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by Jake Jakubuwski

n 1883, 27 year-old Ed- My grandfathers 1940 Ford This arrangement was one
ouard Delamare-Debout- had a toggle switch on the steer- of Detroits early efforts at
teville built the ver y first ing column (actually the switch establishing a greater degree of
gasoline driven automo- was housed in the bracket that security to thwart the depreda-
bile. He, and his fathers held the steering column shaft) tions of the growing numbers of
mechanic, Charles Malandin that would allow the car to start car thieves.
modified an 8-HP, stationar y when the starter switch, on the
Personally, I like Fords idea
gas engine used in a cotton mill floorboard, was pressed. To the
better then the compressed air
and fit the engine to what was side of that toggle switch was
gun. But like all security mea-
known as a four-wheel hunt- a key cylinder that locked the
sures throughout time, automo-
ing brake. However, this car steering column.
tive security continued to evolve
was not the first production car.
That distinction goes to Benz-
Damlier in 1888.
Regardless, the first re-
corded car theft took place in
Paris, France when a Peugeot
belonging to Baron de Zuylen
was stolen by his mechanic on
June 1, 1896.
From there on, manufacturers,
entrepreneurs, and auto-owners
alike have been trying to find
ways to make it more difficult
to steal an automobile. In 1932,
Modern Mechanix (Published
in Britain) magazine carried the
following ad assuring motorists
that this product would scare the
auto bandit off because the ban-
dit would think he would be shot
at, (see photo 1). 1. Pistol protection.

4 Instant Gratification!

as newer and better technol- The Infiniti Key Fob Are we entering into a new era of
ogy has found its way into the According to one report that high-tech tug-of-war between the
marketplace. Sirens, cutout I read, one of the safety features automakers and the car thieves?
switches, wheel boots, locking (to keep the car from starting Check out the following site:
steering wheels, tear gas canis- inadvertently) was that the car
ters, and junkyard dogs have all had to be in park and the break gone-in-20-minutes-using-laptops-
been employed to discourage pedal had to have foot pressure to-steal-cars.html.
the would-be thief from making on it Also, the car could acciden- One innovative way of unlock-
a particular automobile their tally be left running and if the ing these cars circulated on the
next target of opportunity. driver left the key fob in the car, Internet and suggested that
In the early 1960s GM intro- and locked the door, they could if you could call someone on
duced the Saginaw, in-column ig- not shut the engine off. your cell phone and have them
nition. In the mid-80s along came beep your spare remote into
The Lexus IS 250/350
VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft Sys- Start Button the phone, you could unlock your
tem), from there we progressed remote entry car by holding your
to PATS, MATS, transponder The Lexus IS 250/350 does cell phone close to the lock.
keys and ignitions and now we not require a key to start the
vehicle at all, (see photo 2). In Sorry, Charlie, but it doesnt
have keyless cars.
the scheme of keyless cars and work that way.
You can copy the links be- high-tech anti-theft systems for The idea was sort of a jury-
low and paste them into your todays automobile, these are rigged On-Star, without having to
browser to get the latest on issues that will be resolved and pay the fees or have the equip-
keyless technology. owners of these vehicles will ment installed. The reality is adapt to the changes and the that your cell and your remote,
com/article.aspx?cp-documen- erstwhile car thief will have to or keyless entry systems might
tid=435298. resort to other pursuits or steal work if the signals were aural
a rollback truck to cart the car (sound-based) but in actuality,
off to the chop shop. the RKE and keyless systems
work on radio frequencies by
transmitting an encrypted stream
Keyless technology is doing of data to a receiver inside the
more than offering car owners car. Radio Frequency? Radio
a higher degree of theft protec- Receiver? Get it? That frequency
tion and convenience of entr y cannot be effectively transmitted
and vehicle starting. Some over a cell phone and be expect-
vehicle keyless systems offer ed to unlock a locked vehicle.
memor y capabilities for seat
Add the disparity between cell
and mirror settings, tempera-
phone frequencies that operate
ture control and music prefer-
in the 300 MHz range, and are
ences. How far are we away 2. The Lexus IS 250/350 not compatible with the remote
from voice recognition and Start Button.
and keyless systems which tend
biometrics? Not far, Im sure.
to operate in the 800 MHz range.
Along with the convenience But what about lockouts? Since the RF waves operate
of these new systems, they also through the air, its not likely that
As these systems become
have some potentially negative the aural signal will be an effec-
more and more complex are they
consequences not the least of tive way of unlocking your car via
still going to fall prey to a set of
which most likely will include your cell-phone.
mechanical opening tools? Or
problems with valet parking and
will opening tools keep pace with I suppose that, theoretically at
a retraining curve for owners, un-
the new security technology that least, it might be possible to use
til the owners learn the idiosyn-
has given us the keyless concept? a Variable Frequency Oscillator
crasies of keyless systems.
Will the new generation of to transmit a signal that would
One of the retraining aspects activate your RKE system and un-
opening tools include a laptop?
of the keyless systems is for the lock, or start, your car but most
Keep in mind that any program
owner to remember that the key folks dont carry those beasts
that is designed to operate any
fob must be in the vehicle in around on a key chain or in their
system can, and often will, be cir-
order to start the car. pocket or purse, (see photo 3).
cumvented by another program.
TNL Digital Edition - January 2009 5
age car thief is in for slim pickins their cars for the vehicles owner,
when it comes to the cars they someone, somewhere is going
can steal without using roll backs to be looking for a way to defeat
and relying on keys left in the that system.
ignition switch.
The methods that are ulti-
The good news for the lock- mately used to defeat these
smith is that most of these key- newer systems may be a
less entr y cars today: Cadillac high-tech, hand-held variable
CLS, Toyota Camr y, Lexus and frequency oscillator, a laptop
3. A Variable Frequency Oscillator. even BMWs, can be opened or a common brick.
with long-reach tools that are
My money says that it will
slid between the door frame
Aside from the size, weight, and be a locksmith who will find
(or window frame) and door-
scarcity of VFOs, running through the least damaging means of
post of the car and are used
a bazillion frequencies might prove entering these cars. Just like
to manipulate the door lock
too time-consuming for a lock- it was a locksmith who found
switch in side the car.
smith trying to unlock your car or a way to pick the unpickable
a thief trying to steal it. Steve Myslik, a locksmith BMW lock. Just like it was a
friend and a Southeast director locksmith that found a way to
Today, there are some interest- for ALOA tells me that long-reach pick the unpickable Bramah
ing studies being done on the use and across the car tools are the lock over a hundred years ago.
of laptop generated logarithms to preferred methods of entry when
bypass these systems. No doubt There is now an even greater
these cars have been locked with
in my mind that in the future, incentive for us to expand our
the remotes and keys inside.
laptops and hacker programs knowledge and abilities. What
may defeat the common remotes According to Steve, there are we had come to accept, by the
found on about 70% of the new some tricks involved in making mid-1960s, as commonplace
cars sold. And, those same these tools work effectively and automotive security technol-
laptops might be able to decode Ive had other locksmiths tell me ogy is now antiquated as my
and with the proper equipment that they prefer to use under-the- grandfathers 1940 Ford ignition
override the keyless ignitions as window tools. system was in 1962.
indicated by the link above. As I see it, the fact remains Times, and technologies,
Until such time that laptops that no matter how quickly continue to change. We have
and hacker programs do become the automotive industry devel- to change with them or we will
as common as coat hangers, ops and implements new and become as obsolete as hand-
stones and Slim-Jims, the aver- smarter technologies to secure cranked automobile engines.

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by Dale Libby

was called by another lock- receipts could be deposited card receipts and cash. The open
smith to open a Blue Sky and taken to the bank the next Blue Sky safe door is pictures
safe for a car dealer. I did not day. The keys to this safe were in photograph 1. To add insult to
know what a Blue Sky safe was locked in a larger safe upstairs in injury, the robbers locked up the
or who made it. The referring the dealership. Burglars broke safe and took the keys with them.
locksmith told me it was a dual into the dealership, pushed the There was no duplicate set of keys
key operated safe. upstairs safe through a wall, and available. The dealership wanted
dragged it to the body shop. the safe opened so they could get
The safe was located under a
Once there they used a cutting their money out. At the time they
counter, in a corner, surrounded
torch to cut the door off the large didnt know it was empty.
by boxes. One needed to be a
safe and got the keys for the
contortionist to even get to the I assume (DNA) that Blue
main floor safe.
safe door. That is why all the pic- Sky Safe is a label company and
tures were done on a workbench With keys in hand, the bur- puts their labels on import safes.
after the safe was open. glars opened the small Blue Sky The label is shown in photograph
safe and made off with all the 2. It states that Blue Sky Safes
This particular safe is a front
contents which included credit features excellence is quality,
door depository so the days
Continued on page 10

1. Blue Sky Depository Safe Door (after opening). 2. Blue Sky Safe label.

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Continued from page 8
service, and price. Professional use any of the myriad of tools and place until it snaps away. I move
Safe Openings, service and pullers except if the key trunion the driver a little, pry, and more
repairs. Electronic Lock Retrofits face is sunk to far below the door of the casting pops out. This is
and New and Used Safes. There face. What I do use is a specially a very fast way to remove the
is a website and phone number ground screwdriver reminis- casting that holds the nose and
listed. I think I will go to the web- cent of can openers on Army trunion in place.
site and see what it says. They knives. The tip is ground away
When using this tool on the
are out of Upland, California. so the remaining blade just fits
renters side of the lock, the
Nice website at: www.bluesky- between the edge of the casting
center must be forced so that and the center of the keyway. All
the foot attached to the bottom
I have to do is to pry gently and
I have all the puller kits for of the trunion breaks free and
the edge holding the trunion in
safe deposit type boxes. I rarely Continued on page 12

3. Custom screwdriver to pop key trunion. 4. Rear of door, Made in Spain.

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Continued from page 10

5. Lock mounted vertical down, bolt detent, and 6. Lock removed, relocker fired.
spring relocker.

the keyway can be rotated a Moving right along in photo- First, I duplicate one of the
full 360 degrees. Once most of graph 5, we see the workings of renter keys. I then cut off the
the casting has been removed, this well made unit. There is an ears or lobes on the key so it is
just reverse the screwdriver in ILCO A400 RH lock mounted a long straight piece of metal
the keyway and turn it around Vertical Down (VD). 1.25 that will fit easily through the
fully. This will remove any inches to the LEFT of this lock hole in the door while in the
small pieces of metal that you in the picture is a spring-loaded lock. I then insert the Guard
might have missed when pr ying relock pin. Next to the relock key, turn it, then use my make-
against the edge of the casting pin is a detent mechanism that shift renter key and turn it
at the top of the horn. Usually extends when the bolts are and withdraw the locking bolt.
the trunion will fall out of the thrown into the open position. I then turn and remove the
lock if it has not been dam- A small blocking bar moves into Guard key. The lock is still
aged. Photograph 3, shows my the lower channel to hold the open and the bolt is still in the
tool (old screwdriver) and the bolts in the open position when unlocked (in) position.
handle in the locked position on the door is open.
Now I can install the lock in
the safe door.
There is an adjustable bolt be- the door easily. Once installed
The above method is fast and tween the arms on the hinge side and the relocker bar reset, I
easy. Once the nose and trunion of the door that butts up against a turn my customized key and
have been removed, just pry all bolt on the door jamb. When the the bolt will come out and lock
the internal levers away from the door is closed, this pushes the the door. I then remove it and
locking stubs on the movable bolt in and allows the two large tr y both the regular key and the
bolt and pry the bolt to the open locking bolts to spring out into guard key which I turn over to
position. This may take as long as the locked position. the customer. On the invoice I
10 minutes. mark down the number of the
Photograph 6, shows the ILCO
new guard key. I also put the
The back of the safe is shown lock removed and the relock pin
cut down renters lock instal-
in photograph 4. There are in the extended locked position.
lation key in a small plastic
two large locking bolts on the If one could punch the lock fully,
envelope with the paper work.
opening side of the door and then the pin could be forced up
Now, if at any future time, I can
two protrusions to keep the through the top hole in the door.
make another set of keys by
door locked if the hinges are The opened lock is placed above
duplicating a guard key (from
sawn off. Looking at this picture the cutout to remind me of a
my Master set) and a regular
closely, I saw a small plastic practice I have used for years.
renters key form the fragment
circle button on the back of the With the lock open and the bolt
that I have in my files.
door. Magnifying this digital in the open position; it is easy to
picture I saw that the words remove it from the door. When Just a thought. Open Key Safe
Made in Spain were embossed replacing the lock with a new one Locks easily and Prosper.
on it. One of the wonders of there is a method that I use that
digital photography. has a couple of benefits.

12 Instant Gratification!

by Mil-Comm Products Company DESCRIPTION: All
synthetic lubricant.
COMMENTS: Consists of
(PTFE) Teflon particles.
available as an oil, grease,
aerosol spray, in a jar, in a
bottle or in a syringe and
proven to work in sand,
saltwater, humidity and cold.
il-Comm has over 20 years Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

M of experience manufacturing
and selling their unique
extreme per formance lubricants.
Founded by Robert G. Furlong in 1985,
Proven to work in extreme
conditionssand, saltwater,
humidity & cold.
As a demonstration that the product
really worked, a Briggs and Stratton
Mil-Comm Products Company Inc. sold Temperature range of 65 engine with a see through side cover was
their unique lubricants primarily to the degrees F to +450 degrees F. used. The engine had been previously
United States Militar y. Mil-Comms Includes polytetrafluoroethylene treated and then drained of oil. The
original formula, TW25B , and its (PTFE) particles. engine would be started and run for 20
derivatives are currently the preferred minutes or so. The whole time you could
lubricants on numerous weapons see inside the engine and watch the
systems. In fact they work so well on moving par ts. The engine never
weapons systems that Mil-Comm was overheated or stopped. It was an amazing
awarded a highly competitive, ten-year, demonstration of how friction between
sole source contract from the United moving parts could be greatly reduced.
States Department of Defense. Lock Saver is based on a proprietary
During the 1990s, Mil-Comm PTFE-based technology. Mil-Comms
introduced its high per formance, particle is smaller and spherical in shape.
specialized lubricants into the fishing Mil-Comms sole focus is engineering
and boating industr y with the and marketing the best, extreme
establishment of the Reel Saver , Line performance, lubricant on the market.
Saver and Boat Saver brands. Thats all they do, and they do it well.
Recently, the Federal Bureau of Prisons Currently LOCK SAVER is carried
and other law enforcement entities by all of the major lock distributors
adopted Mil-Comms specialized including Clark, H.L. Flake, U.S. Lock
Mill-Comm Lock Saver and others. It is available as an oil or a
lubricants for use on everything from
handcuffs to prison locks. What makes this product so special? grease. It is supplied in an aerosol
In 2005, Mil-Comm Products Its the PTFE, or what is commonly spray, a jar, a bottle or a syringe.
Company, Inc. introduced Lock known as Teflon! Teflon is Duponts Remember, shake well before using.
Saver , a specially formulated high brand name and design for a Dont forget to shake the oil too!
performance lubricant and protectant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) particle. For more information about
specifically designed for locks. Here I first heard about PTFE in the early LOCK SAVER contact them at:
are a few of their product features: 1980s when I was introduced to a Mil-Comm Products Company, Inc.
All synthetic, extreme product called Slick-50. It was an engine 2 Carlton Avenue
performance lubricant. additive that had small particles of PTFE East Rutherford, NJ 07073
that were measured by the micron. The Phone: (201) 935-8561
For Locks, Firearms, fishing, particles would become lodged in the or 888-947-3273
and industrial uses. pores of the engine cylinder and other Fax: (201) 935-6059
20 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) parts that rubbed together. Web:
TNL Digital Edition - January 2009 13
TECHNITIPS 1/4" x 8 self-taping screw into
Locking Gas Cap the retainer.
L shaped dental pick to pull
out the retainer and the lock
Removal Next, I use a claw hammer to will pop out to be serviced from
I do not know if anyone has pull the screw, as I would pull a the rear of the handle.
tried this approach to removing nail. The retainer pulls right Anyone who has worked on
a locking gas cap, but I tried it out. After removing the screw, the 2001 Civic knows how hard
Thanksgiving Day and it the retainer is reusable. the retainer is to get of f and
worked for me. how doubly hard the retainer is
My second tip concer ns
I was called to remove a replacing coil springs that push to get back on!
locking gas cap from an older the retainers up against the The hard par t (and I mean
RV. Someone had tried to tailpiece retainer on a the HARD part) is reinserting
remove it with a flat type cylindrical lock. You know how the door lock back into the
screwdriver and the customers you have to replace one after handle assembly and having the
key would not go in the lock. the ones youre replacing go clip line up with the notches in
After looking with my scope I flying across the shop. the plastic handle assembly
noticed that the first few wafers while it is mounted on the door.
were pushed in toward the Simply collect old BIC-style
lighters. When you need a It cannot be done! As quick as
back, and I told the customer you gain the edge on one side,
that I would probably have to retainer spring disassemble one
of the lighters and use the it will not line up on the other
destroy the lock to remove it. side, and back and for th you
spring that pushes the flint up
After making sure they against the strike wheel. will go in frustration, happily
understood and agreed that I begin pulling your hair out!
might have to destroy the Different brands of lighters
have dif ferent size springs Not anymore!
locking gas cap; I used an A-1
GM puller on it and it worked many that you can use when Inser t a #14 Metric long
out great. The tool pulled the needed. And, theyre free! socket in the hole that the lock
cylinder right out of the Matthew Flowers is oriented in and with ease the
housing and all I had to do was Pennsylvania clip will ride the smooth surface
use a small flat screwdriver to of the socket and be guided to
tur n the locking mechanism BOTH notches in the handle
and remove the gas cap. Fast and Easy and snap in place with the
greatest of ease.
Bruce Horne Civic Door Lock
Florida Simply push the clip up from
Service Trick the bottom and the smooth
Here is a tip that will make chrome sur face of the socket
Two for the replacing or servicing the door will expand the clip as it slides
lock on a 2001 Honda Civic that up and over the socket, to
Price of One will just amaze you in the sheer finally rest in its proper place in
I would like to submit two simplicity. the handle
Technitips here. The first one
Because the lock fits in the After placing the clip its a
details removing the retaining
door handle assembly and is stunningly simple matter of
pins on ace-style tubular locks.
held in place with a wire clip inser ting the lock into the
My solution is to use a 3/32"
(similar to the larger version of handle until you will hear the
drill bit in a bench top drill
the old window crank clip) clip snap around the lock
press and vise to drill a hole in
removing the lock requires an cylinder and hold it in place!
the retainer. Then, I thread a
14 Instant Gratification!
Reinstall linkage and move removing a first aid kit or VW, Audi,
on to the next job! radio speakers in the deck
Darren Ingleson
behind the back seat often Porsche
gave access to the trunk
compartment. However, I
thought Mercedes had Tip
Mercedes Trunk blocked that means of
access on the newer models.
Many VW, Audi, and Porsche
ignition locks do not have codes
Opening Tip Regardless, your tip shows on them, and other means of
I was called to open a 2000 that it is always best to check generating keys must be used.
Mercedes C230 on a Saturday and use every trick that you
Ive found those locks using
afternoon. Assuming the keys can think of to accomplish
the roller bearings for dust
were locked in the passenger your task. Thanks for the tip.
shutters to be extremely
compartment, I figured it would
difficult to impression or pick
be a simple opening and be on
Newer BMW due to the heavy pressure
my way in a very short time.
exer ted by the dust shutter.
When I arrived the customer Opening Trick Theres a simple way to do it
told me the keys were locked in I have always heard you cant though.
the trunk. Another locksmith open the newer BMWs. With the lock removed, drive
had been there before me and Supposedly, this is especially out the roll pin retaining the
got the car opened, and as a true when the keys are in the tailpiece. Use a wide tension
consequence, the security trunk. Well, Ive always been tool in the front of the lock, and
system kicked in and the trunk told you cant believe rake the wafers from the rear
release that is on the center ever ything you hear, so through the keyway. The lock
console would not work. deciding to see if what I was will generally pick quite rapidly,
I tried to get in from the back hearing was true or not, I found and the plug can be removed
seat, the seat removes easily that there is a way to open one after rotating. Service the lock
but that would not give me of these vehicles with the or make the key at this point,
access to the trunk! keys locked in the trunk! then reassemble and re-install.
Then looking on the back First I use an air jack to Steve Sandlin
deck I noticed a compartment gently wedge the door open. Texas
for a First Aid Kit. I opened the Then I use a Big Easy, or other
compartment and found that it long-reach tool to depress the
had a plastic liner that I was button with a picture of a door Flipping a Door
able to easily remove. Once I with a key on it that is located Guard Latch
pulled the liner out, I saw there right by the shift lever. I saw a tech tip in the
were openings underneath that After I depress the button, I October 2004 issue of The
opened into the trunk. grab the door handle and pull National Locksmith about a
I grabbed a flashlight and on it twice. The second time the lockout with a door guard.
was able to see the keys. I used door opens. If the keys are just I work in a 2000 room hotel
a car opening tool reached in in the car Im done. If the keys where we would have this
and hooked the key ring, pulled are in the tr unk, I found the happen at least twice a day. I
them through the hole. The easiest way to get them is to carr y a length of spring steel
woman was ver y happy that I pull the speaker out of the deck about 3/8" wide with a V-groove
didnt give up and leave her by rear window. cut in the end. I would open the
stranded! Removing the speaker allows door, as far as it would open,
Dean Kallan access the trunk through the and place the groove on the
Florida hole in which the speaker sits. swinging par t of the door
Then I use a long hooked tool guard.
to reach into the tr unk and While holding pressure on
Editors Note: Dean, you retrieve the keys.
didnt say what year the the door guard, I quickly close
Mercedes was. I do know Brett Hansen the door. The spring steel will
that on older Mercedes Utah flip the guard out of the way. If
16 Instant Gratification!
you do not have a small length have in my toolbox and has
of spring steel, a Slim Jim saved me a lot of time when
works as well. dealing with various types of
Richard Frick clip-on door panels.
New Jersey Ian Greene

Door Panel
Removal Tool Golf Tee Hole Figure 2.

Tip Filler Trick

Heres a tip to speed up
For an economical and easily
repairing stripped out screws
made door panel popper, tr y
that you can find a use for on a
taking an old putty knife and
day-to-day basis while
cutting a 7/16" x 1 1/2" notch
per for ming nor mal
down the center of the knife
locksmithing functions.
(see figure 1).
For over thirty years I have
always car ried a package of
wooden golf tees in with my Figure 3.
other must have tools. When I
position (see figure 2).
Figure 1. find a loose strike or strike
plate where the screw hole has The 3/32 " hole is drilled
been wallowed out, I remove through the plastic housing.
Once the notch is cut (file the troublesome screw, place The idea is to make a small hole
the edges to eliminate any one of my trusty golf tees in its that will allow a wire to be used
sharpness or burrs) Insert the place, tap it securely into the to depress the spring-loaded
knife between the panel and the wallowed out screw hole. retainer when the ignition is
door, with the plastic rivet in turned to the start position. It is
the center of the notch and turn The large head of the tee
makes a per fect platform to made from an Ilco P1107 key
the tool on its side to separate
gently drive the tee into the blank, and 5/8" aluminum stock.
the panel and door from one Self-tapping cylinder screws
another. If you wish, you can opening. I cut the tee flush with
the door frame with either a hold the stock to the blank. The
also round the corners off of hole in the guide should be
the end of the putty knife to chisel or a pocket knife before 3/16" past the tip of the key (see
preclude it gouging or replacement of the screw.
figure 3).
scratching door surfaces. John Alwine
North Carolina Don Miller, CML
The side-wise movement will Michigan
pop the rivets and allow you to
remove the door panel. I have GM Ignition
also found this tool handy for Wafer Reading
removing the padded panels Removal Trick
you will sometimes find in gun My tip is for a drill guide that
Tool Tip
safes. allows the removal of double- After taking the Foley-Belsaw
sided GM ignition cylinders course, I felt I needed
The large handle on the
without removing the column additional training in the art of
putty knife allows you to grip
shroud. reading wafer locks. I
the tool firmly and also permits
purchased Bob Sievekings
you a great deal of control over Ive found that this guide will book on wafer lock reading,
the motion and direction of the work for many of the GM which included his excellent
tool. Also, the stiffness of the trucks and vans that have the reading tool. In his instruction
putty knife blade gives you a hole to access the ignition manual, he provides directions
little more torque for twisting retainer on the top of the on making a tool that holds the
when needed. column. The guide is inserted shutter door open.
I think its a great tool to with the ignition in the of f

TNL Digital Edition - Jauary 2009 17

After gluing it all this hole can be drilled on
together with some epoxy, either the right or left side of
I had a shutter tool that the lock, depending on the
would do what I wanted. hand of the door. The important
The magnet holds the tool thing is to make sure you know
to any metal sur face where the locking slide access
without the danger of hole is (see figure 5).
Figure 4. marking that surface. If the Insert a probe (beveled tip)
advertising on the magnet and locate the unlocking slide. I
After building one, I came to
(mine was from a pizza like to place marks on the probe
the conclusion that, for certain
restaurant) bothers you, glue to determine the correct amount
locks, I needed to position a
one of your business cards over of inser tion of the tool from
shutter door tool that holds the
it. either side (see figure 6).
door open in the center. I offer
this to any locksmith with the James Rodgers Once the probe is inserted in
same need. Missouri the unlocking slide, just pull the
I used the backing from an slide slightly from the right
old windshield wiper blade. Its hand side, or push lightly from
thin, stainless steel and easy to
Simplex the left. While doing this, the
work with. I also used a Opening Tip lock is now in the passage
refrigerator magnet the Try the following method to mode and the handle will open
advertising type. I cut the steel gain entr y to an Ilco-Unican the lock. The small hole can
strip about 10" in length and push-button lock when the now be filled in various ways.
bent one end with a slightly combination is not known and This trick may take a little
greater than 90 degree bend there is no key override. practice and I strongly
and an appropriate length. The
other end bends back on itself Drill a 1/16" hole, 3 5/8" from recommend that you play
the bottom of the lock case, and with an old Simplex before you
to hold onto the magnet. I then 7/16" from the sur face of the try it on a customers door.
slit the magnet in two places
(see figure 4). door. Depending on the Cec Bacon
accessibility of the lock case, Canada

Figure 5. Figure 6.
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2007 Hyundai Entourage

1. The Entourage is Hyundais intro-

duction into the mini van arena. This
vehicle does not feature a transpon-
der system, however, it does feature
6 standard air bags including side
curtain airbags for all three rows of
Note: Key codes are converted to a
10 cut key with the rst and second
cuts being a one cut for the entire
code series.

Procedure: Through the Car Method
HPC Tools: No. CO-80 Switch Stick, No. AW-99
Air Wedge, No. LW-100 Lever Wedge, No. AS-1
Auto Sleeve.

2. On passenger side door, slide in Air Wedge vertically

on latching side of window frame portion of door. Use a
Lever Wedge at top horizontal portion of window frame if
necessary to assist.

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3. Squeeze pump bulb to inating Air Wedge and
create an opening suitable for a Switch Stick tool to
enter cabin. Use an AutoSleeve to prevent damage to
weather-stripping and automobile nish.

4. With Switch Stick tool, reach for manual locking

button above latch handle. Pull towards rear of vehicle
ipping back manual locking button or electric unlock
button by window button on arm rest. Remove Switch
Stick and deate Air Wedge before opening vehicle.

This material was written by the car opening pro-

fessionals of HPC, Inc. For more information about
HPC car opening techniques and tools, check with
your distributor or at

Year: 2007 Service Level of Complexity: 2 Door Lock(s):
Make: Hyundai (1=Easy, 2=Moderate, 3=Difcult) Cylinder: 8 Wafers
Model: Entourage Lock Picking Directions Pickable: Yes
Code Range: H0001-H2500 Ignition Lock: Clockwise Lock Positions: N/A
Key Blank: HY-15 Driver Side Door: Clockwise Type: N/A
DSD/1200CMB Card: 235 / CF235 Passenger Side Door: Code on Cylinder: No
Cutter: CW-1011 Counter-Clockwise Rear Hatch Lock
Jaw: A with shim Rear Hatch Door: Clockwise Cylinder: 8 Wafers
Ignition Lock Pickable: Yes
Spaces: Depths:
Cylinder: 8 Wafers Lock Positions: N/A
1. .937 1. .324
Pickable: Yes Type: N/A
2. .854 2. .305
Lock Positions: Lock, Accessory, Code on Cylinder: No
3. .771 3. .285 On, Start
4. .689 4. .266 Type: Push To Turn (With Key in Cylin-
5. .606 5. .246 der, Push on Key to Turn Cylinder Back
6. .524 To Lock Position)
7. .441 Code on Cylinder: No
8. .358 Transponder: No
9. .276
10. .193
TNL Digital Edition - January 2009 21
File Cabinet Locking Bars DESCRIPTION: An external
locking bar for file cabinets.
by Major Manufacturing
COMMENTS: A well-made
product that secures the
file cabinet with a padlock.
excellent product available
in both left and right hand

THE NEED: The locking bar is available in one to USING THE LOCKING BAR:
Your customer calls you to lock a file five-drawer lengths and is manufactured Once the locking bar has been
cabinet for them and they dont know if in both right hand and left hand installed, it is quite easy to use for the
it has a lock on it or not. You get to the versions, although the left hand mount is customer. The bar is swung out of the way
cabinet and find that the cut-out is there the most common installation. of the drawer by lifting it by the lift loop
for the lock but the locking mechanism and turning it beyond the 90-degree mark
The one drawer locking bar is also
inside of the box is missing. How do and dropping it behind the catch that will
suitable for desk drawer applications
you put a lock on that file cabinet? keep it from swinging into the travel of the
since it measures 183/4 inches long.
drawer when in the open position.
Your customer calls you and says he The two-drawer locking bar is 231/2
wants a second lock on a file cabinet so inches long, the three drawer locking bar When the customer is ready to lock
two people will be required to open the is 33 inches long, the four drawer locking the drawer they simply lift the bar over
cabinet. One will have the key for the bar is 491/2 inches long and the five the catch and turn it to be parallel with
existing lock and another will have the drawer locking bar is 55 inches long, so the face of the drawer. Slip the bar into
key for the lock you install. you can see there is a lock for most the loop at the bottom of the unit and
applications you will find in the field. lock it with a padlock. Most padlocks
Your customer calls and wants to be
will work with the lock, but if the
able to open their file cabinet with the
INSTALLING THE LOCK: customer has need for a bigger shackle
same key that fits their door to their
Installing the file cabinet locking padlock than can be installed in the
office. Its just such a hassle to have to
bar is not difficult, but will require the existing hole you will need to drill the
carry so many keys, is something you
use of a couple of tools, including a hole to be able to use their padlock.
will hear.
drill, tap, and a screwdriver, as well as The inside of the bar has a red tape
These are just three of the common a method to mark the location of the that will let the customer know if the lock
scenarios you will encounter in the field. holes you will drill. is open or locked by just looking. Since
Sometimes the existing lock is broken or
The most common locking bar I install the lock swings out of the way it cannot
the customer just doesnt trust that
is the four-drawer, but the two-door is very interfere with the opening and closing of
flimsy lock to protect their valuable
common as well. The four-drawer locking the drawer when it is opened.
information. The government has created
a market for locks on file cabinets by bar is held in place by five screws, four of CONCLUSION:
requiring locks on confidential material which are concealed by the locking bar
A product that does just what it is
like personnel files. when the bar is in the locked position. The
advertised to do. An excellent product
fifth screw is at the foot of the locking bar
THE ANSWER: that enables the locksmith to lock file
where a loop is there to hold the bar in
cabinets that do not have the internal
Major Manufacturing Inc., has the place and prevent the prying of the bar.
mechanism to lock them.
answer for just the above situations as well
The screw holes are beveled so the
as many more you could encounter. The For more information contact:
screws can be recessed and not interfere
answer is the external file cabinet locking
with the movement of the bar. It is easier Major Manufacturing Inc.
bar that is locked with a padlock that can
to install the lock with the provided 1825 Via Burton
be keyed to their existing system.
screws than with a pop rivet tool since the Anaheim, CA 92806
The Major Manufacturing file cabinet holes are located close to the slide bars Phone: 714-772-5202
locking bar is mounted on the face of the that hold the unit to the attaching Fax: 714-772-2302
file cabinet by means of enclosed screws mechanism. You will have to tap the holes Email:
or can be mounted by pop rivets as well. to use the screws, but that is not difficult. Website:
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Richard Dickey

To get the answers to a few common questions

he ability to secure personal proper ty has
been a goal pursued by man for thousands of about biometrics, I called a friend, Mark Ahuna,
years. Wooden locks, metal locks, huge keys, from Positive Identity Solutions out of Mooresville
levers, wafers, pins, cylinders, smaller keys, high NC. Between Mark Ahuna, Tony Williams from
security keys, ID cards, PIN numbers, magnetic Cansec and a few other sources, I got some ver y
strips, Prox cards etc... The evolution of locking good answers to some good questions. Lets look at a
devices and the means of activating these lock- few of these common questions and the
ing devices has evolved to the point that we answers I received.
often feel safe and comfortable.
What if someone copies your key
or sees your PIN when you enter Question:
it? Where did I leave my Prox What are the various biometric
card? These questions and sce- technologies that are available
narios are all too common. today?
Access is provided because of
what you know or what you pos- Answer:
sess, not who you are. Is there a There are many mainstream
solution to these problems? Yes products currently on the market,
there is and it is called including, but not limited to:
Biometrics. hand geometry, fingerprint, iris,
Biometrics is concerned with retina, voice, facial, handwrit-
the measurement and identifica- ing, and vascular pattern.
tion of individual traits and char-
acteristics. There are many char-
acteristics and traits that are specif- Question:
ic to each human on ear th. We all
have either eyes, a hand geometry, fin- What biometric technology is at the
gerprint, iris, retina, voice, face, a vascular forefront?
pattern or can write, but no two people have exactly Answer:
the same characteristics with any of these traits. The
Hand geometry and fingerprint have been around
differences between these traits are what identifies
the longest and are the most widely accepted.
us as unique, and is readable and recognizable by a
Fingerprint readers are being used in a wide variety of
specific biometric device.
TNL Digital Edition - January 2009 23
Question: Question:
How many points of reference are used to read a Can biometric locks be used in outside applications?
fingerprint? Does it vary?
Most products are designed for inside use at this
Minutiae-extracting products will typically compare 40- time. However, there are some products on the market
50 points. This does vary between manufacturers and what that are weather resistant.
security level the products are set at. The higher the security
level, the more points are being compared. Of course with a
high security level there are extremely low chances of a false
accept, but higher numbers of false rejects. Youll find that Question:
manufacturers play the game of setting the security low so What is the average rejection, false/positive, or
that the devices are more forgiving. The security setting non-readable rates?
should be considered by the end-user and set according to Answer:
each application. Example: If the product is used for air-
port security then the setting should be high. Typical specifications are as follows:
* FRR (False Reject Ratio): .1%
* FAR (False Accept Ratio): .001%
* FTER (Failure to Enroll Rate): .2%
Can a severed finger be used on a reader?
FAR should be extremely low, but is directly related
Answer: to the security setting. All manufacturers quote the best
It is possible on many devices (not all) that a sev- specifications, but the product doesnt necessarily get
ered finger can be used. The weakest link in physical installed at those specs. If the security setting is low so
security is the door itself and not the device controlling that everyone gets through easily, then the chance of a
it. Lets be realistic. If someone wants through the door, False Accept are much higher. This may be O.K. for a
there are easier ways to get through than cutting off gym, but not too great for an airport. Potential biomet-
someones finger. ric customers should also realize that there will almost
always be some users that cant enroll for some reason.
As long as the biometric devices have another authenti-
cation method such as a card or keypad, then the sys-
Question: tem isnt useless because of these non-enrollable users.
If I cut my enrolled finger, can I still use the system?
A severely cut or damaged finger can render a read-
ing invalid. A small cut should not present a problem. Which technology is considered the best and why?
A user can enroll more than one finger as a backup in Answer:
case your usual finger is injured.
Thats a loaded question to ask a manufacturer.
Hand geometry and fingerprint have been around the
longest and are the most widely accepted. There are
Question: newer technologies now on the market, but theyll need
Is there a possible health risk? some time to gain user acceptance and get the cost
down to where fingerprint and hand geometry are
Answer: today. Currently retina and iris devices are reported to
No! The methods used to gather the personal biomet- have the best accuracy, but are far too expensive for the
ric data are non-invasive and pose absolutely no threat typical commercial application. The best technology is
to physical health or well-being. When properly relative to how much you spend.
installed, biometric devices enhance both security and
ease of access for the individual user. Since the 1980s,
when biometric systems were used for the first time, no
health hazards have been reported.
Are all biometric fingerprint readers the same? If
not, what are the differences.

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Answer: Question:
No. Without getting too technical on matching algo- What advancements are on the horizon?
rithms etc., there are two main sensor technologies on Answer:
the market. Optical and Solid State. The optical scan-
ner starts with a visual image of the finger to extract Many products are star ting to emerge with
data while the solid state sensor generates an electric advanced features such as live finger detection. Aside
field to image a finger. In my opinion optical sensors from that I think well see many new forms of biomet-
are better suited for applications where abuse may be a rics like vascular pattern recognition, although the
concern, as is with many access control applications. newer technologies will need time to mature as did
Since optical sensors have a thick glass platen for fin- their predecessors. I think well see technologies such as
ger placement, they are very durable. In general, solid facial recognition have their moment in the sun.
state devices tend to capture a better quality image, but Theres nothing new with the hardware as its just pro-
are more prone to damage by electrostatic discharge cessing power and a camera. The software just needs to
and/or vandalism. Again it comes down to choosing perform at acceptable standards.
the right product for the application.

Question: Is biometric technology the future?
How many users can be stored on average? Answer:
Answer: No. I would say biometrics is the present. Toshiba
If the biometric device utilizes a 1:n (one to many) now offers laptops with built-in fingerprint scanners
approach, the number of templates stored in the unit while Microsoft sells a PC Logon scanner for about
itself is usually small, typically 100-200. If the template $40. I (Tony Williams) personally use an iris scan
matching is performed on a PC then the processing unit to clear Canadian customs under their frequent
power is there to match a much larger number of tem- traveler program. Prices are dropping as demand and
plates. However, in my opinion the best method of imple- production increase, so biometrics will continue to
menting biometrics is a 1:1 approach, whereby the unit grow at a rapid pace.
finds the template via a users PIN or card for quick
lookup and comparison. Using this method, the unit is
only limited by memory capacity. Most units on the mar- Question:
ket today can store 2,000 to 4,000 using this method.
Will biometrics kill the key, card swipe devices, or
prox devices?
Whats the average access time? I would say yes, but not for quite a while yet.
Remember, were still using magnetic stripe technology
Obviously there is a human element involved; so
much depends on the user. However a user will typical-
ly authenticate in approximately 500 milliseconds, but
this does not include entering a PIN, image capture, or
any time required by a host access control system.

Where are biometrics used today?
At the moment biometric applications can be found
in many different areas, such as border control, secure
computer networks and financial transactions as well as
access control or time recording. Available products
range from door locks, safes, PC system, computer mice, Photograph 1.
keyboards, web cameras, time and attendance check.
TNL Digital Edition - January 2009 25
everywhere because the cost to switch is considered too nate the possibility of false acceptance. Zodiac Max
high. Do you think our ATM cards are still using mag- can operate in either Stand-Alone Mode for simple
netic stripe because its so secure? I think not. applications or in PC Mode using the included soft-
ware for template management.
The ekey TOCAhome is a standalone keyless
As I am sure you can see from the answers to the
entry system that consists of a weather resistant fin-
above questions, biometrics is not going to just dis-
gerprint reader (shown above) and a control panel. It
appear. It is here to stay. I had no idea that iris scan-
uses 1 to many matching for up to 99 fingers, (see
ners were already in regular use for frequent travel-
photograph 4).
ers that go to Canada. Embrace the future and it will
set you free.
This is a biometric transponder form SimonsVoss
Technologies, (see photograph 1). Up to six authorized
fingerprints can be stored in the transponder. The user
pushes the button and then smoothly swipes the finger
across the sensor. If the fingerprint read matches one
of the authorized fingerprints, the transponder unlocks
the door or activates control of a wide range of equip-
ment as authorized by the system administrator. If the
transponder is lost or stolen, it can easily be disabled
and a replacement issued without the expense of
mechanical changes to the lock. And even if the loss is
not discovered for some time, nobody but those with
the authorized fingerprint can use it. Each transponder
can be programmed to provide different levels of
access at dif ferent times of day across multiple
SimonsVoss lock systems.
Here is the PRX-2000 from Protex Safe Co., (see pho-
tograph 2). It is a standalone biometric lock designed
for use in homes, apartments and small business.
Cansecs Zodiac Max Fingerprint Reader is the per-
fect solution for eliminating the cost of conventional
access cards while implementing the highest level of Photograph 3.
security available for up to 4,000 users, (see photograph
3). With a built-in keypad
and LCD screen, Zodiac
Max provides a simple
and intuitive interface
for both administra-
tors and users.
Authentication is per-
formed by first enter-
ing a 4 digit Personal
Identification Number
(PIN) followed by the
presentation of an
enrolled finger. By using
1 to 1 authentication, Max
will always authenticate
users quickly and elimi-

Photograph 2. Photograph 4.
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