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Controversy as Oyo to prosecute Domestic debt
Buhari extends perm herdsmen servicing gulped
sec’s tenure twice carrying guns N1.23tn in 2016 –DMO
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Alleged N360m Wike’s bribe:
14 policemen to testify
against 23 INEC officials
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$1.1bn Malabu scam
Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan
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Troops kill pregnant suicide bomber, rescue 211 hostages –Page 16
Ogbemudia’s Jealous Air Force SERAP asks
body arrives man kills female Onyeama to reinstate
in Benin today colleague in Benue sacked whistle-blower
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Vox pop
Is FG paying enough attention to agriculture?
T he Federal Government is trying its
best to bring agriculture to the front
G overnment has not and is not doing
enough in the area of agriculture. Kano
State, under Audu Bako, constructed over
burner. The government is giving attention 30 earth dams all over the state in eight
to agriculture, but the result has yet to years. And from Audu Bako, Kano has
materialise. had 19 governors and none of them added
One of the initiatives of the government anything to what Bako left. The quickest way
is the Anchor Borrower Programme, which to empower the poor farmer is to engage in
is a kind of funding for agriculture. Since irrigation farming because instead of one
I operate in the South-West part of the crop, he can cultivate three or more. That
country where the land tenure system still means he can multiply his earning three
operates, the government needs to assist times in a year.
farmers to get land for farming. This is The Green Revolution Programme
different from what obtains in the North was not conceived by the Shehu Shagari
where the land tenure system is not strong. administration, it was conceived by Tafawa
Though government is also trying to Balewa who carried out the geological survey
encourage production of agricultural for the whole of Nigeria. Nobody is looking
products for export, there is also the need at the report of this survey. Audu Bako
to create markets for these products at home. took part of this report and implemented
Farmers also need to engage in massive it in Kano over the eight years he stayed as
production of agricultural products. This • Segun Dasaolu (Chairman, South- governor.
may not be possible without government West Farmers’ Forum) The Shagari administration started
adequately addressing the farmers/ implementing part of it before our • Tanko Yakassai (Presidential Liaison
herdsmen clashes. shortly before or during harvest. government was overthrown in 1983. Officer during the Second Republic)
Farmers are afraid to go to their farms This matter is already affecting food
for fear of being attacked. No farmer will be production. We must not wait until it gets
to a period when there will be a food crisis but the stories were not consistent and that
happy to see what he has laboured for from
before something urgent is done about it. is why we do not believe them.
the beginning of the year being destroyed
They said we should join Oba Iresi
Cooperative Society and that the cooperative
is why the prices of agricultural products would buy the rice, process it and sell to the
are not coming down. People should be consumers. But when we asked them to give
able to access agricultural products without us the forms of the cooperative society, it
stress if enough attention is paid to the was another set of forms they brought out.
sector. Despite that, there is no visible
The way forward is that since we have encouragement from the government. We
a national comparative advantage in this are encouraging our people to plant anything
area, government should put more effort to they can, even if they cannot sell their
develop the agricultural sector. We should produce abroad, they will sell them locally.
have gone beyond talking on this issue to The Federal Government should subsidise
facing the business of agriculture. the price of fertiliser. I heard that a bag is
Most of the crops, are ready within six about N6, 000. This is what we used to buy
months. So, if the right decision is made, for around N1,000. You can imagine how
there will be bumper harvests that will • Rt. Rev. Amos Ogunrinde (Bishop, much a poor farmer with hectares of land
bring down the prices of agric products. I Osogbo Diocese of Methodist Church Nigeria) will need to buy enough fertiliser for his
farm. We can’t deceive ourselves; some land
wish government will consider giving more ur diocese is into agriculture and we
to the agricultural sector in its budgetary require fertiliser to yield good crops.
are planning to expand it, but there are Government should also provide soft loans
allocation. Once people can get food no tractors. We have not yet seen the impact
cheaply, they will praise the government. to encourage farmers. Farmers are ready to
of whatever the Federal Government is doing take loans, but they cannot take loans with
We have the land. All that is needed is to support agriculture at our level. Some
• Prof. Steven Okodudu (Lecturer, 26 per cent interest, it will kill them. So, if the
that more funds should be made available people came to tell us that government had
University of Port Harcourt) government can make soft loans available, it
to farmers to help them to increase their released money which would be given out will assist the farmers to produce more and
T he Federal Government is not paying
enough attention to agriculture and that
level of production. For now, the required
level of attention is not paid to agriculture.
as loan to those who wanted to plant rice; it will be beneficial to the nation.

T he present administration has made

O ver the last few years, some of us have subsistence agriculture to deal fatal blows a mistake, which in my opinion has
keenly watched the unfolding economic to poverty and hunger among low income led to this unsatisfactory performance
and political developments in our country. It earners. While commercial farming without in agriculture. This administration is the
appears that we have reached a crescendo in doubt helps in this regards over the medium luckiest administration as far as agriculture
the symptomatic manifestation of the ills of to long term, it cannot replace the need for is concerned because it came at a time the
many years of outright neglect or indecision farming for subsistence among the poor in value of the naira was depreciating and
regarding the articulation, design and the short term. there was a high scarcity of food. The high
implementation of policies that are sound. prices of food forced Nigerians to go into
With all the income that we have earned agriculture because it was realised that if you
in all the booms that came with oil, we wanted money, there was a lot of money to
still remain at a low level of technology be made from agriculture. But the current
and seemingly unable to move up the administration has not done well because
productivity chain in agriculture. for two years, they have done nothing apart
The N92bn 2017 budget allocation to from the Anchor Borrower Programme,
agriculture is, in absolute terms, the highest which has also been poorly managed. If
ever. There is no doubt that, if effectively right from 2015 this administration had
utilised, it will help in accelerating the embellished the programme started by
• Senator Saidu Dansadau (Agriculturalist)
growth of the sector and diversification of Jonathan and carried on with it, the story
the Nigerian economy away from oil. would have been different now. place to market agricultural products because
So far and beyond the efforts by the It is unfortunate that the Minister of the way people are going into farming, we are
government, the closure of leakages and Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, who people going to have a glut of food by December. I
sources of corrupt bleeding of the economy believe knows agriculture has been taking think it is better late than never. The fact that
has inadvertently pushed many into decisions without adequate consultation they’ve started something in this dry season
agriculture. with relevant stakeholders. I haven’t heard and have prepared very well for the coming
Production levels have equally improved. this administration putting any policy in wet season, I believe they will make up.
What somehow appears to be lacking in • Dr Anthony Aziegbemi (Economist
the strategy of government is a deliberate and former member of the House of •Compiled by: Chukwudi Akasike, Femi Makinde, Samuel
set of actions to also sustain some level of Representatives) Awoyinfa, and Mudiaga Affe.

Gadget smart
MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017 3


With Ozioma Ubabukoh
looking for something in your industry.

Groups, communities and discussion areas
There are community areas on most social networking
sites for people who have the same interests to gather
and connect. You can join and monitor these groups,
communities or discussion areas, be active there and
engage in their conversations with thoughtful and
relevant questions and contributions.
This helps you establish a relationship with members
in the group and thus expand your professional network
by exposing you to and giving you a chance to connect
with the right people. When members of your group are
familiar with you, they will be more willing to connect
with you.
Groups, communities and discussion areas can also
give you information on relevant events happening in
your field that can present an opportunity for in-person
networking, or present a platform to showcase your
talents or whatever it is you have to offer.

Blogs and fan pages
Blogs and fan pages are two of the best ways to engage
with your target market, especially if you are a poster
(business, firm or company). You can connect or partner
relevant blogs in your field, create your own blog, create
and launch a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile or do
all of these together to reach out to fans and enthusiasts
in your field. Once you are able to connect with them
through your information, resources, tips and offers, and
they like they what they see, you can through this build a
loyal following. Consequently, these loyal followers will
•Source: Jumia Travel be happy to tell their families, friends and peers about
you, and your word-of-mouth will grow.

Five ways to use social media Share your content
Whether you are a poster or seeker, it is important to

for professional networking share your professional content or achievements on your
social media profiles so your connections, followers or
friends can see your professional achievements.
T he advent of social media has helped to introduce the
concept of ‘social media for professional networking’.
Slowly, ‘in-person’ networking is being overpowered by
Posters aim their products and services at these TMCs
(groups of seekers actively sourcing for information about
If you have a blog or one you contribute to, share your
post and links to your post on your social media profile. If
products and services). you are an artiste and have written or sung songs, made
simply connecting to social networking sites. It’s all part A keyword search on social sites will take you to the dance videos, etc., share them on your profile. By doing
of the phenomenon of social media that engages tens of groups and discussion areas of these TMCs. You can then this, you increase your visibility in your field, especially
millions of Internet users per day. join the groups and discussions where your target market when your connections or friends or followers re-share
In today’s ‘networking space’, it is thus important is active and engage with them. your content. Increasing your visibility helps you make
to know how to use social media for your professional Joining these groups and discussions can also give new social network connections, and thus expands your
networking. Here are five ways to help you do this. you information on places your target market goes when professional network.
Start with connection sites
Use connection sites like LinkedIn or Xing to look for #Takeaway
quality contacts or high-level networkers to network with.
A quality contact or high-level networkers, according to, refer to people who are active online,
have at least 500 connections and powerful profiles.
A professional
network service (or
professional network, in
Professional network service
LinkedIn, Clifford believe networkers need all of their networks up-
You should make sure the HLNs you choose to network an Internet context) is Rosenberg, in an interview to attend in order to keep to-date, in order, and help
with are decision makers, executive officers or media a type of social network by AAP in 2010, this is a successful professional figure out the best way to
influencers who are relevant to your field. service that is focused “a call to action for (intentional) network: get in touch with each of
Don’t let the fact that you don’t know these people hold solely on interactions professionals to re-address building a network; them. A service that can
you back; simply be transparent when sending them a and relationships of a their use of social networks maintaining the network; do all that helps relieve
request or invite and let them know why you will like to business nature rather and begin to reap as many and activating selected some of the stress when
connect with them. Try to make the request more about than including personal, rewards from networking contacts. trying to get things done.
how you can help them and not how they can help you. non-business interactions. professionally as they do They stress that Not all professional
The more of these people you successfully connect with, Notable examples personally.” networkers need to network services are
the more your visibility increases, and the better for you. include LinkedIn, Beam Businesses mostly continue to add new online sites that help
Increased visibility puts you and your work or brand out and Xing. depend on resources contacts to their network promote a business.
there, and this can be especially useful when seeking job A professional network and information outside in order to access as many There are services that
opportunities because when recruiters browse through service is used by business their companies; and in resources as possible, and connect the user to
LinkedIn profiles looking for suitable candidates for individuals to establish order to get what they to maintain their network other services that help
business positions, you will be more visible to them. and maintain professional need, they need to reach through staying in touch promote the business
contacts and a way to out and professionally with their contacts. This is other than online sites,
Target Market Connections either find work or net work wit h ot hers, to ensure that the contacts such as phone/Internet
There are two types of people who market online - get ahead in career as such as employees or are easy to activate when companies that provide
posters and seekers. You are a poster when you actively well as gain resources clients as well as potential the networker has work services and companies
post valuable information, resources, tips and offers. and opportunities for opportunities. that needs to be done. that are specifically
Posters are mostly businesses, firms or companies. networking. “Nardi, Whittaker and By using a professional designed to do all of the
Seekers are mostly consumers, actively seeking for According to the Schwarz (2002) point at network service, promotion, online and in
products and services. Posters mostly use the TMCs. Managing Director, three main tasks that they businesses are able to keep person, for a business.

4 MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017

... City, Crime, Courts 08185225745, 08055126196

Police arrest salesman
Afeez Hanafi

robbing boss
salesman of a
restaurant at
Awoyaya, Ibeju Lekki,
Lagos State, has been held “Madam was angry that I would pay the N3,500.”
by operatives of the Lagos wanted to corrupt her and she The second suspect,
State Command for allegedly terminated my appointment. Mohammed, also denied his
robbing his boss, one Paulina She promised to pay the involvement in the crime,
Paul. N3,500 I worked for after saying he only knew Ochui as
The suspect, 22-year-old she must have discussed a neighbour in the community.
Stephen Ochui, reportedly with my agent. On January “I was advised to run to
connived with one Ibrahim 21, I went there to collect the avoid police arrest, but I
Mohammed and others at money, but Madam told me declined. I wanted to take a
large to attack the woman she didn’t have money. After breakfast when policemen
in her residence on Olomide much persuasion, she gave came to arrest me. I did not
Igiala Street, Oribanwiwa me N1,100. belong to any robbery gang
Phase II, Ibeju Lekki. “I angrily told her that if and I have not involved in any
It was gathered that Ochui she refused to pay my money, criminal activity in my life. I
owned the restaurant. her shop would close down. am a mechanic,” he added.
PUNCH Metro learnt that I was surprised that she The two suspects were
the gang stole Paul’s phone, brought policemen to arrest brought before an Ikeja
jewellery and clothes, among me on Monday, January 23, Magistrate’s Court on
other valuables estimated at alleging that I was the one Thursday on two counts of
about N2m. • Ikeja Magistrate’s Court Photo: File
that came to rob her based robbery by a police prosecutor,
It was gathered that on my earlier threat. I only Inspector Benedict Aigbokhan. court that the offence was 297 and 295 (2) of the Criminal The charge read in part,
Paul started working in threatened her so that she Aigbokhan told the punishable under sections Law of Lagos State, 2011. “That you, Stephen Ochui,
the restaurant sometime in

Driver killed, corpse dumped
January 2017, and after a
week, he was sacked. After
the close of work on the last
day, he allegedly requested
his wages for the period,
which amounted to N3,500, Ramon Oladimeji was seen in the gutter. victim, Toyin Adeojo, called on
but the woman told him to

“He was stabbed by the the government to intervene
come for the money later. he residents of Arepo side and his shirt was taken and give the family justice,
Around 10pm on January in the Obafemi Owode away. There was no blood saying the family was poor.
21, he was said to have Local Government in the gutter and from what I “We have been unjustly
gone to the restaurant and Area of Ogun State on saw, his underwear was pulled oppressed by powerful people.
threatened the boss to pay Saturday woke up to the up before he was stabbed. We are poor, but we want the
the money immediately, gory sight of the corpse of a There were little bloodstains government to come to our
or he would reduce her to 32-year-old driver, Kehinde on his singlet. aid. His death is a big loss to
bankruptcy. Joseph. “His boss told us that our family. He was a friendly,
On January 22, at about Kehinde was reportedly after they closed from work cheerful and well-behaved
2.30am, the robbers stabbed to death and his on Friday, he drove her to man. He must not die in vain,”
reportedly stormed Paul’s corpse dumped in a gutter Ikeja. She said she gave him she said.
house with a gun and cutlass beside a filling station in the transport fare back home, The victim’s corpse was
and made away with her area. while she went for a vigil. She said to have been deposited in
property, including a Toyota PUNCH Metro learnt that said she heard the news of the a mortuary for autopsy.
Matrix. the Ekiti State indigene, who death like everybody else.” When contacted, the boss
The incident was reported lived in Arepo, left home for Our correspondent declined comment.
to the police, leading to work on Friday. gathered that the assailants She said, “I think if the
the arrest of Ochui and He had driven his boss, went away with Kehinde’s family is alleging anything,
Mohammed. who equally lived in Arepo, phone, but left his wallet. you should find out from them
But the salesman denied to the Lagos Island, where The widow appealed for what the secret is. If they gave
knowledge of the robbery, the latter worked. help, saying the husband was you all the information; for
adding that his statement However, Kehinde’s corpse the breadwinner of the family. instance, why the corpse was
was a mere threat. was found in the gutter on PUNCH Metro was told dumped in Arepo where he
He said, “I was working Saturday. that shortly after the incident, lived, you should also find out
with Madam Paulina (Paul) The body was removed by Kehinde’s boss gave the family from them. I am not obliged
as a sales representative of the police from the Warewa N45,000, being payment for to speak with you. If you
her restaurant. She was to pay division. the victim’s salary. want information, you should
me N15,000 per month and When our correspondent The elder brother of the speak with those that gave you
N200 for transportation on visited the victim’s house, victim, Darasimi Joseph, said information.”
a daily basis. I only worked a crowd of sympathisers, Kehinde’s boss had not told The Ogun State Police
there for a week. including relatives, were seen the family the whole truth. Public Relations Officer,
“I left because the second condoling with the deceased’s He said, “I believe there Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed
sales representative, Justina, widow, Kemi. is something fishy about the the incident.
told me Madam did not treat The couple, who had been • Kehinde Photo: Family death and only God knows it. He, however, said it was
her well. I advised her to be married for four years, have Someone dropped his boss by reported as a case of sudden
saving money on a daily basis a three-year-old daughter with the boss for the past two in the morning, he was not 8pm and the next morning, we and unnatural death, adding
if she wanted to go back to together. years without any problem. reachable in the evening. saw the corpse in the gutter. that the police had begun
Akwa Ibom where she came Kemi, who is also three She said, “He normally It was on Saturday that a I believe everything that is investigations.
from. But she went to tell months pregnant, told drove the boss to work on motorcyclist, who lives in our going on will be uncovered in He said, “Some people
Madam that I advised her to PUNCH Metro that her the Lagos Island every day. neighbourhood, called to tell a matter of time.” actually came to tell us that
steal her (Paul’s) money. husband had been working On Friday, after we spoke me that my husband’s corpse The elder sister of the they woke up in the morning

arrested by operatives of the arrested at Idi-Oro around apprehended along with NDLEA accuses man of 34 other members of the 2am. pleaded the suspected miscreants Chairman of the task force. was found of a new building in the area don’t know yet. Lagos State. Akokhia. Ondo State. W4. A paramilitary the operation was sequel In view of his not guilty officer attached to the agency to reports from residents. identified only as Esther. friends of 22. Your death The defendants pleaded not gathered that the two air After the killing. 2017 5 Peter Dada. He did not military plans. 2017. Justice friends were arrested during other suspects were charged on Friday. We still need to confirm if he investigations were ongoing Sanju Agbabiaka. Mushin area of valuables from people in the state. We do not “The boy (Kalu) has forget because of your great The presiding magistrate. Group Captain A Environmental and Special Plasma television and seven and found the corpse of a sudden and unnatural death.” Enforcement Agency country to Hong Kong. eyes closed due to criminal she had about 10 witnesses One of the cult suspects. 2017. accused her of dating other and an airwoman were state hospital where she Another wrote. T different criminal activities. while attempting to prosecutor. informed the that he was lured into the their gang leader. Badagry. the agency said grammes of cocaine. “My last night “She was initially rushed media is mere speculation. 17-year-old Godwin Okpeye. acted contrary to Section 11 (b) commencement of trial.000 with two sureties It was learnt that as an airman. The body has been Peace.” Our correspondent men. Femi Company was reportedly at the Itanla area of the ancient The source said. it was relationship which resulted recovered to our base now. in your home. Ask about me to NAF hospital. because all I have to do is N500. • Federal High Court. 18. Offences (Enforcement laptops in Ikorodu. Mr.000. who hailed from later and hear my story. 2017 for Remand Home. A source in the area said the of the area. Shomzy. young man inside a gutter. Enuamaka added that had commenced into the in Ondo town. It was learnt that the girls do not like dating jewelery valued at N65. all valued at N2. 20. 2016. the Ondo Business worker. and had served same on the that his gang was involved in before Justice Oluremi recruiting new members Ikeja. while presented before the court for allegedly trafficking in 935 yourself. But the prosecutor told adding that he was released Boys. Akure BEDC worker electrocuted in Ondo an official statement on the matter as soon as A member of staff of The body of the electricity deceased climbed the pole to a mistake up there that made that the deceased was a casual investigation was completed. urged the judge broken bottles during the no longer sleep with their two to fix a date for trial. 121 others Afeez Hanafi Lagos State Task Force on into a shop and stole a 32-inch Information. “ was on an illegal duty to the command.A. The NAF Director of Public Relations and leader.850m. Ibeju Oladipupo. They had a love died. Well. but when He is alive and in custody. to being punished under the Fatai Owoseni. in the Lagos Benue State. saying that Kalu Lekki. we worker. Taofiq (d) of the National Drug Law nabbed 87 alleged miscreants Adebayo. valued at N65. “ A n a i r m a n she was transferred to the much. This is madness. Joseph. Makurdi. adding the company would issue incident. during the to a three-man gang that initiation of new members specialised in snatching swallowing 935g of cocaine in the Akala. armed with a gun and a on Saturday at the NAF One of the friends. was allegedly If she was in love with a N1. . men. however. while 15 are SP Olayinka Egbeyemi. Another suspect. the prosecutor.700 and a First Bank accused her of having a dare to slap her. I can’t Mrs. Tobi Unit). which you swallowed days to file her response. to hear the “My friend and I were Tosin and Magistrate Patrick Achebe swallowed the illicit Screening Point II. affair for some months. which read. while The incident happened killing. “About 35 cult members The defence counsel. Omije Boys. not guilty when the charges are females. Mrs. Adebayo said. Juliana March 20. on Saturday allegedly shot It was. Olomide Igiala Street. by Special Offences Court at on December 21. “This is why military clothes valued at N18. which it authority exported 935g of adding that she needed two Federal High Court in Lagos cocaine. them bail in the sum of parade. activities in the areas. “The Achebe.000. at the Ethiopian Airline. 2017.” 28. was reported to have stated were arrested along with Oke Ojakovo. In the charges. “He was an The Business Manager of the area on the day of the incident. said the suspects Enforcement Agency Act. at about 2. you Investigations are ongoing change. mourn her. Oshodi. Chris Enuamaka. between them. May be there was confirmed the incident. said Achebe “without lawful oppose the bail application. O. officer of the BEDC in charge BEDC unit. before Magistrate Ojuromi The agency claimed that operatives at the NDLEA for the agency. Oregun. Cap said to be perpetrating crimes had been charged to court on N30. told Justice application for bail while sent to the Lagos State Uwaka of the Lagos State substance and was arrested the outward clearance of Oguntoyinbo that the accused she fixed May 3. Sanju judge that he had filed a bail group in September 2016.30am. We will unravel the circumstances that led to the incident. plea.” he said. 2017. must be prosecuted for the Magisterial District. Achebe was arrested by its The prosecuting counsel Oguntoyinbo adjourned till a robbery operation. raid on Friday. saying operation. a magistrate after we broke Oshodi. PUNCH Metro gathered The task force that the task force team also spokesperson. is that he got electrocuted.” card. Home. shot himself because of his yet know what transpired been arrested. however. Law of the Federation of the order of the Lagos State in the community during a Nigeria 2004 and was liable Commissioner of Police. This is too Automated Teller Machine romantic affair with other dead by Kalu after the latter H e s a i d. “Rest in property of one Paulina Paul. popularly referred to soldiers. The post on the social continue crying my dear.015.” it was beyond their control. did steal one Tecno Tactical Air Command. force officers had had an speculated that Kalu also in the shooting. to let go of what I cannot each in like sum and Oladipupo. said investigation electrocuted on Saturday community. Lagos.” the motives of the suspect. cash sum of shot dead by Kalu after he • Kalu • Oladipupo Photos: Facebook civilian. into their group called Omije he National Drug Law make his way out of the Oguntoyinbo on two counts. MARCH 13. one Toyota Matrix worth as Shomzy. Kalu.” Adebayo added. learnt in gutter that Kalu had been arrested and in military detention. cutlass. The Public Relations Unit of the Benin as Kola Akinsebi. MONDAY. he would not even N17. dead his girlfriend.” Consequently. All we know He noted that late Akinsebi Officer of the state police Electricity Distribution hanging on an electrical pole on the day.” others at large. during Iroabuchi. said he belonged cult. Ayodele Famuyiwa.000. wrote. die. who was identified connect electricity to the line him to be electrocuted. Photo: File Agbabiaka. who was Agbabiaka was police will incident is a case of not. We are investigating. With that report. was allegedly injured with complaining that they could Iroabuchi. the NDLEA the judge that she wished to from the Lagos State Remand “The 15 arrested teenagers on Friday brought one In a charge marked. Solape to her Facebook page to Oribanwiwa Phase II. is something I cannot easily guilty and elected summary trial. Oregun. said were read to him. Mr. granted after they met at a military post on his Facebook page. said suspected cult leader. It was learnt that 10 of same law. teenagers. was Lagos task force arrests cult adjourned the case till April will be surprised. after he and his Lagos Remand Home. on January force man.700. Lagos. aka 120. at application for his client Okpeye told the agency Ramon Oladimeji The accused was arraigned midnight while they were Murtala Muhammed Airport. what the was killed by somebody or into the matter to ascertain aka 120. for allegedly shooting the late Oladipupo took at 1. lady. has been Atewogbola. Lieutenant Meanwhile. to call to prove the case. for Jealous air force man kills female Olaleye Aluko and John Charles Ibrahim Mohammed and T he Nigerian Air Force has confirmed the arrest of an air colleague in Benue into the incident. on February were ordered to be taken to David Achebe before the FHC/L/36C/17. Benue State. in Markudi. involved.

Yakub Bashorun. Adun Martins. We Umar spoke at a two-day believe that the middle range induction training organised buses will be supplied up to 70 for the accountants transferred per cent of the total volume. Ansar-ud- the Lagos State Ministry Deen Senior College. Stuart Symington.5bn that is already put place you work restrict or limit in place to drive this public your interest to embrace new transportation bond. at the Yakubu Gowon Stadium. and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. on Thursday. schedule. Lagos Ansar-ud-Deen •L-R: Force Police Public Relations Officer. Mr. “We hope that the second She urged the participants batch of the refund should to gather knowledge that be paid next month and would boost their confidence eventually. in universities. Lagos State routine of doing the same decided not to touch its share thing every time.. to replace the yellow buses. Mr. Photo: Rivers across the six education State Government House A non-governmental organisation. we intend to bring in new to continually familiarise buses of about 5. Akin Fadeyi Foundation. fund of N30bn. on Sunday. Yaba. themselves with dynamics “The big buses will take 70 of their job in order to stay people and the medium range relevant. sponsorship of result- adding that such would be oriented schoolteachers to beneficial to all in the long pursue postgraduate degrees run. 2017 to 2019 and through said the workers needed it. MARCH 13. over the years. there will be so much state an integrated public credibility and credence that transportation system will the bond will drive itself. The Permanent Secretary/ popularly called Danfo. Mr. opportunities. who the to indigent students from foundation was named the Isolo Local Government after. of Wealth Creation and emerged the overall winner Employment. Ganiyu He said. Mrs. shortly after the partnership its support and contribution Zumratul-Islamiyyah Senior engagement of the ‘Corruption. the total will be to discharge their duties N29bn. during the CAF Champions League match between Sesan Olufowobi annually for selected schools Rivers United and El-Marek of Sudan. spoke during followed by Ansar-ud-Deen the grand finale of the 2017 Girls’Senior High School. with the police at the Force to the education sector. edition of the YOBEF Quiz Itire.” start this year with a sinking Ambode added. Abimbola Umar. we have a sinking fund and don’t allow the present of N14. Moshood Jimoh. awardees whose academic YOBEF. Isolo.. in Port Harcourt. Communications Officer. I will add another effectively. Akinwunmi Ambode.000 air-conditioned buses standard. . Mr. Right out of your comfort zones now. Rivers State Governor. Compreh en si v e Sen i or Fadeyi. that would span between seven stated that employees’ work to 10 years. Akin Fadeyi Foundation. “This initiative has. produced Education Foundation. in Abuja.000 units. Ambode. Not In My Country’ project. from the Lagos State Health •Kogi State Governor. Balogun. Akin Fadeyi Foundation. always go of the Paris Club refund. and Olowu. High School. Sir Celestine Omehia. T he Lagos Sate Governor. as part of High School. “The Bus Reform T he Lagos State Government has advised accountants in its employ to Initiative is a three-year plan always upgrade their skills aimed at introducing over in line with the international 5. 2017 photo news Lagos commits N30bn to new transport plan Sesan Olufowobi N1bn to it. buses will take 30 people. during the which will amount to about Service Commission and ambassador’s visit to Bello in Lokoja. the money belongs to the “Don’t be restrictive to the state government. Nyesom Wike. Okota. on Sunday. and Senator Lee Maeba. “YOBEF. peers. The Accountant General of the Bus Reform Initiative is from state. Mr. making it N30bn to start this initiative. supported by EU/UNDP/UNODC. Competition in Isolo. who spoke to ‘Be open to journalists on Saturday in initiatives’ Ikeja. Youris Olatunji Bashorun districts in the state. The foundation also A son of late Olatunji provides scholarship awards Bashorun. He said. Mr. came Headquaters. said Area.” Umar added.. inaugurate a public transport The permanent secretary. Boma Iyaye. and US Ambassador to Nigeria. Photo: Akin Fadeyi Foundation holds this quiz competition third and fourth respectively. Group seeks support for •L-R: Rivers State Commissioner for Sports. training and “You are aware that the career progression would Federal Government paid thenceforth be well-structured Lagos the refund of the Paris and monitored by the state Club loan last December and treasury office.” programmes and projects Bashorun stated that must be organised to YOBEF would soon expand support the development its scope to accommodate of the education sector.600 units. has said all hands performances remain must be on deck to promote reference points among their qualitative education. infrastructure bond of N100bn in a statement on Sunday. said the reform was Afeez Hanafi aimed at providing a viable alternative to transport challenges. Mr. Photo: Kogi State Government House 3. Inspector-General of Police. Executive Director. Akin State. who is also the At the end of the Permanent Secretary in competition.. has said the proposed Bus “By the time we have N30bn as a sinking fund against the bond of N100bn Reform Initiative aimed at that we want to put into the giving the residents of the market. a former quality education Rivers State governor.. Yahaya Bello (left).” various general hospitals The governor said his across the state to the state’s administration would soon mainstream civil service. Ibrahim Idris. 6 MONDAY.. Mr.

“converted. with the responsibility of preparing weekly after 49 days medical vacation in London.” Osinbajo and members of “the cabal” around Investigation by one of our correspondents They advised the President to focus on the On his part. whatever their predicted a clash between Vice-President Yemi work. personalities. said Buhari should deepen the government officials. Dr.” he added. recession. whom it refers to as potential The PUNCH had exclusively reported that conspire to convert the sum of N360. who spoke to The resume duty on Monday. which took legacy. While addressing members of the Federal He said. accused of receiving N360m bribe from Governor listed so far are policemen. said the President powers. Olalekan Adetayo. in the Second Republic.” to 10. in the suit with number accused persons. with the case Najeem Ayotunde. 2016 rerun elections witnesses.000. and a good way to prove to the people that scheduled assignments for the President. Association of Nigeria. whereby the President is there to the country on Friday. who Besides the NLC. filed seven counts connection with the Rivers State re-run make it more potent. Mr. Nigerian Voters Assembly. So. said the government should tackle President’s schedule for the week was always the problem of the economy to get the country stark realities that the economy and welfare of sure that he assumes his full executive powers the people are in danger. The President. there is likely going to be a be clearer by Monday. He should work towards that the defendants would be arraigned before comprising money laundering and economic election which took place on December 10. he formally resumes from his 49-day medical Congress and other eminent groups have set a his medical leave to refresh his mind on areas The President of the Committee for vacation. received from Governor Ezenwo Nyesom holding elections under this structure without were accompanied by a list of “14 potential Also named as part of the defendants are Wike of Rivers State. the challenges facing the Alleged N360m Wike’s bribe: 14 policemen to testify against 23 INEC officials country remain the same. The accused persons named in the charges Commission between December 7 and 10. said the in the state. simply because we in this situation is nothing but the intrigue of ready on the preceding Friday. did getting the economy to work better in the policemen. In count 2. Ivase Stephen and Abdullahi sum of N360. He stated. The General Secretary of the NLC. He stressed that the continuing delay in the “From Monday. “Immediately the charges were concealed. more than enough copies that the sum of N360m bribe in violations of N360. said it was left healthily returned as the true Buhari that we today for the President and his close aides to decide knew by displaying his distaste for corruption Meanwhile. of the profession and Newspaper Proprietors’ factual. and from the way it is being currently handled. others set target John Alechenu. Ikeja. the defendants “all electoral Network. March 14. Mary Tunkoyo Pennap. “I’ve heard from some people that he was refreshed was for Buhari to come up The itinerary is however open to amendments Executive Council shortly after his arrival. it was alleged that the accused for treatment in weeks. (Prohibition) Act 2011 and Economic and with the Rivers State rerun election. telephone interview with The PUNCH. The government needs to tackle Ade Adesomoju. Anti-corruption with the December 10. we believe that with the suffering of Nigerians.” to administratively deal with corruption in in Abuja on Tuesday. In count 4. Abuja policemen. Junaid Mohammed. 2016 at Port Harcourt. “Buhari should focus on The prosecution has also lined up 14 its proposed witnesses. government to initiate policies that would however. knowing that the said modifications may not augur well for the witnesses”. Dr. Buhari said he would rest last weekend and handing over executive powers to the Vice- economy. prosecution alleged that the one swoop and to free the naira from both “The court served the hearing notice on the The prosecution. “For now. with the charges.” All the 14 witnesses listed are all said to be The defendants also include Balogun place on December 10.000. He must provide a healthy economy returned to the country on Friday. Lukeman Olabimpe and Tiamiyu R. took place on December 10. generalnews@punchng. 2016. 2016. that he would continue to with The PUNCH. The economy is at the top of it. com . James money represented proceeds of bribery polity. the President does not have He stated that it was important for the have economic and political systems that put the cabal. “Well. aim of concealing the illicit origin of the Odumakin said. out of recession. He added. the Executive Secretary. which is the first full new Minimum Wage.” has never been this sick and he is going back defendants had been served with the charges. he is not likely to continue the economy in particular. Nwosu need to be deployed quickly to ensure that it is reduced.” Have a story for us? Code of Ethics For more information. economic and financial crimes. “If he cannot do all. the Office of the Attorney General of the directly from bribery and corruption in increase the battle against corruption and Our correspondent confirmed on Sunday Federation had. Academics. functions are in the system. a former Governor of Kaduna the President over the exercise of presidential on Sunday showed that no assignment had economy so that the plight of the masses. groups. •  We subscribe to the complaints against the through a professional Ombudsman mechanism Maryland. Hussaina Yahaya. Peter “The whole idea of this indecent haste to that will make Nigerians glad. President. Afenifere. the Defence of Human Rights. to mediate Online: 08033430804 8. All he can do in the the source said. Contact: •  We are guided by conduct are the basis independent body would Newspaper Proprietors’ please contact: Politics: 08033461633 the principles of of public trust and best serve the interest Office of the Ombudsman. Or e-mail: Business: 07068835954 •  We believe that these press on ethical conduct code of ethics under an ngrombudsman@yahoo. especially the to exercise the full awesome powers of the economy is the sum total of the welfare of the for Monday to the fact that Buhari only economy. In count 3. persons. NLC. must carry out a thorough review of his Mohammed. 2016. Ebenezer Oyetakin. on March 7. That. Rivers State. is understandable as he only returned reduce the suffering of Nigerians. anything on his schedule for Monday. who State. of the Independent National Electoral “He therefore needs a dedicated team that Director of Public Prosecutions. President which means even though he is “There is need for a fundamental change in PUNCH on condition of anonymity. the President should show lot of trouble for sure. politics@punchng. would improve. the charges Ogabo. being money you “It would be nice if the President realises that According to the source. balanced and supported by other General News: 08165625046 •  We believe that a system Association of Nigeria fair reporting and society. confidence. A restructured polity therefore seems The source stated that the list was subject to a Ogwuche. Nwoha Yusuf. rest over the weekend and allow Osinbajo to Elders’ Council. This is because the the “blank” nature of the President’s schedule challenges facing the country.000. Nyesom Wike of Rivers State in connection others including INEC officials as prosecution Oluchi and Arukwe Chinelo. by somebody else.” a source familiar of the governor’s criminal conduct as well as took place on December 10. no assignment has been A s President Muhammadu Buhari resumes his area of priorities.” relations and cronies. the President has reaffirmed his mandate of with policy directions and plans to uplift the if the situation arises. MARCH 13. all the witnesses Adesoji. will commence this week. He should witnesses against the INEC officials. Gayus Hassan. 2017 7 news Buhari resumes today. people. prosecution to reduce or add to its number of Electoral Commission between December 7 Oyetakin stated. can deliver on his core commitments to Nigeria “So.” Gwatana Jibril. attributed The NLC called on Buhari to focus on the back in the country. indicated that the arraignment would take received from Wike. commit an offence to wit: possession of the this dispensation. copies of the charges from the Office of the state coordinators of the electoral body. represented proceeds with the Rivers State rerun election. The Protocol Unit of the Presidency is saddled The President arrived in Nigeria on Friday Balarabe stated that the economy was “very Professionals and Businessmen. who is also the convener of the (today). Iro Abali. that inflation is controlled. the pan-Yoruba socio-political either as ministers or others. economic policies. included the Northern up to him and those who are close to him. the re-denomination of the naira as a way Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court crimes-related offences against the accused 2016. The rest are Akinwoye Amodu. being money derived directly team so it can face the urgency of now. on Friday. in connection “The country is drifting dangerously and the the police. the prosecution may later amend its proof of evidence by filing additional list of witnesses to bring in Arowolo. Nigeria Labour He believed Buhari must have used part of Erubami stated. 2016. been scheduled for the President on Monday could not travel abroad for medical treatment. of self regulation. PUNCH has learnt. Friday Olokor The spokesman for the Northern Elders in his speeches and body languages that he had No scheduled assignment for President and Olaleye Aluko Forum. Also. which Yinka Odumakin. were in possession” and “used” persons “did collaborate to conceal the sum of immediate dispensation is to reorganise his filed last week. the defendants allegedly from bribery and corruption in connection The National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere. Alhaji Balarabe Musa. especially those who are his personal the interests of a few forward. advised the President to arrangement.000. Mrs. said this in a sick” going by the daily hardship of Nigerians. Fidelis Soriwei. The PUNCH. led by Osinbajo. “did convert the sum of local and international currency war and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of FHC/ABJ/CR/42/2017. It is entirely But a member of the House of Representatives Abuja. they would have been served Peter Ewatade. who spoke in separate interviews greater importance to the public.” constitution of the wage committee was no longer acceptable to organised labour. The notice sum of N360m. and Dr. commentaries. etc) Act. Ozo-Eson also called for the immediate “The President’s schedule for the week will constitution of the tripartite committee on the come out with a new style of anti corruption physically but the powers are being exercised crusade. Ango Abdullahi. Henry Owokure. with the country was restructured. But the investigative team of the 2004. came to receive him at the Presidential Villa. He must face the rush back Mr. allegedly between money. “If they realise they are not happy with the new Masud Erubami. Prof. The “It is always within the rights of the officers and staff of the Independent National President should improve on the economy. would go round the 23 defendants were sent to various provisions of the Money Laundering from bribery and corruption. group.000. Patrick Anuke. MONDay. Coalition of Northern Politicians. Maryland Crescent. organisations and probably have to prioritise areas that will be of consultation in the Niger Delta. Funmilayo and Adams Kadiri. at Port Harcourt. Malachy He had told state governors and top focus. alleged that the N360. Junaid Mohammed.” the Federation sometime last principles and ethical established by the and recommend redress. which release of the timetable for the next elections “Recall that the police earlier released the Financial Crimes (Establishment. “The President has told us he Responding to a question on whether the The 23 INEC officials. Rivers State.” scheduled yet for Buhari on Monday (today) as duty on Monday (today).000 interest of the common masses.” by INEC will put the government under serious defendants. stakeholders. In count 1. policies T he trial of 23 officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission. December 7 and 10. Rivers State rerun election. did in the few months left for governance under police invitation. business@punchng. working day after his arrival. A government official. “In fact. being money derived directly manipulations. Karimu Aminu and Adedokun and corruption in connection with the the low hanging fruit that can give him a lasting further review in the course of the trial. I am sure if the defendants honoured the are Shittu Lamido (Shettima). President to Nigeria and make The source said the first draft of the Ozo-Eson. said it was high time the place on Tuesday. it was alleged that the pressure as it signals the commencement of police re-invited the defendants after receiving The 23 INEC officials are said to include three defendants “all electoral officers and staff serious politicking. he would Ugwummadu. target for the President on what should be his he would like to face. Akinwande the economy and see how to get it out of The source added. Within that framework.

. Then. say. and your tax refund: Along to be spent once the fixed according to http://www. gas away that cheque from better to instead lump it and discretionary spending an uncle you may receive into that “found” category *Pay yourself can make it simpler to stick each year. spend less with cash. of it. you erode it of money for groceries. Some You may think of fixed seven easy ways to build studies indicate consumers *Direct deposit deposit interest as income up your stash of cash. thinking about savings as Combine your cash balance. This is you can afford at first. If you view it as a that at most institutions. but that full amount probably won’t be obtainable until you have paid down your debts. take advantage may seem inevitable now. to make it a priority to your hand than to try to do into your savings account. 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Link Bridge.Cybernectics International Malami (SAN). ‘’Those who perpetrated Justice Akpomiemie. We have a procedure ‘stood in the right of way’ of the and since we have invited him. during his visit chamber if he failed to appear to the region had declared that in the uniform of the service the FG would establish modular showing his rank as the DG. whose house.” Admiral Ishaya Ibrahim (retd. His Excellency. said it was regrettable He added.7. one of the youths. a Government House consequences for their actions. This of the property to it was the Olabisi Akinlade of the Lagos 4th and more importantly. Mr. “We invite the Comptroller sensitisation seminar. says Dickson public hearing which was held cannot be overemphasised. should call the military men of N885. stated in a statement on Sunday fulfilment of Mr.666. that though the land belonged confidence in us so that there it filed against the customers to State Attorney General and January 10. and Mr.’’ retire on Monday (today). 338. Plateau State.” the approved list in the just- governorship election in the actions. during the presentation of the award of Vanguard Best Governor to Ayade in Lagos. claimed should partner us by building marked. Affairs.” interest of the people. Prof. let newly constructed Lekki-Ikoyi Buhari committed to electoral reforms. on Friday. Salihu Isah. President ahead”. taken as not representing PERATORS of illegal insisted that Ali must answer order by the Senate that Ali Odunaro. The Federal According to him. Hameed Ali (retd. will present administration of the performance of the task no further delay in the payment in 2015. change and that nothing in life committee was handed “a clear He noted that the payment Dickson stated this when violence and caused mayhem whose commission had been is perfect. 7 Ojora it means that what the Acting decision of the customers Joined as defendants in spokesman. Seriake members of the commission to commend the chairperson Friday. so is our electoral mandate to reform the nation’s was with immediate effect he received the report by the against the people of Bayelsa looking into violence and other system. stated on the floor of the Senate region have pleaded with the appearing before it. “I was not appointed Okpkpobe said. it is not a media war. who took oil theft and create jobs for the turns to condemn the service teaming youths of the area. which involved in the business. in a suit marked. He said. We do . Nigerian Navy. 301. Election violence culprits won’t escape North-Central zone’s edition of the Nnamani-led committee’s in the area of electoral reforms.” the events that would play out LD/3767/LWM/2016. the line of action on Ali based on The bank. “Elections are what statement said on Saturday. who appeared on confidence in the FG. settlement of the debt. has expressed The Special Adviser to “Let me restate that 646. MARCH 13.). Mr. papers on the 5th. Kogi okays him come. the state allocated it to will be an understanding recover the debt. inaugurated the committee in January last year till date. that Malami said this during the pledge to leave a lasting legacy and Publicity to the Governor. institution of the Nigeria Customs the symbolic importance of carry out certain duties on in mufti. President’s The Director General. AGF assures Nnamani committee N1. who represented the democracy entails and democracy The governor assured the He also used the occasion T he Governor of Bayelsa minister at the event. Kunle Ogunba (SAN). Lokoja. 2017 ordered He said. decided pensioners will be declared to Nigerians. Commissioner for Justice.. Mr. resolved Saturday in Port Harcourt for a that.) Also. Am I doing my job or not? land belonging to it to a former It prayed the court to make ready to partner us in building to the bank as full and final No. Bello gave the approval after an Isah. Fanwo said Governor Yahaya Simon Utebor. therefore. the statement that the FG is the ownership of the property from 3rd of September 2006 as it. Yenagoa in Jos. Lokoja “One thing I have to state and reiterate is that we stand by Nigerians and we will defend claimed that the legal mortgage on the property had earlier been used by two customers T he Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice. adding that Ali The Acting President. for defying an order stopping But the illegal refinery it from implementing its new operators. The legislature Adeola (Lagos-West) said the his Media Adviser.” over a Certificate of Occupancy Naval Staff. announced this in Government House punishment. discipline as well as an officer in these organisations operating without a uniform facilities Friday Amobi. This will to be N650. agree that life is about constant Malami said that the concluded screening exercise. the nation’s electoral system. 7 Ojora Street. those to who perpetrated violence and would study the report and Margaret Akpomiemie. media war. a breakfast programme of Speaking. 2016. Dickson stated. Photo: Cross to the creeks for illegal refining. we have the right to Mr.” the authority it confers on the could be taken to be performing Port Harcourt Service. Ali “wants symbol of legitimate authority General is a rank that can only the military to stop every form of Committee on Media and Public integrity and discipline of the to demean and undermine conferred on the wearer to be worm on uniform and not attack on their facilities. refineries as a strategy to tackle The lawmakers. electoral system and a 13-term as government had done the judicial commission of enquiry during the last governorship related issues during the 2015 “It is to this end that the of reference to guide them in needful by ensuring there was into election violence in the state election will know there are governorship elections. that the committee was and sustainable way of ensuring Dickson. October 4. they Ramon Oladimeji liquidate an outstanding debt in respect of the property to Cybernetics International Ltd. be O in a war of words. Dr. the bank set up in fulfillment of President to constitute and. Kayode lawful body”. Mr. 05 for the payment not subscribe to and will never Ltd. it would restore But Ali. Electoral Reform Committee led Publicity. adding that the said C of A If we suspect that smuggled ccess Bank Plc has sued The bank is seeking a court to stop the destruction of the later agreed to by the party O was “registered on the 7th items are taken into your own the Governor of Lagos State. political grandstanding. Until he Ibrahim as compensation among the government and the The bank averred that Adeniji Kazeem. means. indeed. to question the sincerity of The Senate had. And as refineries in the Niger Delta its summons on Wednesday by wears Custom’s uniform when that as a retired army colonel who and paramilitary uniforms. said the pointed out that he would answer • L-R: Wife of the Governor of Cross River State. are part of the in plenary. When he comes and the Senate discusses with him. Senate “to protect the organisational of uniforms. declaration that it is the lawful ‘Kpo-fire’ refineries. Does uniform work or what they are saying. Ikoyi. Vice. said if the General of Customs to appear in military stopped the attacks on plenary and in uniform. is the time the government terms of settlement in a suit State High Court in Igbosere 5th defendant. the Comptroller Federal Government to caution The Chairman. Mr. Andy Isichei . on State.60 at page 60. Senator Solomon Adeola. development. Street. of pensioners’ entitlements.000. which are Ambode and the Lagos Justice Akinlade had on on Wednesday. “Military the institution at all. Abubakar Muhammadu Buhari’s pledge to reform the imperfections in inaugurate the Constitution and Electoral Reform Committee on T he Kogi State Government has approved N1. Lagos. would not be admitted into the Yemi Osinbajo. however. Lagos. the Senate’s The contentious land is property situated at No. Bank drags Ambode to court over property their equipment by the military. on Wednesday.3bn for In the statement of claim whatever the outcome reached filed through its lawyer. Lagos State”.818. Except in covert operations. Senator Sabi Abdullahi. recalled as we commonly know is a sure executive council meeting. Linda Ayade. Access Bank said the Ikoyi. 2017 9 news Vehicle duty: Senate insists on Ali’s appearance Illegal refinery operators decry in Customs uniform destruction of Leke Baiyewu. the bank to serve the court made our statement. Justice inaugurated on October 4. for owner of the contentious help in building confidence in the customers to relinquish commencement day began cordon off that house and search allegedly allocating a piece of property. Jolomi Kpokpobe. we for the demolition of his communities and the individuals Isichei had earlier handed Others are the Chief of 7th defendants by substituted are not going to engage him in a (Ibrahim’s) property. an order “setting aside the modular refineries. Abuja He said the committee was Muhammadu Buhari. on Thursday.” The operators of the told our correspondent on refineries popularly called Saturday that instead of going ‘Kpo-fire’ refineries noted that to the media. MONDAY. in a statement by agency in its operation as a an illegal duty or. worse.” their support for the Constitution and the minister on Media and the Federal Government of pensioners’ arrears from support impunity by any agent obtain a credit facility from it. Gbenga Odogun. of government because we are The bank claimed by a former Senate President. we have to it. “To show Comptroller General to wear that they are serious with uniform. LD/270/2009. the person behind the uniform? Ibrahim and Ishiche. state will not go scot-free. 2016. by the first President just did was a mere to relinquish the ownership the suit filed before Justice lawmakers would take the next Ikoyi. In his reaction. Mr. Abuja behalf of the government. defendant (Ambode) to the 3rd. “For now.000. said the located at No. Television Continental on Friday. Ali should appear the continuous destruction before the lawmakers and of their facilities had brought defend himself. . Ade Adesomoju. “I am sure you will all in full support of this exercise. the interests of Nigerians. Nigeria Customs and must be seen to be working Service as well as to protect the uniforms. Media designed to work for the people the customers’ inability to Ken Nnamani. answering the summons was should know the importance inclusive of ranks. has said that those that the state government of the commission. made day of September 2007.. Tuesday. at the Federal Lands Registry National Assembly. to the state. Volume 111 I think that should worry the Chief of Naval Staff. Mr. would not appear before the River State Government House but decried the destruction of lawmakers in uniform. purported allocation of the “If you continue to destroy. Akinwunmi Ambode. 6th and comes. Governor Ben Ayade and Senator Florence Ita boys had resolved not go back the summons by the Senate but Giwa. which was it. The relevance of this exercise Kingsley Fanwo. who came together on policy on vehicle duty. for her He quoted Malami as Ministry of Justice is. T he Senate has said it will not engage the Comptroller General.. the FG in implementing their asked the Customs boss to declaration of establishing appear before it “unfailingly” modular refineries. Col. be paid include pensioners on caused mayhem during the last come out with appropriate 20 years of meritorious service saying. for the people.on Saturday.

secretary kept away from the has yet to be conveyed The letter read in part. 2017 news Court jails two transformer Controversy as Buhari extends perm sec’s tenure twice John Ameh and up to February 2017. the of Representatives Committee While the committee was Service of the Federation. Ado Ekiti T he Nigeria Labour Congress has condemned on the vehicles. instead of but also demanded a written going to jail.. Zakari on Sunday. whose tenure expired mandatory 60 years age of her a second extension of one the development.-Gen. summary. Shu’ara Shu’ara. the end enrich unscrupulous actions or the proposed policy of the Comptroller General of February 2016.5/1. in principle. first extension of service she They were subsequently enjoyed because she was now convicted by the magistrate a “private citizen. pleaded questions concerning the guilty to the charges. Ibadan efforts and advise to it communiqué stated in part. The President. Oba farming because they don’t unfair and unacceptable for “Beyond this. Kunle Adewale. Mr. which would be excluded from the planned strongly advise that the Nigeria Customs Service shelves this the NCS to focus on capacity building. Benin Adamu Adamu. Hassan said such a meeting incentives to boost the sector that duties on imported thus morally wrong to inflict The communiqué further respect for elders and people should discuss attacks by to generate jobs and boost the vehicles were payable at the on the citizenry this kind of urged religious leaders to in authority and other good Fulani herdsmen and militants IGR. 2017. by Mrs. Adamu has said Ekiti State has the owners to pay outstanding the aforementioned reasons. while this was being awaited. stressing that such ethnic. tribal. minister wrote the lawmakers contacted the Chief of Staff to the tenure of Dr. stopped P resident Muhammadu has been causing ripples in the the extension of service from President granted the second functioning in that capacity. 2013 and of 60 years. insisting exercises in the country. Mr. Abuja Wabba said that the NCS did “In view of the widespread condemnation. engagement with Shu’ara. Ekiti can feed to the Army headquarters in Abuja. to convene believe they can make it despite the NCS to subject vehicle mental siege is being created to stop preaching hate and in implementing its good a meeting that will have all the the huge potential in it. the permanent that a formal letter of approval approval letter to her. when she retirement in 2016. Mr. • L-R: Manager. which in According to the BEDC. year. of the Ota market and the system to make the service wrote to say that Buhari had agricultural potential to feed customs duties on their It is logistically callous and ambushing and extortion of deliver on its mandate.” point of entry. the permanent secretary Ramon Oladimeji extension of service. Subjecting Olufemi Atoyebi. Mrs. for vandalising a transformer Minister of Education. on Basic Education was awaiting the evidence of the Winifred Oyo-Ita. The committee explained everywhere is not in the interest of the state. but pending the conveyance of the Court presided over tenure of the Permanent got a second extension. Tukur Buratai. the necessary political will and to avoidable trauma. Corporate Affairs. Mohammed. “I sentenced two men to six Education. Chief of Army Staff. I. already along Oko Central Road. Dr. A n Edo State Magistrate’s Buhari has extended the Federal Civil Service. Lt. “However. “There is neglect of borders in the country could not be a justification for the policy. This will make it the second how she remained in service. first. NCS. that a sub-committee on security had been constituted to address issues relating agriculture. The main focus of the Meanwhile. Iyoha has Secretary. Jamila Shu’ara. how to distribute it. over Shu’ara as Federal Permanent old John Joshua and Yakubu Shu’ara. MARCH 13. Ayuba Customs personnel who action. Distribution Company. 2017 and suffering for innocent at yuletide seasons. with reference number. that Oyo-Ita had yet to convey year with effect from 17th of The Benin Electricity turned 60 years. demanded evidence of FME/S/1316/C. an officer retires Ado Ekiti. Mr. He said. the National of our location. Oladotun Hassan. extension “in principle”.000. kind of trauma is unfair and unacceptable. whichever comes election on the platform of chaos and suffering for vehicle to rewarding their complicity.” her response. extended her tenure of service Nigeria if right farming policies vehicles between March 13. Shu’ara is 61 years old and He also stressed the need for It described the policy vehicle users. chaired by a The letter. in the interim. who claimed to have approved the extension of City. Ambassador Dare Bejide. had two weeks 7. gave committee did not only find them an option of paying a her extension of tenure odd. Customs policy on vehicle import duty immoral – NLC committee had last week summoned Oyo-Ita to come says ex-envoy Fidelis Soriwei. however. Oko Central area of Benin. Mr. 2017. their complicity. investigating Shu’ara over presidential approval. It will amount in place of the unpopular between March 13. NIL. will create unimaginable chaos vehicle owners on the highway The Acting Public again for another one year.. such as clean environment. policy. Shu’ara Their arraignment in court. the The court. community leaders to herdsmen and farmers’ money coming from Abuja and would only enrich corrupt from this exercise. in February 2016. This came while the House committee. as the Customs claim. Corporate Affairs. we He advised the leadership of not produce the letter. are adopted. However. meeting appealed to various “Religious leaders should on the Ooni of Ife. Bejide. Dr. 2017. was dated March He added that in the absence Chief of Staff to the President Sunday. not even provide information aforementioned reasons. has called “People are not embracing He said that it would be affected. Lessons ought to have been learnt from the violent outcome of the brutal raids operations. Under the existing Speaking with reporters in Wabba. forward with the presidential authorisation. President.” the in the zone.” case by the police. had in a by Public Service Rules should even spread of development as unrealistic. Ita. clashes. U. an individual is calling the shots put forward about porous vehicle end-users to this whenever the need arose. in the interim. of such an extension for despite having attained the to say that Buhari had granted the President. followed a the functions of the office until thorough investigation of the formal conveyance. Edo State. Abba Kyari. Ministry of according to the minister. solutions to ethnic and Council of Youths Worldwide. . and were arraigned by the police even though I have not seen before the magistrate on two his directive to the Head of counts of “malicious damage Service. Adamu also claimed The convicts. has stated. evidence of Buhari’s directive and Deputy Group Manager.” and sentenced to a prison term In the course of the of six months each. Mr. the Adamu. discomfort. Photo: Olatunji Obasa The members of the Nigeria well. but the HoS did Kamarudeen Ogundele. is to say that the Joshua and Idris were caught Head of Service is yet to in the act by members of the convey approval to the officer Idahagbon community at the concerned. to Shu’ara by the Head of also wish to inform you that months’ imprisonment each for another one year. which The a formal approval letter to February. he has shown me and stealing. confirmed Secretary for a period of one Idris. and Lagos. we are opposed to this new policy for plan. “It is common knowledge called for people’s participation in the act of governance. “A situation where argued that the claim being point of entry. which had received April 12. modernisation of She was given up till Thursday this week to produce A former Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada.on Friday. It is or tribes.. handed off the statement said. Porous Relations Officer. “Consequently. who urged the NCS to shelve the unpopular policy. Joseph Attah. This individuals will be treated as and security agents in the state.” Customs on March 2. 2017. His Excellency. in the 1970s is similarly Religious/Ethnic Committee religious conflicts in the state. the Peoples Democratic Party users in the country. who were that there was no need for arraigned on a two-count Shu’ara to appear before marked MOR/133C/17. incentives and the use of technology to tackle the massive corruption in the the letter. a state of religious and ethnic leaders support government Adeyeye Ogunwusi. which the presidential approval for According to the minster. on the committee to answer February 27.. owners who did not play a role by all manner of endless giving inciting sermons that policies by preaching regularly traditional rulers in the South- “Government must provide in the importation of vehicles verification and recertification would derogate other religions in the holy places on issues West in attendance. “There is no information T he Oyo State Government has said it will henceforth prosecute herdsmen caught The meeting was attended by Governor Abiola Ajimobi as well as religious.10 MONDAY. who has Sunday that the congress was way to the present situation devise a coherent response to and private owners of vehicles from service after serving for indicated his intention to opposed to the policy because through acts of commission tackle the observed challenges to pay their customs duties 35 years or attaining the age contest the 2018 governorship its enforcement would create or omission. NICON Insurance Limited. However. 28. that duties on imported vehicles are payable at the Oyo to prosecute herdsmen found with guns He said. concentrating on urban centres. in strong terms the recent policy of the Nigeria Customs Service to compel vehicle exercise. has. fine of N70. of the approval letter from Oyo- vandals in Edo Olalekan Adetayo At the expiration of the ago. we only talk about He added that the policy on the vehicles to be excluded with guns. during Nicon Insurance Limited’s courtesy visit to extend her service. callous and “It is self-serving and will in are no justification for these statement issued on behalf have retired from service in to rural areas rather than immoral. Jamila The convicts are 25-year. 2017 and April 12. By virtue Customs personnel who presupposes that the owner a criminal. Mr. “I have duly informed the said this in a statement on extension to remain in service Congress. has. we should be contributed to the creation of of a Morris Minor or a Peugeot A communiqué issued at meeting was to proffer President of the Yoruba able to provide food for Abuja the current situation through 404 brought into this country the end of the state’s Inter. the had. which She got a presidential member of the All Progressives PUNCH obtained in Abuja Shu’ara. appreciate government’s initiatives of government. noted that the convicts of this development. Wabba. Ken Boyo. borders. said in a statement on contributed in no small Wabba advised the NCS to directed all motor dealers provisions. The committee.

” University of Benin. performance. who spoke on Police as well as the Director of Affairs. many of the physical structures loss. Taiwo He said. he to achieve. and religion. far. I feel a great sense of Maureen Ihua-Maduenyi stability – Orji Kalu the mentorship that we got from him and the advice he According to him. 2008. me in many positive one can say is that he even amongst people in Osunbor. if any. relationship with the Head to arrive in Benin. who spoke to journalists at the departure lounge of the Murtala T he Nigeria Police Force. the Edo The two state government would set up the Benin residence of the “It is not easy to describe of State at that time. Haram. the life lived by the late the first Mid-West Institute how the late Ogbemudia of the wish of the former It was. As of the time of filing this and many people know did when he was a military He added. He also said Nigerians were Donald Awunah. So. Thompson’s unfair treatment “The alleged fraud involving One of the promoted and the Inspector-General of in the Ministry of Foreign “Therefore. more sympathisers encouragement. Nigeria. announced that the state the condolence register at personal life. And the economic team and put tell me that.. his corpse should not to be meeting would hold. recognising their hard work. the children of other people. might engage in fraud and officers to see their “I also praise the service Cooperation in Africa’s on the alleged fraud. it was due to governor of the old Mid- West State. President Buhari had gone According to him. The to take his medication. So. Governor Godwin Obaseki had during his Osunbor. system. Officer in Charger. Akwa Ibom State Command. age of 84 on Thursday He was also said to have report. not just in establish universities. said Ambode’s police to the rank of deputy exemplary leadership thus superintendents of police. particularly in my has left great legacies for the National Universities said the deceased had expected to hold on Friday. the and prosecution. he that the President is back. any lack. said that for further investigation whistle-blowers encourages could not be all merry as defence and pursuing Boko It said Ntia Thompson by sacking Thompson. today. “But because of his Bendel State. Lagos. January 20. said on happy that the President was Friday that promotion was back in good health. I am very happy that achievement. there was an embargo. Gen. It is easy to children will never suffer Kalu also said the more than your income. Alhaji Azeez Olumuyiwa. since his doctors during the trip assumption of office has before returning on Friday. only the after a long battle with expose his body in public. Timothy Adewale. however. Kalu added. But his eyes aided the success of his military administrator that clear where and when the anything worth mentioning so many achievements. especially In preparations for the funeral. support But at that time when he Benin night at a Lagos hospital. which “SERAP is seriously corruption. •L-R: Director. which had requesting him to facilitate victimisation or any form of to identify those involved in as a matter of public interest. 2017 urged days after the receipt and/ fraud in the ministry is a the government’s whistle. Douglas Mercado. not “And if I achieved Ogbemudia was full of of Technology. Geoffrey Onyeama. also urge you to act swiftly be suppressed or withheld Awunah emphasised that part of the country. Mr. Abuja whistle-blower blowing policy. just like his immediate family. because of his Ogbemudia. “Promotion is a happy. Motivation is the President is back and I want him to listen to his Adelani Adepegba. great father that we have lost.” infrastructural development in Lagos State under the Police promote 44 leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would officers to DSP help to attract investment to Etim Ekpimah. on Friday. Kalu. which in doctor’s advice and continue Muhammadu Buhari. he that the fabrics of our nation Nigeria in Abuja. He humanity. “This is a remarkable “So.000 SERAP demands re-instatement of sacked have been eaten with tribalism ASPs. . His death came as a shock to many. Patrick David. property. he was able. across what is currently Edo “We can only pray to God A former governor of Abia. the on vacation to the UK on Inspector-General of Police. on Boko Haram. says the return of President country. fundamental violation of blowing policy and the fact She said they would do He. and Deputy Country Director. fail and/or neglect to act Ministry of Foreign Affairs not be kept hidden from behalf of others. in governance in Edo State. “Now that the officers. 2007 to November. it was due to the establish universities now. “We by Thompson should never earn it.’ he used to his greatest legacies. especially given James. MONDAY. the late Samuel Ogbemudia (Yakubu) Gowon.000 fraud right to know. MARCH 13.” peace to the north-eastern Affairs. Since the IGP’s country has been so polarised during the presentation of results of the Cadre Harmonise Analysis of Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Northern assumption of the office. and the A former governor of Edo confirmed that they would his Chief of Staff. Police in the state. we have been praying. “He never failed to counsel me.” the group stated. we pray that his own polity. from Dr. Samuel the Edo and Delta state visit to the bereaved family spoke shortly after signing governance but even in my charisma. stands So.” the alleged fraud and hand transparency and respect for flouted the law would be the Boko Haram sect. instructed his family not to were seen signing the and the advice I received established it. never failed to advise me. worker sacked for reportedly SERAP in the letter signed them over to appropriate the rule of law. 2017 11 news Osunbor mourns as Ogbemudia corpse arrives Benin today Alexander Okere. He did a lot for the United Kingdom on Friday took over when the oil prices should be able to fine-tune make a mark. you must said. Mr. Thompson. public’s right to know. then place. has brought stability into the went down sharply. State capital. SERAP will be compelled his right to freedom of that Nigerians are entitled to their best in the service of the government to intensify blowing policy of the to pursue appropriate legal expression. Dr.” the group warned. But what respect which he enjoyed. State.. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Police Force reward have been praying because the Nations. Oserheimen give the elder statesman Akerele. put him on the A-list of The Commissioner of serving governors. I congratulate him was sacked through a post on ministry would appear to recover any stolen public the costs for those who He asked the promoted as the Commander-in-Chief. intimidation.’’ he said. Mr. if I made to his credit. any promoted officers who been facing insurrection from the re-instatement of a retaliation. World Food Programme. you must work hard to that the President had kept his campaign promise of restoring to the Minister of Foreign any whistle-blower against The letter partly read. should you by the leadership of the officials of the DTCA should officers.” SERAP said that the allegation of fraud disclosed IGP has said that promotion is a continuous process. in fact. I believe now “‘You are governor and posterity is going to judge you by what you were able and Delta states were put up by the late political leader. “So. President is back. Ibrahim Idris. however. particularly those things he of a university. “I know that the President exposing an alleged fraud in by its Deputy Director. committee would meet with adventure in politics. He Federal Government could T he body of a former Governor of the defunct Mid-West State and old diabetes. the Chief of Air Staff an alleged $229. and breach of a right to information of all the NPF to protect lives and efforts towards improving government of President action against your ministry President Buhari’s whistle. the Directorate of Technical have concealed information funds. for me. left great legacies for It was learnt that the early the Ogbemudia family on was a great tower of support Osunbor stated that with great sense. governments have a burial committee led by deceased.” any mark.” Commission. Gloria Department of State Services The group in its letter as requested within seven simply for disclosing alleged public view. which guarantee full protection and restitution for treatment and victimisation of Mr.” Ogbemudia died at the kept in a mortuary. Orji Kalu. to establish humanity. who was the state governor from May. which is He had said that the ways. “Buhari took over when there were a lot “So. increases there were gains and pains. were on the establishment administration. anti-corruption agencies It argued that protecting He stated that promotion has done well in the area of the ministry.” The former governor noted T he Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project has sent an open letter international standards. elevated over 5. “He touched in a few words. He narrated funeral date was as a result Sunday. I am not sure that recession is just going to end so soon. called on comply with the whistle. condolence register. kinds. he is a Buhari’s return has brought one or two things we were able to do. Ogbemudia. harassment. Onyeama to “act swiftly to or publication of this letter.000 police Kalu said. one of behind. has promoted 44 Muhammed International assistant superintendents of Airport. and advances the elevation as a call to greater chiefs – the Chief of Army notice board for exposing it insisted the public had a concerned that Mr. and to challenge the unfair access to such allegations this case is promotion. I am very He said. as well as accountability. aimed at motivating officers. on Sunday a state burial. gave me. whenever your expenditure is some recovery policies in He added. “Of course. Dr. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural component of the Nigeria Both Christians and Muslims Development. is expected governments. Agricultural Business Processing and Marketing. possible. which seeks to protect individuals who make one of the cardinal objectives of reward systems. the economic situation in the there is already recession. Staff. punished. and also met with Mr. Photo: Sam Adeko has promoted about 5. “So. The former governor Almighty to grant his soul eternal rest and also sustain the family that he has left Muhammadu Buhari from the of doubts in the economy. Uyo the country. Prof. thanked the NPF for – for their backup operation dated March 10.

killed during the operation. to enforce its claim to Malabu in consideration for its resolve all the contending claims and Malabu agreed to settle presidents Olusegun Obasanjo. all in the security agencies to fish out group between Agbede and while confirming the story. However.040. “The association called on them and other travellers of the men of the vigilante group. the Miyetti Allah an aid-seeking state. cent of the population. GCFR under whose G unmen reportedly killed three Fulani herdsmen at Unguwan Maiyashi village.” Bello assured the US that up the process of repatriating oil blocks in Africa.on Friday. Abuja. SAN. Government of Nigeria.. Shell and ENI Exploration and Production his successor. Bello. Mohammed Adoke (SAN).the upper chamber “I believe it is your Godwin Isenyo killed as Anas Shuaibu (20) and are attacked the press will be the robbers in a gun battle. and return it to Malabu. distanced that the Senate delegate himself from the settlement he brokered? Gunmen kill three herdsmen in Southern Kaduna was received by the Head of Bundestrat . Shell took the matter before to resolve all the issues with re-allocation of Block 245 to the Malabu deal was fraudulent. while responding to his administration would America would help the Bello understand the actions and The spokesman said the the machinations of the EFCC masquerading to be acting suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations T he Kogi State Governor. respectively). 2006. 2011 was executed wherein or in connection with Block Adoke. “Out of the three help to solve the problems of Presidents that had the youth unemployment and opportunity to scrutinise this others in Nigeria.’ and exercise his power as the The EFCC had recently chief law officer to caution the charged Adoke and other EFCC. Stuart Syminton. time. Jonathan approved $1. told newsmen that policemen combed the bush and We need Germany’s support Resources and Finance at the When contacted for round the clock to ensure that their vehicle ran into the three discovered the bodies of the dead as our government works time of the implementation of confirmation. who partner with the United States for development and poverty Achuba. AMHS in commemoration of the World Kidney Day in Lagos. blocked the Agbede and Police Officer of Kabba Police countries to partner in areas the final implementation of the Saturday when the herdsmen who supported the security Oshokoshoko Road between 12 Division. in the national interest while were completed. Although. on Sunday Adoke said he did not broker titled. education in Africa to prepare of their cohorts. States Government to speed 245.” in a satisfactory and holistic and waive any and all claims. reporting only one side. “The association wishes State. It was learnt that their corpses the Fulani to exercise restraint belongings.” Cattle Breeders Association of The governor said this in begging for foreign aids. the Federal Government agreed 245 and also consented to the allegations by the EFCC that found no rational basis for the Court Appeal.” Meanwhile. Abuja. Settlement were brokered Jema’a Local Government association condemned the morning after a gun battle Officer of the Kogi State Police which was exemplified by the with Chief Bayo Ojo. He said that their bodies had at overcoming our current Olusegun Aganga. when Obasanjo came into power. ministers of Petroleum security agencies on Sunday. statement. He thanked the United regime to achieve its goals as contained in the New Direction Blueprint of the administration. Adoke. visit of the German President as the then Attorney General in Zangon Kataf LGA. The Ambassador is the first Bello thanked the United “Kogi is peaceful and conducive stolen funds stashed in Malabu Oil and Gas then They gave the names of those diplomat of a world power to States Ambassador for his for investment. and Professor of Nephrology. Williams Ayah. Representatives’ Committee on Malabu lodged Appeal No. Mr. GCFR who approved took place at about 4pm on youth leader of the community masks. to commend the efforts of the The armed robbers. the suit withdrawal of the appeal. The Senate President said of President Goodluck Ebele incident at Ungwar Miayasihi. and completely restored to The former AGF said to in connection with Block 245 was sanctioned by former Enraged by the decision. Malabu Oil and Gas took the OPL 245. Clinton Peters. Bukola Saraki. said to Nigeria last year in company who executed the Terms of southern part of Kaduna State. in chairman. It also commenced acting as an obligor. Have Apollo Hospitals. therefore. 2017 news Obasanjo. the appeal. Mr. Adoke maintained Ramon Oladimeji that the EFCC was being used by powerful elements like the family of the late military dictator. Mr.” “It is my respectful view that policemen had been deployed Nigerians deserve answers to in the area to avert any form of We prefer trade partnership with US. The Special Adviser to the and Jonathan are alive. Gen. while reacting to as a trade partner and an state would not refuse aids. the state is currently in the Netherlands. one of the most lucrative Yashi. Germany. Abuja. humble self who executed the a bush. seeking the country’s He said. an amicable the Settlement of Investment He said. between the Federal order from the President. revocation and reprimanded “During the pendency of the International Centre for Malabu and Shell. interests or rights relating to or says the $1. Mr. the Police Public justice is done. Diezani Relations Officer in the state. the resolution. silent but when there is reprisal The source added that all the Malu Dreyer. Alpha Mead Healthcare Management Services.092. urged the United was in 1998 allocated the OPL cows by youths from Unguwan paid him a courtesy visit in the rather than seeking aid all the eradication. the sum of T he immediate past Attorney General of the Federation. Abubakar the Federal Government to between Malabu and the demanding $2bn from the agreed to pay Malabu through Company Limited. Managing Director. Presidents Obasanjo • L-R: Executive Director. who robbed robbers. Adoke said after the licence manner. “We appreciate resolution agreements. has called on the United States of the Ambassador’s promise to collaborate with the state and developing countries for enthrone development in the state. Jemaa LGA on Saturday. “In furtherance of Limited and Shell Nigeria in an open letter written to The Committee also directed settlement was entered into Disputes in Washington DC. Simon said Malabu Oil and Gas Limited youths who were grazing their Nigeria. armed robbers. Lokoja visit Kogi State officially. security and Terms of Settlement and my were grazing their cattle inside agencies in fishing out the midnight and 1 am on Sunday distress call and immediately renewable energy. and Madakiya community cowardly attacks and called on with the men of the vigilante Command. of the transaction.” Malami (SAN). led by the Senate President. General Manager. Prof. MARCH 13. 12 MONDAY. to A delegation of the Senate. and Dr. said some the media to always report their possessions. Yar’Adua. Manoj Gumber. relevant authorities are working a victim. Ibrahim Abdullah and Haruna Usman. OPL 245 was fully a suit against the government before the Federal High Court. Oshokoshoko Road in Kogi the three armed robbers were with some businessmen. the culprits. Shell He asked Malami to make a Nigeria Ultra Deep and Malabu public statement on the matter Oil and Gas Limited. policies and legislations aimed Allison-Madueke.000 in full and final settlement of any and all claims. Aliyu Usman. Syminton had said them and my humble self to and order. it through the United States resolve of his country to resources and machinery to the incident.” American banks. was returned to Malabu by 29. ‘Settlement of dispute the deal but merely implemented over ownership/operation of the resolution which was a direct OPL 245. said while the States for partnering the state Syminton expressed the surreptitiously deploying state Meanwhile. who had been killed by hard through progressive the settlement (Mrs. the state (Kaduna) proportion thus portraying the aggrieved as the aggressors. Senate President on Media and they disowned the settlement? Babatunde Green. Goodluck Jonathan. they noted that the robbers were killed on Sunday The Police Public Relations between Nigeria and Germany. who was also Ayah explained that the between Germany and Nigeria. FHC/ABJ/ CS/420/2003. Abuja appointed Shell as its technical withdraw OPL 245 from Shell Federal Government and in Nigerian government for breach the Federal Government partner. Yusuph Olaniyonu. Germany’s help However. the umbrella body investment basket rather than should not be seen as a lazy Agency for International strengthen development and promote the personal agenda of the fulani. three armed by the Vigilante men before the arrival of the men of the Special Anti. the the state “is well positioned to Direction Blueprint and urged Also speaking. Fantsuwam chiefdom of Kogi State Government House.Ms responsibility to explain to and Gbenga Odogun Yahaya Musa (14). Nigerian Agip Exploration The former AGF said this Shell for its complicity. has paid a visit to persecute him. Photo: Goke Famadewa said in a statement on Sunday Chief Bayo Ojo. visit and assured him that Earlier. Settlement before the tenure It was gathered that the It said. suspects had been arrested in these aggressions rather than It was further gathered that since been delivered to the Area challenges and engaging our disowned the settlement or their connection with the incident. Assistant National Secretary. who State chapter have condemned received in audience. the recent killing of two Fulani United States’ Ambassador to become an important trading the US to partner the state Deputy Governor. during a courtesy visit to Publicity. the District there was a need for the two Jonathan. suspected killers and called on and robbed passengers of their deployed his men to the crime Saraki said. . India. who wore According to him. ASP. Shahid Parwez. Division. denied Petroleum and the committee CA/A/99M/2006 before the the Obasanjo government. the late Umaru Yar’Adua and matter before the House of was struck out by the FHC. We the vigilante men who were not Command Office of Nigeria youths who form about 70 per signatures? Usman added that more observed that when Fulani’s far from the scene confronted Police Force in Kabba. Dr. HealthCare Services. The governor highlighted professionals for the next stage While narrating the genesis Nigeria National and Kaduna Lokoja on Sunday when he The governor added that the thematic areas of his New of African development. settlement. state always going cap in hand Development. according to the a fiction that the transaction started from President Olusegun Obasanjo. Kidney Foundation for Africa. India. Sani Abacha. Alhaji Yahaya Bello. SAN. says Adoke Eniola Akinkuotu. “Malabu also instituted Suit No. a resolution dated April interests or rights relating to Dr. not aid –Kogi gov these questions as it will help reprisal or break down of law Gbenga Odogun. $1. Has our predecessor in office. Apollo Hospitals. the public who are being sold In a statement signed by or retaliation it is blown out of three armed robbers were killed Saraki. said he received a such as economic. scene the cordial relationship “Have the honourable were later traced to a river by and remain law abiding as the An eyewitness. he revoked the licence in 2001 and then Adoke added. before the of settlement executed by the parties on the November 30. Mr. Federal High Court (FHC).robbery Squad to the scene.. international oil companies for their alleged role in what it Economy: described as one of the biggest Senate seeks scam ever perpetrated against the Nigerian people. of the German Parliament .1bn Malabu deal handed the licence to Shell. told Dreyer that the visit was to further strengthen the cordial relationship administration the Terms of Fantsuwam Chiefdom. America to view Kogi State development.1bn Malabu deal. compliance with the terms of contract.

2017 13 . MARCH 13.MONDAY.

garlic. should know that I am a stated that the company was orchids. “We will make their we are using is that every He said. “Cleaner Lagos business bankable and then ward will employ 100 street Initiative is borne out of my push them to commercial sweepers which translates experience as a Lagosian. Benoy Berry. MARCH 13. . all I need A n Abuja-based firm. This is federation. a bio-lab in each state of the He stated that his vision to dream along with me.” sit and continue to watch? The answer is no. heliconia and other dreamer and I want the people in the process of establishing vegetables. So. “I think by now people of Contec. Lagos State will invest in into Lagos from Ibadan. With state. Lim Jin and his wife. who stated this out the job of commercial initiative. Should I capital will be able to employ dirt on our streets. environmental policy has assured Lagosians that give equal attention to all more people and be bankable. pineapple. the that. has commenced the the Malaysian High Commissioner.000 seedlings of banana. through research and He said the initiative would Speaking when development. operators bankable to carry Ambode said under the Ambode. Dr. Contec Global Agros Ltd. Mr.” which he said were cheaper alternative technologies he revealed. like a vision. adding that say ‘I have this quantum of environmental laws. was presently culturing over productivity. they can go to to 27. The Managing Director 100. that thing can work. the PSP operators that equipment just like in London first thing you see on the right really do not have enough and have a zero tolerance for side is the dump site. will the consortium “will divide business every month so. Lin Yi. I refuse. noting that his was to deliver earth-friendly. Ambassador.. When you are coming their money directly.14 MONDAY.500 people that will be have lived in Lagos for over 50 companies around and collect kitted the same way all over the years. Akinwunmi Ambode. 2017 news Ambode urges support for new The Lagos State Governor. give reduce rather than increase refuse collection into layers me a particular amount to buy the hardship being faced by and make the existing PSP new equipment. Bio-fertilizer production “Even for imagination sake. day. adding “ the template the state. I have been given plan was to supply Nigerian efficient and commercially- the opportunity to process farmers with bio-fertilizers viable solutions to all sectors something and improve on it and disease-resistant seeds of agriculture by creating and I don’t want to misuse it. described the refuse collection while the need to pay their public utility initiative as a creative solution consortium tackles collection levy once in a year and their to the seemingly intractable of domestic refuse across the refuse would be collected every refuse problem confronting state. Berry wellbeing and health is defined various vegetables and crops explained that the facility by our health status and our at its laboratory in Maitama. parts of Lagos State from They can go to the bank and which reviewed the state’s Ikoyi to Ayobo.’” he added. and safer. It is production of bio-fertilizers visited the Contec bio-lab not healthy and so our total and hybrid seedlings of on Friday in Abuja. the people would in a statement. is players and team members. The city is very dirty. the people. sugarcane. the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.

MARCH 13. 2017 15 .MONDAY.

particularly Eket courage and the power of Femi Makinde. in a statement to implement the multiple problem of payroll fraud. forthright and He said local to the call by the government to that the Assembly would look as citizens needed to embrace and Attitudinal Reorientation diligent spirit of the erudite manufacturers must drop the invest in the state. Photo: Saheed Olugbon He assured them that the colleagues and family members of the literary icon. including a pregnant It was gathered that the two bombers at about 9pm terrorists. you must scene and evacuated the embarked on a fighting patrol Constituency as well as Ikot bodies. KOLGA. President with others from anywhere in Ogedengbe. felicitated with all the friends. said to have been from both the Nigerian Civil safety and security. Meanwhile. already span the globe. hails from Eket realignments ahead of the volunteer information to your to Cingal. Mr. promised government at all levels as well board member of the Ethical disciplined. as he turned 70. comes from proper actions. may move from the present state officer. area. MARCH 13. environment to willing local inauguration of the factory and He urged them to embark and sound education to its watchword by producing The Chief Executive Officer investors. East spokesman. whose written works locally produced goods to idea of producing substandard Ogedengbe urged the company and other local led the crowd of defectors. federal allocation. “As he turns 70. the Chairman. The rescued Training School in Lagos and will enhance the capacity King Alfred Diete-Spiff. said the company State House of Assembly. who were about 18 on their bodies were aviation security personnel in was chosen for the pilot “The 120-day training. a former Buhari commends the the world. fraudsters’ Simon Utebor. Buhari Bassey Dan-Abia (Jnr. scholar. ‘Love of foreign goods’ll drive Nigeria into depression’ Federal Government had many good programmes for He observed that through the state. and Chairman. Niyi follow him to the APC. and make the existing ones to the next two years. “Emergency in some villages in Borno PDP loses more members to APC in A’Ibom relevant authorities for State. the President APC-led Federal Government. commenced Our correspondent the monthly transparency learnt that the defection briefing of the council. He said. to provide an enabling warning on Saturday at the without bitterness. Yenagoa and rescue 211 in Borno Maureen Ihua-Maduenyi Olaleye Aluko element for a robust national aviation security policy to meet global standards in F ormer Military Administrator of old Rivers State and Amayanabo T wo suicide bombers. Dan-Abia asked his political In a statement by his Special loyalists to respect constituted Adviser on Media and Publicity. Grand Bee Hotel.” buy and use goods produced Nigerian government to provide ‘excruciating tax regime. would enable them to must endeavour. on Saturday Party in the Eket Federal Governor.’ looking for easy income. we must begin to look change their preference for assassination and mud- with strong democratic to shut their borders against patronage and government inwards by patronising locally foreign goods over locally slinging against opponents.000 youths within is the oil-producing hub of the state. especially the Mr. Dan-Abia. Bayelsa State bombers. has terrorist organisations. interested member states whistle-blowers to tackle the Maiduguri-Damboa Road. by creating an enabling acquire useful skills and strive former councilor and a former will continue to resonate leaders should feel proud to Oyinlola also urged the environment devoid of to work hard rather than caretaker chairman in the through generations. Sani While the NCAA has statement. the of Kolokuma/Opokuma also rescued 211 civilians however. goods that could compete of Art Deco. aviation security personnel with particular emphasis on According to the NCAA. Public Relations. what becomes of us?” partnership which. simultaneously session between the refused to stop for a search. security. chairman concerning payroll about the bombers. which effectively mitigate the threat the NCAA. has said that Nigeria them to strive to measure up to the international This. 6th the call during an interactive Village on Saturday. North. Kan Chatlani. would employ between 500 and 1. Army Public Nigeria. shot dead by troops. of the 211 hostages. “The troops killed a Boko programme.” showroom of Art Deco Interior on grassroots campaign to win citizenry. the Caretaker which Akpabio represents in Chairman. asked the new “The President believes the He said. beyond Oyinlola gave this be played with decorum and governance that provides Nigerian manufacturers procure good equipment to rhetoric. adding that politics should and fair elections. Bayelsa State.). character the years can only be rewarded those foreign countries decide for new companies as well as facing us. Captain Muhtar incidence of payroll fraud Management Agency. has caused panic within He said the council the PDP and Emmanuel’s received a total of N900. FAAN. Uyo lost over 1. Mr. is coordinating in government systems. Relations. standards.’’ headquarters of Akwa Ibom During the stakeholders North-West Senatorial District meeting. Lagos…on Thursday.16 MONDAY. Abuja who defected to the APC on Monday. further ease the pressure on products because Nigerians government to encourage investors. who is also It was learnt that the Device vests strapped commenced training of all were considered and Nigeria terrorism. on behalf of the Federal I advise workers to act as Ibrahim. after they Department team mobilised country and globally. • L-R: Chairman. . said 25 countries dimension of countering Diete-Spiff. well-documented roadmap on March. said in the Kingdom on behalf of the UN members.” Maja villages and cleared the Area of Akwa Ibom State has Senate Minority Leader. Senator Ikot Ekpene is the political fraud. Company of the United and organised labour and Mala Maja villages in The Director.” Abuja. Ashok Mirchandani. institutions that guarantee free us. Borno State. “To solve the economic recession into APC members to avoid septuagenarian’s sacrifices over thought of it for once that if He advocated tax holiday current economic problem depression if citizens do not politics of blackmail. Cash “n” Carry. 2017 news ‘Expose Bayelsa payroll Troops kill pregnant suicide bomber. Sanitisation of Payroll. attempted to enter Maiduguri Haram terrorist and rescued holding at both FAAN “In addition. foreign exchange. and whose voice of wisdom He said Nigerians and the other nations. this initiative of Twon-Brass. Mr. a congratulates former member of the House of Representatives for the Osundare at 70 Eket Federal Constituency. Mboho had earlier served attracting numerous awards. woman. a former PDP The statement read in part. were not inferior to citizens of willing local investors He advised youths to as the PDP chapter secretary. had been in existence for seven contributed immensely to the political history of Nigeria. Osogbo locally in order to encourage an enabling environment for He said the company. Being trained are 34 developing the aviation sector. more members to the APC. Olalekan Adetayo. have been shot dead through Ummarari. in conjunction with he Peoples Democratic stakeholders. “Have we ever flourish. Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. The former governor said In Ikot Ekpene. The Improvised Explosive Nations School Project has on Sunday. in Lagos and Abuja. Executive Director. “The objective is to while the Director-General of He said. “Following at all the airports. Advisory Committee on years old. he made goods while government produced ones. during the inauguration of Cash “n” Carry outlet in authorities. he said.” programme is being anchored Local Government Area. Mr. Wisdom Fafi. Ayodeji The Speaker of the Osun and Furniture in Osogbo. T “It has come to a stage collaboration with other Dole. to combat the spate programme. Mr. Federal Airport Authority of Manager. good health facilities to make excellence their manufacture quality products. the Ikot Ekpene area. the United The NCAA. Abdulkadir He said. confirmed the rescue four officials. Osundare had the producers and to enable businesses to thrive. Udom to be part of political whistle-blowers. said the corpses reported sighting of Boko 30 participants in the “It will also provide a key Government of Nigeria. in the scene. at ways it could encourage Commission. Sunmbo Soremekun. Osundare. Operation Lafiya the All Progressives Congress. moved to the The Akwa Ibom State The defection is believed where all of us must act as the civilian JTF. ‘’To reduce the The National Emergency Usman. The training is currently infrastructure.43m cabinet particularly as most between April 2016 and of the defectors are said to be January 2017 as monthly Akpabio’s allies. Mrs. workers from NEMA. Mr. by troops of the Nigerian Army they were sighted by the persons are currently being at the NCAA Training Hall in within the UN system to help has urged workers to act as after they were intercepted on civilian joint task force and screened. commended the P resident Muhammadu Buhari on congratulated a renowned Sunday other defectors on Saturday for taking what he called a bold and courageous decision to academic and poet. 2017. made a security post in Ummarari police Explosive Ordinance of terrorism threats in the of the country’s “clear and commenced on Monday. when we got an alert Emmanuel. A former Governor of Osun State. which Federal Constituency which the pen. troops of the 22 Brigade Etim Ekpimah. in Garrison. whistle-blowers by reporting of the bombers had been Haram terrorists scavenging all acts of payroll fraud to evacuated by rescue workers. Brig.000 members to Godswill Akpabio. Femi Adesina. Receiving the defectors at his residence in Eket. came into existence as an answer Mr. in appreciation tagged ‘Train the Trainer’. Gen. Borno State. He said. the Senate.” committee and stakeholders This was just as troops A civilian JTF member was. Najeem Salam. and effective Oyinlola also advised said. provides security surveillance posed to civil aviation by Usman. Cash “n” Carry. Sam Adurogboye. Mr. held captive by the Boko injured during the encounter Aviation Authority and the The NCAA’s General by Redline Assured Security including council workers Haram terrorists at Murye and rushed to the hospital. before 211 captives. Ime Mboho. Prof. would make new companies to come up years. Murye and Mala Ekpene Local Government Federal Constituency while the 2019 general election. safety and security. were killed around reportedly removed by a Nigeria.

2017 17 .MONDAY. MARCH 13.

18 MONDAY. MARCH 13. 2017 .

MONDAY. MARCH 13. 2017 19 .

Government’s lineal approach crude oil sales were frittered away. By so months. involving solar.5 billion funding plan for the project. Federal Government had targeted 2018 as the completion and government’s direct financing. and his confounded and dazed in perennial oil/gas pipelines vandalism. Amazingly. A electricity generation the third highest in the Americas. we behold President Trump eschew these attributes Jonathan administration. In so doing. I am a member of the increasingly bewildered. As a global citizen. according to the Washington Post. This is sad. every government has expressed the realities. blaming his present predicament on his the mercy of militants in the Niger Delta region who engage economic growth and job creation will continue to be defeated. employing the full or partial panoply of the heretofore mentioned list of desirable attributes or at the very minimum any one on the august list. easily debunked and outlandish prevarications had earlier confirmed that the feasibility study and However. . and be typed double-space. But the disaster that the ASC and the four comatose lies a day in the six weeks he has been in office. expert.B B. in his present undisputed role of President. “Let’s start building consortia hastily put together for that purpose. He resorted to togs of to power generation for decades has put the economy at As industries groan under energy shortage. deep unease and become another Ajaokuta Steel Company with an indefinite neighbouring countries.5 acquired. Electoral College votes are the tip of the iceberg of his fabrications. unnecessary. but instead appears that the Taraba State Governor. says the Minister of State for Petroleum billion (2013). honesty.20 editorial MONDAY. he would invariably enhance his leadership profile and reap the political rewards of successful policies and programmes. a burden usually transferred to consumers. Pipelines were been so visionless and irresponsible when $69. given the present economic became the most powerful man on the planet as the leader of the free Since then. he uses low grade nylon yarns and discards princely embroidered threads. pragmatic and fearless courtiers who In 2011. coal.2 billion or $7 billion. and $78. The attainment of this stratospheric position ought to have willingness to drive the project. The Prince and the Pauper: The Making Mambilla hydro-power a reality case of Donald Trump T HE Mambilla hydro-power project. However. $96. The Muhammadu Buhari government has no concrete privatised in 2013.2 With work about to be completed on the 700MW Zungeru apparel. which causes the It is indefensible that a country of 170 million people and hurled churlish insults. It is for this reason by the country’s dodgy business template. Why then would he jettison this repository of intelligence. sagacity.050-megawatt project. discretion. even as the then Minister of Power. However. That action jeopardised the Chinese that produce more than 89 gigawatts. prior to his appointment. among others. catastrophes and existential threats. concerning the size of his inauguration crowd and the margin of his Environmental Impact Assessment had been completed.4 wear the princely robes of “restraint. Hillary Clinton.000MW of power. what is required now presidential campaign victory over Hillary Clinton or for that Works and Housing. on whom he heaped public vituperation gas supply to the generating companies. now appears to be his assertions that no member The Mambilla project. world. share about 4. from the United States Energy Information Administration media sleuthing. biomas. Trump chose not to ruptured between 3.M (Harvard). associated with the least privileged in society. the contract now 70 per cent hydro-based with 158 hydro-electric plants Joseph was the victim of a trumped-up charge and had been was cancelled. originally meant to be in early 2016 said its members spent N20. boasts 43. recently to the authorities. the upshot is routine total blackout. Barack Obama. A Manufacturers Association of Nigeria report most of the votes of white evangelical Christians in the 2016 US The 3. a developing economy like ours. gave conflicting figures of Energy and Israel Electric Corporation/Integrated Power representing befitting regal and sartorial elegance and instead cleave $3. according to reports. under the Goodluck programmes. the biggest of such infrastructure in the country. predecessor. This is despite millions of dollars system collapse occurred 13 and 10 times respectively. gravitas and a little humility. The problem contractual legal disputes. leading to on his gilded. Alas. as the cost of the Connect Projects. the cost is $3. which million feasibility study contract for the work. $86. is international lawyer. Mustapha Shehuri.600MW for its mere 55 million population. Fashola said refineries exemplify seems to negate this choice. composure. responsibility and composure” to June 2015. silent foe. flawed. astute. valour . unworthy of his office contract. doing. The leader of the only standing world empire should be a symbol of strength and soundness. Worse. Darius Ishaku. Writers may no longer send letters in paper format. He therefore wilfully and deliberately sidesteps wise and enriching counsel in favour of views emanating from a far less qualitative and definitely knavish source. With insufficient elusive if Nigeria does not take the bull by the horns. which had in 2005 got a $3. Geregu. the alternative to this model is self-financing. divine purpose caused him to achieve stupendous political power and worth $1. Brazil. Mohammed Wakil. Trump Administration in the United States of America. trust worthy and not prone to sycophancy. comes out in bold last year showed that Nigeria could have effortlessly pulled relief when the damage to Nigeria’s over-reliance on gas the project through if governance under Jonathan had not of his presidential campaign’s inner circle met with any Russian to energise its power plants is unfurled. Many is that the sequence of events has ceased to engender laughter and this well-thought-out project should not be allowed to manufacturing firms have either collapsed or relocated to wry smiles. Those still in operation do so at a fear of the present and future. MARCH 13. national power grid to suffer frequent systemic collapse.46 billion for the Lot 1 aspect of the project. the direct investment from world-class energy operators raiment” of graciousness. Ibe Kachikwu. Whether The truth is that he has never been comfortable or secure in his the facility now…” when the Minister of State for Power. as a priority. who discharges a sacrosanct role on the global stage in a world challenged with large scale turmoil. making its imprisoned. President Trump needs to start transacting affairs of state in princely regalia. It is because the latter category of persons is who President Trump identifies with in his core. let alone paying compensation. the Abu Dhabi National incredulity. In 2013.2 billion and $7 billion respectively. prominence in ancient Egypt as Pharaoh’s second-in-command after government paid $219 million or 15 per cent as advance fee. for inexplicable reasons. LL. As a staunch Christian. possibly libelling him in the process. competent. whose domestic and global agendas provoke extreme concern amongst seasoned US politicians and members of the intelligentsia? The answer is simple. have always expressed interest in our privatisation composure. 2017 L ETTERS Letters meant for this page should not be more than 150 words long. industrial output is abysmally low. Having been caught in a web of Such letters must contain writer’s full names (not initials) and address. But it was on power generation for production.500 and 4.9 billion officials. I believe it would be apropos to look at that a Chinese consortium – Gezhouba Group and China This ugly scenario calls for the broadening of our a biblical example of leadership in the account of Joseph.8 billion monthly presidential election and it is estimated that their support sealed completed in five years. environment. whereas South Africa It is “de rigueur” that a prince surrounds himself with honest. date.000 times from June 2014 (2010). reviews and counter-reviews. experience and sound judgment and prefer to seek out and act on the suspect. Figures and volatile of which to come to light as a result of successful US the governor had promised to take up these challenges.5 billion (2014) generated from but covered himself instead with garments more commonly Resources. under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration in 2007 70 per cent. The most egregious about government’s seriousness. eventually hydro-power project. heavy cost. subjective and inane advice of less than stellar members of his inner coterie. •Ms Irene Fowler. restraint. Babatunde Fashola. as we continue to be privy to the escalating chaos and divisiveness of the already committed to it. enmeshed in a bribe-for-contract scandal in Lesotho’s Mambilla. The ministry’s senior minister. he has told an average of 4. In 2014 and 2015. confidence. As a result. discipline. Once caught in the labyrinth of and Sapele are in disuse because of gas supply constraints. There is no doubt that President Trump has picked cabinet members who are juggernauts in their respective fields and whose commitment and loyalty to country are beyond question. Fashola raised some hope last indicates that he also experienced a profound paradigm shift in his lost it when the World Bank blacklisted it for being June that government would soon shift attention to the general attitude. A case in point is his failed “seven nation Muslim ban” which will go down in infamy and which has made the world less safe and definitely less friendly. $99. but is instead causing consternation. has been in gestation for 35 years. dignity. saying. visited the state. It is a hard choice that goes with a lot of responsibilities. offers a lesson in hydro-energy. The gas and hydro. showed interest in to inappropriate and unbecoming vestments.2billion (2011). Funding appears President Trump won the 2016 election by virtue of which he Highlands Water Project. lowly and nondescript prison uniform to majestic. Olorunsogo T he world seems to be caught up in a slow motion made for television show which is part burlesque and part horror. Lahmeyer. ornate princely throne and dais.7billion (2012). Its power generation is a series of spectacular events. President Donald Trump received completion time. In But his revelation that the land for the project had not been Focused political leadership and availability of funds are fact. and e-mailed to: lagospunch@punchng. Foreign investors magnanimity. shameful. raised doubts critical. For instance. But he provided no details. whose Geo-Engineering Corporation – was awarded a contract electricity generation mix. given its critical role as a There are two options open to the government: foreign automatically guaranteed that he would be attired with the “princely game-changer in the country’s electricity crisis. thus.L LL. princely German company. cried out key national assets being snapped up by dodgy domestic to be attempting to balance whilst perching on a two-legged stool. Such companies are never favoured President Trump ought to be comfortable and well-ensconced plans for the project just yet. We are led to believe that he was a successful ruler. to be the biggest obstacle. the power grid collapsed 28 times in nine Responsible governance demands a radical shift from this are level-headed. His frivolous. real desperation and subterfuge. It spiked costs up to his victory. flustered and unnerved viewing audience watching this theatre of the absurd. total sour narrative. some of the generating stations run under Nigeria Integrated Power Projects at Alaoji. He underwent a revolutionary change in attire from a government’s $2. to our dismay and and his deputy. was initiated in 1982. power generation companies when the power sector was or station in life. to attract reputable investors is to liberalise the business matter. Chinedu Nebo.

MARCH 13. 2017 21 .MONDAY.

22 MONDAY. MARCH 13. 2017 .

MONDAY. 2017 23 . MARCH 13.

MARCH 13. 2017 .24 MONDAY.

02 per cent increase in gross earnings to N381.000.50 as of Friday.74m. yields shed 30-40bps. Mr. With this.304bn. Adswitch the NSE.191m.07m. from the market. In the new week. from the official They seek to reduce obstacles to doing business.40 per Vono Products Plc was delisted after its merger Accordingly. 182-day bills worth N48. which is in line “We expect investors to rates on liquidity drain amidst fixed income auctions comprising N203. the Alternative Securities compliance status at any transparency in providing (12 months to December 2016) recorded a 37. we expect a likely increase in money market N557. N210. Jos International companies.651. In this new week. MARCH 13. Mounir Gwarzo Equities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange recorded an overall N24. Stock Exchange. which result of non-compliance with their post-listing and the performance of listed corporates will determine the level of market will more than offset maturing treasury bills worth The firm listed was a Port short term introducing more tailor- made products for 09030004477 (SMS/WhatsApp only) Harcourt-based industrial investors. on the Nigerian and to raise non-oil exports as a ratio of total exports from 7. Securities and Equity market: Listed securities on NSE in 2016 took away •Onyema Exchange Commission.S. which translates to a yield of 7. 182-day bills obligations. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Those affected are G. This compliance code information about listed after tax to N132.211. also said. cent based on a share price of N24. writes manufacturing and services sectors in a stable macroeconomic environment with low inflation.062.763bn with Vitafoam. This became Market Operations and appreciated marginally by 0. This week.000.412.61 capital cleaning. other exchange rates in was seen on the June 2017 papers. continue to keep a close N484. for investment decisions on our website.418. effectively on May 9. Already. driven by strong non-oil sector growth (7. the existing codes and and facilitate informed NASD unlisted securities Costain West Africa Plc. 2016. Insurance Plc. treasury bills and Federal Government savings bonds.000. N14bn.ilori@mutasecgroup. while the others were delisted as a of forex rates in the country rates in the country and the performance of listed via primary market. respectively. NSE.09 per cent. Week-on-week.734tn.006bn.17 per cent to close the week at 611. 562.382. market would be listing more Money market time of delisting was given provide timely information which we publish weekly firms this year.668.980. of enhanced Compliance market integrity and between the interbank It was a relatively quiet week in the treasury bills market. N30m. viz: 91-day bills worth N39.492m. T he d e l i s t i n g o f 1 5 companies from the Nigerian Stock Exchange •Director-General. privatise selected public enterprises. In addition. An initial bout of demand ‘ N1. Hence a strong annual GDP growth rate of 4.46 Breweries Plc.049.90 per cent (week-on-week) to close at 25. the ERGP seeks to promote non-oil exports through the zero-oil plan and use a negative impact trade policy tools to tackle dumping and balance of payments crisis.604.600.614. 70.000. the Under this initiative.500. succeeded in listing one level of market activity in the that the NSE would be ’ firm throughout 2016. Exchange has listed five system liquidity. Mutual Alliance Investment & Securities Limited. 979. Ade Bajomo.62bn and a 33.966bn.000. while “The delivery of Access Bank Plc (12 months to December 2016) also recorded a Plc.464bn in 16. which N542. we expect a mix of bargain hunting and profit. recently said the N413.36 per cent increase Cappa Plc.238. March 10. X-Compliance Report. However.508bn via primary market. last year commenced the use is designed to maintain eye on the divergence Treasury bills market N214m. Bernard Ilori. Bernard. and Head of Regulation.03 per cent increase in profit Market Board at the price particular point in time.75 a share. closing at 17.295. N257. 263. CEO. and codes complement existing making.32bn and a 8.006bn.000.075. said. contamination Status Indicator codes on protect the investors.164.000. March 10. Mr. fast-track the provision of high-quality register has had infrastructure and promote social inclusion.005.43 points and capitalisation of the further improve market work in tandem with the Onyema. Technology.422 deals. Ms. as well as enhance the “This initiative of the securities this year. respectively. 2017.140. viz: 91-day bills worth N39. reach a wider audience to Mandrides and Company 563.118m and foreign exchange rate and traded sideways throughout the week. respective firms as of the transparency and integrity.44bn.000. 1. mergers and acquisitions.” previous weeks as the twin market gauges nosedived. strategy as it seeks to as of Friday.183.084. corporates will determine the activity in the short term. Accordingly. the NSE with global best practices. NSE. the volatility of the liquidity position in the interbank market reversed this bullish trend.453bn and 364-day bills worth N83. compliance structures of The Chief Executive the Unlisted Securities Index and market capitalisation depreciated T h e m a r k e t As part of efforts to the Exchange and it will Officer. are 125.69 Others are Lennards 75.” However. The commercial Plc.888bn. 2017. the Federal Government intends to implement structural and macroeconomic reforms in a collaborative effort between monetary and fiscal authorities in order to stimulate real The removal sector activities and enhance economic growth. (Nigeria) Plc. and 889. N62.717bn. Rokana Plc and Vono 514. there will be treasury bills auctions worth N213.075bn in one year Local economy news T he Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning launched the much anticipated Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.000. NSE. respectively.80 per cent last Friday. Tinuade Awe. respectively.5 per cent to 15 per cent by 2020.62 per cent is STANLEY OPARA expected from 2017 to 2020. an essential building bank also declared a cash dividend of N0.726bn that exchanged hands regulatory directive.024 billion shares worth N12.400 market for various reasons company was listed by the Exchange tags all “We are implementing deals were traded in the past week by investors in contrast to a total such as voluntary intent.77bn. 208. “The revision of improve market integrity taking activities by investors. the introduction of listed companies with the CSI code to improve of 1.01 points and N8.453bn and 364-day bills worth N126.” bullish week as the key performance indicators firmed higher.201m. 50. 40. the capital market. N809. Consequently. the NSE ASI shown. the structural reforms are intended to result in substantial increase in public and private investments. Nigerian Ropes Plc. a convergence of forex cent levels from 17. MONDAY. according to ensuring a transparent market data and 13. 28. 2017 15 firms’ exit costs stock market N24.049bn. .427m.729.98 per cent based on a share price of N6. has now delivered a year-to-date return of -6.40 a share.250. • Dr. The General Counsel block in the Exchange’s translates to a yield of 5. compliance related African Glass Industries of N0. the The interbank market eased slight across board on improved as N1.000.387 billion shares valued at N13. which Products Nigeria Plc.981.000.28 per cent by 2020) and steady expansion of the agriculture. the NSE only Onyema added. protection of investors in Exchange. 35 Market Watch …for the week ended March 10.000. by our correspondent have company known as The companies. a convergence the country. West in revenue to N414. P. The commercial bank also declared a cash dividend of N1. N131.14 per Plc. shares of 50 kobo each on that indicates their data as well as ensure On the sidelines of trading activities. market guided by timely associated services is per cent increase in profit after tax to N71.758m. Under the ERGP. introduction of new CSI investment decision The NASD OTC market retracted from the upbeat recorded in the Navitus Energy Plc and 98. A turnover of 1. 2017 25 financial punch INSURANCE PROPERTY iNS I D E FG yet to pay Real estate can revised pension pull Nigeria out rate –PenCom of recession – NIESV Pg. noting worth N48. 125. information. 33 Pg. Given the need for of 15 erstwhile economic diversification. Alumaco for each of the delisted informed decisions. Investment and Allied The outstanding shares enables investors to make companies.85 per share. The 15 firms left the Specifically. IPWA Plc. quoted companies especially in sectors with comparative and competitive advantages. Plc. findings Week-on-week. Initiates Plc.28bn. Premier Breweries Plc. stable exchange rates and sustainable fiscal and external balances with improved employment rate.280m.552 ordinary a three character code the quality of our market in the previous week in 15.713. N2. Oscar marginally by 0. the NSE All-Share Index and market capitalisation and waste management the ticker tape for listed The Executive Director.

313bn Mkt cap: N8.260 .26 MONDAY.734tn Deals: 3. 2017 capital market NSE daily activity summary (equities) 10/03/2017 At a Glance Volume: 245.238.01 Value: N2. MARCH 13.385 million Index: 25.

which in what he described as a gilt considerably. country. the bond by the DMO. could invest inflation on personal wealth that the first issuance.” instrument to maturity. . Asset According to him.000.000 and N50m. The DMO Bond was one of the safest this week. adding. 2017 27 capital market DMO to issue FGN saving bond this week Stanley Opara Executive Officer. retail investors. is another of the populace by the one of the ways by which the government effort to government and described it effect of high inflation could democratise the bond market as a welcome development. it can Management Limited. be ameliorated. Mr. Olatunde the Nigerian Stock Exchange at any time that the investor seeks to access cash from the Nigeria Saving Bond to the Amolegbe. Chartered Institute of Stockbroker. with that will reduce the impact of It explained in a statement as little as N5. was a new and innovative way He urged retail investors to The move. bonds on the first week guaranteed return of the sum it noted. This “will Amolegbe also noted that the available for subscription at open on March 13 (today) and Federal Government Savings the first auction coming up close on Friday. intends to issue additional instruments in the market as it The application forms. according to of economic empowerment embrace the product as it was the debt office. high network individuals alike. the return on investment and very distribution agents to trade on Managing Director/Chief liquid. investing public this week. and the 2nd Vice- President . hedge instrument backed by The DMO has said that would be available to investors the full faith and credit of the savings bonds of three to five looking to invest between Federal Government. Arthur be easily traded on the floor of T he Debt Management Office is set to issue the first Federal Government of Steven. MONDAY. years maturity will be made N5. adding st ockbroke rs t hat had Commenting on the new that it offered very attractive been pre-qualified to act as FGN Savings Bond. could be obtained of every month for public invested as long as one held the from the office of various subscription subsequently.” aimed to raise about N50bn. “If and open it up as an investment He said that for the first one is able to earn double digit outlet for retail investors and time in the history of the return on one’s investment. said the initiative instrument. MARCH 13.

MARCH 13. 2017 .28 MONDAY.

between 2015 and 2016. Bank of Nigeria and the cold feet. The NCC said on Sunday Expose promoters of substandard that the meeting succeeded products. liquidity challenges of the sector. The foreign due for re-fixing within the short-term securities in the the highest interest payment as of end of December 10. Daniel Etisalat’s representatives in According to him. months of the year. By instrument T he Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors has said that approval of N701bn as power assurance guarantee for the Nigerian Bulk Electricity full recovery of cost via the appropriate pricing of power means a resultant worsening capacity arising from a stable and robust transmission grid will result in stranded capacity of Treasury Bonds was also type. due mainly exchange risk is relatively low coming year. such an Increased generation without incurred via Treasury Bonds “This amount comprised the Federal Government’s increase without the requisite commensurate wheeling recorded a debt service principal repayment of payment of N29bn last year. Mr. denominated in foreign currencies and low interest rate at concessional terms obtained from the Debt increasing domestic debt domestic debt would fall due will have to be refinanced at and. it is a partial solution to the This means that in one stock. supply liabilities. we believe that spent on interest. State for Industry. the historical while payments in respect Federal Government has the servicing the domestic debt supplied and future supplies. NCC. rate increase.32bn or 17. table in a meeting that has urged the citizens to with the collaboration of sister was very productive and volunteer information that agencies. and pay for the supply of gas. spent on the repayment of payments from 2011 to 2015. the umbrella body rehabilitation and replacement eventually be recovered from the necessary investments in had in 2015 spent N1. which could rate risk arising from the high debt. intervention is not expected shortfall doesn’t seem to have of the Nigerian Treasury potential of worsening revenue of the Federal Government Noting that the fund would to be a subsidy to the market.83 and 5.” the transmission network is. the large amount of The statistics showed that FGN’s domestic debt service interest rate was high at on existing debt. ensure the the proposed funding will Discos need to be able to make The Federal Government respectively. at adding that it should deploy to secure for Etisalat the the end of the day. etc. While an increase in Ozioma Ubabukoh necessary must be done to their customers. Mr. He said that the staff the necessary support and “The NCC equally made members were now better encouragement to serve the it clear that everything positioned to deliver as people diligently. ’Femi Asu in the month announced objective of everyone. statistics domestic debts. and therefore. The report stated. N335.” Similarly. was of the event. been addressed within this Bills and Treasury Bonds shortfalls in the power sector. Trade He explained that the He stated this during and Investment. said in a substandard products in the quoted the Minister of statement. The CBN Nigerians that if you see competence over the years. the DMO said at least 30 per cent of the nation’s within the next one year. shows a continued rise in distribution companies.” “The NCC will lead the Nigerian Communications In an effort to ensure that CBN in a possible crucial Commission to find a quick Etisalat remains in business meeting with Etisalat’s resolution of the loan default while the consortium of shareholders anytime soon.” the Director. A principal value of N25bn N25bn and interest payment of N993.58bn 2014. It added. who was the CBN office in Lagos. This comprised N25bn FGN’s domestic debt service He said for such recovery collection. able to help Nigeria out of “Receivership was Standards Organisation recession through improved completely taken off the of Nigeria. who as saying that the theme promoting the diversification chaired the meeting. metering. Mr. “More so.” crisis facing the mobile banks meet their obligations he added. Public Affairs. “The It stated. Research and Advocacy.23tn in 2016. and additional instrument of FGN Bonds. “Funding made the projected annual Babatunde Fashola.81bn in domestic debt. organisation quoted the DG Nigerians.41 per cent of to generating companies According to him.13bn. . Regarding domestic revealed. revenue requirements.. CBN intervention market is currently suffering therefore. say something. since maturing debt risk. adding. Abuja rose by N208. ANED. while debts per cent. “You it to continue to meet urgent said. need to bring these to bear operational expenses. improved of the electricity distribution of faulty and old turbines.77 per cent. and the NCC were able something. had done well thus constructive. Sunday Oduntan.59 N701bn intervention fund threatens power firms’ revenues – ANED Treasury Bill. would continue to give SON resolution. in the next one year. as well as the higher to wheel the additional power investments would not The Minister of Power. was spread throughout the 12 solve the N300bn energy the assumption is that initiative. of helping the country out banks and the mobile but something that requires of the current economic network operator agreed consistency and concerted recession. The portfolio domestic debt in the portfolio. SON urges Nigerians in halting the attempt by Anna Okon ambassadors of standards. Etisalat’s creditors to subject adding that they would be T the firm to a takeover. we must get same towards the development necessary oxygen to enable it right as a nation. was very relevant.) the high interest that apply to most of external Management Office have profile and rising interest rate. interest rates.” journalists in Lagos. and gas suppliers for energy considering that the approved available to us. increase in domestic debt to have the required capacity He added that such to a statement on Sunday.76bn. Godwin Emefiele. Ojobo electricity supply is the desired intervention to work. “The implied be higher than interest rates proportion of domestic debt debt. the job Asapokhai. Mr. “The products is not an easy one.13bn which was attributed to the Company of Nigeria needed in the industry. it holds the the cost of serving the Federal rise in the cost of borrowing Oduntan said. network operator. The Executive Director. “However. rates. the DMO attributed the increasing cost of debt servicing to an equally Management Strategy. capital expenditure. which held at the closing ceremony of a Aisha Abubakar. In another document a relatively high share of existing public debt portfolio exchange rate risk is limited In a report on the cost of entitled: ‘Nigeria’s Debt domestic debt falling due are (i. all of Mr.) the high refinancing due to the low share of debt T he servicing of Nigeria’s domestic debt gulped N1. particularly in Mr. can lead to the arrest of far. 2017 29 business & economy Domestic debt servicing gulped N1.79bn was made on 2015 amounted to N1. “Interest rate risk is high. A statement by the on your service delivery to “The CBN Governor. to protect the 23 million said that another meeting R e prieve c ame f or Etisalat Nigeria on Friday following a meeting Etisalat subscribers and also protect the telecoms industry to prevent potential would hold on Thursday to agree on a payment restructuring plan going convened by the Central investors from developing forward. customer service. She said the agency had will bring all parties closest “This is why I implore developed technical skills and to a resolution. performance and that SON. according intervention is.” firm in declaring what ‘Repositioning SON for better The minister stated that needed to be done by both performance in a diversified the Federal Government parties towards a quick economy’. This is imperative as were 31. billing and companies in the country. had earlier potential of exacerbating the Government’s domestic debt in the domestic debt market. MARCH 13. “From the little details made Guarantee Fund from the The N1. to occur. given that more than 30 per cent of the domestic debt matures within one year. and representing an interest was paid on Nigeria increase of N152. stated Oduntan said.23tn paid in the total debt service payment.23tn in 2016 – DMO Everest Amaefule.02tn “The trend analysis the customers of the electricity network upgrade. management retreat held for represented by the Executive had the consortium of staff of the agency in Lagos on Secretary of the Financial banks being owed and Saturday. portfolio implies a relatively of N839. Reporting Council. importers and promoters of The statement also Tony Ojobo. country. imperative for the proposed Federal Government’s would enable them to access to finance for the required from. which led to the being generated.” and significant lost revenues. of preventing substandard should rise up to the challenge Ojobo added. happen unless the Discos Works and Housing. accounted for 62. market rates. which was of the nation’s economy. the Transmission which have been major issues this while speaking with as commendable as this the principal and N993. Osita Aboloma. as saying that SON attendance. (ii. the N701bn Power Assurance repaid within the year. MONDAY.02tn to the higher interest cost on given the predominance of exposed to changes in interest higher exposure to an interest funds borrowed using the compared to N865. FGN bonds debt service Trading Plc to make payments of the market revenue gap. year.76 per cent.” Aboloma of the economy. 2016- 2019’. which revenue shortfalls that the Debt: Etisalat gets reprieve following NCC. to concrete actions that efforts to tackle. Hajiya meeting. to service its domestic debts. the corresponding period of is further characterised by “The main risks to the “The direct exposure to high refinancing risk. he Director-General.

especially from the it were.30 MONDAY. the sum of the level of liquidity in the forward sales to end users of $100m was released before interbank market. .” he said. But that can be about $1. Okorafor.35bn had been oil and gas sector. warning that the CBN Lagos.3m was made At the fourth intervention part of efforts to improve available to 16 banks for last Tuesday. MARCH 13. help to build a good credit During the first ‘Tunde Popoola. especially the price of the naira against of bad debts. forex. last Thursday’s offering of The Acting Director. said the CBN would C RC Credit Bureau Limited has highlighted ways by which the Deposit banks was how to reduce their risk portfolio given continue inject more funds Money Banks in the country the bad debts they incurred into the market to strengthen can avoid losses as a result these past years. During the third $170m into the forex market. the CBN had offered $500m for sale to banks. experts drawn from “Most of the toxic debts would impose heavy sanctions the financial services and within the banking sector on any organisation or official related sectors were said to happened because they involved in such act. have noted that most of the were done without proper Based on the forex banks were exposed to a lot due diligence analysis as intervention by the CBN. was quoted industry. $367. I-CON Plus. such debts. Mr. Corporate Communications Department. He said the bank was announcing the launch of a He said the CRC Credit determined to sustain the new product in a statement. while risk assets. He also cautioned forex Speaking at a public what banks need to do to dealers not to engage in forum organised by the reduce the incidence of any unwholesome practice CRC Credit Bureau in bad debts is to be more that would be detrimental association with Dun and circumspect in the way to smooth operations in the Bradstreet Credit Bureau in they spread risks. Isaac CRC Credit Bureau advises banks on bad debts Okorafor. which can three weeks. CBN. According to Popoola. in a statement on Sunday.13m into the foreign exchange market to ensure At the second intervention. of risks. 2017 money CBN to inject more dollars into forex market Ifeanyi Onuba. taken care of with our released into the interbank The Managing Director/ products and services like forex market within the last Chief Executive Officer. users. more liquidity in the market. foreign exchange market as a total of $221. CRC Credit Bureau. exchange market three weeks the apex bank released about T he Central Bank of Nigeria will this week inject more dollars into the ago. market. at a time they had more the dollar. Mr. confirmed the plan ’Femi Asu as saying that the challenge to release more dollars into confronting most of the the forex market. The company. Bureau had been able provision of liquidity in the said most banks in the to develop fool-proof forex market in order to country had yet to recover measures that could help enhance accessibility and from the losses incurred the banks contain the affordability for genuine end over the years as a result of incidence of bad debts. Abuja intervention in the foreign intervention two weeks ago.

MARCH 13. 2017 31 .MONDAY.

32 MONDAY. 2017 . MARCH 13.

he said. Some of the products Ujoatuonu. which was the standard for the risk- based supervision and submitted it to NAICOM to show what it was doing in implementing it. which of the total monthly was important for the its pension liability under introducing a number of stakeholders. to the regulator last year. Linkage Assurance forges alliance with brokers meant to take insurance to the grass roots through. Linkage Assurance Plc. should be paid into each emolument of the worker. but had some delay in getting approval because it needed to explain some issues on its assets to the commission. He said that Universal Insurance had reviewed its framework. respectively PenCom said it funds for the payment of said that the company is poised to bring value to our another 7. According to Apere. has in line with our vision to increase visibility. Dr. MARCH 13.” means we have a role to was economic recession. adding that its third party motor insurance could be . play by ensuring that we he said the products recently introduced by said that the company was grow its market share. to enable brokers for their patronage Comprehensive. According to the managing director. Linkage Third Party Plus. 2017 33 insurance FG yet to pay revised pension rate –PenCom Stories: Nike Popoola review of the amount their employees with than seven days after the contribution at 18 per cent appropriation under its required by employers their Pension Fund salary was paid. of the National Insurance members’ evening event backbone of any economy. adequately appropriate Mr. “We are doing corporate and government business. 2014. The law raised worry that the Federal Government had yet to rate. Universal Insurance had opened offices in different part of the country and had plans to open new ones. The managing director Brokers in Lagos. and we are T he Managing Director. strengthen its relationship and cranny of the country. because the sector helps introduced seven new businesses.5 per cent employer’s contributions pension contributions as the government to Universal Insurance. Ujoatuonu said that it was developing its electronic means of selling insurance. sustainability.5 per cent.” he said.” he said. instead of the previous 15 recurrent expenditure A bout three years after the Pension Reform Act 2014 mandated an upward to into Savings be the contributed Retirement Accounts of Administrators.” said that the firm will insurance to every nook in this recession. He said. He observed that there was still low insurance participation in the country. Commission before it could of the Nigerian Council and that without insurance. Federal Government is yet to comply with the the Ten years after. Federal Government the Contributory Pension microinsurance products employee’s RSA not later thus putting the total to ensure adequate Scheme. deepen penetration and provide economic recession. “We are creating a niche of the workers’ monthly to eight per cent and 10 revised by the PRA 2014. the company is a responsible organisation that is ready to cooperate with the regulator in the risk-based supervision. products targeted at low Apere thanked the and Linkage SME its 2015 financial accounts brokers more closely is particularly in a period of income people. and stressed the need to develop the retail segment of the industry. with insurance brokers to he said. of Registered Insurance no economy can grow that the company recently individual and small Linkage Event Insurance. The commission for the grass roots employers were required the employee’s and implement the 18 per cent stressed the need for T he Managing Director. He also said that the company moved its head office from Victoria Island to Gbagada in Lagos in order to create a more functional and befitting structure for the firm. MONDAY. The National Pension Commission expressed in order to facilitate the implementation of the new pension contributions Universal develops products regulation. According to him. to deduct 7. that While noting that there in 2017 and years ahead. by Purple Motor Plus. the help businesses remain considered the plight the company are Linkage waiting for the approval He said this during the insurance sector is the on the path of growth and of ordinary citizens. Under the PRA 2004. introduce the products. bought online. The Linkage boss stated with a lot of benefits for Linkage Shop Insurance. he said. Linkage Estate Insurance explained that it submitted “Coming to work with other businesses to survive. “Without insurance. however. Pius Apere. the law was amended and replaced with the PRA per cent. the firm’s capital and solvency margin were above the industry’s minimum requirement. has for ourselves and we are remuneration and add per cent. To be more accessible. a reason why it could not meet last year’s submission deadline. making them affordable. Ben Ujoatuonu. in the past. and urged them to support the company to have a beneficial journey working on products to develop microinsurance. many businesses will die them to manage their risks and enhance their standard of living.

“Our strong today. to be distributed to over 20. tough year. development of the industry.” he said. in addition to several corporate social responsibility gestures. we are yet to scratch the He said various reports Corporate Communications. an over 2. We think highly National Insurance industry. Insurance Audit Group. As a settlement across the industry over six years of incorporation. the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers has said it will distribute insurance books to 20.” he said.” said that the The Managing Director. regulators have a key role to He observed that the the insurers’ compliance with company.000 school pupils across the country. “We also have in our plans production of exercise books. said this during the members’ evening programme in Lagos.34 MONDAY. Prof. solvency. FBN Insurance. The NCRIB to give 20. and it needs to be presence in the retail space process for our key functions Ojumah said. we have kept two years. to the economic meltdown. He said that the conference surface in terms of the potential indicated an increase in claims Elizabeth Agugoh. affordable and responsive “The risk-based supervision is insurance to the public. adding that for this. The President of the council. we are looking to and massive job losses due FBN Insurance Limited company was willing to provide of insurance firms to deliberate of an insurer. KPMG. solvency II and IFRS 4 phase to taking insurance to the nooks ”In spite of the number figures maintained double first.” FBN plans to grow insurance business F in Lagos with the theme BN Insurance Limited. says it is committed as to be able to reach everyone. come what Commission. 2017 insurance T he Head. MARCH 13. dealing with construction permits. consolidate our retail presence. we will all be proud of what we have achieved. Kayode Okunoren. at economic fortunes of the past entrepreneurship to join in the considered in the context of and deliveries. to focus on the verification of but that the approach did of a supervised insurance industry in the country. Mr. According to him. liquidity and stability the transformation of insurance of each insurer. George Onekhana. The president appreciated efforts currently being put in place by the Federal Government in removing all critical bottlenecks and bureaucratic restraints to doing business in Nigeria. cannot be disputed. said that the executive officers and actuaries impact on the solvency position company. ‘Transforming the insurance FBN Holdings company team. Nigeria. Kabir Okunola. of risk-based supervision. .” he said. industry’. the council would need the continuous support of its members for the actualisation of its projects. has said that KPMG advises insurers on reforms consider aspects such as the management and surveillance of risks that might affect the regulation can be used to drive Stories: Nike Popoola internal and external realities traditional supervision used different rules and regulations. we will always put them while speaking on the topic. as part of the ways to get out of the economic challenges being faced by the country.000 students.000-man strong retail While commenting on the to our philosophy of doing The Deputy Commissioner. Through the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council headed by the Vice President.” he said.. Yemi Osinbajo. provided an opportunity for of the Nigerian market. even in the light of dwindling who had the capital in He said. “The topics for this conference were carefully chosen and germane to the industry so that in a few years from now. a regulator’s and crannies of the country. “Risk-based supervision in an in the Nigerian insurance of insurance companies in digits. Group SA.” he said.000 students insurance books A s part of efforts to attract more students into the insurance profession. implementation associated with the Sanlam investment in the retail space so 2016. paying taxes and registering property. he noted that the present administration had vocalised its intention to make Nigeria an easy investment haven. With our Okunola said. risk factors that could have an Val Ojumah. Okunoren said the brokers had the expectation that no one would transact insurance business in Nigeria without the involvement of insurance brokers. it is heart- warming that PEBEC had identified seven key reform areas including starting business. “It is the belief of the council that with diligent commitment of the government to tackling these identified barriers. we are increasing our company’s performance in what we say. he observed that it was a of our customers. not necessarily or properly He said this while speaking at play because regulation can be a KPMG insurance conference used to drive the transformation of this industry. the nation will soon be reflated. The Head of Marketing and age of turbulence. said in just approach focused on those FBN Insurance Limited. had consistently delivered on the future of the industry. improve on our delivery time which put a strain on insurance outstanding performance He also urged investors one of the issues of importance and achieve a most effective industry. “However. perspective. in which inflation may.

in on the other part of the the country. suppliers with time. contract in construction estate investment resonates Nigeria must pay attention has registered title to their involves and touches many as an edge against inflation. has advised the Federal that it remained the only agriculture is not well public to have access to of building materials. MARCH 13. economy out of recession. had past achievements and also construction of 260 housing a safe. integrity. for individuals. rather duties to the clients and the The new Chairman. T he President. including injection of private sector government funding despite for its residents. “Real estate investment Experts charge town planners on ethics is the pedestal for economic Maureen Ihua. Victor capital development and are to be completed and compromising their cultural Onukwugha. private of professional conduct of government to think that are employers or employees sector and residents construction professionals the economy could only in the private sector. ethics. either as than the real estate sector. consultancy services of of professional ethics The outgoing Chairman. development. because of developments such as artisans. discipline and Director. including of man.” he would work with the Wahad. La gos C ha p t e r . Luka Achi.” he government must make law offices are available for the support for all activities added. He said the country had not succeeded in unlocking Patunola-Ajayi said. comfortable. Maduenyi Chairman of the Lagos President. 2017 homes property Real estate can pull Nigeria out of recession – NIESV Maureen Ihua. commercial or industrial. agricultural. public in the realisation of city was similar across the be diversified through sector and academics. Kunle Salami. Maduenyi Government to focus on the robust solution to grow the handled to ensure a stable loan facilities for all types vendors.000 housing homes. development. Planners to ensure the their economies.” he said. FHA. the community. which are the daily living activities of the Executive Chairman. “In a world where discharge of their duties effective demand in the real He added. on Budget Monitoring and in a particular place. among other professions and that agriculture and the film should discharge their achievements. said employees or employers. human surveying every parcel of He added. “It is our housing. executive we succeeded. Every business According to him. including farmers. aspirations and preferences. related technical and Mohammed Al-Amin. project. “Real estate business is about management of all government has refused to do sufficient work on the survey of every parcel residential. A building construction estate surveyors and valuers and conduct is one of the NI TP. after discovering that its Technologies for lifestyle corporate organisations He said the FHA had capacity to deliver on her living would be provided who had contributed to the to encourage the use of mandate was dwindling as in the estate. which gives of land in the country. being constructed inside the individual families within Bauhaus International “The key plans are Rockville Garden Estate. the wealth in the sector and land resources. transportation to move is done on land. funding into housing settlement in Lagos. said the code was erroneous for the profession. said and that it initiated the Fi broadcasts and professional matters. said Rockville empowerment through sold out within 30 months. Prof. while not Limited. whether they the government. adding that it growth of the profession modern technologies and a result of the withdrawal of would be serene and secure in various ways.Toyin and many developing Chapter of the NITP Ayinde. There is satisfaction of their clients. the Managing not less than 15. NITP. problems. enforce it. Mr.” of our economic woes. to real estate. labourers and real estate sector to get the economy. with its value increasing not prepared to come out possible and easier for the contractors. Mr. . Adviser to the President estate should be developed of a professional body. said the President. units in the FCT since 1991 He stated that Wi. except we are land and this will make it lives such as consultants. said town planners that understand this have professionals must carry must endeavour to behave Nigerian Institute of Town seen the positive impact on out their duties to the well as professionals. “The many are tending towards to clients and the public in estate sector. hence owner. adherence and mediocrity. “Real estate goods and services from life and basic needs are land will ensure that every is all embracing. “Even the focus on ethical principles. on land administration and business. Prof. attractive and functional completion approaches in solving Abuja. said during his tenure. partnership with Bauhaus estate. who spoke at executive members to FHA begins construction of 260 houses in Abuja attain a sustainable human Okechukwu Nnodim. Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers.Abiola Anifowoshe. Dr. Patunola-Ajayi said the “This is with a resultant effect that houses are available for living and Bolarinde Patunola-Ajayi. Al-Amin stated that developed in partnership strive to consolidate on has commenced the the estate would provide with another developer. which was being Our administration will International Limited.” “The expectation is the chapter improved Price Intelligence. neighbourhood to support the features of the estate. Punch Nigeria Limited. a single one place to another. attained about 40 per cent employ viable technical units in Guzape District. Gardens would deploy talks and lecture series In his address at the The FHA boss noted that smart technology sensors on issues bothering on commencement of the the agency had developed embedded in streets and competence. 35 & MONDAY. compliance was mandatory and fashion industry. who represented nations such as Singapore and United Arab Emirates U rban and regional planning experts have called on members of the and inauguration of the executive committee. as well as a balanced Explaining some of emerging societal and According to the FHA. Mr. developers adoption. the demands of consumers resolve to continue the T he Federal Housing Al-Amin said work for affordable houses across good work started by the Authority. the growing demand for Abuja delivery in order to meet He said. physio-environmental the housing units. we must either accordance with the ethics only need to seek the enforcement of the code shape up or we die.” that the agency planned to public-private partnership other Information The chapter also achieve greater efficiency in model for housing delivery and Communications recognised individuals and the delivery of houses. expert and former Special to know which type of real fundamental characteristics Mr. He stated that it that all members of each on its partnership with Kunle Wahab. the investiture of the 15th The Second Vice development and growth. shelter. of their profession. Real dependent on land. public in accordance with Mr.

management’. this year’s International industry needs to send A key component of our Women’s Day. Lafarge Africa. succeed in manufacturing “We groom our people He said. Mr. says women facing the industry. 2017 homes & property Women can fill manufacturing’s skills gap – Lafarge CCEO Stories: Maureen pool of untapped talent LafargeHolcim’s global Ihua-Maduenyi and the dearth of women objective of advancing and in manufacturing has been encouraging diversity. Realising a two-day mandatory methodology’ and ‘Project the peculiarity of our professional development programming. Uyo and national secretariat. “We believe careers. themes are: ‘Concept of site the challenges posed by According to the NIOB. construction management practices we have women holding methodology and project for builders’ and sub. management.” through the system. women in the sector. LafargeHolcim. we are in commemoration of manufacturing. and do talent pipeline. including At Lafarge Africa.” . 2017. “The theme of the cadre.36 MONDAY. key positions despite programming. Michel made more prominent recently. T he Country Executive Chief Officer. This that women represent He said celebrating way. Lagos. manufacturing. leadership team level is sector. due to the potential skills shortage He explained. who spoke preserve of men. ‘Construction the locations. Lafarge Africa at the talent in the manufacturing in different sectors. of gender is 30 per cent currently represent the “Women have become by 2030 at management largest number of untapped leading industry players level. diversity target in terms “In the Puchercos. said there out the right message diversity programme is the was a need to promote that women can. they turn out to be manufacturing’s largest women was in line with well-rounded employees with full understanding of Builders to develop site the values and culture of the organisation as they management capacity move into the management T he Nigerian Institute of Building says it plans to develop its Katsina between March 29 and April 6.’” the institute industry. The committed to gender parity. which were for long the currently at 36 per cent. Even in the plants. Puchercos. we are doing a workshop will be held in said in a statement from its lot to encourage women in Abuja. We have mentoring programmes where we support the women as members’ capacity in site workshop is ‘Site well. MARCH 13.

He said. A c c o r d i n g t o including Newham at £63. the company has due process spanning over as this gesture will help the said. of industries in order to take called for synergy between the nation out of its present T h e N a t i o n a l Coordinator. tiles and allied products authority districts in the past “While it’s no longer obtainable in developed two years and the proportion unusual for houses to earn societies.514 over is a feather to our corporate average take home earnings the period 2015 and 2016. a subset of the government and the citizenry in the building of industries. “Further Propertywire. of £91. Olufemi She spoke on Friday at Akinsola. the aim of assessing the of most goods currently being recently. dealers and other have increased by more than England. said it was time capacity that would facilitate in national growth and for the government to build their mass participation development. according to a more than total take home is a mark of credence study from home lender the earnings for the average backed by the integrity of Halifax. a year. Mr.” he explained. new In total. A. Akinsola added that P roperty owners in one a price growth to earnings the brand was rated 30 in three areas in United difference of £77. there are endorsement by the NIOB.803 over house price gains in excess approval from this institute the last two years. six London boroughs had climbed up to 70 per research has found. also advised Olagunju. This endorsement average the NIOB. hat and an honour we in the area of £48. has called on being rendered by surveyors for future’. nation to come out of the The firm stated that the He said that his present economic recession.791.” of England with these four failed to keep pace.353 over This is followed by Warwick cannot be thankful enough the same period. Women in Surveying. safety and the The Chairman. 2017 37 homes & property Mass construction of industries’ll bail rejuvenation. cent. the South quickly. the West African Ceramics well deserved and followed more people will be engaged Limited. Funke importance of the services industry: Issues and options Adekunle. Average house prices though mostly in southern architects.” he said. second exercise. Bhaskar Rao. to happen. equivalent to £21. presented to the management series of tours to the She also encouraged team of WACL during manufacturing complex individuals to establish the NIOB Extraordinary of the company located in industries in order to General Meeting and Ajaokuta.528 and assessment revealed house prices outpace owners’ Hounslow at £54.” said Martin Ellis. deliberate adherence to earnings in 119 areas and 17 “Buoyancy in the housing strict codes. which builders. product packaging. appear in the top 10 districts. Mrs. overall Redbridge at £56. Manchester at £14. The Chairman. the cost The General Manager. MARCH 13. Adeboye. to embark on a massive adding that they occupied a called for the review of establishment of industries key position in the building government’s policies and as this is one of the factors industry. of areas where house prices more than the people living in “As a prerequisite to an are outpacing earnings over them in some places. with encourage local production Fellow’s investiture in Abuja. the borough increased by in the East Midlands with “Receiving a mark of an average of £139. the last two years has edged clearly local impacts.240. Trafford in Greater Rao added that the mark £3. improvement per cent of all local areas have market over the past two of production process and seen average house prices to five years has resulted in factory floor health and increase by more than total homes increasing in value by safety. said the NIOB was an rising property values and The top performers outside institution of high repute earnings was in Haringey southern England include and an approval from it was in London.646. manufacturing process. Olagunju. economic woes.508. Speaking on the theme.” endorsement was officially committee conducted Adekunle said. more unaffordable during that Limited. . Nigeria out of recessions – NIS Femi Makinde. out of the present economic FunkeOlagunju.170 and of endorsement would Haringey is followed by Harrogate in North Yorkshire be inscribed on all Royal Harrow in north London with at £12. NIS Osun Endorsement Committee. MONDAY. Maureen Ihua-Maduenyi NIOB. but for potential certificate from the Nigerian East. House prices in South Northamptonshire a welcome development. homeowner in many areas. quality Research reveals what a and composition of raw materials and many other home earns for an owner factors. South West and the East buyers whose wages have Industrial Standards. owners in these areas can for endorsement must have More than nine out of 10 build up large levels of equity secured the mark of quality are in London. per cent qualified at the Kingdom areas earn more St Albans at £72. regions accounting for 111 of of buying a home has become West African Ceramics the 119 or 93 per cent of areas.990 and first assessment and by the from owning their home than Waltham Forest at £63. imported from other nations.569. Home the brand being considered up from 28 per cent in 2015. an agricultural economist. adding that this would stimulate the economy to NIOB endorsement some extent. environment. O. a difference in the West Midlands at for. programmes to allow this that can take the country A university lecturer. stakeholders can rely on total average employees’ net housing economist at the for the assurance of quality earnings in 31 per cent of local Halifax. was quoted in a T the 13th annual regional he Nigerian Institute of statement by WACL to have conference of the Women in Building has endorsed said that the endorsement Surveying.583. exceeding of earnings of £33. who is government at all levels could not be overemphasized. who described recession. The biggest gap between time. the rating they do from their work. Kogi State. Mr. health.810 per month. ‘Economic recession in the Nigerian Institution Adeboye said the Nigeria and the building of Surveyors. the Federal Government to women as significant Adekunle stated that embark on the establishment elements in socio-economic establishing industries in large numbers would provide job opportunities for the WACL’s Royal tiles get youth. Osogbo State chapter. the Royal brand of tiles of the Royal brand of tiles “When government and allied products from and allied products was embarks on construction. Prof.

on safety of habitats and inhabitants. said the issues on the one hand. which ESAI. MARCH 13. University of Lagos. Mr. The President. .” in 18 categories for aimed at promoting the he said. would hold common concern. will be given would be examined as government priorities to individuals and at this year’s Nigeria on safety of habitats and corporate organisations Green Award. the Ariyo said the in Lagos on June 6. “The event will attempt among other speakers. participants with unique ‘Prioritising T he Environmental Safety and Awareness Initiative plans to opportunities to discuss leading environmental issues like contamination environmental quality in Nigeria: The implication of the UNEP repot on engage stakeholders of land and water poison Niger Delta region’ would and strike a balance with examples in Zamfara be presented by Dr. 2017. to strike a balance between “The award. others Maureen Ihua-Maduenyi event would provide A paper titled. their contributions and cause of preservation He added that the involvement in promoting and environmental award. on the other.38 MONDAY. 2017 homes & property NGO to engage stakeholders on environmental degradation. second edition.” he added. Olusegun environmental degradation will be the climax of the Ariyo. exploitation. environment. between environmental State where exploitation Olayinka Agunloye of the degradation and of precious stones was Department of Urban government priorities said to have been affecting and Regional Planning. which is exploitation. as well lecture. which is in its the perseveration of our consciousness.

by simply picking up a copy of According to the firm. and burgeoning expatriate delivered in a clean and elegant and could also be found as part of the in-flight entertainment on major airlines. the latest issue. MONDAY. The Editor-in-Chief of “The brand of the magazine Prestige Magazine. with an online version. ToLet.” she said. the property listings from the magazine focuses on providing portal. 2017 39 homes & property Firm launches real estate magazine Maureen are streamlined and organised international property with a clear focus on the subject investors and Nigeria’s of luxury and real estate. which see it as an avenue to market real estate on behalf of high profile clients that value privacy and are thus wary of any form of digital footprint for their property . This with the information needed to R eal estate portal. while pleasing presentation and that simultaneously catering to both the editorial and visual the needs of the high net concepts behind the magazine worth real estate consumers. MARCH 13. reflects that of its parent Ihua-Maduenyi “The listings are complete company. magazine launch marks an directly contact the appropriate exciting time for Tolet. offering its clients readers with an aesthetically additional exposure.000 copies of the free glossy magazine had already been distributed via a network of handpicked locations across the country. including four and five star hotels. Prestige search for first rate real estate Magazine. Dupe Awobajo. product. com. membership- only clubs and airport VIP lounges. has launched agent. fashion. Awobajo “The magazine has received a lot of praise from real estate firms across Nigeria. said over 12.” the magazine is filled with According to Awobajo. allowing investors and a luxury real estate and It is extremely satisfying and home seekers to begin their inspiring to see it as a finished lifestyle publication.

MARCH 13.40 MONDAY. 2017 .

2017 41 . MARCH 13.MONDAY.

DOWN NO JOKES By Neearo 1 Big Boy is the third album by Eldee. What is the sex of their child? 6 Trybesmen had two hit singles in 1999. 1622 Eldee (1977. MARCH 13. and 3x3 box. It is a simple and fun game of log- 4 6 5 8 2 1 9 7 3 6 7 1 4 8 ic — all that’s needed are brains and concentration. Your goal is to fill in the empty squares following the simple rule above. 3 eLDee and his long-term partner. The numbers can appear in any order and diagonals are not considered.a The ____. There is really only one rule to Sudoku: Fill in the game board so that the numbers 1 through 9 occur exactly once 9 3 2 7 6 4 5 1 8 8 5 3 in each row. . 10 Course he studied at the University of Lagos. 8 Return Of The King is the second album by Eldee. “Trybal Marks” and “_____ Bodi”.k. 4 Birth month 5 He is an original member of the band Trybesmen. released in 2008 and was originally titled “_____”. Those numbers cannot be changed. and contains the single ‘I Go _____.leisure 42 MONDAY. Nigeria. which was started in 1998 with rappers KB and ______. 7 His debut album. It was released in 2006. 9 “Lanre” is a nickname for the Yoruba name “______” (meaning “My wealth is the future”). “Long time ____”. 2 His real name. 2017 FUNKY HUSBAND By Femora Puzzle No.) NAUGHTY BY NATURE By Tayo Olujimi ACROSS 2 a. Your initial game board will consist of several numbers that are already 1 8 7 9 5 3 6 4 2 9 1 placed. Lanre ____ (lastname).’ Solution to Friday’s Puzzle 1621 Solution to Today’s Friday’s Puzzle puzzle 2 4 1 6 3 9 7 8 5 1 8 6 2 5 7 3 2 1 8 4 9 6 8 9 5 8 9 6 5 4 7 3 2 1 5 9 3 2 8 4 9 5 1 6 7 5 6 6 5 4 1 7 2 8 3 9 7 How to play Sudoku 7 1 9 3 8 6 2 5 4 1 2 Sudoku doesn’t require any special maths skills or calculations. column. Dolapo Latinwo-Belo married in November 2008.

is being include food. organisation not only works a proper livelihood. Douglas was reportedly they could do in his honour. a tournament that week. and she’ll play her first play well. on behalf of the family. Seyi Akinwunmi. told our correspondent The deceased player’s Arsenal fans this week and be for. The sport and the non- no problem with Sharapova.” 26. It My preference is to stay – Wenger would have been the least dead by suspected cultists in Benin on December 29. Saturday. Frenchman before Saturday’s happened a lot recently. Tuesday’s Champions League a lot of loyalty and my “The Edo State Football “The NFF seems to have humiliation against Bayern preference is here. Director. 2016. Austin book. AFP reports.” Wenger said. allowed but I was told that Wembley semi-finals kept I will do that as long as I am The only help we got was from only representatives from the critics off Wenger’s here. Independence Square in profit IFSS were created to whose ban for a positive test Accra. electronic appliances Binatone Group Managing Rivers 3 Al Merreikh 0 manufacturer Binatone. have shown in my life that represented on the occasion. people make mistakes. organisers have said. Ademola Olajire. AFP reports.” Douglas: Group. played for the country and The 18-year-old Gombe United player was shot owed by the federation. who gave us the Trade Union Congress back. allowing – no I think that someone should hard court tournament with matter who it is – a player start from the bottom a brisk 6-3. and the •China’s Li Junhui (front) and Liu Yuchen during their All England Open Badminton Nasarawa 2 IfeanyiUbah 0 from the Ashanti region. season. England…on El-Kanemi 2 Tornadoes 0 The match attracted a large make it a sustainable cause Sunday. approach taken by IFSS Championships men’s doubles match against Indonesia in Birmingham. will eventually be brought to Wenger has faced calls for club. in Benin on “This was a boy. but he declined to say NANPF Secretary. the event. 2017 43 Wozniacki condemns Sharapova wild card M aria Sharapova’s planned return from a 15-month drugs ban at by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The Enyimba 1 MFM 1 publicity. 6-0 victory over that is still banned to play and fight their way back. I that the federation was not Jacob said. because it’s different from an injury where someone is out because they had hurt Stuttgart next month is But she said the Russian themselves. but by U-20 AFCON final A huge crowd is expected to give the players (and other taking them off the streets. who has yet to confirm if he will expecting his entitlements relaxing with some of his to be paid and NANPF is reign after his side eased the extend his contract when it friends in a nearby bar close following the situation keenly pressure on the troubled boss runs out at the end of this to their 14. Apostolic Street. They have said the federation was not aware that the player was to well as some other footballers. performance enhancing. with a 5-0 FA Cup quarter. forgotten about the boy who be buried on Saturday. who his entitlements will be paid. I have shown basis. shelter and help Zamalek 4 Rangers 1 sponsored by a household in finding a steady job. “According clash at the Emirates Stadium.” he said.” Wozniacki said. said Nigerian League An inaugural event of his company was happy to Remo 3 ABS 0 the IFSS took place at La partner IFSS to support Plateau 2 Pillars 0 Pleasure Beach in Accra skate soccer. Gombe 1 3SC 1 on January 15 with a team He said. five-time Grand Slam and she’s going to fight her But I think you should fight champion Sharapova’s way back. claimed it was his off Sakponba Road residence “It is a sad occurrence final win over minnows preference to remain in when two boys came in and and NANPF hopes his killers Lincoln. I wasn’t at Arsenal’s comfortable I try to serve this club with “The NFF was not at the burial because it is not progress to next month’s complete commitment and Douglas’ burial on Saturday.” he said. who usually beg for alms. that didn’t happen. MARCH 13.” .” his resignation from angry how much longer that would Popo. But at the same Wozaniacki spoke after match that day. Zambia 2 Senegal 0 to watch the match between non-playing polio sufferers) they regain their dignity.sports MONDAY.” Wozniacki said. The Gunners boss. They “I am not aware that for its absence at the burial the burial but nobody was could have honoured him by Douglas was to be buried on of former Golden Eaglets sent as its representative to sending a representative but Saturday and I doubt if any and Flying Eagles player. spokesman for the NFF. your way back from the suspension ends on April “I’m sure she’s going to bottom.” was aware too. “The cause is Abia 2 Lobi 1 from Accra against another more than worthy. The family members are still A rs e n e W e n g e r revealed he hasn’t ruled out extending his Arsenal Munich. returning to the game. on Sunday that the NFF was father. “I think everyone deserves I think that you deserve a The tournament will a second chance. to our tradition. back into tournaments. on Sunday has bring together physically for meldonium was reduced attracted plenty of interest challenged person with a Results from fans and corporate focus on polio sufferers who EPL bodies. family criticise NFF for shunning burial Idris Adesina However. should play her way and something that is Wozniacki said Saturday. days after they gave “How long? I don’t know some money on a personal and some others came to the him a torrid time following at the moment. whose world ranking “When someone has WTA players. I feel like when a securing her third-round “I think it’s very player is banned for drugs. former world has been wiped out by her been banned for drugs number one Caroline absence. Sunil Lalvani. Ghana. “disrespectful” to other star. berth at the Indian Wells questionable. We hope other person in the federation Douglas Uzama. Poland’s Magda Linette. charge of the Premier League shot the player. T he National Association of Nigerian Professional Footballers has criticised the Association was present as abandoned us.” Wozniacki said she had T he International Skate Soccer Fiesta between Ghana and Nigeria at the physically challenged players and from Nigeria and Ghana. Jacob Uzama. and I think second chance like everybody already be underway when that she’s going to come back else. FA Cup which is organised by the The benefit that IFSS hopes Tottenham 6 Millwall 0 International Federation to bring to these individuals Champions League for Skate Soccer. have no ability to walk and Liverpool 2 Burnley 1 The competition. Photo: AFP Akwa 3 Sunshine 0 crowd and gained a massive over the long term also. burial. “I think it’s Binatone skate soccer attracts interest disrespectful to the other players and the WTA. also there were more protests “Let’s not talk about me informed about the burial criticised the NFF for against the beleaguered too much because that has but expressed his sadness shunning the burial. Nigeria Football Federation The federation was aware of represented the country. time.

44 MONDAY. 2017 . MARCH 13.

T he Daniel Igali Recreation Centre in Bayelsa State was on Saturday inaugurated “We have also allotted a space for the purpose of building a dormitory so that played for his parent club In January Moyes went Junior Tennis Championship ago. of the Nigeria Wrestling Seriake Dickson for his defeated Rebecca Ekpeyong The weeklong event. tournament in the first of them. 12 & under. We believe He said. wrestling has been Two Abuja-based players 10 & under. said reporting that Aytekin is likely to be struck from the Champions in sports. 14 sixth minute of injury-time. and Barca v PSG ref faces demotion champion and a source of pride to the people of Nigeria. especially Bayelsa. keep the tabs on Besiktas midfielder Football League. Moyes believes unity is his group tight then we will get The central defender is on He has more than 50 caps. the International Wrestling Federation. where Suleiman Ibrahim & under. this centre duly accredited by time in two weeks 8-4 to win 9-7. Daniel Adeleye. The 28-year-old has not midfielder as well as at full- back. owner of the facility Daniel three months we will have Augustine for the second and teammate Reza Holmes for Nigeria when they won the only for the highly-rated Igali as a sportsman. Precious Ikueba. keeping signing players from the Ambrose the star player for was named in the team of the playing in If we stick together. ChronicleLive. However. Championship defender. and at the following year’s World Cup. He played at right-back Cats because they do not know “We don’t want to let them Sunderland had a scout in great success at Everton Dundee United 1-0. has twice the Championship leaders. had 158 Aytekin went on to award Barcelona an injury-time penalty a sound body. a basketball court and space our athletes. “I’m convinced the Most Improved Player players competing in five age when Luis Suarez fell in the box under minimal contact. from the Girls 12 where according to The Independent. the company was happy with League match officials list. Planning for next season saying: “There is a general feeling of closeness and I hope the supporters are part with centre-back Efe Ambrose in the previous round. and what division they will be down and we want to do well. They also monitored Belgian side Gent dipped into the lower reaches of the Scottish pyramid this year. A surprise winner emerged R eports in Spain claim that Deniz Aytekin may be removed from UEFA Champions League duty following his display. box has fallen under particular scrutiny. Collina. I commend and The MOU award for the SNEPCo.” believe in a sound mind in wrestling in the country. The referee has been heavily criticised in the French press for opportunities and avenues to a heritage for the people of defeated Aliu Abubarkar 8-4. having played Falkirk’s game at St Mirren. 2013 African Cup of Nations. who enjoyed watching Hibernian beat stages. Neymar that youths and adults alike that by the support of the award. governor. categories – boys and girls converted the spot-kick before Sergi Roberto scored in the should regularly exercise. who now works as UEFA’s Head of Refereeing. have international coaches sent here officially to coach to retain her Girls 16 crown. Tolgay Arslan in a 1-1 draw at Olympiakos. Bayo Ojulari. where the Super teenager not to make it off the bench.” . “It is clear that I did foul Di Federation. 16 & under and 18 aggregate. who had upset Marylove Edwards in the semifinals 8-2. it fit to build this edifice for our and single-handedly financing another player. so that we can overpowered Toyin Asogba.” It was an all-Kodian Tennis Lokoja-based Mary Udofa The German official’s decision not to award PSG a penalty for a hostel. went away smiling as she won new champions. who is the president Bayelsa State Governor 14 as Timipre Maxwell again Lagos 8-2. who the Boys 18 while Mcleod beat Seun Ogunsakin 8-6. who defeated Joshua Maxwell 8-4. and train properly. He spent his Friday night Eagles reached the knockout is more difficult for the Black of the club. which Mascherano later admitted. Serena Teluwo. Ekpeyong saw the emergence of four Maria but I think that is not the reason why we eliminated PSG. side’s best chance of survival. which was marred by a number of controversial decisions. who did not the opportunity to contribute That decision ultimately rests with former referee Pierluigi athletes to practice. in Dalung described the hoping that in the next two or Osewa defeated Stephen close match against her friend international. Mcleod retain titles after his January move to Blackburn Rovers fell through ball-playing centre-back. with in both competitions. 2017 45 sports Sunderland target Efe Ambrose D avid Moyes has been on another scouting mission to Scotland’s lower leagues. he can also operate as a holding M ichael Osewa and Angel Mcleod retained their titles at the SNEPCo remarkable improvement from the CBN Junior championship held two weeks because of work permit issues. Greece on Thursday. said. a wrestling hall. Championship. MARCH 13. some results in the end. since July’s European Cup to watch another Scottish by sports minister Solomon elite athletes can stay on site at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Other title winners were qualifiers. Lagos on Saturday. But Moyes. That is why I deemed congratulate you for hosting boys went to Philip Abayomi. Dalung commended Foundation affair in the Girls beat Esther Marshal from when Javier Mascherano brought down Angel di Maria in the Igali. MONDAY. who won a Ambrose is an experienced left-back Tony Gallacher. for the elite athletes. especially the National Wrestling win an event but showed to youth development. in his sights. Dalung. “We contribution to the growth of 8-4.” SNEPCo tennis: Minister hails Igali an emergency loan at Hibs Regarded mainly as a Osewa. The Managing Director of his performance and now the Spanish publication Marca are achieve their goals. as Barcelona won the tie 6-5 on Youths should be given the tactically domesticated as also dominated the Boys 14s & under. The centre has a gymnasium. We are also Club.

“The club is bigger than anybody.46 MONDAY. MARCH 13. promising to carry everybody along. The former Zenith Bank supports Watford striker was starting his second game for his new side Delta Principal’s Cup after completing a £20m move from Vicarage Road on transfer Z enith Bank has agreed to help resuscitate the Delta State Principal’s Cup Football The CEO of Hideaplux Limited Tony Pemu commended Zenith Bank for its decision to deadline day. Pemu said. said who emerged as the national chairman of the body. Delta has a rich sports for electing a chairman who has integrity. Zenith. No one is perfect. didn’t take up that chance. revived. the blessing because Delta is Chinese Super League. just three minutes later.” schools in the state. the new executive few years.” important that the secondary Ikpea praised the electoral chairman for conducting a credible school football competition is election. . 2017 sports Ighalo disappoints again O dion Ighalo continued his poor start to life in China on Sunday as he missed To make matters worse. Before There are over 1. Warri. preliminaries. “It is a big lead at Guangzhou R&F in the Hideaplux limited. their second successive defeat. opportunity to put Yatai in the According to the organisers. I thank members events. “The sponsorship of Zenith Ikpea gets certificate of return Bank will take our football back F ollowing their victories in the Nigeria Supporters’ Cub to where it belongs in the next election in Lagos on December 10. We background and we felt it is must all support the chairman. talents over the years. The Nigerian captains the Brazilian midfielder Junior side and they went down to a penalty for Changchun Yatai Urso gave the hosts the lead Shanghai SIPG 5-1 in their in their Chinese Super League and consigned Ighalo’s side to opening game last week. Samuel Ikpea. and this is just one of such He said. “Like any other human being I’m happy. but he tournament begins on Monday noted for talents in all sports.200 private the elections took place on December 10. with every secondary school especially football. But we did our election and I emerged as public government secondary the national chairman. Guangzhou R&F won the encounter 1-0. Group Managing Director of At a ceremony in the club’s Lagos office. club Rafiu Ladipo.” of the club were on Saturday given their certificates of return. Peter Amangbo. we were having secondary schools and 446 some in-house issues. There were 67 minutes on the competition for Secondary contribute to the development clock when Ighalo was given the Schools. The cleric said. 2016. but our Guangzhou keeper Cheng in the 25 Local Governments young ones have not had the Yuele guessed the right way and of the state involved in the opportunity to showcase their pushed Ighalo’s effort away. match against Guangzhou R&F. 2016.” Amangbo said. received the tournament was part of the his certificate alongside his exco members from the electoral bank’s way of developing the chairman Ademola Bankole and the President-General of the Nigerian youth. “We always try to assist Ladipo urged all members of the group to respect the new youths to showcase their talents chairman. of football in the state.

2017 47 .MONDAY. MARCH 13.

com. better for an Africa they have always Development versus debt peonage Henry Boyo past. Progress towards better equality is always Unfortunately. Opebi Road. Central Business District. where morality or charity is not a badge the hold that poverty and rich nations have on them. while our governments are cajoled asset. can we change the wrongs that have have gone to the enchained black man. Lagos. please send your complaint(s) to ethics@punchng. a nation makes economic and financial decisions based purely on reason and with perfect. this means purchase less. difference between social indoctrination and genuine for the move. Lagos Circulation: 09053631732 Advert: 08065711871 . Since 1980. People cut costs and also “Ten of the world’s richest people hold more wealth than to economic life. The Undeniably. Fifty+ years later. you must economics is a major barrier against progress. continue to influence the affairs of man. mainstream economics’ most dangerous lie from the labor of others. These people resort to borrowing world’s population. seen from the average man’s jobs or wages stagnate. African nations cannot break of one person by another. for trade pattern remains the same. please) to 08055923429 global economic system is based. Also. Economic Renaissance by lesleba@lesleba. Chief Tetmut Gambo. people have by well-heeled financial predators.that a person. When it came. Debt economic module. 251. unrestrained competition. will produce an inferior social and decades. Thus. of “Financialism”. What I say may hopefully sword. induced by fear of inflation and recession. compensated slave owners. Punch Advert lines Every day •Mangu Local Government Cultural Group during the coronation of new District Head of Kombun. the meaner offspring invariably do as they are told by the economic masters. Consequently.Ikoyi Office: 38. in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State. ISSN 0331-2666 .punchng. ‘chisel or a goat.’ However. This is debt Browne is. not different from a their own. with too economics.liberation movements in Africa and elsewhere sparked an words (not abbreviations. to charge interest rates that would have been illegal in years —A fromer Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. The PUNCH or 08168214977. I want to present an alternative the Second World War. increasingly wider inequality plagues most open markets. They still pay diminishing amounts for your accident. 43 MONDAY. Ikeja. While smashing labour. Opposite NNPC Towers. which subsists concurrently with stupendous to maximise accumulation of income. Block A. but the 1960s proved a double-edged e-mail:yourviews@punchng. are advised to adopt fiscal austerity. This has been achieved through the asserts that it is the most efficient system for allocation of surprising. Aboyade Policy Development Centre. This is one of the greatest lies ever told. They place conditions which are too grievous How can an economic system claim to be a purveyor leave a job without his employer’s consent. most working families can’t gather $500 in a hurry. The American Civil Rights Movement and the national Feedback by text? Send SMS of not more than 100 encourage us to scrutinise the assumptions upon which the . should provoke a deeper reflection on vantage point. by less than one per cent of the at the expense of the people. run approximately 150 years Africa while Africa exported raw materials to Europe in perennial budget deficits that funnel hundreds of billions ago in a manner that would allow its evil spirit to live and exchange for manufactured goods. advert@punchng. Ibadan. Editor: Martin Ayankola. but to arrive at the truth. benefit of the master. by the way. the powerful nations that control the world’s slavery was abolished Colonialism was the visitation of economic slavery to prime international and financial corporations.” they need us to know. reform. when it rarely came. Chukwuma Soludo. Phone: 09053631548. They then promoted the growth of the financial sector.Opebi Office: 55. the less a plausible and realistic exit plan from eternal subjugation to secure freedom and their capacity to repay the loan and ultimately. 2017 www. Everyone suffers except the humanity. Saturday PUNCH 08038235719. This is economics first fiction . people and firms chase feverishly summary of the presentation. it siphons more and more funds mass poverty. The following narrative is the first in a two-part was established as an many loans outstanding. Ikeja. Yet. Mainstream economics. All correspondence to P. Prof. complete information the device of modern-day debt peonage. Try as they may. Phone: 09085020332. Punch Nigeria Limited. on the Economic Growth Expression and Recovery Plan of the Federal Government Ethical Complaints? •We. and it is not surprising that in Western economies. wealth and power from productive perspective on economics. tight monetary policy. and the very life force of the of honour. Lagos. 1st Floor. but as conscious designs. on Saturday.6 billion people who constitute the poorest half of that with the ownership economic activity decreases. Onipetesi. elite backlash as they felt the non-elite were asking for too with your full name and address. The story of inputs needed to manufacture tangible products. an explosive exposé on the the avarice of the few. Sunday PUNCH 08039514091. firms hire less and fire more and productive the 3. Except I am missing something. Such approval to bear on government spending. Ikeja. No one can of the global elite to undermine the common person in order “Some of the figures in the real sector and perfectly forecast the consequences of his economic to return to the age-old practice of extracting utmost profits fiscal accounts. Therefore. Phone: 09053631546. last month. they any change to introduce the market outside the prism of labour. Next week: Brian Browne’s ideas on growth and begin to learn for yourself that which you need to know. institution that is integral to acquire funds to repay loans. The British. comparative slave is reduced to a tool. Conversely. Abuja. sector focused on investment in physical equipment and anniversary of Distinguished Prof Adetoun Ogunsheye at the because the truth did not fit their purposes. the history of mankind is the struggle to maintain their lifestyle. they also freed the banks of moving to a new economy” economic outcome. we implore you not to offer any to our journalists. Something had to be done. you still bear them of rational and efficient allocation of resources. E-mail: lagospunch@punchng. The more they borrow. This is a radical T he above is the title of a paper presented by Brian it ranks with the infamous ‘earth is flat’ falsehood which departure from traditional capitalism. I call this ‘financialism’. so if the first world economies so mistreat advantage and free trade.. mainstream economics and of human history is the tale of The financial sector is now dedicated to nothing but Browne’s observations on the fundamental causes of a well-heeled elite that willfully fashions social institutions itself. will keep us locked in poverty and debt forever. slavery world is burdened with high aggregate private debt. We enslaved is sacrificed to the of capitalism. has become the choice instrument Salvo at their disposal. at the celebration of the 90th birthday was promoted for centuries by the subsisting ruling class. The world’s economic masters will teach us what also counterattacked by the powerful elite. financial sector. Ikoyi. an Western nations. Abuja Office: Millennium Builders’ Plaza. put together on three pillars. we should not delude ourselves that they intend to reduce social expenditure that will help the poor. Speculation in real estate and exotic financial instruments is where the financial sector chooses to invest the bulk of funds. the employer would charge only to find that your condition has worsened due to your produces such awful results? We must understand the a departure fee. adherence to the dictates of mainstream learning. We know this as untrue. though they had the joust. where the financial 08052201997 as the most profitable economic sector. Lagos.) Limited 1. They first decimated organised the numbers largely do not add up. Herbert Macaulay Way. Photo: NAN Printed and Published by: PUNCH (Nig. co-author. A Member of the Newspaper Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria. Rear wing. The IMF comes around periodically to tell you how relegated so much of humanity to poverty and despair. Cadastral Zone AO. Only if we change our already profited unfairly from stealing the wages that should commodities while you pay more for their products. device of modern-day debt peonage which the global elite wealth and resources among the population. together with Asiwaju labour of the many against wages have stagnated for are certainly inconsistent with the objective mainstream economics. Although significant social reforms became inevitable after reshaping our economies equitably. the of dollars to ‘some of the wealthiest institutions on earth’. as presented in the EGRP are decisions.. and as it expands. In the event that a PUNCH journalist demands such. people lose wealth accumulation. neither do our journalists. Bola Tinubu.B 21204. The inherent danger in embracing the injustice of mainstream Historically. Please read on. Wozniacki condemns Sharapova •Sharapova wild card P. Going forward. due to labour weakness. MARCH 13. so exorbitant as to defeat the reason obedient adherence to the proffered crackpot remedies. 09053631540. a free black man could not to behave. mounts. Awolowo Road. Olu Aboderin Street. fair compensation for the become trapped in a cycle of increasing debt.M. In Florida where I was raised. do not demand or accept gifts or gratification to publish articles or photographs. except China has entered Something is wrong. a firm or many rights too soon. These unjust things befall us not by example.

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