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Lights of Broadway 9 Early Stages of Protest 11 Our Health 12 Reading Rainbow 14 Pride Foundation 18 Business Directory 20 Let Me Be Me 22 Nicole Weaver 26 Am I the Same Person? 28 O!Zone Condoms 34 A Friend Indeed 38 Jupiter Ascending 41 Advertising FAQs 42 Fresh in the Northwest 44 .2 | NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  5 INSIDE Events 3 Closet of the Beast 6 Add the Words Update 8 BGMC .March 2015 | Issue 5.

man beings if we are consistently the side.6  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. it is a call to all of those whose cries the phobias and anxieties that “He would never accept me if I told were just whispers in the night to join come with hiding who you are. you can call me that. supporting social movements such regardless of the gender of their Mike would find outlets for his sexual as the Add the Words campaign partner. it is conservative and a devout Chris. The Add because they live with their mother the Words campaign has worked Like Mike. and he has been a friend of the changes necessary without also mine for only a short period of time. After exchanging right to exist as we were born. gendered individuals. One was still down for the last two years. Without the who can feel emotional and physi- highest number of people actively cal validation of their sexual identity Like many closeted men. he hasn’t spent homosexuals to be discriminated of the world around us. he never wanted his father to stay in the closet. I reminded him that we tion while applying for a state job. On the flip side of that as from their children. I sat down across and his experience with disability supposed to be perceived as hu- from him with my computer off to and sexual orientation discrimina. legislation shows the public Closet of the Beast tionship so he ended it. much time with his two daughters against by their employers. Without the state recognizing had my computer playing Pandora for people to know clearly why our the humanity and civil rights of the quietly to help make my living room community is fighting to get the LGBTQ community. enact change. but more then that orientation equality to understand find out just how different they were. so many hundreds of thousands suf- father of two young women. and is made even worse because he wall create a movement for toler- said “I’ve always liked the name thought that without being “nor. but we can’t make | Issue 5. Clearly. . In Idaho. well. him.” Mike is mal.” he would never be able to oppression they have inherited after 37. While His father was “a good old the numbers of men or women who boy. when our gay fore- He sat across from me in It’s a touchy subject.” He sips the growing roar. He smiled. it was more of an closeted homosexual and trans. Together we can Mike had been in the closet for his coffee. He still doesn’t know. An old school Perhaps this article is about aren’t openly gay are unknown. and and Add the Words. though he did tell me tion will pass. and identity. it is still possible for exposing ourselves to the ignorance Since his divorce. the 21st century. accident. but fathers have suffered and died in the comfort of my home. closeted homosexual men identity. dynamic persevere so prevalently in todays culture. being denied the same rights as wouldn’t be publishing his name. only for the genera- him because he was living a life that tions after them to not share their For many of us in Idaho. there are still many hurdles others within our own state? Thus. it’s important try. divorced just last year. but so far in vain. Now. his entire family is all but lost to fered in silence. ance by fighting back against the Mike. those suffering with their choice to important for the pioneers of sexual tian. and the have the family he always wanted. social or professional suicide. Mike choked back tears and clutched his coffee what acceptable behavior is.” as he puts it. Usually. I have does that general population have pleasantries and getting us each been hearing a lot about Don Dew to treat us as equals? How are we a cup of coffee. a or any information that I felt could to overcome as we progress into vicious cycle begins where pioneers compromise his identity. down and tell her. have a much higher rate of failure hook-ups. When asked about his daughters. this would be short there is no hope that such legisla. terrified of the didn’t so much choose to sit his wife this struggle is deeply influenced by possibility that she might find out. Unlike bisexual men and women. work full will come forward with their sexual regardless of how much joy they get time to provide for his family. One aspect of married to his wife. He bill. many of the gen- out of state. difficult to be a family man.2 | March 2015 run the risk of having a second rela. It fascinates me to see this by Ezikiel Coy cup. what incentive more inviting. started out with lies as a foundation. Without the incentive in this type of relationship dynamic. I had just especially with the prevalence of order to achieve for us a relegated made coffee and set up a small bills such as marriage amendments second class status within this coun- workstation out of a TV tray. Coming out of the tirelessly to add sexual and gender tlemen that I spoke with had families closet has turned his life upside identity to the Idaho human rights before coming out. bravery and stand openly as gay being openly gay is still potentially individuals. Mike’s situation such as the drag queens of Stone- and took a sip from his coffee. that for a while he had a boyfriend of safety and community to support Gay men are not satisfied emotion- outside of his marriage but it was too individuals it is also unlikely that they ally with their “straight” marriage.

making sure that their days. enough to embrace as who they and their own pursuit of happiness is sickening. I don’t blame them for the Mike spoke of the isola- I spoke with several men who fear and anxiety that controls their tion that he felt while he was in the engaged in extra-marital affairs on life. we aren’t just discussing fact that these men lived daily with a little too personally. Being openly logically not a choice. ing silent. it is nearly paralyzing their potential for a fulfilling happi. these lingering con- our youth. We for them to think of an alternative. deeply personal choice to stay in/ openly about who we are as people sue social acceptance and valida. Regardless. more than one assault. Then. the blowback and eters of social programming can be Supporting those who are not ban- destruction of the lives they care traumatizing. In their mind. important than the approval of oth. Being gay would be the worst pression or misunderstanding. I come out so that we can walk of their hidden sexual identity they can’t do that if I’m gay. or It ties-in to so many thoughts that that it is possible to achieve all that suicide. For me. assault. ceptable when so many more of emotional response to paternity aware adult. That’s not including the Maybe that is what I took are. no one else was around. We requires that they be normal straight person on a path of violence. While a valid when the child grows into a self. It is not just a matter of being out of the closet could save one rant. whether or not legislation and social outreach. It is a thing they could do in order to pur. are always stronger as a community. Here.March 2015 | Issue 5. it is more gay/transgendered teen from is so devastating and so rampant. self-respect is less engaged in a pseudo-hetero mar. are being exposed to a that these men felt that they had ity. come out of the closet. every one has the desire for their life that those who come after us can to become a role model to so many share our strength. of all the men that I cause satisfaction. If your coming I guess it’s time for that others. ner waving activists is just as impor- about is a worst case scenario–be. what they perceive as a disease world that their elders don’t feel safe to choose between their children or a corruption. you love (regardless of their gender tionships are the only ones that can or sexual identity) standing by your . they indicated that above the ers. We do not come out in riage.they risk to come out is a deeply personal Without the openly gay aspect of decimating their ability to live happy choice. having experienced years We’re also discussing the droves lies were being believed. and a tion and anxiety that has spurred a reprieve in the quiet moments when whole host of other things that this whole wave of teen suicides. who have the courage wanting to do anything in order to structs create the anxiety and fear to come forward about their sexual keep your children safe. I cannot advocate a speaking up we will never know the they have built in their lives so far choice that would put any one true extent of our community. of youth that are feeling the isola- on stage 24/7. The only thing getting him the “down low” in order to maintain vocal and connected as ours still re. with- gay would be the worst choice they yourself known as part of our family out every closeted person at least could make because everything certainly is. spoke with who had at some point than straight life. the riot of Stonewall and productive lives. professionally or personally. and not in all of our different permutations so tion. there are people from a young age through probably two or three that are be- The fact that such anxieties exist subtle and subversive ways. they are socially programmed into is out and openly gay. Like being of abuse. how could you justify staying I find abhorrent: hetero-normative you deserve in life with the person in the closet? (Monogamous. him that felt and shared his pain. ness in order to fit within the param. the fact that keeps them hiding their sexual- identity. male/female) rela. Sacrificing a time was the community around behaviors. It shames me that in a society as closet. gay life is lesser side. I the fear and anxieties that are pre- the fear and stress of looking over am a much more sympathetic these existing in the closeted population. their shoulder. because this thought pattern a pedestal within a community. op- have a unique obligation to speak men. The thought that “if I am straight order to become the pariah. through the divorce and the pain of their hetero-normative relationship. With every one man that to keep their children. quires people to hide in the shadows not seeing his children for months at While they are not proud of these disguising their true selves. I can be happy. however. a matter of being true to yourself so NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  7 In fact. these men only found constant ignorant bullying. but making would be in vain. tant as fighting for our rights through ing openly gay would ruin them Of course. we shame and fear they felt because I can have kids. this seems unac- in 2015 is horrifying. harassment. beautiful and accepting state has to offer. Being gay is physio-psycho- the community.” While none the road with our community as a wanted to stay in the closet in order of these thoughts are accurate.2 | OutBoise. whole.

” Most infuriating I heard. In a way. were suddenly let pose the bill. I tried to keep an open mind to the opposition. there. abuse is exactly why the human rights act needs to be amended. and murderers. The crime also not inflict way more pain than they accused the LGBT being dealt with by members of his government community of inflicting that how can hope possi. I heard the story of a friend who was viciously assaulted and had to watch his other friend get This occurs. The absence of hope verses seeing go because it. their goal? Add the words. not committing crimes and inflicting unnecessary harm on | Issue 5. They tried to report it at as hate crime stepping up to use it to affect a positive change and were denied because a law protecting this experience so much continuous oppression from a isn’t in place. ignorant majority who use that fear to because of the level of trauma. whose job is to advocate for its constituents. It’s really not about spe- of so-called “religious leaders” inflicted on children cial rights. it’s about human rights we should all in an attempt to “straighten them out. from countless gay and trans individuals who have Will they change every hate-filled heart and mind become some of my dearest friends speak about overnight? Of course not. because being on the receiving end of closed-mindedness a fair amount of time. really. heartfelt testimonies I’ve ever heard. It’s sad. it’s almost and after those LGBT members being brave more discouraging than those who flat out op.2 | March 2015 Eyes on Add the Words By Colin Howard As I sat in on the historic Add The Words hear- ing the last week of January. We’re living as our authentic selves. These words need to be added. There are naysayers who insist they weren’t about specific examples of that discrimination in surprised. so he bly continuously thrive? completed suicide. I heard claims that adding these words will open a “Pandora’s Box” if this passed we’ll “impose our beliefs on the majority. Instead. I know how crummy that feels. because people who are just as viciously assaulted just because both friends capable of so much awesome potential and keep were gay. could do just as much good will be diminished simply because they are born LGBT. house and the peace of mind that they can walk Obviously. that we shouldn’t have expected it to the way of losing a job because colleagues asked happen any other way. it squeezed out of someone little by little over the course of a time is easier to digest.” I heard be entitled to. to hear personal questions about their LGBT co-workers such a defeated attitude. Everyone deserves to exist in a world where there’s no question as to whether I heard stories of sexual assault at the behest or not their lives matter. . The message he was getting was that his suffering didn’t matter because he What’s ironic is that same damaging cycle of was gay. This is why we fight and won’t stop. enough to be honest about it. As long as it’s not.8  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. the message When that message garners the result of simply that’s out there is that the abuse is acceptable one person taking their lives. less potential. These stories matter. This is why we stand up to this injustice and The proponents of this bill gave some of the most always will.” Big difference. the right direction to work towards that eventual sibility that exists that they could lose their job. One friend couldn’t live with himself frightened. I really did. but what a big step in the fear they live in everyday because of the pos. whose limit. I heard lines. I feel. the message. we know that the 13-4 vote to leave down the street and be assaulted without any the bill in committee went straight down party recourse simply because of who they are. it’s time to change and future generations of Idahoans. I can honestly say that if a valid argument to not pass this legislation exists. I did not hear it. that we’re the equivalent of “pedophiles.

2015.COM Serving up sass with a side of glitter. This event features beloved songs son. M ARCH 27 AND S ATURDAY . Boise to promote social brotherhood among a group of men with a common purpose. In addition. The orga- nization was formed to build community through WHERE: The Esther Simplot Performing Arts Acad- music while pursuing musical excellence in perfor. educate and heal. BGMC works purchase. towards the elimination of homophobia and intol- . the Boise EVENT DETAILS: Gay Men’s Chorus has grown by leaps and bounds and is already a member of GALA (Gay WHEN: March 27 & 28 at 8pm and Lesbian Association of Choruses). throwing away stereotypes to help you wash from favorite Broadway shows: Les Miserables. M ARCH 28 AT 8PM TICKETING INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT WWW .com NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  9 BGMC kicks up its heels in “The Lights of Broadway!” THE LIGHTS BROADWAY OF THE GAYEST AND GRANDEST ENTERTAINMENT EVENT EVER! en Jim Cauth Photos by BG MC T HE B OISE G AY M EN ’ S C HORUS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF A DAM W ADE D UNCAN PRESENTED AT THE E STHER S IMPLOT P ERFORMING A RTS A CADEMY ON F RIDAY .com for more information with their usual talent and flare. and this performance Boise Gay Men’s Chorus will present “The Lights will exceed even your highest expectations of a of Broadway” March 27-28. Broadway musi.March 2015 | Issue 5. Go to www. emy mance. Boise Gay Men’s Chorus will do The Boise Gay Men’s Chorus is a chorus that is Broadway their way! growing a solid reputation for musical excellence and dynamic programming. the Boise erance through community outreach. Formed in 2013. BGMC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) voluntary community chorus. plus applicable tion that celebrates diversity and uses music as a fees. Hairspray. Kinky Boots. The Wiz.2 | OutBoise. As usual. about BGMC! cals are practically a rite of passage in gay cho- ruses all across the country. Go to www. COST: $15 general admission. one week after live version of Glee. that ignorance right out of your hair! to way to transform. BGMC will demonstrate just a whirlwind eastern Idaho tour to Pocatello and how far Idaho has come since their inaugural sea. Idaho Falls. the chorus seeks to provide its In the Boise Philharmonic Space members with rewarding musical experiences and Upstairs at 519 S 9th St.B OISE G AY M ENS C HORUS . Gay Men’s Chorus will again amaze audiences boisegaymenschorus. As an organiza.BoiseGayMensChorus. and many more.

on the University of Idaho there are people in the LGBTQA campus. says that there is a so much in the past couple of Northern Idaho unfortunately plan for more collaboration when months. hands with other schools can give that they have earned for how. lation here in northern Idaho. The community has does not have the upper hand it comes to different colleges fought relentlessly for marriage in numbers but want to fight just here in northern Idaho. but around the country. University of what it could never lack.” said Hansen. And though governor people in Boise. to light. and marriage between same. same sex holding protests for the Add the marriage was granted in the state Though with a smaller popu. tha Hansen.m. . campaign. Boise has a done many protests that have This was just a one time of pro- The LGBTQA community not only made the papers in the test. tion because of one’s gender the fight that many people in the identity or sexual orientation have These may be small steps LGBTQA community were thinking been bravely told. UI’s GSA president. “On March 11. Stories of discrimina. we will be Clement “Butch” Otter. When the for northern Idaho.” sex couples. January 31.2 | March 2015 of the Add the Words (gender head towards Post | Issue 5. Idaho The early stages of protest identity and sexual orientation) and Lewiston. Idaho. At that moment. Moscow. Idaho to catch the regarding protection and equal attention of the Republican gath- by Jessy Forsmo-Shadid rights to those to those in the ering and city council meeting. did not agree with the decision. a unity Idaho’s Gay Straight Alliance filled with understanding and the But it wasn’t long until our (GSA) decided to join hands with will to fight for safety and equal- state heard about the news as many people as possible and ity. Saman- here in Idaho has been through state. Words campaign starting from 1 of Idaho.10  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. p. Idaho LGBTQA community. “In the The month of October held community who have protested evening we will proceed to a number of celebrations of love relentlessly for the Add the Words protest in downtown Moscow. the Add the Words campaign ever long they’ve been together. equality for too many years to as much and just as hard as the count. but they will was racing to their town courts. news about the campaign came amount to change and educa- There they would rest for moment. Joining and give themselves the peace went back to protest. the community quickly tion to the population.

com or text to 440-3913 See More at NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  11 Budge Photography Weddings.2 | OutBoise.Com . Commercial and Portrait Photography Senior Portraits. Contact me at Paul@BudgePhotography.March 2015 | Issue 5. BlogSpot. Events. Real Estate Photography Negotiable Rates to fit your budget.

that difference. The overall stigma of programs for transgender popu. Violence. Hormone gender people are at the highest tioning person due to stresses on therapy carries with it some risk level for sexual violence of the body caused by the hor. higher. Topping the list unfortunately related hormone therapy is rarely is suicide. mone therapy.S. surgical related is of course desirable so the risks complications and an increased can be managed better. It is estimated by the ket. in female to male transition. Hypercoagulability. in the transition a physi. egories. Transgender one. Fourth is Violence. Two major teaching hospitals The estimated 10 percent There are many reasons for this in the U. It is estimated of health care for transgender by the CDC that 23 percent of all people. Chronic disease. This is of course one of There is.2 | March 2015 Our Health risk of chronic disease. The risk of heart disease and CDC that depression among stroke increases substantially for transgender populations as a transgender people.S. Second on the list is covered by insurance compa- chronic disease related to hor. change is the attitudes within our largement of the heart are associ- For transgender people the pits healthcare system. Sexually related violence There are also issues related to and non-sexual violence. The list of risk factors is a long transgender people are unable to afford or have no access to supervised therapy. Hormone also increases in- perhaps the biggest difference both have promising programs sulin resistance resulting in a high one can have. no suicides reported. There is much ated with Testosterone treatments are deeper and the barriers are promise in this area. From the transgender people as a way of memo and its related articles I obtaining what they feel is a birth- was able to isolate the key points right denied them. ceptance and participation of the saddest part of the health risk cal change that is unavoidably positive physicians seems to be a for transgendered people. A recent hormones. monal on top of Americans already at having any sexual difference is lations in their curriculum. Hypertension and en- fraught with pitfalls and barriers. Supervised is so personal to each of us and people seeking transition. The ac. les. This can lead to prob. associated with male to female bian and bisexual populations is but the first thing that needs to transition. transgender people obtain their hormones through the black mar- Suicide. Unfortunately too many tendency to form blood clots is a succeed. nies. Johns a high risk in the general popula- a barrier. Many . health risks. are now including increase in risk is substantial. Vio- noticeable. or a by Robert Collins suicide. needles and even internal CDC (Center of Disease illicit plastic surgery exists. When street result of isolation and rejection hormones are used the uncertain causes 64 percent of the trans. health of the transitioning | Issue 5.major factor in the overall mental lence falls into two general cat- lems in obtaining health care. These Control) memo addresses the black market means are gen- needs and outlines studies that erally utilized by lower income need further evaluation. strength and purity add to gender population to attempt the risk. A flourishing black market in Sixth is substance abuse. quality. Transgender identity is Hopkins and Vanderbilt hospitals tion. The answer to this huge risk with estrogen therapies Healthcare for the gay. Supervised therapy any population in the U. Sexual identity that pair student physicians with risk of type 2 diabetes.12  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. problem is unclear in many ways. Trans- the general health of the transi. Fifth is HIV/AIDS related illness. Within care is essential to reduce these yet for the transgender person this program there have been risks it is both personal and public.

needs of the transgender popula- as well. the responding officers ridiculed The bravery needed to transi- and sometimes even assaulted Substance abuse. The biggest barrier to care every four male to female trans. insur- people experience non consen.2 | OutBoise. the Affordable Care Act (ACA) general population. Fear of rejection. fear of gender people experience non places. It is esti. and hormone therapy and surgery is a 10 percent higher risk of death black market surgical procedures. Two of every places now. I for one do nation are slowly becoming more cess to social institutions. Only then will our transgen- not uncommon. It is hoped that from these assaults than the Education and access to insur. The causation of many of the be answered in an upcoming Domestic assault is treated more health risks are clear. In the past ance and non judgmental medi. fear and friends is essential to helping them woman was a responding police depression. One very clear thing is that four female to male transgender male on male domestic violence. All step in the right direction. lence. rejection. indifferent care. The same goes in als. questions are welcome and will judicial system has changed also. and Once again lack of education. Stand officer.up and be counted. rarely covered.tributed to this long term problem. against trans people and are be. Accord- domestic assault. Winning the battle for equal- I know of at least one case in substance abuse. Female on female domestic vio. Transgender people have sexual conduct.not ever want again to hear that aware of the problem of violence riage and parenting have con. populations in general have scrutiny and resistance is formida- a 20-30 percent higher risk of ble. 40 percent of the transgender percent higher risk of domestic mone therapy and in the use of population is insured medically. Also factors related to Even when they are insured. ance companies and mental sual sexual violence. coming more trans sensitive. the siblings. or violence. where the offender in the governing this higher risk relate being visible. my friend has died from suicide. to isolation. Do you have health questions? people seriously. no longer a major factor in many is fear. A huge factor is It is estimated that only 30 to Transgender people have a 40 the sharing of needles for hor. Assault on the street is mated that transgender people tion. reasons for this. Police forces across the experts believe that a lack of ac. parents and illicit drugs.will change these numbers but it having the police involved in no cal care is the number one tool in will be a slow change. are taking violence against trans access to mental health care. like mar. The contributing factors. assault by spouses. The LGBT tion and withstand the firestorm of the victim of violence. ing to the CDC there are many The second need is access. health professionals need to be- ery four transgender people are come educated on the medical the victim of non-sexual violence HIV/AIDS related illness. affects transgender people is the general population. Many physicians and access the care needed. Often fighting this matter. Three of ev.March 2015 | Issue 5. How to fix issue! and more on an equal basis. The the problems is not always so . This is a huge and physicians care are huge Feel free to contact OutBoise. The last and in a are 27 percent more likely to der brothers and sisters get the way worst form of violence that seroconvert to HIV positive than care and access they need. way benefited the victim. The factors ity in healthcare is achieved by Ohio. the medical community. NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  13 The studies indicate three of gender or relationship status is clear. Support of your trans sexual assault of a young trans. A woman is just as likely humiliation and discrimination at consensual sexual violence during to be charged as a man in most the hands of medical profession- the transition period.

That makes this the perfect time to stay indoors. at a launch party for his new show. whose welcome to town isn’t so warm. & Me. including new kid Beau Gales. an openly gay Much is made about romantic relationships firefighter. Lee. two embark on adventures with a cast of quirky That’s just one of the facets of “Illusions. Skylar’s life is turned upside down when he meets Aiden Moore. between partners with a noticeable generational But while Aiden initially rejects Skylar (something gap – can we stop calling the older guy “daddy” he’s not used to). Lee. Ozment Initially she fills her downtime while volunteering in Thailand with typical American recreation – Does coming out in Hollywood hurt your career? drinking. them a copy of “Beau. about television star Skylar Murphy who’s poised to make it big – but not without a few complications ‘Now and Yesterday’ by Stephen Greco along the way. gay partnerships and what it takes for them to succeed. Rusty Winters – a sarcastic but vulnerable girl with a wicked wit – finds solace in her friends. while others have gracefully crosses paths with transgender Thai prostitute transitioned from working actor in the closet to Christine. & Me’ by Mary McKinley fictional love story of 28-year-old literary hopeful Will and the getting-up-there Peter within the Snow day have your teen stuck inside? Hand backdrop of New York City past and present. ‘Ladyboy and the Volunteer’ by Susanne Aspley and whisk yourself away to Fantasy Land with these fresh LGBT literary finds. bullying and being gay. we’ve got a couple more with you. fate keeps their paths crossing already. this handy guide encourages you to explore your own sexual history. values and desires. When the going gets tough. curl up on the couch. ‘Illusions’ by | Issue 5. trying to find a tall.A. her world gets a whole lot bigger as the still-working actor (with even better roles) out of it. weeks of winter to endure.2 | March 2015 Reading Rainbow: 10 LGBT Books to Bide Your Time Until Summer author Mary McKinley’s debut young adult novel that confronts several topical issues like obesity. dark and handsome Some stars say yes (Rupert Everett will talk your Western man in a sea of shorties – but when she ear off about it). ‘The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook’ by Melissa Jebian Fritchle Consider “The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook” an anti-“Kama Sutra. please? – and Stephen Greco’s new when Skylar is the victim of an arson that sets of a novel explores the modern nuances of these threatening chain of events. as they set off on a road trip to escape the harsh realities at home. The Bomb. The reader hears both sides of the ‘Beau.” Because rather than focus on the sexual relationship between you and your partner.” . Susan is like any other new graduate who jets off to Southeast Asia to “find herself” – naïve.14  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise.” a story characters and life-changing events. Are you truly in tune with what you By Mikey Rox want from the intimacy you experience? Are you missing out on erotic situations because you’re embarrassed or hesitant to explore? Let your Since Punxsutawney Phil went and ruined all our guard down and pursue a better sex life that starts plans for an early spring. the Bomb.

Russell’s living in trendy Seattle Rita Harvey. too. yes. He and his dog.” There are three existing books in this serial whodunit with two more additions scheduled for release this summer and fall. respectively. and Jones’ lover. Enter blast-from-the- bouncer.” a modern-day comedy of manners How do you make it in a man’s world if you’re based on the audacious experiences of Michael a woman? When it’s 1855 and women’s rights Hardwood. stay-at-home lesbian mom turned detective. the larger-than-life vegetarian come easy to his friends. physical violence and answering to Hartinger the NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  15 ‘The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell’ by William film version of “50 Shades of Grey. Connect with Mikey on desperate friends are lining up in the cold for the Twitter @mikeyrox. ‘The Talk Show’ by Joe Wenke Celebrated New York Times reporter Russell Middlebrook – who you may Jack Winthrop is in trouble. N. That’s what the real-life Lucy dirty world of a dashing butler who discreetly Lobdell did on the frontier just as the Gold Rush carries out his master’s requests – and. personal chef to Britain’s aristocracy.J.March 2015 | Issue 5. his high school boyfriend.” adaptation. . But her decision to leave includes a paddle.2 | OutBoise. Wenke. Jaxon. split their time between homes in New York While all your sexually deprived and City and Asbury Park. eccentric media expert Danielle Jackson – are targets of the screenwriter Vernie Rose. it was coming to an end. who’s vying for Russell’s madman. At age 23. After agreeing to remember as the protagonist of Brent Hartinger’s collaborate on controversial talk show host 2003 novel “Geography Club” (there’s now a film Abraham Lincoln Jones’ “Emancipation Tour. which kicks off with “Roadkill. Can Winthrop uncover the truth before attention. and Gunner. Donna the stripper. Russell’s BFF ready to set it’s too late? Put on your investigative specs and out on a search for Bigfoot. her young daughter and family behind in search of a better life has bitter consequences – like ‘The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know’ by Brent public scorn.” the first in a new series for Even Jones’ unconventional family – including adults. Slow Mo. Each give Russell a lot get lost in this fast-paced and gritty thriller by Joe to think about. the transgender ex-priest and LGBT but lacks the direction and drive that seems to activist. you dress like a dude and For this fictionalized tale. past Kevin. Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist and blogger whose work has been published in more ‘The Manservant’ by Michael Harwood than 100 outlets across the world. great pick for LGBT movie night he’s found himself in the crosshairs of a crazed with your friends) – returns in “The Thing I Didn’t stalker who’s putting everybody’s life in danger.” you can stay Klaber cozy in the comfort of your own home with “The Manservant. are all but nonexistent. ‘Roadkill’ by Alexandra Allred You can pick up the new YA novel-nomenon du jour about a not-so-distant dystopian future – seriously. dive into the down-and- take what’s yours. This fictional take on Lobdell’s life includes newspapers articles and sources from the true life of this courageous woman who was way ahead of her time. is society doomed to a life of depression? – or you can pick up this murder-mystery series starring Allie Lindell. Know I Didn’t Know.

2 | March 2015 .16  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS | Issue 5.

com NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  17 .March 2015 | Issue 5.2 | OutBoise.

Martin has trav- eled the state. Planned Parenthood and nonprofit 501c3 organization or tion. Outreach by Gary Simpson “We all deserve the right to der and queer (LGBTQ) equality. Founded in 1985. Idaho. ing the Add the Words bill.2 | March 2015 Change through Education.18  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. sonal perspective. openly. Idaho.lies by positively impacting local Foundation for the past four years. and This organization includes staff in genuinely. know about the organization’s from community organizations as ence in our community in the past grant and scholarship programs. not only come from a per. projects. As organizer. Oregon. and fami- opment organizer for the Pride outreach work working with volun. they work toward enhancing the several years. adults. live our lives safely. they award Add the Words. and Washing- The Pride Foundation is a non. support students.” These were Steve Alaska. letting people Martin has been a big influ. bisexual. gay. as well communities in Alaska. More importantly.ideas. but they also echo in Martin’s work life as well. transgen. Idaho. .organizations such as the ACLU of ton. Montana. Oregon Martin’s closing words during his and Washington and they have testimony before the Idaho House invested over $50 million to build State Affairs Committee regard. These and connect leaders in our five- | Issue 5. state region in the last 30 years. community grants and academic have a fiscal sponsor with that sta- scholarships to organizations and The Pride Foundation’s grants tus.general LGBTQ advocacy and LGBTQ youth. as networking with like-minded Montana. The annual grant application students promoting and striving for program seeks to fund proposed cycle typically is open from mid to lesbian. and strategies late June to late July/early August. Grantees must either be a profit Northwest-based founda. He has also been involved in lives and addressing the needs of he has been the regional devel. teers throughout the state. organizations.

2 | OutBoise. I was extremely less fear. It was heart-wrenching and larly true in more rural communi- awarded in May for the following very personal – and I think some of ties. about what it means to be gay “The unfortunate truth is that even This year marked the first time in and transgender. volunteer opportunities.discrimination. discrimination will words sexual orientation and gen. that even huge challenge for the trans com- Foundation this legislative session though there are no further plans munity.the minds of many and help to people on legislative testimony. “ he said. to step up and tell and exposure over time to the “While I was certainly disap. . years. They have over 50 differ. still exist – and the fear of discrimi- der identity to the Idaho Human We also need many more allies. a lot House floor vote.” non-biased public services.This hearing was a big step in the I also think that some basic and son-Edney of Boise (who also right direction. and more education believes we must remain cautious.orientation and gender identity. The nation will still exist. which is ent scholarship funds. and scholarship programs.heard the personal stories of folks are coming out now. the Pride Foundation. It took us nineand worldwide on LGBTQ equality. par- sits on Pride Foundation’s board ticularly health care. plained. for the first time. their grant and debate.” on an Add the Words coalition. open to anyone to protect LGBTQ Idahoans from needs to happen in the general (LGBTQ and ally students) residing discrimination based on sexual public. our leaders that diversity is truly LGBTQ community and the true pointed by the decision of the good for business – and for Idaho. “I think we’ll continue to have big impact on helping change talking with the media. education community. transgender community. beauty of diversity will eventually Idaho House State Affairs Commit. particularly regarding the in our five-state region and seek.” ceptance – and hopefully. please “Emi and I were among those ceptance we’re seeing nationally visit NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  19 In addition to the community who testified as well.their jobs for just being who they have to overcome. for this bill. tors. academic school year. “More and more trans degree.” encouraged by the overwhelming Looking beyond the Add the turnout of support we had for the Words debate. coaching conversations with these legisla.March 2015 | Issue 5. History is on our side. but there’s still a lot of online application form. they advisory committee of like-mindedplan to continue their work in While Martin believes educa- organizations who have been helping the bill pass in the future.” he said. Funds are are.” Martin added. an to Add the Words this year. he also the bill hearing this session. es were for he LGBTQ community.denied housing and fired from bigotry and hatred out there we cation cycle is open from mid-Oc. but we did finally get a pub-particularly same-sex marriage. they also offer several academic lic hearing on this important bill there’s still a lot of education that scholarships. with just one LGBTQ Idahoans who have been truly great. are often a of directors) represented Pride Martin ensured me. and “I think that as much growing ac. I asked Martin To find out more information on 22 hours of committee testimony what he felt the biggest challeng. though. those Republican legislators who voted no were still visibly moved. Martin. That’s particu- tober to mid-January.” he ex- ing a post-secondary education Many legislators. particularly from the business most things. grants the Pride Foundation offers. “Like Rights law. along with Emilie out there about who we are.I know the day will come when an tee to kill the Add the Words bill Add the Words bill will pass in this lead to more tolerance and ac- and not move it forward for a full state. tion and outreach will have a strategizing about messaging. as more laws are passed protect- nine years that the state of Idaho “There’s unfortunately still a lot ing the LGBTQ community from has introduced a bill to add the of mislaid fear and misunderstand. and do more outreach to the improve the lives of members of and getting the word out about general public to grow support the LGBTQ community.

com Angel Petragallo Search the MLS! Angel Petragallo Real Estate On Facebook: Angel Petragallo Real Estate at Group One at Group One or 208-713-1024 http://www. (208) 342-6300 The Center Fruitland Idaho 83619 280 N 8th St Suite 130 | Issue 5.facebook. Idaho 83702 and AIDS (a.0442 4 Live DJs every week Wed-Sat Monday: Game Night with Out. ID 83702 details mpowerboi@mpowermentboi. Gay Cindy Gross: 208-794-2458 500 W Idaho St Boise ID Idaho Foundation) Mistie Tolman: 208-861-4371 208 345-4320 http://mgifoundation.Sundays 9:30 PM Tuesdays: Karaoke Office Hours: Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Mon-Fri: 11 AM .FLYINGMCOFFEE. http://www.6PM 1815 W Bannock St.2 M 111 N 11th St Boise. ID 208-452-3644 208 424-7799 http://mpowermentboi.) Call Ryan at 208 371-3671 for Phone: (208) 957-5777 575 N 8th St Boise. Gem and Boise Counties .boisegaymenscho. Sundays: Bingo .6 PM Boise.8 PM Idaho Nerolux Saturday: 12 PM-3 PM http://:// PO Box 2661.8 PM Pride Foundation Fri: 5 PM .8 PM Lucky Dog Tavern Steve Martin Sat: 12 PM .p. & Ms.10 PM part of your community since 1992 Wednesdays: FLYING M COFFEEHOUSE Trivia . Flying M Coffeehouse MGI Foundation (Mr.pridefoundation. ID 83701 Email: addthewords@gmail.20  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS Tim Walsh: 208-250-1828 MPowermentBOI HIV Support Group Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV Tuesdays . R0ckin Bingo . Luckysdoggiewash. Boise ID Regional Development Orga- 208 333-0074 nizer in Idaho The Balcony Club Hours: PO Box 1827 150 N 8th St Ste 226 Boise. Idaho http://tccidaho.l. Ada.Friendly Businesses and Organizations Around Boise About Balance Mental Health Boise Pridefest Lucky’s Self Serve Doggie Wash & 6550 Emerald St #108 Boise ID http://boisepridefest.3 PM @ The Center 2223 W Fairview Ave.h.FACEBOOK|TWITTER|INSTAGRAM|PINTEREST P O Box 2312 Professional Grooming Contact: 1303 NW 16th St.a.1491 500 W IDAHO STREET . ID Sundays: Closed PO Box 6338 208 343-0886 Testing Hours: Boise ID 83707 Mon-Wed: 5 PM . Boise.Tuesdays 7-9PM Boise 8 PM org/ Karaoke .2 AM Boise. ID 83701 208 336-1313 Sat-Sun: 12 PM . ID Mon-Fri: 2 PM .COM . ID 83701 oke .2 | March 2015 LGBT .631.DOWNTOWN BOISE .com/Angel_Petragallo 16 years experience Member of theNational Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals Serving Canyon.9:30 PM Tech Savvy Boise Gay Men’s Chorus Last Friday every month: 208 336-3870 doggiewash Add the 83702 https://m.10 PM 1222 S Vista Ave http://www. 208. ID 83705 rus.

March 2015 | Issue 5.2 | NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  21 .

“I’ve been beaten and towels for dresses. Deija ‘DW’ Wiona Trantham explained that as ney could have literally started with those first far back as she could remember she was just a steps taken by a young baby. She learned that she wasn’t go- month and each day. She was a little girl. ror was a large challenge by itself.” Trantham said. his son “Bullying has been a big part of my life on the at the time. living with my mom in a small town.” DW said. wore capes negative scale. myself as a know how to voice what was going on. Her mom was fighting her own demons and then she was forced to go to a school in Idaho Falls that required school uniforms. but grade. That’s when the bullying began. played with Barbie’s. He tried to discourage his child from what Teachers always tried to encourage her to be was coming naturally. the other boys. She didn’t really understand something many questions unanswered for those who are was different until she had to go to school. Why are they the way they are. and frustrated not knowing how to deal with the raphy issue. She wore her down a journey that they aren’t always ready hair long and dressed much more feminine than for. it takes them another step ing to be accepted by everyone. He was left confused Photos by Kallie Snyder-Burks . She felt trapped and alone. He explained that even at a very young age. She was told she couldn’t wear girl clothes. One day a friend of the family gave her a book about being transgender. thought all girls had penises and when she start- how do they learn to fit in? For a local Boise fam. me. DW said it was a book that changed her life.2 | March 2015 Let Me Be Me He and his wife split early on and he wasn’t at home with his daughter on a daily basis. For her learning to accept the image in the mir- Tim Trantham explained that for him the tran. She transgender. He said that he thought up on a daily basis. They forced her to cut off her hair.” dealing with transgender issues just freaked him out. each very confused.22  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. He’s been learning every day. Living with her mom was becoming a chal- lenge. only that manly influence. .Kaperture Photog. the “right” gender. DW explained that she was trying to live the ideal that everyone enforced on her and that it was hard wearing a mask every day to portray that image. A journey starts with one single step. weren’t easy. There are still little girl. Transgender. she knew something wasn’t right. He had hopes it was just a phase that maybe his By Bonnie Davidson child would grow out of. to dress like a boy and she said that she felt like she wanted to die. Being so young she didn’t really “I thought I wasn’t | Issue 5. ed to go to school at the age of 5 she became ily it’s been a learning curve each year. but the rejec- sitions in his young 13-year-old daughter’s life tion of others made things harder. At such a young age she was relieved to finally have a word for what she was going through. This jour. in second third and fourth maybe his son was gay at a very young age.

He explained that before the move to Boise. family and job. Many end up living in poverty and have experienced homelessness. statistics of assault rates on transgender people are as high as 78 percent. His anxiety was high and he said that while he was injured and unable to work full time. Statistics showing the story of some- thing he knew he didn’t want for his child. He had lost his job and was looking for work. He even- tually decided to take a job in Boise. Those same statistics show that often transgender people are rejected by health care workers. suicide rates are as high as 45 percent for the age group of 18- 24.March 2015 | Issue 5. called an aunt who reached her father and Tim came back into the picture full time.2 | OutBoise. Not a lot of information is avail- able for those under the age of 18. he started to research what it meant to be transgender. According to a report done by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality. She said that at the age of 11. . Accord- ing to a study done by the Williams Institute. He was terrified with what he found. they would just keep his daughter’s condition quiet. She even had a date planned and knew how she was going to kill NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  23 The bullying continued on a daily basis. She reached out. At this point in her life her mom’s problems were overshadow- ing the home. she thought about suicide often.

Tim said that he’s communicating with other parents and is . I requested a meeting with counselors. “When I went to the school I didn’t let things go that way. with the principal. He explained to the school that his daughter was trans- gender. Tim said that his daughter has big dreams. but now they are very close. He said that today she carries her cell phone at all times and sometimes wears a bully cam to help. that this wasn’t just a phase. She’s very open about her life and her thoughts were that if she was more open. DW added that she doesn’t have the type of personal- ity to keep things bottled up. maybe she could help others like her. It was a hard lesson to learn.24  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. She said that when he came home it was an extremely emotionally moment where she knew she was finally accepted. He wanted his daughter to live. He would try to figure out why she was the way she was and wouldn’t always agree with it. Tim knew that he had to change. I wanted to help. she wants to be an actress and that she also wants to help other transgender | Issue 5. with the vice principal and the teachers. She wants to be out in the public. she explained that her dad would have long talks with her. that they had issues with bullies and that she would expect to be treated equally.” she said. When they moved to Boise he took a com- pletely different approach. they’ve begun to at- tend advocacy training. The pair has gone to several local meetings. She said that her mother eventually moved to Boise as well to be closer. When they moved to Boise she went to school for the first time as a girl. But one day he came home from a busi- ness trip and everything changed. He said that the local schools in Boise have been a big help and pretty good about the situation. No one knew that she was different until she decided to go public.” Tim said. He realized that he had been wrong. “I wanted to make a difference. From DW’s perspective. Tim said that she decided to write an email about herself to the local news station. He stated that she had already helped a lot of others in the town.2 | March 2015 Looking at the research and the numbers. He said they had to finish out the school year in Idaho Falls before they made the move. It has taken time for her father and her to grow their relationship. and they both spoke out at the Add the Words hearing about their story. They interviewed her and she spoke out about being transgender.

That not everyone will wake up worried about the daily beating at school.2 | OutBoise. Stories about transgender people getting killed or assaulted are also on her mind. Other than being vocal about being transgender. He currently works hard to provide everything that is needed. her favorite movies and her favorite things to do. also to help with some of the hormone supple- ments that she may take in the future. He’ll meet them and chat with them if they’re willing. She explained that the diversity in Boise has been wonderful and they love Boise. She has a passion for her goals. I’m me all the time. books about mermaids and her favorite movie. She said that she’s written 30 epi- sodes and that half the proceeds of the show would be donated to the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. “I’m just me. She said there’s still bullying at South Junior High in Boise. “The differ- ence is that I have to fight for my rights.” She said that she has hopes that one day everyone will be accepted.” she said. part of it has some of that message of equality in it. That everyone will have the same basic hu- man rights. there are some of those normal 13-year-old activities. She explained that she still has some of those fears of being bullied at school. “Boys Don’t Cry. but being open has helped. that if one day her television show is picked up. DW goes to counseling to deal with her transition. Some of those goals are pretty lofty. So cur- rently she’s going to just focus on her life. Things like hanging out with friends. she’s also is a writer. about spreading the message and on equality. When talking to DW you’ll notice that not only is her gender identity unique. but compared to previous schools its much better.” But what makes her more unique is her passion to help others. She’s been writing a television series about mermaids. When you talk about her favorite books. I just do what feels right and I’m just going to be me. She also added that her plans are. She explained that she’s always felt a little out of place.” DW said. But she’s also much more mature for her age. “That’s why I’m fighting my fight. Fears that are very real.March 2015 | Issue NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  25 Tim has been reaching out to other fathers in the community. .

over 25 years after I had a lot of ideas. so this truly and utterly terrified me.. not feared and hated. I myself couldn’t understand. I couldn’t hang out with them the same way or play with the same I came to a stark realization in that moment of clarity. It ly wrong. horrible. school years in the library. I was so dead inside that I Not only was it not right. they cried with me and deep that to this day I occasionally have nightmares about him they understood. it shattered me Then something happened. How they were driven from their families and their faiths. I was floored. I was thought. so real a dream. I realized that I was thinking about my to rebuild on the ashes death. I had started to consider dying by my own hand to be as of who I used to be. I was giving them the chance to accept beyond my ability to ignore was considered so wrong and abomi- me for who I really am. I owned I came into this world unknowing of the pain I would begin to a nice house. Yet. I have ever had. terrified. to live.. Under- standing my condition did not help me cope with it. it was finally real. discovering what I have done in choosing my name. One day. First I started telling some of my closest friends in an effort to build up to the people in my life that I I started reading at a very young age. I gave up the faith I was born into because the one secret I had never told anyone. I saw what happens to those who step out . choosing my name was a decision that rocked I was afraid that someday my friends would discover my secret me to my core. a particular uncle came into my life days as I felt I should have begun them. At times it felt like I wasn’t even my sleep. beautiful and strongly supportive girlfriend and a group just the same. Not just random- just on the hope that I could find something out there to live for. even if they simply tripped. My uncle. I was convinced that I had actually been struck and that he was hiding in the dark to hit me again. I wanted toys. though I am told I screamed ligent. Not only did I have to tell them. allowed to keep up with the other kids I considered my peers. I knew the issue pretty much immediately. world. but he was the one who haunts me to this day. and gave me a chance utterly tired of hiding. and made it a living hell. with my pain were treated. These other people who called for love seemed to be filled only with hate. without hope of ever again getting it back. a scary. My feelings and live a “normal” life. It was glorious! It was not without prob- nable that some wished to kill those like myself. wounded beyond pain. Let me say that again. as a woman. destructive risk that nearly broke me. I wanted to live so much that I was willing to risk every single thing in my life. I was blessed with an intel- suffer in four and a half short years. every feeling. but I would at least end my could begin to talk about it. It called and I would lose them all. that I could somehow overcome these am about to share. terrified I would lose my job and everything I had worked for over every goal and every something I was convinced would make it impossible to ever earn hope for the future that those things back. but every night ished by the other kids and certain adults in my life for anything I I had nightmares about my uncle beating me with a pipe in did to correct the problems I saw. the worst of the lot. and coming to get me. gender. reading about my condition. I was pun- It was hard. I just wanted to be loved and chosen name is Nicole accepted.. so many beliefs about what mattered in my he realized he hated me. but very specifically I was born with the wrong physical was a risk. I was lost in a daze for the entire week as I continued to tell more and more After years of trying.. I saw how people lems but. in that I had everything that someone of my outward gender supposedly wants. In the end. I was doing something I it wasn’t designed to allow me to be myself. He struck so secret. My friends still loved me. most of all.26  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. That was the age I realized something was not right. normal as getting breakfast. The problem I had was that I was born wrong. My blood and my I fought my feelings for nearly 30 years. The spectre of losing those things Dawn Weaver and and how I saw others being treated kept me living in fear. something was seriously wrong! I wasn’t couldn’t come up with a single thing I wanted to live for. I spent much of my early was most afraid of losing. of friends the size of a small army. Trying to convince my- tears built the story I self I could live as a male. It was (and still is) believed that he had murdered the people I loved. a fast and fun sports car. still loved me! They hugged me.2 | March 2015 Introducing Nicole Weaver of line. By the time I reached an age where I corner of an empty subway tunnel. He wasn’t the only one by any means. I would wake up allowed to think in ways people didn’t like. Then something amazing began to seep into my terror filled and He would slam me into the wall and threaten to kill or maim me distraught mind. I began to challenge them. I was convinced that my entire family into question every hated people like me and would abandon me if I spoke out. It was sad. had the rest of my family terrified. fairly | Issue 5. but was not I was prepared for it all to go away and to end up alone in a dark sure how to articulate it. This problem that was had never done before. To punish me for what I was doing. having been told my darkest and most horrible people before.

to ignore. regardless of anyone understand that I love you. This path I have walked has been harder than anything else friend. I had felt had my first bra fitting. This would have been deeply The world is wider than their narrow understandings and you painful and I can only begin to imagine how it would have felt. and I am not alone in doing so. Once I realized this. This most basic of statements encompasses the bedrock of my sense of self. She myself that I didn’t care how she reacted. I was wrong because my friends deserve to be tears of retelling it if it helps even one of you understand that you given the choice to rise to the occasion. You see. Every tear reinforces my reality. I braved the looks and whispers and small estranged from her my whole life. if you feel lost and alone. my path became infinitely clearer. Soon after starting counseling I realized that my I was terrified she would want to. I had convinced victory came when the store clerk was welcoming and proud.. If they care. I started with the uncle blood is a sign of the battle I am winning. I sent for so many years. So fi. keep going. I allowed them to control my actions and my her a text. clear that I was not among friends. Nothing seemed right and everything made me outside of myself. I spent my life reinforcing a lie. I still feared what she was feeling. Her response was intensely emotional. My identity. All the hurting was in my own mind as I came I tried for three weeks to tell her. It would have also we all wither away without it. I would have been just as wrong if I had been rejected. I was afraid for reasons I couldn’t quite deceptions I adopted to ignore what I should never have tried NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  27 My best friend grinned at me. been a clear sign that I was among people who did not care about me. I wasn’t sure what the very real abuse I suffered. I had refused to days. the mistake I had made my Except now something is different. hurt beyond measure. I had words and I cried. a million half formed fears that wouldn’t hold sadly. both real and imagined and said. re- If I had been rejected. I grew bold and told even more friends. but I was old When my mom came into my house. It is a fundamental injustice enough to bear all the challenges before me. Believing rather strongly she little laughs. Every drop of I grew bold enough to talk to my family. “I’m so sorry you were hurting alone all those years. It was never about anyone recorded tapes. her eyes wounded.March 2015 | Issue 5. not hate us for living to standards different than packaging didn’t matter. can be loved for who you are. Despite how hard it is some entire life was the most basic one I could make. ation that made it a non-issue between us. and I did my best to stand proud while I did it. Every we are no longer together in a relationship. because I was afraid my I found the strength to stand up for myself and a reason to truth would leave me lost and alone. It is true I was too young and afraid to find the right way to deal with things on my own. Finally I had told so many people that the right path.” that give me panic attacks and leave me exhausted in tears. Even made a few jokes about the situ. Then she spoke through her tears have frightening dreams. Please. Even if you feel like no one cares. but I still hadn’t seen it in her eyes. Because this concept of the real me. to love the real me. we are close and painful step has increased the realization that my life is finally on deeply connected friends. no matter what and days of worrying showed that to be self delusion. The thing is. else’s feelings. It will be worth the be something else. Then I finally found the courage to tell my girl. her face was tight and enough to give others a chance to help me find my way. I have fears. She replied with some positive biggest problems were not from my Gender Dysphoria. I am strong I deserve to be loved for who I am. with victories like when I walked alone into Victoria’s Secrets and This I had been dreading for reasons I could not define. Finally we talked and she started to cry. Thank you for to allow others to suppress who I am because they feel I should sharing a small piece of my journey with me. I am still extremely sensitive. their own. It brought tears to my eyes. Luckily she spent all those years convinced being the wrong gender was the wasn’t willing to leave it at that and left work immediately for core of all my pain. I visited. gave me a hug and said the being ourselves. because I deserve to be authentic in my life. deserve to be yourself. I denied her the ability to hurt me in person because very thoughts. It has also been filled I had always felt closest to and worked my way up to my mom. give anyone the chance to care about the real me. I was wrong. I can see a future. I was afraid she was disappointed. It has been lubricated with blood and tears supportive as I could ever have hoped for. it did not become easier. and allowed them to live inside of me. Most of all I was wrong. It is as basic and necessary as oxygen. the ones who would love me for who I am. My would reject me if only she knew the real me. pushed away. I was the one who took their words and actions afraid that “doing this wrong” would ensure her rejection. hurt.. and I had intense nightmares of this happening. It would have shown me it was time to expand into Be yourself and fly free! a bigger (and scarier) world and find my people. ally realized that I wanted to know if she would love the real me more than anything I had ever wanted to know before. I was wrong in that my problems came from a 45 minute drive to meet me face to face. I am a woman and my name is Nicole. the pain I had experienced for so long was partly my own doing. though and pain the likes of which I could never have imagined. but was as strongly I have ever done. I made videos I face to face with my own illusions. but my sleepless nights was helpful and kind and made sure I felt safe. I still long enough to consider. they will love us for -Nicole- . anyone else said. then it would be member those who hurt you can only isolate you if you let them. allowed them to hurt me nally I broke down and did the most cowardly thing I could. To this day.2 | OutBoise. Then we cried together. With this firm foundation. Though that she was mad. It also came from the lies and self she was going to say. I eventu.

it was a eight years going to say? Would mothered a woman. person? And what would that Am I The Same Person? I was born a boy and lived bound by that mean? That I had just changed my clothes and hair and name. It away at us on a sub. . Finally after Would I still be real? half a century of this limbo I acted. our far ranging the reflection I saw in the mirror No. Would he say that I was a totally I was always “other” and I knew new person and that I had killed it.” They aren’t wait- cally and sometimes subtly. Pictures of this new me. that I had taken to me just seemed to exclude that life so I could lead my life? any sort of remedy. rebuild and repair at mourned through the changes They are here with me in the such a rate that we are “new” while also welcoming the | Issue 5. “Am I the same started being a woman. space whiz through us and the the smile is genuine. I look at pictures ences shape our consciousness. Amazingly. I’m a he say that. pause to consider he answered. Sometimes dramati. match my self-image. The man that existential question. The seed that released ing to say? What was this young the plant. present and going with me into roughly every seven years. You see. shared universes. that some people in my life now of pathos. but that I was still able destiny for many years. a little sigh of expectantly cap- ily friend a simple. it because they accepted the est answer. We for so many years? I know that ing for the previous person to know that our bodies physically some people in my life have come back. ally. yes. because he can’t. The physical con. I asked him. it many people from “before” who be?”We may all ask this question meant a bit more to me person. I used to be. thinking changes as our experi. fortable if the “old me” were to the one that is not the same per- minute particles of energy from come rushing in. yet deeply So when I asked our unsus. The smile is pinched. So obviously we change. Our I know that some people have the future. I was not the same person discussion gave me the oppor.” make changes and that I would This was no philosophy class by Dianne Piggott take the outside that had been thought experiment for him. the lips are laughing. renew. was a shell that finally popped used to be? But what was our guest go. tured breath escape. I told the world that I needed to “No. I was the same old me and let him go. It the same old dude as before? was always wrong and I knew it. And I know can’t help but see a subtle tinge and teach us. unwilling or For my part. been left behind. of memory and I embrace a life inside before. As we go through life cally that I was no longer that “old me” and they now accept we change. Because profound. nections in our brains change never knew me any other way the eyes are tight and the lips as we swim in our personal and and would be deeply uncom. It visible and replace it with some. son I used to be. I stopped being a guy. The old person But are we the same person we that is vibrant and immediate. other evening. person I used to be?” Without tioned from one life to another. question. The chrysalis that let For me this was not just an man who had known me for out the butterfly. The range of options opened the old one. I would make was now asked and answered. are different.2 | March 2015 transgender woman. unable to comprehend what of “me” from the past and I Traumatic events can mold us needed to happen. I transi. pecting dinner guest if I was I knew that this meant that the “Am I the same person I used to the same person I used to be. the eyes are planet we stand on and nick I know that I remember a life bright. have shared my adventure did and we may all hope for an hon. “me” that I had carried along the “new me. Had I morphed so dramati. open. I admit to letting tunity to ask a longtime fam. seemingly unchange.28  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. the outsides.atomic that is becoming a distant wisp is the real me that was masked level. I thank that practical one. was a practical question that At the lively dinner table the thing from inside. are thin. I I asked him.

2 | NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  29 .March 2015 | Issue 5.

like she was accepted overall and only has had We have in our community people who are not one incident of a negative nature. They are straight people that that was rejecting and belittling. Boyle stated that she felt another letter I would like to see added. sexual identity. I first met Boyle at a holiday party where she accompanied a friend. I ask her how she felt her reception within the include most of us within the community. race. or national origin. Boyle had attended the Christmas concert and had read the equal opportunity By Robert Collins statement printed on the BGMC program. she community of humankind. business and being closely associated with the LGBT community. At the party Keri was stun- ning in a pink dress accessorized with a small purse made of pink balloons. regardless of age. “it was like a kick in the accept us without reservation as simply part of the stomach. They are not Bi or Transgendered. Rated G.” but being the upbeat person she is. she decided to audition not really expecting to actually be accepted. creed. She was open. She came to the audition with a “member” made of a pink balloon. the second self identified straight member and a wonderful addi- tion to the chorus. the chorus she received an anonymous message They are straight. gender. Keri Ray Boyle. I am fortunate enough to count among my friends one such person. to full scale models of a T-Rex. The statement says anyone can audition as long as they are able to sing in tenor. gender identity. a little outrageous.2 | March 2015 A Friend Indeed party for the Boise Gay Men’s Chorus (BGMC). She was outgoing. and a lot of fun. After meeting Bob Wallace who is a mem- ber of the chorus who self identifies as straight. for Ally. promote our equality. Events that range from children’s birthdays. to rated X. to adult themed parties. baritone. characters. Her complex designs range from balloon accessories. There is community has been. tenor. glitter temporary tattoos and characters for events. and generally wounded and rejected . I recently had the opportunity of sitting down with Boyle to discuss her life. does face painting. friendly and In our community we use the letters LGBT to fun. A. Boyle was looking cute with her aqua hair. Naturally she felt support us. sang for the committee and came out of the audition as a member of the chorus holding the distinction of being the first female member. After joining Lesbian or Gay. During the course of the evening we all discussed the chorus. bright lipstick and big smile. We sat down together after a rehearsal of the chorus. The party was a cast . Keri is a local business woman who operates the business Balloons with a Twist. Boyle makes balloon animals and objects.30  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. bass (TTBB) format. bounced back and used the experience to further her understanding of | Issue 5.

Boyle. event or appearance you can call (208)-322-3069. . 8 and 4. I wish everyone could love and accept everyone else. How cornball is that?” She said with a laugh. Boyle went on to say she has always been an ally even when she was active in the Mormon church she spoke up when someone said any- thing derogatory about anyone. I un- derstand the point of privilege I experience as a straight white Christian woman in the United States. To book a party.” she said. her Facebook profile is Facebook.The four of them came from the Las Vegas area where Boyle attended UNLV (University of Nevada – Las Ve- gas). moved to the Boise area about four years ago with her three children ages 15. who is no longer active in the church. Boyle began “twisting” there eight years ago and worked her way up to the point that she now teaches and has subcontractors working for her. “This is the first time I personally ever felt discriminated against and it reinforced my empathy. com/ 2015 | Issue 5. It made me more aware of how we hurt each other with words. or email boise@balloonswith- atwist. Meet this great part of our commu- nity yourself and you too will be enchanted.2 | NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  31 “I wasn’t prepared to experience this.

2 | March 2015 .com | Issue 5.32  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise.

com NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  33 .2 | OutBoise.March 2015 | Issue 5.

built before the area became a business-zoned thoroughfare. you’d address that. because which is manifested consis- rial. some great products to support Zone demonstrates. rub. mate- it becomes your focus. and – literally – said. them. to more adventurous weight or men going bald. The O- display. Located in what would have once been the living room of a cute. choices in texture. but nondescript converted house on Broadway Avenue.34  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. it doesn’t take long to start feeling like a cherished guest in a good friend’s home. | Issue 5. skimping on quality. and there’s be explicit or kinky. “If your heart isn’t work- as to how to use and care for every kind of condom you can ing right. they offer “It all comes back to your solutely supportive of that.” owner Caryn Thompson may even have a tip or two dams and toys. you’re willing to do her business. The O-Zone (for- merly The Rubber Rainbow) has been compassionately and enthusiastically serving the Trea- sure Valley with a vast selection of personal products in a fun and comfortable environment. in-house-made ceiling rows of badly produced massage oil candles. And while it may be tempting.” health. addressing one’s about a connection with some- sexual or intimate health needn’t one else. Caryn is ab. ing massagers. high-quality selection of . and an extensive array of dental health. and items to delight one’s besties you’re not going to be able to at their bachelor parties. don’t call The O- Zone a “sex shop.” she said. fun novelty porn or inflatable sex dolls. as The O. “this” is offering select sensual than what one might term a “sex diverse and little-known brands well-being products for every kind of person in any stage shop. When Caryn’s main philosophy.2 | March 2015 The O-Zone! by Laura Layton Since 1997. you know.” ber fist-shaped dildos. and a find any inhumanely large. It’s However.” And serve a much different purpose ery combination of size and fit. patent leather Offering a kaleidoscopic banana hammocks or hot pink range of sexual wellness aids thigh-high stripper boots on and fun. you’ll see no strappy. is: “It’s about our quite a bit to solve it. If you’re instructional sensual DVDs. walk into the front door. sexy products. small. Never into those things. ranging through ev- wouldn’t you? So I do this. When you it. and even flavor. “It’s just like losing LifeStyles. it’s about exercise and blood flow and endorphins. of course it’s been a big part tently throughout every part of of your life. but she and her business imagine.” as well as your trusty Trojans and of their life. There are no rooms off Zone stocks therapeutic vibrat- to the side that contain floor-to.

as assorted doz- ens for $14. ing natural female lubrication. the best thing up there because used as massage oils. Realizing it isn’t about my experience. “The joy. She offers an incredibly diverse their vegan-certified.March 2015 | Issue 5. and assorted NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  35 O-Zone is also proud to be the your partner. different ones out and discover tween products that best-suited to protected or unprotected new favorites. doms? Why THIS business? .” she said. “Isn’t that a great to the area you’re interested in. can be bought in singles for to fit differently. ferent pairs that are all the same array of lubes as well. and can made RFSU condoms. her answer will be. It’s just like trying on exclusive American importer for tennis shoes. or even some thing to for men to be able to but then you’ll have to choose. probably forgotten more than I’ll best. anal intercourse.2 | OutBoise.39 a piece. flavored or warming and cool- say? ‘I really like this condom!’. I just share the information I ever learn about the products best condom is the one that fits have so you can make a choice she sells. during our interview that she’s But if you ask Caryn which of It’s about your experience and the condoms she carries is the what you and your partner en. You’ll have ten dif. and of course. Swedish. expertly explain the properties condoms offered at the O-Zone ers. “You’ll very rarely hear me are befitting to your specific pur- selected combo packs so that recommend a product. I had to ask: Why con- and feel the best for you and that’s good for you.” She can tell you which selections $1. they’re going and benefits of each variety.” I won’t tell you that this or that is ing varieties that can also be Caryn declared. I will pose – everything from enhanc- men and their partners can try show you the differences be. All the size from different manufactur.

Caryn was able to of has issues with. I don’t the topic of sex and sexuality doesn’t work and replace it with want some who’s worked up back to its native environment of healthy information. squarely on Caryn’s shoulders like. Early on.36  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. a identify a major unmet need in Because we all carry this sexual mighty example of America’s en. She makes her living from the to fill. people. they turned around and of women were saying to me so said to me. shop would be uniquely suited we heard on the playground. even absent the universal tear me up. the courage to come in and tell health. take out what in with other questions. you walk into the back door of me. I like to try to empower I understand my products. [Sex] is the one topic everyone sort In Caryn. whether it’s solo-play. and I’ve had a lot of successfully strives to maintain its intimately safe and private experience where I could build atmosphere. but then people come in her personal mission to return edit their script. “I like to be a resource for and our parents. . That would just couples play or multi-play. you get a counselor.” me their story for me to respond with. And while The O-Zone field] speak. the gym?’” [of sex] back to | Issue 5. It’s clear within minutes of luck with that!’ So. For demand for sexual health prod. lyze why they carry that around. “I had a person really evolve. this all started It’s a healthy biological func- meeting her that one of the se. I’ve met and spoken things in society that create this of course. I studied things like referred to me and after a lovely fear and guilt just to get a bet- conversation for about forty ter understanding of what a lot minutes. and I don’t care who you’re crets to O-Zone’s longevity rests who’d ask a question and I’d be with. but her passion can’t to a lot of experts in this indus- personal belief system we all be quantified through profits and try and I learn everything I can. and happiness. I started going to all natural and healthy!” Caryn see experts [in the sexual health stated. ‘Why don’t you have I could start having a different a back door?’ I said ‘This is about conversation with them and offer your health. and all of these sales generated in the little shop. It’s alone. of ucts themselves take a backseat people to know that they can course. I got nothin’. when I’d get someone coming in tion.the community that she and her script – everything from what dangered Main Street paradigm. ‘I don’t know… but good “Society has made it naughty. And enable what she says is society’s then this whole thing started to cycle of shame. So. it’s about bringing this topic ucts. you know? behind-a-cash-register of sorts. Do you walk into the them more in the way of informa- back door of a dentist? Would tion. balance sheets Even the prod- have. wellness. Kinda ana.2 | March 2015 “It’s more than condoms. Caryn refuses to up a better understanding.

you know. sex lives.) She had to start learning exercise or fine dining or choos. I’d tell him to give me some time It might be a little slower. These blood flow. too. transgender people.. sexual issues in health care. elderly would be trying to find a device or the bread. Definitely a Caryn’s expertise isn’t all so. young. women.a. would that affect gynecologists and even organi. appreciate that. so of the box. and I’d present him it’s also undoubtedly more fun. telling them I a lot of work with cancer. but I’m in ‘after. are things that make us whole. but one day. of “vibrator” when a doctor to me. Throws women into thing doesn’t come down the menopause. They’re obviously the a lot of cancer treatment can ‘primary’ care. and Centro that. It’s a great pleasure and a doctor who was thinking outside clinical in nature and she most healthy biological function. you? To me. people from all walks of life and de Comunidad y Justicia (or Whatever you’re into.p.” but to go find it. issues from things like cancer facturers. and that just . the well-read entre. He’d say ‘This is what treating [their sexual function] I need for this patient.l.2 | OutBoise. “therapeutic massager” instead different than buying toothpaste gay.March 2015 | Issue 5. could you live without leave their skateboards at the In April. “I do cal community. Her answer: “If your arm thing to have?” as well as some urologists and didn’t work. for instance.. Or the shampoo we buy Anybody and everybody. Men mean it can’t be medically help. I can work with the manu. Female lubrication pharmaceutical chain doesn’t is a function of estrogen. really throw off that production NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  37 “I started writing letters and a group of about 60 doctors on reaching out to the medi. it’s as simple as Guests of The O-Zone include zations like a.h.. it? We’d all just be neutered door and come in.” certainly doesn’t disregard the why shouldn’t we enjoy it like a pure fact that sex is fun and decadent piece of chocolate or Men and women alike have makes you happy. I get a thought I could be a resource lot of referrals from MSTI because for them. of estrogen. And it took in erectile dysfunction.” preneur will be giving a talk to beings. a doc.’ And just because some. It’s no served Boise’s “men. might experience blood flow ful.’ and so than more medical alternatives. it’s like no one is ever turned away. I suppose. We all have our folks and even when they’re that would help increase genital favorites and our choices. it’s a part of who we are. such as ing the clothes you wear. and live in… at least I wouldn’t think then he’d choose. she thought sex affected more eral medical specialties. when they try tor called me up in search of a these more holistic methods for product. I have lot of different treatment or diabetes that result resources I work with. Caryn says she has happily different terminology. strait. they can I mean. I asked her if a warm blanket or anything else been referred to her from sev. like MSTI of a person’s life than just their that would be your most favorite (Mountain States Tumor Institute). I a long time. CCJ.. wouldn’t be a great world to with a few different options.

or I can let them come in and be respect- “The [sex-ed] curriculum here ful. “Abstinence education serving adolescents.38  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. keep them afraid. Caryn needed to take consistent. Caryn’s isn’t really effective. answer their very simple.].” cycle of fear | Issue 5. They’re just else they can go to get this curious. the customer. I’ll be these kids have somewhere respectful back. is usually going to be inter- little questions and invite them preted and filtered through the back to help ‘em out. joined in on you can stick with fact-based our conversation and thanked information. own hang-ups and their own a local high school teacher. so I can either stop that information. it should be shared Caryn for the service she pro.” and that’s how it will be shared At one point during our inter. with these guys. with [the younger people who vides to Boise’s sexually-active ask about it. but those unapologetic logic comes as are the limitations we have a breath of fresh air.2 | March 2015 On The O-Zone’s policy of youth. . and that’s not view. “As long to follow. It’s really great that as everyone is respectful. I just think if She. or I can teacher’s core belief system.” Caryn said. understanding. Everyone’s got their a break to assist a customer.

her. Howev- er. and there ment industry.” the other local stores. Rock on. but then they come back later one at a time. Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm might be one really loud one Whether it’s her charming shop Sunday 12 pm-5pm --you know. and allows custom- ers with more modest “Can you tell that I love this? tastes to maintain It’s extremely rewarding for me. enriching the lives of Idahoans but romance and with love. after a successful 17 years in ized toward not only business. One good con- propriate to say that versation and I’m on cloud nine Caryn’s intention is to for days.March 2015 | Issue 5. because. about the sale. been a problem with younger styles.” Caryn’s success in this area can be celebrated by the fact that several youth organizations work with the store to provide sexual protection and information.ozonecondoms. NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  39 area such as Pleasure activism in the local community Boutique or Vixen and medical industry. many more years to come. her a little obnoxious. we can expect The O- one’s natural sexual Zone to continue educating and health and comfort. humor. It isn’t even . com from the high school. while I can tell you that. Sometimes Whatever it is that Caryn is do. the leader -. It’d be more ap. Indeed. ID 83706 people.who’s and high-quality products. the reputation that other shops in the “adult” indus- try have embodied might cause one to feel reluctance at the idea of visiting a store that spe- cializes in sexual health products. let alone bringing your teen- aged children into one. I compliment. or the way Video. Website: www. The O-Zone’s she engages with each and product selection every special person who visits seems more special. rather can make a positive difference than compete with in somebody’s life. as well as the parents who trust her enough to bring their teenagers in. she replied.2 | OutBoise. Caryn. I’ll get a group of young men ing within the sexual enhance. And thank as they all serve a you! similar purpose. and respect for atmosphere as well. their comfort. because they have questions. “You can Phone: (208) 395-1977 see their insecurity. you know. she’s doing it well. but Asked whether there’s ever through different 1615 South Broadway Avenue. in contrast to the deliciously kinky and tawdrier offerings of other popular adult stores in the .

com | Issue 5.40  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise.2 | March 2015 .

He is a genetically engineered ex. According to the Wachowkis one scene alone. I must share with a comedic value to it than previous works interesting even before this girl is even you that the pace of the movie is a bit of theirs. then I hope you The second. now fated to be forever intertwined. just enough time for her destiny. Stinger Apini. Jupiter’s intergalactic feel to them. who is played by Tuppence awesomeness. With the help of Claine’s within former military friend. you see a military hunter. I thoroughly Also this one is intended to have more of Jones. close up of ter down and recover her since her genetic him. I can’t even remember I know Giacchino has done some other that horrid potential reality lurking over that last time this guy was able to say that scores before for various movies. tails. story and making it into a beautifully We shall see. However. you can buy the movie studios or us the most unimagi. but that doesn’t you and the family to enjoy the movie. Michael Giacchino created the Seriously. Her father predicted great things for choppy at times. Most of the costumes were that this amazing film is not another Middleton. Some of the by Kris Munoz of the space. The movie runs two hours and born. but not without cir. houses as a daily routine. paragraph. Maybe this is a sign of good this one that made me want to look him thank you to the Wachowski siblings. by any means. It’s not an easy one for that. Obviously. played by ever charismatic Sean Bean. Tatum adult. Transitions between some seven minutes long. you won’t regret it. Kunis herself has described the and can be character as being unhappy with her life seen even in and job. up and do something about it. Sean Bean actually lives in this iTunes. You can tell everyone had a great cumstance stepping in first. played by Mila Kunis. These scores only help to add the Probably so. there is a inside visual film. Her story gets enjoyed this movie. Yes. Production cost. the movie per say. she then finds a and energy quick money opportunity which presents into this film itself. Claine is sent to track Jupi. when the Blu-Ray comes out there will this one. which The soundtrack alone deserves its own can only mean trouble and war. but also lazy and unmotivated some of the to changing anything in her life until she smallest de- meets Claine Wise. who is one of the most I can’t wait to see some of the con- powerful and richest known dynasties in all ceptual artwork for this film. So with back in a sequel. It is the first time the Wa- The movie “Jupiter Ascending” chowkis directed one of their films in 3-D. the anyone else three discover a bigger and possibly darker know what purpose for Jupiter then what Claine’s I’m talking employer intends. beautifully pieced together to create an damn remake or revamping of some 80’s who is played by Douglas Booth. I plans bigger and farther than her parents mean all is lost. Things get more interesting from this totally shows point on. I want to give a big heartfelt in his career. For her the never-ending directors. The eldest is Balem Abrasax. If you buy the soundtrack for it’s theat- and Andy. the script was said to be over I wouldn’t have complained. By the way. have you all ever wondered epic musical scores for this movie and it’s what the film industry and history will Minor spoiler alert! Very minor worth every cent. up. Until next routine of continual cleaning of various 600 pages long. He finally gets a chance for a come. But it is definitely worth the two-disc soundtrack digitally through native and lackluster generation of all? mentioning. destiny had it’s own scenes are just a bit rough. Lana things to come from the movie industry…. unless we as consumers stand film.March 2015 | Issue 5. That employer just so about? . Although. effects were truly mind blowing! I am quite Let me start off by saying that if you are played by the engaging Eddie Redmayne. joke in the film about the character of I hope you get to enjoy this cinematic Stinger “making it NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  41 Jupiter Ascending happens to be one of the three siblings of House Abrasax. for coming up with an original or the first sign of the apocalypse to come. is Kalique wrapped up in this film and all of its visual will be open to the awesome reality Abrasax .” treasure in 3-D. Now a young be even more material to piece together time making this film. happy to report that I got completely not a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan. that means that can’t wait to check out the blooper reel for could ever realize. rical purposes. The youngest is Titus Abrasax. but if that was my job. I can’t wait and Kunis did spend six months filming has given her family. played by dreamboat Channing whenever Tatum. Jupiter must face the reality that life and see in its glorious entirety. focuses on the main character of Jupiter If you can’t tell by now. I mean look at We are soon introduced to Claine Stinger’s eyes Wise. apparently refer to us during this time? Will they call because it has nothing pivotal to do with only for the United States.2 | OutBoise. but it was our heads. I totally signature holds the fate of most of the caught this known universe. dramatic elements in some of these scenes. By this. time month. movies that my generation has to re-live destiny and that of House Abrasax are and experience all over again. seconds. and most neutral. Either way.

59%) 8. New York ( | Issue 5.59%) 5. Arizona (2. Denver (1.2 | March 2015 Advertising FAQs OutBoise Magazine currently reaches an online community in over 44 countries. Idaho (58.34%) Audience By Age: 25-34 .000 visitors to our website.54%) 10.84% 45-54 . Seattle (2.69%) 3.04% Female *Snapshot of demographics based on Age and March promotion: Gender are based on a snapshot of 500 individual visitors to the site and do not necessarily reflect the 50% Off Single-issue Price entire audience of our site and magazine. Our Magazine has received over 11.83%) 8. Portland (1.47%) 10.34. Mississippi (1. Salt Lake City (7.03%) 6.9%) 7. Boise (43.56%) 9.11%) 4. Why Should I advertise in your magazine? Advertising in OutBoise Magazine provides our audience access to information about your busi- ness.93%) 7.78% of audience) 1. Meridian (8. Cities: 1.23.28%) 3. and lets them know you support our local LGBT community . Top 10 States: Top 10 U. Our largest presence is maintained in the Pacific Northwest. San Francisco (1. Colorado (1.79%) 5.21% 55-64 -10.32%) 2. or Additional Free Month of Advertising for Multi- 56% of our audience is considered New Visitors issue Purchases! with 44% of our audience being retuning visitors. . Oregon (3.81% By Gender: 56. 450 cities worldwide.7. California (4. Los Angeles (1. and a majority of the United States.54%) 6.55% 18-24 .42  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. New York (1. we have had over 15.23.S.000 views.6% 35-44 . Washington (4%) 4.76%) 9. Since our website went live back in late August. Nevada(1.A community that is in need of knowing who is supportive of their efforts toward equality. Nampa (2.99%) 2. Utah (8.96% Male 42.

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2 | March 2015 Fresh In The Northwest by Jerry Nabarette-Stuart Fran’s Cinnamon Chicken 1 whole chicken cut up or quartered 1 cup flour 1/4 cup butter or margarine 1 teaspoon salt 1 onion minced 1 2” cinnamon stick 1/4 teaspoon mace 1/2 teaspoon pepper 4 cups sodium free chicken broth 1/2 cup raw rice Shake chicken pieces in bag with | Issue 5. For the rice I used a jasmine rice. Season chicken pieces with pepper and mace and tuck cinnamon stick among pieces. Saute onion in same saucepan as you fried chicken until soft. Pour chicken stock over chicken mixture. add rice and continue to simmer about 26 minutes until rice is tender. Season with salt. Noteworthy items are make sure you bring the dutch oven to a boil before reducing to a simmer.44  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise. Brown lightly in melted but- ter in a large fryer pan. . Then spoon over chicken. Stir to avoid burning. Cover and simmer about 1/2 hour. Transfer to dutch oven. The original recipe called for a regular chicken broth but there is enough salt to make up for the sodium in the broth. Making a filling and nutri- tious meal it’s definitely a family meal.

Bake in a 350° oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Help- ful hint is to rinse and pull apart the sauerkraut by hand until the smell is mostly gone then add to the mixture and blend well. Add to creamed mix- ture alternately with 1 cup water.2 | OutBoise. Stir together the flour. cocoa. drain thoroughly and finely snip and sort out big pieces. what interested me was the thought of Sauerkraut being used in a cake NEWS   |  OutBoise Magazine  |  45 Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake I chose this recipe out of a fam- ily recipe book. Rinse out the sauerkraut. baking powder.March 2015 | Issue 5. Beat in eggs one at a time. drained 1 can of chocolate frosting In mixer bowl beat the butter or margarine and sugar until fluffy. beat- ing well after each. Stir sauerkraut into batter. ½ cup room temperature butter or margarine 1 ½ cups of sugar 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups all-purpose flour ½ cup unsweetened cocoa 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 8-oz can of sauerkraut. This recipe can also be made in two round cake pans to make a double layer cake. Cool in pan. Pour batter into a greased and floured 13x9x2-inch baking pan. Spread chocolate frosting atop cooled cake. The cake with the sauerkraut addition gives a taste of coconut without any at all. soda. beating well after each addition. . and ¼ tea- spoon salt. Add vanilla.

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com | Issue 5.7 years running “Best Gay Bar” .2 | March 2015 4 Live DJs every Week! Sundays: Karaoke at 9:30 PM Tuesdays: R0ckin’ Bingo 7 PM to 9 PM Voted Boise Weekly’s “Best Dance Club” .48  |  OutBoise Magazine  | NEWS OutBoise.10 years .