Personal Newsletter Assignment

Project Objective:

Using Microsoft Word create a newsletter about yourself You must complete the
planning sheet and submit for my approval before you begin.

What to Include:

These items are required. Use the list below for a check list to keep track.

_____ Nameplate or Heading that appears across the top of the first page with your title
of the Newsletter and a divider line from Heading and columns.

_____ Your name as Publisher, a volume number, and issue date

_____ No requirement on number of pages, but no partial pages. Must be filled neatly.

_____ Two or three columns

_____ One Word Art object

_____ One clipart object with text wrap option

_____ Two scanned or digital picture taken with caption, no distortion

_____ One Pull Quote with an interesting fact or quote in it from your newsletter.

_____ One text box with a color border and shaded to compliment your color scheme.

_____ No more than 3 fonts with consistency. (All titles one kind, all picture captions
the same, all text body the same, etc.)

_____ Reverse text (Dark background, “white font”)

_____ Filled drawing shape with text

_____ Place life in chronological order

_____ Include future aspirations

_____ Check for spelling and grammar errors
Personal Newsletter Scoring Guide

Criteria Points Commendable Acceptable Unacceptable
Nameplate 5 Include a Nameplate (5) Did not include a Nameplate (0)
Vol number, issue Include a volume number &
3 Include only 2 (2) Did not include any (0)
date, name issue date with name (3)
Ruled lines between Included ruled lines separating
2 Did not include ruled lines (0)
the masthead & body the masthead and the body (2)
2-3 columns 3 Includes columns (3) No columns (0)
Included two scanned or digital
Must have 2 pictures & 2 captions, no distortion or -3
2 Pictures 12 pictures of yourself/family
each missing item
with appropriate captions (12)
Included clipart
ClipArt with text wrap Included clipart with text wrap
5 without text wrap No clipart (0)
option attractively arranged (5)
Word Art 5 Included WordArt (5) Did not include WordArt (0)
Filled drawing shape Filled drawing shape with text Left off text or not
5 Did not include a drawing shape
with text positioned attractively (5) attractive (2)
Reverse text 5 Included reverse text (5) Did not include reverse text (0)
Pull Quote but not
Included pull quote
Pull Quote 5 attractively placed No Pull Quote (0)
appropriately placed (5)
Textbox without
Textbox with border & Textbox with border & shading
5 border & shading No textbox (0)
shading compliments color scheme (5)
Newsletter tell of
Life in chronological Newsletter chronicles your life your life but skips Newsletter does a very poor job of
order in order (5) around in the order sequencing your life (1)
Includes your future Future aspirations/goals were left
Future aspirations 5
aspirations/goals (5) out (0)
Spelling errors 10 NO SPELLING ERRORS (10) Minus (1) point for each spelling error
Grammar 10 Minus (1) point for each grammatical error
All titles are similar, text Used 3 or less
No more than 3 fonts More than 3 fonts and looks busy
10 body—same, picture fonts but no
placed consistently (3)
captions—same (10) consistency (5)
Set up in appropriate
Set up in a
newsletter format, easy to read,
Overall appearance, no newsletter format Did not follow a newsletter format
15 attractive, compatible colors,
partial pages but had partial (0)
text neatly placed even pages
page (8)
Details added to layout to show Some details
Creative 10 No details added (0)
creativity & theme (10) added (5)

Newsletter Project Planning Sheet

Decisions to be made and approved before beginning your newsletter.

ü What information will you include? (highlights, hobbies, sports, music, etc.)

ü What will be your main headings?

ü How many columns do you want your newsletter to have—two or three?

ü What is going to be the title of your newsletter?

ü What ideas for graphics do you have that you want to appear in your newsletter?

ü What pictures do I want to include? (min. 2—can have more) Baby pictures,

family pictures, school pictures, sports team pictures, friend pictures, etc. (ideas)

ü Select a font for the body (make it easy to read)

ü Select a font for all your titles or headings

ü Select a font for all your captions for pictures

Write an outline of your newsletter. Include sub-points. Remember, if you have a 1 then
you must have 2. If you have an “A” you must have a “B.”

Then, below and on back make a rough sketch of a layout design for your newsletter.