Seat Number

ãä¶ãØã½ã - 029


Internal Combustion Engine
(Also Old Sem.- V Equivalence) (125102 / 215102)
P. Pages : 2
Time : Three Hours Max. Marks : 80
Instructions to Candidates :
1. Do not write anything on question paper except Seat No.
2. Graph or diagram should be drawn with the black ink pen being used for
writing paper or black HB pencil.
3. Students should note, no supplement will be provided.
4. Solve any two bits out of a, b and c in each question.
5. Draw neat sketches wherever necessary.
6. Assume suitable data, if required.
7. Use of non-programmable calculator is allowed.

1. a) i) What are the different assumptions considered in deriving air standard 4

ii) With neat sketch explain Actual cycle. 4

b) Compare Otto, Diesel and Dual cycle on the basis of. 8
i) Same compression ratio and heat addition
ii) Same compression ratio and heat rejection
iii) Same peak pressure, peak temperature and heat rejection.

c) in an air standard Otto cycle, the compression ratio is 7 and the compression 8
begins at 1 bar and 313K. The heat added is 2510 kJ/kg.
i) Maximum temp of the cycle ii) Maximum pressure of the cycle
iii) Work done per Kg of air iv) Cycle efficiency

2. a) Derive an expression for air fuel ratio in a simple carburetor. 8

b) With neat sketch explain construction and working of simple carburetor. 8

c) i) According to fluid flow classify carburetor. 3

ii) With neat sketch explain fuel injector. 5

ãä¶ãØã½ã - 029 1 P.T.O

a) i) With neat sketch explain Williams Line Method. of useful explosions . a) i) What are the important properties of lubricating oil ? 4 ii) With neat sketch explain Turbo charging.029 2 116 / 30 . 4 b) Write short note on: 8 i) Rope brake dynamometer ii) Catalytic converter c) A four stroke gas engine has following observations. 5 c) Explain any four combustion chambers in CI engine. ãä¶ãØã½ã . 3230 Dead weight on rope brake dynamometer = 120kg Spring balance reading = 30 kg Mean effective pressure = 5.8bar Effective diameter of brake wheel = 1.6m Volume of gas used = 7. a) Define flame speed. 40 minute Total no. 8 5. 3 ii) Explain effect of engine variables on Knock in CI engine. ************ ãä¶ãØã½ã . 8080 Total no.15m3 Calorific value of gas = 19 MJ/m3 Atmospheric temp. What are the factors affecting it. 25cm Cylinder Stroke . 45cm No of cylinders . = 17ºC Rise in temperature of Jacket cooling water = 45º Temperature of exhaust gas = 315ºC Cooling water supplied = 180Kg Air Fud ratio = 15:1 Estimate mechanical efficiency & draw up heat balance sheet in kJ/minute basis. 4 ii) Explain Euro Norms. 8 b) i) Explain rating of CI engine fuel. 01 Duration of test . 4 c) Write short note on: 8 i) Splash lubricating system ii) Spark timing advance 4. 8 Cylinder Bore .029 3. 4 ii) With the help of neat sketch explain Battery ignition system. of revolutions . 4 b) i) Differentiate air cooling and water cooling.