with her legs crossed. secretly saw it as the passing on of important squarely across her bosom.

Thanks to human resources. often in front of patients. an empowered community More and more we are seeing unrest and/or dissatisfaction with facilities developed resilience and capacity. It’s a joy to see how many people have been given a new lease situations. with BHCC continuing to pledge commitment to inclusivity and improving the lot of trans-identified inhabitants and service users. There is a fine line activism to produce a favourable outcome. organisation in question. Such events do wonders for a community endure daily the use of the wrong pronoun. and comprehensively up-to. That is up to the individual/ ensure a training package that is responsive. as well as providing access to low-cost psychotherapy optional meal out preceded by the clareprojectinfo@gmail. At an individual level as well as organisational. further-reaching than ever. It is incumbent therefore upon dialogue. I am an NHS clinician working centre. Many trans-identified people in Brighton are working a complaints from service users who identify as trans. disregarded. Activist exhaustion is a real threat. the local hospital day job as well as engaging in activism and promotion of health and has mandated trans awareness training for its medical teams. We often need to lean solid start and a good example of how dissatisfaction can combine with heavily on our allies for manpower and resources. and/or one of the many other labels that are self-applied in to be misgendered. it has One of the hardest nuts to crack is the medical profession and healthcare gone from strength to strength. which regularly ‘outs’ me renowned for living in the shadows for fear of being shamed or abused when I really don’t want to be. with all that they need to about the matter and have no need of further (or an exhibition trail and giant projections of Sharon Kilgannon’s indeed any) training in dealing with transgender patients and their wonderful portraits on the front of the Unitarian Church in the town needs. The Trans Alliance. It is not our responsibility. so one of our biggest problems is provision. The book has been a huge success and continues to inspire both in Brighton. but inroads are being made. and that here in The trans community.will loom. The effects have been born out by a real shift in patients and colleagues for whom inclusive and accessible service cohesiveness as well as an increasing tendency to “come out” into the provision is not the and speech therapy. It’s only impression of change but cannot be sustained without growth from through using formal channels to raise issues that concrete change is within. and the work ) It’s that time of year again! Pride and its smaller cousin Trans*Pride of stamping out ignorance and its vicious side effect . It takes a long time to educate and change society’s misconceptions.30PM . the community itself is engaged and remunerated for community via the various support groups and initiatives. agender. we with all the support groups and coordinates participation in wider cannot change what we are not aware of. I still locally and nationally.30–5.30PM SUPPORT GROUP at for transmen/masculine Based in central Brighton. Beyond supporting medical transition is the non-binary. or order to express a gender identity that doesn’t comply with societal challenged on the spot about names/pronouns. however. Trans people have unique healthcare needs. on the street. under issues in the medical profession and within the wider NHS is a false the direction of the inimitable Kathy Caton and team. The Trans Needs WHY EDUCATION BREEDS Assessment. transmasculine. especially if out way beyond Brighton & Hove to trans people and their friends and medical transition is undertaken. to correct initiative. an umbrella organisation that communicates made possible. in our homes.clareproject.transphobia . is also small Brighton & Hove we have the opportunity to develop first class service in comparison to the LGB community. and as service users ranging from health and social care to studying in Brighton & Hove. This is a wellbeing. Many doctors I know think they know unprecedented rise in visibility of the trans community in the city. transsexual. thus ensuring provision of such training. saw an sense of satisfaction/achievement. transfeminine. and results in embarrassing and awkward in public. Patronisation gives an initial or services that are not trans-inclusive being openly expressed. and although I transitioned socially three years ago. Facilitated peer f Clare Project Except 1st Tues when there’s an support is an important element. simple issue of a lack of appreciation of how deeply distressing it can be genderqueer. A GOOD START In the last year there have been considerable changes in the city. There is still a lot of work to be done in both private and public sectors. However I remain optimistic that it will happen. of life and a real boost in self-esteem simply by taking part in such a good education and a recognition that here is a group of disadvantaged celebratory project. Trans*Pride is in its third year and looks to be even better and never be complete. whether it be poor access to services. GSCENE 81 SAM TRANS MAN that the community benefits directly from its own efforts to educate wider society. the DORSET GARDENS identified people CLARE PROJECT METHODIST CHURCH WEEKLY DROP-IN Dorset Gardens (off St James Street) Please see website for further details is a safe and confidential space to explore Brighton BN2 1RL www. Recently Trans Alliance the trans community to raise issues through proper channels as and members have developed Trans Awareness training as a community-led when they arise. Since the event was first held in 2013. CLARE PROJECT WEEKLY MENTAL meets every HEALTH & WELLBEING TUESDAY 2. Last year’s landmark publication by QueenSpark Books. and should form the framework for ongoing investment into this UNDERSTANDING BY DR community who suffer discrimination and misunderstanding in the SAMUEL JAMES HALL workplace. The institutional transphobia that is families all over the UK and beyond. and date. sidelined as “of unsound mind”. This extends to colleagues as well. using their combined expertise and personal experience to /educate/inform or effect change. a ground-breaking piece of research. All proceeds from training contracts are fed back into the raising awareness. I suspect one of the issues around gender identity. between empowering and patronising. modelling the way forward for the rest of the UK. If in the process of accessing education. nears publication as I write. change is going to be slow and painful. all the better for all of us. although lively and active in the city. is growing in strength and recognition. Until there is better understanding. open and be proud to be seen as a transperson. increasing in accessibility and reaching provision. Trans*Pride is set to be another rife in the NHS is partly responsible for the appalling waiting times and great celebration of all that it means to identify as trans. drop-in from 5–7.

That combination of Agnetha’s tight electric blue satin pants (gay boys). in a dress. carefree and in the main uninterested by the poisonous judgements heaped upon the world This year’s contest was of course held in the immediate happy shadow by their grown up parents and community leaders. you could describe as a snog. We had a notable ) I’m not sure I fully understand the origins between the homosexual absence of novelty acts even throughout the semi-finals. The real people of Ireland. with a beard. However it began. in more recent years we have been served up increasingly ludicrous stage antics. nor a singing turkey.000 of the battle fatigued were either slain or injured (all of us). The Eurovision Song Contest is as gay as it gets. Poland had its earliest forms. So why the tele-vote. whilst and even Vladimir Putin. . only to be faced with ‘PARENT WHAT IS IT THAT AUNTIE DOESN’T WANT CONTROL PIN REQUIRED’. at which more than two thirds of the they do develop are gifted to them by those who should know better. we all veer off into the service station and pop along for a pee and an overpriced latté. and I’m sorry Russia but you should be thankful that is all you got. And of course we had the man. Perhaps as far back as 1955 in Jedward-style act in the house. no one had their throat cut and there was not a moment of memorable nudity or a sex scene. opportunity. when the morning after the Eurovision broadcast I drop into BBC iPlayer for a brief sojourn through both the SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR AUNTIE OR JUST high and lowlights of this year’s contest. It could be that by the time we were his chances of world domination. Graham Norton stated on a recent BBC documentary. stillness throughout. I believe they usually do. So why the PIN? ABBA. opportunistic pair but fairly innocuous as kisses go. only silence. A slightly contrived moment from the Russian. There was the protest of non-waving the Baltic? Europe. and Israeli. Charles Hawtrey’s faux heterosexual pursuit of the on-screen femme except of course the United Kingdom who sent Julie and Bernard from fatale as they did Mrs Slocombe’s pussy. and the bittersweet symphony of likening our latest romantic disaster to an international war tragedy. That given the those in the know we are therefore left to draw our own conclusions. even Austria. voted for change. As Irish population voted in favour of widening the Irish constitution to the national broadcaster. birth place of Adolf.82 GSCENE CRAIG’S THOUGHTS their personal. Conchita’s win was one in the eye for all those governments who nothing. You know. One might argue the culmination of this was Conchita’s rise from the ashes of a forgotten Austrian reality TV show to an international symbol of hope. EUROVISION Imagine then my surprise. Or perhaps it all began with Doncaster who love a spot of karaoke. fairness and the ‘Parent Control PIN’ off Eurovision. in a beard. public and professional lives. during which approximately 50. the tightly permed Valerie Singleton look of Frida (gay girls). Did you hear that in fashioned man on man lips kiss. winning lesbians from Serbia (although the latest news from Serbia is that there are no lesbians to be found in them there hills) and in short the path betwixt Eurovision and gays is not only well trodden. There wasn’t a world and the Eurovision Song Contest. and any prejudices of the Irish marriage referendum. Take me and everyone in between. it has now been excavated into an eight-lane motorway and once a year toward the merry month of May. freedom and acceptance and I’m deadly serious. the ordinary townsfolk of those far flung European (and Two men in the audience did kiss. It was a contest of quality song (I know. I have requested a response to my question from dear old Auntie but vote. Conchita’s win was PIN? one in the eye for all those Are we still saving our parents from awkward child-led questions about the two men kissing? Do we not want to give Joseph. the sort of PIN reserved for horror YOU TO SEE? BY CRAIG HANLON-SMITH or violent movies and perhaps a late-night Hollyoaks. In the absence of an intelligent response from for years have been beating their drum of hate. No one was raped. certainly not one picked up the phone and voted for a man. and sometimes Turkish) villages and hamlets. I am affording them a reasonable and respectful connection. Mirabelle or Abdul governments who for years have any encouragement by revealing that some men wear dresses just as been beating their drum of hate” some women wear trousers? Or do the beige cardigan-wearing masses still not get Conchita? Is it a man? Is it a woman? Just f***ing tell me which one? Young children are much more resilient. sent in a very Swedish looking all Boom Bang A Bang-ing or Ding Ding A Dong-ing the inane lyrical Russian with a sensible uplifting ballad that very nearly took the crown. And whilst I am not suggesting that Conchita and the Eurovision Song Contest have singlehandedly changed or saved the world. the BBC have a duty to take on their include same-gender marriage. that as the Eurovision viewing public are now able to tele. appeal of the pan-European contest was speaking directly to the Carry. drag queens masquerading as air- crew. the you and responsibility positively and in the main. On-style humour of a repressed people who found equal amusement in terrific performances befitting of each country’s finest performers. yes really) and in the main. a mere holding aloft in after all. We really won’t frighten the love. 60 Years of Eurovision. for all their citizens to be extended the equality of opportunity in horses. no tongues or waving dildos just an old- singing a song about rebirth following oppression. loves the gays rainbow flags during Russia’s performance. having learned three years ago that the the confirmed bachelors next door were busy rearranging the flower traditional angle of the bread baking OAPs wouldn’t necessarily improve display on the table behind her. So what was it @craigscontinuum about this year’s Eurovision televised extravaganza that required this additional security? It was much more of a serious contest this year. progress. in a range of dresses singing not this time about his phoenix but that we “As the public are now able to are unstoppable. the sight of a stoic woman with sensible hair carried decided not to send its team of pornographic butter churning milkmaids a certain exotic mystique to the secretive lesbian community.

The Stag & Hen party business is estimated to be worth around £280 million annually. It’s bizarre because the gender apartheid doesn’t even apply to us. pissing off valued customers. My partner was not impressed. I absolutely HATE ‘Stag & Hen’ parties. The first thing to arrive after revellers have decamped is a supermarket van filled with booze and food for the duration. GSCENE 83 QUEENIE’S NETTY’S WORLD BY NETTY WENDT STRIP SERVICE BY QUEEN JOSEPHINE HENS IN THE SKIRTING BOARDS ) I wonder if I’m alone in this. like dog shit. Stag & Hen parties are targeting Brighton & Hove as a prime destination for their shenanigans. Stag & Hen parties in the city centre are a necessary evil. As a city that hosts a vast LGBT community. and not deposited on taxpayers’ doorsteps. taking over gay venues. The bride sidled up. We seem to be cajoled into this tacky custom.. Now the majority of these fools cram into so called ‘Party Houses’ and subject our neighbourhoods to their antics. a weird aping of heterosexual tradition. . and the potential for violence to erupt from nothing. I think sometimes a sad factor motivating pre-married morons to party here. However. If anyone accuses me of being ‘nimby’ about this. And that’s my point. but I’ve yet to meet one who genuinely enjoyed theirs. like dog shit. the Gaza Strip. hens in a gay pub approached me. not a disparate mob of drunkards on a mission of enforced merrymaking. slapping up and down Kemptown. Now they’re migrating. slapping up and down Kemptown. trampling into our gay venues demanding a piece of the action. taking over gay venues. or as I call it. I live within a stone’s throw of one ‘Party House’ and I’ve been tempted to throw that stone when they wake me up at 3am. her teeth stained black with red wine and Cheeky Vimto. dangerous behaviour has always been around West Street at night. Residents have tried to get these houses under control but seeing as Brighton often appears to be run by Sepp Blatter. How about our beleaguered local pubs? In my experience pubs are horrified by shrieking hordes of L-plate brides with blow-up willies descending on them. they’re dead right. is to point and laugh at the ‘freaks’. The place for Stag & Hens’ lewd. At least in bygone days they booked into hotels and said goodnight. “Now they’re migrating. or downright homophobic. I know LGBT people sometimes have them. Slurring. My partner and I didn’t have a ‘hen do’ because we enjoy going out with each other. I won’t hold my breath they’ll be sufficiently regulated any time soon. I think they should be cleaned up. vomiting on the doorsteps of Hove” Once. I never underestimate the stupidity of drunken herds. disgusting.. but I let her. vomiting on the doorsteps of Hove. she announced she’d been dared to “kisssh a lezzzbian” (don’t remember that one in the twelve tasks of Hercules). patronising. that’s too much like bloody New Year’s Eve. They’re often obnoxious. kept at bay. No local shop or restaurant benefits there. Greedy companies and landlords who accommodate this trade would have us believe they bring invaluable tourist revenue to our city.

and on the God intended raise a lot of problems. explains why homosexuality was viewed then with such horror. varied and nuanced than our ancestors imagined. In much commonsense humanitarianism throughout the centuries. The interpretation of Genesis emphasised the singularity of 'mankind' made And of course two-sex complementarity can slip easily into a kind of in the image of God. Since the 12th century celibacy has been Secondly. and works for the full genitalia. Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 Male and female he created them. For a man to allow himself to be penetrated was a gross betrayal of his manhood. And some wish to live without any gender identity at all. Furthermore it is also commonsensically all people irrespective of gender. Men wrong and misconceived but it did underlie some of the progress in are from Mars and women are from Venus. ''Both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed. yet in the last two hundred years think there were really two separate sexes. Complementarity implies not just that the physical sexual bits fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. medical practitioners.. This is a particular inconsistency in Roman Catholicism which simply not borne out by the evidence. thinking males and females are each really alien to the other. however erroneous it may be. Their presumed natural role with their hard bodies was to dominate. but that also the distinctive “There is an inherent contradiction attributes of a masculine personality in some sense 'match' the distinctive attributes of a female personality so that together they between saying on the one hand that make a whole: the two parts of humanity coming together to be complete. a terrible offence against the God-given natural order of HOW MANY SEXES ARE THERE? things. It is scandalous that some Christians continue to deploy these further and argued that the two sexes are not only distinct but also terrible verses to attack gay people and LGBT rights. rational and powerful. Here's a quote from the 'With a male you shall not lie the lyings of a woman: it is an Book of Genesis they often use: abomination. who respect for the dignity of all persons is what Christ's Sermon on the even thought that women could produce sperm and that they got Mount was all about. not the diversity of males and females. the one-sex view ) The commonsense view of course is that the answer is obvious: there did at least have the advantage of stressing the common humanity of are two. We gay people should also remember it is this fallacious view that This commonsense view is nowadays thought by many Christians to be underpins the principal Biblical injunctions used to condemn us: an intentional part of God's plan in creation. Men were superior. human perfection and feminine females having the least degree of What we now know is that gender and sexuality are infinitely more human perfection. It dwelt among us'. even if it did also simultaneously obvious that the two sexes are very different from each other with much condemn women inexorably to inferiority in social status. pregnant when their sperm mixed with male sperm. irrational and weak women. For committing such an outrage the death penalty was prescribed. inherent contradiction between saying on the one hand that every Some transgendered people experience similar feelings. 'complementary'. There is an made them.' In the image of God he created him. Now actually both the commonsense view that there are two every individual is complete in him or sexes and the complementarity theory that they fit nicely together as herself as an image of God. and the womb a substandard scrotum. Arguably such to be underwritten by the work of Greek physicians such as Galen. This includes doctors and the teaching has been all about complementarity in marriage. And equally shameful was the male penetrating partner of a ASKS DR KEITH SHARPE submissive man for aiding and abetting the act described in the Bible CHANGING ATTITUDE SUSSEX as a vile abomination. Biblical support for this view can be found in the letter to the Hebrews: 'Through faith also Sara herself received strength to conceive seed. it is obvious that many people do not feel that they are male or other saying that they are incomplete female. In this gender apartheid in which the principle is supposed to be different but view there was only one sex – 'man' – and all human beings could be equal. .. Significant numbers of babies are born without clearly definable until they are one half of a couple” male or female genitalia and their gender assignment becomes a matter of medical decision rather than a self-evident given. Anthropological individual is complete in him or herself as an image of God. It may be discussion of how they fail hopelessly to understand each other. SEXED UP! passive and submissive bodies of inferior. which seems so odd to us now. even if his church continues to ignore it. and on the research reveals a huge diversity in gender identifications and the other saying that they are incomplete until they are one half of a theory of a single universal binary divide between male and female is couple. for most of history until the 18th century people did not enforced on all Roman Catholic clergy. male and female. has long emphasised the virtue of celibacy as the most superior form of being (supposedly like Jesus)... Communion and more widely in all Christian Churches. the ovaries were a poor inclusion of LGBT people in every province of the Anglican form of testicles.' OPEN AND WELCOMING CHURCHES Hebrews 11:11. Male and female 'complement' each other. Paradoxically of course.84 GSCENE KEITH SHARPE Of course this belief in there being only one sex. and that there Christianity has always talked about 'man' eg 'God was made man and is no 'built-in' superiority for any particular given sex or orientation. Many of these intersex people decide later that they are not the gender the doctors But two-sex complementarity also has its difficulties. control and penetrate the soft. subtle. Thus the vagina is an inverted penis.‘ So God created mankind in his own image. but which in practice all too often becomes different but placed on a sliding scale with masculine males having the greatest unequal. Since nobody now believes the one-sex theory that women are Genesis 2:24 essentially defective males the injunctions no longer have any rational In the last four decades or so some Christian churches have gone basis. such as they were before the 1700s. Firstly. All of this was thought to be obvious and was believed is this realisation which should guide our policy making. Changing Attitude Sussex is committed to telling the truth Galen thought that women's genitalia were simply inferior forms of male about Christian teaching on homosexuality.

. but I suspect the board what my friend said to me about his concerns but seeing the answer lies in our own individual behaviour. But do we really need so best the Fringe has to offer. GSCENE 85 SUCHI’S WORLD BY SUCHI CHATTERJEE DUNCAN’S DOMAIN BY DUNCAN STEWART PRETTY GIRLS CHOICE CUTS ) I went to see the Lady Boys of Bangkok during the Fringe Festival. here is the As my Irish friend often remarks “Stevie Wonder could see that” so photo of you and me dancing at the bus stop on our way back from a maybe I should forget the new camera and do a photography course. the sexy outfits. song. can we dance immediate reaction was that this was patronising nonsense in a world like them Suchi?" where most people do not even have what they need. after a night of music. When I think about this show. great big continuing EU membership may belly laughs we all have at the cheeky comedic moments. burlesque and musicals so what for another five years. fun and worth raving about it many options? on Facebook afterwards... the great music. choices is.. keen to increase better way to get my fix all in one go? This year I went with a group personal wealth and the options it offers. my favourite pointless profusion while wily advertisers was the girl in the seduce us with half truths and lies. ) So our. Ironically the promise to allow us all to vote in a cheesy and during the break there was a chance to take your photo referendum on continuing EU membership may well scupper the Tory with some of the girls from the show. I just don't like it. I think of people all over the world who slave away the girls in it are really making things we want but don’t need. “I really What really saddens me is the huge number liked the show. in a demoralised state of The humour was risqué but not coarse. I love cabaret. and an opportunity for political change has passed even work colleagues. and of well scupper the Tory party” course admiring the very pretty girls on stage who are not only pretty but talented too. but She listened to me all that bloodshed was pointless since all their regimes have been stumbling over my replaced by new governments which have re-embraced some form of words and then said capitalism with varying degrees of democracy and choice. laughter and saucy political change. After months of research I recently bought a new car and am currently I contemplated cancelling the outing but I didn't want to spoil it for ploughing through magazines to find a worthy successor to my old my friends who were really looking forward to it. asked the end it really wouldn’t much matter which one I purchased from a me what was the matter. in pretty.should we be voluntarily promoting a bit of self-denial or SUCHI & LUCY on my face and made would that simply swell the global number of the unemployed and me realise that I can't underpaid? paint everyone with the same brush. thoughtfully. I want a dress like that. danced and made us laugh out loud. prancing up and down on stage making fools of members of their communities who could exercise personal choice to themselves. great show put on by "pretty girls in pretty dresses. family and electorate has. and the dancing has made realise that goodness excess. united nation has voted. I totally take on expected to provide a solution to this problem. ‘you'd never believe they are actually boys’ and ‘I wonder if they’ve had the op?’. what more could you ask for? party. fine in moderation but dangerous in the pretty girls. His words made me feel slightly sick and also made me realise how naive I am at the ripe old age of 51. Gorgeous power leaving the broad Left. innuendo. stop me taking off centre portraits of people with their eyes closed. comes in all shapes and sizes and it is more powerful than hatred and A few more megapixels are not going to turn me into David Bailey and cruelty will ever be. I don't like the fact that people go there to gawp and whisper things like. “Ironically the promise to allow us It's degrading. but for those of us who are fortunate to have what we need and much of what we Her words put a smile want . we seem to prefer economic stability at any cost. Enjoyable. When talking about the Lady Boys a while back with a friend they had said “I don't like it.” all to vote in a referendum on His words stunned me. has been returned to of friends from a disability group that I’m a member of. songs were cheesy but not too disarray. On a more serious level is it acceptable how can you put into easy to understand words that the show you’ve that wealth confers the ability to choose private schooling or just gone to and enjoyed could have had a load of transphobic people medicine. and fairer distribution of resources. a girl with Downs Syndrome. the saviour of our economy. I want I recently overheard a conversation during which someone said that to be able to dance like “people are poor because of what they want not what they have”. As our election clearly demonstrates this country has no real appetite for significant But as I headed home. My them too. I felt very guilty. with its intention to promote equality girls in fabulous dresses sang.” . like drinking wine. Afterwards I was camera. So for Lucy. or rather 66% of the I’ve been two or three times time before with friends. who gave me back my love of the Lady Boys. Pol Pot and Mao (and of course Hitler) all considered those to be women. I looked at the yearly Lady Boys show as being the illusion of having power which is enjoyable. currently. Until he put Making choices isn’t an unmitigated benefit but it does give one the forward his views. be so dangerous that they systematically murdered most of them. Not As I’m neither a politician nor an economist I’m fortunately not everyone going to the Lady Boys is transphobic. Frozen dress. I tried to explain what was bothering me but ‘short’-list of at least a dozen. Being able to make show through the eyes of another friend who sees only the colours. The sheer number of suitable items is frankly ridiculous and in really quiet and one of my friends. which clearly offer in the audience who weren’t there to enjoy the show for it's own sake advantages but should they even be available? but to tell all and sundry that they’ve been to see a load of men trying Stalin. I think about the wonderful dancing. The party of the Right. both of which I have experienced.

they are projected ‘MEAN GIRLS’ as anger and it results in her doing hurtful things.whatever that means. polite daughter has fallen in with a group of ‘Mean making her afraid to go back Girls’ and is now circling around her oldest friend with them and picking at her like a wake of vultures. the answers were all us it appears that she will literally do anything that someone asks to prepared and the talks had already been had with teachers and the get their acceptance. all had to be the reasons why their children were so girl was taking all that pain mean to others. and that is to be loved. It was always something that we feared same reason? as parents. . We had prepared ourselves for a day when our two may Our daughter has a need. a must have. taunts about weight. or even friends to each other. Our beautiful. to show her that these ‘Mean Girls’ are not her friends. being on the receiving end of abuse at home. these moments she doesn’t think about the consequences of what she Children can be especially mean to each other. all kids want having a mother. through lack of boundaries and awareness of what their child is “I knew at that moment that up had to. we have boundaries and we She is a small person who is full of doubt and confusion about how are consistent. So now we need to work with her. Instant gratification and love along with that need to belong is craved SYD SPENCER ON WHY THE and I guess that the encouragement and laughter from those three or REASONS FOR BULLYING AREN’T four girls is more of an instant high for her than the normal friendship from one. as Katy has told me many times. happiness. pain and confusion. to school the next day” Our girl is loving. we had often commented that surely the parents are to blame. AS CLEAR CUT AS WE MAY THINK Bullying is always dreadful and never acceptable. the vileness and secret infestation behaviour isn’t always as clear cut as what we are led to believe. My mind raced looking for an answer. With Kevin working long hours I’m the main parent at home. When we spoke to her about how she had made someone else feel our daughter was genuinely shocked and broke down in tears and I knew at that moment that she didn’t have a clue that this girl was taking all that pain home with her and it was making her afraid to go back to school the next day. She wrong? Was she doing this because we weren’t parenting her correctly? still has this desire to be liked by the majority of those around her Was I too strict? Did she sometimes feel that she was bullied at home? rather than seeing the quality of being loved by a few. is something that every anti-bullying charities recently. she really isn’t cruel. but I soon realised. after talking to other parents. and yes at times the kids have tested those boundaries she fits in. hate. love. truly is. In any one day she will experience inside herself. who always forgives her. and as a result missed out on fun things and days out. height. funny and very caring. usually in a high-pitched screaming voice. I am ‘a meany’ and I am ‘so unfair’. of intimidation and hurt has invaded our life and it has literally I’m just not sure that bullying is just to do with having power over knocked the wind out of us. hair and looks. When these up and down emotions overpower her. about them having two dads and even the odd bruise to be loved but due to the neglectful and abusive life she had before from a physical attack. growing up too soon. Surely not everyone does it for the parent dreads to hear about. that we really are just a regular family . that all turned on its head when we found out recently that it home with her and it was is our daughter who is involved in bullying behaviour at school. It always causes hurt. At head mistress. Now yes you’re right. in all forms. Even if that means hurting someone else. but that her old friend. Like many. you could even call it an come home with stories of the other kids teasing them about not addiction. says to her chosen target. We had planned it all. but I think the reasons behind the bullying ) Bullying has entered our family. So that means. So how do we deal with it? How can we make sure that it stops and that no other girls are hurt by these ‘Mean Girls’? Well. For us. which is what I’ve read and been told by a couple of I should imagine that bullying. anger and joy and at 10 years old she just doesn’t know how to process any of it or recognise which emotion is justified at that given time. educating our kids more on bullying and how devastating it can be and more sanctions at home I guess. the easy access to social media. clever.but she is a girl that struggles to find her place in life. Teasing someone about their family or about any physical or learning disabilities they may have. through meetings with the school. and she doesn’t pull wings off flies or hurt our pets or secretly bully her little My first thought when we found out about it was what had we done brother . Yes. someone else.86 GSCENE DAD & DADDY fear. some kids being left to she didn’t have a clue that this fend for themselves.

So many of our youth are abused. I hear too many stories of workplace Centre because. those experiences. in the past few years have been immensely helpful to the trans Not many people know that Sylvia was a community’s continued development and strength. discrimination which is simply unacceptable in this day and age. The world often looks very different. our bars and clubs Sylvia's ashes have a home in the church sanctuary and I believe that and other settings. nor does it give us a free pass to mock or malign are transgender.the majority of whom understanding of T. and remember to respect yourself – I was privileged to work with many of New York's transgender know your limits. and even though there are often aimed towards gay men. was written with Lisa Mottet of the Transgender ) In May we had four incidents and eight anti-LGBT crimes. they cannot unsee what they’ve been Transgender Action Revolutionaries group . for a remarkable woman. There's no charge and no agenda . We should call out transphobia where we see it. sometimes confusing. and just as reporting incidents – call us on 101. common mile markers each story is unique. Just a few short months after Sylvia died in 2002 I joined MCCNY on The work around trans equality that Brighton & Hove City Council has staff and we opened Sylvia's Place. beaten.(so named after the shown. even our trans brethren. which even today remains been leading on has been an example of trans people and their allies Manhattan's only emergency shelter for queer youth . and respect and celebrate our various identities depth of heart. MCC. where she was a member. Both events are to and many more not reported as hate crimes. One area in particular I am concerned about is the chronic under-reporting of hate crime. It's a part of the ministry of The Village and f Brighton and Hove LGBT Police Team. . and spiritual guides like Sam had several third-party reports which. allowing me to be In the mid-1990s she was banned from proud of who I am. There were a couple of incidences of harassment. Most recently training our police communications Bill and for the trans-inclusive New York State Sexual Orientation Non- department. New York). they’re the folks that answer 999 and Discrimination Act. Party well. she was an 11 years-old when she very much been part of the LGBT team for the three years I’ve been began working the streets.just as Sylvia was. both in and outside of the workplace. After a allies have recognised that they can help by empowering trans people Christmas Eve church service at MCCNY to do things for themselves rather than trying to do the work for SYLVIA RIVERA (The Metropolitan Community Church of them. Everyone is welcome and should feel safe protecting as much now as ever. Opening The Door To The Full Inclusion Of Transgender THIS MONTH’S FIGURES People. Last year there were 226 recorded transgender hate murders. Enjoy Trans Pride and ‘big’ Pride this year.a fitting legacy getting together to address the inequalities that face the community. They fought for the New York City Transgender Rights services. Social media should not be used for that your journey is sacred and holy . GSCENE 87 POLICE LGBT HYDES’ HOPES BY REV MICHAEL HYDES LIAISON TEAM BY PC SARAH LAKER & RORY SMITH SYLVIA RIVERA HAPPY PRIDES! ) Sylvia Rivera was a transgender woman of Puerto Rican and ) Trans is a professional and a personal issue for me. More often than not a new spirituality is born as mind. which the forthcoming strategic needs assessment report will highlight.except to provide a reminder t We tweet @PoliceLGBT. 101 calls. body and spirit line up into one accord. There is still so much work to be done. especially when it rears its ugly head in our scene. abused and marginalised. whilst we cannot Wyman. The ‘T’ has Venezuelan decent. Much of my own spiritual life has been formed by and presentations. or if it’s an emergency. queens on the lower east side when gay rights were still a dream. she It has been serendipitous that my time working with Sussex Police was central to the Stonewall riots of 1969. along with the work of such transgender theologians as Justin Tanis. Being LGB doesn’t automatically give us an she protects the kids that find shelter there . a deeply spiritual Christian trans man who investigate and prosecute. murdered. Crucially these Christian woman of faith. malicious communications and a burglary. As a transgender person of has also been during a very active and visible period for the trans colour. ear then I'm here for you.STAR . This is a massive challenge that I believe we all have a part to play in. providing a listening ear and CONTACT INFORMATION sounding board. To you and me. Sylvia was a hero who made a stand community both locally and globally. There were It has been my privilege to walk with dozens of transgender friends no specific reports of transphobic hate and the majority were and colleagues on their journeys. during the weekend. and I was always awed by their strength of spirit and ask before you touch. We both have Facebook profiles and a page – our usernames are: I still do. she aggressively demanded that the centre The confidence that the trans community has at the moment has take care of the homeless queer youth been a long time coming. (whose most recent book. We JUSTIN TANIS Civil Rights Project). and it has been my privilege to act as chaplain. on a cold winter's night. can be used to identify where issues works out of the Lancaster Seminary in Pennsylvania. Abandoned. that my employer can support such an event. I’ve been doing my bit to educate the police and other public 'Christmas star'). Not New York's Gay & Lesbian Community everyone is so lucky. This month we celebrate the for human rights and paved the way for the LGBT equality enjoyed in third Trans Pride that Brighton has seen. It is a source of joy to me so many places today. From my experience the allies we have won sleeping rough in the streets. Education underpins the continued growth in allies. you are too. If you would like a confidential non-judgemental listening f PC Sarah Laker and f LGBT Caseworker Rory Smith. Living in a New York commune of drag in post as the LGBT liaison. Our youth need celebrate who we are. respect each other – think before you speak and community. 999. have been occurring. When people Sylvia brought together the Street become aware of the issues.


SHARP WORDS bargains from an endless array of suppliers that I feel compelled to
read in case of missing out on something that no doubt I don't need.
Digital is probably how I should be going musically, but I still have

STOW AWAY an attraction to a CD or twenty. I can't help but liking the covers and
reading the lyrics. I may be tone deaf (as told venomously by my
music teacher when I was aged seven) so my singing is accurate if
DEL SHARP TALKS CLUTTER not tuneful - but they just take up room.
AND ACHIEVING A TIDY Better though than my vinyl, stored who knows where, which has
MIND followed me around for the 30 years I haven't actually had a
turntable. It might just be time for a new generation to enjoy the
odd white label or limited edition gatefold sleeve of some obscure
) Sharp Words has realised that something is making life very 1980s band I slavishly followed. One of these days I'm sure I'll wheel
wearisome indeed, and now knows why. The keeping of 'stuff' is indeed my precious grooved friends to somewhere they'll be appreciated, and
“clogging to the mind, while decluttering can achieve control, sanity possibly sold for slightly more than the desperately saved pocket
and clarity to your life”. money that they cost... but as I'm not tripping over them now I can
gladly put it off.
I know this now because I read an article on it, printed it off to refer
to and have been carrying it around scrunched up in the bottom of my Books are a sore point facing me every day as I look at my lovingly
work bag for 10 months. I specify ‘work bag’ as there is a bag (or two) purpose-built shelves that have a regular, well annual, purge. Have I
for when not at work; a selection of smaller bags when I don't want to read it? Did I love it? Is it special? Do I need it? Mostly ‘no’ to many,
carry much; and of course other bags that are out of favour or only and yet, there's always the ‘I will soon’ and ‘It might be’ that
useful for holding specific things such as other more foldable bags prevents the whole lot from their imminent journey onto someone
which I might need when out and about on my important errands. Well else’s shelves. Of course I know about Kindle and such like, but
actually, it's usually going up and down London Road; but don't having an infinite amount of books to carry around with me, albeit
underestimate the purposeful stride between charity shops, it makes weightless, that I still don't have time to read, would only make me
me look like I'm on my way to something better. (more) agitated.

Perusing other people's junk should be inspirational really, if they I've had a moratorium on buying clothes since putting on a couple of
didn't want it why should I? And surely I can get rid of things too? But pounds with the exception of a few items as a treat that I fully
then there's always the DVD I never replaced from videotape, or jeans intend to slim into. However what with things being as they are, I
that will fit perfectly if I just lost a tiny bit of weight that are hard not appear to now own two wardrobes. Not for summer and winter, just
to be tempted by. Though I know I can always donate something back one for pristine unworn items, and a second for ancient shabby
once I realise it doesn't fit, won't ever fit or actually isn't quite as things that used to fit loosely and now only just fit tightly (on a
pleasurable after viewing again. I always try to bear in mind a note to good day). Clearly my weight loss strategy needs a little more
self about only acquiring something if I get rid of something in return, planning.
but find I'm accruing quite a few IOUs to the local charity shops. But hey, at least the kitchen seems more streamlined. Did you know
Sometimes I feel that I sit on top of my treasure like Smaug the dragon that just 20% of the items in your kitchen are used 80% of the time?
- except I don't sleep peacefully. Instead I wake up tormented and I've discovered wonderful little stepped shelf organisers for arranging
would probably pace around cursing, although there's no space to do things at different levels which in truth haven't really made me get
that, so I meekly rearrange anything that really does prevent me from rid of much clutter, but at least I can see it all a lot easier now.
leaving the front door. Even in hyperspace I'm cluttered. Somewhere
there is a server groaning under the weight of the 3,000 emails that I
have in my inbox. I have no idea what they are because I never look.
The weekly feeble deletions I carry out only seem to get rid of the “I've discovered wonderful little
Peruvian political bulletin I inexplicably receive and the weekly stepped shelf organisers for arranging
things at different levels which in truth
haven't really made me get rid of
much clutter, but at least I can see it
all a lot easier now”

The growing use of self-storage is something I've had sight of
recently. Walking along eerie corridors of a vast complex, suddenly
you can see people sitting in a unit with the door open, surrounded
by boxes of things or loading up bulk purchases of food; mending
bicycles; sorting through racks of clothes; you name it, people are
actually paying for another room to sort their life out. Which may be
a good idea, except I'd only fill it or spend more time in it than my
own home. No, far better is to purge my belongings and keep the
stuff I can't do without.
Maybe next month I'll have another go. This gives me a little extra
time to decide if my five-year-old pasta is worth hanging onto, watch
Ferris Bueller's Day Off just once more and lose a stone.
Sanity and clarity, here I come.


TRANS ADVOCACY had contemplated suicide, dropping to 3%
We know that trans people have higher rates
of experiencing mental health issues than
For many years MindOut has been cisgender and LGB people. Trans people
lobbying to set up an advocacy service experience mental health issues in relation to
the discomfort, prejudice and discrimination
for trans people in Brighton & Hove they encounter.
If you transition and live in the gender you
identify with or come out as non-binary, you
) One of the first clients to use the brand • Write letters may encounter difficulties in relationships,
new LGBT Advocacy Service we set up in 1999 • Attend meetings employment, being a victim of hate crime and
was a trans woman who was desperately being discriminated against.
struggling to get her needs taken seriously, How can advocacy help? The reality, and the fear of, such prejudice
struggling to get to London for appointments Advocacy offers a confidential, independent
can cause huge significant psychological
at the Gender Identity Clinic in Kings Cross, and impartial service which is led by you,
distress. Added to this, getting information
suffering daily abuse and derision at work and focussing on your needs as defined by you.
and access to services can cause further stress
at home as she conformed to the then care Advocate and client identify what the client as can some coping strategies, eg use of
pathway requirement of living in your ‘chosen’ needs and the desired outcomes. Together drugs, self-medicating etc. All these factors
gender. She was anxious, depressed and they plan what actions both will take, when may compound people’s experience of mental
suicidal. Her family had rejected her. She had to review progress and identify key dates. The distress.
had so much time off work they were client remains in control of the process at all
threatening to sack her. She felt unsafe in the Having somewhere safe to talk about mental
stages, advocacy is based on the principle of
bedsit she rented because her neighbours had health, to find out about access to services,
‘nothing about me without me’.
been hostile and one got drunk regularly and to find out what your rights are and someone
shouted abuse up the stairwell. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the to help you get what you need is vital. That’s
healthcare system. Advocacy works to what advocacy offers.
The advocacy worker was able to go with her empower people to make informed choices
to appointments with her GP and psychiatrist, If you would like to know more about our
and to ensure informed consent to care and
to step in if she got distressed and to help work, or if you have mental health
her describe her needs fully. As a result she experiences you would like to discuss with us,
felt that they listened more to her. Advocacy promotes individual and collective or if you would like support from any of our
human and civil rights. Many people do not services then please do get in touch.
The advocacy worker helped her prepare for know what they are entitled to receive.
her GIC appointments so she was ready, • Our online instant chat service is open out
Advocates can help with negotiations with
helped her understand her options for care of hours, see the website for opening times.
service providers and gatekeepers, help to
and treatment and to make sure she was being This is a confidential one-to-one service run
write letters, apply for welfare rights, raise
offered the services she was entitled to. by trained volunteers.
concerns and make complaints, and
The advocacy worker referred her to a understand care pathways. • Our advice and information and advocacy
specialist employment support worker who services offer telephone and/or in person
Advocacy operates a casework, issue-based
helped her negotiate with her employer. support from an ‘out’ LGBTQ mental health
process. One person may have one or more
Together the worker and client contacted the worker who can help you find services and
advocacy cases for separate issues, eg one
landlord of the property she lived in to support, help you plan and negotiate getting
person may wish to complain about mental
complain about the other tenant’s behaviour. what you want and need.
health provision and make a social housing
That’s an example of the kind of help an application and require different levels of • Our peer support group work service runs a
advocacy service can offer, some specific to assistance with both. As a client’s ability to range of weekly groups where you can meet
trans support, some which would apply to any self-advocate may vary issue to issue or over with other LGBTQ people with experience of
LGBTQ client. time they may require more or less input from mental health issues and share, learn from,
the advocate. learn with and develop how you manage your
What is advocacy? The vast majority of advocacy clients highly
mental health.
The MindOut Advocacy Service is run by
value the service, appreciate having someone • Our well-being service offers a range of
trained LGBTQ advocacy workers. They can
‘on their side’ and benefit from feeling groups and workshops throughout the year on
provide information and advice as well as
understood, valued and listened to. Some mental health topics including self-esteem,
clients develop advocacy skills themselves and living well, personal safety, first aid, suicide
They help you to: go on to offer peer advocacy to others with prevention and mindfulness meditation.
• Have your voice heard on issues that are similar concerns.
important to you
• Defend and safeguard your rights Why do we need trans
• Have your views and wishes considered advocacy, and why now? MINDOUT SERVICES
when decisions are being made about your life Demand for MindOut’s advocacy service grows All MindOut’s services are run by and for
Advocacy will enable you to: year on year, and the number of people with LGB&T people who have experience of
• Explore options and make informed choices trans-related issues has grown hugely. mental health issues. All our services are
• Express your views and concerns free, confidential, non-judgemental and
• Get information and access to services We have the evidence from the Trans Scrutiny independent.
held in Brighton & Hove as well as large
Advocates can: )
research studies such as the Scottish
• Negotiate with service providers ) 01273 234839
Transgender Alliance mental health study
• Ask for what you want )
2012. This found that 84% of respondents


SERVICES noon–2.30pm, Community Room, Dorset Gdns Methodist
Church, Dorset Gardens, Brighton. Lunch £1.50.
Thur 7–10pm, Sat 6pm-12am, chatroom HEALTH INFO THT.
• Condom Male: discreet, confidential service posts free

DIRECTORY Tel: 07846 464384 or
condoms/lube/sexual health info to men who have sex
with men without access to commercial gay scene in
East Sussex.
Independent, impartial info, guidance for LGBT people with • Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to
LGBT SERVICES mental health problems. 24 hr confidential answerphone:
01273 234839 or
talk about personal experiences of living with HIV.
• Fastest (HIV Testing): walk-in, (no appointment) rapid
) ACCESS 4 ALL HIV testing service for men who have sex with men. Pre &
LGBT disabled people’s forum. Safe, welcoming, support,
) PEER ACTION post test discussion with clinical staff. Results in an hour.
activities, awareness. Tel: 07981 170071 or email
Regular low cost yoga, therapies, swimming, meditation 10 men max tested per session. Mon: 6–8pm.
& social groups for people with HIV. (Full sexual health screen available)
) ALLSORTS YOUTH PROJECT or • Sauna Fastest at The Brighton Sauna (HIV Testing):
Drop-in for LGBT or unsure young people under 26, Tues walk-in, (no appointment) rapid HIV testing service for
5.30-8.30pm. Tel: 01273 721211 or email ) RAINBOW FAMILIES men who have sex with men. Pre & post test discussion, Support group for lesbian and/or gay parents. with clinical staff. Results in 30 minutes.
Tel: 07951 082013 or Wed: 6–8pm. (STI Testing available).
) BRIGHTON & HOVE POLICE • Face2Face: confidential info & advice on sexual health
Report all homophobic and transphobic incidents to: & HIV for men who have sex with men. Face-2-face or
• The Sussex Police 101 (for emergencies 999) ) SOME PEOPLE phone. Up to 3 one hour appointments.
email: Social/support group for LGB or questioning aged 14-19, • Specialist Training: wide range of courses for groups/
tweet: @policeLGBT and @pclaker Tue, 6-8pm, Hastings. Call/text Nicola Tel: 07974 579865 individuals. Specific courses to suit needs.
• LGBT Officer PC Sarah Laker on 101 ext 550727 or email Neil or Nicola: • Counselling: from qualified counsellors for up to
• LGBT Caseworker Rory Smith on 101 ext 550217 ) VICTIM SUPPORT 12 sessions for people living with/affected by HIV.
or 07775 546548 Practical, emotional support for victims of crime. • Informed Passions: Expert Volunteers project to identify
• Facebook: Brighton LGBT Police Tel: 08453 899 528 & support sexual health needs of local men who have sex
with men and carry out field research in B&H on issues
) BRIGHTON & HOVE LGBT SAFETY FORUM ) THE VILLAGE MCC affecting men’s sexual health. Extensive training provided.
Independent LGBT forum working with the community to Christian church serving the LGBTQ community. Sundays • Lounge (Group for Gay Men Living with HIV):
address and improve safety issues in Brighton & Hove. 6pm, Somerset Day Centre, Kemptown fortnightly peer support group for gay men. • What Next? Thurs eve, 6 week peer support group work
Tel: 07476 667353, programme for newly diagnosed HIV+ gay men.
) BRIGHTON & HOVE LGBT SWITCHBOARD HIV PREVENTION, CARE • HIV Support Services: info, support & practical advice
for people living with/affected by HIV.
Phone helpline, hate crime reporting, counselling service,
Proud2connect (relationship counselling in partnership with
& TREATMENT SERVICES • Volunteer Support Services: 1-2-1 community support
Brighton Relate). ) AVERT for people living with or affected by HIV.
• Helpline from 5pm daily: 01273 204050 Sussex HIV & AIDS info service, available by phone • HIV Welfare Rights Advice: Find out about benefits or
• Services info: 01273 234009 benefit changes. Advice line: Mon–Thur 1:30-2:30pm.
Tel: 01403 210202 or email
• email: 1-2-1 appts for advice & workshops on key benefits.
Money, benefits, employment, housing, info, advocacy.
) BRIGHTON WOMEN’S CENTRE Dyke House, 110 South St, Eastbourne, BN21 4LZ,
Appointments: Tue-Thur 9am-4pm, Wed 9am-12.30pm
Info, counselling, drop-in space, support groups. Tel: 01323 649927 or
Brighton & Hove Citizens Advice Bureau, 1 Tisbury Rd, Hove.
Tel: 01273 698036 or visit • HIV Services support for HIV diagnosis, managing side
Tel: 0845 1203710 or
effects, sex and relationships, understanding medication,
) FTM BRIGHTON ) CLINIC M talking to your doctor, finding healthier lifestyle.
Social/peer support group for FTM, transmasculine & Free confidential testing & treatment for STIs including HIV, Assessment of support needs and signposting on to
gender-queer people. Every 3rd Fri of month, 7-9pm at plus Hep A & B vaccinations. Claude Nicol Centre, Sussex relevant services. Support in person, by phone or email.
Space for Change, Windlesham Venue, BN1 3AH. County Hospital, on Weds from 5-8pm. • Support for people at risk of HIV confidential info and
For info email or visit Tel: 01273 664721 or advice on sexual health and HIV for men who have sex with men. Up to 3 one hour appointments depending on
) LAWSON UNIT need. Sessions in person or on phone.
) BRIGHTON GEMS (GAY ELDERLY MEN’S Medical advice, treatment for HIV+, specialist clinics, diet
• Web support & info on HIV, sexual health & local
SOCIETY) & welfare advice, drug trials. Tel: 01273 664722
services via netreach and
Social group for mature gay men, meet 7–10pm every last
) SUBSTANCE MISUSE SERVICE • Positive Voices: volunteers who go to organisations to
Fri of month at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church Hall.
CRI / Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust. Open access talk about personal experiences of living with HIV.
Tel: 01273 385000 or
drop-in, assessment, support, advice, info on drug & • Positively Social Informal peer support groups for people
alcohol issues. Tel 01273 607575. living with HIV, monthly meets in Eastbourne & Hastings.
) LESBIAN LINK BRIGHTON LGB&T worker provides confidential, non-judgemental
Local social group offers friendship, social events, meets 1st outreach service. Support for people over 18 wishing to
Free confidential tests & treatment for STIs inc HIV. Hep A &
Thurs at Regency Tavern, 7.30pm. Tel: 07594 578035 address substance misuse. Tel 07717 774 658
B vaccinations. Shoreham based. Tel: 01273 461453
) LESBIAN & GAY AA 24 hour nursing & medical care, day care. NATIONAL HELPLINES
12-step self-help programme for alcohol addictions. Sun Tel: 01273 694222 or
7.30pm, Chapel Royal, North St, Btn (side entrance). ) BROKEN RAINBOW
Tel: 01273 203343 (general AA line) ) TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST SERVICES LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline, Mon 2-8pm,
For more info about these free services go to the THT office, Wed 10-1pm, Thur 2-8pm Tel: 08452 604460
) LGBT NA GROUP 61 Ship St, Brighton, Mon–Fri, 9.30am–5.30pm.
Brighton-based LGBT (welcomes others) Narcotics Tel: 01273 764200 or
Tel: 02078 377324
Anonymous group every Tue 6.30–8pm, Millwood Centre, • Venue Outreach: info on HIV, sexual health, personal
Nelson Row, Kingswood St. Tel: 0300 999 1212 safety, safer drug/alcohol use, free condoms/lubricant ) POSITIVELINE (EDDIE SURMAN TRUST)
for men who have sex with men. Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 4-10pm Tel: 0800 1696806
• The Bushes Outreach Service @ Dukes Mound: ) MAINLINERS Tel: 02075 825226
Meditation & discussion, every 2nd & 4th Thur, 5.30–7pm,
advice, support, info on HIV, sexual health, personal ) NATIONAL AIDS HELPLINE 08005 67123
Anahata Clinic, 119 Edward St, Brighton.
safety. Free condoms, lube, tea/coffee from Outreach van
Tel: 07789 861367 or
parked next to ‘The Patio’ at the Bushes.
) LUNCH POSITIVE • Netreach (online Outreach in Brighton & Hove): ) THT AIDS TREATMENT PHONELINE
Lunch club for people with HIV to meet/make friends, find info/advice on HIV/sexual health/local services. Tel: 08459 470047
peer support in a safe environment. Every Fri, THT Brighton Outreach workers online @ Gaydar: ) THT DIRECT Tel: 0845 1221200 32-34 Russell ADVERTISERS’ MAP OLD SHOR HOV OVEE S STTATI TIOON EHAM 39 RD 34 DY PORTLAND RD ELM GROVE KE SACKVVILLLE RD D RD ISLI NGW LON GOLDSMID BRIGHTON ORD RD RD SEVEN S EN N STATION RD DO DIALS ALS I E ES NR THE DRIV LEW D TRAFALGAR ST GE ST NS RD SOUTH OVER GEOR ST QUEE DYK NEW CHURCH RD E RD ND RD CHURCH 18 RD NORTH HOVE ST 41 RD ARADE HOLLA PALME 29 R SQUAR IA D E 36 IER R 1ST AVE GRAND P 38 31 CHU TPEL 14 RCH WESTER RD 40 MON N RD 11 5 CLOCK CL E KINGSWAY EDWAR TOWER TOW O OLD STEIN NO D ST 24 16 RTH T ST S ) PUBS & BARS KINGS R EASTER WEST D 6 30 ST JAM N RD 1 A-BAR 21 REVENGE ES ST 11–12 Marine Parade. 818527 11 GROSVENOR www. 710831 7 Marine 20 OHSO SOCIAL 20 BRIGHTON PIER 259a Kings Rd Arches. 208113 28 CLINIC M 1 A-BAR Claude Nicol.legendsbrighton. 682249 BROAD STREET MADEIRA PLACE 695415 RINA > 4 BAR BROADWAY ) SHOPS 10 Steine EET ) CLUBS ORD STR 12 BASEMENT CLUB (below Legends) 26 8 K GARDENS 31-34 Marine Parade. 681284 818527 www. 723733 10/11 New 23 GULLIVERS HOTEL BRIGHTON PIER ON MA 12a New 2 FUNKY FISH 19-23 Marine www.wix. 682992 327055 112 St James’ 8 CAMELFORD ARMS 35 JUSTIN LLOYD (Kemptown) www.justinlloyd. 692424 25 NEW STEINE BISTRO 8-9 Marine 698331 ) HOTELS ADE www. 681546 www.ohsobrighton.womenscentre. 606064 10 37 www. 683680 9 CHARLES STREET BAR 59 North 38 VELVET JACKS 6 BOUTIQUE BAR 37 CUP OF JOE 50 Norfolk 624100 ES’ STR DEVO www. 696691 259a Kings Rd Arches. 698036 12 LEGENDS BAR www. Hove. 204411 16 Kings Rd. 973746 ) HEALTH ) FOOD www.thebrightonsauna. 764200 30-31 Camelford St. 770712 21 Western Rod. 696996 ) SAUNAS 7 BULLDOG TAVERN 31-34 Marine L ROYA 14 PARIS HOUSE 21 Western ENS HIGH NSHIR 17 SUBLINE ST JAM GARD 43 MES’ 129 St James MARINE PA 2 LOWER ROC NEW STEIN 9 ENVY (above Charles St Bar) RADE 12 8-9 Marine Parade. 606064 72 High St.barbroadway. 606064 7 Upper Rock Gardens. 696691 REET 28 32-34 Old 21 3 E 6 BOUTIQUE CLUB 9 ROCK PLAC E 1 NEW STEIN 2 Boyces St @ West St. 681284 33 EET 7 31 ST JA OLD STEINE ROCK 18 THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS 17 35 19 59 North Rd. 327607 E 30 Western Street. Hove. 739495 www. 681546 ) LEGAL & FINANCE www.legendsbrighton. 608571 32 624462 72-73 London 41 ENGLEHARTS 10 DR BRIGHTON’S 20 OHSO SOCIAL 49 Vallance Hall. 622386 Dorset Gardens Methodist 31-34 Marine 07846 464384 www. 327607 22 Devonshire 622386 13 Broad 692424 13 MARINE TAVERN 40 BRIGHTON SAUNA 30-31Camelford St. Abbey ) COMMUNITY 29 DENTAL HEALTH SPA 3 BAR REVENGE 14 PARIS HOUSE 42 BRIGHTON WOMEN’S CENTRE 16 Western Street. 698873 13 MARINE TAVERN www. 624091 12a New 12 LEGENDS BAR 39 BOILER ROOM 31 St James’ 26 NEW STEINE HOTEL ) ESTATE AGENTS 31-34 Marine www. 325652 AVENU GEOR www. 724195 14–15 Queens Rd. 680264 24 HOTEL PELIROCCO 32 PROWLER 18 THREE JOLLY BUTCHERS 10 Regency Sq.regencytavern. 624091 13 Broad St.charles-street. 689966 1/3 Kings Rd.zonebar.velvetpigmentationclinic.cupofjoebrighton. 696873 ET GA NCE thequeensarms. 624462 84 Denmark 33 SUSSEX BEACON Charity Shop 25 HUDSONS 130 St James’ 12 LEGENDS HOTEL 34 SUSSEX BEACON Home Store 28 St George’s 75 Grand 27 2 BAR RED (@ Funky Fish) MARIN WEST PIER E PAR 19-23 Marine BRIGHT Hove 325652 61 Ship St. 692344 48 Norfolk 698331 MADEIRA DRIVE 27 QUEENS HOTEL www.bulldogbrighton. 609777 608571 5 BEDFORD TAVERN 8-9 Marine Parade. 724195 ET 15 S 118 St James’ 22 MANCHESTER STREET UPPER 19 ZONE 4 CHARLES STREET 13 STEINE STREET 33 St James’ St. 07720 661290 2 Boyces St @ West St. 321222 www. 624091 9 CHARLES STREET BAR 36 JUSTIN LLOYD (Brunswick) CE ET GE ST STRE E PLA 16 REGENCY TAVERN PRI DORS E 32-34 Russell Sq.boutiqueclubbrighton. 624462 111 Western 30 THT BRIGHTON 8 CAMELFORD ARMS 16 REGENCY TAVERN 43 LUNCH POSITIVE 3 BAR REVENGE 22 AVALON HOTEL 31 VELVET TATTOO 7 Marine TRE RDEN 15 QUEEN’S ARMS 25 REET SS 7 George St. 683642 www. 664721 11–12 Marine Parade. 624462 AIDS 23 MEMORIAL CAMELF www.camelford-arms.

ELECTRICIANS. PAINTERS & DECORATORS. Get the results you want without having to shoulder the stress and hassle of sourcing.92 GSCENE JUL 2015 CLASSIFIEDS CALL 01273 722457 BY 13TH JUL TO GUARANTEE ADVERT PLACEMENT BUILDERS. CARPENTERS. dealing with and managing multiple contractors and suppliers. PLASTERING. FITTED KITCHENS. From a small kitchen or bathroom through to complete refurbs and home adaptations. PROJECT MANAGEMENT. TILES & TILERS paintworks RAINBOW DECOR GAY PAINTER & DECORATOR Est CITB * Competitive Rates MT CARPENTRY 1990 07749 471497 Qualifie d * Interior / Exterior & BUILDING Guaranteed Work carried out by * Artexing / Coving Gay Professional Man * Quality & Reliability Guaranteed HOME 01273 589329 07939 581 791 • Loft Conversions • Extensions Painting & Decorating Interior / Exterior MOBILE 07973 839214 • Brickwork • Paintwork Decorating HANDY MAN & ODD JOBS over 15 years experience • Insurance Repairs Need some help with your project? Experienced project managers in refurbishment. new build and home adaptations 0800 690 6282 . PLUMBING & HEATING SERVICES. www.primelivinguk. Registered installers of Impey wetroom systems.

Toby. Great way to get fit . OR FOR MATTERS ARISING FROM CLERICAL OR PRINTERS ERRORS. best rates Carpet Cleaning BRAND NEW RESPONSIVE WEBSITE STARTING FROM Painting & Decorating £399 Regular House info@bessi. GSCENE 93 JUL 2015 CLASSIFIEDS CALL 01273 722457 BY 13TH JUL TO GUARANTEE ADVERT PLACEMENT CLEANING SERVICES MASSAGE. OR OMMISIONS. You can browse and purchase unique.losing kit throughout the session handmade arts and crafts from talented local Start in full workout gear then gradually lose it until artists. If you want an effective training session with a bit of a PROFESSIONAL Property Services SERVICES 07769 329 507 fully insured.brightoncraft. SCAFFOLDING PERSONAL TRAINERS LOCAL EVENTS LGBT CHURCH STRIP PERSONAL TRAINING BRIGHTON CRAFT FAIR Brighton Craft Fair is a monthly fair held in the Lanes.mallorca or go to WHILST EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF STATEMENTS IN THIS MAGAZINE WE CANNOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE VIEWS OF CONTRIBUTORS. chef and tour guide in Palma. your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Reliable Friendly Service All quotations beaten £10Million Public Liability Insurance Mobile: 07792 386 578 ESCORT Mobile: 07983 507 503 SERVICES MALLORCA WITH TOBY Come and stay with me. For more information: call me on +34 634 046 055 or add me as a friend f / Cleaning www. The eclectic mix of stalls will leave you we're both naked for cool down stretches spoilt for choice and in awe of the wealth of local talent Brighton has to ERRORS. OR AN ADVERTISER NOT COMPLETING A CONTRACT . email for more details and training costs For all visitors and exhibitors details go to: Perfect rippedandstrippedtraining@outlook.

000 What’s the most stressful part of your day? Without doubt if a sale falls through after months of (Also above photo) A stunning time and effort . and same extent.” Landlord Comment January 2015 Kemp Town 118 St James’s Street. what makes them click. when making offers. exchange . two bathroom out of your control. so it can be done! Marine Parade. but make sure you a buy in a good or upcoming area . Brighton BN2 1TH Brunswick 111 Western Road. what makes them tick. a south facing balcony. I moved to Brighton for University so my first home was in the halls of residence at the University of Sussex. Six years down the line and I’ve been proved right! What’s your proudest moment in estate agency? Buy&sell with Winning an award at the International Property Awards was fantastic. duplex penthouse apartment situated in one of the most sought What’s the most enjoyable part of your day? after and prestigious buildings in Having offers accepted and when properties Brighton . and If you could change one thing about the buying process what would it be? Justin Lloyd apart from the (increasingly abundant) competition. and a concierge. I love giving a This month we are giving you an insight in to the inner workings of an award proper service to my clients.The Van Alen Building. hopefully some handy tips! With over 6 years of experience in the industry we take a look at Nick Kelly – Sales Manager – and ask what sets him. I guess the speed in which it takes to reach exchange. friendly and efficient. Would recommend to everything?” others. My record is about 10 days.especially as often it is completely three bedroom. but I did always think it would be enjoyable. come to terms with the fact that you will need to get rid of some of your a rising market this can bring much better financial gains... Hove BN3 1DD . Why did you become an estate agent? It wasn't necessarily something I always thought I would do. “I let my property through Justin Lloyd and have always One piece of advice for those downsizing? First found them to be very professional. Brighton £ 950.and a chance to get out the bow tie and dinner jacket! Where’s the first place you lived in Brighton? the experts. I still always here The photographs they took were excellent.still gives me a 'buzz'. This superb property boasts magnificent uninterrupted sea One piece of advice for first time buyers? views. 3 2 1 One piece of advice for buy-to-let investors? A good yield is one thing. and I have no the phrase “Where are we going to put complaints at all about their service. Get your mortgage sorted out first of all so that you secure allocated underground put yourself in the strongest possible position parking. What is the biggest threat to our industry? I’d have to say 'online' agencies. and this is something that these companies simply cannot offer to the winning estate agent...

responsive and kept me informed. two double Email info@justinlloyd. two bathroom apartment situated on the first floor of a converted period building. April 2015 We will be showing our support for the local community with two fun packed days starting at the Brunswick Town Art Fair on 30th June. followed by 'Paddle Round The Pier' on the 4th & 5th July. separate kitchen and utility room. living room with Juliet balconies. just off the seafront and moments from Brighton Pier. 2 2 1 Call us now Visit 01273 692424 They were .co. The property is arranged over four floors. Available June 30th. The property is in a superb location.00pcm Charming two/three bedroom mid-terrace mews house in a private gated development. St James's Street. They’ll be my first call when I next decide to move.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. third single bedroom/study. Unfurnished. two double bedroom. 2 1 2 “Justin Lloyd were head-and- shoulders above the competition. Dolphin Mews.” Vendor comment. Brighton £ 1350.950 Newly refurbished and excellently presented throughout. Brighton £ 299. A genuine asset during the buying process . and family bathroom.

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