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Department of HRD,
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.

(Forwarded as received by other HR professionals)

Dear All

This refers to the Trial Court of Gurgaon convicted 31 plant
workers and acquitted 117 others in the Maruti violence case of 2012 when an altercation
broke out between workers and management at the Manesar plant over dismissal of an
employee on 18th July, 2012.

On 18th July, 2012, Mr.Awanish Kumar Dev, the then Human
Resources General Manager at the Manesar plant, was burnt to death during a labour unrest.
Dev's both arms and legs were broken in the assault. As a result, he could not leave the
building when it was set on fire. His charred body was recognized through the tooth implant.
Also, 94 other managers and supervisors and nine Police were injured in the attack.

• Permanent Workmen - 1100 Nos. (29.72%)
• Temporary - 1200 Nos (32%)
• Trainees – 1000 Nos. (27%)
• Apprentices – 400 Nos. (11%)

About 70% workforce is on contract and engaged in core areas of manufacturing i.e.
perennial nature.

The Management had started implementing the Japanese Work
Culture at Manesar Plant for getting high productivity with less cost. The Indian workforce is
not accustomed to these high pressure work culture (experience of extremely high work
intensity, with unpaid forced over time work, wage deductions even for planned leave and
overbearing and abusive supervision and invasive surveillance).Culturally, Indians and
Japanese are far apart. Their sense of discipline, punctuality, employee connect too are very

POSSIBLE CAUSES OF THE LABOUR UNREST 1. On the morning of that day. However. 2011. Union realized that the management was using all kind of tricks to break their unity.5- 4K.1500-2000 as salary cut in various forms of incentives & allowances. The company had been instrumental in constituting in the formation for said union. In such circumstances. and the submission of the Charter of Demands by the union on 18 April 2012.5K & Apprentices – 3. “On 3rd of June. 2. SYNOPSIS OF EVENTS 1. Maruti Manesar Plant has a Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union which is affiliated to Gurgaon Plant Union. the Maruti Suzuki Kamgar Union. Permanent workers at Manesar compared their wages to the wages of permanent workers at nearby Honda. 6. for both Gurgaon and Manesar plant. Disparities in wages such as Gurgaon Permanent Workmen were paid Rs. Temporary – 6. they knew that some workers planned on registering a separate union and the company had already prepared legal documents for a possible expulsion of workers from the premises. if a workman takes one day leave. and created an industrial dispute. he loses about Rs. if a worker takes two day leave.13-17K per month. Following the registration of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU) on 1 March 2012. The company knew that trouble was brewing. Maruti Suzuki management tried to back a single union. Management insistence to sign and accept Good Conduct of Code without taking union in confidence 4. union was forced to go on flash tool down strike from the afternoon of June 4.” . Trainnes-8-10K. the labour department officials faxed the news of union application to the management. Maruti Suzuki management violated core principles of bargaining in good faith and refused to negotiate on a core issue related to terms and conditions of work – the use and treatment of contract workers. Working conditions were made very strict by applying Japanese work culture such as long working hours. eleven leaders of the workers went to Chandigarh to meet the Labour Department to complete the formalities regarding registration of our union on June 3. half day salary cut if a workman come late. 3. (Management Pro Union) 5. 4. 2. This further vitiated industrial peace. Hero Honda or Maruti Gurgaon plant and voiced anger about the fact that they earn only half as much. 2011. he almost loses all the incentive 3. the workmen at Manesar had planned to form new union of their own choice.30K to 40K per month whereas Manesar Plant Permanent workmen paid Rs.

11.000 workers stop work and remain in factory. On 18 July 2011. which the company is currently building on the premises. workers raised various issues and demands: low wages. when the incidence of alleged abusive language used by supervisor to union leader. Management’s failure to address this promptly. The management did not allow workmen to form the new union at Manesar Plant of their own choice and insisted to remain a part of old union which is pro management. WHAT WENT WRONG 1. 12.7. managers and executives rendering many of their victims bleeding and unconscious. 10. the same was not proactively resolved promptly which led to further incidence. Maruti Suzuki management violated core principles of bargaining in good faith and refused to negotiate on a core issue related to terms and conditions of work – the use and treatment of contract workers. He had no chance of escape. The strike was called off and again protest had started. in the Night shift. 3. The Management had engaged 70% of their workforce on contract in core area of manufacturing and paid the minimum wages plus incentive. Later on. the General Manager Mr Awanish Kumar Dev was with union officials to discuss disciplinary matters when he was attacked. incentive cuts. 8. 2011. his attackers broke his legs. This further vitiated industrial peace. They also ransacked offices. broke glass panes andfinally. 9. . On 18th July. During this initial stage. so he was trapped inside” and died in the fire set by agitating workers. Following the registration of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU) on 1 March 2012. but on the possibility of enduring industrial peace. and the submission of the Charter of Demands by the union on 18 April 2012. A total of 96 injured supervisor/managerial personnel were hospitalized. This is unfair labour practice and also amounts to gross exploitation of workmen. 2. they set the offices on fire. This has a bearing not only on the rights of individual workers. over the course of many months. The management further violated this principle by interfering with workers’ right to forming and joining a union of their own choice. The workers have demanded that the temporary workers should be given preference for permanent posts in new departments. On 18 July 2011. “Armed with iron rods and door beams of cars. it is alleged that a supervisor addressed a worker with a caste slur. This is clear violation of Trade Unions Act and amounts to unfair labour practice on part of employer by indulging their interference in workers’ trade union activity. 4. and created an industrial dispute. On the 4th of June after the change between morning and late shift around 2. the mob spread out in groups in the factory area and targeted supervisors. few breaks. through an impartial internal inquiry since it was relating to workplace discrimination. management did not allow to enter the workmen and these workers largely remained outside the factory.

Maintain the parity of wages between all categories of workmen 4. To have regular interactions between Management & Union. since workers were required to be thoroughly frisked every day before they entered the plant. industries can work smoothly and prosper. Labour Department has been ineffective in ensuring the rule of law 7. In fact it is the responsibility of the top management to ensure that the services of the experts from the field of cross culture management. To ensure not to engage large number of contract employees in core areas of manufacturing 3. . To inculcate professional approach in Trade Unions. 5. 6. which are available. TAKE AWAY FROM THIS INCIDENCE 1. it is difficult to understand how workers could have been responsible for the alleged acts of violence and arson of 18 July 2012. every effort has to be made to understand the nuances of the alien work culture and the local work force should be trained in that direction. The need of the hour is to inculcate professional approach in Trade Unions. In India it is the general experience that the trade unions leaders are arrogant. industries can work smoothly and prosper. JV agreement to avoid the unpleasant situations like Manesar. so that the Industrial Relations remain cordial. so that the Industrial Relations remain cordial. Provide all welfare benefits as stipulated in the various statutes 5. Do not ignore the demands raised by large number of employees on the behest of few union leaders and with the support of Govt/Political Parties. To establish good network amongst all category of workmen to get the daily inputs 6. and enforce the culture of their country to indian workforce. black mail the management and behave like militants mainly because of their political affiliations. If indeed the management was effectively managing the Manesar plant under the rules it had created for itself. Police has transgressed its powers amounting to interference in industrial disputes and yet failed to act when it should have. 2. Do not interfere in union’s activities on behest of few union leaders 7. including the Employment Standing Orders. SUGGESTION When the Foreign company collaborates with Indian company and set up the plant in India especially Japanese company.