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Liquidation Report

Organization Name: National Rural Support Programme
For the Period: November 01, 2013 to January 31, 2014
Project Name: Education in Emergency (EiE) Project
Date Conducted: February 24 to 26, 2014

Detail Amount Rs. Remarks
Total agreed budget
between Plan Pakistan and
National Rural Support
Programme for the agreed
Total approved budget 162,238,513/-
activities is amounting to
Rs 162,238,513/- for the
period August 15, 2012 to
June 30, 2014.
Expenditure incurred to
116,855,999/- As per the NRSP SOE
Funds Transferred Till Date
Total SoE submitted for the
period for Rs 20,291,514/-
Total SOE submitted for and un-liquidated
liquidation (B) expenses of previous
liquidation is Rs
Amount not supported by
Proper Documentation /-
/Current period payables(C)
Amount verified and
liquidated /-
(D) = (B-C)
Funds Requested for the
next quarter No yet received
Amount required to be
adjusted from next advance
Amount to be Paid (G)=(E-

Detailed Liquidation Report:

Area &Observation Implication Action Required Who
&Recommendatio &When
1. PURCHASES & PAYMENTS Implication &
Recommendation: -

It was agreed in last
1.1 Payments made for the NRSP should have to
quarterly review 31-03-
trainings of SMC members monitor the budget meeting held at Plan 2014
and total expenditures before going to start Multan office that
charged into this activity is any specific NRSP can utilize the
amounting to Rs 647,122/- activities. Further saving under

Over spending will be liquidated upon this activity from Plan into soft component remains un-liquidated. this regard. Over spending ordinator. work done reports 2014 have to attach with 1. Furthermore. In was amounting to Rs from Plan this regard.080/- should be made by on roof of Centre) which was included in NRSP with the SMC from SMC will be scheme estimation later on.564/-. cost of the scheme. in which members which will be made with any change or additional clearly reflect the SMC for said need suggested by the revised estimated revision of cost. Overspending Management to revised/amended made by NRSP in this settle this un. NRSP should have to NRSP can utilize the Overspending for Rs saving under get the approval construction heads 10. community / SMC. from the community / SMC installment to SMC Addendum of TOP members found. liquidated amount.194/-. All the supporting schemes in the ECCD 31-03- documents should centers. Area &Observation Implication Action Required Who &Recommendatio &When n whereas the total approved NRSP should have to construction heads budget against this activity get the approval into soft component where required.2 Expenses charged in the Recommendation: - activity “Meetings with NRSP should have to provincial and District monitor the budget It was agreed in last Government” for Rs 57. and submitted to remains un-liquidated Plan. there is no any SPO-PITD addendum / intimation made by NRSP to SMC members about the revised estimation cost.928/-. In settle this un. Management to where required. Implication & 1. it liquidated amount.886/.4508/ “Parda Wall” for Rs 45. Further Multan office that amounting to Rs 47. 548.022/. community.e resolution was added in was duly verified by the sub- from the SMC design later on engineers as well. 1. But there members in which the request of was a difference between additional need SMC Request revised estimated cost of (Parda Wall) was Resolution of the schemes with the cost suggested by the additional work mentioned / agreed in TOP. members before the made the part of There is no any resolution release of last record.3 NRSP has completed Implication & SPO-PITD will be liquidated Recommendation: - almost all the construction upon addendum. budget is proposed activity for Rs 98. It is (Construction of This difference reflects due recommended that Parda Wall to the additional cost of addendum of TOP Costing Rs. Implication & Recommendation: - It is recommended . before going to start quarterly review whereas total approved any specific meeting held at Plan budget for this activity was activities. revised/amended budget is proposed Project co- and submitted to Plan.3 Parda wall have been attached which the file i.

rates of work.6 ECCD Center GGPS Recommendation: . approved design and community but TOP reflected or substandard. members as per the TOP with SMC water supply and rehabilitation is revised estimated clause 12 NRSP for Rs 767. toilet. During construction 31-03- the period of construction. and that is why the completion date was not Implication & mentioned on the 1. As per the quotation from rate.4 According to for the construction of room.5 As per the TOP clause no 14.per bag to changed a SMC. Area &Observation Implication Action Required Who &Recommendatio &When n that addendum 1.7 ECCD Center GGPS Revised quotations Imtiazabad: Cement purchased should be attached from M/S Javed Traders. There is no any addendum made the SMC Implication & members to reduce the agreed cost. But the completion date is not smartly. estimated cost is less than the amount agreed in the TOP. could not be 31-03- mentioned / written on the TOP for started in time 2014 charging of damages.4 ECCD Center GBPS should be made by Qadoo Khan: Total estimated cost NRSP with SMC 1.651/.and Rs 500/- during SPO-PITD from the selected vendor. As per the with the file of quotations attached from the scheme to justify the selected vendor. concerned additional amount but revised staff. Missing 2014 cement may change / vary but revised revised quotations not attached with quotations will be the file. Quotations with the file of will be done attached with the file and lowest scheme to justify the properly. must be filled In the said case NRSP will charge the damages to properly and all there were certain SMC if the scheme will not terms & conditional reasons due to complete on the agreed completion should be defined that physical work SPO-PITD time.whereas toilet was cost because Engineer can not constructed in this ECCD community will deduct the center.6 The rates of Building Material agreed to provide cement were the cement for Rs 488/. vendor will increase of cement . vendor was M/S Barwi Building increase of cement Material. the selected vendor. Recommendation: - Legal document 1. made the part of file as required. Some other rehabilitation claim this additional amount if work is work added in this scheme instead amount in future as less than SPO-PITD of toilet with the resolution by the per signed TOP. However in Sumra Nashaib Janobi: Cement Revised quotations future such purchased from M/S Barwi should be attached documentation Building material. Implication & Recommendation: - 1. TOP. Rs 490/. M/S Barwi 1. But cement bags purchased number of times for Rs 488/-.

Area &Observation Implication Action Required Who &Recommendatio &When n provide the cement for Rs 490/. Missing revised quotations will be made the part of file as required.8 ECCD Center GGPS Basti revised should be attached Kalasra: cement purchased from quotations will be with the file of M/S Barwi building material. during Implication & Recommendation: .8 The rates of of construction. BANK ACCOUNT Implication: -  Recommendation: -  3. Rs 495/.and Rs 500/- from the vendor.1 Implication: - Recommendation: -  . But cement bags purchased for Rs 490/. during construction work.per bag to SMC. construction Revised quotations work. rates of cement cement were may change / vary but revised changed a quotations not attached with the number of times file.from the vendor. 1. But cement bags 31-03- purchased for Rs 490/-.per rate. As made the part of scheme to justify the per the quotation attached from the file as required. increase of cement selected vendor. PERSONNEL COSTS 3. Missing 1. 2014 and Rs 500/. provide the cement for Rs 490/.7 The rates of During the period of construction. SPO-PITD bag to SMC. vendor agreed to rate. cement were rates of cement may change / vary changed a but revised quotations not attached number of times with the file. During the period 1. 2.

Coordinators should have to seek the 1. Multan Islamabad .2 approval from management to sign such documents. FIXED ASSETS/INVENTORY 4. OTHER ISSUES 1. Plan International-Pakistan National Rural Support Programme. Khalid Pervaiz.1  Recommendation: -  6.1 It is observed that District Implication & Project co- Recommendation: - 1. Coordinators signed the legal be signed by SPO-PITD All ToPs should be signed document of TOPs on behalf of by the NRSP officials who NRSP official Project Coordinator whereas they have Delegation of having the 15-03-2014 did not get any approval from Authority to sign such delegation of project coordinator / Management document or District authority. Plan International-Pakistan National Rural Support Programme. OVERHEADS Implication: - 5. Area &Observation Implication Action Required Who &Recommendatio &When n 4. Programme Manager SSS. Multan Islamabad Hasnain Afzal Amir Khan. Arafat Majeed. Manager EiE Project. of NRSP to sign such document.1 All TOPs will ordinator. Acccounts Coordinator. Programme Officer A&F.1 Implication: -  Recommendation: -  5.