Aluminium industry in India

4 lakh tonnes – Capacity extrusion
Product Extrusion(4 lakh tonnes)

Product Market

Organised Sector(280k Unorganised Sector(120k
tonnes) tonnes)

Section Profiles


Industrial Engeering

i- Total Market Size for aluminium extrusion industry is 4 lakh tonnes which is
divided into Organized and Unorganized sector.

1 mn TPA of Primary Aluminium . Looking this growth of the industry. the industry is expected to grow at a rate of 15-20% year on year. 1. PE. In terms of Indian market. and uPVC windows look most promising among all our range which includes PVC doors. Investment done by Primary Producers: Rs. PVC fencing. uPVC colored and combination windows. etc.5 lakh people: directly or indirectly with current production capacity of 2. PVC and uPVC profiles are nowadays replacing the market of window or doors made out of wood.. PVC and UPVC Substitute Products in the unorganized sector: PVC and uPVC products: PVC Wall panelling and false ceiling. designer door. ii. i. These products are a substitute for wood laminates used for interiors. the furniture that is glossier. The current scenario of aluminium industry in Indian context as well as globally. Industry is growing at the rate of 10% P. Organized Sector contributes 70% share against 30% share of unorganized sector. Future growth will come largely from the solar industry. v. cold or humid. Other Competitive products that look promising in the coming years: Wood substitute market has been ever increasing with many builders becoming aware on ecological buildings and their interiors that are being built. Many revolutionary products have been launched by many companies such as wood-finish steel products. folding door. PVC membranes are very promising. In the furniture segment. glass. uPVC windows with iron grills. whether the climate is hot. Growing Consumption: India's Aluminum consumption: increase from .A iv. products that are developed from agricultural waste and made composite to form doors and windows with a wooden finish.1 million to 4. UNORGANIZED SECTOR: Various types of plastic material that are substitutes for aluminium in the unorganized sector are PVC. aluminium or iron. ABC. Employment will double with new capacities. that gets cleaned quickly and has more scratch resistance capacity is preferred. PVC prefabricated structures. wet area doors. demand for long life products.1 million TPA by Fy17 Employment Generation More than 7. PP.e. Aluminium industry plays a very important role in nation's economic growth and progress. iii. The building and construction contribute to almost half of the total consumption in the organized sector. wet area door. UPVC. uPVC windows and doors. People these days like bigger frames to be used as facades having sliders for their living rooms or bedrooms all over India. PVC wall panelling and false ceiling.2 Lakh crore invested taking the total production of Primary Aluminium from 2. PC. This change has come because of demand of lifestyle housing. people are beginning to like products that have more features and the products that are more durable as well.

Another advantage of this is that the colour lasts for ages – there is no rusting. Strength:Despite their robustness. Fire resistant: 6. But the challenge arises when the decision maker is ill-informed and thereby starts getting influenced by fabricators and architects. In this particular industry. the replacement cost of upvc is much higher than aluminium. Complexity Given the relative advantages of aluminium frames over uPVC frames. we can say that the advantages of Aluminium frame itself are not difficult to understand but the customers are widely uneducated about the same. peeling and it won’t go discoloured. customers look for products that have lifetime-value and have aesthetic appeal at the same time. 7. 2. 3. Hence. it can be easily repaired onsite while upvc windows need to be taken out for offsite repair 4. Easier/ low maintenance: 5. Relative Advantage 1. Scrap Value: Aluminum after use or scrap value is at least 25% of original window value while Upvc has no scrap value. it lasts for many more years as compared to UPVC.2 mnTPA by 2018. The industry looks forward to support from the government during this critical phase to maintain its viability and to protect its growth plans. While the industry is implementing these plans. · Compatibility Despite modern advances leading to several more texture and colour choices. the benefits are easily understandable by the end customer. increased imports and difficulty in accessing critical resources like coal and bauxite due to delayed clearances.2. due to it being powder coloured aluminium (this is an extremely durable finish for windows). the process that is required to make UPVCs is highly toxic and this in turn leads to toxic it wooden or aluminium or uPVC depending upon the margins they are receiving.7 mnTPA in 2015 to 3. Recyclable: Another advantage to picking aluminium is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly material which can be recycled. These influencers push for one particular type of window frame . the aesthetic appeal can be easily .While. On site repairing: As per the manufacturing design of aluminium windows. including depressed realizations. Divisibility The customers we are targeting are the ones in construction business and real estate industry. Durability: As aluminium is a stronger material. This makes it compatible with the modern households which are tastefully designed and require more and long lasting designs. Too much heat can even result in the rupture of their frames. · Problem related to UPVC windows disposal at the end of their useful life. As a result. it is unfortunately facing a barrage of issues. Wooden and aluminium windows permit the use of paint and varnish in any colour which lets you create a defined look in your house that seamlessly blends in with your household style and decor. uPVC windows and doors are prone to sagging and sashing due to their light weight and also because they are structurally not as strong as aluminium windows. Now. uPVC windows and doors still lag behind wooden or aluminium doors when it comes to picking and choosing colours and customization options.

packaging. defense establishments.demonstrated via various mediums like sample flats.aluminium can easily market itself better by educating stakeholders about its relative advantage. Maan Aluminium could probably participate in the tenders offered by the government as it will start many projects where there main focus would be on infrastructures and where Aluminium will have edge over other substitutes like uPVC in the following ways:- . Some of these focus only on Aluminium Extrusion products. This can be done by demonstrating the relative advantages of Aluminium over uPVC. foundries. For example: If we want to showcase the strength of Aluminium. social and physical performance. the international trade fair and conference which is to be held in first week of November. metal traders. we must be able to showcase how MAAN Aluminium is superior to its competitors as well as substitutes. proper maintenance and cleaning. aviation. plant heads/supervisors. Solutions to improve revenue from aluminium 1. construction. It has also to be considered that the service life of windows is not only a quantifiable technical property. we should carefully select those trade fairs and expos which are attended by our primary targets. For example: Aluminium India. hardness test etc depending upon which characteristic property we want to highlight. functional. 2. we can go for various tests like fatigue stress test. The government of India launched a Smart city mission under which Indore was short listed as one of the cities out of 100 cities.fabricators and architects. There are many companies who are trying to adapt eco-friendly measures in order to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation. depends upon economical. end- users from a broad cross-section of industry sectors like automotive. Aluminium Trade fairs There are numerous Aluminium trade fairs and expos that happen around the year. architects. telecommunication.southasiatradeshows. etc. 2017 “The target audience for Aluminium India would be fabricators. marine. metallurgists. But.” http://www. but there is also an aesthetic and fashion input to it. electrical. consultants. Our primary goal is to convert the influencers . life of windows therefore. Currently. Government eco-friendly projects These days the word ‘Green’ has become synonymous to those activities which cause minimum negative environmental impact. there is a little difficulty in communicating the benefits of aluminium as UPVC manufacturers are more inclined towards marketing and there is a good perception about UPVC products in the market. home decor shops In order to convert our primary targets. But the durability aspect of frames is difficult to convey simply through trials because the benefits will not become visible in a few days or even a few months. there is another important factor in durability and service life of windows. The government plans to focus on Energy & Waste management by incorporating eco-friendly measures to revamp the City. Communicability Besides the choice of material. while others on all Aluminium products. Therefore.

.  Vinyl Chlorides releases dioxin which are carcinogenic if they are not incinerated properly. angiosarcoma. Aluminium’s production is comparatively less harmful than the production of uPVC as the latter contains a vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) whose exposure was linked to a rare form of liver cancer.