Marks:- 80
Q.1.A] Fill in the blanks
1] Actual buying and selling of goods is known as ___________.
a) Profession b) Trade c) industry.
2] Difficulty of finance is solved by ____________.
a)Insurance b)mercantile agent c)Banking.
3] Cottage industry are specialized in___________.
a)luxary goods b)imported goods c)consumer goods.
4] We can trace origin of concept of mahila bachat Gat in ___________.
a)India b)pakistan c)bangladesh.
5] Public sector enterprise is owned,managed and controlled by the ___________.
a)Individual b)Government c)Board of directors
6]Government company is registered under _____.
a)special legislation b)company act 1956 c)banking act 1949.
7] A wholesaler invest ________ capital in the business.
a)small b) large c)less.
8] Retailer is the ___________ link in the chain of distribution.
a)first b)last c)second.
9] There is no salesman in the ________ shop.
a) department b) supermarket c) chain store.
10] A multinational corporation is also known as _____________.
a)global corporation b)regional corporation c)national corporation.
Q.1.B] Match the pairs.
1] Local currency Insurance
2] Business risk social objective
3] Employment generation International trade
4] tea business insurance
5] Agro based industry service oriented
6] Public sector enterprise southern part of India
7] Joint venture Assam
8] Market trader Leather goods

Q. 3]Small scale industries use out dates technology. 2]Transport creates place utility. 8]A person who moves from place to place to sell goods. 4] Demerits of deparomenial organisation. 7]The link in the chain of distribution. 10]Types of goods produced in cottage industry. 6]The ultimate person in need of goods. 2] Types of rural Industry. Q. 1]Risk is invitable in business activities. 4]A sector which id backbone of rural India.3] Short notes (any 3) 1] Features of employment.1. 5]A retailer has no direct contact with consumers.9] One price shop temporary partners 10] General shop Ratnagiri Business in market place Fixed prices Most common shop Q.2] Distinguish between (any 2) 1] cottage industry and small scale industry. 2] Private sector and public sector. 3]Business and profession. 3]Agro-indusrty which involves silk production.1. . 3] Features of government company. 9]Partners in a joint venture. 4] Employment and profession.C] True or False with statement.C] Write a word or phrase. 5]A temprory partnership in business. 4]Government companies enjoy legal status. 1]Human activities conducted for earning money. 2]The type of industries that provide services. Q.

4] Long answers (any 2) 1] What do you mean by private sector? Explain the importance of private sector 2] What do you mean by retailer? Explain the features of retailer. .5] Features of One price shop. Q. 3] Explain problems faced by small business. 4] What is business risk? Explain various causes of business Risk.