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Teaching EFL Online:
Villanueva’s Story

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Villanueva oversees the school’s curriculum development and documentation. Villanueva. She could not effectively convey Be a life-long student who can use her learning to benefit her students. In an introspective manner. my Cake and Eating It. as well as an educator of students and other educators. and is currently working towards her PhD in Curriculum Studies. She also oversees the delivery of the undergraduate degree program teaching and curriculum. 1 Profile and Passion Challenges: Juliet Aleta R. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Faculty Education at the University of the Philippines Open University and the Curriculum Consultant at the Builders’ School (2007-present). an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines Open University. an MA in Community Development/Community Practice in 1998. She teaches graduate courses online to perspective teachers and designs and implements “inquiry learning projects” to grade school students. Villanueva studied at the University of the Philippines where she earned a Bachelor of Elementary Education/Special Education in 1989. An introduction to her educational journey is an inspiration to educators all over the world.. on top of the most recent technological advances in education when she says… who wants to be labeled as an old. warmth or personality in her Engage her students no matter what that takes. and asynchronous courses. How do I engage them to be able to deserve my the warmth that is essential to her pay? Am I even worth my title. She is truly a student.?” She expresses her desire to be teaching style. she contemplates her effectiveness as a teacher as she says in her blog Google Sites+Moodle+WizIQ=Having With the WizIQ virtual classroom. Share this case study: .. make the classes But I am a teacher… I am nothing if I don’t see or feel the presence engaging and personal. and convey of my students.” She is able to get immediate feedback from her students. She did not feel like she knew her students. Never settle for mediocrity in her teaching. She has an almost Austen-like wit about her as she writes Solution: of her successes and shortcomings. has endeavored to do four things in her 20 year She was unable to engage her career as a teacher and professor: students and did not feel like she was interacting with them. Upon reading her blogs. one walks away feeling a sense of euphoria for the educational process. Her work experience includes being the Program Chair of Associate in Arts Degree at UP Open University (2008-present) where she gives academic advice to adult learners. Provide personalized and collaborative learning for her students. boring faculty member? Villanueva’s writings are a breath of fresh air among the droning of other’s lists of accomplishments and accolades. The WizIQ Virtual Classroom Villanueva’s blogs also convey a humility that you do not usually come by in a Benefits: college professor. Too! Villanueva “feels alive. In addition.

educators must practice “effective design. “Teaching Presence of Exemplary EFL/ESL Teachers in Synchronous Online Classes at WizIQ”.” In her case study. pronunciation issues when teaching a language. They are “connecting with online learners. managing the virtual classroom. On validating online teaching and the process of learning she summarizes her conclusions: Teaching as well as learning presence may be roles which are possibly played out by teachers and learners. Villanueva discusses how synchronous platforms such as WizIQ have made global language learning possible. In her two part series. She notes some personal touches these teachers have that make the online learning environment feel personal. blended learning in virtual schools. She has a research series covering exemplary teaching styles where she studied and wrote about teachers at WizIQ. engaging and sustaining language learning. inquiry learning. teaching and learning presences in online learning. 2 Profile and Passion She is also an avid researcher in the fields of curriculum design and integration. view/beliefs of the teacher about online teaching and language learning. Video conferencing. she states that the most important aspect of online education is the role of the teacher and how ‘teaching presence’ happens through online interactions among teachers and learners. facilitation and direction of courses…. and George Machlan. including playing of music at the beginning of class. and validating online teaching and learning…. including a time for introductions and ‘getting-to-know-you’. and using facial expressions that assist. in a humorous way. language. In doing so she points out some aspects of WizIQ that make language learning so effective online. using a casual tone when asking where the students are from. and virtual communities. depending on the teaching style. Namrata Arora. further studies are recommended along the lines of examining these themes. Roles and actions which make for teaching presence may either be implicitly or explicitly done by teachers and learners. She believes that to ensure a positive teaching presence. she researched WizIQ teachers Nellie Deutsch. social studies. multimodal features. and virtual classroom management tools all contribute to what she calls themes in the synchronous virtual classroom. which translates to the choice of methods and activities in the virtual classroom facilitation.” She also stresses the importance of teachers getting feedback in order to evaluate their skills. In her follow up study. Share this case study: . Hence.

but still felt that her teaching was incomplete. she was introduced to WizIQ by a student and combined her use of Moodle. and worked with it for a few years. It was not engaging. She felt like her students just wanted to get the course over with and get their credits. Then she jumped from the face-to-face classroom based teaching at the K12 level to online teaching at higher education levels. Share this case study: . Google and WizIQ to much success. but still felt dismayed at her ability to engage her students. Finally. 3 Villanueva searches for a better way to educate online Villanueva enjoyed her time educating in the face-to-face classroom. “cubicle” like. take them on field trips to enhance learning. She started out teaching college asynchronously where she felt disjointed and out-of-touch with her students. She uses the analogy of a cake to describe her addition of WizIQ to her recipe for educating success: Here come the icing+the filling on my Google Site/Moodle chocolate cake. and re-apply that learning in the classroom. She was able to interact with the kids in the classroom. She found herself disappointed with her Moodle classroom as it felt too structured and as she puts it. One of the biggest issues Villanueva had with asynchronous teaching was that she could not convey the warmth that she previously did in her face-to-face teaching. She added Google to her repertoire. She also tried using online and offline projects.

4 How WizIQ changed things for Villanueva Upon adopting WizIQ’s virtual classroom for her teaching needs. She wants this not just for herself. she recalls when Moodle was down for an entire week. she fondly calls it “education of the third kind. She finds now that WizIQ is a precious tool in her proverbial educating tool belt. and WizIQ raised the bar. She no longer felt distant from her students. She attributes this to the video and audio tools on WizIQ that brings everything to life for students and teachers alike.” Moodle and Google were the first and second. but for the benefit of her fellow teachers as well. In one of her blogs. Her presentation is entitled Teaching and Learning Presence in Online Classes of ESL/EFL Teachers at WizIQ. In fact her students commented on how approachable and tech savvy she was. She was able to continue teaching while her colleagues sat waiting for their asynchronous platforms to come back online. Villanueva has become a WizIQ enthusiast as she has actively worked towards getting her university to adopt it as their virtual classroom platform. She experimented with WizIQ over the summer and attended other teacher’s sessions and viewed recordings to further educate herself until she launched her first WizIQ class. Upcoming in 2013. Professor Villanueva plans to present a paper on WizIQ at the Thai TESOL Conference. In her reflections of how helpful WizIQ has been for her. Villanueva described her ability to communicate live with the students by getting their feedback on her presentations with the phrase it makes me feel alive. Share this case study: .

shared documents. her newest toy and a high-tech gadget.000 educators. teachers. The tools that help you run your online teaching business include adding and managing teachers. face-to-face video streaming. WizIQ has over 2 million users WizIQ and 150. com for free. courseware and a content library where they can publish and share content in any format. This allows teachers and students to share content with others instantly. create and deliver courses and run an online teaching business. Course Management System or Learning Management System. WizIQ can meet them. She calls the WizIQ classroom “individualized and collaborative. live with others. WizIQ offers tools to connect with your students in real time. getting a personal teaching website on WizIQ. and integrating your website. In creating and delivering courses you have access to a course creation wizard. and $ + collaboration needs.” She refers to WizIQ as a tool in her belt. WizIQ WizIQ is a leader in online education. In conjunction with the live virtual classroom. websites. the icing on a piece of chocolate cake. 5 What WizIQ Offered Villanueva/ What It Can Offer You In Villanueva’s blog thoughts on WizIQ” she states. It finally dawned on me what WizIQ meant with its tagline: {} ‘anyone can teach. assessment and question bank. Whatever your individual teaching needs are. whiteboard tools. Call us at: USA: +1-919-647-4727 Europe: +44-(0)-20-7193-6503 Asia: +91-988-500-3232 Start your free trial Request a Demo Share this case study: . attendance reporting. videos and recordings. * # Further she praises WizIQ as a platform that allows students to have more choices in their educational journey: choices of classes. WizIQ is an excellent way to share content with others. You can connect with your students by using the text chat box. It is a virtual classroom that allows teachers and students to be online. anyone can learn.