Type of Work : Individual
Date/Time of Submission : Sunday, November 18, 2012/12:00 Noon
Group No. : E6
Name : Elseyra Rebecca Parhusip
ID No (NIM) : 102012116
Text Title : A Closer Look at Exercise Physiology When Protein in the
Urine Does Not Mean Kidney Disease

Main Idea
In paragraph 1, the main idea is a urinary protein loss similar to that of nephritis often occurs
following exercise, but the condition is harmless, transient, and reversible.
In paragraph 2, the main idea is two basic mechanisms can cause proteinuria: (1) increased
glomerular permeability with no change in tubular reabsorption; or (2) impairment of tubular
In paragraph 3, the main idea is this reversible kidney dysfunction is believed to result from
circulatory and hormonal changes that occur with exercise.
Supporting Details
1. Subjects who engaged in maximal short-term running excreted more protein than when
they were bicycling, rowing, or swimming at the same work intensity. (paragraph 1)
2. Studies indicate that 70% to 80% of athletes have proteinuria after very strenuous
exercise. (paragraph 1)
3. Research has shown the proteinuria that occurs during mild to moderate exercise results
from changes in glomerular permeability, whereas the proteinuria during short-term
exhaustive exercise seems to be caused by both increased glomerular permeability and
tubular dysfunction. (paragraph 2)
4. Renal blood flow is reduced during exercise as the renal vessels are constricted and blood
is diverted to the exercising muscles. (paragraph 3)
5. Hormonal changes that occur with exercise may also affect glomerular permeability.
(paragraph 3)
6. Researchers also hypothesize that maximal tubular reabsorption is reached during severe
exercise, which could impair protein reabsorption. (paragraph 3)
Academic Words& Meanings Examples in Sentences
1. Signifies ( The sky was overcast signifies to rain.
2. Occurs Accidents occurs due to slippery road.
3. Indicate Harvard’s students indicate research on HIV-AIDS.
4. Strenuous William very tired after a very strenuous workout.
5. Engaged That thief engaged in the murder and robbery.
6. Excreted Vitamins are excreted in urine are vitamins C, and B
complex, excluding B12 and vitamins A.
7. Intensity Intensity is a measure of the energy flux, averaged over the
period of the wave.

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