Republic of the Philippines

Division of Laguna
District of San Pedro

GRADE 6 School Grade /Section 6
(Pang-araw-araw na Quarter Third (Week 10)
Tala sa Pagtuturo)

I. OBJECTIVES -Present a coherent, comprehensive report on differing viewpoints of an Infer meaning of content specific terms using Observe accuracy,
issue -context clues appropriate rate and proper
-describe key information of a text from a prescribed viewpoint -affixes and roots expressions in dialogs
-discuss the importance of viewpiont of a selected text -other strategies
Organize information from
secondary sources in
preparation for writing,
reporting and similar
academic tasks in
collaboration with others

-write a short script
A. Content Standards The learner listens critically; communicates feelings and ideas orally and in writing with a high level of proficiency; and reads various text types
materials to serve learning needs in meeting a wide range of life’s purposes.
B. Performance Standards OL- (Oral Language) V (Vocabulary Development) F – (Oral Fluency)
The learners demonstrate understanding of various verbal -The Learners demonstrate understanding that words -The learners
elements in orally communicating information are composed of different parts to know that their demonstrate
The learners prepare for and participate effectively in a meaning changes depending in context understanding that a
range of conversations and collaboration with diverse -The learners use strategies to decode correctly the change in stress entails
partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own meaning of words in isolation and in context a change of meaning to
clearly and persuasively -context clues evaluate the speaker’s/
-affixes and roots author’s purpose and
-other strategies meaning
-The learners use
knowledge of stress and
intonation of speech to
appropriately evaluate
the speaker’s intention,
purpose and meaning

SS (Study Strategy
- The learners

comprehensive report on differing viewpoints Infer meaning of content specific terms using Observe accuracy. PROCEDURES A. Learning Present a coherent.2. LEARNING RESOURCES A.6 Organize information from secondary sources in preparation for writing. Textbook pages DepEd-BEAM DLP Pages 5-7 Tuesday reference http://www. References The Three Little Pigs Passengers Cars Interactive Skill Book in English 6 Refer to Monday and http://shortstoriesshort. Teacher’s Guide pages 2.1.IIIj -12.19 -affixes and roots expressions in dialogs each -other strategies EN6F-IIIj-3. Review previous lesson What are the parts/elements of a Sing a song Is it always right to judge Recall the different or presenting the new Story? right away without versions of the story the . Competencies/Objectives on an issue -context clues appropriate rate and proper Write for the LC code for EN6OL-IIIj-1. Learner’s Materials pages 3.3 EN6F-IIIj-3.surlanefairytales. reporting and similar academic tasks in collaboration with others EN6SS-IIIj-4 II.2 EN6V. understanding of library skills to research a variety of topics -The learners utilize discrete techniques (general or specific) and applies appropriately them to all or most fields of study C.3 EN6F-IIIj-3.3.5 EN6V-IIIj-12. CONTENT -describe key information of a text from a prescribed viewpoint Inferring meaning of content Appropriate rate and proper -discuss the importance of viewpiont of a selected text -context clues expression in dialogues -affixes and roots Organizing information form -other strategies secondary sources in writing Module 8 Grade 6 Page 97-98 1. Additional Materials from Learning Resource (LR) portal B. Other Learning Copy of the short story Copy of the story Resources The Three Little Pigs Passengers Cars Short film song IV.3 EN6V.4.IIIj -12.

Show this word transformation to Use venn diagram to for the lesson story have you seen these do you know what is it the class differentiate the two stories photos? (The Three Little Pigs) The Three Little Pigs called? A. Climax. The frightened little pigs ran to the third pig’s house made of bricks because they were terrified.lesson Who’s afraid of the big bad analyzing nor weighing three little pigs (Character. 3. Setting. Picture C is made Unlocking of Difficulties of what kind of Guess the word use the clue material/s? Can you summarize in one _aza_d . The pigs were tender juicy meals for the fox .danger sentence the story according to your own understanding? e_ong_ate_ .lengthened Unlocking of Difficulties Give the meaning of each underlined words by the clues given within the sentence. 1. trans re material/s? This is popular in the USA Picture B (United States of America) in is made of what kind of material/s? B. Establishing a purpose Class look at the pictures. ing Work with a partner (TRAM) ation er Form Picture A is made Before it is known as bus of what in the USA and popular to kind of all commuters. in which Film Showing Class look at the picture. Plot. C. wolf? things? Why? Ending) Ask pupils to retell the version they recall Remind pupils to listen attentively and be polite in asking or giving their own recollection B. He chased the two pigs and they ran and hid in their houses 2.

especially if you An affix is added to the root of the will be grouped and will be Present the story. We can see in the second Americans were riding tender meals they will make!” He Presently came along elongated cars with sentence that we added the chased the two pigs and they ran a wolf." ‘No. let me come and huffed and puffed and blew the early 1900s. They also The first man looks pig built his house with sticks. Presenting The following is an annotated Read the story silently. man. passengers. “What juicy pig built a house with it.’6 spend time with him! lengthened to hold more pigs while they danced and Which the man did. they were house of straw while the second THERE was an old fire harzards. 1860s." This prefix "un-" ‘Little pig. by the hair of my chiny frightened little pig ran to the instead of wood. word to change its meaning. and because PREFIX three little pigs. most cars means "not" or "the opposite in. him: looks unfriendly. C. house down in hardly any time. the two little pigs were years other improvements and ate up the little pig. man. give me that furze .7 and knocked at the double seats on either prefix "un-" to the word and hid in their houses. The big bad wolf Sleeping and dining cars with the prefix "un-": ‘Then I’ll huff. and I’ll puff. The were made of metal of.12 terrified and ran to the third pig’s were made.’11 were introduced in the huffed and puffed and blew the United States by the early So he huffed. added to the back is known as a their judgement. Over the next 25 and he blew his house in. One own version according to The Three Little Pigs them stay on the tracks. and he puffed. The third little pig worked hard all went off met a man with a day and built his house with bundle of straw. O!1 they made out. sow2 with three little pigs. little pig.’9 To which the pig answered: the house down in minutes. asked to write a script of Once upon a time when pigs cars were little more than the story that later on will spoke rhyme stagecoaches fitted with An Affix added to the front of a be roll played giving their And monkeys chewed tobacco. Late in the 1830s. One pig built a quack. Analysis and Discussion Discuss briefly the stories examples/instances of the (Standard in Oral Reading must version of the fairy tale. him. them tough. electric lighting. steam  finished with a bundle of furze13 and said: heat and covered ----> unfinished The big bad wolf tried to huff and vestibules that allowed ‘Please. no.5 and said to The second man In the United States. because he thinks of them as sumptuous meal. including The second little pig met a man house that was made of bricks. By "friendly.8 and said: bad wolf went to the first house side of a center aisle. The big door. Once upon a time there were And ducks went quack.  happy ----> unhappy Now. special wheels to help word is known as a prefix. played and thought. and the little people. it bricks. give me that passenger cars were think it would be much fun to A big bad wolf saw the two little straw to build a house. their fortune.4 The first that with another train.’10 The wolf then second pig’s house that was answered to that: Here are more examples made of sticks. I with the class new lesson be observed) recommend reading the entire Passengers Cars What are affixes? story before exploring the After the discussion pupils annotations. chin chin. And hens took snuff to make They didn’t hold many suffix. quack.3 and did not hold up very well if very friendly! I think it would They built their houses very as she had not enough to keep the train came off the be nice to spend time with quickly and then sang and danced them. and now came to this house and I’ll blow your house in. Early railroad passenger have not read the tale recently. I don't wasn’t long before ‘Please. she sent them out to seek track or had a collision all day because they were lazy.

three little pigs So the man gave him the bricks. pig. and the pig between cars.  acceptable safe inside. He tried to enter in. He kept trying built his house. Here are more examples with and he puffed and huffed. I know where there is a nice field of turnips. 3 little pigs short story did to the other little pigs. and I’ll puff. give me those a wolf. and he huffed and he puffed. ‘Oh. by the hair of my chiny little pig boiled a big pot of water chin chin. That teddy bear is so cute The third little pig met a man and lovable! Keyword Clouds: three little with a load of bricks. 3 pigs and ‘Please. the word lovable means ‘No. but the suffix "-able" or "-ible" he could not get the house (depending on the root down." ‘Little pig. and he puffed. as he "love. he said:  present ‘Little pig. and he ate up the little lived happily ever after. by the hair of my chiny something is able to be loved. I’ll blow your house in.’ So he huffed. three said: little pigs illustrations.’ We can see in the second sequencing." This suffix "-able" story.’ through the chimney but the third ----> unacceptable ‘No.14 and pigs and the big bad wolf. Well. and means "capable of being" or said: "able to be. in Mr Smith’s Home-field.15 When he found that he word): could not. because they love each other for having been so lazy.  comfort ----> and if you will be ready .’16 ----> presentable ‘Where?’ said the little pig. to build a house. no. All of these  believable but he could not. The couple is getting married The two little pigs now felt sorry and he puffed. They too and at last he blew the house very much. and I’ll puff. with all his huffing and puffing.’ So. little pig. little pig. Then along luxuries helped make ----> unbelievable for hours but the house was very came the wolf. three little pigs and he built his house with suffix "-able" to the word online.’ passengers to walk puff and blow the house down. man. no. he huffed. three little pigs bricks to build a house with. and said: railroad travel much more strong and the little pigs were ‘Little pig. built their houses with bricks and down. Which the man did.’ it. let me come in.’ or it makes you feel love for ‘Then I’ll huff. sentence that we added the children story. and I’ll blow your house in. and he huffed. and he puffed. "Then I’ll huff.’ and kept it below the chimney. So the wolf came. three little pigs original them. blow the house down. and SUFFIX The wolf fell into it and died. let me come comfortable. chin chin.

’18 ‘Where?’ said the pig.’  reach ----> reachable Well. so he said: ‘Little pig. and went off for the apples. are you ready?’ The little pig said: ‘Ready! I have been and come back again. hoping to get back before the wolf came. what! are you here before me? Are they nice apples?’ ‘Yes. very. What time do you dependable mean to go?’ ‘Oh. ‘I . the little pig bustled up the next morning at four o’clock. and we will go together. ‘Down at Merry-garden.’17 The wolf felt very angry at this.tomorrow morning I will call for you. and get some apples. as you may suppose. which. but thought that he would be up to the little pig somehow or other. and got the turnips before the wolf came (which he did about six). ‘and if you will not deceive me I will come for you at five o’clock tomorrow. who said: ‘Little pig. and got a nice potful for dinner. I know where there is a nice apple tree. and had to climb the tree.’ ‘Very well.’ replied the wolf. at six o’clock.’ said the little pig. When the wolf came up he said: ‘Little pig.’ Well. but he had further to go. he saw the wolf coming. frightened him very much. the little pig got up at five.’ said the little pig. comfortable and get some for dinner. ‘I  depend ----> will be ready. so that just as he was coming down from it.

I had been to the fair and bought a butter-churn. So the little pig went off before the time as usual. and said to the little pig: ‘Little pig. and when I saw you.will throw you down one.24 and. and rolled down the hill. that he ran home without going to the fair. and told him how frightened he had been by a great round thing which came down the hill past him. ‘I will go. The next day the wolf came again. while the wolf was gone to pick it up. So he got into the churn to hide. When the little pig saw what he was about. the little pig jumped down and ran home. and it rolled down the hill with the pig in it. he hung on the pot full of water. then. and got to the fair.’ said the pig. and that he would get down the chimney23 after him. which frightened the wolf so much. Then he could not tell what to do. and declared he would eat up the little pig. and made up a blazing fire. I got into it. just as the wolf was . that.’ said the wolf. and bought a butter-churn.20 will you go?’ ‘Oh yes.22 Then the little pig said: ‘Hah.21 which he was going home with. what time shall you be ready?’ ‘At three.’ And he threw it so far. there is a fair at Shanklin19 this afternoon. I frightened you.’ Then the wolf was very angry indeed. and by so doing turned it round. He went to the little pig’s house. when he saw the wolf coming.

Discussing new concepts Comprehension Check-up Why couldn’t the wolf blow Study the following Answer READ and Do Letter A on Script Writing and practicing new skills #1 Who are the characters of the down the third little pig’s house? paragraph. Then she would draft her friends to help put up the shutter. Cindy got up the bed to draft a temporary replacement for the shutter until daybreak. Let’s look at its meaning by studying the context. With a How you judge the wolf? Is he and puffing? loud clutter. Second Pig How did the wolf try and get into A strong draft had blown and the Third Pig. As soon as the bank opened. The story appeared in: Halliwell. (1) draft – a current air . boiled him up. Shivering. she would encash the draft her mother had sent so she could buy a good window shutter. James Orchard. coming down. and in fell the wolf. What is the most exciting part of wolf? the story? Why did the first and second • Note the italicized word little pig choose sticks and straw draft in the paragraph.25 Note about this version: Joseph Jacobs referenced one of the first print versions of the tale for his edition. Find out the page 6 of Interactive Skillbook in story? How did the first and second correct meaning of draft English 6 Where did the story happen? little pig survive the big bad by studying the context. it blew away really a bad wolf? the window shutter. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales. London: John Russell Smith. What can you say about the Three to build their houses? little pigs? First pig. to the brick house after huffing the window open. and ate him for supper. and lived happy ever afterwards. so the little pig put on the cover again in an instant. She would reward her friends with a cold draft of fruit juice. took off the cover. 1849 D.

before pigs. • Which word in the sentence means “to deaden the sound of” or “to keep down”? The word muffle means “to keep down. and a summarizer to summarize The third Both of them The Wolf 1.Directions: Choose the correct and practicing new skills #2 using venn diagram. have 3.” E. • When we use context clues in learning the meaning of a word.) Explain to students that there also needs to be a bi . __________ mediate : used . __________ cedent : the debate. twice Third Pig Wolf moderator to ask the questions. __________ lingual : able to their own Using the question speak two languages previously demonstrated. (2) draft – a plan (3) draft – a written order for money payable to a bank (4) draft – to select or draw money (5) draft – to drink or something taken in. the wolf and pigs. The Three Little students represent the three ante . (You may meaning of the word is given at choose to have one or three the right. Example: The heavy rain muffles the loud music in the bedroom that’s why the baby’s sleep remains undisturbed. we read the words that follow it and then derive its meaning from them or from the context.both. double. pig is wise are determined strong happening before He is calm. They can He is furious stand on 2. Discussing new concepts Investigative work with a partner Demonstrate the strategy. Comparing prefix for the following words using and contrasting select characters Ask two to four students to act as the prefixes in the box. The of the story. A.

1. He's lost his book again. A person who always acts on the question. (child) read. Risks 4. A person who manages a library demonstrate the role of the is a ________________. __________ pose : to put a they must “become” the musical or literary work together character and answer the B. a picture illustrating the who. (comfort) other words in the 2. other words in the (pronounce) what. summary of their answers to 2. He was sitting for each given answers __________________ in his seat 1. (green) they will be answering the 5 W's definition of 3. a. (think) .Add the correct suffix to the question as the character would. Engines b. give a brief stage is an ____________. Race 6. 3. I don't The Three Little Pigs the correct know where he has definition of __________________ it this time. underlined item in each sentence. Cite their opinions how Pass out a copy of the and discussion correct form. they should draw 2. collision? a. After students answer 1. what is __________________ light Explain to the class that the correct coming from the window. and even worse. summarizer. Developing mastery Ask learners to discuss their venn Context clues analysis Put the word in brackets into the diagram. it's For each box. 5. the student moderator ask the between primary and secondary. You shouldn't have done that! It c. Based on the you. Give the correct answer each learner. There is no script to read from so Write your answer on the students should just ad-lib. what is 5. __________ glottis : a thin plate character respond. A worthy student becomes a (Observe Politeness at all times) scholar and is granted full ___________. Based on the on the train. question and have each 4. Stations spell. Three Little Pigs Story Map to three little pigs in their own words. A person who climbs mountains is a _________________. where. differentiate the prefixes and/or suffixes. when. Crash (place) b. He was acting in a very about the story that you just hazards? __________________ way. One that tells lies is a _________________. F. Track was very __________________ of 3. 4. There was a sentence. You will have to use bad is the wolf. Based on the __________________. This word is very difficult to c. of flexible cartilage in front of the glottis Explain to students that 5. and why of sentence. blank.

lengthened 9. additions b. a. what is was __________________ for the the correct second time. cars __________________ that they c. Base on the words were able to win in the sentence. b. fixed 3. evil-magician b. The team that he supported 4. walk around are you going to build? the classroom and look at their meanings of the bold Justify your answer. wooden dreadfully __________________ . Some of the shanty towns are elongated? a. The holiday was so special that she was sure she’d never forget it. “John will believe anything anyone tells . b. (succeed) definition of 8. new (crowd) c. other words in the 7. Based on the other words in the sentence. There is a very high a. gifted person c. (likely) 5. things offering the greatest comfort c. The memory would be imprinted forever in her mind. found b. She mastered (Show openness to criticism) them in no time and seldom last. understanding of the 5 W's. what is the__________________ . 1. inventions G. depots will be late. a. He sentence. what is the corrects definition of luxuries? a. the correct definition of (champion) vestitules? 10.weighed c. worksheets to assess their faced words. average player 2. He didn't pass his exam. Jane was a wizard at games. passageways b. Finding practical Group Activity: Directions: Use the Ask pupils to form new word with Role playing applications of concepts If you were to choose which kind As students work on context clues to the affixes (prefix and suffix) and skills in daily living of house from the three little pigs sentences to find the their story maps.

tale from the viewpoint of a Directions: For each different character or object sentence. Some clues are more obvious than the others. value b. un. I. wise c. him. “Let me give it some thought.” a. circle the pair of dis. funny 5. You can use a dictionary to one fairy tale and rewrite the respond to the question. unhappy c. -in mis- For example: words that complete within the tale. Students are to select Clues the correct prefix in the blank record how each character might space. awards c. “Your plan has merit. a. under- the meaning of the . easily influenced b. “He’s a very impressionable young man. words that you don’t know. kindness H. re.” his teacher said. foolish b. help you.” Elizabeth’s father said. Understanding Context Complete the sentences by writing Checking of the scripts in each of the character columns. Evaluating learning Choose one question and. “Do you really think it’s prudent to spend all your money on clothes?” his mother asked crossly.” a. Making generalizations Why is it important to view the Activate students' prior A context clue is a clue or What are the essential and abstractions about the facts before giving judgement? knowledge by asking for hint from the sentence parts of the script? lesson volunteers to retell the story that helps you to figure out of The Three Little Pigs. Context clues help you figure out the meaning of a word by relating it to other words in the sentence or this simply means that we get the meaning of a word by studying its relationship with other words in the sentence. unintelligent 4.

service – harmful moves _____ground. The subway does not go over the land like a normal train. Let's look at this information looking for some food. Oh.excuse 3. a. 3. a. whole.  Wolf’s response: I was just a. one must study the _________. helped – mature . trouble . If one is to understand the 5. help . I just can't believe it! The story 1. It c. c. I _____understood you. but now I can't find her! It __________ in reducing seems that she _____appeared! garbage. facts – unnecessary b. It is wrong. I'm sorry. Their profits have been is _____believable!  Pigs’ response: No. encouraged – childish b. Rats provide a ago. wrong in this situation? 1. that answer is business in our houses. No. decreasing . respected – want 4. I didn't hear you __________ activities. for he realized the interest was more than a __________ fancy. I saw Allison just a moment 2. 4. I b. and they were just minding our own 2. necessary – use c.Do you think you did anything sentence. but this is outweighed by their 5. situation.dynamic 6. berated – sincere c. unusual – sentences c. a. connected – separate b.remedy again. correctly. we __________.useful b. declining . a. Fact and Fancy were so _________ that no one could _________ them. His father __________ him. comfortable – redness before the test. wish to __________ their _____correct. We should _____view it can’t help it if I’m hungry.

E. of learners who have caught up with the lesson. REFLECTION A. VINZON San Vicente Elementary School San Antonio Elementary School . REMARKS VI. Remind them that they should English (Ateneo) pages affixes. understand the stories? Look for the meaning of the underlined word See page 137 V. Which of my teaching strategies worked well? Why did these work? F./discover which I wish to share with other teachers? Prepared by: JHUMAR P. J. No. passage from Lesson three little pigs and the wolf of The True Story of the 3 Little Guide in Elementary Write at least 5 sentences using How did it help them understand Pigs. D. Have like and dislike about the students read their reviews to a debates? Did it help them better Don’t Dump that garbage partner and discuss. CONCEPCION LAILYN C. No. C. of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation. No. What innovation or localized materials did I use. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of learners who continue to require remediation. B. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal or supervisor can help me solve? G. of learners who require additional activities for remediation who scored below 80%. the characters? What did they use the evaluating strategy to make 136-137 judgments about the story. Additional activities for Writing Center Ask students to reflect on the Give copies of the Make a diorama of the application or remediation Have students write a review meeting of the minds technique.

BARCENAS. GUEVARRA District Principal English Coordinator Noted: JOVITO M. PhD District Supervisor .Checked by: RODEL J.