Research Dissertations Submitted at Various English Departments

[The lists of Ph. D. / M. Phil. dissertation titles indicate the change in research orientation and
inclusion of broadly Cultural Studies topics over the last decade in English Departments across
India. The titles from Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature departments (No. 7 and No. 8)
and their close resemblance to those in English show the thoroughly interdisciplinary nature of
research within English departments. Titles that correspond to areas in Cultural Studies are given
in bold.]

1. English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
A. (Ph. D. and M. Phil. theses submitted from 2005 to 2012)

1 Contemporary Framings of Jha, Shefali M.Phil. 2005
2 A New Historicist Interpretation of Pandey, Anubha M.Phil. 2005
Selected Plays of Shakespeare
3 An Existentialist Reading of Selected Chakraborty, Manas M.Phil. 2005
Poems of Robert Browning Ranjan
4 Articulation of Identity and Geetha, G. M.Phil. 2005
5 C.D.Narasimhaiah's Contribution to Rajesh, K. M.Phil. 2005
English Studies in India.
6 Constructivist Aesthetics and Kollipara, Bharani M.Phil. 2005
7 Cultural Politics of Conversion: The Varghese, Liji Annie M.Phil. 2005
Predicament of Upper-Caste
8 Language of Men and Women in D.H. Rai, Shraddha M.Phil. 2005
Lawrence's The Rainbow: A Study in
Discourse Analysis
9 Questioning the Renaissance: Sengupta, Paromita M.Phil. 2005
Women in Bengali Fiction
10 Race, Class, Gender: Reading Toni Arafat, Afia M.Phil. 2005
Morrison's Tar Baby and Love
11 The Fictional World of Flora Nwapa Khalkho, Seema M.Phil. 2005
With Special Emphasis on the Concept
of Motherhood
12 The Liberal Outsider in the Thomas, Jobin M.Phil. 2005
Narratives on Adivasis in Kerala
13 William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying Mathew, Nisha Mary M.Phil. 2005
and Graham Swift's Last Order: An


Intertextual Reading
14 William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying Mathew, Nisha Mary M.Phil. 2005
and Graham Swift's Last Order: An
Intertextual Reading
15 From Modernism Through Exhaustion Balasubramanian, K. Ph.D. 2005
into Postmodernism: The Fiction of
John Barth
16 MTV ENJOY!: Capital Rajesh Reddy, G. Ph.D. 2005
17 Dalit Women Talk Differently: Tamalapakula, M.Phil. 2006
Debates on Modernity and Sowjanya
Democracy in Contemporary India
18 Partition Narrative and Gender: Ara, Arzuman M.Phil. 2006
Attia Hosain's Sunlight on a Broken
Column and Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-
19 Writing the Postcolonial Self in J.M. Kharshing, Aroma M.Phil. 2006
Coetzee's In The Heart Of The
Country and Disgrace
20 A Study of Texts, Authors and Ashley, N.P. M.Phil. 2006
Politics of Introductory Materials to
Literary Theory
21 Beyond the Mundane Order: a Study Khaidem, Kiran M.Phil. 2006
of Sylvia Plath's The Colossus
22 Cloud Atlas : The Postmodernist Polanki, Gautam M.Phil. 2006
Mythopoeia of David Mitchell
23 Contemporary Hollywood Cinema: Narkar, Nikhil M.Phil. 2006
Spectacle, Narrative and Genre
24 Cultural Politics of Caste: The Parthasarathi, M. M.Phil. 2006
Periyar Debates in Tamil Nadu.
25 Ideology and Fiction: Orwell's Rynjah, Joshua M.Phil. 2006
Burmese Days and Anand's Coolie Shannon
26 Language of Assertion in Canadian Tiwari, Nidhi M.Phil. 2006
Native Drama
27 Rupturing the Heteronormative: Satapathy, Samidha M.Phil. 2006
Queer Possibilities in Reading
Popular Indian Cinema
28 Ruskin Bond's Fiction as Children's Archana M.Phil. 2006
29 Spectacles of Difference: Early Vachharajani, Jihasa M.Phil. 2006
Modern English Drama, Travel and B.
Mercantile Writing
30 The Missing Link: 'Bible women' Lawmpuii, Hannah M.Phil. 2006
and their Ministry in Mizoram K.
31 The Novels of D.H. Lawrence: A Tiwari, Navin M.Phil. 2006
Study in Stylistics
32 The Politics of Plural Democracy: Michael, James M.Phil. 2006
The Political Thought of Gandhi
and Ambedkar

33 Textual Coherence in Literary Rama Prasad, B.V Ph.D. 2006
Narratives: An Analysis of Three
Novels of the Whodunit Type of
Detective Fiction
34 Gender and Nationalism: A Study of Mishra, Gauri Ph.D. 2006
Partition Fiction and Cinema
35 Aural Perspectives: The Dynamics of Ovung, Orenthung M.Phil. 2007
Oral Tradition in Easterine Iralu's The
Windhover Collection and a Naga
Village Remembered
36 Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Sara Varghese, Anu M.Phil. 2007
Joseph's Fiction
37 English Education in South Indian Pillai, Gayatri T. M.Phil. 2007
Literature of the Nineteenth and
Early Twentieth Centuries
38 Family Limited: Working Women Biswas, Samata M.Phil. 2007
and the New Popular Culture
39 Localising a Hollywood Genre: The Bhatt, Olympia M.Phil. 2007
Gangster Films of Ram Gopal
40 Moving Cultures: Narrative and Raju Nayak, V. M.Phil. 2007
Performative Traditions of the
41 'Nation' in the Postcolonial Pandey, Jhabindra M.Phil. 2007
Narrative: Farah's Blood in the Sun
42 Neil Simon's Odd Couples: A Singhal, Urvashi M.Phil. 2007
43 Retracing the Past: Echoes of Text and Sancheti, Pooja M.Phil. 2007
Time in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Heat
and Dust and Ahdaf Soueif's The Map
of Love
44 The Third Dimension Thapa, Tapasya M.Phil. 2007
Movement/Writing in Nepali
Literature: Interrogating the
Dimensions of Nepali Identity
45 Translations Between Telugu and Kocherla, Koteshwar M.Phil. 2007
English: An Analysis of Some
46 Drama and Representation: Pathak, Namrata M.Phil. 2008
Performance and The Self in Arun
Sharma’s Plays
47 Introspection in Retrospect: the fiction Singh, Santosh Ajit Ph.D. 2008
of J.M. Coetzee
48 Re-Reading Derek Walcott’s Collected Phukan, Srimoyee M.Phil. 2008
Poems, 1948-1984: Representing the Tamuli
49 Changing Structures, Changing Tula, Meenal M.Phil. 2008

Phil. 2008 Indian Self Debashis 55 Fiction and Narrative: A Study of Toni Goswami.Phil.Phil. 2008 61 Nation. 2008 Politics of Voice: Telling Stories About Women’s Musical Lives 51 The Concept of the “Popular”: A Vipin Kumar. 2008 Marxist Study of the Debates on Culture and Politics in India 52 Stereotyping in the Works of Rohinton Pavithralal.Phil. Ph. Ananya M.D. 2007 in Selected Texts of Joyce Corol Oates Ahmed Abbas 66 Folktales of the Lambada Tribe from Deepajyothi. 2008 Indian English Novel: Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable.Phil. Ibraheem Ph. Purabi M. 2008 Contemporary Manipuri texts Bibi 64 Towards a New Hermeneutics of Jacob. V. 2008 Popular Sport In India Christopher 63 Decoding Manipur: Reading Devi. Class and Gender in the Gopoji.D. K. Madhuban Ph. Banoth M.Phil. M.Phil. 2007 Lens of Caste: Dalit Reconfigurations of Modernity 62 Reading Cricket the Culture of Joe Demsy M. 2008 Naga Cultural Pasts 60 Re-Reading Kerala Culture Abhilash. Ameen Ph. Hewasa M.D. Maya M.V. 2008 Hermeneutics and Arab-Islamic Nagi Ahmed Ta’wil: Towards a New Hermeneutics of Peace 58 Dushtu-Mishti Nach Byapari: Band Mitra.D.Phil.Phil.D. Arundahti Roy’s The God of Small Things and Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance 57 Text and Tradition in Western Tagaddeen. Bandyopadhyay. Thrity Umrigar and Meher Pestonji 53 Caste and the Conversion Question: Venkat Rao. Ph. Jose M.D. C. 2008 Morrison’s the Bluest Eye and Beloved 56 Caste. Ph. 2009 A Dalit Perspective on Colonial Andhra 54 Ruskin Bond: Locating the Anglo.Phil. 2008 Difference in the Era of Globalization 65 Representation of History and Politics Jamous. 2006 Music and the Bengali Middle Class 1975-2004 59 Ruptured Memories: Rethinking the Lorin. Performance and the Ghoshal. Indu M. Literary History and the Satyanarayana. 2008 Mistry. Bapsi Sidhwa. Responsibilities – A Re-Reading of Premchand’s Works 50 Gender. B. Yengkokpam M. Ph. 2007 Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh 4 .D.

67 Cultural Thought and Cultural Rauth. 2009 Appraisal of the Matrix. 79 The English Literary Past and the Resmy G.Phil. “The Hungry Tide” 78 Explorations into Feminist Utopias: A Siddiqua.Phil.D 2009 Representations of ‘Identity’ in Bhattarcharya Postcolonial Bangla Fiction 73 Survival of the Family: A Study of M.G. Ph.S. 2009 English: A Study of Narrative strategy in Vikram Chandra’s Novels 70 Songs of Tears and the Forces of Kumar. Bashabi M. 2009 Televisual Cultural Forms in the Informational Episteme 69 Contemporary Indian Fiction in Gogoi.Phil.Phil.Phil. 2009 Postmodernist Critique of Modernity in Orhan Pamuk’s” My Name is Red” 81 The City as a Nightmare: A Study of Krishna.B.Phil.Phil. 2009 Ethnographic Narratives and Mizo Culture 83 Sites of Negotiation Historicizing Assumi. Elika M.Phil. K. 2009 Voice: A Comparative Study of Gaddar and Gorati Venkanna 71 The Holocaust Memoirist and the Yanthan.Phil.Phil. Amit M. 2009 Religion and Politics in 5 .Phil. Pramod Kumar M. 2009 Hard Boiled Detective Fiction 82 Constructing the Mizo: Early Sailo. Sareen M.Phil.Phil. Yanbeni M. The Birthday Party and the Room 77 Ecological Concern in Amitav Das. 2009 Weave of Life-Writing 72 Negotiating Binarisms: Baishakhi Ph. Raka M. Chandran M. Arezou M.D. Golla Kiran M.Phil. 2008 Case Study of Khairlanji Massacre 76 “The Desert of the Real”: A social Bhattacharya. 2009 Critical Study of Kashibai Kanitkar’s: The Palanquin Tassel. M. Alice M. Rokeya Sakhawat Hossein’s Sultana’s Dream and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland. Ayesha M. 2009 Ghosh’s.S. 2009 Literary Works from 18th to 20th Century 75 Media Coverage of Dalit Issues: A Chatla. 2009 Practice: The Song and Performative World of the Methors 68 Idols of the Tube: Game Shows and Samson. Sebald 80 Perspectives on the Vanishing Point: a Vidya S. Lalawmpuii M.D 2008 Select Novels of Edith Wharton and Anne Tyler 74 Female Orphan Characters in Selected Baghestani.Bs. Prem Bapu Ph. 2009 Narrative Imagination of W.

D. Objects: The Ayush Prasad M. Eapen Ph.Phil. Depak M. 2010 Xingjian’s Soul Mountain Thulasidas 91 Ideology.Phil. 2010 Convergence of Ecocritical and Postcolonial Strains With Special Reference to Valkom Muhammad Basheer 97 The Making of Global Author: The Aswathy. Rowling 98 Classic Retakes: Film Adaptations of Chiring. Ramesh M. Shalini M. Mohammed M. 2009 National Identity and Global K. Community and Violence: Ramavath.Phil.Phil. 2010 Customs and their Impact on Select Naga Poems 96 Inheriting the Earth Righfully: Sradha Somaraj M. 2010 A Critical Study of Manohar Malgaonkar’s A Bend In The Ganges 92 Objects.Phil.Phil. Koel M. 2010 Case of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and J. 2009 narrative and Realism in the Calcutta Trilogies of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen 89 “Just The Place for A Snark”: Srinivasan. Contemporary Nagaland 84 Aesthetics and Politics of Arora. 2010 6 . Again” 86 Rereading the Legends of Kerala: Sabina Zacharias Ph.K.D. N. 2009 Everyday Life In James Joyce’s Ulysses 88 ‘Unreal City’: A Comparative Study of Banerjee. 2010 Aesthetics of Perceptual Defamiliarisation and Semantic Differentiation In Wallace Stevens’ HARMONIUM 93 Myth and the Postcolonial: A Study of Indhu M.Phil. Rahman Phenomenon: Shafeeq. 2010 The Politics of Legend-Making 87 The Ordinary As Inverse History: George. Kabita M.Phil.Phil 2009 Histroicising The Nonsense of Edward Deepa Lear And Lewis Carroll 90 Freedom And Narrative: Gao Vellathole. Cultural Flows in Contemporary India 95 An Ecocritical Study of Animistic Saravanan.Phil. Sanghamitra M. M. Swati M. 2009 Performance: Theatre and Social Change in Delhi 85 Writing and the Self: A Study of Doris Sadhu.Phil. Objects. P.R. Jibu Mathew Ph. Smitha M. 2010 Selected Indian Novels 94 The A.D. 2009 Lessing’s “ The Golden Notebook and Love.Phil.

Perception. 2010 Personal and Spatial Aspects in the Stephen Indian Context 108 Disability. Bharani Ph. and Bhat. Aravinda M. S. M.Phil. 2009 the Changing Notions of Postmodernism 112 Interface of Paradigms: Arab “ Nasr Ali.D. Canonical Literature 99 The Representation of Dalits in the S. 2010 Bread: Anthologising Cherukupalli “Untouchability’ in the Dalit Short Stories 101 Autobiography as Political Critique: Chandrashekhar. 2010 The Continuity of Aesthetic Discourse as Reflected in Eliot’s Poetry 104 ‘City’ and ‘Coterie’ in Frank O’Hara’s Abraham Renu. Amruth M. 2010 Select Novels of Philip Kindred Dick 103 From Romanticism to Modernism: Ray. 2010 English” Education and Contemporary Mohammed Western Literary Theory 113 “A Strong Measure of Ideal Beauty” Kollipara. Andy M.Phil. 2010 Writing in India: An Exploration of Annie Human Relationships in Shashi Deshpande’s Fiction 106 Social Issues in Vijay Tendulkar’s Five Pawar.Phil. 2010 Poetry (1926 – 1966) Elizabeth 105 Feminist Movement and Women’s Lalhmangaihzuali M.Phil.D.Phil. 2010 Novels of Chinua Achebe Kumar 111 The Evolution of Kurt Vonnegut and Hussain. 2011 Explorations into the Relationship Varsha Between Ambedkar’s Ideology and Dalit Self-Articulation 102 Under the Nuclear Shadow: A study of Somaraj. 2010 Pleasure and its Place in a World of Literary Understanding 7 . Sarannya V. 2010 Progressive Literature of Kerala: A Critical Reading of Two Novels 100 A Critical Analysis of Poisoned Muralidhar Rao.Phil. 2010 Insight into Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyaya’s Aranyak and I. M. M. Syed M.M. Dibyakusum.Phil. 2010 Translated Plays 107 Giving a Queer Account of the Self: Silveira. 2009 Representation in the Writings of Ved Mehta 109 Tracing Eco-Consciousness: A Critical Pillai . M. Anej Ph.D. M.Phil.Phil.Phil. Yassir Ph.Reema M. Allan Sealy’s the Everest Hotel: A Calendar 110 Discovering Igbo Identity in the Bolleddu.Phil. M.Phil. Girish D.

Rhone and Errol John 123 Other Voices: Women’s Writing and Phukan. Bhavesh M. 2010 the American Baptist Mission in Assam 124 Representation of Violence in Modern Kumar.Phil. 2011 Afroasiatic Eclipse of the “Classical” and its canonical consequences 130 Reconstructing the social History of Kumar.Phil.Phil. 2010 115 Explorations into the Experience of the Thingbaijam.Phil. 2010 Theatre of Habib Tanvir. A. 2011 Womanhood in Manju Kapur’s Fiction 127 “Together through Life”: Bob Dylan Cherian. Aruna M. Sonal M.K. Krupa M.Phil. Bilal Ahmad M.Phil. Sunil M.Phil.Phil. 2010 Indian English Theatre: A Study of Mahesh Dattani’s Bravely Fought the Queen and Manjula Padmanabhan’s Lights Out 125 The Politics of color in the works of Malsawmkima. 2011 and the Counterculture Discourse of the 1960’s 128 Locating the Rites of Passage for Tarika M. 2011 Metropolis in Contemporary Indian English Fiction 117 Performing Resistance: The Political Shah.Phil. Shrabani M. 2011 James Baldwin Samuel 126 Multiple Characterizations of Indian Pandey.Phil.Phil.114 Colonial Assam and Women’s Writing Hazarika. Monisha M. 2011 Afghanistan:A study of the fiction of 8 .Phil. 2010 Straitjackets: Identity in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani 120 Fall and Rise of Man: Self in Shah. 2010 Foucault and Lacan 121 Feminism through the Popular Lens: A Dhiman. M. Ajith K. Nizara Ph. 2010 Masculine Experience in the Plays of Derek Walcott.Phil.Phil. 2010 Indian Diaspora in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fictional World 116 Spaces with Voices: Theorising the Dhiman. Sudipta M.D. Kishan M. 2009 Ambiguity 119 ‘Invisible Issues’ in Social Lama. Safdar Hashmi and Badal Sircar 118 Lyric Subjectivity and Modernist Diviya M. M. Bhasker M.Phil. Trevor D. 2010 Critical Study of the Novels of Manju Kapur 122 Theatre of Exclusion: Hybridity as a Basu.Phil. M. 2011 Women: Moments of Feminine Metamorphosis in the select study of North-Indian Folklore 129 The Re-turn of the dead: An Jayesh.

I’ll go on”: Reading Mukherjee. Ph. Maryam M.D. Mengistu Ph. Gargi M. S M.D.Phil 2012 Actor Network Analysis of Ian McEwan’s Solar 143 A Feminist Exploration in the Fictional Baghibidi.Phil. Ajith K M.Phil 2011 Dylan and the Counterculture Discourse of the 1960s 138 Postcolonial Indian Society under the Srinivas.Phil. M.Phil 2012 Wide Web: A Semiotic and Web Sphere Analysis of Kannada Websites 137 “Together Through Life”: Bob Cherian. Anuparna M.Phil 2012 Shadow of Colonialism: A Study of Kiran Desai’s Novel The Inheritance of Loss 139 The Paradox of the Criminal Bendre. 2011 Writing: A Dalit Feminist Critique Sowjanya 141 Disjunctive Authorship in Robert Hassan.D. 2011 Romanticist to postmodernist 132 “Transmodernity” and its “Other”: Kuzhiyan. 2011 Anita Nair’s Fiction 9 . Maya Ph. Vinaya M. 2010 Tilak’s I Follow after and Bama’s Sheela Karukku 134 Women in Epic Retellings: Prabha Zacharias M.Phil 2011 Detective: Sociology of Sensation in Jeff Lindsay’s Novels 140 Caste Violence in Dalit Women’s Tamalapakula. 2010 Representations of Contemporary Kerala and Gender Politics in Sara Joseph’s Ramayana Stories 135 Song Lines and Visual Narratives: Acharyya. Syed Feroz M. Khaled Hosseini and Siba Shakib 131 Tamil Historical Novels: Murugavel.Phil 2010 Bresson’s A Man Escaped And Pickpocket 142 Assembling Climate Change: An Nair.Phil. Muneer M. Aravind R M.Phil 2011 Women in Narratives of India’s Partition 145 Discourses of Tourism and Travel : Zelealem. 2012 A Critical Analysis in the Ethiopian Context 146 Interrogating Caste and Gender in Pavithral. Vidhya M.Phil 2012 World of Marilyn French Barzegari 144 “I can’t go on. 2011 A Critical Reading of Ziauddin Aram Sardar 133 A Comparative Study of Lakshmibai Karupothu.D. 2011 Literary Cultures of the Patuas of Kumar Medinipur 136 Spatial Configuration of World Rashmi M. Prasanta Ph.Phil.

2012 Phenomenon in Twentieth Century Fiction: A Case Study of J.Phil 2012 Critical Study of Selected Dalit Writings 152 Literature and Ecology: An Mir Nurul Islam M. Namrata M. Sindhu M. Vijayan 162 “Model Citizens”: Development.M. Kamble M. Priya M.Phil 2012 Prize Winning Indian English Novels Bibhishan 150 Critical Complicity: Reconstruction Patra.D 2010 An Inquiry into Identity 157 Poetry of Existence: Diary as the Text Wasnik.Phil 2011 of the Self in Virginia Woolf 158 The Arab Writes Back: A study of Muharram.Phil. K Ph. Ph.V.K. 2012 Ecocriticial Reading of J. M.Phil 2012 of Odisha through Fakir Mohan’s Works 151 On the Verge of Making History: A Kumbhar. Santhosh.Phil 2012 Semiotic analysis of Contemporary Assamese Theatre 149 The Image of India in some Booker Bhimrao. Arunlal. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series 156 Autobiography and the Indian Self: Raghavan.Phil. 2012 Study of the Works of Bama.Phil 2011 Phenomenon in the Selected Novels of O. M. 2011 Autobiographies: A Map for Reconstructed ‘Knowledge’ of Indian Femininity 154 Shamanism in Ted Hughes’s Poetry Shibily Nuaman V. Maitree M.Phil 2011 Study of Terry Eagleton’s Theoretical Stance 160 Representation of Caste in the Sudhams. Shivakami and Gogu Shyamala 148 Representation and Theatre: A Pathak. Ph. Prachi M.Phil.Phil. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K 153 Reading Women Actors’ Sulfia S. 2012 155 Fantasy and the Cross-over Jose.D.Phil 2010 National Curriculum: A Reading of Cherukupalli NCERT History Textbooks 161 Conceptualising the ‘Guru’ Chandran. Umasankar M.Z M. Korvi M. N. 1989-2009 10 . 2012 Domesticity and Popular Cinema in Kerala.S.147 The Discourse of Dalit Feminism: A Vinayakala. M.D 2011 Selected Arabic and English Novels Mohammed Abdullah Hussein 159 Interpreting Reality to Change it: A Sudeesh K.Phil.

The Representation of Indian Women in British Colonial Texts Shampa Roy 08. Masks and Mirrors: Configurations of Narcissism in Selected Short Nilofer Kaul fiction by Women 13. History. Nation and Vocation: Relocated Selves Maya Joshi 14. Adrienne Kennedy and Ntozake Shange 05. D. D. Theses Submitted since 2003) 01. C. Memory. The Critical Principles of John Stuart Mill. Resisting Detection and Detecting Resistence: Crime and the Nature of Shilpi Malhotra Surveillance in British Detective Fiction from Inspector Bucket to Hercule Poirot 16. A Theatre of Commitment: The Canadian Feminists Geeta Budhraja 04. N. Mandhar Patterns in J. with special reference Neeta Nagpal to Amiri Baraka. Ideology and Form in Kipling’s Indian Narratives Madhu Grover 10. Literary market place and domestic space: British women writers of the Namita Sethi early eighteenth century 15. Colour and Identity in African-American Drama. Colonial Consciousness in the Novels of Joyce Cary and Chinua Neena Gandhi Achebe 07. 2. Lawrence’s response to Christianity Rita Joshi 02. University of Delhi. Redefining Feminism: The Fiction of Dorris Lessing Ratna Raman 12. in Relation to Poetry. A Critical study of themes and Patterns in A Critical study of themes and K. Fiction: Literature of the Partition and the Tarun Kumar Problem of Representation Saint 11. Indian Writing in English and Nation Making: Reading the G. Synge 03. M. H. (Ph. Jyoti Bajaj Fiction and Drama 09. The Problem of Subjectivity in Feminist Theory and Practice: A Radharani Cross-Cultural Study of Contemporary Women Writers Chakravarty 06. Saibaba 11 . Delhi A.

Contemporary Travel Writing on India with Reference to the works Antra Dutta of V. Idealism. (En)gendering the Monstrous : A study of Indian Horror Cinema Mithuraaj Dhusiya 10. Enchantment and Disenchantment : Changing Ideas of Yamini Freedom in the Indian Post-Colonial Context 12 . Contending Ideological Voices in Fiction on India: A Study of Prem Sonali Garg Chand’s Premashram and Rangabhoomi and E. Creative Engagements: Literature and Naxalite Politics in Sharmila Bengal (1967-1975) Purkayastha 04. Print. The “Women’s Question” in colonial Assam: A case study of Hemjyoti Medhi Chandraprabha Saikiani (1901-1972) 07.Foster’s A Passage to India and the Hill of Devi 05. Discipline B. Thesis Work in Progress (Registrations since 2008 – under the new PhD Ordinance) 01. Translation of Dusri Parampara ki Khoj by Namvar Singh Akhilesh Kumar 08. S. Contagion in the Cultural Imagination of Victorian England Debolina Dey 14. D. Distended Time. (Ph.M. Representations of Delhi (1947 – 1984) Tulika Bahuguna 13. Literature in Times of Crises: The Changing Cultural and Loiya Leima Political Context of Manipur Oinam 11. Naipaul and William Dalrymple 06. The Image in the Text : An Inquiry into the Conemporary Novels Parvathy Negotiations with Paiterly Styles Raveendran 02. Unstable Identities: The Romances of Ludovico Davinder Mohini Ariosto and Philip Sidney as Naratives of Transformation Ahuja 03. Communities and the Novel in Nineteenth-Century Kerala Ashokan Nambiar C 09. The Local and the National in Oriya Public Sphere: 1866 – 1948 Animesh Mohapatra 12.

From Orality to Print: Questions of Language and Identity in Lalit Kumar Mithila (1860-1965) 29. State and the Individual: The National Emergency Anupama Jaidev in Literature 19. Education and Reform in the Early Urdu Novels Mohammed Afzal 17. Sovereignty. Collective Experience: Individual Family and Community in the Indira Prasad works of Bikhari Thakur 20. Democrating Those Foul Bodies: Body. Hindi Prose and the Gandhian First Principles: Issues of Gautam Choubey Community.15. Agency and Justice (1915-48) 30. Melodrama and Modernity Nivedita Basu 22. Scripting Resistance: Marathi Bhakti Poetry and Women’s Mudita Mohile Agency 25. Death and the Mutating Aratrika Das Masculinity in Victorian Fiction 28. Interrogating Migrants subjectivity in Indian Nepali Writing Garima Rai 13 . Missionary Literature and Community Formation in Nineteenth Renish G.Chandran American and Indian Dalit Women 27. Reading Consciousness: A Critical Study of Caste. The Construction of Alternative cultural Identities in Marginal Deepthy Women’s Autobiographies: A study of the Writings of African. Bishnu Prasad Rava – A Study in Revolutionary Aesthetics Prachee Devri 26. Century Kerala Abraham 24. Writing the Woman: Language and he Body in Virginia Woolf Paromita Patranobish 16. Literary Figure and Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works 23. Rhetoric of Love and Politics of Power: Speeches and Writings of Nabanita Queen Elizabeth-I Chakraborty 21. Narrative and Market: The Notion of the Global Aswathy P. R. Authorship. Class and Gender Narender Kumar in Selected Novels of Gurdial Singh 18.

Resonance and Reflection Krishnan Unni P. Writing and Locality: Family Archives and Chandni Chowk Deepti Bhardwaj 34. The Lost Poets: American writers of the Harlem Renaissance Debashree Sinha 33. 35. Dalit Discourse in Modern Indian Literature: Reading the Dalit Mukesh Kumar Novel as Counter-discourse Bairva 36. Indira Goswami: A voice for the Sublaterns and Attempts to make it Urmimala Mahela Heard 38. from Darjeeling (1950-1980) 31. Christopher Isherwood : Narrative as ‘Life’ Umasankar Patra 39. The Dynamics of Language in the Cultural Discourses of Vinni Rani Krishna Colonial Modernity in Kerala: A Study Based on the Writings of Sree Narayana Guru 14 . Bhartendu Mandal: An Enquiry into the Socio-religious and Sumeet Tanwar Linguistic Transformation in the 19th Century North India 37. The Road from Auschwitz to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo : A Swatie Diachronic Study of the Concentration Camp and the American War Prisons with respect to Biopower and Imagemaking 32. Discourses of Memory: Resistance.

” 2 The Novels of Nadine Gordimer: The Question UmaGowri Shankar 2000 of Race. 3. (Ph. 3 Post-Colonialism and Women: Literary Popular Preeta Menon 2001 Representations. 6 Language of Dissent. Baroda A. 5 Writing Their Own History: Native Canadian Aditi Vahia 2003 Literature. African. D Theses submitted) 1 “English Education and the Question of Santosh Kumar Dash 2000 Indian Nationalism. Caribbean. Maharaja Sayajirao University. 4 The Context of Bhakti Poetry in Medieval Neeti Sadarangani 2002 India: Its Inception Cultural Impact with Reference to the Work of Kabir and Nanak. 15 .P.Sylvester 2003 Canadian women Writers. S.

Rohington Mistry and Amitav Ghosh B. Gujarati Dalit Writing: Questions of Atul Parmar 2007 Narrative and Translation 2. 9 India in Indo-Caribbean Canadian Writing: The J.B.Vassanji.R.Parikh 2004 Case of Sasenarine Persaud. D.7 Transculturation and Representation: The Works Rashmi Jyoti 2004 of Michel Ondaatje and M.P. Theses work – in – progress) 1. 15 Fictional Retelling of History: A Study of Select Shamim Ahmed Khan 2008 Writings of Qurratullain Hyder. Salman Rushdie. 8 The Nation in War: A Study of Military Gita Vishwanath 2004 Literature and War Films.Ambedkar 4 Reprentation of regin in the novels of Pannalal Bhagwanbhai 2011 Patel and RK Narayan: A Comparative Study Chaudhari 5 Cultural Semiotics of Contemporary Indian Jitendra Singh 2012 English Poets 6 Indian English Fiction: Towards an Alternative Sahdev Luhar 2013 Canon 7 The Railways and the Indian Sub Continent: Lissamma 2013 A Construction in Fiction Kurian 16 . 14 Imposing Identities: The Interface of Self & Asma Rasheed 2008 Nation in Auto/Biographical Narratives. (Ph. Writing Travel and the Question of the Amarendra 2007 National Subject Pandey 3 Gujarati Dalit Poetry: Influence of Mahatma Iliyas Mansuri 2011 Gandhi and Dr. 11 Freedom in Indian English Fiction: A Study of K B Bindu 2007 Changing Perspectives 12 The Third World Fictional Narratives: The Bela Desai 2008 Question of National Allegory’ in Indian English Fiction 13 Other/ed World Other/ed Words: North Zakia Firdaus 2008 American Native Writing.G. Nayantara Sehagal. 10 Concept of Poetic Language: Ancient Indian Sthitaprajna U Patri 2007 and Modern Western Critical Theories.

5 Televising the Sacred: Tradition and Technology in Mahajan.” Girisha 3 “Writing Resistance: A Study of the Works of Riju Gopal 2001 Claire Harris. (Ph D Theses submitted) 1 The culture of Silence: The Figure of the Margianalied Sidhu. Phil. Chandigarh A. 17 . Marlene Nourbese Philip and Dionee Brand. C. Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084 and Meena Alexander’s Manhattan Music. Narratives of Manju 2002 Colonial Consciousness. Mashhoor. Punjab University.” Ramanan 5 “Canadian Docu-Drama. (M. Belonging and Exile in Manju Narang.Leavis:Literature. Neha Identity in Selected Works of Edward Said and Homi Bhabha. Azadi And Ice-Candy Man. Indubala Cinematic Representation of Literary Texts: A Study of Select Indian Films 3 Representation of the Subaltern in the Fiction of Prem Kaur. Kamaldeep Chand 4 Prisms of Realtiy: An Interrogation of Third World Soi. Shelly. Priyanka.” Pandya 2 “F. Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana 6 Narratives of Homelessness.” 4 “Post-Colonial Canadian Writing.” 4. Harsimrat. Education and Garima 2001 Culture.” Devang 2002 Nanavati 6 “Violence in Partition Narratives: Train to Ruby Sharma 2002 Pakistan. theses submitted) 1 “Cultural Politics of English Studies in India: A Pratishtha 2000 Case Study of Nineteenth Century Gujarat. 7 War as a cross-cultural theme: A Study of Selected 20th Abdu.R. Kapur’s Home. Subaltern in Colonial Accounts of Sati 2 Cultural Ideology and Gender Relations in the Singh.

Gender on Screen(With reference to All Debout. Hindi Celluloid (With Reference to Mother India and Fashion 14 The Dynamics of Inbetweeness: Transgressive Depiction of Kalia. Aashima. Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Kaifi Azmi. Harpreet. Plays 18 Pedagogy Politics and the Market: A Critique of Bali. Sangeeta. Navjot. 22 Representing the Cultural Imaginary: A Critical Study Kakkar. Jaskiran Narratives of Four Women 16 Problematics of Patriarch Religion and Class Sidhu. Ranjeet. Bama’s Karukku and Bary Kamble’s The Prisons we Broke. Tulika. 15 Voicing Resistance: A Critique of Globalization in Self Tiwana. 11 Critical Discourse Analysis of the Re-writings of the Thakur. Roega. Manoj. 25 Semiotic Representation of Middle Class India: A Study Singh Ranjeet. Singh’s Major Fiction 10 Negotiation Cultures: Emerging Configurations of Post Singh. of Chacha Choudhary Comic Book Series 26 The Politics of Marginalization: Opression and Resistance Kaur. the Panchtantra and Birbal. Supriya. Harpreet. identity: A Critical Study of Om Prakash Valmiki’s Joothan. the Major Novels of Milan Kundera 21 Cultural Politics in Graphic Narrative: A Critical Singh. century Plays 8 Poetics and Politics of Popular Indian Tales: A study of Dhiman. Resistance and Narula. Amit. 20 Critique of Hegemony and Humanism: A Political Study of Kaur Akshamdeep. Formations of Progressive Urdu Poetry with reference to the works of all Sardar Jafri. and Tenali Raman 9 A Sociology of Panjabi Cultures: A Critique of Gurdial Kumar. Ideology and Nationalism: Discurrsive Chaudhary. Sheetal. 12 Images of Masculinity: Amale Identity in Selected Plays Yaghoubi. Vandana. 905 Travel Writings. Nipun. Consciousness in the Irish Context: A Study of the Selected Work of Maeve Binchy 17 Politics of Cultural Memory: A Critique of Haold Pinter’s Kumari. Summitter.My Mother Trans America. in the Works of Rohinton Mistry 18 . Mahabharta: A Study of Yasna Seni’s Parva and Second Turn. 24 Problematizing Dalit consciousness. of the Narratives of Amar Chitrakatha 23 Islam. of Sam Shepard. Daaysaa and Navarassa. 13 From Deification to Commodification: Women on the Kapoor. Kamna Analysis of the Adventures of Tintin. Selected Anthologies in Postcolonial India 19 Cross-Cultural Feminism: A Comparitive Study Singh.

4 Resistance as Survival A Study of Arundhati Roy’s Non Kaur Harharan. Monica Linking Park 7 Portrait of an Artist as a Woman: Politics of Projection Negi. Scapes with Special Reference to Delhi. 6 Existential Experience in the Lyrics of Ani Difranco and Saharwal. Raj. Wide Sargasso Sea and J. M. 29 Mapping of Urban Culture: A Study of Cinematics Sood. Courtesan Lyrics and Songs. Cheena. English Fiction. Interview with the Vampire and the Vampire Lestat 28 Negotiating Sppaces: A Study of Women’s Marginalization Nivedita. Amneet. Coetzee’s Foe 2 Idealiasition and Commodification of Body: An Negi. Manmeet. Identity and Subjectivity in Selected Indian Films. Mumbai and Kolkatta 30 Cultural Economy of Leissure and its Media Thakur. Naveeta. B. Phil Theses submitted) 1 Counter-Narratives of Colonialism: A Study of Jean Rhys’ Toor. Transition and Transformation: A Study in Kaur. Kriti. Fictional Writings 5 An Interpresentation of the Sikh Scriptures: Preet Kaur. Srishti. Kanwal Configuration of Violence in Contemporary Punjabi Songs and Cinema. 19 . Representation: A Case Study of Indian Premier League 31 Tradition. 8 Magic.27 Transformation of the Campire as a Cultural Mehaphor: A Kuthiala. Examination of Selected Fashion Magazines 3 The Poet as Customer: A Cultural Critique of Chawla. in Selected Biographical Flms on Female Artists. (M. Aneeta. Dracula. Black Panthers 11 Reception of Heer Waris Shah in Contemporary India Kaur Sumandeep. and Resistance in Selected Accounts of Civil Conflict. 9 Subverting the Culture of Silence: Negotiating Patriarchy Shiva in Selected Works of Pandita RAmabhai and Tarabai Shinde 10 Study of Coutner Culture in the Literature of The Sehgal. Concepts of Myths. Gaurav. Masala and Market: A Study of Popular Indian Rajpal. Study of Carmilla.

1757 – 1857 2 Scripting Lives: Narratives of Dominant Women Sharmila Shreekumar 2002 in Contemporary Kerala 3 Indian National Movement or Hindu J Ravindranath 2002 Xenophobia? . University of Hyderabad. 5. Nationalism and the Question of V B Tharakeshwar 2003 ‘English’ in Early Kannada Literature 5 A Study of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century G K Sandhya 2003 Autobiographies in English by Men of Religion 6 Construction of ‘Tribal Identity’: A Study Based Bindu K C 2004 on the Oral Narratives of Some Ethnic Groups in Wayanad 7 Australian Aboriginal Women’s Autobiographies: A K Suneetha Rani 2004 Search for Identity 8 Representations of Tribal India in Fiction Written in Anand Mahanand 2004 20 . (Ph D Topics from 2000 to 2013) 1 The Cracks and the Colossus: The Sindhu Menon 2000 Representations of India in British Writing. Hyderabad A.Nirad C Chouduri’s ‘Objectivity’: A Marxist Perspective 4 Colonialism.

N 2009 Students in Andhra Pradesh 25 English Language Teaching Mythili. Chaudhuri: A Study of His Ideas” V. English and Translation 9 Modern Poetry in English: A Critical and M E Vedasharan 2005 Pedagogical Study of Anthologies 10 An Analysis of Deviant Language Behavior of Hameed Y Alzubeiry 2005 Yemeni Learners in Their Written Composition in English 11 The Triple Burden of Race. Sarada 2005 Plays of Sonia. Adrienne Kennedy and Ntozake Shange 12 Marriage. Parasuraman 2007 Transmission of Values” 21 Amitav ghosh’s Writings: A Study in Saswati Patnaik 2008 Themes and Techniques” 22 British Women’s Indian Travel Writing: Babita Justin 2008 A Study of some texts in the late 20th Century” 23 Study of the contribution of select women immigrant Tejaswani Kadavakollu 2008 writers to the 20th Century American Literature 24 Exploring Reading Strategies of Engineering George Mathew. Hossein Sadegh Oghli 2011 Ment in Undergraduate Students’ Reading Comprehension in Hypermedia Environments 27 Reading Strategies in L1 and L2 and Their Mohammed Rahim 2011 Influence on 1. Career and Divorse among “Educated” Dasari Murali 2005 Women in Indian English Women’s Fiction in the Manohar Post-Independence Era 13 “Nirad C. T 2007 Women Writers in English and Telugu in the United States.N. Ramadevi 2006 14 “Stanley Fish’s Literary Pedagogy and Indian Samson. T 2006 Classroom” 15 Comparative Study of Telugu Dalit and Sita Viswanathanm 2006 African-American Poetry 16 A Comparative Study of Fiction by Indian Sireesha. Sex and Class in the T. R. 21 . 17 Representation of Sacred India in Writing in Vijayalekshmi. 2007 English 18 Women Writers of the India Diaspora: A Selected Panchanan Dalai 2007 Study 19 Eco-feminist view of Post-colonial Literature” Sowmya Dechamma 2007 20 Abridgement of Classics and the M. 28 Talking Sexualities: Astudy of Select Queer Akshaya Kumar Rath 2011 Indian Poets. VNL 2010 26 Influence of Language Styles on Achieve. Sanchez.2 Reading Comprehension Bohlooli Niri.

Meenu 2010 “Woman question” in select Early South Indian Social Reformist Novels 6 The Influence of Buddhism on Selected Amrita Suresh 2010 Literary works of Rabindranth Tagore 7 Tailoring the tale: Mizo Folktales as a Laldinpuii 2010 means of Education 8 Construction of Secondary Worlds in Swati Kansal 2010 Select Parallel World 9 Pictures. 2010 The Theme of Education in Bama’s Karukku and Omprakash Valmiki’s Joothan 11 Representing the “Indian Women” Meera.29 Politics of Emancipation: Dalit Autobiography As Murali Krishna M 2011 Historical Events 30 Construction of the Guru Figure in National Dhrubajyoti Sarkar 2012 Discourse in Colonial Bengal. (M. Devi 2010 family and Religion: A comparative 5 Re-Formulations and Deletions: The B.ancy’s Select Plays 32 Base and Superstructure in Marx’s and Later. Balashalini 2010 Teachers Towards Lesson Planning Process in Hyderabad 2 “Englishness” and the Indian Novel in Shilpa Tanna 2010 English: A Study of Select Texts 3 Indian Food (Writing) in English Anwesh 2010 Chakraborthy 4 Sexuality and Spirituality in the context of K. Organize and Agitate”: Ramesh Vijay Babu.V. Intelligences and Dual Coding Pragyan Padmaja 2010 Theory: A Study of Language Behera Learning 10 K “Educate. Conflict and Social Fabric – A Study Of Savitha C 2012 Diance G. Edara Dileep 2012 Towards Reconstruction of an Original Paradigm B. Phil Research Topics from 2010 to 2013) 1 An Opinion Study of Teacher Trainees and G. 31 Culture. B 2010 Abroad: Select Travel Narratives By Indian Women Travellers 12 “Who’ll Win the Tiger-Skin?” A Study Rajarshi Mitra 2010 22 .

A Study of Esther Lalparmawii 2012 Translated Mizo Folktales 28 Cultures of Piracy. 21 Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. 2011 Plays of Wole Soyinka. 18 From Megastar to Star-Politician. 2011 study of Some Aspects of the works of Pandita Ramabai Saraswathy Toru Dutt and Krupabai Satthianadhan. The Geeta Prabhaspandith T S 2011 and Nation. 14 Thomas Hardy and DH Lowrance : A Shinjini Kumar 2011 Comparative Study of Select Fiction. 16 Uncivil Natives : Humour in the Select Prajna Paramitha. Representation of Vadakkan Neethi 2012 the Pirate in Contemporary Popular Alexander Culture. Shama Rao 2011 Chiranjeevi and Celebrity Culture 19 Converting and Conquering the Hills: Baby Lalsangzeli 2011 Missionary Narratives in Colonial Meaning. of Colonial Tiger-Hunting Narratives from India: 1857-1910 13 The Battling Women: A Comparative Jibhi Bhaskaran 2011 Study of Ruby Langford Ginibi’Don’t take love to Town. 23 .A Study of Fablo Amanda Christie 2012 Neruda’s Poetry.fbreed and Baby Kamble’s the prisons Webroke. 24 Textual Refraction . N. 17 The New Women of the 19th century – A Urmimala Mahela.Maria Campbell’s Ha. J 2012 Sandman Narratives 25 The Phonetic Study of English Spoken Jaipal 2012 Rural Area Undergraduate Students in Ranga Reddy District. 22 Songs from the Soil . 20 Representing Women’s Psyche: Vakulabharanam Vidya 2011 A Study of Rentala’s Kamala’s Letters to her Husband. 26 Understanding the Nature of Self RamaMuni Reddy 2012 Instructional CDS Designed for Adult Learners an Exploratory Study 27 Variations in the Tale. A study of the Gaana . 15 Shakespeare for Children : A Study of Anitha Mishra 2011 Select Adaptations. Andhra Pradesh. Tongper 23 Representation of Visual Disability Suresh Kmar P U 2009 Willian Shakespear’s King Lear and Edward Bond’s Lear.

Underworld and Point Omega 7 The Impact of SMS on English as a Language 8 The Twilight Series: Evolving Myths and Metaphors in Vampire Lore 9 Existential and Psychoanalytical Reading of Two Christological Novels 10 Queering the Gaze: Thinking Performativity in the films of films of Hitchcock and Basic Instinct 1 and 2 11 The Masque of Africa: Orient Revisited 12 Cultural memory and Digital Practices 13 Construction of ‘crime’ in select novels of Theodore Dreiser 24 .29 Encountering India. (Titles of M. Phil Dissertations) 1 Situating Censorship: A Study of the Politics of State and Self in Literary Translations in Iran 2 Identity Crisis and Homelessness in Urvashi Bhutalia’s Other Side of Silence 3 Where are your margins? The shifting position of the ‘other’ in Micheal Ondaatje’s English 4 Patient and Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy 5 Representation of woman in Coetzee’s Disgrace and Elizabeth Costello 6 Simulacra and Simulation in Don Delillo’s Novels: White Noise. Christ University. Bangalore A. The Narratives of Varun Sathees 2012 Early Modern Eurpiean Travellers 6.

D Topics with year of joining) 1 Women's Subjectivity. Modernity & Conjugality: Historicising Popular Women's Radhika P 2001-2002 Writing In Kannada.14 Second language learner’s problems in acquiring reading and writing skills in English: A Study at the Higher Secondary Level 15 Reassertion of Dalit identity through self-narratives: An analysis of Bama’s Karukku and Sharankumar Limbale’s The Outcaste 16 Frames of identity: A Comparative Analysis of select Contemporary Indian Women’s Fiction and Chick Lit 17 ‘The caged Bird Sings’: Major Themes and Concerns of Women Prison Writers from India 18 The Existential Notion of Dread in Sartre’s Nausea and Kafka’s Trial 19 The Myth of Sisyphus and Naranthu Branthan as ‘Existential Revolutionaries’: an existential reading 20 Reading psychedelic aesthetics in Kafka’s works 21 Globalisation and Indian Popular Fiction: A Select Study of the Works of Chetan Bhagat 22 Rewriting Epics as Discourse of the Marginalised: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Select Fiction 23 Metaphors in the First Four Harry Potter Novels 24 Identity and writing: A Feminist Analysis of Oates’ Unholy Loves and Marya: A Life 25 Political Representation of Mumbai in Rohinton Mistry’s Such A Long Life and A Fine Balance 26 Narrative of Self in the Autobiographies of Augustine of Hippo and Theresa of Avila 7. (Ph. Centre for the Study of Culture and Society. Cyborgs & Nishant Shah 2003-2004 Cyberspace 9 Vachanas as caste Critiques Dunkin Jalki 2003-2004 Orientalist Expression of Native Experience 25 . Bangalore A. 1950s-1980s 2 Masculinity & the Structuring of the Public Ratheesh Domain in Kerala: A History of the 2001-2002 Radhakrishnan Contemporary 3 Sujith Kumar Photography in 20th Century Kerala 2001-2002 Parayil 4 (Mis)Reading Romance: An Enquiry Concerning Representation of 'Love' in Subhajit Chatterjee 2001-2002 Bengali Literature & Cinema 5 Problematizing Democracy Meera Ashar 2002-2003 6 A Historical & Theoretical Investigation into Sufiya Pathan 2002-2003 'Communalism' 7 Telugu Cinema: Mythologicals to Socials Vishnu Vardhan T 2002-2003 8 The Technosocial Subject: Cities.

Saint & Poet?: A Study in 'Tradition' & its Feminist Sushumna.10 Akka Mahadevi-a Rebel. 2009-2010 Education 26 Democracy & Zhu-Ti-Xing (Subjectivity): Investigating the Interface Between Politics & Hsing-Wen Chang 2009-2010 the Aporia of Becoming-oneself in Taiwan 27 Guru Complexes & the Urban Middle Classes Kanthi 2009-2010 in Contemporary India Krishnamurthy 28 Experience. Shashikala S 2007-2008 Liberal Education & the Case of India 23 The Experience of the 'Intimate' in Contemporary Keralam: Towards an Ranjani Krishnan 2008-2009 Understanding of Erotic Economy 24 In the Name of Justice: An Enquiry Into 2009-2010 Collective Justice Claims in Modern Politics Elizabeth Thomas 25 Sites of Knowledge: Situating Select Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Modern Girija K. Knowledge & Ethics of Birthing Rakhi Ghosal 2009-2010 26 . Post-Colonialism & the Questions of Identity Bitasta Das 2004-2005 in Assam 14 "Women's Education Debates in Kerala: Teena Antony 2004-2005 Fashioning Sthreedharmam".The Case of Bombay/Mumbai 19 Local Labyrinths: Language as a Problematic Ashwin Kumar A.P. 2006-2007 20 Politics & Economy in Contemporary Indian Zainab Baawa 2006-2007 Cities 21 Meera Jensy Land. Colonialism & the Religious Place in Geetanjali 2006-2007 India Srikantan 18 The Culture of the Metropolis & its Imagination as Interpreted in the Kaiwan N Mehta 2006-2007 Architectural Ornament . K 2003-2004 Understandings 11 Feminist Standpoint Theory & the Question Asha Achuthan 2003-2004 of Experience 12 Can We Practice What We Preach? An Inquiry into Systems of Knowledge in the Polly Hazarika 2003-2004 Social Reform Period 13 Unravelling Ethnic Tensions: Colonialism. History & Adivasi Politics in Kerala 2006-2007 Moorkoth 22 Locations of Knowledge: The University.P. 15 Turning Towards the Bodily Subject: Theorising the Field of Visibility in Nitya Vasudevan 2005-2006 Contemporary India 16 "The Discursive Formation of Sexual Rajeev Subjects: Sexual Morality & Homosexuality 2005-2006 Kumaramkandath in Keralam" 17 Law.

Marathi Dalitha Kavitvam Tulanatmaka Karri Sanjeeva Rao (01HCPH01) Pariseelana”. L. Padmavathi Bai (2KHCPH04) Tulanatmaka Pariseelana 6 “The Re-inventing of Dasa Sahitya: Literature Shashikantha K. Kanakaiah (1998-99) Bhairappa’s Novels:A Comparative Study 3 The Construct of the Nation in Modern Mr. Hyderabad (Dept of Comparative Literature) A. (99HCPH04) 7 “Telugu . Identity. These submitted) 1 Jashuva-Ravindrala Kavitwa Tatwa Visleshana Dasari Prabhakara Rao Tulanatmaka Adhyayanam (5243) 26. S.07. K. Saji Mathew (98HCPH02) Malayalam Fiction and Indian Writing in English. (1970-1990) 4 Shripada and Masti Kathalu – Tulanatmaka S. University of Hyderabad. Chandrakiran (98HCPH07) Pariseelana 5 Telugu Samethalu-Banjara Samethalu.1991 2 Dalit Problems in Dr. and Music in the 20th Century Karnataka”. 8 “The Influence of English Romanticism on Telugu K. Keshava Reddy and Dr. Krishnamurthy 27 . & the Arun Menon 2009-2010 Subject in Contemporary India 31 Undergraduate Law Teaching' in India: Maithreyi M 2009-2010 Gender and legal education 8.29 The Home & the World: Rethinking the Idea Wing-Kwong Wong 2009-2010 of the Rural in Modern Chinese Literature 30 Rethinking Technology. P. (Ph. D.

(Ph D Work Ongoing as on April 2013) 28 .” 20 “Making the Most of Childhood: Representation Praveen Veluvolu of the Child in Indian Films: A Selected Study. 07HCPH04) Thiruvithamkoor Ezhavas” B.” 13 “Cultural Practices in Oral Literature. (08HCPH01) Popular in Malayalam Cinema.” 11 “The Conflation of Public and Private Spheres Shalini Moolechalil into ‘Womanspace’ in Sarah Joseph’s Writings: (02HCPH02) Through Histories of Women .” Absi (05HCPH01) 10 “The Silent Valley and its Discontents: Literary P. Cultural Negotiation and other Major (06HCPH02) Themes in the Literary Works of Arab-American Women Writers. Rohith ( 03HCPH01) Environmentalism and the Ecological Discourse in Kerala (1975 – 1984). A Case Study Ali Kasem Ahmed Mosa of Yemeni Arabic and American Proverbs.” (04HCPH01) 14 “A Comparative Study of Arabic and English Mohammed Abdullah Hizabr Modernisms.” 12 “Arab-American Literature: The Question of Mansoor Mohammed Al-Gabali Identity. (99HCPH01) 9 “American Orientalist Construction of the Middle Anees Taher Mohammed Al- East: A Continuing and Productive Legacy. with Special Reference to the Poetry (04HCPH02) of Al-Sayyab and Abd Al Sabur.” 18 “Transcendentalism and its Influence on Early Anees Mohammed Ahmed Al- Arab-American Poets Najjar (08HCPH04) 19 “Nostalgias of the North: Malabar and the Shyma P. Communities Ms.” 15 “Performing Shakespeare in India: Adaptations and Vikram Singh Thakur Appropriations” (07HCPH05) 16 “Reconciliations: A Study of Inter-Cultural Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Negotiations in Tawfiq Al-Hakim’s Plays” Ghaleb (08HCPH03) 17 “Understanding the Structures and Patterns of an Mehdi Rahimi Epic: A Comparative Study of the Ramayana and (08HCPH05) Shah Nameh. Sreebitha P V and Gender among North Malabar Thiyyas and (Reg.Writing.” (06HCPH03) 21 “The Making of ‘Ezhava’: Caste. Poets”. No.

” Rayala Sudharshan Kumar (09HCPH07) 13 “Youth Culture and Identity in the North East Sentinaro (09HCPH08) India.” 14 “Popular Sentiments: Manipur and Sense of (not) Be.” 6 “A Critical Study of Ambedkar Thought in Kamble Omprakash Asmitadarsh: A Dalit Literary Marathi Periodical Manikrao (09HCPH01) in Post-Ambedkarite Maharashtra 1968-2000. Readership and the Ancy Bay P C Culture(s) of Popular Literature in Modern (07HCPH03) Malayalam.” 18 “Historiography of Bangla Translation and the Mrinmoy Pramanick Development of Nationalism.” 7 “Performance as Protest: A Study on KSSP’s Ajithkumar Puthukkudi Performance. Vamshi Krishna Reddy (09HCPH03) 9 “Visual Culture and Christian Minority in Kerala.” Viju Kurian (10HCPH02) 16 “Hegemonic Ideology Representation in Telugu Arjaiah Mungamuri Dalit Cinema.” V.” (10HCPH01) 15 “Antiochian Narratives in Syrian Christian Traditions.” Ambili Anna Markose (09HCPH04) 10 “The Discourse of Masculinity in the Popular Sanjeeta Aheibam Culture of North-East India.” (10HCPH05) 19 “Dalit Consciousness in the Modern Writings of Barath Nataraj Tamil Nadu.” Anuradha Goswami (07HCPH02) 5 “Painkili Renditions: Writers. Devotion and Duty: The Ascetic Ideal in Areevidu Kishore Kumar Indian Nationalist Discourse.” (10HCPH03) 17 “Identity Politics in Telugu Dalit Fiction: A Rathan Kumar Namtabad Comparative Perspective of Dalit and Non-Dalit (10HCPH04) Writers with Reference to Selected Texts.” (09HCPH05) 11 “Contemporary Fiction from Kashmir: A Comparative Salma Ashraf (09HCPH06) Study of Women Writers. Thongam Bipin Singh longing in the Context of Indian Nation-State.1 “Dalit Literature and Aesthetics.” Reddy (05HCPH04) 3 “Select Dalit and Non Dalit Autobiographies: A Gogulamanda Aruna Comparative Study” (07HCPH01) 4 “Early Women Writings in Assamese Journals.” Kambhampati Rajesh (05HCPH03) 2 “Discipline.” 12 “Telangana: The Movement and the Literature.” (09HCPH02) 8 “Cinema and Politics in Andhra Pradesh.” (10HCPH06) 20 “In Varying Performance Contexts: Reading Siri and Yogitha Shetty 29 .

” Varsha K.V. Shama Rao and Political Struggles. Caste.E.” Yashavanta (12HCPH04) 30 . Mappilas of Malabar. Raman Pillai’s Historical Novels” 31 “A Comparative Study of the Public Sphere in the Sayantan Mondal Mughal Period and in Colonial India. Ambedkar. Resistance in the Tamil Dalit Sphere. Readings on Siri” (11HCPH01) 21 “Religion.” (12HCPH02) 33 “Politics.” (11HCPH09) 29 “Reconfigurations of the Body in Narratives” Elwin Susan John (11HCPH10) 30 “Region. Modernity and the Vernacular: A Study of Subha P. (11HCPH03) 23 “Hegemony and Heteronomy: Popular Aspirations N.” (12HCPH01) 32 “Culture and Community: A Study of the Syrian Bivitha Easo Christians of Kerala. History and Oceanography: A Study of Abdul Jaleel M.R. 1950-2010. Culture: An Ambivalent Dickens Leonard M.” (11HCPH04) 24 “Genre Pleasure in Hindi Cinema” Nandi Chinni Kumar (11HCPH05) 25 “Thuggees”: A Study of their Representations through Abu Saleh Different Creative and Historical Documents” (11HCPH06) 26 “Caste-politics. Engagement with Colonial Modernity in early 20th (11HCPH02) century Tamizhagam” 22 “Diaspora Writings in Malayalam Literature.” (12HCPH03) 34 “A Comparative Study of B.” (11HCPH07) 27 “Children’s Literature (Oriya)” Pragyan Padmaja Behera (11HCPH08) 28 “Pluralistic Aspects of Political Islam: Exploring Zamir Ahmad Butt Hizbul Mujahideen. Du Khandare Siddharth Bois and Frantz Fanon. Telangana.(11HCPH11) C. Culture and Identity: Violence and Vellaisamy P. W.

Gandhinagar A. Phil Theses submitted in 2012) 1 Modern Indian Short Story in English and Gujarati: A Nikita Dhirajlal Gadani Comparative Study of Selected Stories by Gita Hariharan and Himanshi Shelat 2 The Socio-Political Implications of Street Theatre in Swatibahen Kamleshkumar India: A Comparative Study of Selected Street Plays of Bhatt Jana Natya Manch and Budhan Theatre 3 Rewriting Draupadi: A Comparative Analysis of Prathibha Prathyaksh Janardhanan Ray's Yagnaseni and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's The Palace of Illusion 4 Translation of the Nineteenth Century Gujarati Travelogue Ms. 9. Central University of Gujarat. Zarana Dilipkumar England ni Musafari nu Varnan by Mahipatram Rupram Maheshwary Nilkanth with a Critical Introduction and Commentary 5 Two Perspective on Indian Womanhood: A comparative Roshniben Babubhai Patel study of Alice Perrin's Waters of Destruction and Krupabai Satthianadhan's Kamala:The Story of a Hindu Wife 31 . (M.