Spoilers for The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for

Nothing Miss
Chapters 2875-3217 (by dysry summaries)
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Su Luo (Source: Knight Fantastic Night)

SL – Su Luo (mother YH; father unknown)
NL – Nangong Liuyun (2nd Prince of Dong Ling, 3rd disciple of CZ)

BY – Beichen Ying
ZiY – Zi Yan (Purgatory City’s Holy Maiden)

LX – Lan Xuan
AYM – An Ye Ming
WH – Wei Hua
ZL – Shang (Purgatory City Guard Captain)

Su Luo’s Real Family

YH – Yan Hua (Su Luo’s real mother)
SL’s Father – Owner of YH’s White Jade Finger Guard; Godlike existence in the Spirit
Other Candidates:
RY – Rong Yun; YH’s sworn brother; SL’s master
CZ – Long Qing Tian; Cheng Zhu of Purgatory City; SL’s godfather
Former leader of Gui Ci (Crafty Thorn)

Purgatory City
CZ – Lord (Cheng Zhu) of Purgatory City; real name Long Qing Tian
RLK – Rampaging Lion King (Kuang Bao Shi Wang; Oldest Disciple from the 1 st
10th Generation
3rd Disciple – Nangong Liuyun
4th Disciple – Zi Yan
QL – Qing Lin (3rd Elder)
Serene Fairy (Wu You Xian Zi; 3rd and 7th Elder’s disciple)
4 Elder
ZW – Zhang Wang
5th Elder
LLM – Li Luo Ming (5th elder’s disciple; Superior ranked Apothecarist)
6th Elder
7th Elder
Serene Fairy
PIF – Pure Ice Fairy (Bing Qing Xian Zi)

Ally Adversary Neutral
1st Elder 3rd Elder (Female; Serene Fairy’s 2nd Elder
4th Elder 5th Elder (Apothecarist; LLM’s
6th Elder (Apothecarist) 7th Elder (Serene Fairy’s Master)
8th Elder (Coerced; BYY’s Master)

Genius Training Camp
WH – Wei Hua
LYC – Luo Yi Chen

LYC’s Squad
LQ – Luo Qing
WM – Wang Mang
XY – Xu Yin
MM – Li Man Man

Bai Zhe Territory
OX – Ouyang Xi
LLM – Li Luo Ming
ZW – Zhang Wang
PIF – Pure Ice Fairy (Bing Qing Xian Zi; Clear Ice)
ZYR – Zhuang Yi Ran

Periphery Battlegrounds
ZL – Shang (Purgatory City Guard Captain)
LXE – Lan Xiang Elder (Main Elder)
LWE – Lan Wu (Revered Elder, Main Elder’s son and LYE’s father)
LYE – Lan Ying Elder (Main Elder’s grandson)
BQ – Bai Qi (99th squad leader)
BS – Bai Shan
WCS – Wang Che Elder
XZE – Xia Zi (Casket) Elder
DFE - Dong Fang Elder
MRE - Murong Elder
OYE - Ouyang Elder

Crafty Thorn
LY – Luo Ying (NL’s alias in Crafty Thorn)
LYJ – Lady Yao Jia

Demonic Clan (Mo Zu)
YQ – Demon Lord, Ouyang Yun Qi (SL’s ex from her past life)
FCS – Demonic Clan’s Fire Cloud (Huo Yun) Squad
BLS – Bear Lion Squad
MWS – Mechanical Weapons Squad
TBY - Ta Ba Ye (Demonic Clan General)
SJE - Shi Jiu Elder (Demonic Clan Elder)
JME - Jin Mang Elder (Demonic Clan Elder)
TH – Tao Hua (Maid assigned to SL at Demon City)

Knife Fire (刀火 Dāo Huǒ) Tribe
YQC - Ye Qing Cheng (Chief's daughter)
YM - Yi Mo (Tribal chief’s 1st disciple and YQC's senior martial brother)
YC - Yi Chen (Tribal chief’s 2nd disciple and YQC's senior martial brother)
LE – Lian Er (YH’s serving girl)
Items and Places

Blue Sky Continent (Bi Luo Da Lu)
Peripheral Battlegrounds
Spirit World (Spirit Forming/Origin World – Zuo Ling Jie)
SNG - Secluded Necropolis of the Gods

Medicine and Ingredients

CSW – Celestial Spring Water
RBBG – Red-Black Blood Ginseng
BCP – Blood Clotting Pill (Ning Xie Dan)
BRP – Body Reforming Pill (Cui Ti Dan)
ERP – Energy Recovery Pills
FRP – Flesh Regrowth Pill
Grand Master Advancing Pill
WSW – Wood Spiritual Water (Ling Mu Shui)
NNSG – Nominal Nine Star Grass (Jiu Xing Ming Mu Cao)
99F – Nine Yin Nine Yang Falling Cloud Flower (Jiu Yin Jiu Yang Luo Hua)
SAP – Spiritual Absorption Pill (Xi Ling Dan)
SAC – Spirit Absorption Crystal
SRP – Spiritual Recovery Pill (Bu Ling Dan)

Spiritual Pets

LRB Tree – Mutated Languishing Red Bean Tree
SGT – Spirit Gathering Tree; 3rd mutation of SL’s LRB tree
LSF – Little Sable-Fox (Xiao Hu Diao)
Fox – Nine-Tailed Demon Fox King
Sable – Purple Sable
RSL – Origin Flame, Red Shooting Lotus (Yun Luo Hong Lian – Falling Meteor, Red Lotus)
Red War Puppet
Little Dragon – Little Divine Dragon (Meng Meng)

Techniques and Weapons

CSS – Clear Shadow Sword (Chéng Yǐng Jiàn; owned by SL)
Divine Archaic Bones (Shang Wu Shen Gu)
SDS – Spirit Dance Steps
NDS – Nuanced Steps (Ru Wei; next level of SDS)
GST – Goddess Sword Technique (Shen Nu Jian Fa)
CLD – City Lord’s Decree
SUC – Strength Utilizing Crystal (Qiang Hua Shi)

ACF – Archaic Crystal Fruit
ACT – Archaic Crystal Tree (Shui Jing Gu Shu)
Communication Gem – Tong Xun Jue
DFT – Divine Fairy Tea (Shen Xian Cha)
Mask – Thousand Face Mask (Qian Mian Huan Yan)
Power Levels

Ranks and Beast Crystals

4 – Red Crystal
5 – Orange Crystal
6 – Yellow Crystal
7 – Green Crystal
8 – Cyan Crystal
9 – Blue Crystal
10 – Purple Crystal
Command level* (统领级 Tǒng Lǐng Jí) – Black Crystal
Saint level* (圣主级 Shèng Zhǔ Jí) – Dense Black Crystal
Imperial level* (君主级 Jūn Zhǔ Jí) – Translucent Black Crystal

Spirit World Levels

Entry Level – Ru Men
Command Level* – Tong Ling
Saint Level* – Sheng Zhu
Imperial Level* – Jun Zhu
Profound Transformation Level* – Xuan Hua
Metamorphosis Level* – Huan Hua
Ascension Level* – Yu Hua
Deity Level – Shen Hua
Lower God – Xia Shen
Middle God – Zhong Shen
Upper God – Shang Shen
True God – Zhen Shen

1-3 Beginning
4-6 Mid-level
7-9 Peak Level

Spirit World Levels Blue Sky Continent Beast Crystals
Entry Ranks 1 to 10 Red to Purple (Ranks 4 to
Command Command Black Crystal
Saint Saint Dense Black Crystal
Imperial Imperial – END Translucent Black Crystal
Profound Transformation
Lower God
Middle God
Upper God
True God

Grand Master

Flame Classes

Common Flames
Magical Flames – Huan Huo
Demonic Flames – Mo Huo
Spiritual Flames – Ling Huo
Origin Flames – Red Shooting Lotus

Light Element Levels*

Low Rank: Light Essence, Light Healing, Light Technique
Middle Rank: Blazing Light, Human Replication, Power of Decree
High Rank: Light Speed, Fractured Light, Profound Accumulation
*Each with 9 subcategories

Weapon and Beast Grades

Ungraded (Bu Ru Jie; Unqualified; weapon only)
Mortal (Ren Jie)
Earth (De Jie)
Divine (Tian Jie)
God (Shen Jie; beast only)

Elder Rankings

Ordinary Elder (9 in Purgatory City, 91 in the Periphery Battlegrounds)
Revered Elder (1 in Purgatory City, 9 in the Periphery Battlegrounds)
Main Elder (1 in the Periphery Battlegrounds)

Periphery Battleground Merits

0-99 Warrior
100-499 Bridging
500-999 Commander
1000-4999 Platoon
5000-9999 Master
10,000 and above General
Chapters 2875-2882 Base 21
2875 Since the Rampaging Lion King is now the highest ranked, SL whispers that the
Cheng Zhu has left for the Spirit World, causing him to pale. The RLK reminds her not
to disclose this to anyone, since the Demonic Clan would rampage with no one to
deter them, when SL reveals she plans on heading to the Periphery Battlegrounds. She
rejects taking the RLK with her since he’s needed at Purgatory City, while he
emphasizes how important her life is.
2876 SL asks the RLK to make her into an elder to avoid using the City Lord’s Decree.
The RLK explains that there are two types – 100 ordinary elders like the 3 rd and 7th,
mostly fighting in the Battlegrounds, and 10 Revered elders like himself, from the
previous generation. While the position of 3 rd elder is open, the RLK advises SL to
become a Revered Elder or even a Main Elder. There’s currently 1 Main Elder in the
Battlegrounds, responsible for coordinating the entire area with 9 Revered Elders,
while each squad is led by one of the 91 ordinary elders. Since SL’s strength is
comparable to the RLK’s, she decides to become a Revered Elder. She asks about the
Pure Ice Fairy’s group, but the little Divine Dragon had fainted under CZ’s aura and lost
them. SL commands the City to locate the PIF, Li Luo Ming, Ouyang Xi and Zhuang Yi
2877 Unexpectedly, the 4 of them had fled shortly after CZ’s arrival, and SL consents
to letting the city guards chase after them. The PIF’s group had fled towards the
Battlegrounds using the flying ship (Chapter 2535). Recalling SL’s status and how CZ
had spoilt her, the 4 regret their actions, when two dark shadows appear nearby. The
servant is a hideous man but stronger than an elder, addressing his master as the
Demon Lord, dressed entirely in black, with a hat covering his face so only his lips
show. Watching his cruel smile while looking at the ship, the servant shoots it down
with a crossbow.
2878 OX senses danger, as LLM remarks on the servant’s features, when the flying
ship bursts apart, causing them to fall out, hitting the floor. When the servant enquires
about SL, they anxiously remark that they’re close to her. When LLM explains that they
can’t escort them back since they’re on a mission, the DL sends a burst between his
brows, killing him. He then asks OX about SL’s favourite food, killing him when he
doesn’t know. When the DL asks who SL loves, ZYR meekly exclaims that it’s Nangong
2879 Delighted at knowing the answer, ZYR blocks the DL’s sudden attack but is too
weak to resist, when the DL exclaims that the person SL truly loves is Ouyang Yun Qi,
as ZYR falls dead. With her companions removed, the PIF despairs over provoking SL
since she has so many strong men protecting her, even at the Battlegrounds. Hearing
the servant address him as the Demon Lord, the PIF is stunned that SL had even
managed to attract him, when he calmly states that they had mistreated SL.
2880 The PIF asks for a quick death, when the DL orders his servant to carry her back.
The Purgatory City guards arrive to find the 3 corpses. Since OX was strong enough to
rank in the top 5, the captain orders them to stop chasing. The 4 th elder brings SL,
Beichen Ying, Zi Yan, Wei Hua and Shang (ZL) to the Battlegrounds, while her war
puppet needs another month to advance. After 10 days, they arrive at Purgatory City’s
21st base. Since the elders within Purgatory City rotate every decade, the 4 th elder has
the token for the camp and requests to see the Main Elder. The guard refuses to let the
others in, laughing when the 4th elder refers to SL as young lord, when SL throws him
over her shoulder.
2881 The guards clamour as they see their captain thrown, mistaking it as an enemy
attack. While the Main Elder doesn’t arrive, his grandson, Lán Yīng Elder (蓝鹰),
appears. The men address him as their young master since his father is also a Revered
Elder, but his relationship with the 4th elder is hostile. Itching for a fight after training in
the Gravity Chamber, BY is stunned to find that he’s on par with LYE despite how weak
he was when he first entered, when SL notices LYE’s toxic nails reaching for BY’s
2882 SL swings BY away, with her kick sending LYE flying, causing his forehead to
bleed and for him to scratch himself. Since the poison was prepared for the 4 th elder,
LYE is terrified, trembling as he attempts to apply the only antidote, causing the tiny
vial to burst. The blue liquid falls into the dirt floor and LYE grabs chunks of the mud
mixture, shoving it into his mouth before the stunned crowd. His men escort him away,
while the Main Elder is finally willing to see the 4 th.
Chapters 2883-2891 Base 21
2883 LYE was Purgatory City’s most troublesome young master and has now formed a
grudge against SL. The 4th elder gestures for SL to come with him to the Main Camp.
Seated on an elevated dragon and phoenix chair, the Main Elder is startled when he
sees SL, recalling the woman CZ had treasured centuries ago, asking her to prove that
she’s his god daughter. Not wanting to reveal the CLD despite the Main Elder’s
potential bias towards his grandson, SL remarks that the 4 th elder is her only proof,
when the Main Elder dismisses him and has SL settled in.
2884 The Main Elder arranges a meeting with the 9 Revered Elders, when a month
passes without any news. SL is furious since she came to the Battlegrounds to earn
enough merits to become a General and retrieve Yan Hua’s treasures. During this time,
the camp also participated in 36 small skirmishes, suffering huge losses in each, with
the last squad being annihilated, including the elder leading them. BY informs her that
the reason is the Demonic Clan’s fire squad, which SL could neutralize due to her Red
Shooting Lotus. They’re already discontent, when LYE appears, mocking them for
being too weak to participate.
2885 BY asks SL to request missions from the Main Elder, blaming himself for picking a
fight with LYE, since his status is too high, even if he’s weak. ZiY reassures him, when
they hear a sound outside. As the charred bodies of the 37 th team returns to the camp,
the crowd laments that the Demonic Clan is too strong, since they use Spiritual
Flames. ZiY remarks that they could kill the fire squad if they were sent.
2886 Hearing this, a man asks them which squad they’re from. Seeing ZiY’s perplexed
expression, Bái Shān (白山) roars with laughter at her claim, asking her if she knows
how the 100 teams are numbered. Addressing her as little sister, BS explains that the
numbers indicate their ranks based on strength and merit, causing BY to darken,
glaring at him while pulling ZiY behind him. The man remarks that they’ll meet again,
while BY reprimands her for talking to strangers, leaving ZiY stunned at his outburst.
2887 When SL returns, ZIY rushes to complain about BY, when SL reveals they can
participate in the battle against the Fire Cloud Squad. SL’s friends are delighted, until
she explains that they’re placed in the 99th squad, the second weakest, causing them
to rage. While SL trusts CZ’s judgement regarding the Main Elder, the task was issued
by his son, Lán Wū (蓝巫) Elder, who’s known for being petty. Reminding them that this
is still an opportunity to prove themselves, SL and her friends report to the 99 th squad.
2888 The squad leader is BS’s older brother, Bái Qí (白齐), who had lost half of his 10
man team and wanted to scout 3 experts to raise his team’s standing, when SL’s
group was transferred. BQ is furious at receiving unknowns who had just arrived from
Purgatory City, and plans to use them as cannon fodder. As they arrive, BS is stunned
to see ZiY, while ZiY disdains his haughty demeanour. BQ coldly sends them back.
2889 ZiY rages at BQ’s attitude, when SL tells her not to be so easily riled. The team
consists of SL’s five, BQ, BS and 3 unnamed whose strength can’t even compare to BY
and ZiY. BQ briefs that their aim isn’t to defeat the FCS, but to support LYE’s 1 st squad.
While LYE isn’t strong, his team is made of high ranking experts. BQ laments bringing
2 beauties to the Battleground, when he and BS speed off, trying to shake them off.
Seeing the remaining 3 lag behind, SL’s team also stays back.
2890 BQ sneers at how weak they are, when BS reminds him they’re strong enough to
antagonize LYE, but hadn’t heard about the events a month ago. Since they had
wanted to lose their original 3 members anyway, BQ tells BS to join LYE’s squad and
ambush the FCS once they attack their abandoned members, hiding themselves in a
cave to watch. The original 3 members are confused, but SL’s group has already
realized their plan. LYE laughs when an orange light appears on the horizon, and SL’s
group remark at its beauty, before hiding themselves in a small mountain cavity.
2891 The 3 original members are stunned to find themselves abandoned, when the
FCS arrives and immediately eradicates them, before turning their sights to LYE’s
squad. Since LYE had wanted to wait until her group was dead before acting, SL throws
a chunk of mud towards his hiding place. The FCS Captain is delighted to find LYE since
he often hides behind strong experts, ordering his men to capture him. While the 1 st
squad could normally defeat the FCS, the Bear-Lion squad appears. With the brains of
a human, bear’s head and lion’s body, the BLS is one of the strongest squads. LYE
rages that it’s 2 against 1, when the FCS captain reminds him he had also brought 99 th
Chapters 2892-2900 Base 21
2892 The FCS captain sneers when LYE orders his men to escape, aiming a burst of
flames at him for the merit of killing the 1st squad captain, when a shield appears
between them, allowing LYE to flee by himself. Watching the situation, BS drinks a
stealth potion and tries to sneak away, when BQ grabs him, demanding a portion.
Furious, BS throws a bottle at BQ, when two clumps of mud land on them, and the FCS
captain attacks them with a flying kick.
2893 Falling to the ground, the stealth potion soon wears off, and the FCS captain
laughs at their shameless behaviour. Wiping the mud off, BQ rages for SL to show
herself, and is stunned when she simply walks out. Pointing, he tells the FCS that SL
holds vital Purgatory City secrets and that they should go after her, when the FCS
falters at her name but can’t recall where he had heard it. Sensing their strength, the
two squads start to back away, when SL orders her team to attack. The rest give ZiY a
head start for more experience.
2894 ZiY and WH bicker over claiming their targets, when WH clubs the FCS Captain
over his head, as BY stabs his heart, letting the blood splatter on the BQ and BS. The
brothers are shocked that newcomers would be so strong. Finishing the rest of the
team, WH, BY and ZiY surround the last FCS member.
2895 WH clamours to kill him, causing the FCS member to pale, recalling how she
smashed his captain’s head in, pleading for anyone else to kill him, when WH clubs
him. BQ and BS lament picking on such a strong group, when WH senses more battles
ahead and rushes towards it, followed by ZiY and BY. BQ rushes to pander to SL,
thanking her for rescuing them when LYE fled, and urging her to report back.
2896 Seeing SL remain calm, BQ even apologizes, when SL states that since they’ve
lost so many people, 2 more wouldn’t matter. BQ then reveals LYE had ordered them
to use her as bait. Since it’s a death sentence if they were weak, SL feeds BQ and BY
green pills, only telling them it’s to stabilize their hearts, not even giving them a name
to look for antidotes, turning them into her slaves.
2897 Without the FCS, the 1st squad can easily defeat the BLS, when the Demonic
Clan’s Mechanical Weapons squad arrives, slowly killing them off, when WH charges in.
With her invincible physique, the MWS’s attacks are ineffective, leaving them shocked.
The captain orders his team to run, as ZiY and BY easily finish off the BLS, rescuing the
5 surviving members of the 1st Squad. Meanwhile, WH chases down the MWS, killing
them off one by one, but 5 members manage to escape.
2898 Using her Gravity Field, SL slows the 5 MWS members, allowing WH to easily club
them. BQ and BS tremble, watching them easily erase 3 of the 10 strongest Demonic
Clan squads. WH presents SL with the MWS Captain’s storage ring, and she’s delighted
to find 1,000 bombs inside, as well as 100 in each of his members’. SL gives 300 each
to WH, BY and ZiY, telling them to use it as a last resort. The MWS was delivering the
bomb shipment, when they decided to assist the BLS. BQ and BS hadn’t known what
SL had found and can only watch on helplessly.
2899 Seeing how SL commands her friends, 5 surviving LYE squad members plea for
her to become their captain, disgusted after being abandoned by LYE. With her group
of 5, SL is delighted that she can form a standard team of 10. At this time, LYE is
running back to the camp, while LWE and the other Revered Elders are in a meeting.
The Xiá Zi (匣子) Elder reveals SL’s position as CZ’s god daughter, having discussed it
for the past month. LWE trembles at the news, having sent her to the 99 th squad, as
the other elders discuss her position. The Main Elder, Lán Xiáng (蓝翔), eventually
decides to give her the empty title of a Revered Elder, but she needs to earn the
merits to back the position.
2900 Sending for SL, LXE is stunned to find that she’s no longer in the camp, causing
the elders to glare at LWE. LWE explains he had sent her into the Battlegrounds
against the FCS, but under XZE’s questioning, lies that she was placed with the 1 st
squad. The elders are relieved, having heard how CZ had indulged SL, when LYE
rushes in looking tattered. LWE runs towards him, demanding to know SL’s fate.
Chapters 2901-2908 Base 21
2901 LYE is stunned that his father would ask about SL, when the other elders clamour
towards him, and he reveals SL had died. XZE almost faints, before using his hands to
choke LYE. Unable to watch, LWE intervenes, causing XZE to threaten them both,
before eventually releasing him. LYE coughs, and can surmise SL’s status is high
enough to affect the Revered Elders, before explaining how the 99th squad SL was in
had failed them, leaving his squad surrounded by the FCS.
2902 XZE rages that the 1st squad isn’t so weak, as LYE explains that the MWS and
BLS were also present, crying over his lost men. Taking the opportunity to smear SL’s
reputation, he recounts how the Demonic Clan had carried her back with them, hinting
she was ruined. The elders all pale, fearing CZ’s reaction, before glaring at LYE. LXE
asks if LYE is willing to take responsibility for his words, and LYE vows that he’ll endure
5 Divine Lightning Bolts if he lied.
2903 Since LYE had abandoned SL, XZE argues that the punishment isn’t enough, and
that they’ll all die, recalling how CZ had told SL Purgatory City was hers to play with,
and that the 7th elder had suffered a fate worse than death. LXE eventually decides
that if LYE had told the truth, his cultivation would be destroyed, but if he had lied,
he’ll be killed. Terrified that his own grandfather would impose such a sentence, LYE
grabs LWE’s leg, when the door bursts open, showing SL and the remaining 1st squad
2904 XZE urgently enquires about the events, as SL’s squad reveals how they had
survived and that SL wasn’t carried away by the Demonic Clan. The elders all turn to
glare at LYE, blaming him for misleading them, as XZE rushes to strangle him again.
LYE tries to explain that he had been too far away to see after the rest were
surrounded, when the XZE slaps his face.
2905 Seeing that LYE is unwilling to explain, SL reveals how the 1st squad captain had
ran first, and the elders are stunned at his cowardly behaviour. LWE slaps him, hoping
it’ll be considered punishment enough, when XZE, WH and SL rage at him for
smearing her reputation. LWE then runs to strangle LYE, hoping someone would stop
him, when Wáng Chè (王澈) Elder speaks up and he instantly lets go.
2906 SL smirks, asking if LXE’s sentence still stands, refusing to let him off since
Purgatory City is now under her control. Both her team and the remaining 1st squad
members stand behind her, as well as most of the elders, until only LWE and WCS are
left supporting LYE. WCE argues that LYE is still young. When SL reminds them LYE
wants her dead, LXE personally strangles his grandson until his neck snaps, as LWE
cries over him.
2907 LWE rages at LXE, when SL smirks and walks out, flanked by her team, having
shown her real status. The camp starts to gossip that SL’s position is high enough to
force LXE to remove LYE, when news emerges of the FCS’s death. The camp then
remarks on SL’s talent, having removed 3 Demonic Clan squads, and beauty,
compared to how LYE had relied on his status.
2908 SL laughs at the rumours, when ZiY worries that LXE might bear a grudge. While
she can’t read him, she warns ZiY that LWE would definitely come after her through
her friends, but she can always summon CZ if it’s critical. Knowing of her identity, the
Revered Elders are now extremely protective of SL, preventing her from participating
in skirmishes so that she only has 3 merit points and is in the lowest level:
 0-99 Warrior Level
 100-499 Bridging Level
 500-999 Command Level
 1000-4999 Platoon Level
 5000-9999 Master Level
 10,000 and above General Level

SL despairs since she needs 10,000 points for the last Secluded Necropolis of the Gods
map piece. Meanwhile the 3 surviving members report back to DL, terrified of the
consequences. When they reveal the perpetrator was SL, he lets out a brilliant smile
and even rewards them, leaving them stunned.
Chapters 2909-2916 Base 21
2909 Accepting the rewards from the hideous servant, they give their thanks, leaving
before DL changes his mind. SL hasn't seen LXE since, when another battle breaks out
and she’s invited to a meeting. The Revered Elders arrive, acting cautiously around SL
due to her high status, when XZE indicates for SL to sit in the second highest seat
after LXE, which usually belongs to LWE. Hearing this, SL immediately sits, when LWE
slams the door open and sees SL in his seat. LWE glares at her, when she complains
he’s blocking her view.
2910 LWE is furious at SL’s indifference, threatening her, when she asks the elders to
tell CZ if anything happens to her. WCE tries to smooth things over, launching into the
main topic about the 100 year war with the Demonic Clan, and how their strength has
increased recently, due to the arrival of the new Demon Lord. The DL is rumoured to
have the Demonic Clan’s Inheritance, and is strong enough to unite 108 races. The
elders lament that the human race is only 1 compared the 108, when SL remarks that
they can work with Crafty Thorn. Not knowing that CZ had already slain the Empress,
Yī Kè (伊克) Elder reminds SL of the irreconcilable relationship between the groups, and
LWE snorts at SL, when LXE arrives.
2911 LXE merely nods after seeing SL seated beside him. LWE roars with laughter,
repeating SL’s statement, when SL offers to set up the alliance. LWE retorts that if she
succeeds, she can use his decapitated head as a stool. SL smiles hearing this, and
since she had wanted to find NL, when both LXE and XZE protest against her going
since none of their past attempts had succeeded. SL declares she’ll make them
cooperate, before storming out, when LXE remarks to the other elders that even the
Battlegrounds would be safer.
2912 Seeing her 4 friends all rush to join her, SL decides to leave the following day,
deliberating over who to take. She wakes to find herself and her friends lying on a vast
desert, as LXE tells her to earn merit points. When her friends wake, they decide to
fight since merit points can be used to redeem rare items, when they see 3 experts
surrounded by 15 Demonic Clan members from a mix of races.
2913 The Demonic Clan members fight for the right to slay them. While squad
captains are 10 points, the group is made of ordinary soldiers and is only worth 1 merit
point each. The group laughs since SL only has 5 people, when BY instantly
decapitates one. SL extends her Gravity Field, trapping the Demonic Clan members, as
she charges along with the rest of her group, chopping them like vegetables within a
minute. SL takes 10 points for killing the most and due to her Gravity Field, leaving the
3 men they rescued stunned.
2914 The men explain that the area they’re in is the Blood Domain, where humans
and the demons can openly slay each other. The main reason for entering is to gain
points, while they’re restricted from leaving until they’ve earnt at least 3,000 points
each. The 3 men have stayed there for almost a decade and have over 2,000 points,
drawing unwanted attention. They request to join her team, wanting to borrow SL’s
strength, while she plans on using them to attract the Demonic Clan. Demonic Clan
squads start chasing after them, leaving the 3 astounded with SL’s tactics and tricks,
even eradicating a team of 100. Her actions draw the attention of one of the Demon
Lord’s 8 generals, Tà Bá Yě (拓跋野).
2915 Hearing SL’s name, TBY knows can’t kill her, telling his men he’ll personally sort
it out. After spending a month in the Blood Domain, Demonic Clan squads have started
to avoid them, running at the sight, and even giving SL the nickname, Xuè Luò (血落;
Falling Blood, a pun on her name). ZiY laughs at the retreating squad, as SL laments
only killing 10 members, compared to the hundreds before, since she now has a
reputation. Currently, ZiY has 3,500 points, BY has 3,800, WH has 4,500, while ZL
stopped killing after 3,000 points to leave more for SL, despite being the strongest. SL
grins that she has 6,000 points.
2916 SL sighs, telling her group that the Blood Domain only has around 3,000 demons
left, with most of them fleeing or sneaking out. Since their current yield is too low, SL
suggests leaving the Blood Domain to seek NL and negotiate an alliance. BY and ZiY
are excited, having not seen NL after decades in the Gravity Chambers. Not knowing
SL plans on leaving, TBY brings 18 squads into the domain, ordering them not to kill SL
but to steal her away. Waiting in ambush, they’re stunned to realize SL and her friends
have already left. Since TBY had reported it to the Demon Lord, he order his men to
sweep the area.
Chapters 2917-2925 Crafty Thorn Base 1
2917 If TBY had chased after her, he might’ve caught SL. Instead, her group easily
leaves the area and heads towards Crafty Thorn, as TBY positions his men between the
Blood Domain and the 21st base. The trip normally takes 10 days. SL’s first 2 days are
uneventful, while TBY regrets informing the Demon Lord, since he now has orders to
bring SL back. They run into a group of 20, and SL immediately orders her group to
hide. The squad consists of elites, with 2 of the men as strong as ZL, and the rest on
par with WH. SL fears for her life, not knowing the group was personally sent by the
Demon Lord to retrieve her.
2918 The two elders in the group are Shī Jiù (狮鹫长老; Griffin) Elder and Jīn Mǎng (金莽;
Golden Weed) Elder. SJE suggest slaying a few humans, when JME reminds him of how
serious their task is, and they continue their path. SL is stunned that the group would
ignore them despite being overwhelmingly stronger, and her group flees as far as they
can before they’re exhausted. Noticing the squad was heading for the Blood Domain,
ZiY jokes that they were the intended targets that the group failed to recognize.
2919 The 5th day, SL’s group runs into a 10 man squad. Since the strongest is only
ZiY’s level, they leap out to face them, when the captain takes out his Communication
Gem and transmits SL’s coordinates. At this time, SJE and JME were reprimanding TBY
for losing SL, since the Demon Lord has finished arranging his wedding and was
waiting for her. Pulling out the map, they realize she’s heading for Crafty Thorn, and
TBY confronts the 2 silent elders since their paths would’ve intersected.
2920 Vexed they had missed her, the two elders race out, followed by TBY. Meanwhile,
SL had removed the captain, while WH easily clubs the remaining 9 members. Feeling
uneasy, SL reveals that the Demon Lord is OY, and BY and ZiY realize why such strong
forces were mobilized. They speed towards Crafty Thorn, encountering several
Demonic Clan squads along the way, as they relay updates of SL’s coordinates and
speed to the elders, when SL’s team reaches the 8 th and penultimate day.
2921 While ZiY is delighted at their speed, SL realizes that at full speed, ZL would only
need 4 days to travel the same distance. Since the elders were informed on the 5 th
day, they would also arrive on the 9th. As the weakest, ZiY assures them she can
maintain her speed, and they’ll make it if they don’t run into any mishaps. However,
the Empress’s kill order on SL is still active, while SL’s relationship with Lady Yao Jia is
irredeemable. Running into a 5 man squad, SL commands them to take their clothes
and belongings.
2922 SL’s group easily takes out the insignificant squad, stealing their uniforms and
interrogating them for their personal information. With little Crafty Thorn activity in the
area, they safely reach the 10th day, when SL senses someone on par with her ahead.
Telling ZiY not to speak, SL takes out her mask, assuming the identity of the 78 th elder
she had just robbed, when LYJ calls for her.
2923 LYJ questions why the elder is out, when SL mentions Luo Ying had called for her,
excusing herself since it’s an emergency. LYJ stops her, demanding to know why LY
would request her help, when SL hints it has to do with the Demonic Clan. LYJ
continues interrogating, when SL winks at her friends, yelling that the Demonic Clan is
approaching, before rushing to deliver the news to LY, hoping LYJ will face them.
2924 Looking at LYJ’s entourage, she realizes they aren’t strong enough to face the
group, when LYJ demands to know why she’s so close to NL. SL waves LYJ closer,
trapping her in her Gravity Field, before using her CSS to stab her abdomen, revealing
she works for LY. LYJ is stunned that LY would try to harm her, while SL had used a
psychological attack since LYJ’s strength has risen since the Bai Zhe Territory. When LYJ
retorts LY had promised her aunt he’d take care of her, SL taunts her, asking her who
LY really likes, revealing that she’s SL. With all her attention on SL, LYJ doesn’t notice
ZL sneaking up behind her.
2925 ZL cleanly stabs her, causing LYJ to black out, but SL has other plans for her.
Sensing the Demonic Clan approaching, SL takes off her mask, placing it on LYJ, and
transforms it into her own face, revealing the mask itself will only last another 10
days. TBY and the 2 elders arrive at a battlefield to find an unconscious SL. Due to her
reputation, several of the soldiers recognize her, but it feels like too much of a
Chapters 2926-2935 Crafty Thorn Base 2
2926 Speculating her friends had disappeared during a clash with Crafty Thorn, TBY
has one of the knocked out Crafty Thorn members woken, who remarks in shock at
seeing SL, confirming her identity and that they had fought. The men cheer at finding
the Demon Lord’s bride. Not wanting to risk any mishaps, they carry LYJ away as she
starts to wake. Stunned at waking up in the arms of an old man, and not wanting her
pure image to be tarnished, she fiercely kicks TBY away.
2927 The Demonic Clan is shocked by her strength, while LYJ rages at her bodyguards
for just standing aside, only to be dismissed since she still has SL’s face. Seeing her
resist being carried, the Demonic Clan squad surround her instead, insistent on
escorting SL back. LYJ rages at being mistaken for SL, arguing that she’s LYJ, and
calling one of her men to identify her, only for them to sneer.
2928 Furious over the betrayal, LYJ strangles her guard to death, and is carried away
by SJE. Meanwhile, SL’s group brazenly walks into the Crafty Thorn base, delighted at
being able to see NL. Thinking NL belongs in the highest place, she leads her group
towards the highest building, Cloudy Peak Tower. Stopped by the guards, SL imitates
the elder, stating she has an order from LYJ to LY, when the guard reveals LY had left.
2929 The crowd clamours to see LY display his might, and SL is stunned that he’d act
to save LYJ, when she realizes someone would’ve reported that SL was taken, rushing
back with only ZL fast enough to follow. Outside, the Demonic Clan is carrying LYJ
back, as she struggles. Landing an attack on SJE, she manages to free herself, but the
elders are still stronger and close in on her.
2930 TBY suddenly senses a strong force coming from Crafty Thorn. When LYJ again
denies being SL, they show her SL’s portrait, insisting it’s her. Feeling her face, she
looks in the mirror, screaming that the face isn’t hers, as the group laughs at her,
when a dazzling and domineering figure arrives. Watching NL, even TBY and the elders
are intimidated by his imposing aura.
2931 Raising her head, LYJ happily cries at seeing NL arrive, pushing SJE away as he
tries to carry her back. When NL gently addresses her as SL, LYJ stiffens, recalling she
still has SL’s face, but knows he cares about SL. NL had already realized it wasn’t SL,
when TBY insists that SL will be their Empress. Sneering, NL forms a glowing circle,
which envelops them, causing their heads to explode.
2932 The elders and TBY had managed to avoid it, with SJE carrying the unconscious
LYJ on his back, while SJE and TBY fly to meet NL as he gives chase. Since NL knows
about SL’s mask, he grins since he had wanted to send a gift to the Demon Lord. The
elders relax, when NL calls SL out, ripping off her black mask. The elders are stunned
as SL reveals she’s the real one, while the one in their hands is LYJ.
2933 The Demonic Clan elders are furious at the trick, but had already wasted all their
energy fighting with NL. SL grabs his arm, showing an ingratiating smile to dissolve his
anger and to allow her to gain merit points from the group he had just weakened.
Under NL’s overbearing aura, SL starts collecting points until she reaches 13,000,
praising NL as he silently walks back and ignores her. SL matches his pace, as the
crowd parts before him. Since her mask was removed earlier, she walks into Crafty
Thorn with her real face.
2934 The crowd is more stunned that LY would slowly walk, letting someone follow
him, rather than directly leaping to the top of Cloudy Peak Tower. While they recognize
SL, their hostility was due to the Empress’s kill order, but LY is their leader now. SL
follows NL through the tower’s winding staircase, grabbing onto him when he tries to
close the door on her, as NL acts indifferent. SL smiles, hugging him from behind with
her chin against his back and arms around his waist, whispering that she misses him.
2935 Still hanging on his back, SL apologizes for not waiting for him at Purgatory City
instead, but NL isn’t content, when she jokingly apologizes for teasing LYJ just for liking
him, causing him to glower. SL then climbs onto his lap, directly facing him, as NL
kisses her, gripping her waist with his hands. When SL wiggles, complaining the
position isn’t comfortable, NL tells her not to tempt him anymore, causing her to blush
awkwardly, before mocking him for being an overly sensitive virgin.
Chapters 2936-2944 Crafty Thorn Base 3
2936 NL darkens as she tries to back away, teasing her when she trips and falls back
into his arms. SL reprimands him for being shameless, when he innocently reminds her
of her actions when they were in LYC’s room (Chapters 2508-2510), causing her to
blush. NL ignores SL’s protests since she’s actually eager, when she reminds him ZiY
and BY had risked their lives to see him, instantly realizing he was also angry since she
had placed them in danger. SL cajoles him, and he tells her to stay the night.
2937 Although they’ve separated from her group, BY and the others would be safe
since they haven’t interacted with Crafty Thorn before. SL strokes NL’s cheek,
lamenting that he’s gotten thinner and offers to cook for him. The second SL leaves,
NL breaks out in sweat, unable to suppress the pain from the wounds the Empress had
given him. In the kitchen, SL makes Silky Rainbow Pheasant Congee and 4 side dishes,
returning to find NL had disappeared.
2938 Since the Black Communication Gem only works in the Battlegrounds, SL calls for
NL instead, when she realizes he’s in the bath. When NL firmly invites her in, she
enters to see a white jade bath the size of a pool. NL is sitting by the steps, and asks
SL to help him wash, sending her out when she refuses. SL is stunned he’d give up so
easily, before helping him remove his robe, as he dreads her reaction to his scars.
2939 NL had wanted her to understand his situation and that he might not be able to
protect her, when she cries at the sight of his normally flawless back marred by whip
marks. SL demands to know who caused it, since the scars would’ve healed instantly,
given his physique and rank. She laments she can’t avenge him since the Empress is
already dead, when NL reveals she hadn’t died since CZ had left in a hurry to chase
after YH with RY, chuckling that they’ve entrusted SL to him.
2940 SL vows to slay the Empress, but is currently too weak. While she can’t heal his
injuries since she hasn’t reached Grandmaster Apothecary, she takes out a barrel of
Celestial Spring Water, helping NL wash his upper body. Glancing at NL’s thin pants,
she hesitates over washing his lower body as well, when she sees NL’s inadvertently
alluring pose. SL takes the barrel of CSW, splashing it on herself to NL’s shock, to cool
down. Laughing, NL pulls her into the water, as she happily swims, feeling secure with
him nearby.
2941 SL helps NL clean his wound. When she offers him medicine, he jokes that it
can’t compare to the pain of his cold physique. The injuries took so long since the
Empress had used all her energy to flog him and won’t heal until the energy is forced
out. SL’s medicine can only soothe the pain, but NL smiles since he’s been absorbing
the energy to increase his own strength. SL then offers him the congee she had made,
when NL states that he won’t eat unless she feeds it to him. Remembering his wounds,
SL softens, laughing as she tries to feed him a spoonful.
2942 Dissatisfied with SL’s tone, NL refuses to drink, noting that her heart isn’t in it. SL
is puzzled, when he huffs that she never tested the temperature. Exasperated by his
childish behaviour, SL resigns herself and tastes the congee, before smiling and
feeding it to him.
2943 Delighted by SL’s care, NL eats with gusto, as SL tastes each spoonful. When NL
states that it’s better after she’s tried it, she’s so stunned she forgets to taste the next
spoonful. SL argues that the congee is already cool, when NL retorts that each
spoonful is different. After feeding him, NL pulls SL to watch the sunset, stroking her
hair as she places her head in his lap, until she falls asleep. Carefully picking her up,
NL places her in bed, stroking her face, before turning domineering the instant he
leaves the room.
2944 NL waves, and a man appears. BY’s group had been exposed, and were almost
killed due to the hostility between Crafty Thorn and Purgatory City, when they let slip
SL’s name. As the camp had heard how LY had treated SL and let her follow him. BY
and the rest of the group are brought to NL looking beaten and tattered. SL had slept
peacefully through the ordeal, delighted when she wakes and recalls she’s at Crafty
Thorn with NL, when she sees a 13-14 year old girl staring at her with disgust. SL is
stunned to see a girl in NL’s quarters, when she orders SL to breakfast, and SL
recognizes her voice as the little plum spirit.
Chapters 2945-2953 Crafty Thorn Base 4
2945 The little plum blossom tries to block SL from seeing NL, and is stunned when SL
pushes her away, since SL was clearly a lot weaker the last time they met. Seeing SL
reach for the door, the plum blossom reveals NL was injured because of SL. The
Empress was willing to overlook NL’s ties with Purgatory City and false identity if he
killed SL, only for him to refuse. NL had acted indifferent, even as his skin was torn and
his flesh was cut with each lash. He then refused the Empress’s offer to relinquish SL,
causing her to whip him again. NL had silently endured, before saying something and
2946 The plum blossom refuses to tell SL what he had said, and runs off. Furious NL
had to suffer so much, SL is glad the Empress is still alive for her to torture. Sitting
down, SL starts to cultivate since she’s still at 7 star Saint level and too weak to face
the Empress, while NL had entered closed door cultivation to heal his wounds. Since
Communication Gems don’t work, they can use Merit Tags. A month later, NL finishes
refining the Empress’s energy, and is fully healed. He finds SL talking with ZiY, who
greets him respectfully, stunned that he seems even more imposing, when he smiles
in front of SL.
2947 Unable to bear the change, ZiY excuses herself, causing SL to glare at NL for
scaring her away. As SL feeds the hungry NL, she asks what NL had said before
fainting, tattling on the plum blossom. NL is stunned that the blossom had even
followed him to the base, summoning her, before slapping her for sneering at SL. The
plum blossom tearfully begs for him not to abandon her, when he revokes their
contract, causing her forehead to bleed. SL tries to stop him, knowing he only treats
her well but is merciless to anyone else.
2948 The plum blossom cries as NL sends a ball of light towards her, before falling. NL
coughs blood from the impact of removing the contract, coupled with his prior injuries,
but states he had long wanted to remove the plum blossom. SL is distressed over NL’s
state, but he couldn’t risk prolonging the plum blossom’s affections due to its
background, and tells SL to feed its corpse to her SGT. SL is stunned NL is so apathetic
to anyone aside from her, when she reveals she has enough points to receive the last
map piece.
2949 List of books by the same publisher
2950 Although SL has no idea who’ll present the map piece to her, she suspects it
might be LXE. NL laughs, before revealing Crafty Thorn is almost in his hands, and that
he’ll return to the 21st base with her. After recovering and delegating roles to his men,
NL escorts SL’s group back, encountering few difficulties due to his strength. The 21st
base is stunned to see SL, since only those with 3,000 points can leave the blood
domain, yet her entire team only took several months. LXE is also shocked to see
someone with LY’s strength with them, since few experts are on par.
2951 When SL comments that getting 3,000 points was easy, LXE reminds her she
needs 10,000 to become a general. SL passes her merit token to show that she’s
already gained more than 10,000 points with the help of LY. The elders are stunned
that she could gain the points so easily, when they notice NL’s tyrannical aura. While
he would’ve been weaker than LXE, the Empress’s energy had increased his strength
to new heights, causing even LXE to envy his talents, since LY isn’t even 30.
2952 Curious why such a tyrannical man would help SL and even appear at the base,
LXE invites them both back to the main camp, when SL reminds him of the alliance
she had proposed. LXE and NL stare at each other, with LXE fearing his growth would
soon be comparable to CZ’s. Noticing the alarm in LXE’s eyes, SL nudges NL until he
removes his mask. Shocked, LXE identifies him by his childhood nickname, Little
Pumpkin, due to his plump features as a child, causing NL to darken. No longer alert,
LXE is overwhelmed NL would be so strong at 20, since even CZ can’t compare to his
2953 LXE praises NL for reaching his level at 20, when NL angrily tells him to use his
name. LXE offers to call his son little pumpkin in the future, and SL laughs that that
she likes it, when LXE realizes that they’re dating, and why SL was so confident in the
alliance, regretting placing her in the Blood Domain. SL then reminds him of LWE’s
vow, but LXE tells her the entire Purgatory City is hers. SL then realizes that LWE isn’t
his real son, otherwise he wouldn’t be so indifferent, when LXE compares SL’s
intelligence to YH’s. Since he had never married, it’s impossible for him to father a
Chapters 2954-2962 Spectre Canyon 1
2954 LWE was an infant YH had found in the Battlegrounds. Unwilling to abandon him,
she gave him to LXE to raise. So when LYE tried to harm SL, he hadn’t hesitated to
strangle him. LXE then gives SL the last SNG map piece, smiling that he hadn’t
expected to pass it over for another few years. Sensing the last piece, the remaining
pieces in her space start flying around until they merge. A bright light appears, and
complex symbols drift around, before the map completely fuses and flies into SL’s
hands. While the map is marked, neither SL or NL are able to identify the place, when
LXE realizes why YH had wanted SL to accumulate more experience, revealing the
entrance is at the legendary Spectre Canyon (幽灵峡谷 Yōu Líng Xiá Gǔ).
2955 LXE warns that the canyon is filled with man eating ghosts and that no one who
entered had ever returned. SL is stunned that even LXE would be flustered, but
doesn’t believe in ghosts. Having just overheard, BY and ZiY laugh at the thought of
ghosts, when SL and NL advise them not to come since even LXE is spooked. However
ZL is still determined to guard SL, while his strength barely meets NL’s standards.
2956 The 5th elder arrives at the camp on the last day of his 3 month agreement,
having experienced untold hardships to gain the Nominal Nine Star Grass. SL’s group
is ecstatic since she can now marry NL, when they see the miserable state the elder is
in. BY stops the elder from falling towards SL as he cries in delight at seeing her. She
heals his meridians with the RSL to hear his report.
2957 When the 5th elder reveals the NNSG, ZiY exclaims SL can now consummate her
marriage, when the elder demands his antidote. However, SL can only refine it after
she reaches Grand Master Apothecarist. The elder is shocked that his life is still at risk,
but hands over the NNSG, a lily white flower with hexagons on each of its 9 petals. SL
is overwhelmed since she can soon cure all of NL’s injuries, when NL tells her to pick
an auspicious date for their wedding.
2958-2959 While SL doubts her chances of succeeding, NL assures her he’s willing to
wait however long it takes, gazing at her affectionately. Entering the room, the
Revered Elders are stunned that the tyrannical LY would act so frivolously, when he
turns towards them with a chilling grin, causing them to shudder. SL contemplates
going to Spectre Canyon, but NL is insistent on her first advancing to Grand Master
Apothecarist, as SL glares at him for messing around. NL teases SL for her dirty
thoughts, when she retorts that she doesn’t want to get married, causing him to plead
and coddle her, chasing her to bed. They start kissing, when NL disappears, and a
powerful force arrives, putting SL on edge.
2960 The Crafty Thorn Empress arrives in a red dress, glaring down at SL with an
oppressive aura, and attacking her with 1/12 of her strength. ZL makes it just in time,
blocking her attack with his back, as LXE arrives. Noticing the NNSG on the table, the
Empress grabs it, telling SL she’ll be waiting for her. SL urges LXE to give chase since
she’s too weak to face her, before treating ZL with Imperial ranked pills and CSW.
2961 Partially recovered, ZL starts to cultivate to heal his injuries, while SL is curious
who would be able to lure NL away. NL and LXE chase after the Empress but fail to
catch her despite being on similar levels before. LXE notes that aside from reviving,
her strength has also risen, and that he can sense traces of the Demonic Clan within
her, causing SL to fear that Yun Qi was the one who led NL away. When NL returns, he
confirms that it was YQ, assuring her he’ll kill him, when SL reveals the Empress had
taken the NNSG.
2962 Kissing her forehead, NL reminds her that her life is more important than the
NNSG. Since she doesn’t know where the Empress is, SL plans on luring her out by
heading to Spectre Canyon and drawing her over instead. Since the map pieces were
also left by YH, SL suspects the area would be advantageous for her. ZiY and BY insist
on joining. While SL fears YQ might be more of a threat, NL assures her they can make
their own decisions. SL assembles a team to go with her, consisting of NL, ZL, ZiY, BY
and WH. As well as LXE and the Revered Elders: XZE, Dōng Fāng (东方) Elder, Mù Róng
(慕容) Elder and Ōu Yáng (欧阳) Elder.
Chapters 2963-2971 Spectre Canyon 2
2963 When NL arrived at Base 21, he had also bought several experts with him,
selecting 4 Elders on par with Purgatory City’s Revered Elders, forming one of the
strongest teams, and leaving ZiY and BY well protected. It takes 10 days to reach
Spectre Canyon, with two giant mountains reaching towards the sky forming the sides
of the canyon. The area is shrouded in blood red mist, with LXE warning SL not to get
lost, revealing 18 Main Elders had been trapped over the years, wanting to rescue
someone. Part of the reason is due to the poisonous fog, when SL reveals that she can
solve it, reminding them she’s also RY’s disciple.
2964 RY had left a bottle of antidotes for the mist, but not enough for everyone. SL
crushes the pills in CSW, before distributing it to the group, neutralizing the poison for
6 months. LXE is stunned that it’s resolved so easily, when SL reminds him the
antidote is Imperial ranked. The group rushes into the Canyon, wanting to confirm
whether the main elders are still alive. Due to the low visibility, NL warns them not to
stray, with Purgatory City and Crafty Thorn Elders gathering into their own groups.
Wandering into Spectre Canyon, they’re shocked that the inside is fan-shaped, with a
narrow entrance spanning out further in. LXE comments that he used to encounter
ghosts more often than not, but not a single one has appeared.
2965 Suddenly, the sound of laughter rings in their ears, followed by a deafening roar.
LXE urges them to hurry, as the howling wind sweeps through, blowing up so much
dust it covers the sun and darkens the sky. Pointing to the little black specks in the
hurricane, LXE indicates that it’s actually thousands of small spooks. NL orders them
to attack, as the hurricane rotates towards them. The black figures aren’t true ghosts,
but sallow, angular sprites with pointed ears, reaching the height of a person’s waist.
The sprites jump out towards them from the hurricane, overwhelming the group with
sheer number.
2966 Anxious over the never-ending supply of sprites, SL notices they’re particularly
weak to lightning. Extending her Gravity Field, she traps over 2,000 as NL attacks
them with a lightning bolt, and they disintegrate into dust. SL narrows her field down
each time, grouping the remaining sprites closer for NL. The Crafty Thorn elders are
stunned at how efficient their teamwork is, having thought SL would just drag them
down, while the Purgatory City elders are proud of how keen CZ’s insight is.
2967 NL demands a reward when SL praises him, causing her to pinch his waist,
urging him to pick up the pace. While they had slain a lot, it was only a small
proportion, when they cooperate in a two-pronged attack, killing thousands every
second. Within 2 minutes, SL and NL had removed ⅓ of the sprites, causing the
remaining sprites to tremble in fear and shock that they could be so easily defeated.
Howling, the sprites jump back to the hurricane, wanting to flee, when SL catches the
hurricane in her Gravity Field, as NL summons a storm cloud, decimating the
2968 Author’s leave of absence - writer’s block.
2969 The sprites turn into soot, leaving LXE stunned at how much more terrifying SL
and NL are, and embarrassed he had been so afraid. Rubbing SL’s head, NL reminds
them it’s only the beginning. SL notices the black nuclei left by the sprites, as the little
dragon indicates for her to collect them. Suspecting they might come in handy, she
orders the group to gather them, stunned at the quantity.
2970 Throwing them in her space, the little dragon is delighted since the nuclei will
improve its chances of advancing by 3 times. NL reassures SL, when the entire group
suddenly becomes alert. Noticing a little dirt bag, NL commands the confused to group
attack it with all their might. The bag explodes, forming a pit 10km wide, leaving them
fearful over the consequences if NL hadn’t warned them. They realize that it’s one of
the Demonic Clan’s traps, confirming their alliance with the Empress.
2971 Since the Demonic Clan had mobilized so many elites, it's possible the Demon
Lord is also at Spectre Canyon, causing the group to stay on guard. SL is stunned NL
could see the dirt bag from so far, when he instantly removes 10 Demonic Clan
members thousands of miles away, which the rest of the group couldn’t even sense.
NL leads the group out through the Demonic Clan’s traps, when he waves for them to
go on ahead. SL is reluctant but doesn’t want to drag him down, telling him to stay
safe before disappearing.
Chapters 2972-2980 Spectre Canyon 3
2972 NL’s skin starts turning brown, camouflaging with his surroundings. The Empress
arrives, dress in red, sneering that SL will soon meet her end. Unnoticed, NL sends an
attack into the ground, causing an explosion. The Empress manages to dodge in time,
when a lightning barrier forms around her. The Empress is stunned at how powerful
the technique is, fearing CZ had returned, when NL forms a lightning cloud, causing
bolts to rain down on the cage. The Empress rages to see the culprit when NL appears
before her.
2973 The Empress is stunned that NL’s strength would improve so quickly, when she
realizes he works for Purgatory City. Although he neglects telling her about his ties
with CZ, NL reveals he had only entered Crafty Thorn due to the kill order on SL. The
Empress rages at SL, as the lightning continues raining down on the shrinking cage,
leaving her helpless. The Empress is delighted to see NL walk away, when he aims a
wind blade at her. The Empress blocks with her arm, causing the wind blade to
narrowly miss her heart.
2974 As NL leaves, a faint figure appears. The Empress rages at YQ for not acting
earlier since she’s already lost half her strength, when YQ starts to choke her. The
Empress is shocked since they were allies, when she realizes he’s also in love with SL.
YQ states that she could’ve done anything to NL but shouldn't have acted against SL.
The Empress faints, mentally sneering that YQ is just as unlucky in love as her. YQ is
impressed NL had sensed him, but still managed to stab the Empress before he left,
but is confident SL will be his. Meanwhile, NL returns to SL’s group.
2975 NL brushes off SL’s concerns since the Empress wasn’t his opponent, something
even he hadn’t realized. SL wonders what YQ wants since he had sent the Empress
after her. Despite knowing YQ hadn’t wanted to kill SL, NL confirms her
misunderstanding, smirking as she rages over how despicable he is. NL assures her he
can beat YQ, while the rest of the group is stunned he could smear his rival’s name so
2976 SL uses her little sable fox to lead them, when it runs back, howling that there’s
numerous beasts ahead, causing the group to pale since they’re also being chased by
the Demonic Clan. NL remarks at how coincidental it is for magical beasts to ambush
them, and the group realizes the Demonic Clan had planned this, when he hints for
them to allow the two sides to clash and wear each other down.
2977 NL indicates for the rest of them to hide underground while he leads the
Demonic Clan towards the beasts. Since YQ is also part of the chase, NL agrees to let
SL stay with him, not wanting to put her at risk, carrying her on his back. Running
around to confuse the Demonic Clan, they eventually come across the beasts the LSF
had reported. Resembling tigers, the creatures are covered in snowy white thorns
instead of fur, causing SL to feel relieved they hadn't met them head on. Placing SL in
a forest, NL’s body blends into the greenery. SL is impressed by his technique, but
stays hidden, not wanting to drag him down.
2978 NL sends a white ball of light towards the tigers, killing and injuring a few, but
infuriating the rest of the group. Emitting a savage roar, the wave of tigers chase NL
towards a valley as the Demonic Clan starts to emerge, led by YQ and the Empress.
Delighted that SL and NL will soon meet their end, the Empress laughs so hard she
aggravates her injuries and starts to cough blood, when YQ notices the numerous
tigers before them, covering the landscape like a cloak of snow. Unable to defeat
them, YQ orders his troop to withdraw. While he and the Empress are fast enough, the
slowest soldier is savagely torn apart.
2979 As the tigers give chase, they trample over the dead soldier, causing others to
puke from disgust. Fearing the Demonic Clan would be wiped out, YQ aims an
explosive attack, killing tigers and attempting to lead the rest away similar to NL’s
plot. Watching from a nearby cliff, SL is relieved someone as cunning as NL isn’t her
enemy, when he asks her how it feels having such a man love her, before kissing her.
2980 Not knowing how passionate SL and NL are at the time, YQ fights the tigers as
his men flee. The Empress had wanted to run as well, but was intimidated by YQ’s
gaze. Watching on, SL and NL are stunned by YQ’s strength, with NL admitting he has
less than a 40% chance of winning. Shocked, SL glares indignantly at YQ, to NL’s
delight since he’s the one she loves, assuring her she’ll be stronger than YQ after their
wedding night. SL glares, demanding the NNSG, but NL couldn’t find it on the Empress.
Noticing two black dots on the cliff, YQ is momentarily distracted, allowing a tiger’s
thorn to pierce his hand.
Chapters 2981-2988 Spectre Canyon 4
2981 Furious at embarrassing himself in front of SL, and wanting to prove he’s now
strong enough to protect her, YQ starts to decimate the tigers. Realizing his thoughts,
NL warns SL the fleeing Demonic Clan members might have noticed their group,
causing her to fear for ZiY and BY’s safety. Seeing the two figures disappear, YQ rages,
unleashing the Demon Lord’s forbidden technique, causing the sky to darken. Feeling
the cold breeze and killing intent, the Empress starts to back away as YQ decimates
the tigers. SL and NL rush back to their group, as the Demonic Clan flees towards
them. Since the group’s individual strength is higher, they lie in wait for the Demonic
Clan, before bursting out of the ground.
2982 Chased by the tigers, the Demonic Clan is shocked by the ambush, as Crafty
Thorn and Purgatory City elders mercilessly slay them. While NL merely watches on,
SL rushes to join her friends. Since the little dragon is still cultivating, SL uses her
Goddess Sword Technique, slaying more opponents with each move as her figure is
bathed in a divine light. 4 Demonic Clan elders wink to each other as they surround
2983 NL had been watching SL, waiting to jump in at the first sign of danger.
Immersed in her technique, SL lightly dances around, as the moves draw forth evil
energy. ZiY attempts to warn SL when the elders pull out their dagger. However SL’s 5
sense are closed off, and ignores her attempts, when SL pierces one of the
approaching elders through the chest, before fluttering as she uses the same move on
the second. While her strength had been similar to the elders, the elders can’t
compare when she uses the GST.
2984 As the remaining 2 elders turn to run, SL taunts them before stabbing through
the 3rd elder’s head. Facing the last expert, SL doesn’t even use her sword and
punches him. Furious at being looked down on, the elder avoids the attack, only for SL
to slice his neck with the YH dagger hidden in her right sleeve. The elder sneers at
how unimpressive the dagger seems, but only SL knows that the dagger is linked with
her, and its quality improves as her strength rises.
2985 Her GST is even better with the YH dagger, a secret she keeps as a trump card.
The elder is still sneering, when he notices the blood spraying from his neck, as the
wound continues to expand. SL hears a strange noise, when the elder charges towards
her, only for his head to roll off. SL is shocked her YH dagger is so powerful, while the
Demonic Clan trembles in fear, and even the elders and friends in her group are
stunned SL could remove 4 elders so easily. NL had wanted to praise her, when he
senses a presence.
2986 Sensing another wave of magical beasts even stronger than the tigers, NL
realizes why LXE was so cautious towards the Canyon, yelling for them to retreat.
Realizing NL isn’t leaving, SL tries to grab him, when he throws her towards ZL. Too
weak to help, SL reluctantly leaves. A little while later, YQ and the Empress appear.
Having met NL in Western Jin, YQ immediately recognizes him, though both achieved
immeasurable growth since. Looking at them staring at each other, the Empress
realizes LY is NL.
2987 The Empress asks if he’s CZ’s favourite disciple, NL, and he smirks, taking off his
mask, revealing a perfect face that even causes the Empress to gape. The Empress
rages at how brazen he is for infiltrating Crafty Thorn, but NL was only concerned with
the kill order on SL, and willing to oppose anyone who’d try to harm her, sending an
oppressive force towards the Empress. Empress trembles, shocked at how much
stronger he is. YQ watches from the side, realizing that a man so irresistible to women
is also obsessed with SL. Empress turns to YQ, asking whether he also sees SL as his,
causing the 2 equally handsome and talented men to glare at each other in a standoff.
2988 The Empress is delighted, since whoever won would still be too exhausted to
face her. YQ coldly turns towards her, as NL asks if she wants to use the opportunity to
sneak off and finish SL, playing on YQ’s obsession. Since YQ had planted a virus when
he saved her, the Empress is at his mercy, when she reminds him SL won’t love him as
long as NL lives, and that they should team up to remove him, laughing that SL
would’ve slept with him after being together for so long. Seeing the mockery in NL’s
eyes, YQ is overcome with jealousy, when he senses the approaching beasts and calls
for a truce, not wanting to endanger SL.
Chapters 2989-2996 Spectre Canyon 5
2989 NL agrees, secretly displeased and fearful that YQ is calculating enough to put
aside their differences for SL’s sake. While the Empress is furious at the outcome,
subconsciously envious SL would have two perfect men going so far for her sake.
Suddenly, one of the strongest magical beast waves starts rushing towards them, led
by a tiger-serpent hybrid and a dragon-phoenix hybrid, leaving a trail of uprooted trees
and dead vegetation. NL rushes towards the tiger-serpent as YQ attacks the dragon-
phoenix, competing on who can finish their opponent first. Left to remove the weaker
beasts, the Empress deliberately lets several past, smirking since SL will die even with
her suitors.
2990 Sensing the beasts, SL prepares to fight, when LXE tells her to run since she
needs to protect ZiY and BY, while he stays behind. ZiY despairs at being a burden,
while SL reminds LXE to value his life, realizing why the Canyon is so terrifying.
Unbeknownst to SL, YH had set 3 modes - simple if she came alone, elite if she came
with allies, and death mode if she had allied with an opposing power as well. Magical
beasts are also sorted into grades - Mortal, Earth, Divine and God ranked. While NL
and YQ were facing the God ranked beasts, there were also 5 Divine ranked beasts
only a little weaker than the Empress and LXE.
2991 The Empress had let all 5 Divine ranked beasts pass, while LXE could only stop 3.
As the 2 remaining Divine beasts charge towards them, leading the beast wave, SL
and the Revered Elders prepare to face them, being unable to outrun them. While ZiY
advises SL to teleport, she’s unwilling to abandon her friends.
2992 Hearing SL’s declaration, the elders are terrified of CZ’s reaction, urging her to
escape. SL retorts that their deaths aren’t sealed. The two Divine ranked beasts are a
Leopard King and Tiger King, who order the other beasts to surround them. Demonic
Clan members are also mixed into SL’s group since surviving is more important.
Recognizing SL as their leader, the two Divine beasts leap towards her, only to fight
amongst themselves over the right to slay her, as SL backs away. Since the rest of the
group are preoccupied with their own opponents, SL only has ZL to protect her. The
leopard leaps towards her as the tiger sneaks up behind, when SL steps aside,
allowing the leopard’s strike to hit the tiger each time.
2993 However ZiY and BY are struggling, while WH barely manages to keep up, relying
on brute force. Unable to disturb the little dragon, SL notices her Spirit Gathering Tree
had undergone another mutation. Its trunk is now 10 times as wide, while its vines
became emerald green. While her war puppet now has a progress bar and is at 99%.
SL had wanted to use the puppet, when the SGT cries for her to use it instead, and SL
takes it out of her space. The SGT grabs the leopard’s hands, preventing it from
attacking, as SL uses the GST on him. The leopard pulls away, causing SL to cut the
SGT’s vines along with the leopard’s hand. The SGT assures SL it’s fine, when she
notices ZL struggling against the tiger, only able to defend.
2994 SL sends her SGT to help him, knowing she can’t finish her opponent in time,
however ZL is still at a disadvantage. Unable to hold for long, SL places her hopes on
the war puppet, when the elders start faltering, and several beasts corner WH.
Recalling she can still call CZ, she takes out the CLD, when the war puppet
successfully advances. SL takes it out of her space as the leopard leaps towards her.
2995 Having acknowledged SL as its master, the war puppet directly punches the
leopard and is more than a match for it, as SL races to help WH. Suddenly, the little
dragon also breaks through, barely awake when SL places it on the SGT to support ZL.
The SGT trips the tiger, as the little dragon smashing his skull. The war puppet
manages to twist the leopard’s head, causing the beasts to flee, having lost their
2996 However SL’s team is seriously injured, with only 3 of the elders surviving. Since
SL only has 10 Imperial ranked blood clotting pills remaining, she feeds them to ZL,
WH, BY, ZiY, as well as XZE since his injuries are the worst, mixing it with CSW. SL
despairs since LXE and NL still haven't returned, when she notices the ground rotating
and senses danger. Since she needs to guard her friends, SL sends her spirit pets to
scout, when they return, warning her not to stay. Since living beings can’t enter her
space, SL can’t transport her team away.
Chapters 2997-3005 Knife Fire Tribe 1
2997 The SGT grabs the 7 people with its vines. SL becomes more uneasy as the
ground rotates faster, following the LSF’s direction out, only to return to the same
spot. The LSF is distressed, lamenting it hadn’t advanced to keep up with her other
pets. SL comforts it since the little dragon needed the black nuclei, the war puppet
had the Strength Utilizing Crystal and the SGT absorbed the plum blossom. Hearing a
voice, SL has the SGT hide itself, when a group of 50 people in ancient tribal clothing
2998 The group is led by a beautiful girl and the treasured daughter of the Knife Fire
tribe’s leader, Yè Qīng Chéng (叶倾城 ), who looks at SL with displeasure, raging for her
to leave. Wanting information, SL ignores her and tries to approach the rest of the
group. Not used to being ignored, and jealous of SL’s beauty, YQC has her men
surround SL, telling her to leave her LSF behind, ordering them to attack when SL
insults her.
2999 Although unwilling, the men are unable to defy YQC due to her status. SL sneers
since she’s now 9 star Saint level, while her pets are Imperial level. YQC commands
the men to kill SL. As the most beautiful woman in her tribe, and never seeing the
outside world, she’s unable to accept someone more dazzling than her. 10 experts
surround SL, as the remaining 40 form a wider circle around her. SL takes out her little
dragon, working with it to knock out the 10 men. Furious, YQC rages for the remaining
40 to attack.
3000 20 men surround SL and another 20 face her dragon. SL takes down the men
using her GST, only injuring them since killing would provoke the whole tribe, while the
little dragon also knocks its opponents out. YQC is shocked SL had taken down all 50
men, gazing at her hatefully and yelling for her to stay away.
3001 Fearing SL’s retribution, YQC blows on a leaf whistle, angering SL into kicking her
face. As YQC is thrown into the air, the little dragon flies up, landing another fist in her
face as she falls towards the ground. The tribal men stare, lamenting the damage to
her beauty and shocked by her bruised appearance. Noticing the blood on her face,
YQC immediately takes out a mirror, screaming at her present state.
3002 YQC yells at SL, only to realize SL had fled, ordering her men after her. The men
are at a loss since they aren’t SL’s opponents when YQC threatens to have her father
punish them. Meanwhile, SL is lost, when a knife is placed against her throat. A tribal
youth orders SL to turn around, and is stunned at her beauty, immediately pulling back
his dagger as his heart thumps wildly. Having taken down 50 men, SL had
underestimated the Knife Fire tribe, but realizes there are hidden talents like the youth
before her.
3003 SL is stunned when she notices the youth blushing and turning his eyes away
when she tries to meet his gaze, but still trying to steal glances. Grabbing his chin, SL
notes his strength isn’t far from NL and YQ, while his infatuation would make him
easier to handle. The youth is called Yì Mò (易墨) and had come after seeing his junior
martial sister’s distress signal. However, YQC is known for throwing tantrums and
bullying others, so he isn’t too concerned.
3004 As SL turns to leave, she notices YM following her. Unwilling to part, YM offers to
take her along to meet up with YQC, but stays with SL when she refuses. Just as they
leave, YQC arrives, raging at her men for failing to find SL. Having avoided YQC, SL
asks YM to help her find her friends. While it would normally be easy, a fight between
peak experts had altered the landscape. Suspecting it was NL, SL asks to see them,
which YM misunderstands as wanting to see any expert, offering to introduce her to
his master and YQC’s father. Sensing another cold feeling near her neck, SL teleports
away, when she sees YQC had snuck behind her. Sensing killing intent, SL realizes she
had almost died, when she holds her YH dagger to YQC’s neck.
3005 Realizing her life is at stake, YQC starts screaming at SL for being ruthless, when
YM arrives. YQC screams for him to kill SL, delighted since he’s the genius of their
generation, when he coldly stares at her, reprimanding YQC for abusing her position as
the chief’s daughter, and childishly bullying people despite being over 30. Despite
appearing majestic to others, SL senses the haplessness in his tone, while YQC is
stunned that the usually indifferent YM would scold her in front of so many people,
crying that he hates her since she’s ugly now, and was charmed by SL.
Chapters 3006-3014 Knife Fire Tribe 2
3006 YQC is too caught up in crying to notice the blush emerging on YM’s face, when
YM denies being charmed by SL, reminding YQC she had attacked first so it’s only
natural for SL to retaliate. Ignoring YQC’s ranting, YM is delighted to see SL’s
appreciative gaze. SL offers to let YQC off in return for a favour, when YQC realizes YM
likes SL since he didn’t act to save her despite being stronger than SL. SL is indifferent
when YQC threatens to tell her father, leaving her with no choice but to agree to SL’s
3007 When SL releases her dagger, YM realizes it’s the same dagger as the one on
their insignia, causing the crowd to remark. The Grand Elder had repeatedly cautioned
them that a beautiful girl with the Goddess dagger and Origin Flame would appear,
with the two items forming the name of their Knife Fire tribe. Although he hasn’t seen
her flame, YM is ecstatic SL might be the person they’re waiting for, but only the chief,
who’s in closed door cultivation, can verify it. When YM invites her back to the tribe, SL
notices the gleam in YQC’s eyes egging her to return with them, and agrees.
3008 YMN explains that the Knife Fire Tribe is the only human tribe in Spectre Canyon,
with a history extending thousands of years. Their chief is YQC’s father, a firm but fair
leader, though he indulges YQC too much since her mother died when she was young.
YQC boasts that 2 of the 3 elders are Master ranked Apothecarists, causing SL to
wonder whether the tribe has a lot of sick people, when they arrive, running into a
group of 5-6 led by a man in Apothecary robes.
3009 YQC runs towards the man, Yì Chén (易尘), grabbing his arm and referring to him
as her second martial brother, yelling that SL had bewitched YM. Unwilling to bully a
beauty, YC jokingly reprimands SL. Under SL’s questioning, YC reveals he’s an
Advanced Apothecarist, when SL deduces he had only advanced 10 days ago, and had
used Red Beans instead of Languishing Beans. While the former is more powerful, it
also damages the user more, and YC had used Clear Wind Grass to suppress the
3010 Stunned, YC can’t help but think SL had stalked him over the past few days,
causing YM to reprimand him, when SL points out he’ll explode within 3 days if he isn’t
treated. YM bows before SL, begging her to save his martial brother, when she reveals
he needs to destroy his core, preventing him from refining or cultivating. YQC screams
for YC not to be fooled by SL, while YC was already reluctant, doubting someone so
young could know a lot more than him.
3011 SL laughs, telling YM to take her on a tour around the Knife Fire tribe, when YC
suddenly screams, trembling in pain, tossing YQC against a tree and wrecking her face
again. The men following YC plea for SL to save him, when she reminds them of YQC’s
insults towards her skills, causing his followers to rage at YQC to apologize. Stunned
that the group would be so rude to her, YQC refuses, when SL takes out her golden
acupuncture needles, knowing how highly regarded YC is.
3012 Standing 3 feet away, SL shoots her needles to 18 of YC’s acupuncture points,
leaving the group stunned at her skills, as YC’s breathing becomes steady and colour
returns to his face. However, SL warns YC she can’t fully remove the toxins, as the
crowd praises SL’s beauty and talent, causing YQC to seethe.
3013 SL then asks YC if his strength has also been regressing since becoming an
Advanced Apothecarist, only agreeing to research how to save him if he helps her find
certain people. While only the chief can find someone instantly, the rest of the tribe
could do a blanket search for NL or LXE. YC’s followers agree, running back towards
the camp, when YQC orders them to attend training instead. One of the followers
rages he’ll kill YQC first if YC dies. YQC cries to YC, who had originally spoilt her, but is
now disillusioned by how selfish she was while he was suffering, causing her to storm
3014 The village covers a wide area, with dome shaped houses surrounding a tower
containing the chief and 3 elders. SL is concerned since NL is with YQ, when a man
warns them the chief had emerged from cultivation and is raging since he can’t find
anyone. Not wanting to endanger SL due to misunderstandings, they rush to the
chief’s house to find YQC complaining. Seeing YM and YC, the chief tells them to
coddle YQC, when YQC sees SL and starts raging for her to leave. The chief falls into a
trance upon seeing SL.
Chapters 3015-3024 Knife Fire Tribe 3
3015 YM and YC retort YQC was the one picking on SL, when the chief addresses SL,
feeling her face is familiar but unable to place it. YQC hugs the chief’s waist, telling
him to avenge her, when he rages at her, brewing over SL’s identity. YM and YC
comfort the chief, assuring SL the chief won’t side with YQC, when SL follows them to
the library for herbs. Hearing this, YQC gives a sinister gleam.
3016 YC brings SL to the herb library, filled with rare herbs since they grow well in the
Canyon. The little dragon starts to jump around, indicating the presence of a powerful
treasure, when the 3rd elder – YC’s master – storms in, raging at YC for trying to take a
random into the inner library. YQC had told him they were after herbs, causing YC to
sigh, since she hadn’t mentioned he needs it to save his life.
3017 The 3rd elder yells at YC for using Red Beans to advance, attempting to drag him
to the 2nd elder, when YC reveals he couldn't help him but SL can. Suddenly, a woman
screams that the Imperial ranked BCP is missing, causing the elder to rush to the very
centre of the library, only to find the black iron container empty. Usually the chief has
the key, while SL recognizes YQC’s plot.
3018 The 3rd elder rages for YQC to stop crying, when she accuses SL of taking the
BCP. YC retorts that he and SL hadn’t even gone near the BCP, but YQC insists YC had
fallen under her spell, insisting on searching SL’s body. Knowing YQC’s plan, SL agrees
if the 3rd elder will compensate her if she’s falsely accused.
3019 SL asks to choose anything she wants from the outer library, causing the elder
and YQC to secretly sneer at her bad judgement, when the elder agrees. The two then
insist on searching SL first, with the BCP sandwiched between YQC’s fingers rolling out,
appearing to emerge from SL’s sleeves. YC accuses YQC of planting the BCP on SL, as
the 3rd elder dismisses him for being confused, accusing SL of stealing the BCP and
conning an inner disciple.
3020 The second elder arrives, when SL reminds them the bet isn’t over since she still
hasn’t searched YQC. The 3rd elder is furious, when the 2nd elder reminds her there’s
only one BCP and they had already found it on her. SL then approaches YQC, as the
later tries to back away. SL accuses her of hiding it in her navel cavity, tearing off her
outer skirt and clothes, exposing a red pill in her belly. Both elders are stunned, when
the pill drops to the ground and rolls away, as the second elder immediately picks it
3021 The second elder exclaims that it’s an imperial ranked BCP, when SL asks them
to confirm which one is theirs. As Master ranked Apothecarists, both identify the BCP
found on YQC as the Knife-Fire Tribe’s. Since she had planted the real one on SL, YQC
screeches that SL had the original one, but neither are willing to budge. However, they
also haven’t concluded SL is innocent since she could’ve framed YQC.
3022 SL takes out a bottle of Imperial ranked BCPs, proving they mean little to her,
leaving the elders shocked. YQC screams that it’s fake, when SL states she had gotten
them from her master. YC reveals he was treated by SL’s golden flying needles,
causing both elders to tremble, realizing her master is RY. Since neither elder originally
came from the Knife Fire Tribe, both had heard of and idolized RY.
3023 Wanting to establish ties with RY, the two elders readily agree that SL is
innocent, concluding YQC had framed her, sending her to the dungeons to wait for the
chief. SL reveals she’s at half-step grand master level, when she asks them if the bet is
still valid. While the elders doubt SL would find their treasured herbs particularly
valuable, they watch as she stops before a medicine pestle.
3024 The pestle is the height of 1 person and can easily fit 4, but has a hole in the
base which would cause medicine to leak out. The elders attempt to persuade SL to
choose something from the inner library, even offering her the Imperial BCP, when the
elders ask if she can treat level 6 cold physiques. Since NL’s is level 9, SL already
knows the symptoms. While she has the RSL, she won’t confirm whether she can treat
it until she sees the patient.
Chapters 3025-3034 Knife Fire Tribe 4
3025 Wanting to get on the chief’s good side, SL agrees. The chief is doubtful
someone so young can treat the illness, and is stunned that she’s RY’s disciple and at
the bottleneck of Grand Master Apothecarist. When SL mentions she needs the NNSG,
the elders reveal there’s one growing by the nest of a Nether Python at the edge of
the Lake of Oceans and Stars. SL states that after advancing, she can easily cure 6 th or
9th level cold physiques, causing them to cheer. The chief and 3rd elder offer to escort
SL to the lake.
3026 SL easily gets the NNSG, revealing she has the other two herbs needed to
advance. He then gives her a list of herbs in their storage, sending for 2 of each item
she selects. SL then asks the chief to look for her friends, hinting her mental state and
chances of succeeding would fall without them. Over the next 3 days, SL refines as the
chief searches the Canyon using his crystal ball, as the forgotten YQC escapes.
3027 During this time, NL and YQ had continuously fought, and were exhausted.
Having run from home, YQC stumbles onto the scene and is shocked that a man as
perfect as NL exists. NL coldly dismisses her, as YQ smirks for NL to take her as a bed
warmer and leave SL to him, referring to SL as her.
3028 YQC turns to see YQ but isn’t as stunned since she’s seen NL. She introduces
herself as the Knife Fire chief’s daughter and the most beautiful woman in the tribe,
determined not to let them see SL. YQC then offers to take them back to the tribe so
her father can look for their friends, shyly glancing at NL. Seeing this, YQ mocks NL
again, when NL alludes to how YQ had stabbed SL. Furious, YQ swears that SL’s past
and future are both tied to him.
3029 YQ yells that NL doesn’t know as much about SL as he does, determined to steal
her back, even by force when NL ignores him. Not knowing who they were talking
about, YQC already hates the woman they’re fighting over. During their 3 day trip to
the village, NL and YQ both recover their strengths. SL had advanced to Grand Master
Apothecary, but has failed in refining any Grand Master ranked pills, when she starts
condensing a BCP, as the RSL’s flames materialize in her palm.
3030 SL is delighted when the BCP forms, shooting out of the cauldron. The little
dragon catches it in its mouth and returns it to SL. Calmly stepping out of the room, SL
is depressed NL isn’t there and she can’t share the news with him first, when the chief
assumes she had failed. Suddenly, SL starts to run, crying with joy as NL appears,
when YQ intercepts them.
3031 YQ reveals a dazzling smile upon seeing SL, as she backs away. Seeing NL’s
punch, YQ dodges, wanting to save SL who’s now in the attack’s trajectory, when NL
gracefully carries SL away as a 2,000km pit forms below YQ. The chief is stunned by
NL’s strength, as YQC seethes, hating SL even more. The crowd watches the perfect
couple as YQ approaches, asking SL to show him around, only to be ignored.
3032 NL’s face turns dark as YQ brings up their past, stating he hadn’t betrayed her.
The crowd is curious about their love triangle, when YQC screeches at SL for two-
timing, causing NL and YQ’s attacks to simultaneously hit her. The chief had activated
one of the tribe’s three lifesaving insignias, but YQC still suffered serious injuries.
Knowing how strong YQ and NL are, the chief has her taken away.
3033 YQC is furious SL had stolen the man she wanted. The chief laments SL hadn’t
advanced to Grand Master Apothecary since there would’ve been 9 bolts of tribulation
lightning. YQ smirks that he’ll help SL look for the NNSG, when she retorts he had
stolen hers. YQ is delighted at being able to converse with SL again, when she tells
him to keep it, causing him to feel anxious as she flies away with NL. SL and NL arrive
at a small courtyard, staring into each other’s eyes before a floral arch, when YQ
arrives, exclaiming they had found a good place.
3034 Furious, SL leads NL to a bamboo forest, only for YQ to follow them again,
remarking at the view. SL is stunned someone as cold and calculating as YQ would
behave so roguishly, leading NL back to their compound in a foul mood. YQ is
delighted he can still affect SL so much, showing she has him on her mind, as NL and
YQ glare at each other, having recognized each other’s strengths. Later, SL finds YQ
following her to her quarters and refining room, sticking to her like syrup.
Chapters 3035-3042 Tomb of the God of 8 Strifes 1
3035 When the chief sends for SL to treat Lián Er (怜儿), both YQ and NL follow her. SL
states she won’t hide anything from NL, wanting him to stay, when the chief laments
she couldn’t advance to Grand Master. SL reveals she has, leaving the chief stunned
while NL smiles brighter than the sun. YQ laughs that it’s impossible without the
NNSG, when the chief reveals he had given it to her, causing him to scowl.
3036 The room turns cold from YQ’s fury, as much as it rises from NL’s joy. Ignoring
them, SL leads the chief away, to find the 2nd and 3rd elder rushing around to save a
little girl. The chief tries to shake the little girl awake as her breathing stops, suddenly
recalling he had seen SL in a portrait only the chief and elders can see, telling her to
save LE since she had come from the world SL wanted to go to.
3037 As LE’s heart stops, SL forms the RSL in her palm, sending it through LE’s body
from the veins in her chest, as the RSL threads start to reactivate her heart and flow to
her 360 acupuncture points. The chief is delighted SL can save LE, when SL starts to
glow as the RSL spreads throughout her body, allowing her to stabilize her strength. SL
tells the chief half of LE’s cold energy is dispersed and LE needs to remove the rest
herself. Since she now has experience treating cold physiques, SL notes there’s 4 days
until the full moon.
3038 Having woken and heard how SL had saved her, LE struggles to stand and thank
her, when she sees SL’s face, bowing and addressing her as her young mistress. LE
was YH’s maid who could only be treated with the RSL. YH had left her in the tribe,
prophesying her descendant would one day treat her. The chief explains YH had saved
the village from being destroyed by magical beasts, and the descendants of the tribe
had guarded the tomb of the God of 8 Strifes for SL’s arrival, located in the mountains
behind the village.
3039 The chief notices people eavesdropping. NL descends next to SL as YQ fights
with the chief, both offering to go with her. The chief laments that they need 3 strong
experts to enter and the tribal elders are in closed door cultivation, when LE whispers
another condition to SL, causing her to glare at YQ. The chief reveals the tomb will
open at night, and they can only enter on the same day each year to YQ’s delight and
SL’s displeasure. The entrance is the floral arch, which NL, YQ and the chief channel
their energy into.
3040 Placing their palms on a stone table, it starts to shine. SL cuts her finger, adding
her blood, causing a hole to appear where the table had been, immediately jumping
in, followed by NL, YQ, the chief and LE. The cave is completely dark, when NL warns
her to be careful. YQ turns cold, watching SL enter NL’s embrace, offering to change
himself to suit her, when SL asks if he can change into NL. YQ offers to explain his past
actions, when NL attacks, cutting him off. SL sneers whether it was to help her absorb
the dragon ring and cross into the new world, sneering with disbelief when YQ insists
it’s true.
3041 YQ is despondent but warns NL that YH had already chosen him for SL, causing
NL to darken. The chief explains that the tomb has two modes – one is to defeat
magical beasts, where they need to overcome 9 barriers to receive YH’s treasures,
while the second is to select a son-in-law. SL and NL are stunned, while YQ is delighted
since YH had chosen him in the past and he had helped SL enter the Blue Sky
3042 They make their way to an empty altar which transforms into a skyscraper with
an East and West entrance. The chief remarks that it would’ve divided further if there
were more candidates, competing to reach the top of the tower, past 25 storeys 100
metres high, based on the following 25 categories:
 Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth - the five elements that form the world.
 Gong Shang Jue Zhi Yu (Chinese Do Rei Mi Fa So) - the five notes which resound
through the mountains and rivers
 Wind, Frost, Snow, Rain and Dew - the rotation of the four seasons which govern
the lives of man
 Mortal, Demon and Celestial paths - five classes within the Three Realms
 Labourers, Farmers, Merchants, Scholars and Soldiers - the five paths that
dictate the lives of Man
The reward is YH’s approval, but if they fail to complete the task within 5 days, they’ll
all be annihilated. SL is furious since the risks outweigh the rewards, having already
recognized NL, raging at LE for not revealing the terms earlier, while NL is delighted SL
is concerned for him but wants to prove to YH he can protect SL.
Chapters 3043-3050 Tomb of the God of 8 Strifes 2
3043 LE tells SL to believe in NL, but SL is concerned that his cold physique and leg
injury will emerge. YQ and NL rush into one side each, with YQ already scoring a point.
SL is stunned, but LE assures her the two sides have exactly the same conditions and
challenges. The question on the first floor - What is gold (Jin)? What’s its weight,
direction and location? SL is stumped, when NL indicates West (Western Jin), as he and
YQ continue rushing up the levels, reaching 5:6 NL to YQ. However LE warns her the
first 5 categories are only a warmup, when they proceed to the 5 notes.
3044 NL and YQ solve the 5 notes rounds at similar speeds, tying at 10 points,
however a day has already passed. The 5 weather phenomena consists of maps with a
corresponding monster on each level. The 11th floor contains the Celestial Winds (罡风
Gāng Fēng) which were formed at the creation of the world, causing NL to feel
suffocated, realizing the real test had just begun. NL grabs onto a beam as the
Celestial Winds continue to blow at him, reaching a deadlock when he sits and
cultivates. SL anxiously prays for NL to breakthrough, as he absorbs the Celestial
Winds before proceeding to the 12th floor.
3045 NL and YQ race through the next few levels neck in neck, when they reach the
16th floor. SL is stunned that the topic is the 5 paths of Man rather than the 5 classes
of the 3 Realms, furious since combat (武 wǔ - Soldier) in the 3 Realms will coincide
with the full moon. LE is also perplexed she had gotten the orders wrong, when
Labour, the 16th topic, comes up. YQ is delighted since the question is about the
Industrial Revolution, while SL is furious as YQ races to the 17th floor while NL is still
stuck in the 16th, when YQ finds a 130,000 word agricultural book to memorize before
he can proceed to the next round.
3046 As YQ sits down and studies the text, NL needs to decide between 10 options. LE
warns SL his rank will decrease by 1 star for each wrong guess, and he’s now 5 star
Imperial rank, similar to the chief. Along with NL’s recurring illness, SL is furious YH is
so bias towards YQ, when NL starts to pick. SL closes her eyes, when LE reveals he had
chosen the right option in one go. However, YQ has already started writing and they
both have 30 minutes to proceed to the next round before they need to sacrifice a star
for every 15 minutes.
3047 YQ takes slight pauses, attempting to recall the words, when NL takes out an ACF
and directly scans the pages. With the ACF right in front of him, NL quickly copies the
texts into the 36 booklets, leaving the chief and LE stumped. Since NL wasn’t kicked
out, LE states that it’s legal, when NL finishes the last booklet.
3048 NL coolly enters the 18th floor as YQ is still stuck on the 25th booklet, not even
hesitating to sacrifice a star for more time. SL feels complicated since high levels take
longer to progress yet YQ was willing to sacrifice it. The 18th floor’s topic is Merchant,
with the following question: A villa is listed on the market for 13 million yuan. After 2
weeks, a buyer appears, offering 10 million, 3 million less than the seller’s reservation
price. After 3 days of negotiating, the seller is willing to lower his asking price to 11
million, 1 million above what the buyer is willing to pay. As the buyer, how would you
convince the seller to willingly offer you the property for 10 million? SL is worried the
modern terminology might go over NL’s head, and she can’t come up with an answer
3049 As a prince, NL is less likely to know business strategy. However, NL starts
writing: The buyer should show his sincerity and offer a 1 million yuan bond which the
seller can keep if the deal doesn’t go through, while expressing his lament that the
reservation price for the house he originally wanted at 7 million was too high, but
wanted to renegotiate. Since the seller wants the 1 million, and thinks there’s a
chance the buyer would purchase the cheaper house he originally wanted, he would
readily agree. SL is delighted when the stairway for the 19th floor opens, just as YQ
starts writing his answer.
3050 The 20th level consists of a modern military question, which NL easily solves
given his experience commanding battalions. However it’s already the 14th, with the
full moon the following night. NL steadily reaches the 21st floor, when a shadow
identical to him in strength and intellect appears. LE and the chief are shocked NL
defeated his clone so easily but SL remarks that he’s NL, while silently hoping he
finishes before the 15th. NL takes a few hours to solve the next few levels, when he
reaches the 25th level ‘Path’ which is achieved through self-enlightenment and they
can only progress by advancing to the next star.
Chapters 3051-3060 Tomb of the God of 8 Strifes 3
3051 NL and YQ both cultivate. While YQ is only recovering his lost level, it’s harder for
NL to break through to a new one, but the floor is rich with spiritual energy. SL rages
that it’s unfair to NL, when LE reminds her he has the chance to reach 6 star, while YQ
can only restore his strength to 7 star, making his gain greater overall. Within 3 hours,
energy starts to gather around YQ as he advances.
3052 SL believes in NL, but if YQ wins she’ll just renounce YH’s treasures. However LE
warns her it won’t be so easy. YQ blows SL a kiss as he gets up, causing her to panic,
when NL also advances. SL is perplexed why NL hasn’t gotten up, when he starts
advancing another star. SL is stumped at NL’s potential, but is worried YQ will reach
the next floor first, when she notices the drag in YQ’s step due to the oppressive force.
3053 Of the 10,000 steps to the top, YQ only has 100 steps left, when the system
rewards NL for advancing 2 stars in one go, materializing an elevator which takes him
directly up, bypassing any resistance. Watching them race to the top, SL and LE hope
NL will win.
3054 NL and YQ reach the top at the same time, when a blank screen appears. SL is
stunned the treasure hasn’t appeared, when LE reveals they need to fight since YQ will
only approve of the strongest man, causing SL to frown. YQ is puzzled NL had arrived
so quickly, when he jokes that there was a button for the elevator, when YQ hums he’ll
wait for NL’s leg to recover since he isn’t a match, secretly fearful since NL was on par
with him when he was still 5 star but was able to easily answer modern questions and
advance 2 stars during the challenge.
3055 Watching the tension rise between them, the chief suspects YH favours YQ even
though YH had helped NL advance 2 stars, warning them of the strength of the
Demonic Path’s techniques. However both he and LE are sympathetic when SL states
NL will win. The fight starts. On par, NL and YQ reach a deadlock, when YQ reminds
him he only has an hour left, claiming he’ll rightfully win the fight and SL’s heart.
3056 Forming an Eastern Purple Lightning attack, YQ sends it towards NL, flooding the
scene with noxious black gas, wanting to quickly finish the battle, when NL forms a fog
of his own by chanting archaic divine scripts. YQ’s attack becomes a black dragon
while NL’s turns into a purple serpent. The beasts latch onto each other’s tails, slowly
swallowing them, when YQ and NL charge towards each other.
3057 The battle is too fast to see but each hit has a resounding impact, with the chief
stunned that they’re so much stronger than normal 7 star Imperial ranks. The two dart
around when YQ lands a hit on NL’s face, beating him into a defensive position only for
NL to resume chanting in ancient script.
3058 Knowing just how terrifying the ancient script is, YQ steps back, when a
character appears above him, emitting an oppressive aura which causes him to
tremble. When SL realizes, she cheers for NL to use as many scripts as he can, and he
summons 13 of them. NL coughs blood from YQ’s previous attack, while YQ is
staggering under NL’s scripts, almost forced onto his knees, however neither are
willing to relent.
3059 Unable to endure, YQ channels a burst of energy, implementing his Grand
Forbidden Technique which consists of 3 hits, increasing in strength with each
successive hit. Meanwhile NL has gotten weaker as the full moon appears, causing his
cold physique and leg pain to act up. Attempting to bear the pain, NL is unable to
resist YQ’s attack. SL screams that she’ll kill YQ if NL dies, when YQ notices NL’s
condition, smirking he only has himself to blame.
3060 Since YH had set up a barrier to prevent SL for interfering, YQ ignores her
threats, sneering at how weak the normally unrivalled NL is and attacks. A cloud of
dust forms, when someone flies out, forming a human shaped crater in the ground. As
the dust clears, SL is stunned to see NL’s gallant figure, which meant YQ was the one
sent flying, when LE surmises NL had only faked his illness.
Chapters 3061-3068 Tomb of the God of 8 Strifes 4
3061 YQ is furious at being tricked, summoning 5 lightning strikes with the second
move. NL struggles to resist the strikes, trembling under the second and third, and
staggering by the fourth, causing SL to realize his leg disease is real this time. The 5th
strike lands with a destructive force, causing NL to cough out blood and burying him
into a pit. Ignoring SL’s threats, YQ smirks that only the strongest can be with her.
Severely injured, a light bursts out from NL’s chest, as his body starts twitching
despite being unconscious.
3062 NL’s injuries instantly heal themselves, while even his clothes are repaired. YQ
rushes to the treasure since YH would have to recognize him, but all of SL’s attention
is on NL. The moment NL opens his eyes, a piercing scream resounds, causing even YQ
to pause and follow NL’s gaze to find a dragon-phoenix hybrid in the sky. SL suddenly
recalls how NL had a mysterious energy sealed within him, capable of summoning
terrifying creatures that could destroy the world. Doubting his 3rd strike could defeat
NL, YQ continues to run towards the treasure, making his way towards an underground
passage. Silent and majestic, NL darts towards YQ’s direction like a meteor, shadowed
by the DP shadow.
3063 Reaching for the treasure YQ finds an unremarkable looking ring, when NL order
him to place it down, as the aura of the DP behind him suppresses YQ, preventing him
from moving. YQ uses his 3rd move, summoning the previous demon lord whose
strength is on par with CZ. Seeing the DP behind NL, the previous demon lord
recognizes it as the Dragon-Phoenix Clan (龙凤族 Lóng Fèng Zú). Since he’s already
dead, he offers to kill NL, but warns YQ not to reveal it to the clan since they’re one of
the top 10 families in the Spirit World which even he can’t oppose. The previous lord is
delighted at being able to kill a member before he completely perishes, using an
infinite force to kick NL.
3064 NL steps back, but the hits continue to land, causing him to cough blood as the
DP howls. LE warns SL that YH’s barrier can’t withstand the force of their attacks, and
it would cause a rift into the netherworld where YH had imprisoned criminals that bear
a deep hatred. Meanwhile the earth shattering battle continues between the DP and
former demon lord, when the entire realm shakes, as a strong celestial wind blows
through and fire fills the sky, tearing a void.
3065 SL starts to back away, as NL and YQ continue fighting, when the previous
demon lord weakens and fades, allowing the DP to return to NL’s body. White flashes
appear, when NL picks up the ring and the void repairs itself. The barrier sends NL
before SL. Hugging each other, NL faints in SL’s arms, unable to bear the burden of
using the DP, when LE warns her the flashes were 10 experts escaping from the
3066 Since SL has completed her task, the Knife Fire tribe doesn’t need to guard the
tomb and can protect her in the Battlegrounds, while the realm vanishes. Carrying NL,
SL runs back to the tribe to find YM and YC anxiously looking for them since the
landscape had changed yet SL and the Chief were missing. Seeing SL carrying the
gorgeous man YQC had brought back, YM feels a little despondent. Laying NL on the
bed, his expression is pained from his cold physique and leg injury, so SL lies on him,
circulating the RSL to chase out the cold energy. In the past, NL had forced the attack
to his leg to protect his vital organs and cultivation.
3067 While SL’s control over the RSL has improved since advancing to Grand Master
Apothecarist, she still needs to fully cure him. Blushing, she thinks of how to prepare
for her wedding, eyeing NL’s beautiful face. However NL doesn't wake the next 3 days,
though his body has mostly recovered. Suddenly she senses changes in her SGT.
Recalling the herb she had retrieved from the Hidden Dragon Territory (Chapter 1831),
she crushes it and sprinkles the powder over it, causing it to emit a golden glow. As
the light shines on them, YC and YM starts to cultivate, along with SL’s pets and
friends, and even the sleeping NL.
3068 Suddenly BY, ZiY and WH all breakthrough, stunned that they could achieve it so
easily since the rich aura would even allow wastes to advance. The energy floods
throughout the tribe, as various members speculate over the source of aura, allowing
some to advance several times. While SL had only advanced one star, she was able to
break through from 9 star Saint to 1 star Imperial level, with her strength drastically
improving. Meanwhile ZiY and BY had advanced 2 stars.
Chapters 3069-3078 Escaped Prisoners 1
3069 As WH breaks through her 3rd star, SL laments she had only advanced by 1,
though she had broken through to a new rank. When ZiY asks about NL, SL assures her
he’s only unconscious, and had just advanced 2 stars in the tomb, revealing they had
already retrieved YH’s treasure. LE enters, warning SL the white flashes had released
10 brutal and terrifying experts who were heading to Base 21.
3070 Since LXE and several Revered elders had left with them, SL wants to rush back
but can’t risk disturbing NL at such a critical juncture. ZiY, BY and WH offer to go
instead, when SL has the chief locate LXE. LXE was critically injured after fighting the
magical beasts, and managed to advance to 6 star Imperial rank while unconscious.
Waking, LXE is stunned to find SL’s group and the elders had all advanced at least 2
stars, while SL had broken through to Imperial level, telling him he had just missed out
on a treasure.
3071 Seeing NL, LXE almost wants to cry since even he had advanced 2 stars, but no
one can compare to NL’s terrifying talent. SL urges LXE and her friends to rush back to
the base, assuring them she’ll join them once NL recovers, telling the Crafty Thorn
elders to rush back to their camp as well, leaving only SL and NL in the room. SL is
perplexed why the escaped experts would head to Base 21 when she remembers the
Empress had disappeared.
3072 NL continues sleeping, when his energy starts to fluctuate on the 7th day.
Probing him SL is sent flying by a mysterious force. The chief rushes in, worried about
SL, as YQC appears, yelling for NL. Since NL is about to break through, SL tells her to
shut up as YQC screams at her for stealing the person she wants, then at her father for
siding with SL, revealing she’s met a strong expert.
3073 The Chief starts to feel unsettled as YQC recounts how the expert had promised
to slay SL for her. Just as he starts to question her, a Nine-Tailed Emperor Bat appears.
When LE identifies it, YQC glares hatefully at her delicate beauty, ordering the bat to
eat SL since it owes her a favour. The chief slaps her, yelling that SL was the person
they had waited for for centuries before chasing after the bat, with LE already racing
3074 Despite their efforts neither the chief nor LE could catch the bat, leaving the
chief shocked by its strength. Sensing the rich energy, the bat heads towards SL and
NL. While SL senses the bat’s overwhelming strength she’s unwilling to disturb NL and
heads out the face it, when the bat instantly flees at the sight of her. Stunned, LE and
the chief realizes it’s too strong to have come from the Canyon and is one of the 10
escaped experts.
3075 LE laughs that since SL and YH look the same, the bat would’ve mistaken her,
when SL asks how the bat arrived. The chief turns to YQC as she fearfully backs away,
realizing her father wouldn’t protect her when the whole tribe exists for SL. Realizing
the chief would hold a grudge if YQC is killed, SL destroys her core instead, letting her
live as the chief thanks her.
3076 LE warns them that the bat will soon realize she isn’t YH and return, hoping NL
will wake before then. After a while, the bat returns, screeching that she isn’t YH,
causing the younger members of the tribe to cough blood from his aura. Sensing NL is
about to advance, SL reveals that she’s YH’s daughter, as the bat laughs that she
needs to pay for YH’s actions.
3077 SL is depressed thinking about how many people had come after her due to YH,
but is unwilling to withdraw since NL is still inside, leaving the chief no choice but to
stand beside her. Sneering, the bat sends an imprint to destroy SL and all those
around her, hating all humans due to YH, when NL wakes and sends a fist towards it.
SL is delighted NL has not only advanced to 8 star but also arrived in time to save her.
3078 Spitting out blood, the bat is filled with regret it hadn’t targeted NL while he was
still weak, when SL realizes its blood contains medicinal qualities, telling NL to collect
more. Recalling how YH had said the same thing, and it had only just recovered the
blood she had taken, the bat starts to flee, when NL grabs onto its tail. Wanting to
remove NL, the bat slices its tail off, only for NL to fly towards it, kicking its back and
sending it falling to the ground.
Chapters 3079-3087 Escaped Prisoners 2
3079 Since NL is the only human apart from YH who’s stronger than it, the bat pleas
for mercy, offering to be his servant or transport, but NL doesn’t want such an ugly
thing. The bat shrinks itself to be more appealing but NL wouldn’t keep anything that
might harm SL, when SL stops him since the bat is still useful. Wanting to prove his
use, the bat reveals the experts had all gathered at the Divine Lake, when a whirlpool
formed and the three Crystal Dragon brothers instantly dove inside.
3080 The bat then confirms that there were 10 escapees, with the other 6 being the 3
barbarous father and sons, a heaven devouring beast, a phoenix beast and a green
cloaked wanderer, mournfully admitting that it was the weakest of the 10. While NL
assures her he can defeat them, he’s only one person so SL convinces him to
grudgingly take the bat as his contract beast, before handing SL YH’s ring.
3081 The ring requires her blood and space element to open, revealing an empty 10m 2
room with a single purse containing a green card, a blue crystal card and an amethyst
card, as well as a note from YH explaining she hadn’t left a lot to prevent her from
attracting too much attention. While SL can use the Green Card at Profound
Transformation level, she should only use the Blue Crystal card at Metamorphosis level
and the amethyst card at Deity level, explaining there was also Lower, Middle, Upper
and True God ranks, urging SL to quickly reach True God. SL is dazed YH only left her
things for the spirit world, not knowing she had hidden several treasures for her there.
Meanwhile the 3 dragon brothers had wanted to eat the Crafty Thorn Empress, when
she offers to lead them to a large group rich with energy.
3082 As the Demonic Clan is too far and she wants to retake Crafty Thorn, she leads
them to Base 21. Since few experts had remained, the brothers easily take control,
setting up a barrier that allows people to enter but not to leave, raising the humans
like pigs and swallowing some whole each day. The people in the base are filled with
terror as their numbers dwindle, praying for CZ to appear. Meanwhile the Empress had
become the brothers’ servant, delighted at being able to manage the camp, but fearful
she’ll eventually be eaten when they run out of food. However, she sneers at the
thought of NL and SL heading to the base.
3083 BY’s group arrive 10 miles away from the base, sensing something strange since
there weren’t any guards patrolling or people leaving the camp. Knowing SL wouldn’t
want to endanger them, they decide to wait for her and NL first, when LXE and the
elders arrive. LXE sends XZE to scout due to his speed. XZE agrees to return within an
hour, however two hours soon pass without any news.
3084 They becomes anxious, when a group of 4 appears. The three dragon brothers
have similar faces but one is tall and thin, the other short and round, and the third
looks like a square, followed by the Empress. LXE asks the Empress if they’re demons
from the netherworld. While the Empress doesn’t speak due to her low status, one of
the demons laughs that LXE isn’t so simple, with his laughter causing lightning, forcing
the group to cough blood. The Empress sneers as the demon’s oppressive aura forces
LXE’s group down.
3085 However LXE’s strength is only a little below hers and the Empress realizes how
insignificant she is and that she needs to follow the dragon brothers to live. LXE asks
the Empress if she had led the demons here, when they refer to her as their slave,
leaving him shocked at how low she had fallen. Sensing a fight will break out, LXE
orders BY’s group to escape first, when the rotund demon grabs ZiY’s neck,
threatening to snap it. Knowing how much her friends mean to SL, LXE surrenders.
3086 The people in the base are stunned that the elders were subdued so easily,
fervently praying for CZ to save them. SL and NL had been racing to the base, when
NL senses the 3 demons, warning SL they had already taken the base and subdued the
elders. The demons are at least 8 star Imperial rank and possibly even at Profound
Transformation, while even NL would struggle against all 3 of them.
3087 SL wonders why the dragon brothers would trap people, when the bat reveals
they plan on eating them. Not wanting to be a burden to NL, she tells the bat to drop
her off first, when the rotund demon sees her, mistaking her for YH. Taking advantage
of his fear, NL stabs him, drawing blood. While both are 8 star Imperial ranked, NL had
only just advanced and is still weaker, when the oppressive force of the square shaped
demon, a 9 star imperial ranked, hits NL, allowing him to escape.
Chapters 3088-3097 Escaped Prisoners 3
3088 Surrounded by an 8 star and a 9 star, NL could easily defeat them individually
but isn’t a match against both, as SL and the bat rush to help. Realizing SL is too weak
to be YH, the rotund demon mocks the bat for becoming a contract beast and for
daring to go against them. While NL and the bat are a star lower than their opponents,
SL is confident in NL’s abilities, taking out all her pets to assist the bat against the 8
star. The rotund demon mocks her for being so weak, telling her she needs to pay for
YH’s actions.
3089 The rotund demon laughs at the suggestion that he might lose, having already
taken over Purgatory City, one of the continent’s strongest forces. Despising the bat
for siding with humans, he slaps it away, when SL’s war puppet sneaks an attack, only
for its arms to be torn off. Depressed, SL sends it back to her space, thinking of how to
deal with the escaped prisoners, when the rotund demon notices the little dragon.
Smirking, he identifies it as a creature from the Spirit World and that he and his
brothers should raid its treasures, as SL puts the rest of her defeated pets away. As
NL’s fight reaches a critical stage, ⅓ of his attention is still on SL, fighting off the
square demon when he notices the rotund one approach her.
3090 Shocked at NL’s potential, the square demon resolves to remove him before he’s
strong enough to defeat them combined, calling the lanky demon for support. The
lanky demon reminds him they were just unlucky to run into YH but other humans
can’t compare. Looking at SL, they recall the trauma of meeting YH; while realizing NL
had forced the square demon to a standstill. The rotund demon proposes a truce.
3091 Author’s note about the next day’s release but no chapter
3092 However the other demons realize that they might not be able to defeat NL soon,
and decide to team up and remove him while they still can. The lanky demon then
laughs when SL asks if other prisoners would arrive. She smirks that she doesn’t need
to wait for anyone else, before using the CLD to summon CZ just as the rotund demon
punches NL. Suddenly, a terrifying force comparable to YH appears, as the entire base
cheers at the sight of CZ floating in the sky, with some crying from relief.
3093 The crowd is confident in CZ’s abilities, yelling for him to punish the Empress as
the elders surround her, tying her up and leading her away from the base. CZ ignores
the lanky demon’s questions, breaking 3 of his ribs with a single punch as the crowd
cheers him on.
3094 Shocked, the lanky demon suddenly realizes his strength has disappeared.
Recalling clones should only contain 1% of the original’s strength, the lanky demon is
shocked that CZ’s is at Ascension level. Hearing this, SL is stunned by his strength,
since no one on the continent could even compare to his clone. While the rotund
demon argues for him to hold CZ off until they finish off NL, the lanky demon realizes
why SL had asked about the other prisoners.
3095 Since his brothers didn’t heed his warning, the lanky demon runs off by himself,
when CZ’s arm extends after him. The demon contemplates begging for mercy, when
he feels a sharp pain as his head rolls from his body. Watching the blood spurt out of
his severed neck, the demon closes his eyes before dying. The crowd is shocked at
CZ’s strength, before erupting in cheers. CZ then walks towards the bloodied NL as he
fights off the remaining 2 demons, when the demons realize their leader had already
been defeated.
3096 Furious that the lanky demon met with such a humiliating end, the two demons
rush towards CZ with their strongest attacks, when he sweeps his sleeve, wiping away
their techniques away. Fearing him almost as much as YH, the demons turn to flee. But
since they had bullied SL, CZ won’t let them off, instantly grabbing them with one
hand each, before bashing their heads together, cracking their skulls.
3097 CZ then tosses their corpses aside, with his white robes completely stainless, as
the Purgatory City members gaze at him filled with worship. Watching CZ, NL realizes
just how lacking his own strength is, when he notices the admiration in SL’s eyes as
she stares at CZ, and resolves to surpass him. Meanwhile CZ is laughing while rubbing
SL’s head, leaving the crowd stunned that he can laugh so freely, when he tells SL to
deal with the remaining 6 demons herself since the CLD will only summon him once
every 3 years. He then turns to NL, asking about the dragon phoenix shadow
Chapters 3098-3106 Wedding 1
3098 CZ warns NL not to let the shadow appear a 3rd time and tells them to hurry and
wed, before disappearing. The crowd bursts into chatter, speculating where CZ had
disappeared to, before kneeling in gratitude. LXE then drags the defeated Empress
over, leaving SL shocked at how dejected she seems, as the crowd discusses how to
punish her. LXE and the crowd decide to have her eyes dug out, mouth sewn and to
carve her up piece by piece, when they turn to SL, having seen how much CZ spoils
3099 When LXE repeats CZ’s urging for them to marry, the crowd roars over the
wedding night, causing SL to blush. ZiY smiles that SL has the strongest backing with
CZ, RY and her real parents, while no one can compare to her beauty, asking NL if he
wants to marry SL - following earth tradition she had learnt from SL. NL energetically
roars ‘I do’. BY then mentions NL’s potential is higher than CZ’s asking SL if she will
love, honour and obey NL following standard wedding verse.
3100 Recalling how SL had ignored him at the start, how he had slowly won her heart
and the emergence of YQ and other barriers, NL looks at SL with affection and anxiety,
when SL smiles and says ‘I do’. NL is so delighted his mind turns soft, and he almost
stumbles, leaving the crowd shocked at how silly and delighted he is, childishly
jumping around and ruining his ruthless image. LXE tells them the wedding will be
held in 3 days, as they fly off on the bat. BY comments that it wasn’t easy for NL to
marry SL, before asking ZiY if she wants to wed as well.
3101 When ZiY pushes him away, BY jokes that he’ll end up as a monk if she refuses,
causing her to blush and run off as BY chases after her. The day of the wedding, even
ZiY is stunned by SL’s beauty, helping her prepare as the only other woman in the
base, as BY urges them to hurry from outside. Based on the Blue Sky Continent’s
traditions, the groom needs to carry the bride to the wedding hall. Even more dazzling
in red, NL gazes at the veiled SL with bright eyes, before gingerly carrying her to the
3102 Feeling SL’s warmth on his back, NL feels surreal at finally achieving his dream of
marrying SL, wearing a goofy smile that leaves people shocked. While the entire base
attends, wanting to wash away the past tragedy, CZ is unable to, while SL can’t
summon him for another for 3 years, nor does she want to waste her last lifeline to do
so. Developing an unsettling feeling, NL urges them on. As they bow 3 times, ZiY tears
up, knowing how difficult the journey had been for them, as they use YH, RY and CZ’s
portraits as substitutes for their ancestors, though they couldn’t include SL’s
mysterious father.
3103 Bowing towards each other, the ceremony is complete. The crowd bursts into
cheers as they make their way to the bridal chamber. Taking off her veil, NL strokes
her cheek as they stare into each other’s eyes. Hearing laughter outside, SL pushes NL
to entertain the guests since forcing the groom to drink is also a custom. Although NL
doesn’t want to waste his first night on others, he promised SL the perfect wedding
and reluctantly walks out. Sitting in her red wedding gown, a shadow suddenly flashes
past as SL pales and her body turns stiff.
3104 Sensing the room and her energy have been sealed, SL pulls out her CSS, when
YQ appears in elegant white robes. Furious, SL tries to contact NL, when YQ praises
how well her wedding dress suits her, before smirking that he’s here to kidnap his
bride. SL slaps his hand away, sending her little dragon out to contact NL, when YQ
grabs them both, telling SL to either place the dragon back in her space or he’ll kill it.
3105 SL tries to send it back to her space, when she realizes it’s sealed. YQ then
carries her away and sets the room alight as the wedding hall erupts into a battlefield,
since YQ had cooperated with the barbaric father and sons. NL struggles since the
father is 1 star Profound Transformation level, while LXE and the bat aren’t a match for
his two 8 star Imperial ranked sons. The guests pray for CZ to arrive, as the barbarous
father strikes his chest, leaving black bruises. NL’s chest releases a strange energy,
when a 3rd strike lands.
3106 With his upper garments burnt off, NL’s bruises and burns are clearly visible. BY
and ZiY rush to help but are send flying by the demon. Striking NL, the demon father is
shocked he was momentarily scared of NL, when someone shouts that the bridal
chamber is on fire. Since it was the signal the demons and YQ had agreed on, the
barbarous father and sons retreat as NL runs towards the chamber despite his
weakened state, using all his energy to summon water towards the raging flames.
Unable to find SL, NL is filled with horror and regret, when he notices the SGT seeds
scattered on the floor spelling out 2 characters.
Chapters 3107-3114 Wedding 2
3107 Reading the words Yun Qi, everything suddenly makes sense. NL coughs up
blood, unable to bear the impact of the barbarous father’s 49 hits after receiving such
infuriating news. LXE attempts to seal his acupuncture points, but his will to live seems
to have faded, falling from the happiest moment of his life to the lowest. Despite BY’s
urging, only RY or CZ can save him. Meanwhile, YQ had been carrying the unconscious
SL for days, while staring at her face during the night, having loved her regardless of
how she looks. Waking to find they’ve almost arrived at Demon City, SL sneers for YQ
to stop daydreaming, when YQ reminds them of their engagement and past affection.
3108 Seething with anger and worried about NL, SL reminds him he had killed her at
her happiest moment, and the only reason she hasn’t killed him is because she’s
weaker. YQ reveals her death was arranged by YH and he had only acted since she
needed to accumulate infinite resentment to return to her current world. His earnest
gaze almost moves SL, when he hands her the dagger used to stab her, revealing the
same mark as her YH dagger. Stunned, SL gives YQ 5 minutes to explain, though the
person she truly likes is still NL. YQ explains that when SL was born her soul was
unstable. Of her 3 souls and 7 spirits, 1 soul and 3 spirits had remained in this world,
while the rest was taken to Earth. Since she could only cross over through
experiencing misery, YH had arranged for YQ to act out the cliff scene and bring her
3109 While not doubting YQ’s words, SL is stunned that he would kill their child as
well, when YQ reveals she was never pregnant, and it was only a discomfort in her
stomach. Filled with regret, YQ reveals they never consummated their relationship and
the night she woke up next to him, they were merely sleeping. SL is shocked their
entire relationship had been false, but YQ argues his feelings are true and he had
crossed over to be with her. However the one SL likes is still NL and she tells him to
take her back. Unable to accept SL doesn’t love him after all he’s done, YQ argues he’s
willing to wait for her to fall back in love since she used to love him, before knocking
her out.
3110 SL wakes to find dozens of serving girls in pink dresses before her. Realizing her
wedding robe was removed, leaving only the white underdress, SL glares at the first
servant, Táo Huǒ (桃火 - Peach Fire), who reveals YQ had left SL with her, and she was
the one who undressed her. Her wedding was already a month ago, and SL wonders
how NL is doing, when YQ arrives clad in white. SL tries to shake him off as he holds
her hands, but realizes her internal energy and space had been sealed, causing her to
3111 YQ argues he had sealed it for her sake, and that he won’t let go of her in this
life. Pushing SL onto the bed, he restrains her arms and legs as she tries to resist, but
her strength is the same as a normal person’s while YQ is at Imperial rank. Unable to
fight, SL can only glare and threaten him. Despairing over her reaction, YQ rages that
NL is already dead and she can only be with him, causing all the blood to drain from
SL’s face. While SL is in disbelief, YQ reveals even NL can’t withstand 3 escaped
3112 SL is shocked YQ would team up with them, arguing that CZ would appear to
save NL. Annoyance flashes across his eyes, revealing NL hasn’t died yet, but YQ
argues it’s only a matter of time. Watching SL’s cold attitude, something flares up in
YQ as he showers her face with kisses to remind her of the past. Held down, SL can
only struggle, when his lips land on hers and she bites down. Wiping off the blood, YQ
is even more roused, tearing off SL’s pink skirt, exposing her white underdress.
Furious, SL yells that she’ll never forgive him, when his lust dies down and he stills.
3113 Staring at SL’s hateful expression, YQ is unable to proceed with his plan to make
her his through force and with a child, whispering he can wait since she has nowhere
to escape. Knowing she’s too weak to fight him off, SL asks if he truly likes her,
hesitantly hinting he should use another means to pursue her rather than brute force,
before turning away. YQ is delighted SL would give him another chance, before
warning TH not to let her slip away, exuding a tyrannical aura towards people other
than SL.
3114 Trembling in fear, TH agrees. After YQ leaves, SL tries to unseal her energy but
fails, when she hears the little dragon whimper. While the little dragon was sealed in
her space by YQ, she can make out the words ‘Lotus Flower Grass’, realizing YQ had
used it to seal her space. To unseal her space, SL needs the WSW she had gotten from
the Bai Zhe’s territory, as well as the Leafless Tree (无叶之木 Wú Yè Zhī Mù), a rare
herb that resembles dried bark. Since encountering it depends on luck, SL can only
look around.
Chapters 3115-3124 Wedding 3
3115 SL sees 4 guards outside and senses another 3 posts around the compound. She
asks to go out to shop but YQ will only let her outside if he’s there to escort her. Not
expecting to find the leafless tree easily, SL wanders around, with a trail of servants
carrying her purchases, while YQ accompanies her for 7 days straight. However, YQ
still has a lot of work and sends a Saint level expert on the 8 th day.
3116 The next few days, SL spends all her time in pharmacies, with TH helplessly
paying for the herbs, allowing SL to hide a piece of bark. TH reports SL’s activities to
YQ as he smirks over her impulsive nature, when TH mentions the dried bark SL had
bought. TH presents it before him, revealing SL had taken a piece as well. YQ rushes to
SL’s compound, when SL splashes water on him, telling him to scram. Outside, the
guards are stunned that YQ would tolerate this, but he smiles, telling her to enjoy her
3117 Noticing a small branch on the ground, YQ confirms it’s only normal bark before
leaving. Realizing just how much YQ indulges her, the guards become extremely
vigilant, fearing disgruntling SL more than YQ. Inside the bathroom, SL is fully dressed,
with the real leafless tree lying in the corner. Knowing she needs to act fast, SL
coordinates with her dragon to pour the WSW in her space as she squeezes the tree’s
juice. At this moment, YQ realizes something’s off and rushes back as the dragon ring
on SL’s finger burns bright red.
3118 SL’s space opens, and she instantly hides everything as YQ opens the door to
find her with wet hair, adjusting her clothes. Furious, SL rages at him for entering,
stating that a waste like her wouldn’t match a dignified demon lord. Lowering his
voice, YQ promises he’ll unseal her space but only after their wedding in 7 days. SL is
furious, since he promised to give her time and stating she’ll never marry him, as YQ
argues he can pursue her after they’ve wed. SL slams the door as YQ walks away,
determined to marry her.
3119 The guards are shocked that YQ is even more set to marry a waste that rejected
him, as SL seethes inside, determined to escape. With her space open, SL can access
RY’s imperial ranked Spirit Gathering Pills and cultivate. The next few days, SL starts to
break through the seal, when her energy completely recovers by the 6th, and she
even advances to 3 star Imperial level. Taking out the jade token that disguised her
strength in the Dragon Ranking List (chapter 1382-1385) SL appears like a normal
person. However her marriage to YQ will take place the following day. During this time,
YQ had stood outside SL’s courtyard, delighted at the thought of their wedding and
future children, before enquiring after her.
3120 When TH reveals SL had stayed in bed without eating the past 6 days, YQ is
shocked that someone with a normal constitution could last so long and feels uneasy.
Hiding the jade token, SL rages at YQ for barging in and threatens to commit suicide if
she’s forced to marry him, telling him to wait until she’s willing and to prove his love
for her by sealing his own cultivation. Thinking it would remind her of their past life,
and delighted SL might willingly marry him, YQ instantly seals his strength away until
the wedding.
3121 SL lowers her guard, asking if he truly sealed his strength for the day. YQ smiles
that no one will harm him and to check for herself if she doesn’t believe him. SL then
asks about the barbarous three, fearing they might drag her back. However YQ reveals
they had left after receiving payment and were cultivating 7 days away, when SL jokes
it’s a pity she can’t hire them to take her back. Knowing SL is still dissatisfied, YQ tells
her they’ll be married soon and after they’ve wed and had children they’ll be
3122 Before he finishes talking, SL seals his acupuncture point and YQ realizes her
strength is back. Since YQ had soundproofed the room to prevent people listening in,
SL grabs him by the collar and throws him towards a chair, stating she doesn’t want to
be associated with him. YQ warns her she still can’t defeat his guards, when SL takes
off his robe. Smiling, YQ asks if she’s eager for her bridal night, secretly regretting he
hadn’t planned thoroughly enough to trap her, but knows SL won’t kill him.
3123 SL retorts she’s only keeping him alive since she has other plans, telling him to
give up on her. She then starts to make over her face until it looks exactly like YQ’s,
adding padding and platforms to her shoes and body so her build resembles his,
before turning his face into hers, asking him what he thinks.
3124 YQ is shocked that even he would be fooled by SL let alone his men, when he
reveals he had been burning Brilliant Aroma in SL’s air, a harmless scent that
resembles sandalwood but will linger in her body and alert anyone within a thousand
miles, warning her the Demon City is a long way from Base 21. However SL only has
one chance to escape before the wedding and is willing to risk it.
Chapters 3125-3133 Escape 1
3125 The Brilliant Aroma has no cure and SL can only wait for it to fade after a month.
Leaving by the door, the guards all cower due to YQ’s ruthless reputation, and she
commands them to guard SL without disturbing her, before walking away. Outside her
courtyard, SL runs into a master ranked Apothecarist who asks her to inspect stock. SL
agrees, telling the Apothecarist to leave first, when her eyes light up over the Demonic
Clan’s rare 100,000 year herbs and other priceless treasures.
3126 Fearing the guards would realize if she took everything, SL lets out all her pets,
telling them to absorb the treasures’ essence. SL drains the 100,000 year snow lotus,
and it appears as fresh and brilliant on the outside, before throwing the rest into her
space, as her little dragon, LSF and war puppet fill themselves up. Delighted at her
harvest, SL regains her cool composure as she walks out.
3127 The Apothecarist explains that the 100,000 year herbs were wedding gifts,
causing SL to feel vindictive over taking them, when she sends for a carriage,
impeccably imitating YQ. The Apothecarist prepares a once in 10,000 year genius
Demon Horse. YQ’s most trusted hideous servant had been following her and is
stunned YQ hadn’t confided in him. Not wanting to provoke such a strong opponent, SL
tells him to make sure the wedding is absolutely perfect, leaving the servant delighted
at YQ’s trust in him. SL charges out of the city with little mishap, however the palace
becomes frantic the following day, as neither the bride or groom had appeared.
Recalling YQ’s orders not to disturb SL, TH hesitates over entering the room.
3128 Inside, YQ was already awake and can hear the servants deliberating. Despite
how humiliating it is to be found in this state, YQ causes himself to fall, knocking his
head against the cabinet. Hearing a crash, the servants rush in, fearing something
might’ve happened to SL. TH helps her up, shocked that SL now has a larger frame,
when YQ grunts for them to unlock his acupuncture points. Regaining all his strength,
YQ is a little reluctant to remove SL’s face from his reflection, but too consumed by
anger to care.
3129 YQ calls all the elders in, ordering them to search for SL, leaving them stunned
and furious that a mere human girl would abandon their leader. YQ orders them to
form a barricade around the city and to focus on searching southeast, towards
Purgatory City where SL would try to reconvene with NL, threatening to punish their
entire family if someone hides or tries to harm SL, discouraging those who had wanted
to secretly remove her for rejecting him.
3130 As the 12 elders search, SL had also thought about hiding within Demon City, but
her scent would soon give her away. Instead, she decides to head northwest before
turning back southwest, speeding away on the demon horse. Controlling the horse, SL
runs out of energy on the first day, but she manages to make it to the 3 rd day before
sensing trackers. Trying to disguise the Brilliant Aroma, SL hides in a forest, dripping
her blood in CSW and feeding it to thousands of vultures before controlling them to fly
in every direction.
3131 The Eagle King elder is delighted at being able to track SL, ordering his men into
the forest, as each member argues over where they think SL is. Furious, the elder
slams his fist against the tree, scaring a vulture out. The group is impressed by SL’s
plot, as the elder angrily orders his men south-east, not knowing 5 other elders had
also passed through. The Jackal King, Wolf King, Tiger King, Leopard King and Lion King
were all at 3 star Imperial level, furiously chasing SL. The Wolf King directs them
towards the mountains, where SL had already switched her horse for a snow wolf
3132 SL slays the snow wolf for alerting his king, with the 5 elders approaching from
each path, leaving her with no room to escape. Contrary to expectations, SL merely
sneers. She had already expected them to trap her in the mountain and would
instantly lose if even 2 of them teamed up. But since they’re spread out, SL ambushes
the weakest. The Wolf King turns to run, when SL slices through his neck with King
Yama’s Wire, a weapon RY had left for her in the space ring, causing his head to fly off,
as his body tumbles forward.
3133 While SL can always remove the other kings with her wire, she sneers as the
blood spurts from the Wolf King, shaping her face into his. SL meets the other kings in
the centre of the mountain, as they rage over their hatred of SL, but are unwilling to
risk their families’ lives to slay her. Instead, they plan to assassinate SL after they
bring her back and frame the Mechanical Weapons Clan.
Chapters 3134-3144 Escape 2
3134 Disguised as the Wolf King, SL approaches as the others rage over failing to find
her, when their stomachs grumble. SL offers to help find food. No one suspects
anything since the Wolf King is the weakest of the 5, when SL comes back with 10
snakes, telling them to hurry since they need to search for her. They share the chores,
and SL offers them the cooked snake.
3135 As they eat, SL takes out peach wine made from CSW and peaches she had
grown in her space. Lifting the lid, just the fragrance excites the kings, leaving them
desperate for a taste. Explaining that it’s something she had taken from humans, SL
passes it to them as they shower her with praises.
3136 One by one, the Kings fall drunk, collapsing before taking their last breathes with
a smile on their faces. The peach wine is also called Drunkard’s Final Dream, as SL
reasons that since the Demonic Clan can’t coexist with humans and she refuses to
return to YQ, their deaths were inevitable. Just after SL leaves, three Demonic Clan
Revered Elders arrive, shocked to find the dead kings since their strengths were on
par. Deducing it was SL, the elders start chasing after her, but the first elder refuses to
let YQ marry her.
3137 Since SL poses a threat to the entire clan, the first elder offers to bear the
punishment, while even YQ would need to bend if all the elders protest. SL continues
running, when a Blue Blood Tree falls from the sky, draining the vitality of the
surrounding vegetation until only a large pit remains. Uneasy, SL starts to back away
when the elders smirk that her disguise wouldn’t work against them since one of them
was a master at camouflaging. Sensing the elders’ individual strengths are on par with
her, SL tells them she’ll stop running since she’s tired, and that this was only a game
she and YQ play for fun, leaving them stunned.
3138 Taking advantage of their shock, SL instantly teleports, but the elders continue to
chase her for 7 days. While SL has no chance against their combined strength, the
elders are stunned SL could evade them for so long, when she halts. Delighted, the
elders surround SL and attack, when she summons her war puppet.
3139 The attack rebounds off the puppet back to the elders, who were too exhausted
from chasing SL to dodge, hitting them in the chest. The elders are furious their own
attack was turned against them, when SL drinks CSW, mocking them for falling for her
feint. SL orders her war puppet to finish them off, with the elders too weak to resist.
The second and third elder pale as they watch the first elder’s neck snap.
3140 As the elders turn to flee, SL sends her little dragon to hold the 3rd elder as the
war puppet punches the 2nd to death. The 3rd elder is shocked they were so easily
defeated, when SL allows him to escape. Knowing the 3rd elder will tattle, SL runs
without cleaning up the mess, while the Brilliant Aroma has already started to fade.
Four days later, SL runs into the young rhino from the Bai Zhe’s territory. Accompanied
by two powerful kings, the rhino immediately identifies his bride despite her disguise.
3141 The rhino complains that they’re out looking for an ugly and trashy human girl,
before lighting up at the thought of earning enough merit by bringing the girl back for
his own marriage to be granted. As they head southeast, the group gathers more
experts, assembling 5 kings. None of them suspect SL due to her ties with the rhino,
when he offers to introduce her to someone, causing SL to feel uneasy.
3142 The young rhino tries to lead SL to the Demon Lord for permission to marry,
when SL reprimands him for his stupidity, telling him they shouldn’t rub their
relationship in his face while the Demon Lord’s own bride had fled. While the rhino
doesn’t fully understand, he agrees when SL tells him not to mention her. Knowing
how sharp YQ is, SL stays alert regardless.
3143 With the group now consisting of hundreds, YQ is at a loss over how SL continues
to evade them, while the Brilliant Aroma would soon fade. The Mechanical Weapons
Clan had already blockaded the mountain range between the Demonic Clan and
Purgatory City, but none of them had received any news of SL for days.
Contemplating, YQ suddenly realizes SL could easily disguise herself and infiltrate the
group. Sweeping his eyes over the 5 kings, YQ orders 4 of them to block the exits as
the 5th calls the men over. Feeling uneasy, SL tells the rhino to rush over since there’s
a chance of earning merit.
3144 The rhino rushes over for the sake of marrying his bride and enjoying her food
every day, as SL hides her presence with a stealth potion, sneaking behind the rhino.
Dressed in white robes, YQ surveys the men, instantly ruling out the huge rhino since
even SL couldn’t easily disguise herself as someone with a different stature. YQ then
orders them to revert to their original forms as SL makes her escape.
Chapters 3145-3154 Escape 3
3145 Since SL can’t transform into an animal, YQ asks if everyone’s accounted for,
when the rhino blurts out his bride is missing. Fearing the Demon Lord’s wrath, he
instantly covers his mouth, when YQ glares down, causing him to ramble that his bride
didn’t want the Demon Lord to feel jealous since his own bride had escaped. The
crowd is shocked that someone would say it aloud, as YQ interrogates him, signalling
for the 5th king to act. The rhino reveals he had met his bride in the Bai Zhe’s territory
and was entranced by the taste of her food. YQ darkens since SL was also there, while
the rhino cries for him not to steal his bride.
3146 The rhino cowers under YQ’s glare, when the 5th king reports the faint scent of
the Brilliant Aroma. YQ then asks if the rhino’s bride is called SL, slapping him as the
rhino readily agrees. The rhino is stunned, crying out for his bride, and ignoring the
crowd’s warning to shut his mouth as YQ sends him flying again, landing with a crash.
The group lower their heads, not wanting to see the aftermath.
3147 YQ’s tyrannical aura even causes the 5th king to tremble, as the rhino reveals his
bride had entered the camp 10 days ago, and they had been living in the same tent,
causing YQ to punch his head into the ground. YQ turns white with fury, while the
group curses the rhino for misleading them, since SL was right under their noses. YQ is
furious over their incompetence but can’t punish them since he was also tricked.
3148 Delighted they were let off, his men race to find SL with renewed enthusiasm. In
Purgatory City NL appears to be in a peaceful slumber if it weren’t for the anxious
crowd around him, including the crying ZiY and pacing XZE, waiting as LXE diagnosed
him every 15 minutes to determine whether he’s still alive. With NL’s strength and
recovery rate, LXE refuses to believe he’ll die, however his life is hanging by a thread.
3149 If NL’s spark of life dies out, even RY and CZ can’t bringing him back. BY rushes
to NL’s side, crying that he still needs to rescue SL from YQ. ZiY reprimands him for
disturbing NL’s struggle, when LXE notices his fire is actually burning brighter.
Realizing he had reacted to SL’s name, they yell for him to rescue her from the
Demonic Clan as his will to live increases.
3150 BY curses himself for not using SL’s name earlier, when LXE remarks that the
injury had actually helped him fuse all 4 of his elements - water, wind, lightning, with
the dark element that had previously been at odds with the others. As they laugh in
delight, NL’s eyes start to open. Meanwhile, SL’s stealth potion had faded, when she
runs into one of the kings by the edge of a cliff.
3151 Dressed in white robes and armed with a sword, the king immediately identifies
SL. While SL laments her luck at running into the strongest of the 5 kings. SL asks for a
fair battle, but the king states that he needs to kill her for the sake of the Demonic
Clan, before sending energy into his Black Blood Sword. Surrounding himself with
killing intent, the sword king is momentarily distracted by SL’s beauty, allowing the
war puppet to sneak an attack.
3152 While the sword king has the strongest attack, his defence is weaker, and
manages to awkwardly avoid the puppet’s fist. However SL had already expected this,
sending her little dragon inside his clothes, as it chomps down hard. The sword king
howls in pan, alerting YQ, who rushes towards them. Understanding YQ’s thoughts, SL
has her pets take down the sword king and finishes him off with her CSS.
3153 The sword king’s eyes are filled with resentment as he dies. With no other way
out, SL turns to jump off the cliff, when YQ appears, with his white robes and the
moonlight giving him an ethereal beauty only second to NL. The two stare at each
other, when YQ reaches towards her, grabbing her chin, as she withdraws her war
puppet and sends her little dragon away. Staring into SL’s eyes, YQ coldly asks if she
hates him and wanted to escape, roaring that she lied about giving him another
3154 SL cries from the pain of his crushing grip, causing him to release her and step
back. Under his stare, SL reveals that since she doesn’t love him anymore, she’s
indifferent and doesn’t even care enough to hate him, while she escaped because she
wanted to return to the person she truly loves. YQ turns pale, sweating from
unbearable pain as he realizes SL isn’t lying and his presence doesn’t even linger in
her heart to allow him to snatch her back from NL. YQ starts to stumble back,
becoming increasingly desolate, however, SL refuses to let him off, confirming she had
lied about giving him another chance. If he gives up on her now, they can still be
friends, otherwise they’ll be enemies.
Chapters 3155-3163 Escape 4
3155 YQ stares at SL in a trance, not at her face, but at the past memories of their
past. YQ is indifferent to anything else, even his position as Demon Lord, but refuses to
give up on SL, when she steps back with mockery in her eyes, before jumping off the
cliff. YQ rushes to grab her, but only manages to rip her sleeve, stunned that she’d
rather die than be with him. The 4 remaining kings rush towards YQ’s quivering figure,
when he jumps off the cliff as well. Shocked, the kings have no choice but to follow.
3156 While they all land unscathed, there’s no sign of SL since she had already tied a
piece of rope to her foot, with the little dragon attaching the other end to a grove
hidden on the cliff. SL smirks as she watches YQ search, lamenting that she can’t kill
the 4 kings since it would alert him, before climbing back up the cliff as a Demonic
Clan squad passes by. SL then heads towards the Mechanical Weapons clan, a more
dangerous path to Purgatory City since the clan specializes in bombs, traps and other
3157 The clan’s territory is barren, without a hint of vegetation to hide in, with bombs
planted every 10 metres over a 10 mile radius. However the crude bombs have little
effect on SL, as she sends the little dragon to dismantle and collect them to use on the
Mechanical Weapons Clan. The bombs are arranged in clusters of 10, with 9 basic
bombs which would set off and activate a 10th central bomb. SL safely arrives at the
clan’s doorsteps without triggering a single bomb. Standing before the weapons
storage, which forms the core of the clan, she’s unable to pick the lock, when a patrol
squad arrives.
3158 Patrol guards pass by every 15 minutes and can easily spot intruders since
there’s no place to hide. SL instantly sinks below the ground, as the 8 guards pass by
without noticing her right below them. As 7 of the guards walk past, SL instantly grabs
the 8th, covering his nose and mouth as she drags him underground while the other 7
continue on unaware. SL threatens the man, demanding the key as well as his blood in
order to open the warehouse. As the man opens the door, SL hits his neck, taking him
out before he can struggle. Leaning him against the walk, she heads inside knowing
she needs to leave before YQ arrives.
3159 SL runs along the path, which becomes increasingly narrow, leading her to a
magnificent palace. The area around the palace is enchanted, preventing people from
flying over or bypassing it, leaving SL with no choice but to enter. As she presses a
button on the door, a wooden frame with an intricate Dragon-Phoenix painting drops
down. At this time, the guards had realized their 8th member was missing, alerting the
clan as YQ arrives. Exuding a tyrannical aura, YQ orders all the clan members out to
inspect them, preventing the chief from investigating the cause of the alarm.
3160 When YQ reveals SL is hiding in their clan, the chief doubts this since none of the
traps were triggered, when he scans the area and is shocked that all the central
bombs are now missing. By now, the kings are aware of SL’s previous acts and are
certain she’s in the area, when the patrol guards report their missing member had
disappeared near the central area, and everyone rushes there.
3161 The clan chief tries to placate YQ since SL wouldn't be able to solve the other 2
barriers, telling the doubtful YQ that the second barrier requires her to list the
components needed to make a bomb and the directions to construct one, causing YQ
to stagger since he had personally taught her. They arrive to find the second barrier
deserted, when the chief awkwardly reveals they can’t enter the 3rd barrier since it’s
automatically sealed once someone enters and only those who carry his decree can
leave, warning him SL might already be dead. YQ’s eyes turn red, grabbing the chief
by his collar, roaring for him to explain.
3162 There are 100,000 storage rooms in the 3rd barrier, but only 1 is real, while
opening the other 99,999 would cause an explosion. As YQ turns to the barrier, the
chief reveals they can watch even if they can’t enter, realizing his life depends on SL’s
survival. When YQ demands to know which is real, the chief then adds that there’s a
15 minute time limit as well, since the traps were set to prevent intruders.
3163 YQ slaps the chief, sending him flying, when he reveals SL only has 3 minutes
left. The other experts are shocked how important SL is to YQ but are relieved, thinking
he’ll return to normal after she dies. Meanwhile SL is also at a loss, relying on the little
dragon and his ability to sense treasure. YQ watches on with a dark face, threatening
to exterminate the entire Mechanical Weapons clan if she dies. The chief falls to the
ground in fear, when the crowd remarks SL has escaped.
Chapters 3164-3172 Escaped Prisoners 4
3164 The crowd reacts in shock as SL teleports towards the true storage room,
stunned at her space element and that she had guessed the correct exit, before
turning to glare at the chief. One of the kings pats the chief, sarcastically praising him
for letting SL off as the rest of the experts glare since he had failed to kill the woman
who enchanted their lord. YQ reprimands him since he hadn’t actually helped SL.
Turning towards the screen, the chief falls further into despair as SL stumbles onto his
weapons storage filled with countless bombs and weaponry, and sends them all to her
space with a wave of her hand.
3165 The chief staggers, almost in tears, at the sight of the empty storage since
weapons have a low production rate, while other glare since now he can’t support the
Demonic Clan. However, YQ reminds them to quickly intercept SL, rushing to the 3rd
barrier as SL heads to the exit. Not knowing YQ had been monitoring her, SL can still
guess he’s right behind, taking a few moments to bury bombs along the way. Pushing
the true door, YQ fails to open it, when the chief confesses there’s a 15 minute cool
down period before the barrier returns to its normal state. Unwilling to wait, YQ starts
attacking the door.
3166 The door shatters on the 6th hit, with YQ racing towards the Qilian Mountains, as
his men lag behind, unable to keep up with YQ’s speed, with several of them falling
into SL’s traps. SL makes her way through the mountains, following her LSF as the
little dragon helps plant bombs, cutting down the Demonic Clan’s force. While YQ
plans not only to catch up to SL, but to race ahead and ambush her.
3167 Since SL has to pass by the mountain chasm, YQ arrives first, as the others start
closing in. Realizing there’s no way out, SL runs into YQ as he smirks, having known SL
couldn’t escape. SL is furious at being outwitted, wistfully thinking of NL and his
promise to protect her, when a pair of strong arms pulls her to his embrace. Sensing
the familiar touch, SL is too shocked to look, when NL whispers that he missed her.
3168 SL clings onto him as NL’s heart thumps wildly, completely at her mercy. To YQ,
SL had been glaring at him, trapped in the palm of his hand, when she suddenly
disappeared. While YQ doubts SL could easily enter the chasm herself, he
acknowledges her ability to escape has improved from their past life, when he senses
a strange atmosphere.
3169 The sight of NL and SL sends YQ into a rage, causing the mountains to shake at
the thought of SL being stolen from him. By the time YQ reaches them, NL had already
taken SL away at a speed even YQ can’t match. Feeling NL’s body warm up, SL starts
to worry, with her pokes causing him to tense up even more. NL tells her to stop,
unable to explain his reaction was due to missing out on their bridal night, when they
recount their adventures the past few days.
3170 Listening to how SL had escaped her marriage with YQ, NL is shocked she had
easily killed 3 elders and 6 kings, reducing their experts by a third, crippling their
ability to attack humanity. Rubbing SL’s head, they continue to run and chat. YQ had
lost sight of NL, but refusing to give up, he splits his force into 3 - himself, the two
barbarous sons, and the barbarous father. YQ travels in the middle, as the other 2
groups flank his left and right side to encircle SL and NL. YQ had reached 8 star
Imperial level, while he still maintains his trump card – summoning the previous
Demon Lord. While the barbarous 3 had also improved. NL mentions the 3 groups
chasing them but refuses when SL offers to break them down one at a time, reminding
her they still haven’t held their bridal night.
3171 SL blushes. Since her time with YQ wasn’t real, she actually wasn’t experienced
in either lifetime. As NL leans against her, SL eyes him with suspicion, causing him to
joke that her eyes are filled with regret at not being able to eat him. SL roars in denial,
causing him to laugh, when the two barbarous sons appear. SL glares since they
would’ve had an audience if they had continued to flirt, causing NL to laugh, while the
two demons rage at being ignored, having already informed their father of their
3172 Before the two demons can react, NL charges towards the 2nd son, decapitating
him before he even realizes. While the demon bat blocks the 1st son from seeing,
slapping the bat away when his brother screams. The bat trembles from the slap, as
he reverts to his miniature form, allowing NL to directly pierce the oldest son’s chest.
While their strengths were similar to NL’s they had let their guard down, knowing their
father would arriving to help them.
Chapters 3173-3180 Escaped Prisoners 5
3173 Watching, SL is stunned at NL’s speed and how he had defeated them with only
2 attacks, when she notices he’s now 9 star Imperial ranked, while she had just
reached 5 star. NL reminds her she can advance after their bridal night, when the
barbarous father appears, telling them to prepare to die. NL indicates to the corpses of
his sons, causing the demon to stagger, with a painful roar that causes the world to
shake and the land to tear. Hiding SL amongst the rocks, NL warns her not to appear
regardless of what happens. Seeing his imposing air, SL promises to abandon him and
run if anything happens, unwilling to be a burden.
3174 The barbarous father had already lost 5 of his 7 sons in the netherworld prison,
but NL has now slain his last 2, causing him to turn mad with rage. The father is now
at 2 star Profound Transformation level, but NL still manages to fight on par with him,
having deliberately provoked him to finish him off before YQ arrives. Trading their
strongest blows, NL stumbles, slightly injured, while the barbarous father’s internal
organs have been shifted. Smirking, NL takes out his sword. Seeing NL’s injuries, SL
had wanted to rush out, but recalls her promise to stay hidden.
3175 NL ignores his injuries and focuses on removing the demon, while the demon is
stunned, recalling NL was only 8 star at his wedding, causing him to regret not
removing him earlier and allowing NL to defeat all 3 of them. SL chants for NL to finish
him off quickly, when another demon, the green cloaked warrior, arrives. While the
prisoners have some regard for each other, there’s little solidarity between them, and
the warrior will only assist the barbarous father if it’s advantageous for him. Hearing
about NL’s growth, the green cloaked warrior laments NL won’t reach his full potential
since he’ll die by his sword.
3176 Of the 10 escaped prisoners, the bat became NL’s pet, the 3 dragon brothers
and 2 barbarous sons were already dead, while their father was injured. With the 8 th
being the warrior before them. As they clash, NL stumbles but the warrior is
unharmed. At 2 Star Profound Transformation level, NL’s strength can’t compare, while
the warrior is shocked NL would be so strong, resolving to remove him before he can
break into Profound Transformation. SL anxiously watches as NL fights off the warrior,
receiving more injuries each time, while the full moon starts to appear. With the
warrior preparing his strongest attack, NL indicates for SL to run, when she steps out
3177 The green cloaked warrior sneers, sending his strongest attack towards NL.
Before SL can even think, she moves in front of NL, causing both him and YQ to yell.
YQ had been watching on, hoping the demons would remove NL, but hadn’t expected
SL would be willing to die with him. The mix of heartbreak, pain and fear turn into
anger as he blocks the attack, coughing out blood. YQ yells at SL for acting so stupidly,
but she insists she’ll live and die with NL, when the warrior laughs it isn’t up to them.
3178 Waving his hand, YQ sends SL and the unconscious NL flying, as he stays to fend
off the warrior. While she doubts YQ can hold him off, SL carries NL towards a sulphur
hot springs hidden within the Qilian Mountains to disguise their scent. The hot spring is
located inside a chasm, with 2 walls on either side. The water bubbles from the blazing
fish swimming inside, emitting a hazy mist. While the fish are fragile, they have
healing qualities, and SL places NL into the water to warm him, causing him to stir. SL
explains YQ had blocked the warrior, allowing them to escape, but is more worried
about NL since YQ can summon the previous Demon Lord. Stroking her cheek, NL asks
if she’s ready for their bridal night.
3179 NL laughs softly, bringing his face close to hers as SL blushes, overwhelmed at
becoming a woman and tying herself to NL. Delighted at SL’s bashful appearance, NL’s
pain seems to fade, asking SL if she wants to, leaving her stumped at how to answer
without appearing too forward. NL takes her silence as consent, as SL covers her
ample chest, weakly refusing, despite her blush and glittering eyes. Picking her up, NL
asks for her to give herself to him, and she nods, causing NL to almost lose his self-
control as he firmly holds her.
3180 Afraid of aggravating his wounds, SL doesn’t struggle as NL covers her, gazing
into her eyes. Locking their legs together, he holds her arms up with one hand, asking
if she’s happy to be with him, telling SL to let him love her with a husky voice. SL
flushes red, unable to react, when NL leans into a kiss, as the spark between them
flares up, causing them to lose all reason. Their kiss is rough and jerky, leaving NL
delighted over how responsive SL is, momentarily pulling away, and ecstatic when SL
draws him back to her.
Chapters 3181-3188 Escaped Prisoners 6
3181 NL chuckles at her impatience, leaving SL flustered at losing to her desires,
urging him to start. As they kiss, NL’s hands and lips start to wander around her body,
alternating between light and intense caresses, causing SL to drown in his touch until
she pants and croons, unable to recall anything. In a hazy mess, SL hears NL admit he
had wanted to do this since they first met, opening her eyes to see the restrained
passion in his eyes. Gazing at his naked body, SL left breathless at the sight, when NL
warns her of the pain before entering. SL struggles at the sensation, causing NL to
stop and soothe her, but he doesn’t pull out.
3182 Crooning, NL maintains a steady rhythm, gently soothing her as his body starts
radiating energy. The flame fish around them gather in a red heart shape to absorb the
energy, as a dazzling light forms around SL and NL. The cold energy from NL starts to
blend with the heat from SL’s fire, as the RSL slowly cleanses him. Lost in their
passion, the two are delighted to notice improvements in their strength as well, with
NL biting SL’s earlobe, whispering it’s the best way to advance. Staring at the flushed
SL, NL is overwhelmed at finally obtaining her after so long. SL confesses she wants to
roam the world with him until they turn old, when NL places a hand over her stomach,
hinting it might not be just them.
3183 SL is delighted at the thought of having a child, when NL smiles that it’s
something that will happen eventually, before wrapping around her, asking for another
round of ‘cultivating’, pitifully using his leg pain as an excuse. Having been starved for
so long, NL is so caught up with his first taste that they continue for 3 days and 3
nights. Placing SL down, NL is brimming with energy, leaving SL stunned. Having
absorbed NL’s cold energy, SL had advanced 4 stars to 9 star Imperial Level, and
starts to guess NL’s. Guessing 1 star Profound Transformation level, NL tells her not to
underestimate him.
3184 Guessing 2, 3, SL is shocked NL had directly reached 5 star Profound
Transformation level, with no one on the continent able to match him. SL suddenly
recalls YQ and the green cloaked warrior, feeling guilty over enjoying herself while he
was fending their enemies off. Angered at the mention of YQ, NL reminds her he
would’ve shown up to interrupt them if he had won, when they sense 2 experts
approach - one is the green cloaked warrior, but YQ is nowhere in sight. The warrior
smirks at finding them, only to see the mysterious smiles on NL and SL’s faces.
3185 When SL asks about YQ, the warrior laughs that he’s his slave, when he suddenly
realizes she’s now at 9 star Imperial level. The warrior is shocked, having never seen
anyone advance 4 stars in 3 days. When SL laughs that it isn’t much, the warrior
greedily stares at her, wanting to know the secrets to her cultivation. Reaching his
hand towards her, he’s suddenly blocked by NL. The warrior turns pale, realizing he
can’t sense NL’s strength - meaning NL either has none, or is now stronger than him.
3186 The warrior starts to stagger at the thought of NL being above 3 star Profound
Transformation, when the chubby heaven devouring beast appears. The beast is
shocked to find NL was 9 star Imperial level 3 days ago since he’s now at 5 star
Profound Transformation, leaving them both speechless. However, the beast soon
laughs that someone who forced their promotion wouldn’t be as stable as them,
having been trapped at the 6 star bottleneck for a long time, when the fully recovered
barbarous father also arrives.
3187 NL sneers at the sight of the 3 prisoners, but knows he and SL advanced too
quickly to be stable. The barbarous father is anxious to remove them, fearing their
future growth should they escape again. The 3 form a battle formation, increasing
their strength by 3 folds which even NL can’t match. Panicking, SL appears behind the
barbarous father, the only demon she can face, to buy NL some time. Attacking with
her CSS, little dragon and war puppet, SL surrounds him, piercing his back with her
GST’s 4th level. However the father is still at Profound level, and SL only manages to
scratch him, when he punches her chest. Seeing SL injured, the little dragon chomps
on his arm.
3188 The barbarous father slaps the little dragon away, tearing the arteries the little
dragon had bitten into. The barbarous father is infuriated, but SL can keep him at bay,
as NL faces the other 2. Staring at each other, the beast and warrior take out their
Advancing Balls - a rare treasure from the Spirit World each prisoner had which would
help them advance. Having saved it for so long, they finally decided to use it sensing
how terrifying NL’s potential is. Activating it, two mushroom explosions appear, as
they’re bathed in a divine light. The barbarous father laughs that they’ll advance 2
stars, before revealing his own.
Chapters 3189-3197 Escaped Prisoners 7
3189 As the ball starts to explode, the little dragon and war puppet kick the barbarous
father away, while SL rushes towards the divine light, sensing her spiritual energy rise.
The light is so comfortable SL starts to chant, as the infuriated demon rushes to
attack, only to be blocked by a protective layer, not knowing his attack had helped her
stabilize her foundation. Absorbing the energy, SL is now at 2 star Profound
Transformation level - on par with the father, who can’t even injure her anymore.
Laughing, SL thanks him for helping her advance and integrate her energy, as he
coughs out blood from anger.
3190 The barbarous father continues vomiting blood until he falls dead from anger. SL
sighs thinking how they had survived in the netherworld for so long only to fall here.
Of the 10 escaped prisoners, 6 had died, the bat had surrendered, while 2 were still
facing NL. Without wasting more time, SL heads to help NL, who hadn’t been able to
cope, when YQ arrived and unexpectedly assisted him. The hideous servant glares
when he sees SL, attacking her as he reveals YQ had rushed to help them despite
being severely injured. SL doubts YQ would easily help NL, when the warrior asks if he
wants to use the opportunity to steal SL away.
3191 YQ sneers that while he would’ve agreed 3 days ago, it’s too late now. The
warrior laughs that his wounds can still be treated. Confused why it’s too late, SL
offers to help YQ fight against the warrior, causing YQ to recall how they had fought
together in the past, smiling since he could spend his last moments fighting by her
side. SL and her pets join in, causing minor but irritating injuries to the warrior,
infuriating him, when he summons his strongest attack, directing it towards YQ.
3192 Shielded by YQ, SL sees the look of horror on the hideous servant’s face,
realizing YQ was coughing as much blood as the barbarous father had, while his snow
white robes were covered in blood. Gripping SL’s hands, YQ’s face is full of relief, too
absorbed in staring at her to respond to her offer of Imperial ranked BCPs, when the
warrior forms his Unrivalled Cyclone attack, aiming it towards them. NL had just
finished defeating the heaven devouring beast when he sees the cyclone heading
towards SL. Unable to stop his attack, NL stabs the warrior’s head out of fury, roaring
when the cyclone reaches SL.
3193 Pushing YQ away, NL finds SL mostly unharmed, as YQ had used the last of his
energy to form a barrier around her. However YQ was already on his last breath when
NL pushed him away, causing blood to flow from his head. SL feels his pulse weaken
as YQ reveals a dazzling but wretched smile, telling her not to waste her medicine,
laughing that SL would be sad for him in his final moments. SL asks why he’d save her,
but YQ only silently stares at her, when she recalls how everything he did in the
modern world was for her sake. Stroking her cheek, YQ laughs that everything he does
has a purpose.
3194 Watching SL choke back her tears, YQ laughs that he just wanted to see her cry
for his sake, before smiling and peacefully closing his eyes. SL cries for him to respond
but NL confirms he’s already dead. Since YQ had protected SL for 15 minutes, he
allows her to mourn for him for 15 minutes, before sweeping her back to his embrace,
wanting to erase YQ from her mind. NL then removes his sword from the warrior’s
head, as the bat laments that only 2 of the prisoners are still alive. Since YQ is no
longer a threat, NL helps bury him before leading SL away, knowing her heart is his.
3195 Feeling guilty YQ had died for her sake, SL asks for NL to let the Demonic Clan
off, since their strength was already crippled, while the lack of leadership means
they’ll be busy with internal struggles. At Base 21, BY and ZiY had been nervously
waiting, fearing SL had been tortured by the Demonic Clan, when they see NL carrying
her back. ZiY runs towards SL, leaving her overwhelmed at not seeing them for
3196 LXE is delighted at seeing them both safe, when he enquires about the Demonic
Clan and prisoners, filled with concern. Wanting to calm him, SL reveals the barbarous
3 are all dead, and that she had personally slain the father, leaving them all shocked
since even NL couldn’t face him during the wedding. Since he’s at the peak of Imperial
rank, ZiY has LXE reveal SL’s strength, when he confesses he can’t tell.
3197 The group is shocked when SL reveals she’s 2 star Profound Transformation level
having been 2 star Imperial before, when SL explains she was 5 star Imperial before
advancing 4 stars on their bridal night, then another 2 stars to 2 star Profound
Transformation after absorbing the Advancing Ball. While she had advanced 6 stars in
3 days, SL admits she can’t compare since NL is now 5 star, leaving them all
speechless. LXE suddenly received a paper crane containing a call for help from
Purgatory City.
Chapters 3198-3207 Blue Sky Continent 1
3198 Asking if it’s the RLK’s plea, SL reveals the threat should be the last demon,
relieved it hadn’t waited until she and NL had left for the Spirit World before
appearing. With the Demonic Clan now in chaos without a leader, SL and NL head back
to Purgatory City to find the City in flames, as the RLK fights off the phoenix beast, but
isn’t a match against a 5 star Profound Transformation level.
3199 Since the city represents CZ, the RLK refuses to give up, when the phoenix
breathes fire over the City Lord’s fortress, wearing it down. The RLK and the crowd are
filled with despair, hoping for CZ to appear and save them. SL and NL descend from
the sky like celestials. The phoenix laughs when NL summons a light rain, when it
increases until the fire is fully extinguished. The phoenix is shocked NL is at 5 star as
well, when the crowd recognizes him as CZ’s disciple.
3200 Looking at NL’s stunning figure, the RLK is in disbelief since their strengths were
almost equal before. The phoenix is caught off guard when NL forms a weak lightning
attack, only for it to increase in power as it approaches, sending it flying. The crowd is
shocked since the phoenix is several times larger and even the RLK couldn’t defeat it,
while the phoenix examines his wound, unable to accept that it’s real.
3201 NL charges towards the wound with an even stronger attack, causing the
phoenix to cry in pain, before forming his strongest attack. The phoenix is unable to
resist as the impact causes the entire city to tremble, and burnt flesh from its upper
body to fall. The crowd despairs at surviving the phoenix’s attack only to be crushed
by its flesh when SL traps it in her gravity field, telling them to run.
3202 As the meat contains a lot of energy, SL sends it to her space for her war puppet.
Seeing SL and NL walk hand in hand, the crowd cheers out of gratitude, showering
them with praises. Since the phoenix had broken through the city’s defences in a day,
they hadn’t expected to survive. Suddenly, SL notices that she and NL are bathed in a
divine light.
3203 NL explains it’s the power of the faith the people of Purgatory City had placed on
them. The light allows SL to advance from the early stages of 2 star to the middle
stages, lamenting there aren’t enough people. NL reminds her she can have the Bei
Mo princess (Chapter 1351-1356) use her light element to collect energy for them,
making them divine figures.
3204 NL then reminds her of her strength - the strongest in the 4 countries is 10th
ranked, Saint level for the 10 families and Imperial level for Purgatory City. Meaning
SL’s strength is now second only to NL’s. SL is astounded, having climbed up from
being a waste to the very top in 5-6 years. SL laughs at the thought, when NL reminds
her with RY and CZ, she’s actually 4th, but since the top 3 all spoil her, SL’s position is
unrivalled. The crowd is speechless at the realization. While ZiY and BY are envious,
they also believe she deserves this after all the challenges she’s experienced.
3205 BY reminds ZiY of his proposal, ecstatic when she shyly nods, as SL and NL watch
on. For BY’s wedding, they take the City Lord’s flying ship back to the Beichen palace.
NL laughs as SL admires the scenery, asking her if it can’t compare to the Spirit World,
when SL retorts that they need to find out about his Dragon-Phoenix shadow and YH,
while only 10 experts had almost destroyed the continent, since advancing was too
difficult in this world. Despite knowing the challenges, they’ll still continue forward. SL
then remarks YH had mentioned her father was an unparalleled expert, causing NL to
dread meeting his in-laws.
3206 When SL confesses she wants to help YH, NL tells her they’ll enter the Spirit
World after SL has played enough in this world, before arriving at the Beichen
mountain vein. BY is overwhelmed, having always regarded his home as vast, only to
realize how small it is after returning, laughing he’s now strong enough to beat his
grandfather. Eying SL, he’s also relieved he hadn’t turned into another YQ and found
his own happiness instead of risking his friendship, unable to match NL. Watching ZiY
praise the view, he orders the ship to fly around several times as AYM and LX
sympathize with those below.
3207 Despite training hard in the Gravity Chambers, LX and AYM fall further behind in
strength. Meanwhile BY’s father Beichen Gongli and grandfather had noticed CZ’s ship
hovering around, dreading having offended him since they can’t even compare to
Purgatory City’s Downstream Mountains. Watching the ship land, they turn pale,
alerting their guards. While they hadn’t personally offended Purgatory City, they can’t
say the same for BY.
Chapters 3208-3217 Blue Sky Continent 2
3208 As the ship lands, BY is shocked to see his entire family kneeling, while his
grandfather prepares for battle. Realizing it’s BY, his family gawks. BY’s grandfather
grits his teeth, asking whose idea it was to circle around, before aiming a kick at him.
However BY manages to scurry like a rabbit, and is several miles away before his
grandfather’s foot lands.
3209 Shocked at his speed, his family realizes BY is now stronger than his father
despite being in his teens and leaving home at 5th or 6th ranked. Seeing his anger
fade, BY cheekily creeps back, stealing a glance at his grandfather, who demands to
know why he was on the ship. BY then reveals the real City Lord is inside.
3210 His grandfather slaps his head, yelling at him for mucking around and not
mentioning the City Lord earlier. Knowing BY won’t get a chance to explain anytime
soon, SL smiles at NL as they walk out. Seeing SL, NL, AYM, LX, WH and ZL, BY’s
grandfather rages at him since CZ isn’t there, when BY indicates towards SL and NL.
Recalling how much stronger NL was, his grandfather congratulates him when NL
reveals it’s SL.
3211 BY’s grandfather stumbles back in disbelief as BY explains CZ had left their plane
and given his position to SL, pointing to ZL as proof. He then adds that SL’s strength is
at 2 star Profound Transformation level, which his grandfather hadn’t even heard of,
having regarded Imperial to be the highest. Delighted at knowing more than his
grandfather, BY explains it’s above Imperial level and SL is still in her teens.
3212 BY grins that AYM, LX and ZiY are all at Saint level; using the opportunity to
introduce her. Delighted at gaining a Saint level granddaughter-in-law, his grandfather
rushes BY to pick a day for their wedding, inviting SL’s group to stay as he plans it.
With him, BY and ZiY, they’d have 3 saint level experts, placing them second to
Purgatory City. Wanting to boast over the wedding and their ties with SL and NL, his
grandfather enchants the invitations to alert him when they’ve been opened,
preventing anyone from refusing to attend. Of the One city (Purgatory City), two
palace halls (Beichen Dian and Luo Yu Dian), three palaces (Lan family’s Bi Fan palace,
Jade Lake Palace and Wei Yang Palace) and four sacred places (the royal families:
Nangong, Ouyang, Anye and Xuan Yang), all of them aside from the destroyed Jade
Lake receive invitations, with BY’s grandfather warning them to show since the new
City Lord will be attending.
3213 While the forces had known CZ’s replacement was a woman, they’re shocked to
find that it’s SL since anyone of them could’ve removed her a few years ago. The Mo
family head is particularly devastated, having advanced to 2 star Saint level to avenge
his father but can’t face Purgatory City. While the Luo Yu, Xuan Yuan and Ouyang
families are just as shocked since they had offended SL. Knowing the gap in their
strengths is too wide, SL laughs as they bow towards, reluctance and shock appearing
in their eyes.
3214 BY’s grandfather jeers at their bravery for trying to kill the City Lord, laughing so
hard he gets cramps, but his family is too strong to defy. Meanwhile SL asks how he
wants to sort them out - to eradicate or annex, leaving him shocked. SL states that
there’s too much conflict with 9 forces, telling NL, BY, LX and AYM to pick whichever
clan they want and the exterminate the rest. As the leaders gape in shock, SL merges
Luo Yu Dian with the Beichen family, Wei Yang Palace with the Nangong family, Xuan
Yuan with Bi Fan Palace and Ouyang with the Anye family, knowing YQ was indifferent
to them. The heads of the 4 annexed families protest since even CZ wouldn’t have the
right to act like this, when SL attacks them.
3215 As the family heads are sent flying, SL remarks that she was only playing around,
causing them to realize just how strong she is. Since NL doesn’t want to bother with
worldly affairs, SL appoints the scheming Anye family to manage the 4 unified powers,
while adding a religion headed by the Rong princess to collect spiritual energy on her
behalf. Thus SL effortlessly reshapes the politics of the continent without anyone
daring to say a word.
3216 Religion will exist even when leaders change, causing AYM to smirk. After the
wedding, SL reveals they need to reach Profound Transformation level to enter the
Spirit World and that she and NL are willing to wait 100 years for them. SL and NL sail
the world in CZ’s golden ship, cultivating as they explore every inch of the continent,
knowing how hard it is to return once they leave. After the 100 years, SL’s only regret
is that she couldn’t leaving an heir despite practicing with NL every night. NL soothes
her, since they still have hundreds of thousands of years ahead of them, his temper
mild after so much practicing.
3217 While normal people would age and die within 100 years, it means little to SL
and NL, who arrive at Purgatory City unchanged. Since ZiY is the City’s Holy Maiden,
her friends had practiced in the Gravity Chamber, but BY had only reached 3 star
Imperial rank, ZiY had reached 2 star, while AYM and LX were both at 9 star Saint
level. ZL and WH were 5 star Imperial level, with none of them meeting the minimum
requirement. Of SL’s spirit pets, the little dragon is now 1 star Profound
Transformation, while the war puppet can pass through regardless. However the LSF’s
growth plateaued at 7 star. SL is saddened at parting with the SGT since it had been
with her so long, but was 7 star Imperial as well. Since taking them in her space would
endanger them, SL tells them to train more in the Blue Sky Continent and seek her or
NL when they’ve advanced. Bidding their farewells, they head towards the Eastern Sea
Abyss leading to the spirit world, taking with them the little dragon, war puppet and
YH’s 3 cards (chapter 3081).

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