Liquidation Report

Organization Name: National Rural Support Programme
For the Period: August 15, 2012 to March 31, 2013
Project Name: ECCD / EiE Project
Date Conducted: April 15 to 17, 2013

Detail Amount Rs. Remarks
Total agreed budget
between Plan Pakistan and
National Rural Support
Programme for the agreed
Total approved budget 59,454,750/-
activities is amounting to
Rs 59,454,750/- for the
period August 15, 2012 to
June 30, 2013.
Expenditure incurred to
Funds Transferred Till Date
Total SOE submitted for Total SOE submitted for Rs
liquidation (B) 16,741,226/- for the period
Amount not supported by
Proper Documentation 2,079,686/-
/Current period payables(C)
Amount verified and
Rs 14,661,540/- verified
liquidated 14,661,540/-
for the period
(D) = (B-C)
Funds Requested for the
next quarter 43,397,194/-
Amount required to be
adjusted from next advance 4,858,210/-
Amount to be Paid (G)=(E-

Detailed Liquidation Report:

Area &Observation Implication Action Who
&Recommendation Required &When
1. PURCHASES & This amount is
PAYMENTS transferred to
SMC/SC as grant as NRSP RO
Implication & happing in all NRSP
1.1 Payment made as 1st Recommendation: - infrastructure
DG Khan
installment to School NRSP should have to treat project. We do verify April to
Management Committee the installment made to its utilization but it June 2013

983/. 493. 506. NRSP should have consumed. signature of addendum DGK and expenditures charged for liquidation of for Rs 405. Implication & 146. Recommendation: - 424) Salaries should be charged as per budgetary provision Addendum / revision of available in the approve budget was agreed budget. Over exterminated amount May-13 expenditures amounting to Rs 60. (Reference JV 96. April-13 Salary of Admin & Finance Officer should be charged As the budget for as per budgetary provision Admin and Finance 1. 424) Recommendation: - . Area &Observation Implication Action Who &Recommendation Required &When (SMC) for the construction SMC committee as will remain as of ECCD Centers. Second thing. In PO-F&A this head of account Rs DGK 92666/. March-2013.884. 505. This amount still un-liquidated. latrines. Rs 1. to charge the extra amount will be per month but salary amount from the other charged in future. 281. 281. 514 Dated March 16. NRSP issued 1st installment for the construction of ECCD still un- liquidated. submitted by the Field otherwise it would be very Engineer with the bills of difficult to trace the material purchased / labor expenditures breakup.118/-. 341.3 Overspending made in the be liquidated after signing held at Multan Plan office on dated 20th head of “Salary of the addendum. No amounting to Rs 26.938/. (Reference PO-F&A BPV 492. advance and after expense. There should be not started yet.000/. Engineer” where the total budget was available PO-F&A We will wait till amounting to Rs 345.000/. center” whereas activity is Second.per month which creates hedge difference. expenses charged into this source. 2013) Recommendation: . This amount will during review meeting 1. 215. 146. 341. For more water pumps and completion of that activity information we can rehabilitation amounting to advance may be adjusted have meetings. latrines.118/. (Reference JV still un- liquidated. 215. head is amounting to Rs 42. water pumps and rehabilitations but whole installment charged into “Construction of ECCD Centers” which is not logical.and charged against the expenditures this amount into the of construction of that “Construction of ECCD particular head of account.2 The approve budget of available in the ECCD officer has been Admin & Finance Officer is Project. 19 & Implication & DGK 25. charges by SMC. Implication & May-13 96. breakup made against the Expenditures may not be different head of accounts charged until work before issuing the completion report should be installment to SMCs.

121/-. (Reference 2. Over expenditures amounting to Rs 41121/. Workshop” where the total We will wait till budget was available signature of addendum amounting to Rs 32. PERSONNEL COSTS 3.1  Recommendation: -  6. Area &Observation Implication Action Who &Recommendation Required &When Activities should be Addendum / revision of managed as per the budget was agreed approved budget available during review meeting 1. This amount held at Multan Plan office on dated 20th head of “Conduct Quarterly will be liquidated after March-2013.1  Recommendation: -  5. 30th April- where as they are working 13 in the project. BANK ACCOUNT Implication: -  Recommendation: -  3. for liquidation of and expenditures charged exterminated amount for Rs 73. OTHER ISSUES PO-HR DGK 1. FIXED ASSETS/INVENTORY Implication: - still un- liquidated. . M. Programme Manager SSS. Review and Planning signing the addendum.000/. it is observed that in Signed copy of employees compliance Speciliest- the most cases employees should be collected and DGK did not return the signed attach with the personal copy of contract letter files for the verification. Arafat Majeed. Manager.1 During reviewing the Implication & personal files of project Recommendation: . Noted for ECCD staff. Hasnain Kazmi.4 Overspending made in the in the project. OVERHEADS Implication: - 5.1 Implication: - Recommendation: -  4. ECCD/ EiE Project.

Multan Islamabad . Acccounts Officer. Multan Islamabad Hasnain Afzal Amir Khan. Plan International-Pakistan National Rural Support Programme.Plan International-Pakistan National Rural Support Programme. Programme Officer A&F.