Freer practice for inf and gerund

Verb patterns, curiosity and pre-
intermediate learners
This is an activity I did with my pre-intermediate learners today, to give
them extra opportunity to use the verb patterns that we had looked at
in their previous lesson, in a more personalised way. It doesn’t require
much preparation, as it mostly draws on learner-generated content –
as well as their natural curiosity! What it does require is lots of use of
the verb patterns in question, including questions and, potentially,
third-person structures.

+- 40 minutes (could have run for longer but 40 minutes was
One teacher-made model:

bubbles from powerpoint shapes! One learner handout: Here is the power point that I made with both (so that the teacher one can be adapted and projected/printed. [although adaptable to whichever verb patterns you’ve been looking at which can be personalised…] . image of “me” taken from via Google search for images licensed for commercial reuse with modification. while the learner one can be printed…) Language focus: Verb patterns – specifically:  I want to – infinitive  I’d love to – infinitive  I enjoy – verb-ing  I’m fed up with – verb-ing  I hope to – infinitive  I’m thinking of – verb-ing  I’m looking forward to -verb-ing.

 Encourage them to find out more about the answer once they have guessed correctly: E. using the verb patterns. your teacher model. .  Tell them these are your answers to the sentence stems given by the verb patterns.  Ask learners to tell their new group what they’ve learnt about their partner.  Put them in pairs (get them to work with a new partner)  Ask them to take turns asking questions (and finding out more about their partner’s thought clouds once they have guessed correctly) until they have correctly guessed all of the clouds. Optional extra:  Regroup the learners so that each new group consists of either person A or person B of each of the AB pairs from the previous activity.  Monitor and collect feedback for a delayed feedback slot.  Either project.Procedure:  Elicit the target verb patterns (that you have looked at in the previous lesson) and board them (if using projection. : Learners: Do you enjoy speaking Italian? Teacher: Yes but there’s something I enjoy more! Guess again! Learners: Do you enjoy going horse-riding? Teacher: Yes. (The answers are bare infinitives so there are no linguistic clues and learners have to put the answers into the correct form according to the verb pattern).  Get them to ask you questions in order to guess which stem/pattern each answer/thought cloud corresponds with.g. I do! Very much! Learners: Do you do it here? Where do you go? etc  Once they have finished guessing and quizzing you. or hand out printouts of. hand out the blank student handout for learners to complete with their own ideas. then in an area of the the board that is not used by the projector screen!) in categories according to pattern.  Put the learners in pairs and get them to look at the model.