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Published under the Authority of the Government of the
Union of Burma.

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, 'l&Gef uS
I. ~eqo '1~.' ~6:gtllto5ormH",oo5~?:o\ .l\'.l\o5 "'o5tloo, ?q
2. The Buildings (Regulation of Construction and Repair)
(Amendment) Act. 1948 ... 35
3. The Registration (Temporary Pro"isions) (Amendment)
(Extension) Act. 1949 3s
4. 0ege "., ~.'Mt050,mE8 ("",eli,,?:o'i "'~~""~:"?:)
'''''eoo, ... ... ... ...?Ii
5. The Towns (Amendment) Act Application Act. 1950 36
6. ~e~o '1~.' ~6:J,;fuS +?ClJOSf1~o~: "'~, ??
7. The Shan State Pensions Act. 1951 48
8. The Free" Medical Attendance Act, 1951 ... 50
Education Act Application Act. 1951
9. The Primary 52
10. oe~~ 'If.' sjli:Je'jf~ 0",,"*6?:0'l' "''''2''0' ... :l?
II. 0 e~ J I'" 5IOcfitllfuSormE8"'~~ 'I"'lw",moc!l COO?
,~ ol10S0'''Ii'f''' '0><2000 ... ... ~Ii


, 'lS'et,s, ,"'O!,
12. oe~J '1,iil ~S*ittoS (",~:~",~oE O~~'l":o)C\)""~ .~05
o:"lS) ;;.J;iJOOO ... ... ...~?
13. The Urban Rent Control Act (Application) Acl. 1952 58
14. 0e~~ "iii ~S:Si~ cfluS~~"'f': ~o5ciooE"""'e= ~e




1. The Foreigners (Extension) Act. 1949 82
2 The Registration of Foreigners (ExtensioD) Act. 1949 82
3. The Burma Immigration (Emergency Provisions) (Extension)
Act. 1949... 83
4 The Karenni State (Extension of Laws) Act. 1949 83
5. The Karenni State Public Order (Preservation) Act. 1950 . 86
6. 0e~? ,/,., (7)U)o:fl~tS ~o:qftlc8'l"l :.",seo.. ... eo
7. 0 e~? .,ii, OX=l9t9ttS oon!:~""oo'i'lo:o'i ~ ""rf:,
8 oe~<; .,ii, '\loSomS~ii ~ >ox ,


1. The States (Extension of Laws) Act. 1948 .. 96
2. The States (Extension of Laws) Act. 1949...
3. Oe~? 'l,ii, 9t9ttS",'l':ciI"f" "meo" ."" ... 98

II~S!8r; 0:> o:>cflSI ~~19~ ,tS Iij')!



(ACT XLVIII, 1948.) (22nd October. 1948.)

WHEREAS it is expedient to extend the provisions or certaiD enllctments
to the Chin Special Division of the Union of BUf!na. it is hereby enacted as
follows : -
1. This Act may be called the Chin Special Division (Extension of
Laws) Act. 1948.

1. No enactment in force in the Union at tho date of the coming into

operation of the Constitution. other than the enactments in the' Schedule
with the exceptions and with the modifications therein sci forth. shall apply
to the Cbins in the Chin Special Division cltcepting those enactments. in
Part II oe the Schedule which shall apply only to the Cbins in the Paletwa
Subdivision (Arakan Hill Tracts):
Provided that the President may by notification amend the Schedule
either by amending or deleting any of the entries contained in it ,?r by
inserting new entries in it relating to enactments not already applying to tbe
3. (I) In the application to the Chin Special Division of the enact.
ments (or the time being in force in the Union of Burma. the powers
e~eC(isable by the President thereunder may. without prejudice to the e~ercise
thereof by the President and so as not to conflict therewith. be exer~isabl~
by the Minister.
(Z) For the purposes of the Chin Special Division. the powers. of th.e
Financial Commissioner and of the Excise Commissioner shall be exercised
by the Commissioner of the Chia Special Division.
Published in BI/rma GII:f' 'f. \C)48. Part I. pace J121.
2 Chin Special Division (Extension of Laws),


(See 5cction 2.)

Enaciments Deemed Applicable to Chins.

Subject. E:denl of Application. Modification.

The Burnlil Gtncral

Cl;\tlsn Ad.

The Forc:tlne" Act.

'the Rc;:istraliol\ of
lo'oreigncu Act.

Tile Burlna Passport Act,

The Burm.. Edr.tdillon
The Foreign Relalions

The .Ietal Tokens Act.
Th. qoq:rnmcnt Securi-
tin Acl.
The Governnlcnl Saving.
8.mks Ad.

l'hc P05t Office Cuh

Cerli/kaln Act.
The PtnsiOfls Act.
ne Public Accountanl.
Default Act.
The Public Servants
Inquiriu Act.
The Jul1iclal Office" So much .. may from
Protection >\ct. lime to time be in
farl'e in l'pper Burma.
The P,olice (Incitement 10
Dis~cctiool Act.
The Disposal of Police
Offirs Estates Act.
The Prilons Ad.
The Prisoner, Ad.
The Illcnlifjution of
rrboncrt Act.
The St~le Prisonen So mU(h 111 ma)' from
Re,ulation. time 10 lilllt: bt in
f."ce in Ul'fler nu"n~.
Tbe Rurll\:1 A.rm) Ad.
Chin Special Diyision (Extension of Laws).

Subte<:t. E:dept of Application. Modi6cations.

The Burma. TenHori;&(

Force Act.
The 8urma Auxilt;.ry
Force Act.
The Soldiefl Litigation
The 8urma Royal Naval
\olunleer Reseo'e (Dis-
cipline) Ael. I
The Burma Volunteer Air
.'oree (Disdplille) Acl.
The Worb 0( Ddcnce

The Burma OOidal Sccrets

The RlIpk>sh'e SubflalielCl
The UnlawCul
The Expulsion of Offen-
dcra Act.
Th. Pre,. IEmtrcency
Vowcrsl Act.
The Prn5 IReciatratiOP)

The Re\"enuc Recovery

Tile Bunn. Income-Iall;
The Burma T'lflff Act.
The Land Cu~toms Ad.
The Lunacy Act.
Tbt Births. Dealhs and
Marria&~s Reclsiraiioo
TIle Burma census Act.
Thc J::pldcmic Diseucs
Thc Poisons Act.
The D~,erOlls Dn,s
nit Am:icnl lfO'ltllnentl
Prvcn'atiOP .4,(:1.

1 Now the Uurma Na\'lIl \"ohmlccr IfcseO'c(D:isciplioc) Act.

eMn Sptcial DIvision (EXltns;on 01 Laws).

Subjt. Eztenl of Aprlic:ltion. Nodificalior.J.

l'he Gamblin!: Ad.

1he Slate Aid 10 InllltS
triu Act.
The Weaveu' Lo:ln, Act,
Tbe Burma Mercbandise
Mark, Act.

The Cenna Con1'enlioll

Implementing Acl

The Boilen Ad.

The EItricil,. Ad.

The Petroleum Act.

1llt !ZplOloives Ad.

The t":lcloriu Acl.

11u: ),Iinu Act.

The Pl)'menl of WlIges

The Workmen', Campen"
nlion Act.
The Trade Dispuln Ad,

The Land ImprO\'cmcnl

Loans Ac!.
The A(riculturlsh Lo<lns

1he Wild Lile Protection

The Lh'e,S~ock IInporl:l"
lion Ad.
The Aniplal Puis Act.
The Callie Trnp;l$s Act.
The C:Ifltonmcn(s Act.
The BHm:l Posl Oft\cc

The Burma Tde!:raph

The Ru,ma Wirdess
Ttltgral'hy Act.
'The Hich"'a}"s Acl,
The Fen;H Ac!.
Chin Special Division (xttnsion o.'-lAws). 5

Subject. Exleril of Apr-Iicalion. Modific.tions.

The Canieu Aci.

The Burma carriage by
Air Act.
The 8U~m.l Wotor
Vehield Act.
The Hackney (:alTiale
The Jnland Steam Veslels
The Burma Alrcn.ft Act.
The Penal Code So much :II may from In secllon 64 la! amended by' !ubsequcnl
time 10 time be in cnactmentl) lor tile fiut fjfty6two
forc:c in Upper word!, the words" III evcry cne In
BlUma. which an oftcnder is sentcuced to a
finc" shall be lubstituted. In Ic;(lon
67. 'or the 1:111 f.-t>..Je'len words, the
fol1owin~ Ihall be lubstituted. uamel,_
.. (or any tum not cJlceedin, four
monthl when Ule :lmount 01 thc fine
Ihall not exceed fihy rupees, and for
.Iny term not exceeding eight months
when the all_ount ,hall not acted one
hundred ruJlCes, :ll'd for any term not
exceeding twehe month! In any other
ACter aection 15 the followinl shall be
added, namely_" 75A. NOCwUh1Und.
in,. anything in this Code or In
other law or enactment for the time
beinlt in foru, a person CODvktt'd of
any offence punishable under tbil Code
or under aa)' other law or enactment
IhaH be punishable with fioc in lieu of
or in addition to, any other punishment
to which he rna)' be liable:' ..

The Whlpplnf Act The whole I ... bject 10 The fol1owinlt lhall ~e lubltlluted for
Ihe modification scell,)n f) thereof naTidy :-
shown in column 3.
""ny rerlon who c.cmmUI any
offence punlfh1ble UDder the Indian
Penal Code with imprisonment for
Ihree years or upwards nUl,.
punisMd wilh whippinC in lIe~ 01
any other punlUimcnt to whJc;:h he
may be liable under the Aid Code."

The Fabl Accidents Act.

The Contract Act.
The Insurance Companies
6 Chin Special Divisi(ln (Extension 'of Laws).

.l::xlcnl Qr AI'plic.lliull.

The Provident Insurance

Socidics Act.
The LUe Auurnnte Com.
ralliu "ct.
Th,e Provident Jo'und$ Act.
Tb. 80undaries Acl.
The Land AcqubiUon Act.

The L3nd Acquisition

(Mines) ...ct.
The Sale of Good. Act.
T~e Trcuure Trove Ad.
The Nc){otiable Illlllru-
menb Acl.
'the thum:a CopyrlKhl

The Burma Patenll and

De,iill' Act.
'I'he Durma Patenll and
De.iflll (Emerrency
Provisions) Act.

'l'bl P.umcnbiJl ...cL

The Socletlu Rc&i.lralion

Thlt ~rer.ti,e So.-ietiu

Act. ..

The Rllfnu Companies


'lhe Clvillian ".rrlage


The Io"ore;rll Narrlalt

The Burma Divorce Act.

111. S~d1.1 Narritr;e Act.

The Sla\'u,. Act So much ~'may from
time to time' 1>, in
force' III UPI'cr
So milch as rna)' from
time 10 time l>e in
force in Upper
Chin S~ciQl Division (Extension of Laws). 7

Subject. Edentof Application. Modi6c"ionl.

The SUlU"' Boob [,1-

<knee Act.

C"stodi:tn of Wonble
Proputr .4.ct.
8urn" Inlkml1ity and
\,aJidatin-: Act.
The Special JII~es Act.
The Union Miliw, Police
Burma Medical Act
1be Pruent War Ter-
mln1ljon (0e6nilionl

T~ S:lnction for Pr"lecu

tiOfl (W1I'.tllne 0fI~1)

The Burma Notes IPa,"

menl Rtslril:tion) Act.
The Burlna Stamp Act.
The Burm1 trinance Act.
The Curency aael Co-
lnllie Act.
TIle War.tlme Crlmu
IEnmrtion) Acl.
Accrual of Internt (War-
time Adj,~tmcnl) Ad.
The Urb1n Rent Control
The Public Order IPrner
ration) Acl.
The Mechanical Liihters
(Excise Dul)') Act.
The Burma. ImmlilUIIon
ll::me'lellcy Provisions'

The Japancu: Currency

EYahutton Act.
The Requlsitionin, (EID"-
lcney PrO"fsions) Act.

The Importl and Exports
Conlrol Act.

----~--_..:..- .--_. -----

8 Chin Special Division (Extension,of Laws).

S"b~l. MooifiC.JItfoIlS;

The Public Utilit)' Protec

tion Act.
The Pritontrl of W:u
(;onlrol Act.

n,e .....reign I:change

Refutation Act.
The E'leniiat Surplin
'and ScnicCI Act.

TI,e Custodian. of Enemy

Property A~I.

The Union 8anko! Burma


The Burma A~rkulturi.b'

Debt nellcf Ad.
The Transfer of Immova
ble Proptlty Restriction

The Ulli'... of Bun'lu

IAlbfllallon u' La....')

The Public Properly Pro--

IctliOll Act.

The BlIildinU(R<"gubtion
of CoastrUClion;&lld Re.
pairl Act.
111(" Land Oispoln (Sum-
ma" jurilrtktionl Act.
The A~riculillUI Deb's
MoratoriulIl Acl.
Th. Opium Act

111(" Lepe"A~I.J

The 81.1(,111.1 Laws Ad.

The Facloriu A,;!.
The Public PropeTty
Prote..:tlon Acl.
The Dioponl of Tcn:mciu

The Tenanc, Act.

The Wonthl, Lent'S ITer-
minilotion) Act.
1ll.e Criminal PrO::fl!llfC I. (.) EI"VY Uaci1tralc of the Fint CUll
Code. shall csucisc within the local limits

, N~ the Lepros)' Act.

Chill Special Division (Exlen.siotl 0/ Laws). 9

Subject. Ellent. of Application. ModificaJion.

The Criminal Procedure of his jurbdictioo all the ordinuy

Code-lOllfd. ptlWert of a Subt!iviaional ),facilITate
as Ht lorlh ill Schedule III of the
1"1 Every llacistrate of the S:cond C/iu,
.hall Jlave power 10 lake coc:nizance of
an offence under any 01 Ihe ctauses of
sulMcclion III of Kclion 190, and to
make orden lIS to first offences under
leclion 56J.
(4 Notwithttandinr anythina: In section 32
an)' Magiatrate 01 the Second Cla_
ma)' pue a sentence of ,,hipping.
{d} Every Subdhltional lrhiiltrale .hall
have the powers of Ihe Firsl Clan
II. For the purpose of facilit:llioC the
applicalion of tbe Coele, any Magislrale
or COl.Irt may constru. any proli.ion
Ihertin with .udt alteration. not affect.
ing the lubttance as may be nec6sary
01" proper 10 adapt it 10 the matt.:r
before Ute or Court.
III. It, Nolwith.tandini an)1hina: in
.eclion S7 Of the Co><1C Or .eclion 61, an
officer in charee of any policelalion
10 which the provisions (.f thit section
may be 'PfciaJly applied by the Loeal
Government by nOliftcation in 'he
offidal Guett. may detaift a potnon
arretted without warranl so loog
under ,11 tile circumsbncet of Ihe ca
ls rta_mable.

(21 But when Ihe officu Of Jlis own

authority detains any Inch penon in
custody {or a loncer period Ihan
twenlyfour houn, elcILujye of the
lime Meenary for lhe JOUrney from the
ptace of arrett to the Mal:islrale', Court,
he shall stale in the report pn:lcribed
in section 62 hh reasons for p'-olonginlt
Ihe detention Of the person and where
the detention ~lltends be)'Orld three
day., .hall submit {urU,er reporl of the
realon. thtrelor at .uch interv:d, as
the Magistrate lu whom Ihe repo,t
under .e-ellon 62 was submitted may by
~eneral or special order direct.

IV, All offence. alain.I private. pertonl

and property may be compounded wilh
the permiuion Of Ihe Court by the
indhiduat injured in re,aon or properly
or by his cuudian or teAat representa
tive exceptinC robbery or da-:oity
c:ommilted by orJa.nized cancs or
members of.uc:h Jangl.
_ _ _--..L ..!.- _
10 Chin Special Division (E.rt~n.ri on oj Laws).


The Cfimin:al Procedlire v, Nt>lwilhsl:aading allylhing in

,Co>dC:-'''N''''. seclion 526 of the Cooe, a Court of
Session mar, if il is absolutely dtb:lTred
by seelion 487 INm lrying any use
committed to ii, or by section 556 rrom
lIurinl:" any appeal pending before it.
direct Ihal ~llch cne or appeal be
Irallsferred for trial or hearing to
Olny olher criminOl! COllrt 01 equal
VI. Nolwllhsl:lnding anything in Ihe
Code, a finding, tenlence or order _hall
not be reventd or aller('d on appeal or
rel'isk)n on account of any irrelularlty
of pt",)('edllfe unlns the irTfgularit)' has
occasiooed a bilure 01 jllilicil.
Young Offenders Act.
Voh.n(etr FOKel(Prohc.-
lion in Ch'lI Employ-
ment) Act,
Burma Army (Sulpenlion
01 Senten~esl Act.
Burmil Resen'e FOlces
Upper llurma Ruby Re- So n;uth :as maJ from
1"I.tlioo, lime to lime be in
IOfce in Urper Burma,
'nle whol.
In the ClK 01 that part 01 the Chin
Sp.ciOlt Dhilion which lies 10 the west
of lhe line dcll.Tibcd below il subject to
lhe follOWing modificalions:-
(III) No Ireel shall be rescn'cd treel
ek1:ert lu.k.
(b) F"ce licem::u to felt, cut, sa......
converl, relnOl'e and "Ii lite such
teak trees as are not alienated by
lease or Ihe limber thercor may be
issued to an)' Chin lor an)' agricul.
tuul. domestic. piscicullural. or
rmbllc t1urpo_e by Ule Deputy
Commissioner 01 the Diltrict
.~bjed 10 the Iimil' prcscribed in
c1allu' (el.
(c) The qllantity of limber f~ which
a free licence may be issued by Ihe
OcputyCommililoner under clause
(I) .hall not u:ceed in value
RI, sao,
C4l TJlcre stu.1I be no reltrkllons on
the collection or remoul Of oth~
forest pr;)duce, includinllhe partl
and produce of animals, u:cept
those prelcribed by local custom..
~ovided thai no such J:roduce .hall
be removed elllt of the uid line,
except with the permit illued .by a
Chin Special Division (ExteflSion 01 Laws). II

Subject. EJ;lent ol Applkatioa. uodificatlonL

lion,l Act- ~o:s:::~~~ity and thrOulh a
(t'J NOlhiDg in clause (d) shall be
deemed to limit the J'<>wer 01 tbe
Oo\ernmentoflhe Union of Burma
under Hule 27 or Of the Deputy
Comminloner under Rule 190f the
Burma to"ore.t Rults published in
Re\'enue lto'orut) Inpartmenl
Nollfication No. 19', dated the
3ht Odobcr 1911, as ,ubsequentl,
VI HUDUnc and fishin& In the laid
area .hall be loverned by Chin
('Uslom on the undertlandinl thai a
clole season lor 211 cbs~1 Of C2me
be observed thrOllChout Ihe month.
of Jul)', AUCl:at 2nd Sepl.mbef.
ld Nfl elephant or rhlnoce~ Ihall
be kllted without a licence I..utd
by I coat(letent authorU,.

The boundary run' due aouth from I
demarcated point on the Twi S2 .beam
l<tlso knOwn as TIruin chaun,) about
t,vo miles rrom the eastern boupdaf, 0'
the Tiddirn Subdh'i5iOfl to a point on
the Jan, P.:aul Mwell lalso Icnown ..
Ltnn Hallupi) crossinc a portion 0'
the Mun Htalc (",r Lu p~al Mwel1), the
Twi Pu .tream and a portion of Balbi
Wwell lor Talc NweU Lun) md Nan
Yawl L.i ; thence in a IlnilM linedut
.outh to the foot 01 the Lcbn W~atl
loIbf.l'wile knowa al the Lekan Tall:
Hawkl; thence to a 'ao-th-westerly
direclion 10 a demarcated point on
the Mwell Val Lulc '-'fOl.ina: the Twi
Mee .tream; thence in a we.terly
direction to a point at the foot 01 the
Paldim HtalJi about two milu from
the T\\'I Lai or MangloR chaunl; thence
due IOllth ilDd parallel to the .....e.tem
bournbry ollhe l\atm)';1Iunl Rnerve to
a point on the Taklam Mwell cronin.
the Twl Lai Stream, Tawl Mwell and
the Twl Pah for Na)'mraunC chaun,)
about a mile below II. c<lnfluenCe wilh
the Lam Tanl Lwl; thence from a
d~m:ucated point on the Tulam W""tli
t2.t of "OfIllanl about a distance Of
two miles from Ihe westCT1l boundar)'
Of the Natmyatlnc Re.erve In
IOlItller!y dirrttlon to a point on the
Shalll Kane "well and down to the
Twl Nlo Lwi (Naltala chaunll ; thence
to a demarcated point on the WwelnulD
12 Chin Special VMsiofl (Extmsion of ow.r).

Subject. Extent of Application. Modification.

Burma Forc.t Act- L:. about two miles frOin the wntem
1.111. boundary of the Natmyaung RtI;rvc
crOSlin~ the Htay Mwelland the Tang
~uanJ: IdwdJ; thclKC frolJ\ the Mwe:lnum
Lv which i' the COntinuation Of the
Beli Mwell east (If DoHuang to 11 point
on the Shel Ki M\\'cll crOising the Sun
Num Lwi and down to the junttioo
of the Kwe Lwl and Ihe Phtal Lilli/I
streama ; thence to 11 demarcated point
on the An KhOO2 Mwcll down the
Lei Lwl slrUln betwun No.3 Stockade
md the western bOundary of the Siyio
Resef\'c and up the Zu H:lwn Mwtll.
the continu2lion 01 the Mwell Pi:
thence in a south-westerly dlr~lion
crOlliing three 'mall Ilrcarr.s. nan.ely,
the Nam Ta Lwi. the T ...j buck and the
Tow Lwllo a demarcated point on the
Shwumpi Atwell; thence In a ~oulh.
easterly direction 10 the Bong Bun
s~eam which il the cOlitinU;ltion of the
Twi San Strom: thence to the biahelt
peak Of the \"oldu Klan, and alone the Of the Neerkhi Klanlfs to tbe
Buk Va and up to the junction of the
Tulwan and Ngerkhl Klangl to a point
dlrKtly betwccn these two ranges;
1I1cnce down t.> the Manipur river to a
point ~bout two miles due welt
(loint On the said ri\'er where the
0' a
boundaries of the Subdivisions Of Kale,
Falam and Hak;l meet; thence crOSsing
the Manipur river up an unnamed
spur to the Tikul 80 (1512) ; thence
(ollowing the ridJe of the 11 R~ne
Kbng to the Ti Rane bo (5064) passIng
(WC!' the Tia Kaulr. ao (3061) and the
Ci Ri Ho U53]): thence a1oni: the ridge
Of the Ruan Klane to lhe RIlan Lung
So (49081; thencto continuing d}wn the
Ruan Lunl Klang and Ille ZURe Klang
pauing ol'er peaks 4260 and 3245, the
Phak Pha Va: thence crossinlil the
Phak Pha Va up the Thai Ko Vllte t~
its lOurcc on the Thai Ko Klane ; thence
up Ihi. Klang ('Qnln~ throuih peaks
3401 and 3102 10 Kaung Vawn Flane:;
tllence do....n the Dar Tlal Klang over
peak 4115 IVul Bel Hot to peak 3184;
thence eastwards throuch the Cung
Sa.r riang to the Tun Thio V.JRl[ Bun
Do 135SOJ; thence southwardl along
the Lungpha Klang and o\'er the
Lungpha So (32011 in a soulherly
direction down a 'Fur alonll. the
wutern watenhed of the Hair! Va and
croning the Haklean bridle path near
the "8th mile; thence south lor two
farlongs atona: a spur to the Trenll Va,
acrus, this Va and up a .pur to the
Lamtukkl;l Klane, crollina: this Klall_
and IOOCltilluing south do.... n a prominent
Chin Special Dh-;s;on (Exltns;o,; of LawS>. r1

S:lbjecl Eatent of Application. Modification..

Bllrma f"Oretl Acl- spur to Ihe Thawng Va about one-quatlu

co"M mile below Ihe mouth of ill tributary
the langte Va; thence aero.. the
Thawn, VA and SOIllh-we31 up the
ridge dividing the Zangte Va from the
Luneranli!. Va to point 30C)0 on the
Rana:Pi Klang ridlle: Ihence aCron this
ridl:c and louth do\Yn the Zangpi Kling
for al>o<ll. Ihree miles when the ridge
bellnl to lose height rapidly; thence
_thweat down a Ipur, crouina: a
well.mlrked rounded oul-Iaying hill, to
the Chui Va ; thence acrotS Ihe Chui \'30.
and weat UI' a Ipur {northern waterlhed
of the Hal Va, a small tributary of the
Chui Val. to the lummit 01 Cal Klang
IZnO}: thtncc a mile ""ul aCTOP a
saddle 10 the end (,f the KuangkulanC:
thence: IOUth dOWn the rid~e betwn the
Khuci Va and the Cal Va to Ihe Ri \'30
near where Ihe LlInlhlll-BlIrma loot
palh lea\"u the stream bed to avoid a
bend In the Ri Va, Ihence weat along Ihe
RI Va {'Ir one lurlonlt: and loulh up a
svur to lhe Ui VaPan.hnawk watenhed
ndle , thence south-east down a Ipur to
Ihe Pan-hn3wk Va, acroe, thll Va alld
up a spur 10 the Pangkll Klanji!; thence
in a general so.ulherly dirtction up the
Panlr.u Klane to (>OJnl 2310 and on
throulh point 3365 al the etld of the
MlJIgkaw Klarig to point 2929 on Ihe
Penco Kiana:; Ihmee dow.a spur to the
junctton of the Canesi Va (or cantipl
Val with one of its tributaries the
Tanlbi Va,and do..-n the Can,sipi Va
10 ill junction with the Canslte Va;
U)tnce wesl up a spur to point 2S15 and
on across a laddie to the Hill at the end
of lhe Lawng Thane Suan Klane:
Ihence south down a spur to Ihe JUDI;.
tlon of Ihe Zahau Va with the PhawkVa
near point ISIS: thence in a IOUlherly
direction up a spur between the Kantu
Va and the Ruathanl Va 10 Ihe Tunng
TlanS (known locally as'ThOlei at point
3614 TlanJl:): thence (ollowlng the
Dumva8unna path throup poiht 214t
tn the Vap! Va lor also known as Nran
Val and across this Va to point 2257 :
thence along the Ate.J Klang rKlte
through point 2270 10 ib highest point
3748 and down a Ipur to tbe Simhra Va
at its junction with the Toiat:a Va;
thence across the Simhn Va and lip a
spur IHawng\").te Klane) to Kawk Va
Klane and across a saddle 10 point 3112
on the LeIva Mual : thmce continuinc
in a southerly direction down the Lei..-a
Mual and across a uddle down the
rldawni Klan, 10 the Myittha river lor
Let.. Val at its junctiOn .....ith the Lui
Va; thence across the Mylltha river and
lip a .pur to the Ut'him Va Klane and
14 Chin Special Division (Extension 0/ Laws).

Subject Edeal of Appllalion. I Modification.

Burma Forest Ad- continuing in a sooth-westerly direction

'./Itd. alone this lIual ilcrO" lbe Teimang
Thin;: HHah Kl;r.nJ.! to {lOin! 3189 on the
Haogkhu Khung T1aJIl range; thence
down a spur (western Willen-fled of
Ran::ri Va), one of its tributaries to the
Teilik Va below the gorge; thence
acroS$ the TciJik Va and up the watu.
Shed ridge belween the Mawr Va and
the V:,trit Va in a southerly direction
across Ihe l\!ilhi Muo&1 ridl!.~ and down
the eastern watershed of Ihe KIIUci Va
\0 [he Rawllg Va about four miktabove
ill jum:tion wilh the Un;Lval'ai Va ;
thence across the lbwng Va and up a
rid:,::e in a SO\1lherly direction lor about
one mile; thence along the ~uui
11l11;J:r1ung Klanj( ridge in an citsler! v
direction for ahout three mil~s and
Ulence down to lI:e Daidln Va wheTe It tributary the Kel Va (at the
end altAt Krip:l KJanK); thence across
lJIe Daidin Va and up a .pur' III a
southerly direction to Ule Daidin-BuTina
road on the Shinu ":Iane:; thenl'e in an
eulerly direction along: thl, path to
where it Uledi the RUJV:lpi \'a thence
up lhis strum lor about half a Inlle to Ib
junction with the Chawngkhua Va j
thence up the Chawn~"'hua Va Cor about
.ill: nliles to a tributar)' near the water-
shed. thence up a S(lur to the Palek
ridge when the Ridni-Burma footfl:.llh
forb ncar point 4831, and thence along
the Pa1dr. rid}!e in a .outherl)' directloll
to the Pin;.-ring r.a.k 13992' and down
alollg the Pin_-ring '(lur in a south-
.outh-ea~lerl) direction to the Vai Kaw
peak 12881} where the Ping_ring 'pur
turns eastward; thence in the same direc-
tion down alOl'll the KaWllg-hlOg:-Khui
'(lur (FROM Yalkaw (leaklto the Maw
river as filr as the mouth Of lhe Shaw
,tream ; thence .()uthw;'lTtb Ill' the Shaw
.treanl to a point ne:lr lhe headwaters
01 the Ngakhon dream and u[l the
watershed of the Shaw ,hum and the
Nga-I.:llOn stre:110 to the K)'awnra\\'ng:
(leak (2900) : thence in an ea~terl)' direc-
tion lor half :l mile :llonl/: the K)'awn-
rawn!: nil and thence in a soulheatterly
direction acrOiS the drain:l!:e or the Ra
.tream to a point on the ""8awkawng-
TWo paUl: thence 10Ilth-Wt altmJI::
this path lOT about hall a n.ire to the
llui-dul peak 132131; thence in .. south-
~terly dirediOfi along the De'tha rui
to the Batut:ai pea'" (the w~tern end of
K); Eden.ion I boundu)"; thence
alOllg the resene boundar)' to a point
where it crOSICS Ihe Ke'-rui; thence
nnrth-we.l u(l alone the Kt'-rul to it.
jUDClion with the Khi-Siang spur:
thto~e south down alone the KIII-Siana:
Chin Sp,cial Division (Exttnsion ot Laws),

Subj~ct. Modilicalion~.

8urm~ r'orul Ad- .pur to the Hn~w river and thence
""'id, down along the Hn~w rher as far nit.
junctkm with the KinGyung slream;
thence acrOlis the HlI;lW river and WCllt-
wards up ;llong the Pailll Put .pur IiII
the footpath to l>an~Shi is reached;
thence sOuth dOWIi a l:reek to thl,: Killg_
yung Slream and thence aeron Ihe
King'rung 8tre~m and up the .pur
oppOO>lte in a south-westerly dir.:dion to
the Htalkawng yunK; thell\;e eut by
south along Ihe Htalkawng yUng to' a
point where this ridee tum, norlh-e:nt :
t"enee M)l,Ith by C3slllhng a tributary of
the Trubawk stream; IheMe across Ihe
Tn bawk slTeam and up the opposHe
sllur in a ,outhsouill-wel terly dir~'lion
lolhe Nalall,t peak U27,: on the Hnaw
rui : thence in a norlh-weslerly dire<:lion
I.... the Kyim plnun [l'Cak; thence In ;l
southerly direction down a tribuh.ry
( hmweil to the Nge river; thence
down alon;:: Ihe Nge rt\"C:r to the nwuth
of the seeond lII:.1ill tribulary (I..:litui
hmwt'il Oil the right bank: Ihence up
this tributary to the Hleihlen rlli;
thence eilSllur aboul two (uri one' alonJ:;
the lIIei.hlen rui and lOUUI along a
tributary to the 'fe stream; thence east
alone the Te strealn to the western
boundary 01 the MiE Resnve; Ihenee
in a general IOUthcrly direction aloll&
Ihe western boundaries of the Mi):; and
Kyauluil Elltension II l~esO::r\'ed Forest,
to surve}' point 11l2S 011 the ri,hl ~nk 01
the Chi Itre;lm; thence lOulh by west
up the Hlak-ehjtai (Sat.hidioI) ,pur 1
a diltance of about ten 'urlOlll' ;
thence ea,t down a tribut.u)' ,tteam to
the UShen stream; thcnc;e xrosS the
U-Shen stream in a lOouUIc:astcrly
direction to the M'Paa ~unq: and down
a tribular)' in !.he ';lme direction to lhe
M'PaiL ,I~am: thence acrQSS the M'Paa.
\itrcam iLIU! up the opposite tribut:try in
the ume direction to. the boundary of
the Kyauk'it Reserve (or Chin Hills
Paki)kkll Districl boundary I at a point
aboul three furlotlCs 10 tht easl of the
,ide f'f old At'll1uro-tui (Waholaungl
~'i1Iage; thence soulh.wa.rd along the
forest (or di,lricll boundar)' :a.s far as
Hinalnj% sP\lr; thence dOlYn lhis 'pur
to the Kyaultsit riyer and along the
Ky,luksi\ riyer a, br as the mouth of the
KhaKhui .Ire;lm; thence up the Kh.....
KhlJi ,Ire.un in :.I south-we'ter1r direc-
liOn to a point where the Kha.banC
1'\Jtunllawag footpalh is rcached and
alonl this path ill a general lOuth.
easterly direclion crossing lhe Kha.
Khnl \unl tu Ihe Npng slrealn; lhence
in an easterly directi~1 down Ihe
xeung .Cream to its junction with the
16 Chin Sp~cia/ Di\l;sion (Exttnsion of Laws).

Sutjed. Edmt 01 Applialion. N'0di6ation

Burma "'oreat Ad- Lungdu ,Iream and soulh alOOf the

t#1l,'d. Lung-do 'llum to the A'Pem YUTlR:
thence east lion!:: the A'Pem yunl: to the
wutern boundny of the Kyallksit
rucr\"t lor dblrid boundarrlllnd $Oulh
along the boundary to the ridge Of the
A-nu-yung; thence .out/l.$oulhtul
alonf the boundar" for about three fUT.
hll1gs ;md down a SPUT to the Ye strum
cruninli: Ihe Ye stream and up the
opposite 'I'Uf in a 5OUth-wtlterly direc-
tion to ~ point UITce turlongs ea.t of the
site of old Bai-gaun (A\lk-I{~llgul vi1!aie;
Ihence :;lIlollg a line in a south-eastern
clitec:tion and parallel to the Ve stream
f1t about a mile 10 a puint on Ihe Kangu
stream about hall a mile away from ils
source just about the 6th mile-poslon
the Sa\\'-Kanl'etlct toad: thence along
the !(;lnfu stream in a sOllth:\\,elterly
dirtion 10 the 6th mllepost on the
Saw-Kanpetlet; thence east :;lIlor.g
this road to the wetlern boundarv
01 K)"1l1ktit Eltension 111 Rtsened
"'ores I and IoOUlhwards a'ona tbe reserve
bound;lrJ tothe SlIndaunl; ridee where it
meets the northern end 0( the western
bouDdary of the Salin Resen-e; thence
11onl:: the western bound:1rY 01 the
Salin Hesene: to se-hle P..... e where it
meets the northern boundary of the:
Ibw-ehagn, Rnervc and wnt along
the norlhem boundar)' of the: M:I,,"--
thaul1e RtUT\c : thenu 101Ith alnng the
...estern boundary 01 the nme resene
till Kyen-ye )~nc is reached; thence in
a south_westerl)' direction down the
Kyenye yung to the source of Ule Hsa
strum; thence in tile: lame: dircction
along the H,a strum to the Mon rl>"er:
thence south and. eut down the left hnk
of the Mon rh"er to a point opP"lite the
moulh of the: Hlwet slream and snllth
acron the Mon river and. up the Hlwet
strtam to Hs sOurce on Ihe Pwi Oaung ;
thence in the nme d.lrettion up Ule
Pwi Calln, to Its jnndion with the
Ar"k.:ln-Yomah {Chin HillsAkyab dis-
hict boundaryl,
Upper-Burma Land and
Re\'tTlut Recul:l1ioo.
Burma Prohibition of
InnoculaliOIl and Li
centine 01 Vue;.
natiOllI Act, as nbsc
Inc Limit;ltiocl Aet .. P;ut. t. II and III and I, The period 01 limitation for a suit for
the I..., Schedule .0 reeory of mamace price according to
lu 3$ it CQnfns Chin c...tom sball be tweh'c )'un from
suits and pl'ouedincs the date of deman6 accordinC to sllCh
of II ci\iJ nature, pn>- custom,

1 The catrieS rel:;ll!in, to" The Limitation Act .....ere substituted by lIinistry of Chin Affairs
Nolifitation ~o, n,daled Unci No.elnber 1954 CBllflll" Gdullt, 1954, Part I, P. 1761.)
Chin Special Division (extemion of Laws). 11

Subject. . Extent ~ Applicaliou. Jlodificatioos

Tbe Limibtion Acl_ vided that the enact. II. The period of limitation (or all appe~
umtld. men( Ihall not be against, or an application for rel-ision of,
aPfllicable in .ult~ the decision or order of the Village
brOUl!ht al:a in.~t Chinl Council presented 10 the Circle Council
hom Lush;l,j HiIl~ and shall be 5ix months from Ihe date of the
M:tn;pur at border decbion or order appealed against or
meetings. of which revision Is sought.

III. The period of limitation for an appll-

calion for revjslon of the decision or
order of !lIe Circle Council presented to
the SJbdivisional Judge or where no
Subdivisional Judge h.., been ;lppointed,
to the Subdivislonlll Otlker empowered
und"r seelion IQ of tbe Chin Special
Division Ael. 1948, shalt be sb months
from the date of the decision or order
of whkh r<:vi'ion i1 sOlle:ht.

IV. The period of limitation for applica-

tion for revision uncScr section 4t of Ihe
Chin Special Division Ael, 1948, shall
be siJ: mouths in each case from the
d:tte 01 decision or ocdo:r 0( which
revision inought.

The Court Fen Act .. Chaptcrs 1 and III and PrlYfided tbat Court fee shall be le'vied on
Sc.hedults I and 11. lirst application 'or revision :u if tbey
Pro\"idtd lhal tbe enact ....ere pla.ints in ori~lnal suit. and on
menl Ihall not be second or subtcquent applications lIS If
applicable: in sUlls UlCy we~ appeals. WtleD a complaint
broue:hl agaln$t Chins or application is made verboilly to a
from Ule Lushal Hills Court, the fcc payable (or a plalDt or
and Manipurllt border petition respectively Shall be payable
me:ctioes. when the Co,rt decides to proceed with
the complaint or application,
The Rurm:l Process Fees Provided Ih:d the enact-
Act. ment shall not be
applicable in ~"Hs
brol'ght ag:lilllt China
from the Lushai Hills
a.nd M:lnipur a.t bor.
der meetingS.

Criminal Justice Refula


The Code of Civil p~ l'arts 110 VIII, Orders

cellure. IX, XVI, XVII. XIX.
XXI, Hule. 110 9 and
XLIV lubjl:Cl to
Rules made under
section 19 (l) oltlie
Chin Spial Did_tor.
Ad from time to time
TIle Court. Act.

18 Chin Special Division (Extension 01 Laws).


(SLOe seclion 2.)

Enactments 10 be deemed in force in the Paltlwa Subdil:ision

(Arakan Hill TrQ(:ls).

Short 1'itle. Edtn! of Appllc'.atlon.

TIle !:itale Offen<::cj Act.

TIle Oaths Act.
T-hc to'orci/{n IlCCfditing Act.
1111: Scheduled Dbtrictl AcL
The Arma Act.
The Elephants PrucuatlOIl Ad.
The Salt ,ct ... Sections 1. 2, 6, 7 and 8, Chapter of ooly.
Tilt Reformatory SChonb Acl.
The Blirma Fi.heri.... Act.
Hill District of Arakan Ht'cu1a!ioo ... Sedionl 12, 13 and 14 only.
.SCCC:s&?OJ:c.oer:; bee l.c: SOkc~e~ec 'gie 6Gt)c t
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,opao,jI:'!a> bm .d 'J'~-'i"" I~" .!l.c
~c,l,o..,c,sc~&9'" lepfoo,SbcpS~l3C~ 1f~3e.wo
cM:.'3" :fillo 1!cc:c.lloooC:SC. S?=<=<;>ro beo~1Jepeoeo (~)
. 'sc'9~
:choe<> cb3fl'3=.3g.>l3CA 1i,iJ'9iep"'~'fflC= sc~o 'to
~:\b3~3c",o c.8,o3cc g,afl"3"~ 1fa3W'oc1>.t=31o ~i:\i:Jso (f)
~:geoo3coooSC~ 1Jd>~':~:3'" scc~ .!<'>b~.: w,tmo li,iJeo~~~~
!I'1!~:bo:'l" '1P,cl>:b.eog8eo ~","",ch"'SO'1occo uckw=9:!cc,cq:>
:3~9eo .cm:!eSoch:bo:S" gfu (~) Lac ogl>ooo8,oeo (C)II .G
,. 'SCob 3il'epce ~~cNc.cee "tocoA.c,l,:CCC:!'''''3'' ccc'39>.,
'l..&>:3f1'CC~"8' .. Ifuco~i:cIlepIo3"'g 9:!0:c.oofu<>ogfuepc 'SCcc:c.booo8:chco
9'cc~ ep coeo ~:ceo",cwt.eo ,gfu"'i'~cooosc~. 6
.-o lr:epccgi!!l'eo'3" !cc1foooCepeo=.~ Ijo-'3~
~jgbcoooo8ep<o lo~obo'3Ir:epce ~,cI>:ccc:~'91o 'WCCccog'3lo ~
~"ll'l0 lP:cllooo8epeo ='ep~coeol~~cc3.0c.wce03"'"
~o<G I~CC'~ceo gfu'3!Pccccog'3" <;cccooo8ep. .e
1P'il'3"'3Go ch3fl' '3tcccc"8'3l: 1cASCccW ..:@30'3!i>.. C) cr
~l"gb::, oli 93 coS?3c~
'~CCg,lr:t93gcoS~.3COOoSC~IC "03=oSC~,,
Ic cclo "cooC!,o<G" '(cc)
ccl.o (oc)
g!,SCo~ beoc008ep<G!f 1cA!cc1.o "a~'f'Ip" (a)
c8:t.uo '!cc:coo:SColi be0c008epeo!f lcAlcc(".. a~c8:W." (0):
1P.~c8 '!cc:coo~e b<Gooo8epeo!f lcAlccl.o .. ~J!" (~)
'fIoo:sc~ l~cc30[ogfupSS'l'. cccopcho epccc.wceo
~:0&:c8 c=:coo~ ~ orj> lcAlccg: .. c8,R:oo" (e)
,sccc1P8'1f>cco, ='W."3to."""eo~cc:~", 1o~.
08 w3!lC(1)ceo ch3il' epeoeo,c~9rr.0S"Ioo'scco1F '9:!CC~CO
:31.001llGll9I'f'beocroeo~"'~~03&-[J IcASCcclr: .. ell" (w) (~)'r
ccg,g: o~'31 0....'" I."'l~
[11'] ~eGCf'I!"''''' ~ IcASCccl.o .. /lepcccO:&." (G)
(0) "c,l,'ccc:!,eocoSfj =~. wcolco"'Srf:tf ,~c,l,
61 "3!P='ll'*
,gl""#Cil?"''C.'' ... ~c ~.,..oa~., ,~! bC~c,
~,?j&~OOK.Otri bm tic SO!.~oCg:f:C t~ tl~tlco

1fi.t4 'P""'Pc.&>3coc;o=:8owcll:1o. 1I'~~~cc3"l ob,,,~

0=='I'"'f'CC :1c""'2:* ?fCC:CCD:~dIfj l~~ (c). '0,
.!ce3k30~1Oe&\D~3":3!P~ ~3l::b"", (b)
'PCC3~o~ "'3fu'8:goo:&x!> 'M"'''''(''l''''~ ~3cqjJro:('c
co'Jl:."'' ' ' 1f1d>~ :3:~ 'l!lo;:lelcc8 s~frp= cooC"lf (0)
"33~",",,~1~ (ro)
"3Bh>:gfuog"o; (0)
a:3~~ .
< [~c~fJ'I'ow,] plllo;~~ OCC''1)(],.ch:oBph:ch",~~'S''1I' (.)
"3:~bc.Wgo~l.oo; (00)
Cf* &&xl> ~@ogbgb", '30""'log>=' 1I':0Icc8 pcc'Jl::l>"': (f) -
b :Pro~~3~~-m=:8e 'l""i"'~' '3~:;oo ~:&x!>3!P~i:[ 0 ~
pbh ~~=,:8e",o;SS:3"i=3rort>'3<p&>g>t k/Od; ''3~
3"""~"'3fu>o'1'~li:&xl> 'S*~1.on 'S"'Pcc:&xls pX:!iJ1cc8 ,(c). .~

~cc:1c.B~ I~CC~OO*~ 00:1830 L
gX.<>o:p",: ~o;5f1 ("')
'l'oo":P"'1f ~~ ~poB'3"'Pooe:8.
:3' 3!J'3~00g>ce''3''icc'~:3~('c <;.Weo; CoOlcha:>o ,(0)
:tW~~t CC g>ccro ''''''li!ccoeb1 w#>,o; 1n<j!='1'''''
:S~CC[~ro~ ,~'3="lfCC 3eroopcro~'Soo:&xl>
:p",&cc~i CC g>ccro pcclcb~g>=:8, (0)
"3:ceopch."g&> (<;0)
:pco1f''3ip~'I'''g>(p 3C~'3~:S"'~~c8 (0)
''3W~' S<'3 'We~
=S2co1f ,e8:h>.ecc'pcBe3"'pcw.:Ile ~~ro. e8 :oo;SS (.)
"3il'g&:g,ffiigcogtoo:: (00)
'i"''I'~oo3l::b.", ~c.ii1e<ibsb"':3e""'L oporo. 1f'g>CffiOCO'i'" Icb~pcBe3'"
p=~cce1f.p,,""f'l'S>1I"I'!J'c*ro~g>=:8. pcc38:b,o; (f)
.p"b~.:~::JIcc8 p~.c8:tOe~:sa,,* ,e8:t.oeg:> '!I'do:\ilnb 3!J
~'f'CW":8, 1I'~"'w::,cc ~:c.I>Ic3lP'to. pcc#>"'" (c). S
~* Ot
'<,aag&la> ... oc ~ooi!9"" ,~e ;r;ilc.
,p,~~",:(11W jm~"'~
3'" ~~. :~"''';33CWOP'&''1P :jig~:Wo """S""I''''~
,cJ,:~3~1P ~!\!l\~~~,~~:loo "CJ,
~~:b>~'f'" Le";~"''fc.Bo3~'''8.g:1P op""'f'B:>3"''f''''''
:8. ~:cJ,3"''';33cw''S'''9'1P>o '3~co> o't:,~oo!;o
=";3- ~ (pIo3"'3B) '31P"''''og'3~ '3i ;C~c. .o-~.
's&~ 3!J:3fu>=:8ocB3'=ce. 1i"'3~3b;cce. '3g,~"':coo:sc1lfJ ,cJ,
c::02:polfd>o.g:.''s'''~g~''''':g.g,,,,~b.,; "'-~ "'j0' ,e-~ .
pnbln:fo I.oP"''J'"3''' p",(M~
'3'-fjo8" ""rr ~"'I""S"'" td:to. c"'~&toSS (C)
" ~:cJ,:o:>""l.,; '31f<:'~"':co>'sc1lfJ jl>:cJ>=.2:l9 (;)
''s'''.~ '3'
13fu'op\ 1lt>e,cc"3<tgb~:[B1<> b~Il~2S""'Cl (~)
''s''''',o80:f'o'/od, ( r)
''s'"':9''''' (c)
-P",~1.ll233'-"'''P'P!P g>l.onlP~ 'P"'=0&'33 cwocpoP!P
pI.onOPcct: ',,"'=01<>g3cwd:W. pI.on'"~I""'=iiJlcc~' ''''-~
~"9 !ffl>ooec~:8oc=fu~(~)3icr) ~"'j~ (~)
'""'3~<I:locJ, ~~:~ c",.=Sc1Ifjl; (~) ~ngl> '0 "'j0
~3!llC'~p1,o 3i:I>"'lfec:~3cwocp+p1,o "",~bo.,; (~)
!IIll2g3CWOPOp1,o plr.n:,,"'if '=0I<>g3'-"'~ ''s'''~<tgb tI!J!lex;
: "'33cw....s:LJ. c"'OSil'po::3iSS:je.ogbgb""SC."'!.o[jL"3&1 co-~ n90
)S"':~~'" !lill2g3'-""S"'Pg, pI.on:"",~ "09!sc"'''P 0pfp (C)
'"nbM~33\,'~."'peI>o30 3~'J"'pe" ~:l>"ll>"ex::3"W'=0&'
33"""S"op1,o ."nbpl!3cOOO'f"'pce ~:cJ"ch",po 30CCO ""':3"""33cw,
'8""'"""~c'3""I'c:JJ ..8~"''''3SC=S''0p1,o ':"roe,"":9'~'gcopo::"'3
3""'~p!f 33:xh:: '"""'J.lj<Ji:L0 ""':;""I'''''P3SC''''S'''S''fI' (;)
'"'*'pl!3""":o!IIll2 33""'''T'P~ro !ffl>0o.,;
8ff'S2"'~3""" '3""''3!I'''ca\j'J'=:Il.!IIll2 ~,'jlol o:>e>;:"oec nSo
~ II
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!f:c"80g'f'8 ='M~1nJ, "';:cilso~*BfJ G'Oaso"'~1 Ib
Igt." hg>ntc a3'wo<lo:."3~

(SKAN STATE ACT v. 1948.J (28th November. 1948.)

It is hereby enacted as follows:-
I, (i) This Act sball be called rhe Buildings (Re,uJatioa of Coaslruc
tioa and Repair) (Amendment) Act. 1948.
(ii) 11 sbaU come into force at once.
2. The present section 9 of the Buildiaas (Rqulation of Construetion Addition
and Repair) Act. 1946 IrQII be ftllmb#ud lU sub-section (I) of sectiOn 9 of. cia.."
at lbe end of
and the followina ,IIQII be inserud as sub-section (l) thereof:- a.ectiuD 9
.. (Z) the fines realized from persons coovicted or any otrea.ce under
this Act or the rules framed 1bereu.ader sball be payable to the
local authority concerned."


[Ac..T LVI. 1949.) (1st OCtober, 1949.)
1. This Act may be called tbo Roai1tr.lion (Temporary -Provisionl)
(Amendment) Extension Act. 1949.
2. The Registration (Temporary Provisions) (Amendment) Act. 1947
(Burma Act No, LXVIII o( 1947). Ib.lI ClXtend to the areas in the Shan State
to which the Reaistration (Teolporary Provisiool) Act. 1947, is applicable.
subject to the modification meotioocd below :-.
.. In the amtndmeot contained in Kction I thereof. lOT the ",'ords
'four months' tbe words' oDe year' slulll be sllbstitllled."
~ ~ , ~ ,:)!=>=> ~'!8~; :)~, ~J>,"::Je ~
<>!l\<~ .
- " ..blisbrd i. B.... C..,,/l 19-U, Put I. pa:e 119),
t PuWUbcJ ill B.,_o.:dk,19~ PIrl I, ~e 9n.

(SHAN SnTE Ac:r 1. 1950.]

It is hereby eoacted as follows : -
1. (i) This Act sball be called tbe Towns (Am~lIdm'D.t) A-;:t Applica 6

tion Act, 1950.

(ij) It shall come into force on such a dat~ as the Head of the State
may. by notification. appoint and sball rclQaio in force until tho Head of the
Towns (Amendment) Applicalilm. 37

State ""itb the permission ,pC the Council. by noti6cation. declares it to be no

longer in force..
2. The Towns (Amendment> Act. 1947. shall be in force throughout
the local limits of tbe Municipalities of Taunggyi. Kalaw and Lashio with the
modifications mentioned below :-
0) For the words .. Deputy Commissioner" wherever tbey occur
the words" Resident or such olher officer or authority as Olay
be appointed by the Head of the State in tbis behalf .. shall
be subsliluttd.
(ii) For the words a Subdivisional Officer or Township Officer"
occurring in line 1 of subsection () of section 5 of the
Towns Act as amended. the words .. an Assistant Resident
or a Magistrate" shall be subsliluled.
l<p:cg"i.OI'!rog,SCa::O 19>oII'o:g~
"'~01'3""au. S. :c.I.i!llolc.&. ~ 1<?a::~9'cI:.uo 3'
Boil'" 0".l~. 1.;J'~olo. ~'oo-.gc.''''
Ilgj.-{<:"'gceeo:~~ I~'jf,~li ~~ B' ':P
coc""'" 10"'A'~~9'" ~'!j'8'B>ca::.socc~~ S".l~,~'1
S~=OOSIc ~gb:c~ I~ ~'!jo 8'B> (O!)
,:chlcMggg,gg 1~:c.<o~g>W
IC. ''3~<,<c''!b'gcl:.uo~g> g,lch~c 'IJbg>:ci~ SOW":
1lcM:~ GGgll98:gffiO lO'fowo "g>:ch:'!~: ()
3i :ch1c~
~ggg,~~. ~~soIoo:'!ro1c~31.o."!jo <pI.c:"~:l6fJ' (c)
.'!a::golOlclls>'q"'fC<C' ~:~a::g. lc~gg,gg (b)
.,!a::g 0l0"fro
<bee c:O:=9"* ~I><pS5""'.g:c.Mlf1cco3S:\''''
beeo.02'f"'~ co!lffi2c;o~'!~ l~gbICCOO~a::g. 3S"'''' (,,)
I,g: l'f0 '''fB 0= Ilci'~I'3B '3'" 1~~cWOg>:ci~ (ee)
loeegbgl>'" !C8tr.P&>lio =.o1b. l'fcLJogo ''fcw.
1\0 I~'fc.loo l!jo\o100'" "&'Bo=og~+:'l'" (b)
3!J'g~ Igbgb"'1ffio ca:obtllcllscWOg> SOW":
lo""g1Jec~a::g "1. S!l>:c.llScWbfl' ~OA:a,.'k'3"''P~'f6
1:gch"IJ:"cblgll':~Il~'!,:~IC;O!lec IbOlcCClSC'lJbg>c<oo (0)
Igbgbeellllo 'f&otlgJ,~ ~ 10000g1;ee
~ccgoL gl'oc;o~o Ilg~~':c.ll:h>.ogo ='epI"':~'0
~cc (~. A,c.llgobC"' ~''fa::o 3"~a:: Igolh"S'i ''fB) (f)
g>&>3"'l'" 'if""': IO"'=3S"'<p&go'l'" l"fro<,<ct""
P""fJl0'gl'og>c<c. ~OA:c.ll:OC'l'" '3&.1'" le,oI'l'l'" Igo,!", (c)
''fccW g,gbgb""'fllol0'fC<C' ~a::cro
3<"",.,00 tIBo:g~ g>IM: ,gxcfl>.g~""1fu'oo
g>"cRI:oo b",,,,,,~ee~ IcAJa::g.:ch:J1Io ~".l'" ( 0 )
~ 19>~CC 1'\.O ~o<\:c" :~got. I~ 'oS'" 'cAJccg.go'l'" (0)
''fccg''\.o:Jro:c.l.'l"CQbgbec o~cc
lCOO<l lo.3ffilcc:coo:gl!:xfL.. 'so~1f ,tog>e~"l5~
8~ccJ" ~otI3"3cc:ll~e'I~CCQO~eco dJccg.,!", (ro)
"...~ . g>+~ 8
'f00 "sJ'sg::&1tx,ocw. !p1C":J80'l'Il:>cc.o.~a::cleo ~~
6~ 'fI"o: "3s>:3!l<Sxpe !f>:e~a: 'f'It>"1f "cI.~a: (0)
0:&10:00 <pIno: "
!.",Io:~W ~:cI.(M. ~~ """3J"Io:.
~ ''3fu..:Io:el>e,oc1oo' 'se,oOOocpoj,~ be!: ~"":I> (e)
n lb~
M'3!f>s1'> 19J:~lb 'S be!: ~ OSo (w)
oJ""~~~3~= 'fln.g: '~ 'SW
:po '3S~g300 :jo:"",wSI;"'='='cj:~a: !p:e "'1,0'1'0=
~S",:I0", w~CiJ~ ,be!:'I'~>'I'= ~SSW" e,o&ro' W*.
~,cI.:3!l"''f8'" ~,ci.c$'f1n.g: "e"e~ 'f/ooli; ,cI!ea:",=:c3~a:,&" ~
30 Lo '3&>""cl.d><!ofj' ea:o:eco3B'f'1;x,o"e~ beE Cogo. '.!I
n~:OOg::sm~"3fueg{;e'" Sb'ga::L0 ~:3'Sc.c~o (b)
'jGOO"'1"'f't2 1:3fu>e3" 1l~~",!plcI.Se Wbgxp5:ea: (~)
9"'3!J~"gJ:='l" ,:gJ:c~:c.Il~"''" so&l"':b.
gbJg>e",~",soc=", ,;r,..~. ~:gb
'fino: 'e,o&>",:b"'=~'p'lD:co 'cI.3c'O'bg>.e1:p <pIn.g:
le,o&>",:b'33~b !p:cI.:pSoe,oll:>cc.o~a: <pIno: ,,="
'go" ''1'&>'''S':(cgg ,6cM.. =:=~ ,,=:cI.
1IJ6:cl.ell ea:.~J~'I'~(O:*'" 'fino: "g&>"'(h<'Bo:~ ("')
!I'.e":J80'l'lbc(Oo"="e",103e"'0'f'00fi:3~eGW (0)
0:3J~:= 'flnolf
eWbff"eIP ( 0 )
l:g:eco~'I'lD:co 1:3:3ch>o=3g> ''3Joo3''!p~.
. ~o!f':~
S:'oo~:cc"'S !p:cl.cMoliIo:gb ~ I: . Ilg'a
soff:S I:3:Ko:S !pc.I>:1~cc gXr..g:,3""'" ("')
,boo3!F'f"'o ~':c.Il
'3fu="y.00 "'t~.b ..!>'I'8c.copro ,o~~*
gl'fSS ,~:~ccoa:W&~~3ge3!l ~<!~:3~~ I:c.I>
'3Jgro 00 ''I'&>,,"b"'l'cB~~ :!':tco:J8o 10 ~:cI.
'I'l::3ef~ib Ce) ~ogo!f cpln,1i' 1:3~0:3e 030"''''1'00
"3:gg:&1opcwo !P:cI.:2So 'I'lbCCOO'l"'t~~soB
'f1oo1j: "3'f'!J:~e g,:cl.3"" 'fino ,:c.I>~a: (0)
n .:\o"g
! ..:I.oe,o~:c.M.'" c=g>/MWlog1u !f>:c.Il:gfu>.:\o
ep<.oog:: ''3fu..:lo:<;Jogx.~ SpO;oe,o"ca.o. b", ~ ogl> (e)
"~"'!l> ~~~ o.
" l! g.c.hq>ao ~lo3/.oc.ccooof, ~
"~p1<>j.oo k #'>:~'f83"a,. 1P:c.i>'I'''~300 ~ 1",1l8~ cccog~
O~ ro:c.og>g.,1"'3' IO",!~%osog.,:3'> "'OOSSU" I~'f'b IiS:''f'~3c"",
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"c!lll~cc~g, ,!ccpun':.olc c.ccog"'~p83'"'' g.,:~1
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"'ooss"" l!cc'l''''I'&>! b", (C)~091l'f'Q)'" (b)
~sw~3!Jco g.,:c"'l"''f&>S''''fSS b",:cJo.coo2:!*:3'> ,,ror;:J..sooa
:!t c.cc0l=9"'B b""'''''~e: :FS~~:~:=l' '=jfu:o.~
"'O"Ssw~ <p<.onlf "311>", oC g.~ :\j:"",!oo'k'g!:: '3ro",~ccct3tSS !cclo'I'=:.o~ l~cc'f"'g'Ssm ccc"i.~c.o3oo'k L (c)
o!'*'o.~ofu 1n!f.b>%:\i :3!1>"",,~~cc!0 g.""'I'''
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':fcc'l~'''':\bgOOBg.,:cJ,'fIo~3'~'fino: 'Sb31f>9ro g.""glpmQb>'"
ij'!ccS"'s>!J!loo' :c",,&lI'c'f'c.ccOlc.o~gro3Sot~oo!l' <p<.oog: """'3~38!l'
!xOOSSW' '3fu:\i:c.rog>!o!S'" b", 1;" "91lcooC'f''''~ (c). IOC
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1!,*,~3":O"cW ?f~ ~o ~
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!l"3":.o.g:1PI!nbWSbp83"",~h-b.",:\"Q'SScoo ~&t;L 08='" ,&>ooS':c.l>
'I'''3!J3''' ''I'Io~~. '~fu:\igro~C"'l'''~'':s*'''~S> "'3S= cm'l't
ch'lll:'f'cc j,''''C;Cccljb ~""""'" "3 ccoo - Xc:c.afu.''1'"'''' (b)
,~cc3k:ct~:J3ip:='f'l':t. 11"3" '''':''':s'=~s>b i:3"o",~ct3t
'I'SIP 1I':c"83!l'3Ilij'!cc!0 :3ocooWg>g.,1IJ 113Oscc.3!Jco ::\"3i:="'"
g>tch3!l'pcc !ccloc b:~':3' l:jo",oo Cli'l'b1. ij'!ccsS'I'~"
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''3!:l<f''1<pcc:g''':!o . "3!l'1S'ffl ~13ifx.8~ c.ccos"lP
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"ggm:ooXu3 /i"M+CCOl=lo:gg:
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'P"'~P~3=ogro.~ lI',cMff Lopc",. P"'lPgC;GO. (c) I I~c
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"f'!I:~P""'fC!lo!l1J00!l ""'""'S"llco I."'l!f(='"
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sOO>"'Ilg>:3e.8:>:W :'!ro::g~ol'l'
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'P!l:""3~:W 1l=:s!l>ec ,cJ,ch9ol'l'>!fu::"!o
pl:c.Cau. ::f:xJ='>ec cc nrj: "3~'" .; nrj:cooC:f'~ (GO)
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I,,":<&" g, ifo.....:s" ~ '3 '!gXx> ~.
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1j::!p tcwcec g38:~B:.Ols.~ ?,o:cMg~ .;i;",,02pec!f (e)
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c.@1:u'3~S"1o ~:sco3~':~ec ?,o:c.tlG.02:SCO CceOl~~SCCGec (.)
'SCcc3~~scCDecllo:b. ?,o:c.R.G,oc:SC<l:cec L6'8"'ec'3
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"'''.:3g~g,~:chco ?,o:c":SCDsob:~ec ~ccS"0 t.c.R.$f:P cccop!!
9:'''''900(j:~CCG'cc .ecG.oc:,oec!f 3R:3~ ,b .;\g3Sg,~:chco ?,o''SecS''0
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=ll:=:cccp~ :3!I'ee:sco,?cc:cCD:ScB~~ ~Gc <:pI.o.1j:: ,~Gc IGGC .go G.o8
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ch"'fj. ,?ce:CCDC@WO bee C C plo.1j:: Ie .go G.02pec'f.' , rr
IIsc.b:o. g:<;o:01c :chco
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CCCOlCoo9'CD:if$o ~'g: 1l~$OCCC"CCD:SC"':SOC 'ec.go!f (0)
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[SHAN STATE Acr II. 1951.] (1st January. 1951.)

It is hereby enacted as follows :_

1. (i) Tbis Act shall be called" The Shan State Pensions Act. 1951 ..
and it shall come into force with effect from the 1st January 1951.
(ij) This Act shall be applicable to those persons employed by the
Shan State Go"errament as may be mentioned by the Shan State Government
in the rules made under this Act.
Sa.~lnc 01 1. All rules in regard to the award and payment of pensions or grants
of money or landrevenue. and the identification of the persons entitled to
receive tbelt\. made under any enactment. shall be deemed to have been made
under this Act so far as they are consistent therewith.
Illterp:eta-- 3. In this Act. the exprtSsion .. grant of money or landreveouc
U.leo..'1iocl. includes anything pay3.ble on the part of Government in respect of aoy right.
privilege. perquisite or office.


Uv Of ~lIju . Except as hereinaHer provided. no civil Court shall entertain lOy

reb.tine 10 suit relating to any pension or grant or money or land-revenue conferred or
made by the Shan State Government. whatever may bave been the considera-
tion for any such pension or grant. and whalevcr may have been the nature of
PIIblilbed in BIUIN4 G..~U. 1951, Part I, pace 731.
Shan Stille Pensions. 49

the payment. claim or right for wbicb sucb pension or Irant may bave been

5. Any person baving a claim relating to any such pension or grant Claim. to be
may prefer sucb clainl to the CoUeClOr of the district or Deputy Com- made to
missioner or other officer authorized in this behalf by the Shan State Govern- officer.
ment. and such Collector or other officer shall dispose of such claim in
accordance wilh .uch rulel as the Head of Slate may. from time 10 time.

6. A civil Court. otherwisc competent 10 try the same. shall take Chit Court
cognizance of any such claim upon receiving a certific.te from the Collector ~:I':k;ered
of a district or Deputy Commissioner or other officer authorized in that COCniuncc
behalf. by the Shan State Government that the case may be so tried. but sball ::J.:~
Dot make any order or decree in any suit ""hatever by which tbe liability
of Government 10 pay any such pension or grant as aforesaid is affected


7. All pensions or grants by Government of money or land-revenue shan Payme"tto
be paid by the Secretary. Shan State Government. subject to such rule." as Ithe e made by
may. from lime to time. be prescribed by the Head of the State.
tary. Shan
I. Nothing in sections 4 and 7 shall affect tbe right of grantee of ~'i ..C 01
land-revenue. whose claim to such grant is admitted by Governmcnt. to ripls of
. ,nnla'"
rceover such revenue f rom the peC$Oos hable 10 pay the same under any law bad'Te'"eDllC.
(or the time beinl in (on:c for tbe recovery of the rent of land.

,. The Head of the State may. with the conscnt of the bolder. order COIIlmuta-
the whole or any part of his pension or grant of money or land-revenue to "~
be commuted for a lunlp sum on such terms as may seem fit.
p:ntiom. '"


11. No pension, payor allowance [ p or continued by Governmcnt H:I pilon

under this Act shall be liable to seizure. attachment or sequcs~atioaby of pen.loll
procC$s of any Court at tbe instane: of a creditor. for any demandagainn the from
pensioner. or in satishction of a decree or order of any such Court.

11_ All assilomeots. agreements. orders. sales and securities of every ANl.e_
kind made by Ibe person cntitled to any pension. payor allowance mentioned .....ent etc.
in section 10. ill respect of any money not payable at or before the makin, illlion Of pm..
thereof. on account of any such pension. payor allowance. or for liviD' or ~onl,to
assigning any future interest therein. arc null and void. be 'yoi~d.

Slum State Pensions.

11. Whoever proves to the satisfaction of the Head of tbe State that
aDy pension is fraudulently or unduly received by. the person enjoying the
benefit thereof,shall be entitled to a reward equivalent to the amount of such
pension for tbe period of silt months.

'owe' to 13. The Head of State may, from time to time. make rules I consistent
make. rulcs. with this Act respecting all or any of the following matters :-
(I) the place and times at whicb, and tbe person to whom. any
pension shall be paid;
(2) inquiries into the identity of claimants;
(3) records to be kept on the subject of pensions;
(4) transmi$$ion of such records:
(5) correction of such records;
(6) delivery of certificates to pensioner;
(7) registers of such certificates ;
(8) reference to the civil Court. under section" 6. of perIGns
claiming a right of succession to. or participation in. pensions
or grants of money or landrevenue payable by Government;
and ,eaerally for the guidance of officers under this Act.
All such rules shall be published in tbe Gazette. and sbalt thereupon
have the force of law.



11 is hereby ,nacted as follows :-

1. (Jo) This Act may be called II The Free Medical Attendance Act.
(2) It shall come into force on such date as lhe Head ('f the Shan
state may. by Qoti6cation. appoint in tbi. behalf.
2. ln this ACI-
(a) .. State Minister" means a Minister of the Shan State Govern
mont. and includes the Chairmaa of the Shan State Council.
(b) .. Medical Officer" means the Ci,il Surgeon of the district in
which the State Minister is stationed. or in the absence of the
I. S Shall Stale GO\"ernmcnt, !o"illaIKC and Rc\"cnue Deparlrnent Noti6.calioll No.1. datcd
u.. 1nd January 195%,8"""4 G.:dll.1952, PM! I-A, pale 3.
Free Medicu', Attendance. 51

Civil Surgeon on duty elsewhere other than at the headquarters.

the Civil Assistant Surgeon in tbe same station.

3, A State Minister whether on duty or on leave i, entitled to free

medical and sureical attendance and treatment by a Medical Officer either at
the Medical Officer's consulting room or at tbe State Minilier', home within
'the Shan State or in a hospital belonging to the Shan State Gover:nme.n~,
Provided tbat-
(I) no specialist or consultant shall be required to leave his .t&ti0t;l
in order to attend a State Minister except under the ord~n of
tbe flead of the Shan State to whom application may be
made in tbis behalf by the Medical Officer, in charee of the
(2) the duration of the attendance to be eiven by such .peciaUIt or
consultant lie in his discretion.

4. A State Minister under treatment in or out of hospital is entitled

to bee supply of such medicines and appliances as are available from bOlpital
stock. When under ueatment as an inpatient in hospital in the' Shan State,
but not otherwise. he is also entitled to tbe fcce lupply of sucb special
medicines and appliances as the Medical Officer in charle of the case may
think necessary.

5. (j) A State Minister is entitled t.o frcc Bacterioloaical. X-Ray aad

other euminations in any Shan State Government Hospital where tbe necessary
facilities exi.t and if the Medical Officer recommends it.
Oi) All charges for Bacteriological. X.Ray and other examination. i.
an)' other Iaospital or by any specialist upon a Shan State Minister sball be
reimbursed by the Shan State Governmentif the Medical Officer or the doctor
attending to tbe Shan State Minister recommends it.

6. A State Minister is not entitled to free accommodatioD in payin,

wards and to free diet.
NOTE,-Where II Slale Minister has the u.: of:l HOIpllal Ambulance. he mould be ..hilt.ed
the ordinary "Ie {If ilmbulilmce hire.

7. Wben a State Minister. by force of circumstances. baa to uDderco

treatment and medical attention at a h05pital in any part of the Uaion 01
Burma outside the Shan State. tbe Shan State Government sball reimburse any
cbarges payable by the Stato Minister to such bospital other than cbarlet fot
diet and accommodation
The cost of medicines and dressings supplied from sucb bospital dock
to tbe State Minister treated outside tbe hospit~l _hall .Iso ~ rci IQbutsc4
by tbe Shao State Government.

[SHAN STATE Acr IV, 1'51.].

It is hereby coacted as follows :-

I. (i) Thi. Act .hall be called the Primary Education Act Applica.
lion Act. \951.
(ii) It 'hall come into force on .uch date a. the Head of the Shan State
may. by notification. appoint and shall remain in force until such date as
.tbe Head of the Shan State. by notificatioD. declares it to be no longer in

2. The Primary Education Act. t 940. as amended by the Primary

Education lTcDlporary Amendment) Act. 1950. sball be in force throughout
tho ShlD State and shall have effect as if-
(i) tor the words" President of the Union" wherever they occur
the words" Head of the Shan State" were substituted;
(ii) for clause (i) of section 2 thereof the following were subs';
(ultd. namcly:-"(i) 'the authority' in relation to a sc'hoot
means the Principal Educ:ation Officer. Shan State or his
local official representative, the Assistant Inspector of
SChools in charge of the area ";
(iii) in section 6 thereof. after tbe word" concerned" a full stop for
tbe colon wtre substituttd and tbe words ,. Provided that no
sucb notification. cost of carrying out the scheme"
were deleted;
(h;) in section 1 thereof. after the word" expenses" tho words ~ to
be incurred in carrying out the scheme ,. were added and a
full stop for the comma wue substituted and the words the
City of Rangoon. in carrying out the scheme" wtrt
(\.) section 9 thereof were deleted;
(vi) in .sub.sce:tions (I) and (1) of section 14 and in subsection (I)
of section 16. lor the words .. a village Committee It. tbe
words .. tbe Judicial Minister of tbe State" were sublti
tuted;' and
(vii) in section 17 thereof, after the word .. Government" full stop
were inserted and the words" and in Ihe case of the City
of Rangoon to the Municipal Corporation of the City of
Rangoon" were deleted.
o!<aM<=oco "'" r g>~.0n29"" g>tffis~ ,~. 61;ae
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~ ,I;er g>o\o,:Mfj L~ oe""'Fi ,. ~I;a. ~b-Sl~gloJ>o~~s~
o!co.~ 'llPg"Lo to ~ rr rollLoc'~
;;! el;ae g>ooncg>~
o!"":tc~ #:d!co~gI>a"'lrogx>~' gl<CIS's'~'j"~
!l'a3OO'" O:~~lJ":''''S'''P''i ~"""9>"'3""~ogb> ~(-o:G<&:oo<Gtg!o..,~ do
3i!'3300'" p/nn'P,,* ,!>"*,lUC'oO<C'Cfo"'3'l""'" T-a:33cwO (S)
. 'Cf~<i!co",
Cfa:.~3""'~ ~3ewo "'!"'S"'oeeoo'l''''':fo~ ~dolG~.'~CO~
3'jOW0 p/nn.Cf,,* "Cf"'S"'0.0g0>'3'" eecoclo."01<>3'j"coo (C)
!."'~ w!lWartlfl !f>lC.I"f81<>33cwo =epInn~b.~ec (;)
!~'" ~Cf!f9~ Cf"''9cog.>cd:xI> ~cIl@>g'j"ClJO (~)
'Cf""'l'crle3""i"""",10 3l'g.>83=~~"'!5WC !f>:~ 'I'."':c.I-J~33CClJO'l'"
gl~'3'> ~~og>tcr~ Cfa:~ffiC33OO'" U)
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gec~coso!f>SS'f'3; ~ '9"ebec.c~~ :g~ (e) ,
'=Iilicnsa1ol1lo ~~ (co)
'if-~olo:et:g:>I/>t."'I'''''''' ~o!P
.lob! 1na~.e~olOO> g>'if!j:g~ !f>ggew'iP ICf.b'j"lXlo'!CO
'!ol!ecoag= l*",3l'P3""'0 !p.c.Mg> LllGOO2g>~ (e) I .e
ICfa:S* !P3gcc.uo:1>o:c3"'cfi!olo/llg'.
!!jlg5c",o.calll~'" e ogb g&>0002g>ec!f1 If
'Cf""'o'!(O(,(I)G<& 3!P31P~"IP 'gfucfi!l:ce<, ~.
~ ~l~ L~~ l"'~~!f (f)
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[SHAH STATE Acr III. 1952.](l2Ih September. 1952.)
1. (j) This Act may be called the Urban Reat Control Act (Application)
Act. 1952.
(ij) It shall come into force at once.

2. The Urban Rent Control Act. 1948 (Burma Act No. VI of 1948).
as amended up to the date of this Act and the rules made thereunder iball
be applicable to the Shan State with the faUowin, modifications :_
(i) The words" Head of the Shan State .. shall be substituted /0' the
word" President" wherever it occurs.
(ii) For sub-section (2) of section I. the following IMIl be sub-
,tituted ;-
.. Subject to the provisions of section 3. Ihis Act sball extend to all
urban areas in the Shan State."
(iii) Sub-seclion (a) of section 2 shall be omittcd.
(iv) The following shall be substituted for subsection (2) (I> (I) : -
.. In the cases specified in section 19, the rent fixed by the Controller
subject to any order of the judge prescribed under section 22
in respect of such urban area."
(v) In sub-section (2) (J) (II) (E). the words .. por annum" shall be
(vit-The following shall be substituted for sub-section (2) (h) ;-
... urban area' means any area which the Head of the Shan State
may. by notification, declare to be an urban area for the
purposes of this Act.
(vii) In sub-section (I) of section 11. for the words" Notwithstanding
anything contained in the Transfer of Property Act or the Contract Act or the
Rangoon City Civil Court Act". the following shldl be substituted :_
.. Notwithstanding anything contained in any otber law for the time
heing in force."
{\:iii) In section IS. the words" of the RangooD City Civil Court or
any judge of the District Courts outside Ranloon" sMIl be deleted.
PliblisMd in 81m".. GII,ltt, 1952. Part I, JUte lOt
Urban Rent Control (Application). 59
Ox) ]n secJ!OO 16.Jhe words "or allow to be 61ed any application tor
distress warrant 'UDder sectioo"22 of the Rangoon City Civil CQurt Act" shall
be deltltd.
(x) Section 33 shall be omitttd.
3. The Head of the Shan State may. by notification. make such furtber
modifications and adaptations as may be required for the effective application'
of the provisions of this Ad.
':g=~gcc" gJ0roe{l>" glccc.ooa.,..Ps<io?f
'fl.o,,,J<o~ "3floro:~h '3~eclI'ee glccIcSI~srogc=>
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~'3"0- L"'I"""'i glcc~~, - ,I:
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~:o.!lec 3&>'=gcc ?f:~~ 19!"~:=W.~c.oI)
'f~Cf&ee*, OCCO:=3"'95". 'L~ 13!J~"~
/iJl:p.o.~ =.~~ 3i:eei?~!l' .ec:ckooC:glt ?Fcc:=!l
Iie.i~oap~ <fI.o":g!"'~ I'ec=apee~ lcc~ee~., '3
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:S:ijcolcccc.;{'~ w~eclP <fI.oei~ Ilcee\\d'>ee3c.o1)so. (0 )
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'30ccfj:c3~'3cW' glcc. :~1:':'f83"=?f,.},
~cc:<;tus03t~g, <fI.oe:!"'~ I~~*" 31>
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'~.~:e3cc <fI.oe:!~ I 3= :c.h
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'fl.o.:l~ "".fCOOO ''3'?fg>I!Iee$lccee ~t~SOblO ( 0 )
''3jb>ogcc. 'fl.o": c.o~ "3!l
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'fc",.ee'3cW. 1~:OOO'fOOO' :3'?fglcc9!je.SS 'fl.oe'gl~
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'fl.oe:!~ llccc002 solr..:l~ llcc\Gec<p=.eesoWo (w)
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1f~3W'g, il'cc~ 303c.o9'f.' -lcc~ee 3'J*.po, 1(;
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SO<=O<>::I3d ". I~><.<og>=' :3hlP'!cc31l':3S rplno:,!,,*
"o~. Il~ksocc", Ilj>lf>l>o~ ~Hosow:3e.too (e)
o:3sl=tet><:plbec:u' '!cce~13!Jeo'l'8'" 'f0ooiJlp
epir.o:'!w; ,~ccoooe epir.o:'!coIi: ',!cc!c"'S""""""= (W)
,'!cc3~g>O:3 103~3''''Qrp'' b",o.oeso"'!f 'f'>ce1oCo
3"" 3b~" ~3<BoOew:ffloec ,o~go.:{u:o", :30 00"'[oSO='
1P:=3I!soIP ~cc:c,("soo',. 3b3""~" '!cc~cIo"'3w(>:f'" .e
.b!}>'3gll:~'!~ 1P:3<L.>o3l!solPll' ~'!.
:3hscc'soo+.:esol>c;oo Iig!coo Qrp,,:cJ"3<~S8g'1P wl\ch",~" bex; ~
Njh Il3hsCCOSOo+o:~~ 103~''' wlid''''3'''\>so'' b'l' c'Sii ''3hscc
'P3"""/.>so" 1P:=381P ob3"'~" "'" (f) g" (c) ~'1> (!
sfr.c.lloooe:2+ ~cctJo",=eso"'!f 3&>:0":0"'" oI'OSOch>og, (c)
'2_b:~c.fu. 1i'\"l\ch"'3c.oO,J'''' l5/l>"':!b3"'Qrp" b",o,ocS""'!f
1P:~.38<PIPI;o :~"'''':{'c "'~~cc~ttoce3t b,~occ:3ch: 'IF'~'
3I!soIP ~cc'!. :~cc=}>", ~cc.''lfu'2cocw= o.oe~ (r)
,2cc3~"~S'" 3b~SO'" If><coSOc.foog, ,jus"l.o'lo2cc
"'o{o 2CC:!"'lOlF'" w:03 0 .2cc3A:'J&3=1Gg>c.fu' \,,\j<h~3co
. "~fu<>o1f>:3"! "'l!' '3fu<Gro r so<'.~~cc:(e:\&':oeo:3S"""W/ll' 'f'>
~ fc3CDO~ :~""<"''3I!''''''<w occo:=rpIicpcc ~~'9~ '3'-'
Hw :3<oeo 2cclcglll:g!c3<OOO2w :=38PIP~ 'Cf/::3
.,!.b:c.<X>'fcro. \"~ch&;3w(>rp,,
l*",8i1'3b~" b""""'%>"'!f 1f>:=38P1Pll' :~"'S"<. Ii~~cc
,?w<-W<.",3""O oooesoeo!f '!cclcgll:gb>3""'~w:3e.too3l!so1P =.~",
socJ>osow ~COg'ce3" epir.o:2w1i' ''Pce3'b.:~:occ:~. (c) I .!>
',?b:occ~e fu!J'"
lid"" ~=3S'P1P 1P:g:~w~ch&; 2ccBIllC g>+'?iJ3l'WI Ie
''?'~I.o.'CC't\l " Icgll:gb>3""'>'!w .. 2cccpfu:ooeplP
l011'''' '3fu:=S"'~- :0""P":<o~~j 1f>:oh8f1Jl011''''
~c1>1i' ''?~il'1F IPlcglll:g!cg:[8:3b30 !f:c.ll8f1' c1>38'
:30gr0 'f:3<llJ'3':3<1.o. l~cclF "lcgl"~O'ro" (,)
EL 'J"'{>p<\:cJ,:~31:~"!j*",
O '~"'~~~$O' ~ .
sc ~ '3fj;2"'3i~ ~~'3"'D" tp:,~:s co SOO>n:~
'1fd"":g<.oee ~"'3iFgxc 3':~ "3~~'I'c!lo:c&: ''3:'''''3'
,g.o!i"3"h>o3m ~o::!o !o::~ee c.o::o."~ oo~oec
:l'o<1> ""3~!.ee ~d>ec!p ~o:~ '!o::~5c.o1)g:~1 IV
Ilnl>:jl::goo :jcecro'l'CEJo ~'o
g'o::g>~"~ee ~!P gx.~1fee S&ds~ '?'.:,~;1cee '.":~!o Msee goo::
g>~ w~cree 5c.o1)g::~ bee1, oSb 'Jlno'g:"'~ ,1><0 r; 'Sb' 10
"b~o:3fu''''S'' ~:g.cogw9S"~ W
'gcl:.<;'38Wg, '''':00fl;bee''3~w ~bI,.1o :3<03O::'f~S"00
W'Ggoo9g>tl:gcW,g, 3<o'5c0'~O::SCo l(.edcgl"gro
g=olw'gCw,m '~!}"gfu>~o ~,gbco3wl)'j>~g, gUg:
~<,08gc"" ,dswg>OSCC<b c.o::o:ceo~l.' g& V ''0 ,cee
'g'gw 1ccO::Og>1Iioo Wdsecg, g>Ino:lcog: "Cee~dsee~~ (ro)
'J'Sg:>f,oe~ ro~::ncw IOJoax.<! I~ ,!""j"c.o:::gch>.1c
,gcLJo SC""cM.eeoec "'''@gcc 3i,owEJoees""~o:p0 '(0)
.:oEiilg=O'J',!-oee !I""j,
'=:gdoo 1<:'gcWo !rc1<:gir'gecgcco:!w :o~~ (e)
~bJ.3"'0 'J""'o(oo SCo::coo2 'f'gch>o%S"1P ~
'lcog: r.gcro,~" :g"~ee SCo::1<:.sI~co
'gc.l:oom ,.ee w 'gcoec ~cc:cmtll g& r; "'f> (w)
'~3k'J"oS"" ~kGco9'J><I g,01f>:g<h:o~o::!o .~~
'*0- 'oog!J3<o~'-'9'@ee"l.o!f'ee.!'"<l 900( 'J"'i." .'f:
!!,,~W""'l"~ wLog,:ce~~0 01<:!~'''''''
3!'qeees~ee ~i !i4'c~g, I!"~= 1f<oog!l:"'*.f>io
'J'fuec*''''''''3 cWo gS cO::O"~ L58""1lg>8:> '~"gw{><pIi
W'~ =. 3''''''I>''ee ~1"'B> .eec.koo2'.g::+ ~o::,cm~
.e.=oa-,oec!f 'J'Ioo. cog: lb=oo2pec~ !o::d>ecgw{><pli' '3
"g:CW~OCD ~<lep!
gcc:eo:<1>""J'0 SOGCO ='''co(i'loo g& v '.g!> """r.:~
1<:=0g>1'OO. wd:eeg, ",,",o:lw~ Ilcec<leegw{><pli (0)
"3<l1<:~ ~gcc:e. ~~eerlOGCO 'foo.,?oc~ 'soo::B
:egcc ~Q,'9't.O. !~~w Moep!gcc:e. W,cMb"
'~lCh:3'too~iffi3bw tL

001 affi'lCt."oSa
[ACT LXI. 1949.J (20th October. 1949.)
WHEREAS it is expedient to extend the provisions of certain enaclments
to the Salwe~n District. it is hereby enacted as follows :_
), This Act may be called the Salween District (Extension of Laws)
Act. 1949.

:I. The enactments mentioned in column (I) of the Schedule shall apply
to the Salween District. subject to the modifications and adaptations. if lay.
sd forth in column (2).

J. Subject to the provisions of the Constitution. the President lRay. by

notification. make such further modi6cations and adaptations in column (2) of
tbe Schedule in respect of any enactment mentioned therein or in respect of
any rules or regulations made under the said enactments. as may be required
by Ihe exigencies of the Salwccn District.
Salween District (Extension 01 Laws). 77
4. Subject to the provisions of sections 2 and 3, the prOVISion,
contained in an>: e'nactment nu:ntioned in the Schedule shall be void in so far
as they arc inconsistent with the provisions of any Act of the Parliament.

lfodiAcatiQn. ;md
Tille. Adaptaijon.
(II (2)

1. The Slate Aid to Industries Act. a. ameltded

2. The Code ofCdminal Proccclure (AmeadmenU Act, 1945
l. The CoUTb Ad, 19-45

4. The Ad~anC'ts to Culti\'J.lOI"s IRec:o~u\'1 Act, 1946 .,

5. The Income-Tas: (Amendm"nll Acl,19~6
6. The tiUrm<l Tariff IAmendme-l1 Act., 19~
7. The Burma Court F_ tAlnendmentJ Act, 1946 ..
I. The Burma Tariff (S~ld AmendmenU AcI, 191

9. 1.1le Burma Tariff (Amendmeal) Acl. 1947
1<1. Thf; Penal Code (Amendment) Ad, 1947
11. The 4'rade DilflUtes (Autendmmll Act. 1941 ... ..
U. The Code of (,.'riminal Pr~lII"e IAmendment) Ad, 1947 ..
13. The S.avilles Certificates Act, 1~1 ... ... .
14. 'rh. Code Of Criminal Procedure t5ecoDd AmeDdmeDtl Act,
15. The CoatrolOf Imports and E.-ports iTtmporuy) Act, 1947, .
as amended.
16. The Pellal Code aad Cllmlnal P1'odllre (Temporary
AmeMhnenli Act, 1947.
17. The Tow"s(Ament'm!nl) Act, 1947. . ..
18. The He:islratlon (Temporary Proli.ionsj (AmeDCbDe:nt) Act, 1ft .octloft I j;r tbe words
1947. .. lour nl!)nths" lhe
WOfds "one year" sh .. IJ
H S1tb$li:,./td.
19. The Saling. Sbnrps Ad, 19U ... Nil.
20. The Penal Code and Criminal l'l"'lCcdule IT(mroury)
AmendmenlIolAmendinC' Acl,1947.
21. The Buildings (Rellulation of Coastructloa and Repair)
IAmendmenl) Acl.19-17.
22. The Ellential Supplies and Services (Secoad Amendment)
Act,19-17. .
21. The Re:::istratiCln (Amendment) Act, 1947
24. The Public Property Pr'ltedion Act, 19.7
25. The Search (Special Power, Act, 1917
26. The Union Military Polic~ Act,I9411
27. The Essential Supplies and Services (Am~ndmentl Act,
%8. The t:rban Rent Control Acl, 19~8, a. amended

O~' "''I SGit..sJl,~",(yd.).'1".. .J;eu .".

[oe'J~' :dieo=oyoS 0,01 (oe" ~, 2~ ~)
~lDdjE: ",05~liIi'''~;'
01 '(0) ~".c/:ieu~ ;'e'J ~~I m<f';tuS ~
",~ T'!";,
'e~J n i ' ""tS8et cS ~m')SI:D,,(S'tI., ~~~6'~&
".rli u~'"
1'3fu>0<pccCn!",*S= ~gro~gxc!o
~~.~ Igfu~~CD SC""ch3O+ "ccg~~'" Ce)
~lob:n. .cec:cJKpo"'gg= b"':ciKp"'3c3fl1. ~ 00 Coo)
.!. "~!l'I'fud~ CD "'~~!f80o:;.~:c"'Sfl=t O!fCO:;' 31\."",:10", !cc!llllc
<r.!B 1'f"'!fS!P"1,occcocctn(ccoo or'''''!f'''Sc5Bt,o'E''''' (r)
I!CCg~?f'ckooC:!.ifcc5i:llc<r.!B 3b"
g~~g""'gc"'O!fcB'~ g,'''''S''''=3<!lB toGOO2p~ Cc) I I/'
.b[lo4~r.3i:!.gxc'!0 g,.ggo.gcCDO!lo:jo
!fg. I~Worog>Co ',!Ob/1o'gCCDO.g&'''''''!fco ~.lipbl'='M~Iob:fl:>
19,.chB.:'!fg. =.~~1ob b""=3<!lBtocoo2p"'~' '9
IbOO!fS!P" g,50c0",glSgo y>lcg, '!ffu..gxc!ng>Io50.~.
b",.cJKp"'Sc5B tOGOOc!f"'~ '!cc'~CD:;oo~",b.~", .ca'sll"" 1(;
Ib.0OO!foog,:c"!fIlo:~ b",GOO2p~"''''''~ gXM
.'!oo:: l!ffuo:;.~=obc"'SS "c""~CD!fO"'ggcw. ='~3~~~
~~CD!fO'" y>gbgb"'Sc.ooso&d>gg,3~ 0 g8xl>g:. '!fl::~
I'!ob!nb!f~"~ 1f"'3'!f"'goo.,!' lcc.""'!flipcr: :gf,o~4
gxc:c.cxxplipcc 39:c.llGOOc-.!fc=g b",ooo2p~ '!ffu..gxcbc""c1\;
t*"'3b<p<l>osooo::gbgbCD ,oo""'!''''fI'~S= gXM:!oo:: I~crolf 19B'"
:""50:~ =O:==3<5B gfu ~ ogo G<I:~"'S"0"'ggcwol .0
.b~03@lcb bo:;aooC'f"'~~
!fbl. glcc~b~{oip'!cc:~CD!fO"'gg= c=~ ~.
~:~"'!f"'"'f'ioMCD~ c1>~Sl'l0 g8xl>g:1 '!f"
o'!obM~ gr ~
~ ~ ,!ccS'!"",ggc=1P 1~:g&glOO tO~bCD
2 0 l~!i':f'c1>O!f""~.
3ip&>~b:;o ~3!fol.
SCCC~c.ogCDO I",," "'1l':ooec:'f'''' ~
g>oo..:!oo:: glcr:gXMcccod>o:gl:o (e)
"'" g r
Sfupb"'!fllo!fful. '!f!'b",lcc.~coc1>o:gto{p 'io'"
soo3~ :O'''':'!o'''~' !fIr:o:'!oo:: I~crolfag= .
<r"SCtJ Ite",ctc~o~""'i 'f'iogbCDS~ p,~~o .Coo)
-,!cc:&OO!fO",ggG<=1 I~
6L 'S"a,c"so""'a3<~'!l:;bw
['e~J ,," ""IMtuS ..nSe=""Io'i J'l ('e~J " """"? <j<&)
o",.,o'io'ba~: OO<e=oalj Wo:djrbt.
01 1(') :5OOlclie=n'l 'e'J '/,~, mofflttoS (~:~OOl~oEo~:
'I",.li","",~ ~e&,6:o.) OOlclie="Io.T~o;>S.
(J) :5OOlOleoOOOOt 'e'J "~IOoS", ? ~ty.S,.xmQ)tootul
y0'3"i'1 t1

J' I (m) m<fttoS ,.~:~oEo[!l:,.:Il::Il:",.,: ro.~ro.o

,.,0B (cnooo~Q)'P"10).u:~t1
(.) m~~itoS~"l",~Eo[!l:",:Il,:Il:~o:0td3s"fl'J:I"""cqE
.~0'30. "a (""!?c1:;005"10) 8.0:~ot. w*,,,o:a>8:8,ijrot. dj",So=
~~""1l "'.~,oi::jEiI~o0"l"t1
(0) m~E~ttoS",~~",~E 03Q)~~:""t 01<n~ m~
~;toSom.,e8",~"i'f):OOY0il'~.\"8ii!E:@b4' qE:",.,"""""'o1qSo~
'(m), C.)~ w.~""""'I"'I'O>OI~'knoi\~ ?,a (oi:'fIC1:~0)8w.'l1'
m<f~tt~m ",S\~~EiI~~OO~'
.ifmJ&!<D"", r <p<I<uon<!~~bw I~" eC"" I
"i!",~!Oo:,,,,,, "'" c ~~SI!JJbw ,~ ~C~c
~.... ~IOO ,[:w""ckS'c;ccc:!<e
~d>~b,~", WifP"o",cc"'ff't I~MS/ob :w",,!iC;C=!o~S a
'd>" go~,~", ~ccfl'oo",cc J b""c.Ilcon2-.*S"Bo~ 5""'9 :"'!fl
~ 1Je I.' :09 I~!jp'l"a.<P&>~ILc"'C;Cccb'$'8:>'1Je ~
bmp Ioc",occ ~~tw'g!>c;cc.~8g.>b:~g>'Cffj"go5ccop&'",
.!u""Ic~ ~ccfl'O=cc"'ff't ~'fP"=cc g3=OS"~gbw (u)
~'solJo"cc"9"'9' '~Ol1f.gco.=bSc.rn .~"b:o.S"1n IP (gh>g>oe'l.o&c.o) gCc
gosolJo:f'xOCo ""."'S9"" ,o"'fI'oo= Qgow'g>ICffjgbw (.).
goS 3.00Olgro= ''''''fPOC",ccCOfPt ~'(gl<"f"''I.oGb~'~) BC r' c
300"", groooco iJom 'UXlff."0"'cc Qgow''P.scSgbw :(w) r
~ooc.wc", ~oM.epb C OOSO" I~'e rCtlc ~ccCOO&P<C!il U)
I~""l.~ (:do>3..opllo S'c""'fPOC"'cc"'fPl;
~'fP"=cc)g~~Sgbwl~'~ rCtlc1fcooC<p"'!il (c). IC
(~ e ""i""~ rc~c) [oe:pl.'" "nC~ij!fubw '3'~ rC~cl
.c,,02~.'c (.c.ll.g".l"~llo3'C.'''\)
!l'0C.",<ccnl'.~3,'!I'C."'<C )a3c.w"g'.SlB31ow '3U r~ac
Ib!Jo:g;u8gcoe. c.3C 30:0.'" f>1f:~
M~ Cfllo",~~. ~....~o~~c oj:o<t;
ce'!~:M'b1J" . "''fCC'F~.& W<Xl"LOCO
~ ccgec<p!lg<oe.1f: d.~~ 'ilmg>O~
''''''~ ~:1n<Ilg@=* I~"'S"'3e'P~:&' ~~'"
gg<wo ~Sgbw ~=~<.o.filio ~T..~", g>O~Sgbw.
.~cc~ b""cJ,c.,o2:~1Je 5co'9'li
"'!!l.'~'llel.~doj> loo~Ilo<pM. 'L."'C;C~
~ .~~cc.~fSr,ub'. "g!>c;=p&>ec,!u",~S b",s*~~'!'e
~ sotsC!J'lI'w
!fcc:cJ,. 0 g~b,~ ~gbw ("') I
18 do'il3 o 3*"~ g>+~3"'"

CI nmU)'):~~;;u5D


[ACT XI. 1949.J (6th April. 1949.)

It is hereby enacted as follows :-

1. This Act may be called the Foreigners (Extension) Act. 1949.
1. The Foreigners Act shall extend to tbe Karcnni State. 1


[ACT XX. 1949.] (9th April. 1949.)

It is hereby enacted as follows : -

1. This Act may be called the Registration of Foreigners (Extension)
Act. 1949.

1. Tbe Registration of Foreigners Act shall extend to Ihe Karcooi

State. I

Published in UNroll. C/I:d'r.1949.P;lrlI JI:lxtzs~.

I Nl,l\\ the: ":trah Slate:, See Ad LXII. 1951.
t Published in I;,,,,, Gaa.:II" 1949. P.ul 1. raie 131.



[ACT XXV. 1949. ) (26th April, t949.)

It is hereby enacted as follows :-

1. This Act may be called the Burma Immigration (Emergency
Provisions) (Extension) Act. 1949.

%. Tbe Uurma Immigration (Emergency Pro,lisions) Act (Burma Aet_

No. XXXI of 1947) shall extend to the Karenni Stale. 1


[ACT XXXV. 1949. J (3Qlh June, 1949.)

It is hereby enacted as follows :-
1. This Act may be called the Karenni State I (Extension of Laws)
Act. 1949.
%. (I) The enactments mentioned in column (I) of the Schedule a.
amended up to date together with the rules made thereunder sball apply to
the Karenni State I subject to tbe modi6cations and adaptations. if any. set
forth in column (2).
(2) They shall come into force on such date or dates as the President
may. by notification. appoint and different dates may be appointed for
different .enactments.

3. Subject to the provisions of the Constitution. the Ptesident may.

by notification. make such further modifications and adaptations in column
(2) of the Schedule in respect of any enactment mentioned therein as he may
deem necessary.

4. For tbe purpose of facilitating the application of any enactment

mentioned in the Schedule. any Court may construe the enactnlent with such
alterations or modifications. not affecting the substance. as may be neeessary
or proper to adapt it to the matter before the Court.

Publ~h.:d in B","'/1 GIII;('/Ie, 1949. PMt I, pa~e m.

I Now t:l<: K:l.Y.lh Stlte. sa: Act I.XII. 1951-
t Published ill Burma Ga:dte. 1949. I'art I, pat:;e 581.
84 Karenn; State (Extension 01 Lows).

I{l) (21

I. The Arms Act , t;iL

2. The GniOn Balik 01 Burma Act, Nil.
3. The B3nkcrs' Hooks E\"idencc Nil.
4. TIle Hurnu Census ,\ct Nil.

S. The Code of Crimin;d PrOCcl'urC I. 1,1) ":H'y Mal:,istntc ollbc lint dIu shall ucrrise
within the Innl limits 01 his jurisdidion all the
ordinary rowers of :II Sut:dj,'ilional ~beist:-alc ;lIS set
forth III Schedule J II or Ihe Code.
(lo) J::~-err "b~islratc of the second cbss sh31l hare rower
10 hoke cocniuncc 01 an offcn.:c under an)' or the
cbll$ts l)f lub-tedioo (I) of section 190, ;;In<! to mate
orden as 10 first oHcncn under .lion 562.
(t) Notwilhiland!n, anything in seclion 32 any
aIaj!.istnlc of the second class may rass a sent~c 01
(tI) [en Auisbnl Rnldcnt .hall h.. the powcrS"'ol a
Fi,st Clan lIagl,lralc.
II. All offence. a~ain.t prh-:llc ptrsons and property may
be cOl1lrounded wllb the pnmi$$lon of lhe Court b.,
the h'~i\idual injurcd in per~ or properly ~ by hfs
\:uardl;J,n ~ Ic,al rcprucnla!l\"c ClIccplint robbery or
d~oily Ci)ft'lmillt'd by oreanind KlInp or m~bels of
such langs.
III. Notwithstandinl!: an)'thlne in II'It C'l<le.. a Gilding,
aenlenre or orcltr shalt nnl be fe\'cr.ed or altcred on
aPreal or rC\'ition on ao.:ount of any irrctularity of
prOl,.~dllre unless the irregllbrity 'liS occasioned a
fallurc of justice,

6. The Codc of Ch'i1 Proccdure Onl)' Part. I 10 \'111, Orckrt IX, x"l, X\'II, X IX, XXI,
Rules I 109 aDd XLI\' Shall be ap~lkablc:.
7. Thc Companies Ad Nil.
t. The Christian )I;trria,c Act Kil.
9. The Courl' Act, 1945 l\il.
10. l'hc Currency :md Coinalc Act, Nil,
II, The )ar:llll,n Currcncy (E"IIu- l\il.
alion} Ad, 1947.
11. l'hc BlIfm~ Extradition Ad Nil.
U. l'hc Election Offences and l\II,
Enquiries Act,
H, The Elcdricity ".t Nil.
U. Thc Emicution ,"(t Nil.
16. The ExplOloi"uAct );i1.
17. The E"idcncc Act XII.

I ,\11 U~ Acls in the abo\'c S,hcd'llc. ucerllhoo.c apillst strial Nos. t, " 20, 2'1. 26. 27, 3S.
36 an" 41. ellnc into force in the K:uenni IKily.th1 SUIC with effect from III Nay 1950. SU
B.r"'<1 G.:dtc, 1930. Pilrl I. r;tJ::c 259.
KaTtnni Stalt (Exunlion of Lawl). 85

(I) 12,

II. The Yorelen Recruilinc Act . Nil.

19. The Burma Omenl Clal:t Act Nil.
20. The GoVernment Sa\inga Hanta Nil.
21, The GOVtralTltnl Securities Ad Nil.
n. The burma Income-IaJ: Act .. Nil.
n. The Judicial Officers Protection Nil.
24. The Land Alienation Ad Nil.
25. 1"he Lelal "'ractitlontJl Ad Nil.
26. 11le Llmit:.tioll Act PlIrlt I,ll and III and the fo'int Schedule 10 rar .. it
l,;oncernl .uit. and (lfOl.:eedinll:s of a chi! nature.
27. The Metal Tokena Ad Nil.
21. The Burma Medic.. 1 Act Nil.
29. 'fhe Midwhe. and Nurae. Act NU.
~ The BUflnl Molor Vehicles Act Nil.
3t. The .Ne~oti"ble In.trumen!' Act Nil.
32. The Oath' Act Nil.
-33, The Opium Act Nil.
J.j. Tilt Pallpori Act .. ... Nil.
JS. The 1'00t Offi:e Cuh Cer1ificate. Nil.
36. De Provisional Colledion 01 Nil.
Tales Act.
l7. The Penal Code In section 64 (as 1U'lended by lubtequent enacimtlll.),.,
the first flftytwo words, the word" In t ... cry case
In which an otfender iSatnlenud 10 a fine" .1,."
h \1It/lli/Hled.
I. section 67j., the last fonyse en word the foJlowin,
dUll! bllld-s/itNttd, namely for any term not
e.'lcttdin, four month. wht1l the IImount of the fine
.h.lll not exceed fifty ruped, and ror lay term not
eJ:cdinc tiCht months when the amoullt Ih311 not
ucd one t.undred rupeet. and for any tClm not
txCotedinc: t'A't1\'e months in any other cue:'
A/te, section 75 the followlnc Iltall N fltltktl,
.. 75". Notwithstanding anythlnlln this Code or in
lin)' other law or enactment for Ihe time helnt: in
force, a p"rson c;:onvicled of any offence
punishable under this Code or under any other
h.w or enactment ,hall be punishable with fine in
lieu of, or in addition to, an)' other punishment to
which he may be liable."
3. The Special 'udgn Act, 1946 Nil.
39. The Suits Valuation Act Nil.
40. The Tariff Act Nil.
41. The TranSfer of Prorerty Act Nil.
4l. Ttle Tran,fer 01 Immoveable Nil.
Plorerty tRestriction) Act,
43. The Usuriou' Lo:uIs Act Nil.
... The a.-rna Wbtl..... Tetecrap!1y Nil
4S. Tb. Whippiel Aet ... TtIe foUowil'll sian te JIlt/IIi/Nitti. /or st1on 61htreol,
.. Ali, person who commits any oIfeoCe punitlla!:lle
under the Penal Co4II .... jth imprisonment for
three yurt <,r upwards may be punished with
whippin& ia lieu. or any other pUllishment to
which he may te li,ble .ndtr tbe said Code."
46.. TM Yocnl OIfmden Act KII.

[KAIENNI Sun Ac:r I. 1950.) (I8tb October. 1950,)

WHEREAS it is expedient to make provisions for restoriDI IDd preterviDI
peace and order in the Karenni Statt,' it is hereby enacted as tollows:-
1. (I) This Act shall be called .. The Karenni State I Public Order
(Presenation) Act. 1950."
(1) It sball come into force at once. and sball remain ib force until
such date as the Head of tbe KarcDDi State I may. by notification. declare it
to be no longer in force.
(3) 11 shall extend to the whole of the Karenni State. J

Z. In this Act unless there it anything repugnant in the subject ,or

(I) "the Code" means tbe Code of Criminal Procedure.
(2) .. tbe Head of State" means the Head of the KarenDi State,l

3. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Code or 14 aoy other

1." for tbe time being in force.-
(a) aay member of the Armed Forces serving in the Karenni State. 1
.. ho is authorized. by name Or desigmJlion. by the Head of
State in this bebatr may exercise the powers conferred upon
police officers by tbe provisions of Chapler V of the Code
as amended:
lb) lhe operation of tbe provisions of sub-section (1) of _lioD 46
of the Code shall be suspended:
(c) ICCtion 61 of the Code shall han elect as it tbe expression
Msennty-two hours .. had been substituted for the expression
Mlwenty-four hours" appearing therein .

. (I) Notwithstanding anything contained in any law for Ihe time

being in force. any offic:er wbo is authorized. by name or designation. by tbe
Head of Stale in thiS bebalf may lake hostages from or may impose fines in
money or goods. or may confiscate or destroy the property or any part of the
property of. the inhabitants of any village-tract. or may destroy by burning Qr
by any other means any village or any part Ihereof. if after enquiry he find.
that any substantial number of the inhabitants of such village-tract or village
(a) taken part in or conspired to create a disturbance of the public
tranquillily or attempted to create or abetted the creation of
sucb disturbance or collected men. arms or ammunition or
otherwise prepared 10 create a disturbance of tbe public
Pablitbcd inS., e-Ut.19:-O, Part I. paae 651.
I Now tbt Kayah Statt. ~I Acl LXII, 19.51.
Kounni State Public Order (Preservation.) 87

(b) ta~eJi' part in or abetted the commission of or conspired to

commit robbery or dacoity with arms.

(2) Such officer may order the whole or any part of the fine imposed
under sub-section (I} to be given as compensation to any person to whom
damage or injury has been caused directly or indirectJy by the act or acts in
respect of which the tine is imposed.

5. (I). Any police officer not below the lank: of a sub-inspector or

any other officer of Government empowered in this behalf by general or
special order by the Head of State may issue an order of arrest or arrest
without warrant any person whom he suspects of having acted. of acting. or
of being about to act-
(a) in any manner calculated to disturb. or to assist a disturbance
of the public tranquillity;
(b) in a manner prejudicial--
(j) to the safety of any place or area or of any industry. machinery
or building in any such place or area;
(ii) to tbe output or effective control of any such industry or

(2) Any officer who makes an arrest in pursuance of sub-section (I)

shall forthwith report the fact of such arrest to the Head of State. and pending
the receipt of the orders of the Head of State he may. by an order in writing.
commit any person so arrested to such custody as the Head of State may by
ceneral or special order specify;

(i) that no person shall be detained in custody under this
sub-section for a period exceeding fifteen days without the
Order of the Hcad of State;
(ij) that no person shall be detained in custody under this
sub-section for a period excceding two months.

(3) If any person arrested under clause (b) of sub-section (l) i.

prepared to furnish security, the officer who has arrested him may, instead of
committing him to custody. release bim on bis executing a bond with or
witbout sureties undertaking that be will not. pending the receipt of the orders
of the Head of Statc. enter. reside or remain in )he area in respect of which
b. became liable to arrest.
(f) On receipt of any report made under the provisions of sub-section
(z) the Head of State may. in addition to making such orders subject to the
second pt0\,iso to sub-section (2) as may appear to be necessary for the
temporary custody of any person arrested under this section. make. under
aection 5,\ such tinal order as may appear to the Head of State in the
circumstances 'of the case to be reasonable or necessary.
88 Karenn; Stale Public Order (PreservQtion).

(5) When security has been taken in pursuance of lh~ provIsions of

sub-section (3),. the bond shall be deemed to be a bond taken under tbe Code
by the District Magistrate having jurisdiction in the area in respect of which
the said security has been taken aDd the provisions of section 514 of the said
Code shall apply accordingly.

SA. (J) If tbe Head of State is satisfied with respect to any particular
person tbat with a view to preventing him from acting in any OlanDer
prejudicial to the public safety and the maintenance of public~ order it is
necessary so to do. the Head of State may make an order-
(a) directing such person to remove himself from the Karcnni State 1
in such manner. by such time and by such route as may be
specified in the order. and prohibiting his return to the
Karenni State I ;
(b) directing that he be detained;
(c) directing that. except in so far as he may be permitted by the
provisions of the order. or by such authority Or person as
may be specified therein. he shall not be in any such area or
place in the Karenni State I as may be specified in the order:
(d) requiring him to reside or remain in such place or within such
area in the Karenni State I as may be specified in the order.
and if he is not already there to proceed 10 that place or area
within such time as may be specified in the order;
(e) requiring him to notify his movements in such manner. at such
times and to such authority or ~rsons as may be specified in
the order; .
(I> imposing upon him such restrictions as may be specified in the
order in respect of his employment or business. in respect of
his association or communication with other persons, in
respect of his control over minor children of whom he is
parent or guardian. and in respect of his 3ctivities in relation
to the dissemination of news or propagation of opinions;
(g) prohibiting or restricting the possession or use by him of any
such article or articles as may be specified in the order;
(h) otherwise regulating his conduct in any such particular as may
be specified in the order:

Provided that no order under clause (a) of this sub.section shall be

made in respect of any native of the Karenni Stat ,I
(Z) An order made under subsection (I) may require the person in
respect of whom it is made to enter into a hondo with or without sureties. for
the due performance of. or as an alternative to the enforcement of. such
restrictions or conditions made in the order as may be spccitfed in the

I Now the K"Yo'h State, $" Act LXII. 1951.

Karenn; Slale Public Order (Preufl'alion) 89
(3) U aOf 1JCJ?OI1 is \n any area or place in contravention of an
order made under the provisions of this section or fails to leave.. any area or
place in accordance with tbe requirements of such an order. then. without
prejudice to the provision. of subsection (j). he may be removed from such
area or pllce by any police oflicer or by lOy person Ictine on behalf of
(4) So 10Dg as there i. in force in relpect of Iny person such an order
II aforesaid dire<:ting that be be detained. be shall be liable to be detained in
such pJace. apd under such condidons as to maintenance. discipline and the
punishment of offences and breachel of discipline. as tbe Head of State may
from time to time determine.
(j) If any person contravenes any order made under this section. he
shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five
years. or with fine. or with both. and if such person has entered into a bond
in "ursu~nce of the provisions of sub-section (?). his bond shaH be forfeited.
and any person bound tbereby ~hall pay the penally thereof. or Ihow cause to
the 4Jtidaction of the convictin, Court why such penaJty should not be paid.
(6) If the Head of State bas reason to believe that a person in respect
of whom he has made an order under subscction (I) directing that the person
be detained has absconded or is coneealin, himself so that such order cannot
be executed. the Head of State may make a report in writin, of the facts to a
Ma,i.trate of the first class havin, jurisdiction in the place where the said
person ordinarily resides; and thereupon the provisions of section. 87. 8sand
89 of the Code of Criminal Procedure shall apply in respect of the said
person and his property as if the order directing that he be detained were a
warrant isaued b1 the Magistrate.
58. (1) The Head of State may. by order. direct that any person in
respect of whom ao order has been made under the provisions of section 5A.
(a) allow himself to be photographed ;
(b) anow his finger and thumb impressions to be taleen;
(c) furnish specimens of his~handwriting and signature; and
(d) llttend at such time and. place befOre such authoriCy or person
as may be specified in the order for all or any of the purposes
mentiooed in this section.
(Z) If any person contravenes any order made under this section. be
sball be puni.huble with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six
months. or wilh fine. or with botb.
. ~. (1) T.he Head of State may. by order. direct thai. subject to any
specified exemption. no person present within:any specified area shall. between
sucb .hourl a.s may be specified. be oul of doors except under the authority of
a wntten permit aranted by a specified authority or person.
(Z) If any person COntravenes any Order made under tbis section. he
lhall be punish,ble witb imprisonment for a term which may extend to one
yeat. or wilh .6ne. or with both.
90 Karenn; Stale Public Order (Presen"otion).

(J) No Court shall take cognizance C?f an al~eged offence under tbis
section except on a report in writing of the facts constituting such offence
made by a public servant.

'A. (I) The Head of State may. by general or special order. prohibit
or restrict in any area any such exercise. mo.."cment. evolution or drill of a
military nature as may be specified in the order.
(Z) If any person contravenes any order made under this section. he
shaU be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five
years. or with fine. or with bolb.
, . (I) Ifthe Head of State is satisfied that-
(0) the wearing in public of any dress or article of apparel
resembling any uniform or pari of a uniform required to be
worn by a member of the Burma Forces or by a member of
any official Police Force or of any force constituted under
any law for the time being in force:
(b) tbe wearing or display in public of any distincti\'e dress or
article of apparel or any emblem.
would be likely to prejudice the public safety or the maintenance of public
order. the Head of State may. by general or special order. prohibit or restrict
the wearing or display in public of any such dress. article of apparel or
(2) For the purposes of this ItCtion. a dress. an article of apparel
or an emblem shall be deemed to be worn or displayed in public if it is worn
or displayed so as to be visible to a person in any place to 'which the public
have access. .
(3) If any person contravenes any order made under this section. he
shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three
years. or with fine. or with both.
7. The Head of State may by order direct that any power which is
conferred upon him by sections 5. 5A. 58, 6. 6A and 68 shall. subject to such
conditions \s may be specified therein. be exercised by such officer or
authority as he may specify.
S. Any authority or person aCling in pursuance of Ihis Act shall
interfere wilh the ordinary avocations of life and the enjoyment of properly
IS litlle as rna) be consonant with the purpose of ensuring the public order
and safet)'.
t. (I) No order made in exercise of any power conferred by or under
tbis Act shall be called into question in any Courl.
(2) Where an order purports to have been made and sigOed by any
omcer or authority in exercise of any power conferred by or under this Act. a
Court shall within the meaning of the Evidence Act, presume that such order
was made by that officer or authority until the contrary be proved.
Karenni State Public Order (Preservation). 91
10. (t) Np suit. prosC(:ution or other legal proceedings shall lie
against any person for anything which is in good faith done or illtended to be
daDe in pursuance of this Act.
(2) Sa\'e as otherwise expressly provided under this Act no suit or
other legal proceding shall lie against the Karenni Slate I Government for any
damage caused or likely to be caused by anything done or intended 10 be
done in pursuance of this Act.

I Now the J(a~."h St..te. sn Act L.XII, 1951.

3~P 3'!l!llCgloJ!j:uow ~ 'SCccB>f,e w:c""""eopfu
:G<>W c1>~1l'9'~.1l'\. Ic.O1ccg, ,,'!"""g'!""'" ,. (0)
'!CC!f1l' g,:OOeG~""'fI'~
goln.g: '~~~e9''':\l. :3~cc""'~2<;oo!!J:=w
"3bi cc'W\l9"w"S"0p!J:roxmc.O1cc1l'" '''''''':,oeGfI'SS'''' (e)
,pcc!f~c.roifg~~,ccow Ic.O1CC1l' " ~croW.. ("')
3'g>l8SeG ~'cwopcool!o I~i~", :focoo2gJeG!f' I (
1n!c:dfco@>ceG oM'gJb c """. I~i~ (Goc !CCGOO~~ IC
('9'" e COg><> I. reilc) [I r g><I..->Cg>c<p+.'!j'<t,,,,, '3'" <"Vel
. .ceo2~a;
ge.jeg>8 0 ~1c.II.g>fta;a3c.",e~.S!S,c.m", '3U ~~ac
'!CC3~*!l!J g,:~
!cc!3EllC 3b0ogflgt.eoo tl.~ r,<r"'''>o''*!l!J lOG00"PeG!f1 10
~!"*'3G<OO 's.fuecro ~ oApbhc=~3l!1nb g,:c">o80 c~3~
b-.t><p"~ locoo'*f"'!f oc\~'JcccR~gJ"'!f (e)
,!~ ~ ~ oMoJcc!"'!f
g,:c..lY:fkoc=3l!/nb beG'"1c!!~ lOGOoapec!f "toeoox.w g'eGhJcc
cRtoe~!Je,ob;> cooCg>"'!f olilog>b ~ ""f" I~ (Gtlc (w), '9
~ gx.""'~~!P IgJlI>eo!~1lo beG,c:!IgJ"1c.!l!Jcoo<!
'f'~ !~ :G<>'~ 'f~ 1:go:>&eb:ileGlG"'9~eGl IG
,~~/nb g,:cI>
golJo'ie b""c"coo2:~ :cM':osoS' 3ic"""~eGiCOO'fg;Ic~ ,~i~
rGoc "3l1>eGrocwg~.,cJ>coo2:'o ccc..=,~c3~ b=o'*feG~sccoif
o<Ilg>Jllb:""fija; g>i!!j:<mw l6

Ii, .(m), ~e~J ~bl odi",? ']'&t1"'9 :;)"'~oo, ~~~t!l"

ro~Ot",eBCTJ?CO!1iI'lle.1 :;)O>~OOOQ 1 Bl;o~''lr&j?l'''~ 'I"/.~oroo oIlc&
:;)"'o'oo","?mOO')i!iro~tI"'9 Ii "''''<>fro =OSI~'l"i!i'
i(.) ~o'oo!lal05e~""lel"ro~OtI"'9:;)"'ceoooo1 e~?~'le&p,""l
8">lil~O=<>~e&p,dj 'I"/'~=?Ot~oS.,.,9 l> "''''~, OO':l?S:~~.i!i1

. ~, .:;)",oS~ooou1 w~,'joS'l",dj /joo90oS ooooSgs~ eIlI~roi!i



[An L. 1948.J (25th Oc.ober. 1948:)

WHEREAS it is expedient to extend the provisions ot certain enactments
to the States of the Union of Burma. it is hereby enacted as follows:-
1..This Act may be called the States (Extension of Laws) Act. 1948
1. The enactments mentioned in column (I) of the Schedule shall
apply to all tbe Siaies of the Union of Burma, subject to the modifications
and adaptations. if any. set forth in column (2) and shall come into force. or
be deemed to h,we come into force in the States on the dates mentioned
in column (3).

]. Subject to the provisions of the Constitution. the President may. by

notificatioo. make such further modifications and adaptations in column (2) of
tbe Schedule in respect of any enactment mentioned therein. as may be required
by the exigencies of any State.

4. (,) All regulations extending any of tbe enactments mentioned in

the Schedule. 10 Ibe areas included in the Shan or Kachin State. so far as they
relate to the extension of the said enactments to those States are hereby
(2) All notifications extending any of the enactments mentioned in the
SChedule. to the areas included in the Shan or Kachin State. so far as they
rdale" to Ihose Slates are hereby cancelled.
StGttl (Exttnsion 0/ uw,), 97

~au:e. WodiflC;lliOli' alld AoJotplaUON. D;tle.

(II (2) 13I
I. 111e B:"rul Army Ad
2. 'fhe lJunna N;\\"lIl (Uisdrline)
3. 1110: Uurm;t \'ulunleer Air Nil ~4th J;lllll;lr~' 194.
1o'''l\:c (lliKh'line) o\ct,l94I,
4. 111e knrnl:l Air I'olee Kil j
(J)bcirlinc) "\<:1,19-17.
S. nu: ~I:IIle Aki 10 Indust'Ks Kil The dille 00 which
Act. lho: Stalet (~.Ieu
lion HI Laws)
Ad, 1941, COlnt.
The ten.... Oi'h Id JoIa~i'lrale" do.
"hen.., ,:r it oo.CUI'l' In lho: Act
lI,ilIl m~llU "U",denl"ln tlx:
Et!:l. S1lle and" A~i.lanl I~Uj..
delll" hi lhe Karenni Stalo.1
7. 'l1le Preu (ElllerCcl'cy do. do,
l'o'oll... nlo\<:l.
a. '110: 8uddhid Won1nl's (1l1bIJ Acl .hall have efr~ct as if The d:do: on whicll
Ihl: Stalu (1o:l:len.
S9ial Manl"lc :md teeth,HI I biloJ bcCll. oll.!Ued.
~\II:c~:on Al,'t, !lion :.01 Law.)
Act, 194, cwnu
iuto tutte,
(2, The term "Del,uty
C<.mrnlulUlll:r ,. whC1'enr it
OI.:CQr' ,lI:lIIIllUD "Unidc:nt ..
III lite Sh:ln Slate alld" ,\ulv
tant l{ai;Jellt" in thc Kllrcculli
(3) The ten,," Di..trkl Coutl" shall
meau" The KetioJclll'. Court"
ill lbe SIWI SUte Illd "Ilk
Court Of Ull: Re~
d<:ut" ift the Kar~ll"i !:>tll.te. 1
(01) III IC'CIiou It Ul lbe wo:d.
"U,rou;:h 1he Township om.;er
to Iho: Oepuh' C..m uniulomr of
hi. Di.tri.:t" .h3l1l hl\C dfl:cl
ii'If the \\'or>:l' ., 10 Ihe
I~"idcol .. wcrc ."b.'lilllICd
Iher~'UI" in the tihan til:tle lind
Ihe wonl... to Ihe A~~blallt
Helidellt" Were lub,tIluled
Ulemor in tI,C Kar~ml state. I
Q. The $I.::l Cust.""., Ac:l :\:iJ do.
10. The Land Cu~t{)m, Ad N,' do
l1,1'he I'\&bli.: l:tilitks Nil do.
Pn"~'fon .\ct, 1'.H7
IAct No. 41 0( 1o.M7).
n. 'Ill<: t-:uCfltial Suppliu ;and Nil do.
lic::"\'j;cll' Acl 1947
(A.:I No. 017 of 19m.
13. TIle Control rrf hnrorh and
Exmrb (Tell'P'Of'ln1 Act.
Kil ....
19471"\"':0.:0 Sti of 19-471.
14. TJw Public Prnp:rt~ ITntc,: }ri:il do.
Ii"., Ad, 11)-17 'Act :"I'.l(] 0(

I Now Uu: Ka)'ab blale,li~ A.:t LXIl, 1951.



[ACT XV. '949.) (1st August. 1949.)

It is hereby enacted as follows :-

I. (I) This Act may be called the States (Extension of Laws' Act.
(2) It shall come into force on such date I as the President of the
Union may. by nOlificlltion. appoint in Ihis behaJ(.

1. The enactments mentioned in column (I) of the Schedule shown

below shall apply to the State or part or paers thereof mentioned in column
(2) with the modifications. if any. shown in column (3).

3. Subject to the proyisi~n$ of the Constitution. the President may. by

notification. make such further modifications and adaptations in column' (3) of
the Schedule in respect of any enactment mentioned therein or in respect of
any rules or regulations made under the said enactments. as may be required
by the exigencies of any State.

... (I) All regulations extending any of the enactments mentioned in

the Schedule. to the areas included in the Shan or Kachin State. so far as they
relate to the ClI.tension of the enactments to those States are hereby
(2) All notifications extending any of the enactments m..:ntioned in the
Schedule, to the arcas included in the Shan or Kachin State. so far as tbey
relate to those Siaies are hereby cancelled.


'I) 12, 131

I. The SUi'I~' Certlli' The Sh"n, Ka..:hhl ~lld ~il.

catu .11.:1,< 19-41 J..::uennI1 ~btl:'.
IBnrnl;l Ari L of

J. The Pell:rol ("ode nit a-e:l~ in Ihe Shan Nil.

IAllle""hm't.U Ad, SClle to which the
Ill.;' In""IU Act F'~I Code i. ~M'lic
XXXIII of 1').17 I. able.

3. Till: '.....tOl'iu Ad 111'" Shan. J..:"..:hil' and Fol' 'ub,odi,," 41 or te..:tiun 10, th.., fullow
Kale""II'St;.tu. i.,~ ii/nit bo' ~"bsl,lrIl ..d , -
.. HI J::\"~r"\"l.Ji:>lrid ,\r:\~i9Ir;.tc ~hall be
;'11 I"'l>edor fur IIi' eli,trict ;'nl'l t"~ery
Hefil'l.'nt in Ihe Sh:'n :ml'l Kart Ilnl f
Slateh:III he ;m IIl.pedM (or tho:
al ea. ulI.~cr his juti",licli,oI'.\

1 Is.! .-\' 19o1')-5c'.. U.r"". ~;.. ..II,. I~I'I, "art I. P:l:;:l: 6l>J.
'N,J'N the Kar,l!l St",te, J.:t .-\d L.XII, IO}SI.
StQtu (Extenlion 0/ LaW,). 99


(II (2)

4. 111e l'a~'lllcllt of The Shu. Kachin and In sub'Clion III of KcUon 17 for the
WilhCl Act, 19,](.. Kilfennil St"tn. worcb; .. in R;aIlj:OOt, berore the Rangoon
Cit, c,,:i\'il l:onrt ;Iud dKwhere belore
lilt.: Dillrit:t Coml" the: word. "~I...e
the Court II' U",ldent In the Shall and
Karenlll i Stat anti before the Oithlct
Co..rl in the: K:I;:hin M:tte" ,1t.1I be
5. 1"hc W.),kmell'lI do. In Illnu 8 of Ihe: Ae:la!I" llub-~C iun (91
l:onlpeu:.tion Ad, illftrl U.e,...lIowinJ: '\Ib~liou :-
1913. " ItO, In an)' ColiC ill which there i'
dill.cully in alk'eriailllni Ihe idelllily
or wberraboub or tho dercndanl' of
the wUlklnall, or ill p;tylnc 101llch
tle;ocnd;anb any um allolkd to 111111
IIndtr '~~leI;tion III, Ihe Commi,-
,liMier 1I';ly fli'y Ihe cmnrc:nlatlon tn the
'411HIl or contractor throlllilli whom the
workman WIS ellll'loycd ur 10 'lICh
other p~'IOIIS a, the Cotllluluiollcr
Ihall de..,n fit to acl in Ihl$ bellaU,
wilh ,uch inllruclk.lI~ :II 10 Ute di...
Irlb.llion f U~ cOrnfICnl2lion at the
Cocnmi",iollct may tblnk 8<:'<:.....ry...
6. The Tr~de UniON do. 1t;i1
ACI, t926,
7, The Trade Ditputes do. Nil.
& The ),fiad Ad, 11le Sh;all and KareRni l The tClm "Di$ltkt Wallistrate" whetever
1924. Sbtu. It OI.'Cllf'I; ill Ule Ad shan mean the 'Rcsi
do.:"l" in the Shan lmd KarmnJ' Sble,.
'9. The 8M Cooncil 11le Shan S~I. Nil.
'10. The Le&;a! PracU do. The: term "Oi,.jrict "'a.:i,lralc' wherel'u It
Uooert Act. oc..:Uf5 in Ute Act 5IlalllUUll the: "Rar
d~nl"' ill Ihe ShaD Slatc.
JII. T'heWea\'c:,' Lo.~n. nle Shan, K;tt;hlll and Nil.
Act. "ayah Statu.

s~ the K~h 51;11le, fe.- Acl LXII, 1951.

lnlCu.,d by .\CI IX. 195J.
~tcd by Act XII, JIJS4.
~io 00 oipl<.. ,w- co38o' 'pl'o>'<!>g.,JO'fosn!'!l3""'
''S'''lE'p ,
l~-.& l.cL Ie l3'Sfri .~ ~f;ac l~c.o!?3JC.~ ~
!f<"W'<""l'o'H&cg>li'W= ~!i,S". c 'u:!~ ,l ;Cilc if"'cooi'!.9-~
,p.b",,'lfu'l"-"""S"'" 3"'3!f<c
5-3"'11' l3fjecijl""""~:1"'~"'ec :3!P'*"'3""1"-"'~'" c",o=&.~
:gbcolP '~:~'O""':i!'ch", se"':cai!1L.' ,&:,ocoL0 ( e) ~"50 (f)
..~:clo"'5"'~ (ro)
g':i!'''cloo:>~ (0)
':i!o:clo"'3Seg>ccclo (e)
,,~:clo"'3~ (oo)
~S"ro:c"~o:chco :31P",:ch~ro"'3"'''';.og>cec. 3l1>:<IlplpG '3!)oo,ch:i!:cloro
!"'3=oJro b", coo2:cheo,c@ec'l''eo "ch~S""" ..o ijloc3~"'oPro
IseGcooiXp'" ,ch'~OO"50o. SCDO?38Cf\~B'sccop!U:cloro (e). .0
S"SCfr.c= ,g>+!G3~oo 1 "g 'cJol"'ir' "g>!g:" (0)
IPceS>~~",g'9~ :~ opO 'I8~og>!p
iWlW" "SO!P~3'j,oo "0~"SO!o/'s~cocos""",,*
b",=2, '" (>sT~glc'po~ ,cJ,pccg, "!llli2pO~,, (co)
rotlCC SCOO?38~>=oJ rc1>pceir' "CCO"'SCOO?38" (0)
:W""f:?30 '~"''l.:*'"'~'31",,30 ""''f~
~ so/M:$2,,* 1~:cloroIP 'Leecijl",~. ~~
SO o'"@'~'1nec loo!l!J&uIr.,cloro ,cJ,S""'i;e ":1f:jro,, (e)
:cloro 'f?38co~ 'cJol"'i;e "sroog>lG:cloro" (oo)
-~"'O ""~
S"\.Bs'" 'f~,~,o5o ,~'3c= f=o&fo:v' ., f
"p'98oop!\l"", .'3Pc.oc.wcecooo&p~
3:~~Io~", ""~""8'~ C~O,&=I""~"'''''
'3l1>"'S'1tp-S'l~3iss ,b""l'''~I.0<=", ~:.oo"'SCDO?38 p",!lllla
S"!SC(j ~ SC",~x g''O'''O''''';o!SC1j sc~"'!f (0)
.,p"'38',o&pcc:N 1f:~b ~"'!OO:Ol:>S
1f'll"ll''''S''tS'' pccro''''SCDO?3~ 3&xh: 'SC""SCcocax.ec3roo ,&>.oijlx
'f&j>cc ~cRL;~~ec OOCDO"'S:.oo?3~ g!ccG003-,oec~ (f)
1r."""cS"", 'ch~clocog>tp '3'. oeile ~~ (e)' ,e
"""'~'"'-og>+f!l 001
oo=c", 3b'l'~,~d:cip"le~o:~ 'f!a,'fc.c::''f'1f~"
ro~O:c1>CD ~90S=3C(X)'P 3o'g:~ !,C",,~:d.CD%P' (e)
''fcc3~o'~?fc''''''''3S*g !boogbgg,
19<~~ <p!M:'fw:: 19,:cMro"o:ds<o ~~0S""'3="1?
&.:!f~ :c.~:d><cg>9~ .grn", $'0S'11 g!ccgg,'I""'.-..-..."
sa 1~gcRL;~~ec 'fcc!l&2p'iffj~' Kf":g
''fobooF=3bsol:eci,c g,'ge~ro~ :f"..n<l:~
l~roM:d.~CC~3""'OCD~"'!f~CD '''''~:c1>wg>9 (00)
-~oo;!:c3"'o i:'""'f":sc3!J ~eeCDo.o2:cee; ~
'CD'o.o2g.><o:cl>~c;ooeso,.c;c.e. "g~co3!l Io.oc:(oL;..JsCD. (,
'CD g,:~CD:~:c1>CD3~g.>c.ec1> 19'<""I'&><O~O:c1>CD~a::'O :f'>ecg>9Cf\j ~
3~3'0ll,beogA:~Io=ecc'f""""c;~~3! :,:c!l!llCpo'1j (r)
.g~~:cbwcpog.>&>eo:~O"ec g>'O:mCD (u)
~CD~",c1>co~o F:g::~eog>03W'o:c1>CD (e)
Ig:~:f<;;c1>"'3~e g>&>eo'O":g:"''l~ee,c1>:o (00)
.,obgcm.'CD g"cl>:~cb<qog.>cec. ~:~"'g>9'13S"a::31l'g.>a::
3'sa Ib"'g.>"~ecc!fCDoa::c;ce"'l3k ,a::!l&2g:. scB (c). ~
,'a::3~""'lcE' ''''l~g.>&",beec.,.:e,,\,'f.o~3'
:c.hg>o3Bg>o "c"'l~elP "'!\.~'I'iJ8po 'f:cJ:PO~O:chCD 'lClOg>o3S!>,oo:clCD
"ch'l~eo,c1>co :grn""9'0'tj sca::jrg.>cc'sg if"-~'ll2g>9iffj (r)
g>o~o:c1>co 1~c:'l!J:chg>'%<p""'c1>CD 1i>:0":O"ec'"rr .ifob
~cc !!!l"':chwo;chCD =e~s=eCD ~:c:~ :g(p~a::3!'J3ooSCccs'=
gccss1f>g*iffj <p!M:$2,,* .'ob'f'kpcc 'l!Jooew~eo:c1>CD 1f>g*iffJi?cc
gg,g.>a::tss 'cc!l&2g>o'1jILOS'''''CMfI' Looeo&,o"'~ (c). .e
.brog>cwoo!>'LRs'" !o~ccsec:=wcms~gbg
~oeS~"':c6", g,eecoq,"3bg =.~o;~:c"'g.>c.b:>'Sb3"'t-J 'f'!oe:Jwgo
,=.~o'l C<ilnec!@cec,'4:cEl'" ~SO~"Wgl>gbCD :~,c1>:O~CCi>~:3fuJ"s<csB
:ftJ'f:~0:c1>CD'l~err 'f'!co:JCDIf I';'SCD')"fu:chccIP :'losa::",c" :}0:cJ>co~e,,'l!>
Sa::e:CecSCDee;oro:cl><o cB.eec.c:fI:ex; Loo~ g&cl:If ':fI:'3~
g'''sros.[iJ g,*,:='~,chCD:c%" S&"'S"S!<;oo'-"JU.C3~gSS 'a::~
:chcc~e I~C~g, g,:gSll:sroSR',l:o!ccoo IfSc.cee;o(l;,cl:cc. .b
101 ncJ,*cI>copO!f
eo,)'): U (l) "


--,------_._-- --_.-,--
, 'e oo M,ii lll:Mto5oxP:. ""1"
~'I' 0>8\ (Sh.n 5"" CivH
Justice Order. 1900)1

J I 'eor; ,,bIJ:S:~""l"ft4'
"'I' (opd""'ix\l) 0>8\ LShan 5'",
Civil Justice tSubsidiary) Order.
1906] I

~eJ J .,b,""{"ir<p''''cIie=
~eG~ ,,iiI "'~'l"''''cIie= ....
~e?6 .,bli~ro ~6 ~t ~
"'t ~c.:'l'S't ~"'S: ~ J 0
(political Department Noti6c;atjon
No. 20. d:ated the 16th June 1936).
6 ~e?6~, orfxrxfnro n ~t ct
"lO'i !J~ :>:>;& ""l"S't !J~ ~
~ J(;0 (Judicial Department
Noti6cation No. %60. dated the 8th
September 1936).

"'I'~ @tuS es",E~<

_. eo<"

<ii'I'"",tCJil ~= (Civil ~G{ltt.E, ~l
Procedure Code).
m t.E.
J ~ ""P'e='P' ".d; ~~t, ' f..o~? :>:>'JE
~D (Burma Laws Act). mw:>:flt,.E. !)'n(Y)') OJ 't
? ""l'''1''' ~dl''''o:'loS",oS ~~t,.E, oil
~ (Suits Valuation Act). ~C,\,

"'y<bo~ 0000 Mtc5 e"~m

- 9 ~:mS:,,05'l<li~
... ---
.... Q'
(Limitation Act) I
~ ~",~Ei:om~ ""o'io~iF'f': s:S:t~cS, OII
cra:f) e~o (Burma Small m",e,fu'i,u'i,
Cause Courls Act) I ox,Egeit<f,' I
eUYJ: C'O')

~ I 2"'"
------:-1 oc'l':ho: 01105
",<Ii 20"
(Court Fees

J "''l':.~05 ",<Ii
20'" (The
Process Fees


AI'I'Ik:lti"n Ad,I')SI, Prill.aT)" I::ducalion Act XXX-II 52

'\l'1'licatl.1\l Act. 1950, Towns Amendmcnt A.,;t XXX-K 3.
Arrlkatiol'l Act, I1J52, Urban Relit Conlrul Act XXX-U
Iiuihling' (Wc;:ulalioll uC Consl rl1clif')n and Rcr<lir)(.\mclldmcnl) Ad, 194ij
Ilurmot IlIlIuigr;tlioll (EmcrJ,:Cllcr I'rtJ\ i.ioll') (Extclllnn) Act, l')~'J

Chin Src.:i,.1 Dhlsit>ll IExt.:nrinn or l.awlIl Act, I'NK

Ednuti6n 4d Applicatioll Act. 1951, l'rilll<lry

Ellh:nlion Act.19~?, Bllrm~ Il1ImiJ.:ralioll (Emergellcy !'roli3i'llIt);

I';xtcnsioo Ad. 1~9. "'orciJ.:ntri Xx.... to: "
Elttm~ion Ael, 19"9, Ncgl'tralion of Fonl::;n<:rs ...
t:Xlcnsion . ' .:1, I In, R~.:islr<ltiun (Temporaf)' Provl I >111) (Au:, ndlllenl)
X.''''X .1\
Eden.lollof L;IWl A..::t. 19-48, Chi'l Spcdal Ohlsio I XXX-A I
Estellsion 0' lAWS Act, J9..". Kar.:nni S:atc
Exlcllliull or Law.. Acl. 19"9, Salween Diltriet
Exten.lon of Law. Act, 194d, Stak.
l::lltcuNlon of Law. Ac1, 1949, Halcl ...
Foreigncrs IEdl:n~ionl.AcI, 19~9
lo""rd211crI (ExlcMion) Ad, 1'}of9,;\t1l,)n of
Frce :\Oedical Attendance Ael,1951

h~li~ration (r-:mcra:em:)' I'r<l\"bion~l (E;dcnfil)nj ,\ct, 19"9, Durma XXx.,.;
KlIrcnni St.lte (Exten.i<)l, of Lawf) Act. 19..9. XXX-i'.: "
'-ilrellni Slilte Pllblk Order IPn:i::rvalioll) Ad, t9SO
Medical Attet;d~m:1: Ad; '1951. Jo'ree
'ensions Ael, 1951, Shan Stale
P.rimu)' Education Ac! Applic..lion Ad, 1';5' XXX_II 52
Public Ordeoo lfreservation) :\et, 1950. Kar..-nni Statc XXX t;
I{e~il>lrathlll (1\:mpomr~ Pr.,,'itioIlN) (Amcnd'ueut) IEllt\1i15IOl.,) .\d. 194'} xxx II .~S
R::tistr:llh)ll of Fo~eigncu (Exlensionl A..-t, 19.f'J XXX-I::

R~.u':llion o( CJllitruc,illll ;\'ld I{c(lair (Amendment) Act, 194d lIul1dlnC1 .,,\X:<.Jj

neftI Conlrul A,'I (,\Pll!iCl.tionl Act, 1952, Urball ,., XXX-H
~;t1\\"CCll Distrkt lli:llel;,iuTl "f Laws) Acl.I949 .. XXX.D
S .111 SLolh I'clIli.)lls Ael, 1951 XXXII
SI:lleslli:dcllsiull of La\\'s) Acl, t9-1g .. XXX_!' 'j(,

~Iat<:. IEx:ensioll 0( WI\',} Act, 19-19 . XXX-I'
'fOWII" (Anu:ndlnc'Jl} Act Aj'l"lic:,lion .\ct. 1950 XXX-I:S
l".. ban Renl COllin I ~ct \Ap,'lic;,tion} .'\~t. 19'>1 XXX-ll
tG e-oc! .. <jf' rG
ocoo<g><c (~~ !f'~o3"'~) ~'!J'S'
~G e-oc!
t~ e-od
sf. cG" 'oonOg><c ''''<fl3<ccRn IloIo ~!!j:S'
... ~Q cG 'oonOg><c ~ ~'!J:SS
~G e-od
<jf' 6G ,coo<9""~"'''3~!!l:s'
sG eod ... ... <jf' r~ ,eoo<9""
6~ ..oe ~ ~iC4O.>fl>OCce<=g>l: ~<c 13~'!J'S'
..... ~i' 06<\: 'oonOg><cme I"~.<c I~!!l:s'
S~ e-od
... ~ie ~6<\: ,eoo<~ (:ch:Ilo<egl"'l''''''-) 1'l''''''~'!J'S'
rt o-c~ ... . ... .... ... ~if~'l~w
,~i' 6~ 'eoc<!9""'&;g.'<h'g>CccW<<c eoo<g><c (g>~'l"''lfi) !l
~~ o-oc! . . ~ ~Cilc ,eOO<g.'CC ".~'~'~if!!
tt co-od .
... ~'!J'jbw ,~Q r~ilc 'coc<!g><c'''~'tp
~~ et-od .. ,
~ '<jf' ~~ilc 'eoc<!g><c'....~""'"
00 w'od ... ~ 06~c ,eoc<!g><c:%<><c<c'8'*
r~ co-od
~i' rr.~e 'coc<!g><e3>:~ 1"~""'I'l"w.d,,"'~
~~ wcd ... ... ... . . '3'~ ~Ct)c IConC9JfC
:~!~.~ ff<lCCC<=g>l: ~ig>nw:<c 1'jCWO<I>,b..,.,
~G e'od pt!!J:s' '<jf' 6~ 'oonO~ '~''j<1<~
rt a-cd ~if!J'lI'w o<jf' 6C~c .Ieoc<!~ """'j<1<~
t~ e-od ... !l">""!!j:S~ '<jf' e~~e 'oonOg><c:beO~
00 (0-06 ... ... .. .;.. ~Q rG
ococ<!g><c (3)0!9W~ico,,, !f'"":fil!O'j"'g..) ~if!!'lbw
tt co-od ... ~ rGile ococ<!9""'~'iP p+~
at co-cd ... ~ie r Gile ,eoc<!g><c~ 1':C~'l"~'!J'jbw
cc mood ... ... ... ~ rGile ,eoo<g><c
(:c~W~ fpni.ce<c) il'l""'~~
c~ o-od ... ~Q ~C~e 'oon09""'~~~if!J'C<nW
r~ o-o~ '" ~ ~G~e 'oon09""~~~if!l:ca>w
ts o-o~ ... ... ... ~i! rc
,ce029"" (,<I&~~) :<.h:fil!O'j~w
os o-od ~ie rG" 'coc<!g><c 1'l""",I..:<'JO'cRn !o~.'!l'lI:w
rt Q-oi ... ... ... ~ie 6C~c
,eoc<!~eg>=W<<C coc<!9"" (~ ~
rt o-o~ ... ~ie 6C~e 'oonO~ ~ ~ ~
6S a-od ... . ,.. C]Q (C(le IC~pec
(-~~<=g>l: 3!ff<lCCC<C) l'l"w,P+~
GS Q.od ... ~.. rG~e ,ce02~W!f'~1!w
~S o-o~ ~ 06~e 'oonOg><c (och,bo<egl<c ~) 1f"""9"~
cig>"'" +
,,!lI!<c1' ~e !Pte !!






,0 OJ


(13 Volumes)

Accidmlt Act, t'J1al IX 1

'\I"ualor Intercll (\Vul1m~ AdJ.1Stme:D!) Act, IIN7 X
A<:q:ljlllion Act.-l.:md
Aco{u:.l'jl'ln (l.IinaJ ACI, Land
X '"
Ad.aptatilloll Act. Burma,J
I '"10
Adl.ptlltion 01 Law. Ordc:r, 1941, UII.i. . 01 nllr~ I
A4rniuillnllon or Pllbllc Fund. Ad
Admini.tuloT ~ral. Act
,,' IX
XI '""
"d,pptioa. Acl, RtCblration of KlltJma XI I
AdulttT.llion Act. t,ih IV

Alri!;ullllnd Dcbll WORtorlum Ad, 1947 X

Alfrtcultunl ProdIKC lIarkda Ad IV 25.
"lrlc.dlllrbl. Lw.Il:l Act
Air Ad, lhll~ Carria::;e by
Ait .',"'1:1 ~Di....iJlllllel Act, Kurma

Air YOKe lDi.Klplinel Act. BII'ma VOillftlo:u
Aircrah Act., 1I1lt1112 \'11 2,.
Alienation Act. Laud _. X 29
A"'Cnden' Ad. 19SI, Con,UlIlUoa I
M.nd W.rriage Act
."nelent N'Hllllm:nb Presernlioa Act

Animals AI:I, Prevention 01 Crudty to IV 305

All;lll:a1 Pnl, A...1 IV H3

Anliboptl "lOt I 10'
AflpliQ.tton Ad. 1911, Primary Education Ad ~1I1
"1'lllk,tiOll Ad, 1930, Town.'nllmdmC11t Act XIII
A(lrlialiUII Acl.l\J;?, Urb;UI R.:nl Cootrol Act XIII
Allprellticu Ad ... ..
Arbitration Ad X,
Arbilulion (I'rotocol and Col!l\"ention) A~
Armament Ad, Nill'al ...
XI '"
"" "0"
Arm' Act
Arm1(Tempora,y Amend,nent) Act 108

" .,
Army Act, 1
Arlny Act, 'folb VII
Ann)'ISu1pet1sion of Sentences) Act, 81l1'ma
A"ur:lncC Com1'aniu Act, Life IX " '"0
Attorney Act, i'uwo:rs of
Au:iliaTy Fot' Act,8urna

AUliliar)' S~rllce (!tunnal Act, \Vomea',
lbnken' 800t1 t;~idcnce Act
B;anl,;en' 8o<lts lIn1.,cctwnl Act
XII ...

Banu Act, Government Sa,inll:s

8u Council Act
" '""
H.illkd StandarJit:ltiOll Att. Mtlsurinr \'
Bellini Tu Act III "
ii General Index
Hlib 0( UdinC Act \'J! OS
Births, .Dealba and UarriaCn H~~istr"t;on Ac! IV
Birthl, OCalht anl'brri1l1:CS Registration Act,l943
Boilen Act ...
V .,"
Bonded Wa;dlOUKl Acl, Inlud III 323
IkIund;uies, Act
Buildings Ad, GO\"tnlment

l::Iuilen,s tRegllb,llon 01 ConatrudiOll anil RqlaIrl Ad
nul":jngstReeul~t1onof Construction and Re~ir) (Alnendnlelltl AcI,19-18
DunnaAgrio;ul\urbb' Debt ~elief Ad
lJurma ."Ircra'. Act
.... X
l::Iurma Air Io'or.:<: (Dia<:lpline) Ad
Burma Army Act
Durma .'rmy (Suspension of Senlem;el) Act
Burllla. .... u:dliary Force Act
Bum,,\ by Air Act
"" I
"" "

Burllla C;lrriage 01 Ooods by Su. Act \'11 61

8nrma Ct\IIlIS Ace
B"rma C ..lll>:lniea Act 1< " 21.
HUlII,,1 COI,yri~ht Act ... X '25
8urma DaytiJ,:ht SOlving Act 'V ISS
Unnna Divo"..c Acl XI 13
ISurrn;l Excite Act
tilln"a Extlldltion Act
Burma General CbllKS Act
Burma IlnRliCt:llion It:mergmcy Provisiuna) Ad
I ,. 1

Hllmu hnmia:ralion (1o:lnerccocy Prm;IIOIJI) IExtt\ldon) Ad, 19~9

Bunna Inl' Act
&rm;t IndcnlnilY:clod Validallnc Ad, 1945 , 136"
III ,.
"lirmol Insol'ency A...I .. ,
Bunll" Land Purchase Act
Runna Laws Act
... XI
, 36
Blinn" Laws IAd;apb.tion) Act
llurma Li,hthouse Al"t ...
\'11 .., IO

Hurma Medi,.,,1 Ad IV I
Hunn" ).Iedic:l1 D~re<:s Act IV
Hurma 'Ierdlandi~ Uarkl Act
Hunna Merchant Shipping Ad
\'11 " .33
Burma fIlilllary NUfling Service Act
Hurl\l:l MOlor Vrhlclet Ad
8urm;\ Naval Discipline Act
" "'
II '"
..... 61
BW"ma Naval \'olunlcer Resene (DilClpli:lel A~t
Burma Oitid:ll Soecrel. Act
Burma p.. ...l'ort Ad
. ""I ", ~)

Burma Patellts and De.ignl Act. 19~3 .. X ''6

Buron.. P.lkllts and Duii:ns (Emergency ProvlslolU) Act, 1946 X '13
8u....a r""t OOi,'e Act ... .... . VII I
Burma Relti,ln.tioll u( Ship' Ad
Bann:l Reserve FCM'c:e. Ad
Burma Ruby Regllla.liOl'l, Upper '"
V .."

Hunn.:l Act

ISurnu Small Cause Cow:b .(C\

.I '"
8umu Stamp Ad
III 431
Duma SU"'P (AmendJnent) 1\'alidaUnd Act ...
G~ne,al Indu iii

VII 28
Uurln" Td~rnl'h Act
"\1r11\:1 Terr:lori:ll Forre Act"
Burm:l Vulunteer ,\it Fur,,;e (Ois;illlill~J Act
8.Jrm:l Wireless Tele:rarhy Act
IV 261
Can"l Act
VI 3"

Cantoo.menb A_i
Canlonlf,cnts (House Accommodalion) Ad.
C.lrrlage Acl, H:lclrney
C.lrri:l;:e by Air Act, Bunna
C;lrriate of Good. by Se... Ad, BUnia \Ill 61
C:l1'Tia.:" Act, Ra'n~oon Hackney VII 101
\'II V3
C:lrri;ttn Ao.:l, SUJ!e
Carriers Acl
Cnh CA:rtlf1cales ",ct, Post OAke
Casle Ol$;&bililies Removal Act
CaUle Sb.u:::hler Prohibitloll Act
Ca.llI.e Trnl'aSS Atl
cenrus Ad., Bunna.
Cen Ad, Cotlon
V .

Cess jct. L:...-:

Cesse-s Acl,Olslrict
CMril:lNe ElldO""menl, Act
C:l.ult:tble :llIti Uell:ious Trusts .'d IX '61
Child N:arri;ag..: Reslnlillt Ad ". XI I"
Children (I'ledfinj! of I..abour) Act V 1'"
Chin Sro:.:i;d Oi\'i,;o', (Edensioll of Laws) Act, 19-41 XIII I
Chri$Ua'l t.!,uriaee Act
Church lie Scnlla'\d Ki'k Session Act
Cii:"rcUu 0"'1)/ Act .",
CI\lCl\1:1t~raroh Ad
City CiTil (;ourl ,\o.:U lan:oon
City el Rangoon Munklpal Ad
Ch'il i'ro.:edure, Code of

Claims Acl, \Va.i1~ Lantis X 1
Code, Peual YIII 1
C>dcofCi\'i! Procedure XII 1
Code 01 Crhnina\ Procedure VIII 140
Code 01 Crimii'll' i'ru..:edure IT~mporary Provisions) Act, 19$1
Colleclion of Tuu ict, Proyisional
Com,niuioners Act, Financia.l
Co,nl'anics Act, B,mna

ComJMniel Act, Insurance IX SO
Comro.lnle< \ct. Life A.. uran<;c: . IX

Comrollnies Act. R.lih,"ay VII 15l
Complnie, Fortlgn Interesll Ad IX
Comp.luiet (W;\f.lime PTol"jslon,1 Ad, 1945
Compcnsalion Ad, \\'orkmen', .
eor.'lilullon Am~ndmtl1t Ad, 1951
.... 'X
V ""
Conh;mpl ot COurts "'cl
Coutra.:t Act
I Il3
COQlribulory Pro\'jJent Funds Act
Coalrol ACI, 'I~"', Urban Rent ... ..

Control of hnp.>rts <llli E:lporh lTemporarJ) Act
Co-opcnli~e SockJi .,ct... ... .... IX '"
iv General index
Coryrighl Ad, HUTmol X 32S
Cottun Cen At~ v
Colton Indu,try SlalhtlCI Act 23
CoIlUll Transport Act v 20
Council ACI, Har ,,, XI
'" '"
Court Act, tbn.,:oon Cily Ch"U I 139
Couru Acl, Burma l)null ClII$C I I"
Courl "'u,l"ro.:edlU"c, Cock 01
Act XII '47
Crimin~1 YIII 1<.
Criminal Procedure (Tempor:lr)' Pro,"ision.) AtI, 19S1. Code of nil 421
Currency (nlwtioa) Ad,I:l["Qllf:IC III 17
l.'uslodlan of l!Otable Property Ad x
Cu~om. Ad,
C\I.lom. Att, Sea
Land _.. .
1\1 '"
Dallj;erou. Drugs Acl
IV '"as
I);Iylighl S.a~ing Act, BIiTlIQ IV
Deaths Ind Marriagn Rq:;i5lralion Ad. Hirth, IV
Duth. and Ihrriago RClislr"tton Act, 1943, nirtl:s Iv
Def:&ult Act. Public AccouDlanb I 7S
Ikfcncc Ael, Work. of II 1M
Defile Traffi~' Act VII -210
DelI'C" Acl, 8Ul rna lIedic:l1
Desi'I1' Ao;t.lIi4S. 8urma Patents and

De,lru.,;lioll of Necords Ad
Devdopment Trust Act. Rangoon
Diseasu Acl, .t::pidcmic IV

Disposal of Poli.:e Ofti.,;tr' Eslate~ Act I
Di~Ptbilion of PTOptrty Ael, Billd.. XI I.
Dbputn Act, 'Crade V
Dissolution Act. Native Con\'erts' Marriaee
District Cenes Act ...
Dh'oree Ael, Burma
DIvorce ,\d. l';arsi lbrriage and
Dock Labourer, Ad
XI ""
Dock WOlkers(l{ejil"lalioll Of Employment) Act
Duurine ,\et
Dramatic Performances Ad IV '"

Vrugs Ad. Dllll:CrOus IV
Or"I:' A.:t, Food and
DrU"II.>\mcnr\'mentl Ad, 1~9, Food and

Duties Act. Iron am'! Steel

Dulie~ Ad. Moh~r Spirit
Dllt~' A(t, Ci~afelte,
Out)' Ad. Matcl'ln EJOcise 1\1 56'
Duty Act, Sill'er EJOdse 1\1 ,"
Education Act, Primary IV In

Education Act Appli..alion Acl. 1951. Primary XIII
EdllutiCHl (Temporary Amendment! Act, 1950, Prirrory IV
Electrkity Ad V
nlbankmtnt "ct .. ,., IV 290
mercency Power. Ael, Pre..... II ,16
EUler~encr t'rovisinnS Act. Burma Immi~alion
merccncy PrO\iA0u5 A.d, 19!6. Burma Patcuts and Designs X
G~neral lndtx V

Emergency Pro\'ilions Ad, Requisitioning ...
"V 2S8
Emigration Act
J::nctowmenta Act, Chali12,ble ... ... IX 151
Entert:linment Tn Act ... III
Epidemic Distasf'S Act
Essential Supplies and Servio:es Act
Esble" Acl, Dbpoaal of l'oli.:c OOll;crs'
Estates Act, Go\'erllmenl ),fa.nagcment of Private X 27
E\'idence Ad XII
E..idence Act, Banl,;ert;' Books ." XII '69
Exchange Reeulation Act, Forei~n III
ExciK AeI, Uurma . III 316
Excise Duly Act, Matches III 363
Excise Out, Ad, III 374
ExQise Duty Act, S"eOl' III 361
Eremplion Act, 1946, Won.Time. Crlmel VIII 43.
ExpIOl;'t"n Act V IS'
t:::xplesi\'e Sub'lances Act
Expulsion of OffendeJi Act
~;densio.1 Act, 1949, Burma Immigration (E.nergellCY Pro\'illon,)
Extension Ad, 1949, Forei~nert
Eden,ion AeI, 194", Regislralioo 01 FOreiltners
Exlemion Acl, 194'1, R.:gistr;;llion (Temporary Provisional (Amendment)
Ezlension or Lawa Act, 19~8. Ch!n Spial Oh'isi,m .., XIII 1
denslon of Laws Act, 1949, Karenn! Stale XIIl
EJlleneion of L:""..s .401:', 19.4\1 tialwccn District
xteniion of Laws Ad, 19.48, Slates
Extension of Laws Act, 1949, Mates
Extradition Ad, Burma


Fnlrwnys Acl, Obstructions In VII 208

"'ar.:y Act, Glanders and IV 32.
Fatal Accidents Act IX I
"en Act, Court XII 347
Jo'ees Act, Process XII 382
Furies Act ,,, VII SO
.'inance Supplementary and EJtlemli", Act, 1931
F'ill;,mtIal Commissioners Acl
... III
}o'isheries Act
Food and Drugs Act ..
Food and DrugslAmendment) Act. 1949
Foreilners Act
Foreillners Act, Re"istratlon 01

Forei'" Exchange Regulation Act III 18
"'on:iinen (EJoteMlonl Act. 1949 XIII 82
Forelfners IE:tIensionl Ael, 19W, Registration or XIII 82
Foreign Inferel'. Act, Ccmpanies IX '06
.'oreifn Marriaec Act XI 7l
"'orelp Requitinc Ad I
to'oreill\ Relations Act I "
Forest Aet
Free "edical Altetldance Acl, 1951
F utMI, Act. PTovklcPt
IX .
G~n~ral Index
\-OLUIol ..'PAr:E

G:llns or Leanllnc: Acl, Uilll:U .., XI 21

G:lmblin~ Act Vtll ,,6
G:neral (,,1:U1us Acl, Burma toO I 1
Genen Coon.-nlio" Implementing Act V 34
Ghcc Adultcration Act
Glanlkn :lnd Farcy Acl IV
Goods Ad. Sail: of
Uood. by SO::1 Ad_ Bwm:l C:lnia)::c of
c;ovCfnmcnl Huildinll Act
c.",ull1lJCntl.l:maKculcnlo{ Pli\-atc Estaln Al.:t
G"ycrnu:cnt S;I.I"in. Ranks Act
t,u\'Clnmcnt ~urities Ad ,..
III "2
Grants Acl, State X 212

(jr:duilics Act, Local Aulhoritks Pcnsion. :and VI
Guardians .nd Wards Act XI

Had,nc)- Carri2lc Act 'Il
Had:1'toCy Canb,tI Ael, Rangoon
Wchwayt AI-I
Hindu Uil('OlSitt"n 0{ Property Ad
Hindu Gains 01 Leaminll: Act _


Hindu Inhcriblll'c IRemoval or Di.abiliti....) Ad Xl 20

Hind" L:twof Inhl-ritallcc Ammdmcnt Ad XI 1i
Hindu \Vidow,- Hc-marriall.e Acl XI 16
H"\l~e ACl.:omlnodation Act, C:mlOl'Dlcnll VI 45J
H)'at"inlh Act, Water I\' m
l.lrlltific:llion of I'Tlsoncr, .'el I",
lnlln'lration tE"lcrgcnc)' Provisions) AeI, Hurma
lnllnicratioll Ell1crllenc\' Proyiskll5) l~:xtcnlion) Acl, l~.l), Rlilma
hlllilovo:ahic l'ml'el1 y IRestriction) Acl, Transfcr or
IllIllClrll and KlfP'olrls rre'IlI>oTuyl A~I, Conlrol ul
, '8l"
Importation Act, Li"c'llock
IlIcolI\c-I:I:'I: Ad, HUrln:l
". '"
III '36
11\(IC1I1nll)' a.\" \'alidalinf Acl, I94S, 8\lrm:t
Indu~ldes Acl,Slale .\id 10
Inhcril:ln\'c IRellluI'al Of J.)is:lbililics) Act, Hindu
'" 20

Inland ll"nded W.lrehous". Act 111 :;23

Inl;md SI"all\ }essels Act
In lu1rlh ,kt, p"blic Serv;tnls
I".e..:h and p"lls Act IV 2-~"
Illsllh'en..:y A..:I, Burma XI ",
In'oh"n,-~ A..:I. Ranaoon
Inslrllnlt'lIl. ,\cl, Nt'gotiablc
Insplion Acl, Hankcn' I;$or>ks
11l<"rant't' Coouranics Ad
IlIlUr.lllCC SIlcietin Act, Provident
IX ,...

InlC'"e,t _0\..
lutercst W.lf-time Adillatm.cnl Act, 1 J~i. o\~rn.11 of
X ''''
Ir(l'1 an I Stecl Dutics Acl - III )i3

Japancse Currency IE\"aluation) _o\cl 111
Judicial Officers Protttiion Act I Ji9
jlldiciMy AO. L'aioa. .
G~n~,al Indt~ vii

VOLU)(I: 1'10011:

Kare-nni Stale {Elfeillion of Law.} Acl, 1949 XIII
K;trellni SI'lle Public Order (Preser'ta\ion) Ael, 1950
Kuit Act
Kirk Seld.:!h Att, Church 01 S~otland
- ~IJ1

Kihilna Adoptions Act. Rtciltration 01

Labonr Ad, Children PledCint:: of
- XI
V '86

Labourtrs Act, Dock

L."IC ~u ACt
X m
LJnd AcquhiU<Jl Act
Land Ae-quili\ion (Mines) Acl X '31
L'nd Alimali.... Act
Land anu Reveace Act

Land and Revtnue Rtf .Ialion, UpJltT Bonna
Land Customs Act
Land Improvemmt Loan. Ad IV
L!nd Purchase Act, Rllnll" X 36
Law. ACI, Blltma
Law. (AdlpbliOfl) Acl, Burma

L, Order. 1948, U,lil>n 0( Burma AdJplation of I "
Le'JI l'raclltioncu Act XI m"
Le,al I~e","" Suils Ad XI
Len~lh Act. Me:lsurts of
LeprOf)' Act IV
V '",.
Uabililin \Wut1me Adjllstrr,enll Ad, 1945 X m
Lilt AuurJnct l:' mp;llIit1l Ad
Li)(hthou~ Act, Burma
Limibtion Act
Litication Act, Suhlius
Lh'e..tock Impor(ation Act IV
II '"'"
Lo:lns Act. AtTiculturhtl '" IV '"
Lo:lllS ,\cl, Land Impro,'elntnt
Loans Ao::t, Ll)l;a! Authorjtiu
VI ,
Loans Ad, l"IIr1ou.. ,
... X '65
Loa"t Acl, We:lVtrs' ... V
Loo::al Authoritiu Lo311S Act n
Local Authorities Peusionl and Gratultin Act
Local Aulh lritln (SUlre'llion) Act
Lower Burma Town and Yillall:c L~nds Act
," ....
Lunacy Act IV "
Maintenance Orden Enlorcement Act
Majorily Att
Mallallement of Private Eslates Act, Government
Markets Act, All:ricnltliral Produce
Marrla~e Ad, Anand
1\' ,,.

X, 18
MalTi~ce Atl, Chriltian XI
Marriage Ad. Foreilln
Mamalle Att, SptciJI
Warrisge al'ldDlworc:e Act, Pani XI 27
:Jarria(e Di'lolution Act, Native Convuls... XI '00
Mamed WOInen'. Proptrty Act XI 118
l!:a.tthts Ad. White Phosphocus
"'alches tEscilt: Dut)"1 Act
"enurts Of CaPacily Act, Wdthtl aad
III ,.,,.

viii General Index
VOLtl ... !: PAGE

~fca5U'CI of l..engl~.:\CI ... V 40

MClSurlng R.tlket 'standardil:lli,m A..t
J.le<1kal Ad. H'.nll" ...
"'edic.11 AUcnd;mc.: A.,;t, "lSI, Free XIII '0
WedicallA'trc:n Act, Hunna IV 9
"eclin~s Act, S..dilio:lt II 200

lIerellandis..: Marks AeI, Burma
Merchant Shl(l{lln~ Ac', Burma._ VII
Met"" Token. Act 1II 1
Midwil'e~ :md Nurul Act '" IV
'filil:u)' :-Ilu.lnl Service Acl, 8urllU II 19'
}Ji'il.lfy P'llice Aet,l'nlon I ,<5
liinci Act V 191
llil'lt'S Act. L~nd Acq'JI.IUnn X 2ll
"loney Lmdeu Act ..
MOnthly Lu,u(TermlnatiOft) Ad, 1946 '. X
Monuments I'rcterva!ion Ad, Anticnt IV 203
"'oratorilllll A..:I, Alrkultural Debt. x ~I)
Motor Sritl! Uutiu Act III ,371
Mot"r Tunsport Stuket Acl, Railway. \'11 I7l
},loI.)r Vchitlc~ Act, Burma VII S9
llovable Prupe:, Ir Act, Custodiall o( X 2l.
Mooiciral ;\<:1 liS
liullicipal Ad, City Of Rauloc.'l
J.funicipal Taxation Act
M"..:alman Wakf Ad IX 16'
lbsnhnan \Vak( \'alldallnr Act
N:llil'c C..mverts' W:u,bre Diuolullon Act XI "
Naval Ann:unent Act ...
1\:;"';1,1 Discil,llne Act. Borma
NaYal Volunteer ReJen'e (Disclpline) Ad. Bunna
Negotiabl,; hl.lnlment. Ad X 267
"'UriC'S Ad. ltidwiyes a"d IV 10
."ct. 119

Nllr$in& l)c,r,'i.;e Bunm Military II
OJotlt. Ad
O::..lruclion. In io':U1 \VlII~s Ad
Offendn. Act. E;q:luhl,m Of
VII '"
Offender. Ad. "\"Ull
OfficiJot Se.:rell Act. Hurma
... " '" 1
O.lici~l "ru~te7' Act .,.
Oilridd. Act
Opium Act .,
Outl_t. Act
Pani ll:lo, 'j;lCe JoDd Dh'Of\:e Act

" '"

Partilioo A~1 IX 169
Parlnenhlp ,"el II' 171
PJo~sl'o~1 Ad, tiourtna
Patcnt. JoI\(1 De$illnl Ael, 19-15. Dunna
X ,..

P:lolenlt Jolld .Desien. IEmer\lency Prol.'ision.) .'ct. 1916, Burna

Pa~'1I1tnt n( \\'Jol~ Ao:l
'" '"
hnlloo. Act
Pen,ion. Act. 1951, $b:lft State.,.

G~n~'ol Index bi;

Pe,ui,ns and GraluilieJ Act, 1.:)Cal AlIlhori,les ., VI
PerformalleeS Ad, Dr'millie IV 214'
I'ult A..:I, I\nhnill IV
Pesl. Act, Insc:c:.a and
Pelroleum Act
V ""'"
P1lOS9horua i1htdlt. Acl, White IV
"'ckellnt Acl II
Piklll Ad "11
..Iedclnlil of La~r Act, Children V '06
Poisons Act IV '08
Polke Acl.I945
Poli..:e AC', Union lIililary I
I '10
Po:ice Acl, Ran;:oon ~~
I'oll..:e lIucilemcnt 10 Diuffecliolll Act
I "'.
Port Act. Rlngoon
P11 AC$
Potl Olllee Ad, 8urma
Po>tl Office Cash Certlfi<:alea Ad III I'

Pow".. 01 Attorney Act ,X II"
t>ncUtionen Act, Legal x,,
Pret:nt \V;U Te.,nln:llion (Definition) Acl, 1916
l'rCJer\':l'i..>n Act, AndenlllODumenl1 'V
Pre~ (mU(C1lcy PoJWetil Act ,.,
Preas CReci.lratioll) Act
II ,.,
Prevention of Cfllelly 10 Animalt Act
Pd.-nary Educati<lll Acl
PriLm,ry E'hC:llion Act Al'pli..:alion A,;I, 1951
Prim1'y Er1uC;lU"n l'femp)rary Alncndment) Acl, 1950
PrilOners Act I
Ptlloncn Act, Idenlifie..liOR Of ." I '"
PTilOlI, Ael ".
Pri""':e Eshtes Ael, Go~erOlneul lfanaaemenl of X
I '"
P.. oc~ tee. Act
PruhibiliOn Ael, ~1l1c Sla"chter
XII ,n27
Properly Act, W:;uTied \\lome,,', ...
XI '"
Properl)' ACl, Tr;an'fer 0'
..roteetlon Ael, Judicl:ll Officcr, .,.
, I"
P, JlecliOIl Ad, Public Properly II 240
P,olectloll Act, Public Utilities ... II 23.
Protection Act, Wild LIfe IV
Prolocol and Convenllon Act, Arbitrallon X, '"
Providenl Funds "'tl ..
PrOvident Funds Act, Cont(lbutory
Pr..... idenl 1nsu, Soclcties Act

rrO\'ilional COllectkwl 0' Tans Act
P",blic Account.a.nts Deraull Act
Public Fuads Act, Admilli'Ir:>lion Of
Public OrJer (Prne...atiOnI Act .
Public Order IPreuf.'lIItion) Act. 1950, Karenlli St:lte .,.


XUI 06
fllob ic Protoe'I)" ''rotection A~t
Pub'lc Sel'Tant, Jnquirlcs Act ,
II 24"
Public Utilities Puleetion Act II "
PIln:hat.e Ael, Bui-Ina Wild X
General Index

VOI.t::lI1l PAr-it

Railwa)'l Ad
Railway COPlI> Act
... \"II
lbilwa)"S (}lntOt "ransra-I ScnicQI Act \'11
1bonl:<MXl City l:i.-il Court Act I ".'"
Rangoon Devt10pmcftt Trust Act
RangOOn Blttney Carriat;ts Act
R:llitoon Insolv~cJ' Act
K.\ngoou WI' iclpal Act. Cit,. 01 ..

R;anlooll I'olice Act
RanlOOn Port ACt \'11

Ranle""n Waterworts Act

Ralliloon Zoolo.:ical Gardens Act ..
IV '"
RecOfds Act, De.hllction Of
ReefuI1!n, Acl, Foreign I '"
I~e,istratlun Act
Registration Act, Blrthl, Dealha i\nd M;lrriag....
Registration Act,I943, Births, Dulll' and Nalfi;\J,lu '"
Re~i.tration Ac', Preu


Wel:i,tralion Act, Socitlits IX
, 191

R~is:ution 01 "'orelllittl Act
Rexi,lnlion of 1'000cigncfI IEden,ion) Act. 1919 XIII
Registralion (TemflOl"ary Provitioul) ....d. 1941 X 136
Rcr;istr;ation III Kittilna Adoptions Act XI 1
Retis1ratiotl 01 Shill' Acl, U"n...... , VII 360
Rclllstr:Uion I rCOlDporary Provi,iomllAmendulCnll 1F.J:ten,ioa) Act, 1949 XIII 33
RC1\1laiion of Construction and Rer;lir Mt, nuiklilll:' 'V
RCjllblion Of ConstrlldiOil and Rrp;air (Amcndml:llt1 ACI. Kuildings, 1948 XIII
RoICUlaliou of Elllplo)ment Ad, DocIr: Wxkerl V
"Ro:a:utation, $tate PritoAerl
Regulation, Upptr 8urma Lalld and Revenue
Rea:ulaliun. Cpper tiurma Ruby
V '"
Rdations loci, to'oreig'l
Relir( Ac:I, Sreclfic XI
Relielou. Soddin Act
Relitioul T",.tl Act, Charitable and
IX ,.,

Re-luarrlace Act, Hindu Widowl' '" XI I.

Removal 01 Dip,bilitie. Ad, Hindu Inheritance
Rent Control AoIt, 19~$, Urban
Rent Control A\:.,IAllplicalion) Act, 19>2, Crb.1n
Requl,ltionln, IKmeTji(eucy Provisions) Act
II "
Reten"e "'01"1 Act, Hurma II 42
Rtsluinl A,;I, Child Marriage
RestrktiOn Act,l'ranlfer of Immoveable Property
, 14'
Revenue Act, Land and 111 JI'

Revenue Rteo\"ery loCi , .. , ...
Rnenue Rejulalioll, Upper Burma Land and'"
Ruby ReCublion, Upper Burm.l

Runl SeII,G(wernonenl Act \"I
Sale 0( Goods Act
Sah..-ecn Di.trkt (Estrll$ion of Law~j Ac1.1949 XIII
X ".,.
Salt Act, Rurm:a .., 351
!bJI....ioa tOf PrMe,;ulion (War-Tim'~'Olfercesi'~et 1916'"
\'Ul ",
Sa,'in,. 8atIb Act. Goyemmellt , ' III
Sum,. Certi6c:lttl Act .. ... ..' ',' III
G~nuill Index xi

\'OLl1~J: PAGJ:

Savill~s Stamps Act" I~'

111 37
Sea C'lIloms Act 111 ,43
SuTCh tSpeclal Power' Act II 24',
securities Act, Go'"emment 111
seditious Meetings Aet
:)elf.Governllient Act, RW"al
Shan Stale I'ensions Ad, 1951
Shil'Pin~ Act, Hurma Merchant

Ships Act, Hanna Registration of
Silut (Esdse But)'1 Act 111 37.
iSla,c:r Act X, '44
SIlk'1l Cause Courb Act, Hurma
Soc:.ielin Act, Co-operativc 'X

Soc:ieti", A",t, PrO\t<!ellt Insurance

Soc:ictiu Acl, HcliKiOla 'X m
:OV:ictin R.\gi~lration Act 'X
SotdicffoLitilt:odion Aet
SpcdaJ Oilnes (TribuualJ Act,19-47 VIII
SMcial JudgtS Act, 1946 VIIl 432
Special Nanialc Act XI '09
Srccial P..,wcr Acl, Scareh II '44
S[lCcln..: Nelicf Act XI '90
SUtte C~rriaJl,c:a Ad \'11

Stamp Ao:t, Burma"
State 10 Industries Act
Slate Grants Act
State Prisont"rI Re~ubtioll
Sutes(Exteolion of L;i..d Act, 19411 XIII
X ",
, , .
Stites tExtellsion of 1,1\\"5' Acl, 1949 XIII
iStali,llcs Ad, ~I~on Industry
Steam Ven.,l, Act, Inbonll 18.
Steel Duties Act, Iron ..nd III m

Sncccuion Act
SuC::!r Cane Acl \"
SII,Plt l~.lci.e Dul)" Acl 111
Suits Act, Wlal Rer>rul<ntaUVe3 XI
Suits ValuatiQII Act
S:lllpllC:1 amt Sen"ices A",I.l::nenUal
II '"
SUIJlCnSion Acl, Local Authorltics
SUSf'Clls;on of SClltcnccs Acl, Burma Arm)'

T;llI: Act, UCttillC 111 m
Act, Burma Income IS.

Tall ,, Entertainment '"


Tallation Acl, Jofunieiral \" I
Thxes Act, Provisi.>nal Colltction of III ISS
Tclqrolph Acl, Hllrm3 \'11
Tel,,&raphy Act, Burma \Virelcss .. , VII
Ttn:lncy Acl, 194(; X
Tenitorial Force Ad, Burma II
Tokens Aot, Mdal
Tnlls Act
Tolli ,ATlny) Act \'11
T09O'n an'" \'illage L:r.ncls Acl, L.,wcr Burma X 14
xii Gtneraf lndtx
vOt.U .... PAGa

Towns Aat
1'01/0'11.' (Am~ndlllcllll A.ct Applkatiup Ad, 1950
Tr.adc Dil'f'utet Act Ullion' Ad V 267
'!faK...: Ad, Ikfile
Tramways Ad
Tr.m~fcr Of ImnWInl,l., Pfoperly (R<:ttrietion) Act
1Tall~rer of Prl'lfl'.'Tty Act
'l'nulSf)(lft A. t. Ct'IlIon

I ..
1'r"r.1swe 1'ro\"e Act X >S.
TfdP;ll~ ,\ct, l.'atlle
Tribunal Acl, 19<17, Special Crimes
1I"ut\td Ad. ORich11 .,.
Trullt Act
TrUtts Act, Charilablf: and Ro:lil(ioul 'X 161

Underground Waler Act VI 332

Unions Act, Trade \' 267
Union Judici:lry Act I 19'
Union a.tilil:lf1 l'oIic~ Act
Unioft 01 Uunna I~cbrtalion ol" L:lws) Ord. IMIl
Uni,lil)' 01 Ran~ool1 ACI
Ulll;lw[al "'uociations Act _

Uppt.r lSu'rNl Land and Rnenue Retaliation ... III U2
UfIl'Cr Ollnn.. Ruby Regulaliou V 41
Ufb:1n Rt11t Conl(ol Act, 19411 X .90
Urban Relit Control A~t (Application) Act, 1953 XIII sa
Usuriou Loan~ Act X 26'
Utilities l'Jot1.iOll ,\cl. Public II
Y~in~tiou Ad
Valid;dillC Acl, 19"'5. Burma Indelnnil7 and
I ,.
Yalidaliug "cl, U"s,;'ilm:m Wakf
V,.llIation Act. Suil, ..

Vehicles Acl, Burma. MotUI' VII
\'eUc" .\cl. Inland S,caln
\'ma~e Ad
\'ma~e L,mds Acl, L'wer B:lrIna TOIYII :Iud
V<Jlunteer Air .'<Ju'e (Disciplincl Acl, bllrma
Volllnl~er Ilorcc.lPrMcdilln. in. Cidl !i.:lI1ploy,nenl) Act

W;aJ/.u Ad, Paynltn.t of V 211

Watl ,\d, Mu,~;'IIIII:I'1 IX .6'
W..Jd \'alitbtinlt Act, J,1t:ualllUln Xl
War TtTminatioll 100fi"illoll} Acl, 1946. PfCkf\1 I
"artime -'.djuslment A~t, 19-17, Alo.-.;rU<l1 of Inle.f'tt X
W::u-tiur Adjnflontnt Act, 19-15, Liabilities X 197
WartimeCrimes IE:s:emption} Act, 1946
War-time Offencet Ad, 19~6, Sanction 101" Prosecution
W.u,tiU\t ProlitiOIU Act. 1945. Ctln:plnlet
Wardt "ct., Gurdilllt and XI ,11
W.trehOldet Act,lnland 8oridC'd
Wnte Lllld' Cbims Act
X '"
Water Att. llndeipmd
Water Hpclllth Act
IV '"
General Index xiii

VOLU)!\'. rAGB

WOlter Puwcr .o\ct V 143

Water-works Act, N..ngoon .- \"1 321
\\'ea\"en' Loans Act .,. v 14
Weilhtsand MUluresof C.. pacily Ad
Whl[lpinl: Ad
White PhO!lphorus "blebcs Ad __ 'v '"
Widows' Re~m;lrrial:e Act, Hindu
Wild L\fl,J Protection Ad
'v JI,I.
\\'ireltn Tclecrllp:')' Ael, Burma "II
WUOleu'. Auxili;tr), Sen'ice (Hurm..) Act II 117
Women's PrOJlCrly Act, Yarritd XI '18
Workmen', CompenQlion Act V 23:!
\V orks 01 Defence Act 1M
YounC Of(ellders Act "I 28l
iooIO'.::i&al C..rden. Acl. Rolngoutl IV 'en
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Oi<Rs..meu<" ~=5 '00
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oami)U<O' 'e~J flb
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Page J._Footrlotc, for" Vol nteer" read Volunteer".
Page lB._Schedule (Part JI). first column. for The State Offence ACI"
r~ud .. T)lc State Olfences Act ",
Page 8B._Section 5A. subsection (I). proviso. last line. for .. Stat ..
uad .. 51'He".

Pa~~ 9l.-Section 10. sub.section (2), secood linc. for" proceding ..

rcad .. proceeding ..

Page 99._Schedulc. item 5. column (3), first line. for '0 subsec ion"
read" sub-section ..
Page x._GcncraJ Index, eighth line. for .. Mu icipal" read
.. Municipal ..

oo~o J G. .y"" J 01 yoll (J) r o..,e&tj;ooooS:.,.E, " OO:'l'!t "

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00'11<,0 GG' .yfio 00' Y.HJ) I O?O~~ ~ 0061" !Jtt~g:;. "
""0'>:1 .. Mt<E2(lllj" "1"'cl.io1.
"",dip ~?' l<(Jo ?1yOll(G)1 .t~:OOO..&ooEl "~5:t2(lllj .'
:T.O:>:I 'I S1S:MfoSe~ J' ot::ooSo1

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".6)&:;~ J ~r" i1il~6o:~"''''~ " .t?di~ yS"",,,,: <D~'\lE,o 1.
o''II<t' '00" .yo. ~ 1 "'llfi (.) 1 oo.oE:o~' 0061 "c1oco?E .,
~C'):t H c1:~oo?E " ot:r.oSo1l